My first sexual encounter with my friend´s father, Jose appeared to happen very innocently, maybe innocent on his part but mine never in a hundred years. My friend, Jhon had told me when he was growing up he had accidently walked in on his father who was naked. laying on the bed jerking off. Jhon said his father´s black  cock had to measure at least 14 to 15 inches when it was totally erect. I quickly retorted ¨You have to be exaggerating being young and all.¨ Jhon said ¨No, No  it  was that big.¨ I know because once I measured my brother´s cock when we were growing up.¨¨We had a tape measure and his was alittle over 13 inches   when he was hard, so my father.s cock was a couple inches bigger.¨

Once I  had entered the bedroom my only reaction was to stare just as the first spurt of thick white cum exited the head of his cock. Jhon said he was around eleven years old when this happened. At the time, he was just realizing he was attracted to men and had started to have wet dreams and even start to jerk himself off  during the night . He said he watched as the cum left his father´s cock in huge thick  spurts landing on his father´s chest and belly. Jhon ´s father was oblivious that his son had come in the room , only realizing it when he finished shooting his load. His father was annoyed at first and scolded him and told him to always knock before entering a room.

   Later that day, when Jhon was alone in the house , he had found his father´s white briefs  on the floor next to the bed. He noticed they were still moist from earlier that day when his father used them to wipe the spent cum from his body. He said he started to get hard thinking about what he had seen before his eyes earlier. He brought the briefs to his nose and inhaled the heavy bleachy semen smell  of his father´s cum. He said he even tasted the still wet cum  and started to jerk off. He said he came so much that he used his father´s briefs to clean up the mess. 

This story reminded me of when I had caught our hired man jerking off in the bathroom of our old farmhouse. His name was Iggy  and he got all red faced when I walked in on him. I pretended not to be bothered  by it, and being around eleven myself  started to ask him questions about what he was doing. Iggy had a big  uncut cock around nine inches and thick,  when I caught him he was in front of the sink fisting his stiff cock. I innocently asked him why he was doing that to his cock. And he answered  my question with anoiher question asking whether¨ I had started to jerk off.¨ I told him I hadn´t and I asked him what he meant by jerking off. Iggy said when a guy was horny he needed to jack off and relieve the pressure in his balls.   I asked him what was it like and he said white stuff would come from his balls and out the slit.

I was standing close to him and he showed me thar opening on the head of the cock where the cream from is balls would shoot. I noticed a clear liquid coming from the slit and asked him what it was he said before a guy came, a clear liquid called precum would start to leak from a guy´s cock. I told him I didn´t understand so asked if he would show me. Iggy at first was embarassed but I was an insistent brat  and he said he would show me. He cautioned me not tell anyone and that it would be our secret.

   Iggy started to jerk off his cock and I watched as his cock grew stiff again. When it was real hard I asked whether I could feel it. He turned toward me and gave me a nod to come closer. When I touched it, it almost had a life of its own and shaft rose and fell. I asked Iggy what was happeniing and he said  his cock liked the feel of my fingers around it. I started to micmic with my  hand what Iggy was doing before, but it was too big around  so he showed me how to use two hands. Iggy had a shealth of loose skin which would cover his cock´s glistening head on the upward action of my hands. I was amused how it would hid its head as I continued. I noticed a drop of clear liquid ready to drop and Iggy swiped it up with his fingers and brought it to his mouth. Iggy said it tasted great and whether I wanted to taste. When the drop was there again he swiped it with his fingers  and brought it to my mouth. It tasted real sweet  and I told him I liked the taste.

Iggy asked me if I wanted more of the sweet liquid and he brought his member to my lips and pushed. I opened my mouth and let around five inches enter my mouth. I could immediately taste the clear liquid on my tongue and searched out the slit which made him tremble. He said to suck his cock like I was nursing a baby´s bottle. so I did and he started to slowly thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. All at once he started to tremble and gasp and I thought I was hurting him, he said to keep doing what I was doing and he would give me a reward. Every kid wants a reward so I continued to suck and soon felt his cock expand in my mouth, Iggy said to keep it in my mouth cause he was almost ready.

Ready for what I thought and soon tasted a much different taste in my mouth. It was hitting the back of my throat in piston like spurts. I sought out the slit again and a huge spurt coated my tongue. Iggy said to swallow cause more was coming, lots more.  I continued to let this liquid fill my mouth until I had to swallow. After his cock shrank to about four inches, he withdrew it from my lips and he reminded me that it was our secret. Iggy said I had did a good job and asked if I wanted to do it again.

I said yes and the next day he took me to where we kept the feed for the cows, It was a tall silo and we had to climb til we reached the top. Iggy was behind me telling to climb til we reached the highest opening. It was filled with chopped corn ,When we reached the top I climbed in with him behind me. Once inside he unzipped his zipper to his jeans and brought out his cock, it started to get hard right away. It was semi erect and he said to do the same thing to it as before. As I started to suck his cock , the same clear liquid began to seep from the slit. After sucking it for a while, he asked if I wanted to try something else. Iggy told me to drop my pants and get on all fours. He got behind me and started to rub the head of his cock up and down the crack of my ass. I could feel a wet liquid coat my crack and he started to rub his cock faster and faster in my crack , All at once he stopped,  brought out a foil packet. Iggy said it was a rubber and he tore it open and rolled the rubber onto his cock. He went back to rubbing my crack with his cock and found my hole. I felt a slight pressure of his cockhead  on my hole and the head popped inside . It hurt like hell and he said to relax a bit, When I had gotten use to it he started to thrust slowly in and out.

