Jhon, my best friend with whom I lived with always had young studs constantly after his ass. He had an inate ability to know which ones had huge cocks to fill his ass. After about a week, he would tire with the newbie  and after attaining their confidence he would send them to me. I was turned on more by sucking them off which made our friendship mesh prefectly. The young spent studs liked it because Jhon would prime them with stories about my talented mouth along with a few pesos to line their empty pockets. Who could resist a great blow job  and get some extra spending money to buy their blunts of marijuana. Jhon and I had an arrangement where he would send these¨ hand me downs to me ¨without telling me which increased  the thrill. 

   After Jhon got his rocks off by being fucked by them, he would send them to get finished off by me. By this time they would be all worked up and just had one thing in mind, to empty their ball juice still in their balls. I was always assured they would have  big uncut  cocks to suck off. I would usually wake up sensing someone was in bed beside me plus I could smell their musky sex odor from their time fucking Jhon´s ass. They wouldn´t say a word  but lay there waiting for relief given to them by my talented mouth. As I took their naked cocks within my lips I would taste the flavor of the condom which they had used with Jhon. After a few minutes this taste would be gone replaced by the taste of their sweet precum spewing from their cockslits. Some studs would last only seconds within my hot mouth while others knew how to control when they were going to cum. Some would be half stoned or drunk making my task alittle more complicated and long lasting. They all were astonished and pleased how I would take their cocks to their heavy balls, using my throat muscles to ease their cum from their blue balls in a relatively short time. 

   These young studs were always pleased that I was going to swallow their loads. I remember when Jhon´s brother had finally relished his brother´s  sweet ass after years of trying to get Jhon to take his big cock. It had been an obsession of his since the time they were growing up together. Jhon had told me his brother had made many attempts to have sex with him.

   I remember one time he was playing with his friend near the river and his brother asked them if they wanted to go swimming. They jumped at the chance since they weren´t allowed to swim without an adult person watching them. All three jumped into the river in their underwear  and Jhon said his brother started  fondling his and his friends nuts. His brother would dive under the water and disappear under the surface. Then he would feel his brother playfully grab his nuts. Jhon and his friend thought it was a game and  Jhon´s friend made the mistake of returning the favor upon his Jhon´s brother. After swimming, all three exited the water, Jhon and his friend noticed Jhon´s brother had a huge  hard on as he laid between them on the shore. Jhon´s brother said do you two want to see a big cock? Both were curious, since his brother´s cock was so big. Jhon´s brother pulled his underwear down exposing his huge uncut black cock. Both Jhon and his friend stared at it enamored at the size of the cock before them. His brother told them to touch it if they wanted. Both boys got closer, his friend touched the shaft while Jhon weighed his brother´s big balls hanging below. Abruptly his brother said he wanted both to suck his cock and that he would give them a reward. They asked what the reward was and he said they would find out when they sucked his cock. Jhon egged his friend to go first  and watched as his buddy started to suck his brother´s enormous cock.While he was enjoying his black cock sucked by Jhon´s friend he told asked Jhon if he wanted to feel what it was like to have his cock sucked. Jhon laid next to his brother close enough so his brother could ease Jhon´s shorts down exposing his young nine inch cock and watched in awe how  his brother began to suck his cock, taking it down to his young balls. Jhon hadn´t cum yet in his young life. but to his surprise and to his brother this day would be the first time. Jhon´s cock responded quickly to his brother´s fat lips wrapped around his ebony member. As his brother was swallowing his young member Jhon felt the need to reciprocate wanting to taste his brother´s cock. He was alittle hesitant but after a bit he couldn´t resist  and turned his body around to join his friend who was busy sucking his brother´s cock. He noticed right away how his brother reacted having two mouths servicing his huge dick.

As he began to suck his own brother´s cock,it responded as if it had a life of it´s own. . Jhon mouthed it for a few seconds and stopped. not having sucked a cock before but he felt all flushed and strange but continued . All of a sudden he felt the greatest sensation coming over him, his brother knowing what was happening swallowed him to his balls. It was like a electric shock when his brother ´s lips reached his young  balls. While this was happening he and his friend continued sucking this huge immense shaft, taking turns engulfing the leaking head  until Jhon noticed his brother was trembling and thrusting his cock into his friend´s mouth. All at once, he noticed that his friend´s cheeks bloat and a white thick  liquid began to escape from around his friend´s lips. Jhon felt the surge of his own cum leave his balls at the exact same time and fill Jhon´s brother mouth and he watched in awe as his own brother swallowed his first load that had ever left his balls. Jhon´s brother told Jhon´s friend  to swallow fast because he had much more to come. As his brother filled his friend´s mouth to the brim, Jhon would take it in his mouth receiving what his brother was receiving from his balls. When his brother´s cock and his shrank  in size, Jhon asked his brother what had happened and his brother said he had had his first orgasm, Jhon said it felt great. His brother said it tasted great too.They asked  where their reward was and his brother laughed and said it was in his and his friend´s belly and Jhon´s reward was getting his cock sucked off. His brother said he got  an unexpected reward  too when he received  Jhon´s first load ever to come from his young  balls. After the episode at the river Jhon woud always say no to his brother´s sexual intentions.not that he didn´t enjoy what had happened but the for the fact he had enjoyed it too much. Deep down he wanted to experience more from his brother. It was years until he turned eighteen and moved to the city, closer to the brother who had given him his first blow job.  

