After hearing my friend´s story about becoming obsessed about his father´s black cock, I knew he was holding back more of what had happened between them. My background was serving as a military interrogator whose job was to get the real story from detained captives, not through torture but by the tricks of the trade. Utilizing proven psychological techniques to get the person to reveal everything. 

   I decided to use my this talent on my friend, Jhon to get to the bottom of his sexual relationship with his father, Jose. I already knew some facts that couldn´t be denied, his father had a 15 inch black uncut cock. I had seen it personally when Jose who had come to stay at our house overnight. After showering, he came to my room with his waist wrapped in a towel. He asked me if I had an extra pair of shorts and pullover shirt to wear around the house since the weather was extremely hot. When I handed them to him, he removed the towel in front of me and I saw his black uncut meat dangling between his legs above a set of huge fur covered balls. I guess he was amused at my reaction of seeing it or how long I stared at it. Jhon, my friend was indeed telling the truth, it was a good 9 inches soft  and I estimated fully erect would measure 15 inches or more. Jhon was also telling the truth that it had a huge foreskin at least 3 inches of loose skin hanging from the end. I noticed the  huge cockhead was encased in the somewhat translulent black skin. 

I could feel my cock starting to react to what was before me. I watched admiringly as he stepped into the shorts and brought them up to his waist to cover his huge cock. I could see that this  huge member had started to react  either to my ineptly caught stare  or the fact he was himself horny. Jose said ¨Thanks¨ for the shorts as he finished putting  on the  pullover shirt. I asked Jose ¨If he  was tired from his bus trip.¨He said  : yes but the shower helped him wake up.¨As he turned to leave the room he nonchalantly groped himself touching his cock and lifting his  heavy balls as many men do and said¨if there was anything I needed to just ask.¨I thought to myself what a strange question especially at the same point of fondling himself and was totally convinced he was coming on to me.

   Alone, I perused my mind thinking whether Jhon, my friend had told his father that I loved to suck cock, especially black men. I had to find out more so I got up and went to the room where he was going to sleep. The door was closed so I knocked there was no answer. I figured he was fast asleep and when I opened the door Jose was lying on the bed jerking his huge cock off. I thought it was strange he hadn´t locked the door and quickly thought of some excuse why I had interrupted him. I asked´whether he was hungry or thirsty from his trip.¨Jose answered by ¨asking me if¨ I was thirsty still jacking his erect cock.¨I had to admit to him that I was and his only reaction to my answer was to pull down his shorts exposing all his glory. Jose said ¨He knew I wanted to suck him off as he swung his legs and sat on the edge of the bed. I quickly  knealt between his legs, knowing Jhon was away and we were all alone in the house. I admitted to Jose that Jhon, his son had said he had sucked him off once  when he was growing up. He corrected me and said ït was more than once.¨ I could only conclude that Jhon had purposely omitted this fact for some reason. The first thing I wanted to do was to taste his balls ,disappointed that he had showered,wanting to taste the sweat on his balls from being cooped up so long in a bus. I let my tongue lap the area just below his balls which was covered with a fury black hair that only black guys possessed. The taste and aroma was overpowering both to my tastebuds and to my nostrils.

   I could just see his rosebud  of his asshole and as I lapped this area he spread his legs, giving me access to his hairy hole. As I delved within the hole with my tongue  he moaned and said ¨No one had ever done that to him.¨He was so excited that he grabbed a pillow to put under his asscheeks so I could continue with more ease. I lapped his hole for a good five minutes until he said he was going to shoot off if I continued. I stopped wanting to make this last a long time. I took advantage of the tempory respite and asked him what he did with his son. Jose said ¨the first time was when he pretended to be sleeping.¨He said¨he had felt his son enter the bed and get under the covers.¨So he turned over facing his son whom he saw outlined by his small  body below the covers. He said that his cock started to react immediately to his son licking his balls and finally trying to take each ball into his mouth . Jose said then he continued to make a snoring sound letting his son think he was still asleep. This made his son brave enough to suckle his foreskin which was already leaking his precum. He said his cock started to lenghthen and grow with his son´s oral ministrations on his foreskin. He felt as the head of his cock finally entered his son´s mouth to be bathed by its warmth and tight fit.

   I asked whether his son knew he was awake watching his head move back and forth below the covers. Jose said only when he was nearing the point of  emptying his balls that he had grabbed his son´s head with his hands and forced more of his member into his mouth. Jose said he started to thrust his cock gently at first but the sensation was so great that he started to fuck his mouth harder and quicker. He said his cock was so immense for such a small mouth that he could only fit 3 inches within. he said his cockhead was lodged in his son´s throat as the cum left his balls. After the first spurt his son tried to take his mouth away but Jose wasn´t having it. The pleasure was so great that he had to make his son  swallow the whole load. After he had filled his son´s belly he pretended to go back asleep letting  his son the chance to slip from the bed. The story that Jose related was ideed what Jhon had told me.

   I started to suckle Jose´s balls and was  able to encase each firm ball with in my lips, tasting the residue of sweat and soap from his recent shower. These ball s were huge, the size of goose eggs that I had seen for sale many times in the open air market of Envigado. As I was sucking his sperm laden balls he continued to jerk himself of at times peeling back the foreskin to let me savor the thick liquid of his precum. I would lap up all the juice within his loose skin and delve into the huge opening of his cockslit which drove him crazy. I could only imagine the size of jets or spurts of cum that would be shooting from his huge slit.

