University was a great time for me. Staying away from home forced me to make friends and make friends I did. We learned a lot, of course, but we drank a lot, partied a lot, smoked a bit of weed and had fun. English university life is a play hard, work hard environment. Many late Friday nights a mixed group of us would be crammed into someone's flat munching pizza, drinking beer and wine and smoking. The atmosphere was very sexually open and most of us guys had screwed at some time with most of the girls.

The extended group totalled about 14 but at any one time there would be 8 or 10 of us lolling about on the floor, groping a bit and kissing too. It wasn't the first time that one or two couples would actually have sex in front of the others and many a time it would end up as a threesome or even foursome. It just went naturally.

We guys while never actually doing anything gay, would think nothing of handling a mate's cock as he pushed it into one of the girls. Once I double fucked a girl with one of my mates and the sensation of his cock rubbing against mine as we fucked was absolutely awesome. He shot in her and pulled out and I finished off inside here sliding on his cum. The feeling was something I'll never forget.

In those days, I never really looked at any of my mates and wanted to go to bed with them but I did get turned on watching them have sex and having a threesome with a mate as the third party. Watching a guy having sex and witnessing him while he is hot and horny is an amazing experience. I wouldn't say I had never dreamed of one to one with a guy but only in my wanking dreams.

Real life is not like that though and once you move out of these teen promiscuous years conscience takes over. Girls want relationships and don't want sex until they are sure you are the one. Guys get coy about showing their hard cock in front of mates and everyone worries about how much they drink and the possibility that they might get caught with weed. For me, sex life in my twenties was boring. I longed for the open sex, the orgies and girls who willingly talked about how horny they were.

I was still single, living in a nice little flat, occasional girlfriend and now 24. One night while horny and raking around on the internet, I came across a swinger's site. Now swingers had never appealed to me. I preferred singles rather than being the extra to a couple but one ad looked really tasty. She was 22 and he was 28. She looked way too attractive to be trying to find anonymous sex and he was a heck of a lot better looking than I was. I couldn't work out what they wanted that they couldn't get elsewhere but I sent off a message and a picture.

The ad was quite simple: 'Couple in serious relationship want to meet single young guy with no inhibitions and happy to explore his bisexual side. Emma has an exceptional sex drive and Martin needs help to fulfil it. Guys around our own age please and must we willing to explore new areas and have no hang-ups.'

Ok, so I was horny and when it's late at night you would shag the nuns in a convent so I sent of a suitably horny message.

Two days later, I received a reply along with two pictures. One had Emma sitting on the bed with her legs wide open and her shaved cunt exposed. She looked younger than her 22 years. The second had her sucking Martin's cock. I was told it was 6 inches and uncut and she looked as though she was enjoying it. I had a few from my college days so I sent of a picture of me naked and one of my cock entering one of my girlfriends from that era.

We decided not to meet for sex but to meet for a drink and a quiet wine bar in town was chosen. She was easy to spot. Slim with a short skirt and dark tights her blonde hair was cut short and her blue eyes seemed to smile at me as I entered the bar. She waved a warm and welcoming. Martin was just heading back from the bar with two glasses of wine as I walked up. He was and looked older than her. Around three inches short of six feet and very much a man to her girl, he had hair coming out of the top of his t-shirt, shaved hair, and designer stubble. He was quite muscular and didn't look at all like the sort of guy that would even contemplate someone playing with his girl, or even worse, harbouring bisexual thoughts about him.

His handshake almost took my hand off.

'Olly,' I said. 'I'm leased to meet you.'

'Oh so are we,' cooed Emma, 'Aren't we Martin?'

Martin smiled, looked at his glass and said, 'Wine or beer?'

I chose wine.

After 20 minutes or so of niceties we slowly got around to sex.

Emma had gone to the toilet and Martin started to talk.

'Emma has been driving this. We joined the site a few months ago but as yet have not found anyone, or perhaps we've not had the courage to meet anyone. I think that perhaps Emma doesn't get full satisfaction from our sex unless we are fantasising and we do that a lot. I won't tell you what we talk about but she has some pretty clear ideas about how she wants turned on. I'm not badly equipped downstairs, if you know what I mean, but there are two themes running through Emma's wish list. One is young guys and more than one if possible, and the other is a big cock in her. I believe you are quite well endowed Olly?'

