As I was growing up I found myself doing strange things, different things from the other guys.

I was always checking out the crotches of the athletes in High School, In gym class I made it my priority to see as many of the guys cocks and asses as I could.

My first experience with another guy was when I was sixteen or seventeen, you know the usual sleepover jerkoff in bed sleeping with your best bud.

Which then progressed to jerking each other off, and if your one of the lucky guys it will develope into a session where you get to either fuck your friends asshole, or suck each other off or get fucked.

Eric and I had grown up with other since the second grade when we moved into this town, my Dad had gotten transferred to His new office here in the midwest.

All of a sudden I found myself in a new school, meeting new friends and sorta feeling sad that I had to leave my old ones behind, but thats life I guess.

I met Eric while playing kick ball in the front yard, he lived about four houses up the street, and I made friends with him that summer, his family helped me get aquainted with the area, playing little league ball, swimming, the local parks, we just hit it off and became almost unseperable.

Eric and I was playing basketball in his backyard, they had a Basket ball hoop set up on the front of their Garage in the back of their house and His Dad had had it set in the professional level and position, with a proper backboard for his older Brother Eldon, I guess I had seen Eldon several times and as we grew up I talked and sorta hung around Eldon, but I had this feeling inside my body that I couldn't explain, it was like a crush I had on him.

It was on a campout that I finally saw Eldon, He was almost three years older than me.

He was very much the consumate athlete in School, Letterman in all the sports fields that he played and well you might say he was my Idol.

I guess it was about the time Eric and I started having sleepovers and learned the usual boyhood things. You show me yours, and I'll show you mine, lets stroke off together, then it became a I'll do you if you'll do me. I was quickly growing up into a gay young man, and I was loving that feeling, altho I didn't know what it was. I just enjoyed looking at cocks and ass's

on guys. I walked around with a half hard cock most of the time.

The campout was when it happened to me without a doubt, the incident that sealed my fate, I was eighteen then, Eldon was several years older he was home for summer break from college.

Eric and I was sleeping in the same tent as Eldon, I watched Eldon slip off his shorts and tee shirt, his body was phenomional, god he was awesome. I felt that stirring in my stomach as I Layed there on my sleeping bag just watching as Eldon stripped to his Hanes, maroon colored briefs. they were well filled with the most gorgeous ass I had ever layed eyes on.

He turned around and noticed my eyes as they stared at his bulge in his crotch, god it was beautiful, I could see his long, thick cock laying to the side, just sorta hanging down, thick, and beautiful, and I could see the perfect outline of that gorgeous, cock head.

I knew he was like me and Eric, it was sorta flaired out and very noticable, the ouline was gorgeous I could tell his cock was cut.

Eldon looked over to me and notice me looking at his basket, reached down his hand and slid his hand inside his briefs and lifted that thick cock upward and its head was sticking out from under the elastic of his briefs and was almost touching his navel, god it looked big.

I swallowed really hard, and Looked up at Eldon's eyes, He smiled and winked at me and then squeezed his cock. Damn, I wanted to feel it and anything else he would want me to do.

I licked my lips and just kept staring as he layed on his back on his side of the sleeping bag.

Eldon turned out the coleman lantern and the moonlight was bright that night.

I could hear Eric was sleeping sound. He was all but snoring, I reached down inside my briefs and started pulling on my cock, thinking about Eldon's huge, thick cock sticking out of those briefs.

I began to stroke my cock up and down, I know my cock was sorta big, after all I was eighteen but it wasn't as big as Eldon's.

I looked over and in the moonlight I watched Eldon as he slipped down his briefs to his ankles and I could see a very good outline of his thick, hardon sticking up in the moonlight, Eldon was wacking off too.

I heard Eldon whisper, 'Ken, come over here.'

I slipped my briefs completely off, boner sticking straight out and all, and crawled over to Eldons side of the sleeping bag, He said, 'so you liked to see other guys cocks do you?'

I was a little embarassed, 'Well to tell the truth, Yeah! I love it.'

'Have you ever touched another guys cock before?'

'Yeah I have, I even jerked a couple guys off before.'

'Hey man that sounds fantastic, have you ever done anything else, you know?'