   I spent alot of time sucking his long foreskin which was almost pushed him over the edge so I stopped. I used this respite to ask what other things he had done with his son, Jhon. Jose admitted after Jhon had told him and his wife he was gay he wanted to do more even winking at his son to let him know it was alright. Jose told me  his son had no idea he had pretended to be asleep when his son sucked him off. He said one day he and John were picking coffee at some farm. He had brought along a bottle of aguardiente and they drank shots as they were picking coffee beans. Jose  said he plied this strong liquor close to the time the day´s work was finished hoping Jhon would give him a piece of ass later. Jhon was gettiing drunk and himself too for that matter. Jose said they had a tent near the river where they slept at night. Jhon was more affected by the strong liquor than himself and could barely stand up as they reached the tent. Jose helped his son undress since the liquor had taken its toll. Jose said he said collapsed inside the tent, laying on his stomach with his ass exposed. Jose said he fondled his son´s ass to see his reaction. Jhon just moaned and pushed back his ass to his father´s groping hands. He reached under Jhon to see if he was hard like him. Jhon  responded by lifting his body to let his father know how excited he was and indeed his son´s cock was rock hard. Jose pulled his son´s cock back between his legs,half of its length was covered by his balls. Jose bent down and took his son´s member between his lips and at the same time stuck his nose between Jhon´s cheeks to smell his son´s ripe hole. Jose had never sucked a cock but since his son was going to give him his ass to fuck Jose wanted to get his son real hot because he knew his cock was going to be rough once inside. Jose noticed that his son´s balls were rising up and eased off on his sucking.

   Jose said he stripped off his clothes and started rubbing his huge cock along the crevice of his son´s ass. Jose spread his son´s  ass and spit on the rosebud watching it open and close. He knew his son wanted his cock so he peeled back his foreskin and put the huge head on its target and waited til it opened again and with one thrust sank 5 inches of his 15 inch cock inside. Jhon moaned and pushed his ass back wanting more, so Jose gave him another 5 inches of his member. Finally he sank the rest til his balls were resting on his son´s balls. Jose knew he had to be gentle at least at first so he started to gently  feed his cock in and out. Jose said it was so tight  he knew he wouldn´t last long. Jhon had lifted up against him and started to jack himself off but was too drunk so jose reached around to help him. All of a sudden he felt his son´s cock stiffen and shoot, which made him cum since Jhon´s ass muscles were contracting and milking his cock to the point he couldn´t hold back. He filled his son´s ass to the brim  and as he pulled out he could see it run out of the hole. Jose said he sank his cock back in and fucked him two more times.

   I went back to sucking Jose´s cock thinking about the stories between his son and him. I told Jose I wanted him to be rough with me at the point he was ready to shoot his load and feed me his cum, holding my head like he had held his son´s head under the covers. I was swallowing his 15 inches down my throat with ease thanks to all the practice sucking the 13 inch cock of  his son Diego who came at least twice a month for service. Diego would use our house to bring a whore that he wanted to fuck  and he would always end up giving me a load since these woman had no talent at sucking cock. Diego was glad since he shot his first load real fast and after i would take his first load he would last  longer  with the fucking of the whore. I was glad since his first load was a huge amount of cum to swallow and fill my belly. 

   Jose had straddled my chest, enjoying his blowjob by feeding me his enormous uncut cock. For his years, he was a strong man and had raised himself above my body and started to thrust his drooling cock into my mouth. Jose was a talker and said that the month before he knew his son, Diego had come to my room to have his cock sucked. Jose said he could watch everything through the crack of the door. Jose said he wanted to join in but didn´t want to let on to Diego that he liked getting his cock sucked off by other men. Jose said he was surprised how fast I had Diego filling my mouth with his hot load. I told him about the first time I had sucked off , Diego and how I had enjoyed swallowing his 13 inches. Jose said as his speed sudddenly increased that now I was sucking a cock two inches bigger. Jose was banging my chin with his heavy balls  and they made a distinct slapping noise against my chin. I heard him suddenly shout¨Get ready for my cum because it had just left his balls.¨ I waited and sucked harder wanting to show him I could swallow his whole load without any trouble. The first spurt was heavy and thick filling my mouth to the brim much different than Diego who shot rapid shots . Jose was holding my head and forcing his entire length down my throat grunting in spasms as he fed me. I continued to suckle his member which had started to shrink. I could still taste his cum escaping from the huge slit on top of his glandular cockhead. Jose asked me how I liked his cock and cum and I said it was the biggest cock I had ever sucked including his enormous load. 

   That night jose came to my room and woke me up saying he wanted to fuck my ass. I told him I had never taken such a big cock. Jose said he would be gentle as he pushed my legs above his shoulders. He lubricated my rosebud with his saliva and put the head of his cock to my hole. Jose forced the head using the weight of his body to enter,. It hurt like hell til I had gotten use to his size. I couldný believe I was taking such a huge cock in my ass and I swear I could feel all the raised veins on his shaft. Jose then fucked me making me come without touching my cock. Jose even licked my cum from my chest as he continued to thrust his shaft in and out of my ass. I knew he would last a long time since I had drained his big balls earlier that day. I asked him if he had fucked other guys besides his son and he said yes, everyone knew he had a huge black cock. We changed position so I could ride his shaft from above. I was facing his away from him and I could see his toes begin to spread .  I felt his cock swell in diameter as he filled my ass with  his scalding hot cream. It was one of the best fucks I had ever had.





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