I nodded as I saw Emma returning.

'You ever done a gang bang?' she asked as she sat down, almost as though her brain had been working while she was in the toilet.

'Sort off,' I said telling them all about our mini-orgies.

'You ever done a guy?' she then asked.

I explained quite honestly what I have already told you all earlier in this story.

'God you're cute and exactly what we're looking for,' Emma said. 'Isn't he Martin?'

Martin looked slightly embarrassed as he said, 'Yes.'

I loved their candour.

'I have another confession,' Emma said. 'Since Martin had done all that stuff when he was at school, I have this fantasy about being in the middle of a gang bang with young straight virgin teens who all want to fuck me and cum on me. Even better if they have girl friends who want to join us.'

'If only,' I thought. 'That's going to be a tough one!'

'One thing at a time Emma,' said Martin looking distinctly embarrassed, 'you'll scare Olly off.'

'Not likely,' I said as I adjusted my cock.

Emma noticed and smiled.

'Fancy coming back to our place?' asked Emma.

Since my cock was struggling to find a way out of my pants, I agreed.

The flat was in a block of six and was on the top floor. There were two bedrooms and two bathrooms so I was offered a towel and set off to shower. I was thankful to be able to freshen and was pleased they were doing the same as I love to think that no part of the body is out of bounds during sex.

I will tell you a bit about the ensuing sex if only to help describe Emma and Martin in more detail.

When we were all clean and partially still undressed from showering, Emma took the lead, kissing Martin, who again looked slightly awkward. Again I realised that Martin looked as straight as a guy could be. He had a couple of tattoos, one on each arm and he was firmly built though not quite stocky. Emma, in contrast almost looked like she was in her late teens due to her slight frame. As her breasts came into view courtesy of Martin's handiwork, though small, like a young girl they stood out firmly and beautifully shaped with no droop at all. She was heating up even more than he was.

I slipped off my trousers and in my Armani whites, walked over to them. As I stood beside them, Emma's hands gripped the front of my pants.

'Ooh, just what I'm looking forward to,' she said.

We all slid clothes off until we were naked. Martin was quite hairy across the chest and legs. His balls were tight to the body and his stiff cock looked to be a little above 6 inches long but quite slim. It wasn't that small but I think I was beginning to understand what Emma was craving!

My dick is a fraction under 8 inches and thicker than most so when Emma saw it she dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth. This girl was definitely self-motivated.

Poor Martin looked at me and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, 'What can I do?'

I held her head as she bobbed on my cock. Martin stood behind her rubbing his dick on her shoulders, his pre-cum dripping on her as he did so. He may not have been showing much action but he looked randy enough to pop his nuts just watching her.

When she stood, she dragged me by the cock to the bedroom with Martin following along.

I realised that if I didn't do something, he was going to end up a spectator so I said to her, 'I want to see you two fuck first.'

She stopped, almost disappointed and then pulled Martin to her, pushing him down on the bed and started her oral exercises on his cock. He loved it and he quickly asked her to slow down. She then climbed on top of him and straddled him lowering herself down on to his cock. It wasn't the first time in my life I had ever seen two people have sex but it was still exciting. I stroked my cock and watched as his cock easily disappeared into Emma. She rode up and down on him and as she did, I went forward and standing on the floor behind her put my arms to her front and gently stroked her tits and tweaked her nipples. I kissed her shoulders and looking down at poor Martin he was obviously trying hard not to cum.

It was Martin who stopped it as he was close to emptying his balls. I got the feeling that, much as Emma had enjoyed, my larger cock is what she really wanted. When Martin slid from under her, she lay on the bed sideways and lifted one leg obscenely exposing her wet cunt to us both.

'Fuck me Olly,' she said.

I slid a rubber over my cock and positioned myself behind her so that Martin could watch easily. I gently probed my rigid cock against her entrance and it slid in with little effort. She was wet and hot and I was soon fucking her with ease, Martin kneeling on the floor close to her and wanking his dick as he watched his lover being fucked by a stranger. Any reluctance I had seen in his face earlier was gone as he discovered the delights of seeing his lover being defiled by another man.

