Walking home, I thought about Colton non-stop. The day went on as usual. I spent time with my mom. We saw one of the new movies in theater. That night, I dreamed of Colton. It was the same dream before. Where he was "sleep walking" and when I him up we started to fuck. Before I got farther then last time i heard a loud honk. I got up and saw a text on my phone.

"Hey! Come outside!" I read from Colton. I looked at my clock. It was 4:13 in the morning.

I moaned with tiredness as I got dressed. I left a note on the counter for my mother to see when she got up. Outside there was a nice Corvette. I went by the winder. There was Colton.

"Hey" I said weakly as I got in. "Whatcha need this early in the morning?"

"You'll see in a bit. You can sleep on the way" he replied.

I woke up what seemed a short time. It was dark. I looked around. There were just woods. I eventually noticed we weren't even on a road. It was a trail. I didn't feel comfortable wherever this place was.

"Where are we?" I asked.

No response.

"Colton.....?" I said. He just stared out the windshield and kept driving. I noticed him smiling.

I guess he wasn't going to tell me. I picked up my phone. I glanced at the clock. 5:34 AM... Dang. After reading my notification i went onto maps. It wouldn't load. Then I noticed I had no signal.

"Colton where are we? For real?" I asked with impatience. I was getting aggravated and tired.

I fell asleep somehow, but Colton shook me.

"Wake up! We are here finally!" He said as I leaned up.

I looked around. There was a large log cabin and a big lake. I could barely see the end. I glanced at the radio. It was only 6:32. It was still briefly dark. But not light yet.

"Where are we?" I asked, while enjoying the view.

Colton was already getting out. I followed him inside. I cant explain what was inside. It was like another mansion.

"I thought we could hang out here tonight. I need to talk to you later about something." He said.

"Sure anything. This place is amazing!" I replied.

Colton brought in a duffel bag. He said they were clothes since he knew i didnt bring any. The rest of the day went by quick. We were swimming and fishing in the lake. We were finally relaxing inside when Colton turned off the tv.

"Time for that talk..." He said as he put down the remote. He scooted closer to me. I swear something was about to happen.

"Okay," I said. I didn't know what else to say.

"I have a confession," he started saying. "I think.... Im gay...."

My eyes grew large.

"And I'm telling you this, because I want to be gay with you." He looked up at me.

With no hesitation i put my face to his and kissed him. My tongue explored every part of his mouth as his did the same. I pulled him closer. He fell on top of me while I fell backwards and pulled him as close as possible. It still wasn't enough. He moved his mouth to me neck, I moaned with pleasure. He pulled off my shirt and did the same with his. I looked at his amazing abs and muscles, then I looked at him. He smiled and kissed me more. He wrapped his arms around my ass and rolled me on top of him. I sat up and looked at him. He smiled while gasping for air. I looked down his chest i his boxers. His dick was half hard. I could see the outline of it. I already knew it would be huge. I pulled his boxers off. It was large, about 9.7 inches. My eyes grew wide as I looked at Colton. He was just smiling. As I started jacking him off it grew hard. At least over 10.5 inches. I started to suck him off but I couldn't get half of it in my mouth before gagging.

"Turn over! Let me fuck your ass." Colton said desperately.

"No please! I couldn't take it al-" I was pulled down and he kissed my lips hard. Then all the sudden i was picked up. He carried me while making out with me. Then he flopped me onto a bed. Colton yanked my shorts off then my boxers. He pulled out my rock hard 8 inch. Then left the room suddenly. He came back with a container with lube.

"No Colton! I cant take that huge cock in my ass. Please" i begged, but it was no use. He put some lube and started fingering my ass. I moaned, and continued begging him.

"All right, have it your way. You get to choose your own speed, and if you don't hurry on with it I will choose my speed." He said.

He laid down and put a tom of lube on his large cock. I groaned and got on top of it. Inch by inch. Until 7 inches I was gasping in pain.

"Alright since you wont get on with it..." Colton said.

"No, no plea-" I tried begins but he kicked my legs and I fell and his dick went all the way in. I screamed with pain and landed onto his chest. He rolled me over and started fucking me. I screamed in pain. I couldn't take it. I started seeing black and before I knew it, I was out.

I woke up. Colton was still on top of me. I assume I wasn't out long. I moaned loudly, it felt good as Colton was inside me.

"Don't stop, never stop" I said in a moanful voice as Colton was slowing down. On command he sped up again. I gasped.

"IM CUMMING!! AHHHH" he screamed as he shot cum after cum inside me, then he fell on top of me and moaned. I rolled over as he stayed on top of me. He just smiled and laid his head on my chest. I couldn't believe what had just happened. My fantasy had came true.


Thanks guys for reading. I may continue this series or start with another, let me know what yall want





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