Alex stayed over for the night. Just as well because we kept going at it like rabbits. I woke up with his arms around me. In my bed! Mmmmm, he felt so good and warm. I scooted him aside, making my way to the bathroom, taking the sight of him in, naked except for his jockeys. I took a shower and was in the midst of brushing my teeth when i heard Alex's voice, 'Morning.' I turned to see him leaning up against the doorway, arms folded over his chest, eyes still half-opened, and my, my, what a massive morning erection poking through underneath his jockeys. God this guy's gorgeous!

I cleared my mouth and smiled, 'Hey.' I wanted so much to take him right there and then but i was still sore from last night. 'Clean yourself up and come down for breakfast.' Few minutes later Alex came down wearing my baggy sweats and old t-shirt, while drying his hair with a towel. I'd never seen a guy that looked as impossibly sexy as he was right then, and suddenly I felt all my soreness magically floated away.

Alex walked up to me. 'Boy am I hungry,' he said teasingly. He kissed me, tasting of toothpaste and...Alex. He had such a peculiar taste to him. He thrust his tongue into my mouth, and it was delicious. I popped some fruity loops into his mouth, and it was mind-blowing! I moved my hands to the waist of his loose-fitting sweats and pushed down. It fell to the floor, just like that, and I let out a laugh.

'You're not wearing your undies,' I said as I moved my hands over his hard, stiff rod and gave it a few playful tugs. He sighed and shoved his hands down my shorts.

'It was soiled,' he shrugged. I stepped back, grinning, and looked at him standing there, his cock making a tent with his long and loose t-shirt, his sweats down around his ankles. 'What?' he chuckled. I then leaped onto his body, wrapping my legs around his waist. He was taken off guard and we crashed to the floor, laughing. I could feel his erection on my butt and squirmed. 'Fuck! You're so gonna pay for this!' He then got up, grabbed both my legs and dragged me to the living room. He towered over me and took off his t-shirt the irresistible way guys do- by reaching back behind his neck and pulling it off in one fluid motion.

I tugged his legs down, as he squatted over my face. I took in his funky teen boy smell as my tongue began massaging his asshole and he arched his back, trying his best to hold himself up and not sat on my face. I slid one finger in, then two. Alex moaned noisily. Damn, he was still tight after last night. I licked under his scrotum and all the way to the base of his penis. Alex made his way to my cock and wrapped his hands around me, squeezing then stroking. I bounced up and down in ecstasy. Alex reached for the lube on the table and lubed me up. 'Ride it…' I moaned. He grabbed my erection by its base and guided it towards his lowering hole. When my cock head was just inside, he let all his weight down and drilled his ass to the hilt with one plunge, crying in pleasure. He grounded his hips into my crotch, his hands sliding up and down my body, with me grunting heavily as I reached for his cock and stroked it. He shot his load all over my face as i cum inside him.

He was still sitting on me when I asked him, 'Do you think Gerard's bro's hot?'

Alex, still in a dazed, mumbled, 'Hmm...'


'I guess so...' He got off me and plopped down beside me. 'He seems straight to me what with him into all that punk-rock thingy.'

Putting my arms around him, I kissed him deeply and grounded my chest against his, sucking on his neck, licking the back of his ears and lobes, until finally pulling away, and sat down on the couch with my legs splayed wide apart. 'You know what to do,' I said teasingly. Alex grinned and got up on his knees and licked my inner thighs and tongue fucked my ass. Soon I was bucking up and down trying to push my ass harder against his hot mouth and probing tongue. I grabbed his head up and kissed him heavily as I pushed him down onto the couch. His hard pecker stood at attention, glistening with pre-cum, as i leaned forward and took him into my mouth, greedily sucking it, deep-throating the big dick, making him moaned with pleasure and his hands pulling hard on my hair.

Before he could cum though, he released himself from my mouth and directed me to the edge of the couch so that my ass was easily accessible for him to enter. With a little thrust forward, he buried his cock head into my hole, bit by bit until he was all inside. He was taking his time riding in and out to stimulate me and when i couldn't hold on any longer, i squeezed my hole around his cock tighter causing him to pound away at my defenseless ass, until in only a matter of minutes, the two of us were having a simultaneous orgasm while he continued to pound his cock in and out of my ass muttering yeah, oh, fuck, ah until both of us collapsed in a heap, with him on top of me.

Minutes later we were still in the same position when I nudged him and said, 'You're killing me.'

He grinned in reply and made no attempt to move. 'Hey, I need my breakfast. Now move it.'

He pried himself off me and spanked my ass! 'Alright cranky boy, chill!'

Needless to say, I didn't get to have my breakfast after all that morning.



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