If Emma had been noisy earlier, she was positively screaming now as my cock was forced into her. I realised that she couldn't have had an orgasm with Martin because when she did, her bucking and screaming must have deafened the neighbours. Martin edged closer still watching my cock slide in and out. He was mesmerised.

'Lick me Martin,' she said.

'Ugh, how?' he replied.

'With your fucking tongue,' she said.

He leaned further towards the action and Emma grabbed the back of his head and pushed it between her legs. I felt his tongue lapping against my cock as he tried to slide it into her along with my cock. If I was hot before, this perversion pushed me straight over the edge and I pumped my cum into her hammering my full weight against her as I did. She came, or perhaps just continued to cum as I did so but when I slid my cock out, the massive load dangling at the end, she quickly turned and took Martin's cock in her mouth sucking him frantically. The poor guy was so far gone that he was ready in around 30 seconds. He pulled his cock from her mouth and started to shoot. I hadn't seen many men cum but this guy definitely should have been in the Guinness Book of Records. For such a small cock, the thin, creamy fluid came out in fast jets spraying over her face, hair, mouth, neck and the bedding. I figured there were around 9 or 10 forceful jets before he calmed down to the final trickle.

'Does he always cum like that?' I asked her.

'Usually,' she replied, drying the excess with a handy towel. 'Well guys,' she continued, 'that was bloody awesome. What should we do next time?'

As we sat around with a glass of wine afterwards, Emma confessed that Martin was getting a little worried about her increasing desire to try new things.

'He loves me, don't you darling? The trouble is that I just want to try more and more new things and today's little session has got me so hungry. I could do it all again right now.'

Martin again looked sheepishly at me but I realised I had a hot little chick here that might take me back to the horny little sod I was at college and perhaps beyond so I said to her, 'I'll go wherever you want to take me!'

'Really?' she said with an evil look in her eye. 'Martin, you heard him so you're a witness!'

This was said tongue in cheek but she meant it and poor Martin had a 'rabbit in the headlights' look about him!

It was a week later when she phoned, 'Hi Olly, how's your cock?'

'Ready, willing and able,' I said.

'Good, as the young lad across the street is having his 18th birthday party on Friday and his parents are going away for the weekend. We're invited and I want him to fuck me!'

'So why tell me?' I asked.

'Cos you and Martin and going to get him going and lead him to me. I have a plan.'

This was a little odd to me. All I wanted was another shag and now I was going to be a pimp and for an adolescent kid as well.

'And what does Martin say?' I asked.

'He won't mind when I tell him,' she said. 'The lad has the hots for me but he's way too worried cos I have a partner and I know his mum but as I say, I have a plan!'

I was now curious and I had to admit, I had enjoyed being a spectator when Martin screwed her so I agreed. What I couldn't work our was how the heck she was going to walk in to a party and say to the neighbour's kid, whose mother was a friend of hers, 'fancy a shag,' and get it.

I called round on the Friday of the party at around 8.00pm and Emma explained.

'The kid has been giving me the eye for a few years and gets all flustered if either Martin walks in or I respond by smiling at him. For the last few months I have been giving him little glimpses of my panties when I sit down, or a bit of tit when I accidentally on purpose let the strap on my top slip. My idea is that we all go as the adults to the party, you and Martin make sure he has a few drinks in him and then you let slip that you have been giving me the eye and hope for a shag tonight when Martin's not looking. Martin, on the other hand will tell him that he's not too fussed if I sleep around as long as I go back to him. That should get him hot. I have the key to his parent's locked den. If we head there I have a feeling he will follow for a glimpse at what is going on. That's when Martin catches him and pushes him into the room. If we don't catch him, we'll get one of his friends. I know what horny kids are like at these parties.'

There seemed to be too many bits that could go wrong but as Emma had been stroking my cock during the conversation, I was ready for it.

'Here's a present for you both,' she said handing me a Viagra.

This wasn't something I felt I needed but I got the feeling she wanted her money's worth out of the night.

'Martin swears by these,' she said.

I had a feeling Martin was a more reluctant partner than he was letting on but the flush from the Viagra gave him a hornier edge!

