Camillo came for the weekend to visit Jhon and all three of us were in the living room talking, when Jhon got a phone call and went outside in the garage to accept it in private. Camillo and I were left alone and as we were talking I could sense he was coming onto me. Just the way he laid  on the sofa letting me peruse his huge bulge in his shorts with my eyes. I could detect a faint smile as he watched me stare at the outline of his huge cock. Camillo groped himself and said remember this as he traced the outline of his huge cock with his fingers lying beneath the nylon fabric of his tight shorts. I answered by asking him if he remembered how he had come to my bed  and wanted me to service his cock. And also if he remembered the feel of my lips around his shaft giving him a taste of what I had to offer. And he begged me to continue which I didn´t and how he was so hot after being in my mouth than went to the guest room and forced his cousin to suck his cock.

   Camillo  said his cousin´at first didn´t want to suck his cock saying that he was tired because he  had given me two loads but his cousin was so drunk that he finally relinguished. Camillo´s cousin was straight but he could tell Camillo wasn´t  going to accept no since Camillo had sucked him off days before. It had happened at his aunt´s house in Medellin  one Sunday morning when everyone had left to go to church. Camillo and Oscar his cousin found themselves alone both awakening up with woodies. Oscar noticed Camillo was staring at his cock still hidden within his tight briefs maybe alittle too long. Camillo asked Oscar his cousin whether he had even had ever had  sex with a guy and Oscar said once with another student from school. Oscar said that they ended up only jacking each other off since both were more into girls. Camillo asked whether Oscar wanted to jack off together since they were all alone and  nobody would find out. Oscar agreed still having the hardon that wouldn´t go down especially with the conversation going on between them. They locked the bedroom door where they both shared a room and Oscar pulled his briefs down exposing a huge cock. Camillo knew he was big but Oscar´s cock reached all the way to his belly button. It measured a good twelve inches. Camillo had a huge cock also but his cousin beat him by a inch. They began to jerk off laying on Camillo´s bed . After a few minutes Camillo took over jacking off Oscar. Without a word Camillo brought his mouth near it to savor the precum that had started to leak from Oscar´s cockslit. He watched Oscar´s face as he  engulfed the huge cockhead and went up and down on the thick shaft of his cousin. Oscar reacted by thrusting into Camillo ´s mouth letting Camillo know it was alright to continue. Oscar wanted nothing more than get his cock sucked off . What made it better was it was his own cousin doing it. Camillo increased his suction til Oscar said if he didn´t stop he was going to unload in his mouth. Camillo continued with one thing in mind, he wanted his cousin´s hot load. Oscar began to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into Camillo´s gullet and shouted to Camillo ¨here it comes.¨ The first spurt from his cousin´s cock filled Camillo´s mouth to the brim . Oscar watched as his cousin swallowed it . Oscar fed him his whole load  thoroughly enjoying his first blow job by a guy. After consuming Oscar´s thick hot  load Camillo laid back expecting the same treatment but was disappointed  when his cousin only jacked him off. Though he tried to egg Oscar to suck his cock his cousin wouldn´t and  In the end his huge load ended up on his belly and chest. 

Camillo said his cousin was an amatuer at sucking cock  compared to the sensation that I had given him minutes before.  Finally he said he told his cousin to stop and he would jack himself off to the point his was about to come but that his cousin had to eat his load. His cousin watched as Camillo jacked his huge stalk  and felt the stirring of his own cock which began to rise. Camillo noticing his response told his cousin to take out his cock so he could see it as he jacked off. Camillo got on the bed along side his cousin with his body in the opposite direction. Camillo  found his head close to his cousin´s cock once again having the urge to suck it. As he engulfed the head it began to get hard again which surprised it´s owner since he had unloaded two loads into my belly before. As Camillo went down on him he watched as Camillo jack his own cock producing a froth of precum which covered Camillo´s cockhead like  whipped cream. Camillo´s cousin started to feed his cock into Camillo´s sucking mouth realizing he was going to come for the third time. He knew it wouldn´t be much of a load but wasn´t sure about the size of Camillo´s load since he had never sucked a cock let alone receive a guy´s load. Camillo´s cousin could feel the sensation in his balls start to stir knowing he was almost ready. Camillo´s jacked his cock harder to the point he was ready for his cousin to receive it. Camillo waited til his cousin said he was coming and brought his own cock to his cousin´s open mouth. Camillo watched as the frothy precum covered head entered his cousin´s unwilling mouth and told his cousin to wrap his lips tightly around his shaft. Camillo watched intently as his cousin´s mouth received his first spurt of cum knowing his cum was the first to ever enter his cousin´s mouth. This brought his cousin over the edge and felt the first pulsation of his cum enter Camillo´s mouth. Camillo fed his cousin a huge load which had been repressed by Jhon´s sweet ass and by a short respite within my mouth. 

