I was working at a bus company near the City Of New York and alot of my co-workers happened to be from Colombia, South America.I have always been attracted to Latinos being a farmboy from Central New York State.I was always amazed how open their culture seemed to be especially when it came to sex. Sex to them didn´t matter if it was with women or men just so there could get a piece of ass or get a blowjob without strings attached. All these men wanted to do was to get off and empty their balls of their contents. I had a friend, Robyn that I worked with everyday and being a bus company of both men and women I heard alot of stories about the hook ups.

Colombian men are real macho at least the ones married and straight and given the opportunity to do things on the D & L the y didn´t hesitate to enjoy both sexes.Robyn, my friend has the reputation

of having a real big dick and many times I would hear how stories about him with women.

At this point,I had no idea he was into other guys but once I was speaking to another friend who was from Ecuador and he told me a story I couldn´t believe. Latinos like to drink and party and my friend from Ecuador said he and Robyn had been drinking on the weekend and decided to go to the city to hit some bars in Queens. At about 2 a.m. when the bars were closing he and Robyn went to the parking lot where they had left the car and decided to smoke a joint before leaving. My friend said the conversation was about their escapades with women and Robyn confessed he had a serious problem since his dick was so big usually women wouldn´t let him fuck them. My friend said he didn´t believe him and Robyn asked if he wanted to see. My friend was curious to say the least so Robyn pulled his cock out which was soft at this point but measured a good eight inches and at least three inches in diameter. He said Robyn´s cock had the biggest head he had ever seen in his life and it was dripping copius amounts of precum. My friend asked whether he could touch it and immediately it began to increase in length and width. He said evidently Robyn was horny and didn´t mind doing things with other men. My friend stroked Robyn´s big cock and Robyn said do you want to see how big my balls are. My friend had pulled his cock out and Robyn massaged its head while pulling down his blue jeans. My friend was astonished they had to be at least as large as oranges and were covered with a thick brown bush. All the while Robyn´s cock was growing even larger .It had to be at least 15 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. He told Robyn no wonder you have trouble with women it´s enormous. At this point ,both were pass the point of being horny and both wanted release. Robyn asked whether he wanted to suck him off and my friend jumped at the chance. He said when he tried to fit the head it was impossible but as he lapped the precum from its slit his mouth became more lubricated so it made it easier for the cockhead to slip in. He said it was stretching his lips to the fullest but he had to try. Once inside his mouth Robyn proceeded to thrust two inches each time taking it easy with my friend´s mouth, enjoying my friend´s tougue licing at his cockslit.My friend managed to take a good eight inches but couldn´t take the entire length. Abruptly my friend removed Robyn´s cock and said he had a friend who could swallow it all the way down with no problem.Robyn said no way.no one has ever been able to take his whole cock. Robyn asked my friend whether he liked to 69 with a guy and he said yes so they drove to a more secluded area of the parking lot and they got in back Robyn above and my friend below. Robyn started to swallow my friend´s cock with a frenzy while my friend knowing he would have trouble sucking Robyn´s cock proceeded to lick and lap his enormous balls. My friend even stated eating Robyn´s ass with gusto. All the while my friend is fisting Robyn´s cock Robyn asked whether he wanted to eat his load because he was going to eat my friends My friend said that he was almost ready to shoot so Robyn eased off so he could make it last longer. My friend said to Robyn that he had never swallowed a guy´s load before but he would try if Robyn ate his. So both continued their oral ministrations until their balls could no longer hold back. My friend started to thrust his cock into Robyn´s sucking mouth and said I hope you´re ready cause I´m ready to bust a load. At this point , Robyn deep.throated my friend all the way to his balls. and my friend engulfed Robyn´s cockhead and with one thrust of Robyn´s ass managed to swallow nearly half of Robyns enormous shaft.My friend could hear Robyn start to moan which sent my friend over the edge of no return filling Robyn´s eager mouth with hot cum and all at once found his mouth filling up with Robyns hot thick Colombian sperm. My friend tried to take his mouth off but Robyn insisted on making my friend complete what they had agreed to.My friend was drowning and the only way he could do it was to swallow each spurt and letit fill his stomach. Robyn had to have came at least a pint of cream and my friend said it had an acrid taste and sweet at the same time.After my friend had stopped coming Robyn lifted his mouth from the cock he had just sucked off and continued to pump spurt after spurt down my friend´s throat. Robyn said to my friend that he wanted to meet the person who could take his entire cock down his throat. All Robyn could think off was coming down a guys throat who had managed to take its entire length and still didn´t believe it was possible. My friend assured him it was possible but wanted to be present and watch all that was going to go down. Robyn who hadn´t lost his erection asked my friend if he wanted to get his ass fucked and he said yes. He knew he had to try even though he hadn´t had any luck swallowing Robyn ´s big dick.

Robyn asked whether he had any lube and my friend said no so Robyn proceeded to eat my friend´s asshole and lubricate it for what was to come. My friend said his cockhead was the hardest think to take up his ass once it was inside and with slow steady thrusta all 15 inches was inside his ass. My friend said he could feel Robyn´s big balls bouncing off his ass each time Robyn entered his ass. My friend said he had never been fucked by such a large cock and even it´s thickness was amazing how after a bit his ass hole had adjusted to its size. Robyn was fucking him hard and fast while jacking my friend off with his fist.My friend said it wasn´t long til he was shooting another load coating Robyn´s hand with his thick cream.Robyn knew he wasn´t going to last much longer and stated to fuck my friend harder and harder until he started filling my friend´s ass. When my friend told me this story I knew I had to show Robyn I indeed could swallow his whole shaft down my throat with ease. I told my friend that the biggest cock I ever sucked was a black guy from Brooklyn who I had met on the train. I said I had a little trouble but I did it.it had measured almost 17 inches.




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