We entered the noisy throng about 9.30pm and the party was well underway. Most of the party-goers looked just old enough to drink but when I was introduced to the host, Larry who I was slightly surprised to see was part-Caribbean black. This was such a whitey neighbourhood it was not what I expected. He was a stunningly athletic and attractive boy and his liking for Emma was obvious as he kissed her on the cheek and she took his head in both hands and kissed his lips. If he could have been red-faced, he would have been. The guests were predominantly white with a few other black guys around.

Emma was the life and soul of the party. Her skinny tight white jeans showed a panty line and her tight little top showed her nipples. She wasn't wearing a bra and the brown of her large nipples showed clearly through the top. She kept smiling at us and then took Larry on to the floor to dance. He had had a few drinks and was loosening up. He definitely enjoyed the attention and I saw him watch Martin to ensure he wasn't doing anything wrong as Emma grabbed his waist to spin him around.

I managed to get into the company of Larry and a slightly older guy called Duke.

'She's some girl,' said Duke, looking at Emma.

'You can say that again,' I replied, 'And hot too!'

'Bet she's a hot thing in bed,' he returned.

'She is,' I said as both boys' eyebrows shot up and they looked at me.

I had decided to improvise.

Larry spluttered,' How do you know?'

'Oh fuck, 'I said, 'That just slipped out. 'We've had a little fun together and I was kind of hoping I might get a little more tonight as she says she has they keys to your mum and dad's den.'

'You're hoping to have her here.tonight?' said Larry incredulously.

'Yeh,' I said, 'How, are you jealous.'

'I didn't think she would ever play away or ..'

Larry stopped.

'Or you might have tried your hand,' I said.

'Well I know I'm young and inexperienced but I kinda thought she was coming on to me sometimes.'

'Well if I do get my hand in her pants tonight, what if I let you watch from the door. I can leave it slightly open if you like.'

Larry spluttered again. 'Oh I couldn'tit wouldn't be!' Then he suddenly said, 'Would you honestly let someone watch you?'

'I don't give a shit,' I said. 'I'm so fucking horny I don't care. I'm just waiting until Martin's past his best then I'm in there.'

I left the two of them talking animatedly and found Martin, filling him in on the story. I suggested that he make like he was going home at around 11.00pm and I would then take Emma to the den, leave the door slightly ajar and he should return around 11.30pm to look for his girlfriend.

'You know,' he said, 'I'm really horny tonight at the prospect of seeing a black teenage cock entering her.'

'And a twenty-something white one, I hope,' said I.

Martin smiled and for the first time looked as though he really wanted this to happen. What made me smile is that the 'victim' was the only person who didn't know what was going to happen tonight!

When Martin said he was feeling tired and asked me to look after Emma in a slightly louder than normal voice, I noticed a very tipsy Larry looking across as he left. When he had gone I moved swiftly over to Emma and as we talked about our plans, I put my arms around her waist and held her close. She kissed me on the lips. This meant nothing to anyone other that Larry as no one else really knew who we were. After a few minutes of kissing I caught Larry out of the corner of my eye and as he looked at me, I winked at him. He coyly looked away. I hoped he would take the bait, for Emma's sake.

I took Emma up the corridor of the bungalow to an 'out of bounds' extension of the house and in the darkness, we unlocked the door and entered the den. It was set up with a computer, office desk, large sofas and a flat screen television with sound system. A very nice layout indeed! I took Emma inside and we quickly set about laying the trap, putting on lamps around the room and adjusting the door so that it looked as though it had not quite closed. I then decided to have a little 'me' time before the show started.

I kissed Emma and slipped her top off revealing her wonderfully firm breasts. I lifted the right one and placed my lips over it licking around it and gently teasing the teat with my teeth. Emma was mewing quietly. She squeezed my cock through my jeans. The Viagra had done its work and I was absolutely solid, my foreskin awkwardly being stretched back within the confines of my briefs. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off and I pulled her naked chest to mine feeling her soft breasts pressing against my lightly hairy chest. We were kissing quite heavily now my lips were exploring her neck and breasts.