And after a night of drinking with this  brother it finally came true. The alcohol had dismissed all his fears. He and his brother arrived at the house and being brother´s htey ended up sharing Jhon´s bed. Jhon said once in bed his brother had pinned him and said he wanted to fuck his ass. Jhon relinquished wanting to have the cock he had seen years before at the river finally fill his ass. The noise from him fucking Jhon´s ass had awoken me and I could hear Jhon saying to his brother fuck me harder because I´m ready to cum. Upon hearing this his brother withdrew his huge cock from Jhon´s stretched ass and engulfed Jhon´s cock just in time to receive Jhon´s load. And after a few minutes I realized that Jhon had finally given in to his brother´s wants. After his big cock had made jhon come and after savoring a load of cum from Jhon a second time, Jhon sent him to me to service. Jhon had told him I was a great cocksucker who loved to eat a guy´s hot load. Since his wife never sucked his cock he jumped at the chance. Jhon´s brother came to my room naked with his stiff uncut black cock which was ready to unload in no time.. I was surprised at his size since Jhon was much smaller. Jhon had a nine cock but his brother had to measure at least thirteen inches. As he laid naked with his stiff cock craning to the sky I got between his legs happy in the fact he didn´t have his pubic hair shaved like most Colombian men. As I brushed his heavy balls with my lips and tongue savoring the musky odor and sweat that only  black men posess. I wanted to make a good impression so i went to the spot just below his balls, searching out his anal bud covered with fury hair, As I found the spot and speared his hole with my tongue his raised his ass to give me more access. He said no one had ever done that to him and it made him ready to cum. I immediately went to his cock head which was covered with his slimy precum and engulfed the huge head. I heard him gasp and he thrust his thick member deep into my gullet. I could see his huge balls separate in his scrotum knowing I would soon be rewarded. Jhon´s brother grabbed my head  increasing the tiempo of his thrusts to the point my head was in a vice - like grip that would only be released by drinking his cum. I could feel his cock pulsate and start to fill my mouth swallowing his load as each spurt filled my mouth. He had great tasting cum very similar to his brother´s Jhon load. As he moaned and emptied his balls he asked whether I enjoyed his cock and cum. I said yes as I swallowed the last of his cum. To my surprise he remained in my bed and gave me another load the next morning. He was indeed hooked on my mouth and sure liked the fact I swallowed.

   Jhon had brought home another stray who through a conversation with a hometown friend said he had a huge cock. In now time Jhon´s ass was being serviced by this young stud, Camillo. Camillo had a cousin who was straight as an arrow but also liked getting his cock sucked off. Jhon had said that Camillo and his cousin were coming to the house before they went out to drink. Camillo had told Jhon his cousin had bigger cock than his, Jhon asked how Camillo knew and Camillo said he had personally sucked him off. Jhon replied in surprise that you really sucked off his own cousin. Camillo said his cousin´s cock reached his belly button which had to measure at least fourteen inches. As Camillo was showering Jhon had a chance to fondle  Camillo´s cousin´s cock and it was true. He asked whether I would be interested in sucking his cock since Jhon was going to be busy getting fucked by Camillo. Jhon said he would get Camillo´s cousin hot and bothered before he sent him to me. It was about four in the morning when they arrived, I could hear the three removing their clothes and heard John sucking Camillo´s cousin´s  big cock. In no time I saw the faint light of the cousin´s celular phone illuminate the staircase and was able to see his huge stiff cock already dripping precum thanks to Jhon´s mouth. Camillo´ s cousin was watching straight porn as I started to suck his cock. He had drunk alot and still was drinking from a soda bottle filled with liquor. As I stated to suck him off I was astonished how quickly his cock responded and grew. I stroked his ego saying it was so huge and he proceeded to show me how he was able to suck himself off. He said he had a girlfriend and told me he had had sex with two guys before. The first was a friend when he started to jerk off at fourteen and the second was his cousin, Camillo. I asked whether Camillo had swallowed his load and he said yes. He asked whether i was going to eat his cum and I replied yes. He seemed happy and told me I would have to work real hard for his load since he was so drunk. I was disappointed he shaved his crotch but was happy to find he didn´t shave his ass or his furry asshole. I ate his ass while watcjing him take his cockhead within his lips. All at once he released his cock feeding his mouth and said he had made himself come and I was able to get his cockhead between my lips as the first heavy caustic spurt filled my mouth. I took his cock to his balls letting his molten thick seed fill my belly. I felt his hands hold my head in place as he fed me his cum til his balls were empty. After his cock shrunk he withdrew from my throat and asked where he could sleep. I showed him the guest room and just had gotten back in bed when I noticed another light coming up the stairs. It was Camillo with a huge hard on  wanting to get sucked off. Jhon had fallen asleep after Camillo had fucked him. He hadn´t shot his load because Jhon had cum so quickly. He entered my bed and I told Camillo I had to respect Jhon even though I wanted to suck him off he would have to wait til Jhon handed him over to me.  He asked how  his cousin´´s big cock was I said it was great. Camillo asked whether I had enjoyed  his huge thick load as he had done. I said you really sucked off your own cousin´s cock and he said yes. Camillo asked if I was sure I could wait to suck him off  putting his huge cock near my face. I told him I wanted to real bad but it would have to wait. As he left my bed alittle disappointed I heard Camillo open the guest room door. Soon I heard Camillo telling his cousin to suck his cock like he had sucked his. I heard Camillo gasp when his cousin´s mouth pushed him over the edge. I heard his cousin begin to choke on Camillo´s load and felt jealous it wasn´t me receiving. After I heard the door to the guest room open and close as Camillo made his way to Jhon´s room. I could see the satiated  stalk of flesh now shrunkin swinging between his thighs. 

   I am sure glad that my friend Jhon never forgets about my wants and needs. He is truly a great friend. Hopefully I will be enjoying his new  friend Camillo ´s cock soon.






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