Waking up from the best fuck is one thing. But when you don't know where you are, that's another. I totally forgot about how Colton brought me to a cabin. Speaking of which, where is Colton? I asked myself this as I realized he wasn't on my anymore, and I was still nude. I glanced around and noticed my boxers were untouched. I got up and looked through the door. There was Colton on the couch. I noticed he was still naked, but not hard. He was watching tv. I started to stare at it, while still peeking through the crack of the briefly closed door.

I noticed my cock was hard, I tried thinking of naked girls and it worked. I walked out and Colton looked at me and smiled.

"Hey there sexy" he said winking as I sat down and laughed. I looked on tv and tried figuring out what it was.

"You like Lizard Lick?" He asked.

"Whats that?" I asked back.

"Lizard Lick Towing, it's a show" he answered.


All the sudden he reached for my cock, i just kissed him hard. He kissed back for a few minutes. Then he leaned back.

"Let's order food first, I'm starving" he said with a smile and brought out the laptop.

"Ho-" I asked but was interrupted.

"Wifi, i will hook you up if you want," he said

"Nah im good" i replied.

He ordered pizza, we had a wrestling match to see who had to answer the door naked. I lost, of course. After we ate we started watching tv. All the sudden Colton put his hand on my dick.

Instantly I jumped on him and put my lips on his, they were warm, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. He pulled something over me and I realized it was a blanket. He rolled me over and I was now under him. Colton hugged me and placed his head on my chest.

I awoke when Colton woke up and turned a little to get comfortable. I scooted down a bit so i was at his eye level, he just smiled. I felt him squeeze me closer. I wanted more of him. I looked over his shoulders towards the tv. I saw the clock on the DVR and it said 12:43, dang! It seemed later.

Colton moaned and looked at me. I smiled at the sight of him awake. He noticed it because he kissed me. Gosh, anything he does can turn you on. I felt his dick hardening, I had forgotten we were naked still from earlier. Colton felt my dick and it was hard. He laughed.

Without hesitation i moved under the blanket and pulled out his hard 10 inch cock, I tried fitting more then before in my mouth but it was harder. After gagging a few times he cummed shot after shot. It was salty and sweet. After the tasty blowjob Colton pulled me back up and moaned. He wrapped his arms around me back.

"Come on" he said, as he was getting up. I got up too. He opened a door and I saw a bed, there was a bathroom and a big flat screen tv. "Dang! They must be really rich" i thought in my head.

Colton stopped. He was frozen. His eyes looked onto the bed. I glanced at the bed, it was dark but I could make out that someone was there. Sleeping.


Thought I'd add some suspense, comment what ya think.





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