I started to unbutton her jeans and they dropped to the floor leaving her in just a little pair of panties. My own followed afterwards and I was standing in my gleaming white briefs. I was aware of movement at the door and assumed our bait had a catch! Emma by now was caught up in the moment and dropped to her knees, pulling the band of my briefs down to release my aching cock which sprung up as though happy to escape its confines. She engulfed it with her mouth, steadying it with her hand. The thought that someone was watching really excited me. Emma was very busy slurping loudly as though feeding on my cock.

The door suddenly burst in and a startled black guy fell into the room with Martin behind them,

'I go away for 10 minutes and my wife is fucking my friend and the neighbour's kid is wanking off to them,' exclaimed Martin. 'Well don't stop on my account,' he continued with a slightly teacherly manner, 'In fact we might all get a crack at her, eh son?'

He started to pull his pants off, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so.

'Do you have the key?' he asked me.

I nodded to the table and he went over and locked the door.

Lance had a shocked expression on his face at the spectacle before him and by the time Martin was nude, he turned and said, 'Strip!'

Emma walked over to Lance and groped the front of his jeans. 'This feels very promising,' she said.

He hesitantly started to strip as Martin and I stood behind her feeling her body all over. I could see a bead of perspiration on his forehead as his hairless naked chest came into view and she unbuttoned his jeans pulling them down followed by a hideously bright yellow pair of boxer shorts. The piece of teen boy meat that thumped out was quite impressive, just a little longer and thicker than mine and uncut.

She dropped down and started sucking his cock and he made little 'oh' sounds as she did so.

'Is this ok Lance?' she asked.

'Oh yes,' he replied.

His pubic hair was a small patch of tight black curls and his balls were proportionately way smaller than his cock but I was going to enjoy watching this happen.

Martin and I were slightly out of the action and there was a limit to what we could do as she gulped Lance's big cock. Martin reached across and gripped my cock.

'I like to think that this is going into Emma,' he said. 'It turns me on.'

That appeased my initial shock at being groped by a guy and I turned towards him to give more access. He must have taken this as an invitation because he dropped to his knees and mirrored Emma's actions sucking my cock. The shock was quickly overtaken my the excitement at getting some action and, as Emma stood and kissed Lance deeply before leading him to the couch, Martin really did freak me by standing and kissing me. This was new, very new and I froze, my lips hanging like slabs of cold meat as his tongue invaded my mouth and his hand went behind my head to force his tongue deeper into me.

Emma ripped open a condom and started to roll it over Lance's cock. He looked nervously at Martin as if for approval but Emma really wasn't interested in Lance's concern. Once the condom was on, she lay back on the sofa pulling his cock as she went. He settled between her legs and started to enter her. There was little finesse as his thick black cock slid into her and with her legs raised Martin and I had a great view. Martin left me and went over to Lance placing his hand in Lance's arse as he fucked. His hand traced down to cup Lances balls as they slapped against Emma. Lance was too far gone to care and his fucking was more like an animal rutting. He took a little time to hold Emma's tits as he went and I stood by stroking my cock and now superfluous to the action.

Martin and I went over to stand either side of Emma, one knee on the sofa and she took a cock in either hand, leaning over to lick the head of mine and then Martin's. We each caressed a nipple and I tweaked her gently. Emma was well gone her mouth open and her breath coming in short pants as she had a cock in each hand and one inside her.

'Oh fuck, fuck,' said Lance as his fucking became more staccato and he was obviously pumping his boy sperm into her. He slid out quite quickly with his load dangling at the end of the condom looking quite volumous. Martin went between Emma's legs and immediately entered her to fuck. His technique wasn't much different from Lance's and I realised Martin was bisexual and the thought of two naked guys was a turn on for him.

My turn was coming so I slipped my condom on and waited as an embarrassed Lance started to get dressed. He smiled as he unlocked and slid out of the door. I quickly locked it again lest one of the kids came in. As I turned I heard Martin's orgasm and realised I still had heard little from Emma.

When I approached her I made her stand and bend over the couch, sliding my cock into her from the rear. That brought a gasp from her. I kissed her back and held her left breast with my left hand while using my right hand on her right shoulder for purchase as I started fucking. I loved this position as I could feel my cock being slightly restricted by the angle of entry and my foreskin slid back and forth inside her. I was determined to bring her to orgasm and gently angled my cock head to brush past her clitoris as I fucked her.