My cock was totally erect at this point and the pain before was replaced with  a more pleasing sensation. Iggy reached around and started to jack my cock as he continued to feed more of him inside. I felt the weirdest sensation in my balls and he said I was about to have my first orgasm. When I did it was the greatest  feeling and almost made me light headed. He held  me steady until my own white stuff started to spurt in jets from my cock. I remember he caught some of the white stuff in his fingers and brought it to his mouth to taste. At that point, my ass started to hurt so he withdrew his cock which was still rock hard. He removed the rubber  and was still on his knees, he told me to suck his cockl ike before. He had his jeans down to his knees as  I crawled  between his hairy thighs. Iggy had huge hairy balls  and I told him I wanted to taste them. As I started to lap his scrotum I could feel two orbs inside, he said to take one at a time inside my mouth but be gentle. I took one of his balls inside and used my tongue to lap all the saltiness. Iggy had started to jerk his cock off  as I was servicing each one of his balls.He started to groan and fist his cock quicker. I  was hard again and he said to lie down next to him .We were side by side and I felt his lips engulf my cock . It was a wet sensation but very pleasurable.

Soon I had his cock within my lips also. I told him I was going to come again but there was no reponse to his sucking.  All at once he said to suck his cock harder. Iggy held my waist to his mouth and took all of my cock to my balls. I tried to do the same but it was too big. At that point, he was above me thrusting his cock into my mouth as I felt my second orgasm start. I could feel his shaft thicken at the same time and my  mouth was soon being filled again with his cum  and it brought me over the edge as I felt the first spurts leave my balls  to fill his mouth which he eagerly swallowed. It felt like I had drunk a quart of his liquid as he withdrew his softening cock from my lips.Iggy asked me if I liked what had happened and I said yes. The next few months were doing the same any chance we could and I had gotten used to his size when he fucked my ass.     

  Jhon´s father said what his son had seen was a secret between them, that it was something between men only. Jhon asked his father why his cock was so much bigger than his and his father said that his cock would grow to his size as he grew up. As time went by his cock did grew but not a big as his father´s cock. Diego ,his younger brother had a much bigger cock than his. Jhon became obsessed with guy´s cocks and was always curious of their different sizes.

When his sisters´boyfriends stayed over,  he would  have to sleep with them and he would always go under the covers and look at their cocks through the briefs. Jhon said once one of his sister´s boyfriends had caught him and brought his cock out for Jhon to see. The boyfriend started to jerk off and got Jhon to take it in his mouth just as he was cumming. Jhon said after that he was hooked on the taste of a guy´s cum. Jhon said he became obsessed with the size of his father´s black cock.

   One day when he was alone in the house with his father, Jhon decided to get a better look at his father´s cock. Jose worked nights so during the day he slept. Jhon always had to be real quiet so as not to wake up his father. Jhon went to his father´s room and his father was snoring. Jhon got up enough nerve to slip under the covers. He had to wait til his eyes accustomed to the darkness. below the cover. He noticed that his father was totally naked with his huge cock resting on his balls. He slid over closer just as his father turned on his side facing him. Jhon´s face was only inches from his father´s cock which now was resting on his left thigh along with his balls. He said he could actually smell the masculine aroma of his father´s cock and balls.

Jhon started to get a hard on and got brave enough so his mouth was an inch from his father´s hairy balls. Jhon stuck out his tongue and lapped the wrinkled scrotum noticing it had a salty taste. He could also feel two huge orbs tucked within his ball sack. Jhon speared one with his tongue and was able to take half of it within his lips, lapping it´s surface with his tongue.. He was intoxicated with the thought that he was finally lapping and sucking one of his father´s balls. After a minute,he switched to the other one relishing the saltiness and masculine sweat.Jhon noticed right away that his father´s cock was responding to the pleasure he was giving to Jose´s balls. 

   It started to lengthen  and was almost 6 inches in size at the point he stopped  licking the huge balls. John heard his father start to snore again and got closer to his real target. Jose was uncut so jhon couldn´t see the head of his father´s cock. He got the urge to taste the loose skin of his father´s foreskin. He took the foreskin between his lips and tasted a mixture of urine and the taste of his father´s precum which had started to leak from the end of the loose skin. He suckled this until he had it totally within his lips. He noticed right away he could feel the huge head of his father´s cock start to fill  the foreskin entering Jhon´s mouth. Jhon lapped a the head and sought out the slit which was exuding more liquid.Jose´s cock still wasn´t totally erect he had about four inches to go to reach full size.

