My name is Travis just, Travis I am an orphan so no last name. I am 16 years old I am straight and i am 5'6, which I think is really short, I am not the most buff person you'll meet but I do have abs. I just got adopted by a family named the millers. I get to meet them today.

They seem nice. First there is John the father who is 38 and 6'2 and has muscles but I couldnt tell about the abs because he had his shirt on but he was really cut even his face showed. Then there was the oldest son Brian, he is 17 and 6' , Brian looked like he was a rebel type he had long greasy hair and was wearing a tank top, that showed his ripped arms and cut chest. By oldest I meant by a few minutes next in line was Rex, he is 6'1 and is also 17, Rex seemed like the goodie two shoes. Oh and how could I forget Jillian the mother she was 39 and 5'4.

When we got home Rex and Brian showed me to my room and helped me get my luggage into my room. Although Rex wasn't quite as ripped as Brian he had an ass like a god when he bent over I wanted to die.

One weekend jillian was away for work and John was at work. I was listening to my headphones as I was getting ready to shower. So I stripped down naked all while listening to my music and I step into the shower. ' ahhh what are you doing in here' said Rex 'sorry I didn't Hear you in here' I said 'it's Kool your my brother now' he said. I tried my hardest not to look down but I gave into temptation and saw that Rex was hung like a horse. He saw me glancing down and said 'dude I'm not gay' 'neither am I' I said. Then he leaned over and kissed me 'that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try some thing' he whispered before he nibbled on my ear. He then began to kiss me again but for a short while. He hen began kissing my neck, my chest, my nipples, it felt so good, my stomach. Then he kissed the tip of my hard dick looked up at me as if to say I'm ready. Then he but the head of my 10' uncut dick into his mouth, it felt so good the way he tounged underneath my foreskin. He began to slide more and more of my shaft into his mouth until he couldn't take any more, but I didnt want it to stop so I face-fucked him. I could feel him gaging as I stuffed my rod deeper into his mouth and throat, I knew I was going to cum so I pulled out and shot my load all over his face.then he got up and I began to kiss him and lick him clean I kissed him and he got to taste my delicious sperm. Then I started to do him. 'what the fuck is this' said Brian......




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