'Oh Olly, God Olly, oh my God,' she screamed and I slowed my pace to a more determined fucking one.

I was close but I really needed to hear her cum.

Thank goodness for the noise from the party because the scream that came from Emma sounded like someone being murdered. Martin was rushing around trying to shush her and looking nervously at the door as Emma's back slowly relaxed and my cock slithered out of her very wet cunt.

'I've never heard her cum like that before,' said Martin.

I felt like saying, 'She's never been fucked by three cocks including a black teenager before either.'

When we unlocked and relocked the door and went back into the general mêlée that was Lance's party I saw Lance look away and Duke's eyes fix on us. I figured Lance had told him. Emma and Martin started to prepare for their departure but not before Emma went over to Lance and spoke quietly in his ear. He nodded enthusiastically.

As I walked back over to Emma and Marti's to call a cab, I asked her what she had said.

'You can have pussy whenever you want as long as you keep your mouth shut and being your friend next time!'

Emma had me under her spell. From subsequent chats online she told me her interest in this had come from two things. Firstly she had been in a gang of mainly boys when she was younger and they had all learned about sex using her and another girl as the practice dummy and secondly was finding out that Martin was bisexual and therefore not averse to having other naked men present. I asked her how gay Martin actually was and she said he had had encounters before they met but he had restricted his 'gay' tendencies to what I had witnessed even though it freaked guys out sometimes.

I asked how far she wanted to go and she replied that as long as it was safe she just loved being the centre of attraction sexually. I asked if she had ever though of being gangbanged and she said she had but didn't fancy old boys pawing her or anyone being rough.

'And how would Martin feel?' I asked.

'He would manage a few of them' was her answer.

'I meant about you,' I said.

'Whoops sorry, she replied. 'I think he would be in the middle as long as he got a bit too.'

I didn't feel this was something I could organise but I felt a change in me. I couldn't understand why the thought of being in a group of guys shagging one woman appealed to me. I questioned it and thought that perhaps secretly I was proud of my prowess and maybe didn't mind other guys seeing how good I was at sex.

At 28, Martin must have felt a little 'old' in the company of me and also Lance so when Emma phoned me to say that she had bumped into Lance who had been slightly embarrassed about the party night, however once she had asked him a bit more about his friend Duke he had perked up at the possibility of the two of them having her. Of course she forgot to mention Martin and I.

On the night, I arrived early having bathed myself so much my skin hurt. I didn't want any guy thinking I wasn't clean. Emma, Martin and I sat sipping some wine when the lads arrived at the back door, not daring to be seen by Lance's parents.

After Emma offered a couple of beers to the lads and 15 minutes of small talk followed, she disappeared again.

When Emma returned she was naked except for a small pair of white panties and even these had a lacy open weave which showed her neatly trimmed bush and slit.

'Why don't we all strip down to pants boys?' she said, to which both Martin and I obliged.

Lance and Duke were a little more hesitant stopping after their shirts were off. I got the feeling they had expected Emma to themselves.

'C'mon studs, let's see some boy meat,' said Emma as she approached Lance and started to unbuckle his jeans.

Duke took the hint and we were soon blessed with the most hideously coloured boxer shorts I have seen. One pair were bright yellow, which I remembered from that last encounter with Lance, and Duke's were a weird turquoise colour with some kind of pinkish flower motif. These guys were not used to being seen unclothed, that's for sure.

Martin was on to Emma and their kissing brought his erection up to stretch his white Aramanis. He then asked the guys to take her and they both walked across naked and clumsily, their black erections up to full length. Duke was more impressive than Lance and with an uncut cock which seemed to be around 9 inches at least Emma's eyes lit up. I stood stroking my cock waiting my turn after the boys had her well fucked when I felt Martin's mouth wrap around my cock. I still was not too comfortable with a guy sucking me but I was horny and he was good at it to I let him, not sure what the boys would say if they saw it. They were very busy.