'Yeah,' ' Like What?'

'Well I have sucked on one before, but the boy felt guilty and didn't want to continue so I stopped.'

'Well Ken, what if I told you I would love to have you suck mine for me, and you don't have to stop untill you want to.'

'Wow, no shit, I would love that, I have always wanted to suck your cock, I have had a crush on you for at least five years.'

'No Shit, I didn't know that, Wow. I sure wish I had known that, you could have been doing what you wanted with my cock for a long time now.'

I reached over and started stroking the biggest cock I have ever touched, it was so thick my hand wouldn't go around it, and it was half again as long as mine, God Eldon was huge,it was as hard as a pipe, I could feel the veins in the shaft,and the head was flairing out thick and tight. I couldn't wait, I wanted to suck the sauce from his cock.

Eldon layed back and placed his hands behind his head, I leaned over and started playing with his big oval nuts, god he was so awesome. I felt like electricity was shooting thru my body, My cock was almost aching I was so darned excited.

I leaned over as I played with Eldons nuts and placed my mouth over his cockhead, and felt him raise up on his elows and let out a loud moan, as I started working his cockhead and shaft over, I was in heaven.

His cock tasted like nothing I had ever tasted, it was so smooth and like satin, soft to the touch, yet hard to the squeeze, just awesome.

My mouth was really stretched open to accomodate its thickness and girth, and Eldon was about to yell out from the excitement of it all.

I could see his beautiful stomach muscles in the moonlight as they did the excitement dance that the stomach muscles does when the cock is getting worked over. I felt his nuts tighten up against his cock base, tight and almost disappear inside his body.

I felt Eldons muscles set like they were concrete and his body went rigged and his muscles set up tight at the impending climax.

Eldon was breathing fast and heavy as I brought him to the apex of pleasure.

'You better get off Ken, Im gonna cum, unless you want the load, Here it comes, Holy fuck man, Oh shit.UGNHHHHHHHHHHHHH'

Eldons cock started dancing around in my mouth as its slit opened up and unloaded the thickest, mouthfull of cum I ever had, but I had only had one mouthful of cum before this and It was Eric.s and he filled it too.

I continued sucking Eldon's cock untill he was begging me to stop, I could have sucked another load from my favorite guy that night. I don't think Eldon realized it, but he had fulfilled my dream, I had this crush on him and this night only made it worse I had my first case of love. Call it puppy love, called it infatuation call it what ever you want, I was in love with Eldon.

I didn't want to leave his sleeping bag, and I didn't, he wanted me to stay next to him.

Eldon leaned over and started rubbing on my body, I hadn't gotten off and hadn't even thought about it. All I had wanted to do was satisfy Eldon.

Eldon started kissing me like I was his girlfriend and I started responding to his kisses.

I felt his hand start to twist my nipples and felt his hand go down to my crotch, wrap around my still hard cock and start slicking it up with the dab of precum at the tip of my cock, I was a gonner at that point, It tooke him about four minutes of stroking my cock and kissing me on the lips, exchanging saliva and tongues there in that awesome moonlight, and I shot cum all over both of us, Eldon smiled and said,'Wow your were excited, weren't you?'

We fell asleep and when we woke up Eric was out and makeing some breakfast.

Eric looked at me and smiled and said,'You happy and satisfied now, Ken?'

'What do you mean, Eric looked up at Eldon who was smileing big time, 'Shall we tell him?'

'Yeah go ahead Eric.'

'Well Ken, you know how your always looking at Eldon and bragging on him and telling me how awesome he is and how much you admire him?'

'Well Yeah, I guess I do do that.'

'Well Eldon and I planned this whole thing, I told Eldon you had a crush on him and would love to get it on with him, and he said, 'Why not fulfill his dream, I would love to have sex with Ken.' So guess what, He had sex with you last night in the tent. Believe me Ken, It was so fucking hard not jumping up and comming over and joining you two, but I got to watch and you two were so busy going at it, that I pulled down my shorts, jerked off,and busted a nut while watching and listening to you. so really all three of us enjoyed your fantasy last night.

I was so fucking shocked, but I didn't mind it, mind you, but still I was shocked at Erics revelation.