  This story about what had happened got me real hot and I felt my cock start to stir. Camillo noticed my reaction and said he was turned on by older guys and that he would indeed like to empty my balls of its contents. Jhon was still talking on the phone and said he had to do an quick errand. He told me to stay and converse with Camillo. As he left Camillo got off the sofa and made sure he saw Jhon leaving in the car peeking through the drapes. As he turned around he took his cock out which had begun to leak. Upon seeing this I took my own cock out letting him know I was ready also. He got between my legs and started to suck me off wanting me to fulfill a fantasy of him sucking off his own father. I proceeded to mouth the words I knew he wanted to hear such as ¨take your big father´s cock and suck it like he had always wanted to but never did.¨I liked role playng because it added more excitement. I told Camillo to suck his father´s balls while thinking about the reward they were finally going to give him. All the while Camillo was jacking off his huge cock moaning with the excitement. I told Camillo ¨his father was close¨ and asked whether he really wanted to eat it I said ¨beg your father to give you his creamy reward¨. he proceeded to take me to my hairy balls making me unleash my huge load.  I let Camillo enjoy my heavy load knowing he was lost in the role playing. My cock shrank and slipped fro his mouth and he stood up with his cock ready to get sucked off. I told him not so fast that his father wanted his ass. I demanded he get down on his knees and get me hard again. When it was hard as a rock I told him to stand up and turn around. I spread his hairy cheeks of his ass to zero on the hole I was going to fuck. I asked him whether he wanted his father´s cock up his ass and he said¨ Ï want your big cock in my ass and finally your hot load. As I ate his virgin asshole I said ¨get ready for your father´s cock  stand up and turn around. ¨ I sat in the chair and watched as Camillo straddled my cock and watched as he sank down onto it saying it hurt and was too big.  Camillo had a great cock which was staring inches from my mouth. It was so long that I could actually suck his cock as I fucked him. This drove him into a frenzy asking whether ¨his father wanted to eat his son´s load.  and I told him¨his father was going to eat his load for sure.¨ I engulfed his stalk and after a few minutes heard him mouth the words ¨that he was ready to cum into his father´s mouth.¨I felt the first heavy spurt letting it flow into my belly. Spurt after spurt I received  was filling a need to fulfill his fantasy to the fullest. I was taken aback by so much cum from his heavy balls. As he shrunk he said ¨that was hot father.¨ All of a sudden with one last plunge of his ass onto my cock I exploded filling his tight ass. As we regained our composure I heard the car enter the garage and we both quickly dressed. Both Camillo and I pretended to converse like before both knowing what had happened minutes before and we knew what  was sure to happen in the future between us.

   Camillo spent the weekend filling Jhon´s need  and I was content. After the weekend we took Camillo to the bus terminal and mentioned I had seen a sex video where a father and son finally had sex. That the father had seduced his son into sucking his cock off and that the father ended up reciprocating by sucking his son off.  As we arrived at the terminal Camillo joked that his cock was hard from me talking about it. As he stood by the passenger door where I was sitting i saw him reach inside his shorts to reposition his huge cock. I smiled at him and he returned the smile unbeknownst to Jhon what had happened betwen us. 




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