Lance was already fucking Emma. His tight little black buns were humping up and down and from my position I could see the long black cock sliding in and out against her pink flesh, her juices glistening as they lubricated his cock. Lance was offering his monster to Emma's willing mouth and both lads were grinning like Cheshire cats. Duke kissed Emma and manipulated her tits with his big hands.

'C'mon bro, let me in,' Duke said to Lance.

Lance slid out and Duke took his place. As he pushed into her she wailed as though the breath was being pushed out by the big cock. I went over to kiss her and replace Duke at her top end and noticed Martin had already grabbed a surprised Lance by the cock.

'Let me, please,' he said to Lance.

Lance stood back proudly and let his cock stand out. 'Once good turn deserves another,' he said.

Martin enveloped the black cock and he slid the skin back slightly as his mouth engulfed it. As he sucked Lance was well into the blow job. There was no doubt at Martin's sucking skills.

'Jeez man, slow or I'll blow,' he gasped.

'Fuck me,' said Martin.

Lance looked at him quizzically as if to say 'how do I do that?'

Martin quickly lubed his ass and Lance's cock and he bent over the bed end doggy fashion, alongside his wailing wife who was being fucked royally. I had never seen two men having sex before so was interested to see what happened.

Lance was not the most delicate of sexual partners and showed no care in pushing his big black cock into Martin's arse. It was obviously hurting but Martin was not going to complain. Martin took its full length in under a minute and soon both husband and wife were being fucked by black cock. It was amazing to see a large black cock sliding into a man's hole and Lance gripped Martin's hips for purchase as he fucked steadily and quickly.

Duke dumped his load quietly. Only a sharp exhale of breath told me he had cum. Lance was more vocal as he pumped his hot cum into Martin. Both boys were quick to look awkward after they withdrew their slowly dwindling cocks and started to dress. I realised at this point that no one had used condoms. The sudden thought of hot boy cum in both husband and wife turned me on. I put myself between Emma's legs and slid my cock into her. It slid in so easily I hardly felt any grip at all. I could hear the slopping of Caribbean cum as I fucked and I used all my skills to rub the tip against Emma's clitoris as I entered. She helped by fingering herself as I fucked.

Her orgasm as before was noisy and her nails gripped into my skin as I pumped her. I was struggling to cum myself as there just wasn't the grip on my cock (after the black monster had widened her) but she had a noisy peak as I slid out.

'Have you cum?' said Martin.

'Not yet,' I replied as he turned to offer me his hole. 'Would you do me?' he asked.

I noticed the lads had already left, so much for manners. I bent Martin over and slid my cock into his hole. After Lance's invasion of him, it slid in quite easily and once again the feeling of warm cum was an aphrodisiac.

'Fuck me Ollie,' he said, stating the obvious as my cock hammered into him.

Emma climbed on the bed to face him and kissed him as my cock rammed up his arse. The feeling of tight bum hole was amazing after the looser feeling I got when fucking Emma. I had never had anal sex so this was a first and I knew it wouldn't be a long session. Emma slid under Martin and gripping his cock, started to suck him as I fucked him.

'I'm gonna cum in you,' I said.

'Please,' pleaded Martin as my balls discharged a load that I could feel from my balls to the tip as it fired into Martin's eager arse.

I heard the gasp from Emma as her face was whitewashed with Martin's cum.

'Fucking hell Martin, you've never cum like that before,' she said, the copious load dripping off her chin.

'Well what did you think of your first man,' said Martin.

'It's nice to have a choice,' I said, 'and not to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.'

We all giggled and collapsed back on the bed.

I had threesomes with Emma and Martin again and the sex was good. I was grateful to them for making me appreciate my full market value in that I could easily have sex with a man as well as a woman. Further sessions followed with other bisexual couples but nothing ever is like your first time.

I didn't see either of them for a few months as work took me away from home but I kept in touch and was aware they were still swinging away. When I received the e-mail from Emma, I was surprised at its contents. Emma and Martin had, over the last few weeks organised a gangbang supreme. Six guys were going to come around to their house and all had agreed to fuck both of them. This sounded really interesting and I agreed to be the seventh.

I was slightly late in arriving and by the time I got there a naked Martin let me in. It was suggested I strip naked in the bedroom as everyone was in the lounge stark naked already. I did as asked and joined the throng, all standing socially around drinking beer and wine and all naked. The oldest guy was about 30 and the youngest looked to be about 19. After sipping my drink Emma, as always, took control.