We had a wonderful day that day, I couldn't take my mind off what had happened that night before, and because of it being a set up I wondered if it would be a one time thing.

We had a nice supper of cold cut sandwiches and chips, cold soda and somen little cakes, set around the campfire and told stories, laughed scuffeled, yanked each others pants down, when the opportunity arose, and just horsed around and had a great time.

Finally about nine oclock it was a beautiful moonlight night again, we decided to hit the sack.

I crawled into the tent, and got myself ready to hit the sleeping bag, when I looked over and Eric was stripping naked, and laying back, then Eldon came in and stripped naked too. I was sorta taken back. Eldon said, 'Well Ken, now it party time.'

he crawled over to me and I felt four hands start to rub my body, god I was taken by surprise, Eldon and Eric was kissing on me and playing with my nipples, Eric sucked a small hicky on my neck and I soon felt Eldons mouth on my nutsack and Eric was fingering my asshole, God I was about to climb the tree outside the tent.

Eldon's cock was like a diving board, stiff and straight out, and I looked down and Erics was just as stiff and thickened.

I leaned down and started to suck on Erics cock, he was on his knees. leaning back on his hands and shoving his cock upward to my mouth, I was leaning over on all fours, I felt Eldons fingers, lubed with something, slide up my rectum and start working my manhole over, I was going nuts, it was feeling fantastic and I wanted all they could give me.

I felt his fingers working my lubed asshole for about ten minutes and then he just stopped, I was about to get a nut from Eric, he was grunting and moaning as I sucked his gorgeous cock, then I felt a sharp pain in my asshole, Eldon had run his thick, slicked cock balls deep into my love canal,in one slick move. I felt his cock head touch something deep and sensative inside my asshole. I was in limbo by this time. I had both these two brothers cocks both inside me, and I was in an awesome state.

All I knew was that I wanted their cum inside my body and I was so turned on that I didn't care which orafice they put it in.

I felt Eldons cock ramming and hammering my asshole like a pile driving jackhammer, and Eric was holding onto my head like he was afaid it was going to get away before he go to shoot his load, he was face fucking me like a madman. And Me? I was in heaven, Eldons cock was rubbing that sensative spot inside my intestines and I was almost there myself, I was enjoying this so much that I didn't want it to end, I was at the point of no return and I felt my body start to spasm, and felt my hard cock firing off cum all over the sleeping bag under me.

Eric felt me reaching my climax and It took him over the cliff, I felt Eric's cock spasming inside my mouth and he was groaning and holding his breath as he shot volly after volley of hot sticky, thick, musty, sweet, salty cum down my throat.

He was jerking and jumping as his cock shot off, and I felt Eldon's pace pick up and he started sinking his shaft to the pubic bone as he grabbed my hips and held me close as he sunk his thick cum pumping cock as deep inside my intestines as he could.

We just stayed in that position for a short while, Me with Erics spasming, jerking deflating cock in my mouth, and Eldons cock still up my ass and slowly growing softer.

I couldn't have asked for a better fantasy.

I looked up and Eric leaned down and started kissing me, basking in the afterglow, Eldon got in the mix and there we were all three of us kissing, covered with sweat, cum driplets stringing out of the heads of our cocks, totally spent and loving it.

What a fucking awesome campout.

Eldon just looked at us as we all set there naked sorta holding onto each other, and said, 'Well Guys Where do we go from here?'

'I looked at them both and said, 'Well guys, Were young, I will come up with some great ideas? But I will say this experience will be hard to top.'

Eldon said, 'I dont' want to try topping it, I just want it to continue, I could do this every night.'

And we did, we were there for almost a week on the campout, and we did just that, we took turns being the center point guy, doing the sucking and getting fucked, I was totally shocked at Eldon's love of gay sex, but I never did voice it to him, I just loved it, and enjoyed it.

What an awesome summer that was, My best friends older brother, and its still going on. When Eldon gets home from college each time, it is 'Katy Bar the Gate,' we went at it like breading animals.

I was just wondering something, Eldon was gay, Eric was gay, HUMMMMM! does that run in families. I wonder?



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