Jhon now had around 3 inches within his mouth and started to go back and forth on his father´s member as he had done while sucking one of his sister´s boyfriend´s cock. All at once his father thrust more of his cock within Jhon´s eager mouth. Jose had started to feed his cock into the mouth of his son. Jhon remained still sensing his father was being gentle with his mouth. Jose ´s cock was hard as a rock at this point and started to grunt and moan with pleasure. All at once Jhon felt Jose´s strong hands grasp his head ,thrusting more of his cock within his mouth but at a more rapid pace. Jhon tried to escape his father´s clutch but it was to no avail. With one last thrust he tasted an acrid bleachy liquid filling his mouth. Jhon had to swallow or pass out because he couldn´t catch his breath. The spurts of his father´s cum were enormous with each spurt filling his small mouth. 

   After about six spurts his father released his head and withdrew his cock and turned on his side. Soon he was snoring again and Jhon took this opportunity to slip out of the bed. Jhon was expecting his father to say something to him later that night but he never mentioned it. Later that night , Jhon jerked off reminiscing about what it was like to suck off his father. 

   When he finally came out to his parents when he was sixteen  and said he was gay his father took it better than his mother. Jose only nodded a gave him a secret wink  when his mother wasn´t looking. Shortly after coming out to his parents, when his father and he were alone his father told him  how there was a time when he and his mother were having problems to the point he had left to go live at a farm alone. As fate would have it, there was young caretaker at the farm who had given him a job of helping him pick coffee. They spent hours together in the coffee groves until one day as he was urinating he noticed the caretaker staring at his black cock. He hadn´t thought much about til the second time the caretaker started to take a piss along side him and he noticed after finishing the caretaker´s cock was growing in size. Jose hadn´t had sex in a while since he was estranged from his wife and he was real horny. Jose wanted his balls emptied bad that hot day in the coffee groves. The caretaker said he was shocked at the size of Jhose´s cock which was still in its  soft state.. As the caretaker stood next to him he reached out to touch Jose´s shaft which reacted right away by lengthening in size. As the caretaker continued to fondle Jose´s cock , Jose reached out and touched the caretaker uncut cock which was at that point totally erect. Jose had never touched a guy´s cock before or for that matter ever thought of doing anything with a guy. Jose´s balls were so full of cum and what the caretaker was doing felt so good. He abruptly unbuttoned his jeans and let them slide past his thighs giving the caretaker more access. The caretaker taking this as a sign that jose might be open to having sex.

   And he was right, Jose watched as the caretaker  slipped his own pants down  and stood real close. The caretaker started to fondle Jose´s sperm bloated balls and jose started to jack each other off. Jose ´s cock had grown to its immense size  watching the caretaker´s every move and matching it. Jose couldn´t believe he was actually letting this happen. After a bit, the caretaker got onto his knees in front of Jose and first started to lap his hairy balls which made Jose want more. He brought the head  of his cock to the caretaker´s lips and smeared them within the  liquid already beginning to seep  from his cockslit. Jose proceeded to add more pressure against the caretaker´s lips until his lips relinguished to accept his cock. It felt so good having a pair of lips around his cock reminding him of how his own son had sucked him off. Jose fed his cock feeling the caretaker´s tongue touch his cockhead with a swirling motion of his tongue. Jose gasped and abruptly the caretaker stood up and wanted the same done to him. Jose had never sucked a guy´s cock but he said a man had to try everything in life to know what he wanted in the end. So Jose knealt before the man  in front of him and took his cock within his mouth, thinking it wasn´t as bad as he would have thought. In no time, the caretaker started to tremble under jose´s oral action. Jose felt the cock begin to spasm and pulsate and he knew the caretaker was going to unload his balls. Jose thought to release the cock and finish him off by jacking his cock but the caretaker asked him to take his cum. Jose obliged him knowing the caretaker would reciprocate. After letting the caretaker deposit his cum withim his mouth he din´t know whether to spit or swallow. Jose chose to swallow and in one big gulp let the caretaker´s seed fill his belly. After the caretaker withdrew his shrunken cock, the caretaker got down on his knees and engulfed jose´s leaking cock. The caretaker started to suck him off with more vigor fondlng his huge balls as he did. Soon Jose felt  the cum starting to leave his balls. He didn´t make any sound or movement not wanting the caretaker to notice he was about to shoot his heavy load. Jose wanted the caretaker to do what he had done swallow his load but after a week without relief he knew it was going to be a big load. 

   Jose wasn´t to be disappointed, the caretaker took as much of his 15 inch cock within his throat and let Jose´s seed fill his belly. After they finished Jose was still rock hard and the caretaker presented him with his ass to fuck. Jose sat on a log after removing his jeans and watched as the caretaker straddled his black spear. He used some spit to lubricate his cock and felt the head of his enter his ass. The caretaker said Jose´s cock was too big but Jose wasn´t having none of that. He put his hands on the caretaker´s shoulders and thrust his cock to his balls into the ass above his thighs.. He let the caretaker get use to his big cock and slowly began to fuck his ass. Jose quickly increased the speed  making the caretaker shoot another load on his chest. then Jose shot his cum filling the guy´s ass with another load from his balls. Jose said he had felt satiated having his balls emptied so thorughly that day. Jose said through the months he enjoyed this man many times until he left to return to his wife. 






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