After hearing what happened between Robyn and my Ecuadorean friend in Queens, I knew I had to suck his cock. Like I said Robyn was a friend of mine,we were

employed at the same bus company. At times, since I was a plumber by trade he would ask me to fix a leaking pipe at his house.He had no idea I was more interested in fixing his leaking pipe between his leg.One day after finishing my route, I had to take a wicked leak and just made it to the bus company mens room. Guess who was there taking a leak Robyn.

I made my way to the row of urinals and used the one closest to him for and obvious reasons.I tugged my cock out and started to piss a stream that even impressed him. I told Robyn I had held it so long that I could almost taste it. He laughed and was finishing pissing when I was able to glance down where he was urinating and see what kind of cock he had.I must have been staring too long because Robyn

said whether I was impressed with what I saw. I was alittle embarassed being caught staring at his uncut Latin dick.It was enormous in its soft state and he had peeled back a least three inches of foreskin.This Colombian dude was hung 8 inches soft and 3 inches wide.It was the biggest cock I had seen on a Latino. I had seen bigger on black guy´s but nothing like this on a Spanish man.I was amazed at ther size of his cockhead it had to measure a good three inches across where its slit was.I told him he had the biggest cock I had seen other than one time I saw a black guy with 18 inches. Robyn said when he was hard his cock measured 15 inches and 6 inches in diameter. We both left the mens room and I invited him for a cup of coffee in the break room. He continued to chuckle about what had happened in the mens room .I told him guys always were curious what other guys had especially when they side by side taking a piss.Robyn said I had a big cock too for a white guy. I told him I couldn´t complain.Mine was at least 9 inches hard and it was nothing to be ashamed of. I asked Robyn if his dick was 15 inches long and 6 inches whether he had trouble fucking his wife.He said since he was a teenager he found it dificult especially since he had such a huge head.It would never fit all the way inside and he wished he had found someone who could take it all but admitted it would be like finding a needle in the haystack. Abruptly I changed the topic of our conversation since I was getting a hard dick thinking about sucking him off. We started talking about plumbing and how he needed to replace his heating system since it was old and leaking.I told him tell me his schedule when I could do it .Robyn said his family was going to Colombia for the month and he would be working in the house painting. I told him it would be perfect

but could I stay in his house while his family was away so I wouldn´t waste time going back and forth from my house to his. Robyn said no problem. He said there was only one bed available and that was in his room since he was renovating the rest. He said I would have to bunk with him. I told him that was fine if he didn´t try to fuck me with

his big pole. He laughed don´t worry you couldn´t take my cock so I wouldn´t try.

I got up to go and told him I had to take another leak before I left for the day. So I got up and he noticed my cock hard and erect in my pants. And when he got up I noticed he too was aroused.It was true he had to have at least 15 inches of hard Latino cock. I could even see that his jeans near his cock head were damp and wet.He caught me staring again and laughed. I went to the mens room when all at once the lights went off. I could hear someone inside with me.I said what gives and Robyn´s voice broke the silence saying what gives? this is what gives . In the darkness, he found my hand and placed it on his erect cock.It was enormous and I reached below and his balls were the size of oranges hanging way below his shaft.He said he had spoken to my Ecuadorean friend and my friend had told him that I wanted to suck him off if given the chance. Robyn said here is your chance. He said many have tried to accomodate him to no avail. I got on my knees while he lit a cigarrette I could see his cock in the glow of lighter. I positioned myself near his head and used his precum to lubricate my lips. I went immediately to its head and opened wide and let it enter.When it entered I thought he had begun to come since my mouth filled with alot of his juice.I swallowed it and he proceeded to put the endless inches in my mouth .When its cockhead had touched the back of my throat I swallowed it and was able to encase his whole chimbo down my throat all the way to his balls. All at once I felt his dick expand and he started to shake out of control. I grabbed the back of his legs for stability and felt jets and jets of cum going down my throat filling my stomach with at least a pint of cum. All at once the light came on and my Ecuadorean friend was laughing and saying to Robyn I told you he could take your dick. Robyn said when I did it was too much for him to bear. No one in his life had been about to do it. He said when I touched his balls with my nose he just exploded.Robyn´s cock was still in my throat and it was deflating rapidly allowing me to get the real taste of his cum on my tougue.It was the type that was so thick it was like paste. I continued to suck him and taste everything inside his foreskin.

Robyn said he couldn´t wait for me to come to his house and spend the night with him in his bed. Robyn said I hope you like to fuck because I want to send my whole cock up your ass and make you taste my cum after I fuck you.My Ecuadoren friend, Juan had taken his cock out and was jacking off next to us.Robyn said he wanted me to suck Juan off while he watched.Juan came up to me and I starting giving him head in front of Robyn.Juan was real hairy which turned me on to no end . I sucked each one of his heavy balls to get the sweaty musky flavor in my mouth. Juan was a good 8 inches uncut.I told Robyn to help me out since my mouth was tired and streched from sucking him.He obliged and when I got up he unzipped my jeans and pulled my nine inches out and started giving me a blow job. Robyn said he had to take care of me first to reward me for what I had accomplished with him. He said for juan to fuck my ass while he sucked me off. Juan shealthed his cock with a condom and brought ti to Robyn´s mouth to lubricate. Robyn said turn around and when i did I felt Robyn´s tougue eating my ass and getting me ready for Juan´s dick. Then Juan stood behind me and entered sending his whoe length inside me impaling me. Robyn went back to sucking me off and in no time he had his reward which he swallowed eagerly,all the while Juan using my ass ,I could feel when he came the condom filling up with jhis ball juice. Robyn said not to waste his come and when Juan removed the condom he had Juan empty it in his mouth whch Robyn proceeded to share with me.

All the while Robyn´s cock had grown erect again. He sat on one of the toilets and said he couldn´t wait to see if I could take his cock. I straddled his dick and lowered my ass onto his big cock.It hurt at first but I managed to do it. Robyn laid back while swallowed his pole with each thrust down. What a cock, I could feel its cockhead touch my prostate as it passed and it was giving me a hard on. All at once I came again covering Robyn´s chest and face. He said he was near Juan who was watching got on his knees and after Robyn had filled my ass was there to clean Robyn cum covered cock as he withdrew.




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