I will start by introducing myself and then my 17 year old son Justin. I am 35 and I am not a fit and sexy man but I do have beautiful golden hair and green sparkly eyes. I am 6ft 2 and do not visit the gym in fact I can't stand gyms but thanks to the little amount of exercise I do, do I am not a what you might call a fat slob. My son Justin was not planned as I am secretly gay and the only reason I have a son was because I slept with this girl when I was 18 and absolutely wasted, however I do not despise him being my son not even a slightest bit. Justin is 17 years old, drinks, smokes and was extremely cheeky to me and other adults but that's a typical teenage boy isn't it. The only thing that really irritated me about him was that he had a girlfriend who he used to bring back to our house every night. This wouldn't bother me but his room is right next to mine and every night I used to wake up to the noise of his bed frame creaking and banging against my door.

One day I came up home to find him and his girlfriend: Alicia arguing badly. The most shocking thing was how loud and aggressively they were yelling at each other. The argument went something like this:

Alicia: 'I can't believe you would do this Justin. How could you?'

Justin: 'get over it babes and stop be over dramatic I am a man and you and your best friend are bitches and you are my servants if you like it or not.'

Alicia; 'you're disgusting and worthless' then she spat towards his feet.

Justin: 'I am disgusting and worthless, have you seen yourself? Every night you would kneel down and suck my cock like the bitch you are. At least I will never be a bitch. In fact I am too damn brilliant to be anyone's bitch even if I was a female. Everyone does everything I tell them to even my dad does. Doesn't that show you who is the: worthless and disgusting one?' As my son said this rage swept throughout my body and by the way Alicia stormed out of the house I think felt the same way. I remember thinking how could my son think never mind say that.

Later that night his mother made her daily phone call to check if he was ok and I told her everything. She was disgusted like me but agreed with our son about me doing everything he said. She said that I have to put my foot down and show him who is the dad and who is the son and who has more power in the household. As she said this I remembered reading somewhere about how sexual domination was the best way to show power. This thought disgusted me at first and made me feel sick.

After the phone call my son came into the kitchen and started yelling at me about the fact that is tea wasn't ready. He also stormed around the house kicking things over and having a aggressive tantrum. As he did the though re-entered my head and seemed more like the only option. After our tea he stood up and demanded that he hadn't had enough to eat and that I was to make him a supper or there will be trouble. As he said this something must have clicked as I stood up and yelled at him: 'I am not your bitch, you are mine' and as I finished saying this I undid my trousers and pulled my pants down.

'Dad what the fuck are you doing?' Justin asked shocked. He panicked and tried to run but I grabbed him by the arm and forced him to the floor. As I fell to the floor he opened his mouth to protest but I was too quick and shoved my penis into his mouth. He gagged and then started to push me away from him. I could tell he was using all his strength but it was useless as I was a lot stronger than him. The way he panicked and tried to fight me made me more aroused. I grabbed his head and started to go backwards and then forwards. He was groaning and was trying his best to call for help but my cock was shoved forcefully in his mouth and muffled his voice. As my thrusting got faster the pleasure grew ad before long I was groaning in delight and saying stuff like; 'suck my cock you little bitch' and 'who's your daddy'. After a while of me groaning and Justin frantically trying to escape I pulled him up to his feet and shoved my sock in his mouth before anyone heard his cries. I pushed him tightly up to a table and started to suck his soft cock. I sucked his young juicy cock and ignored his pleases. Against his will his cock started to grow and become hard and before long he was fully erect. As I kneeled down sucking his now hard cock I kept repeating these words: 'That's right bitch let me have your body, let me have your young juicy cock for supper.' Even though his cock was fully erect he was still trying to fight me and push me off him but he wasn't strong enough.

After what seemed like heavenly hours but were only minutes I turned him around and as I did his pleases and cries for help got loader and more terrified, which meant he could tell what I was going to do to him. I quickly opened a kitchen drawer and pulled out a condom. I slid it onto my cock and plunged it into my son. As my cock squeezed through his hole he made an enormous grunt of pain but I wasn't going to stop now. He wasn't bursting into tears and if he had done I would have stopped straight away but he didn't, so I carried on. I could tell that this was new and that his ass had never been opened before which made fucking him even better. My first few thrusts he was very tense and his groans of pain and pleases for me to stop carried on. After that he became relaxed and he even placed his hands on my hips. I took the sock out his mouth and he started to cry but not with pain but with pleasure. He started begging me to fuck him harder and every time I thrusted harder and faster he cried out things like: 'Yeah, daddy. Yeah fuck my ass.', 'oh dad. Yeah give me your hard cock' and the most satisfactory: 'Yeah I'm the bitch' 'I'm your bitch.' 'Yeah that's it, show me who's the boss.' We did this for one whole solid hour after his first cries of pleasure and he loved every moment of it.

After our amazing sex session he went to bed and I said : 'good night my beautiful bitch' and he replied by saying: 'Good night daddy and I promise from now on I will do as you want, when you want as long as I get rewarded.'

To be completely honest I loved every moment of it just as much as he did and every time I think of him naked I get hard, so I think that he will definitely get rewarded if he behaves properly and eve n if doesn't then I know how to get through to him.




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