'My dear, randy, bisexual husband needs a cock in him from time to time and as you have already guessed, I am the bait to him getting it. If you want to fuck me, you need to fuck him. If you can guys, we would both love you to dump your cum on us at the end. We've talked about this for some time and hope you all enjoy giving us our fantasy.'

With that, Emma took the youngest guy's cock in her mouth while all the other guys gathered around her gripping her little pert tits or smacking their cocks against her cheeks. Martin looked a little lost so I went over to him.

'I'm going to fuck you first,' I said to him, knowing it would get me into Emma.

Martin lubed himself and I used my finger to push the lube up his hole. This time I did use a condom and slid it over my cock, lubricating the latex as I prepared. I made Martin go to the floor on all fours and got behind him angling my cock to slowly slide it into him. The tightness of his ring was amazing. It felt as though my cock had no chance of going in when it suddenly opened and accepted me. Soon I was in him to the hilt, my balls banging against his cheeks as I fucked him. It was an easy sensation to get used to.

I looked at Emma and the oldest guy had her on the floor. He entered her cunt from the back, her left leg lifted so all of us could see his cock sliding into her. The young guy knelt to the front and licked her clit as she was being fucked while the other guys stood around stroking their cocks. One Oriental guy of about 26 offered his short fat cock to Emma's lips and she dutifully obliged in sucking him.

I was wanking Martin as I fucked and it didn't take long for us both to have to stop lest we come to a speedy climax. I withdrew and one of the other guys slid into him. I stood by and watched as Martin took his slightly smaller cock easily.

When my turn came for Emma, I took went behind her to enter her thrice fucked cunt when the Oriental guy lay down facing her and started to ease his cock into her as well. By pulling back slightly, both of us managed to slide the heads of our dicks into her and with some wriggling were both up to the hilt inside her. I let him fuck as I stayed inside her and the feel of his cock rubbing against mine as he fucked her was absolutely awesome. I held Emma's firm breasts in both hands as the Oriental guys kissed her. Martin had his fourth cock inside him by now. His was a straight queue of fuckers and as yet no one had cum.

Emma started to wail as she headed for her climax and the now familiar shriek almost brought the house down as we both brought her to her peak.

Her remaining fucks were more in the missionary position than mine had been and soon an hour had passed and all of us were hot and sticky. Her final fuck, with full audience, was Martin and we all stood and applauded his session. His smaller cock must have slipped in easily after the seven that had gone before.

She lay down on the carpet with Martin alongside her and started to rub her clitoris while he wanked.

'Now for the finale guys,' she said.

The 19 year old bent his knees, aimed at her breasts and shot off an amazing spray of cum. Around five shots blasted across Martin and Emma's chests and faces and started dripping immediately. The 30 year old guy went next and his thick cum initially shot two blasts then a couple of heavy dollops landed on Emma's face and mouth. Two guys, who looked around 27, took up position beside them and one fired on Martin with the other on Emma. Her face by now was a distorted mess of cum. A little 23 year old set off a jet of cum that would have done the London Fire Service proud. His short cock fired off around seven jets most again finding Emma. I couldn't wait and as another guy my age lowered himself to aim at Emma, I found my cock erupting all over Martin's face. He pulled me down and took the tip of my cock in his mouth, catching about 50% of my load.

Martin quickly sat astride Emma and fired his famous load all over her tits as she arched her back in orgasm her finger finding just the spot to do so.

Emma looked a sorry mess of cum, not helped my Martin's quota dripping on to her. She seemed to love it. Grabbing towels, we all mopped up and made the usual after sex small talk.

After everyone had gone, Emma and Martin thanked me for having helped them express their sexual desires over the last few months. They, in turn had expanded my sexual appetite and we again agreed to meet soon.

Sadly it was not to be. I had to move with my job and though we made constant promises to meet up again it just didn't happen. My own sex life, nevertheless, moved on leaps and bounds, not restricted by one partner or, in fact by one sex and I was able to take my training at the hands of Emma and Martin and spread my experience to others.



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