'what the fuck is this' said Brian as he walked in the bathroom. I stopped immeadeatly on sucking off Rex's huge cock left hanging it dangled near my face oozing precum.'I didn't say stop, now that I know your little secret you have to do what I say gayboy' Said Brian. So I started to suck on Rex's semi erect dick. I first licked the head which made tax shudder then I put more and more of it in my mouth I could tell Rex was enjoying It so I put one hand on his nipple and squeezed for and I put the other hand around his ass and stuck a finger or two in it and he moaned with pleasure. Rex sprayed into my mouth and then a second load hit me in the face.And I saw Brian was semi-hard and getting undressed. He began to play with him self squeezing his own nipples until he came over to me and put his 10.5 inch uncut cock in my mouth he put it in as far as my mouth could take it then he began to face fuck me hard his hands on my head while he shoved his fat dick in and out of my mouth he was about to cum when I stopped him ' why did you stop cock sucker you were about to drink my load?' Brian said 'I'm tired and I can take no more cock in my mouth let's go to bed' I said. We quickly wrapped our towels around us and walked to our room (you could still see Brians hard dong). Now since I just moved here there was no bed for me or room so I slept in Brian and Rex's room which was quite big. Then I got into bed with Brian I could see he was still horny. Then I went up to his face and kissed him and we kissed a long delicious kiss. 'what about me' said Rex. So we pushed the beds together and I layer in the middle of Brian and Rex I began to touch them both on there chest who Brian was hairyer and Rex was more smooth. So I squeezed Brians nipples and he shuddered in pleasure then I kissed him another long kiss and I kissed Rex and I sat on his stomach and we kissed and my ass was touching his dick and he began to get hard as we kissed and I could see brian coming towards me with an already hard dick so I moved over to him and told him 'fuck me, I like it rough' so he put my face towards his cock so I licked it up and down and his balls were huge and I licked them he felt pleasure and i got on top of him and he started to fuck me. Since it was my first time I wanted him to take it slow but he shoved his dick in my ass so hard I screamed but as he began to fuck my ass raw I felt intense pleasure ' oh yes oh yes ' when all of assuden I begin to hurt again it was Rex he had a rager and he started to put it in me it hurt like hell and then he began a steady pace as Brian was hardcore on my ass it was the best pleasure ever. Brian was under me as I got fucked like a cowgirl and Rex was doing me doggie style. Then Brian begins to moan and he shot his load followed by the loud moaning of Rex who followed shortly after by shooting his warm sperm in me. So they both took there dicks out of my ass and began to eat the sperm dripping out of my newly popped cherry. It felt so good I came a second time on the sheets... Then we began to fall asleep I fell asleep naked in-between my new brothers and lovers we fell asleep in eachothers arms...




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