I asked Jhon whether he remembered the tan skinned guy who had sent a photo and who had come to the house to get sucked off and ended eating your load. Jhon said he had a great talented mouth since it usually takes along time to get his load from sucking his cock. 

   I told him that he was one of the laborers working on replacing the sidewalks and he had come to the house looking for the black guy. I told him that I ended up sucking his great cock and two other cocks of the other laborers.  I mentioned that the third guy I had sucked off had even a bigger cock than the guy that had sucked hom off. And that he wanted to fuck a guy´s ass more than anything. I told Jhon I had mentioned that he liked to take a big cock and that I would watch. 

   Jhon got so excited about getting fucked by such a huge cock that I could see his cock start to grow and get hard. He asked whether I wanted to get fucked before the laborers arrived for the days work. Jhon said he needed to unload his balls since when a guy was fucking him, he always came too quick like his brother, Diego did when I had sucked him off and he wanted to enjoy a long fuck from this laborer. I remember that his brother, Diego had given me his load within two minutes of sucking his cock. Diego had a much bigger cock than Jhon  and it was quite a task to swallow his black cock. I did my best to take his whole member down my gullet but it was so big and thick that he ended up thrusting his cock in and out with me just keeping the head and heavy foreskin between my lips. After some quick thrusts,fucking my mouth he quickly filled my mouth with his thick creamy load.

   I told Jhon sure that I would help him out as he laid spread eagled on the bed. First, I wanted to suck his cock and get him real hard to fuck my ass. I got between his hairy legs and started to lap his black balls, savoring their sweat and musky aroma. I then licked up and down the ebony shaft ending at its head. I engulfed his cock and started to suck his cock until it was at full mast. Jhon didn´t like to use lubricate when he fucked a guy´s ass only using the spit left on his cock after receiving some preliminary head. I squatted above his member and eased my ass down over his cock When I had impaled myself on it, I started to raise my ass til only the head of his cock was left in. Jhon had started to jack my cock off and the same time. Jhon´s cock was massaging my prostate  each time I lowered my ass, it was both pleasureable and painful at the same time. After a bit we changed position, he got behind me as I was on my fours and literally fucked my ass til I heard his gutteral shout. I could feel the pulse of his cock emptying his load inside my ass.

   It got near lunchtime and two laborers were waiting at the gate, the one that had sucked off Jhon and the other laborer with the much bigger cock. I answered the door and let them in. I took them to Jhon´s room where Jhon was already ready for what he thought was a fuck from the guy who wanted some ass. I watched as they both surrounded the bed and started to undress. It was a hot scene that was developing before my eyes. The tan skinned laborer was the first to get naked and joined Jhon on the bed, and started to suck Jhon´s cock with his talented mouth. Jhon was watching the other guy finish undressing wanting to see what he had to offer his ass. When he saw it, he was astonished at the size of such a huge cock. As they guy climbed on the bed, he told both Jhon and the guy sucking his cock to lay side by side. The guy then straddled thier heads and let them each start to suck his cock. Each one taking his turn on his huge black cock. they both were mouthing this cock together with its head sliding between their lips. Then Jhon and the other guy would kiss and exchange the taste of the third feeding his cock to them. Allt he while Jhon and his cohort were jacking thier cocks to a frenzy.

   After letting them both service his cock with their mouths, he told jhon to put a pillow underneath his hips so he hole would be more accessable. The laborer than started to lubricate Jhon´s hole with his saliva and even entering Jhon´s hole with his tongue.After it was thorughly lubricated he peeled back his heavy foreskin exposing the huge slimy head. I watched intently as he placed the head at the entrance to Jhon´s asshole and pressed it in until his hole finally relinquished to ther huge invader. I watched as Jhon gasped when  the head of the cock abruptly popped inside. Jhon winced in pain and told him to go slow,but the laborer had other ideas. He sank his whole member in one strong thrust until his balls hit Jhon´s ass cheeks. He remained there savoring Jhon´s tight ass. He told the other guy to eat his ass and balls fron behind which he did without question. I watched as the guy with his cock in Jhon´s ass was pushing his ass back to the guy eating his ass. After he was sure it was ready he told the other laborer to enter his ass and start to fuck him as he fucked Jhon´s ass. The guy sandwiched in the middle started to fuck Jhon´s ass finally arriving at the same rhythm of the guy fucking him.

   I watched intently how Jhon was being dominated by this guy fucking his ass which I had never observed before since Jhon was an alpha male himself. I could hear Jhon whimper each time the huge black cock entered his stretched hole. I heard the guy fucking the other laborer´s ass that he was almost there and the guy fucking Jhon said the same. Jhon ´s cock was rock hard and I knew he was close too.  Jhon was the first to come drenching his belly with his cream. Then the guy fucking Jhon shouted and started the domino effect of filling Jhon´s ass and receiving the other guy´s load. After it was over both collapsed onto Jhon and laid there til their breathing became normal and they had  recooped their senses. After they both started to get dressed, asking Jhon whether he had enjoyed it. It was obvious Jhon was satiated by the whole experience. Jhon asked when they could do this again and the laborer said each time at luchtime they would come to the house for servicing, especially if Jhon´s ass was up to it. 




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