It was almost 88 degrees out and I'd a really lousy week at school. I couldn't wait to get home and hit the shower.

As I made my way home, the park was bustling with activities. I grabbed some change from my pocket to get a soda from the vending machine. The open field, where most of the guys hang out after school practicing their game of football, soccer and such was in full mode. It was quite a turn-on watching them when they were oblivious to their own actions. Like the football guy who lifted his shirt to wipe the perspiration on his face and revealing his taut and bronzed body with a tantalizing peek of his boxers. The soccer guys, trying to be funny by pulling their other teammate's shorts down.

Anyhow, I was feeling under the weather and so I walked past the field, while only trying to catch a glimpsed of the 'boys in action'; mind you I was only tired--not blind when i heard, 'Hey! Ty! Wait up!' coming from amongst the mass of guys, and I saw a hand waving at me.

'Oh, hey Alex. What's up?' Smiling, I took in the dark tousled hair; some loose strands plastered to his face with perspiration, the deep tan, a wicked grin and those glittering greeninsh-brown eyes. He was wearing a white polo shirt and soccer shorts which revealed a strong pair of legs; nicely and lightly dusted with dark hair. He was looking lean and fit, as ever. His lips were deliciously pink, his stomach washboard flat. I sniffed. I felt like passing out...with desire. I shifted my bag to hide my 'growing' excitement. Alex and I do talk on occasions but only through mutual friends. But I've always had this huge crush on him.

'Nothing much, actually I've just finished my soccer practice and I was wondering if you have some change to spare to get a soda?'

'Sorry man, this is the last of it,' I said pointing to my half-empty can. 'Here. Take it.'

Alex drank down a few gulps and passed it back to me. 'Thanks, that feels good. Hey, you live around here don't you? Could I get a refill for my bottle?' Thinking that I might have to get back all over there again he said, 'Don't worry I'll come with you.'

I thought I was really going to pass out from that last sentence.


'No one's home?' Alex asked.

'Nah my mom went to visit my aunt for a week,'

He nodded silently.

'Go ahead and fill your bottle or there's beer in the fridge,' I said. 'I'll be back with you in a sec.' Before I could make my way up to the bathroom to have a leak, Alex grabbed my hand and spun me around. We were standing eye to eye, all 18 years old and 6'1 of us. 'I... I...'

'Shh' and with that he closed the little gap between us, his mouth seeking mine. He tasted of stale soda. He was surprised that I didn't pull back. He began to slide his hands beneath my shirt and found its spot, lightly pinching my nipples. My hands found its way to his back as I slid them in his shorts and squeezing his taut and firm cheeks. 'Mmm' he moaned.

Silently and slowly, he inched me towards the kitchen island. He peeled off my shirt and laid me down against the countertop as he nibbled gently on my neck and once in a while his tongue poking teasingly, leaving a trace of cool, warm sensation. I heard a low rumble and groaning in the distance. Oh--it was me. 'Take off your clothes,' I whispered, smiling up into his bewildered face.

His eyes sparkled. 'Not now Ty; not yet.' We resumed out mouth-to-mouth combat but i was overcome with such a strong desire to have him in my mouth. I got up from the countertop and led him to the couch.

Dropping to my knees, I pulled down his shorts and spread his legs apart. My tongue went straight to his balls and began sucking it through his still damp jockeys from the practice. Alex let out a deep groaned. 'Let me,' he said as he took off his shirt and reached down to slid off his jockeys, allowing his seven inch(we later measured) erection to pop free, standing up proudly. His dick was surprisingly straight, no curves whatsoever. I squeezed him by the base. His dick smelt off spit, sweat and the hotness of a man before sex. Leaning forward, I took it into my mouth and sucked on the velvety head, lapping it all up. I pushed his dick upwards and licked under his scrotum, sucking each balls like it was the last ones on earth. I felt him squirming in his seat. He stood up and held my head like a soccer ball and placed it in front of his manhood. I gave him a hum-job and within minutes he moaned as he emptied his nut sack into my hungry throat.

Alex and I collapsed onto the couch. He reached for my cock and began stroking my hardness. As I leaned back against the couch he slipped to his knees and sucked my cock deep into his throat, and seconds later I was erupting down his throat. 'You're still hard,' I said with bated breath, stating the obvious.

He replied with his wicked grin and with that my semi-hard member regained a new life. Now that he was in my house, I felt that the deed wasn't over until we 'christened' my bed with his sweat and man-juice.

Once in my room, I lubricated Alex's cock with my spit. He grabbed my legs and placed it on his shoulders. And just like that, he entered his cock up my ass. He began stroking in and out. Gloriously naked, I was able to admire the way the muscles rippled in Alex's forearms as he tried to hold himself up while fucking me. He had on the sexiest expression while doing so that I almost came. I sucked my middle finger and slid it into his hot mouth. 'Oh fuck. Yeah' I moaned. He grunted in unison.

Once in a while he would stop fucking me and I would lay him down on his back, licking every inch of his sweat covered body which after a while he couldn't take it any longer and rammed hard straight into me. As Alex pumped towards his orgasm in me, I jerked wildly on my own cock, and as Alex began to shake in the throes of his hard cum, I blew my load all over him and myself. We both groaned at the same time it was a shocker that the neighbor couldn't have heard us. As Alex slid off me, he opened my mouth and made me clean his cum-covered dick. Within minutes he shot another load down my throat and bed.

'Have you done any guys before this?' I asked, totally spent.

'Just a couple, Gerard too.'

'Really? I thought he was into girls.' Gerard was the captain of the soccer team--hmm, interesting.

'He is. I think he's curious, like me. But hey, you were definitely the best fuck I've ever had.'

There goes that wicked grin again. How many times had I dreamed of him saying that to me? And now it was actually happening. Throwing my arms around him, I whispered, 'Oh Alex...'

But that's another story. (Continued in Part 2)




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