I tried to sleep that night, but I kept thinking about David and the big black cock that he possessed. David was a worker at the bakery near my house where I always bought bread daily. I had sucked him and his boss off and he said to stop by in the ealier hours of the morning so he could fuck my ass. My mouth still ached from  his rough treament the day before when I had the opportunity to give him head. I could only imagine what it was going to be like to be fucked by such a large cock.

   At around three in the morning I got up and looked toward the bakery sure enough I could see a faint light coming from within. I quickly showered and got dressed. I went across the street and knocked on the metal security door. Soon I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs and a voice in Spanish saying ¨Quien es? I said it was the guy from yesterday. All at once the door opened up and I was face to face with a smiling David. He said he didn´t know whether I would show up or not . I said that I needed to see whether I could take such a big cock or not. I could see our conversation was having an effect on his cock which started to grow in size. Both he and I went upstairs where he was working and he had already released his black cock from his jeans. David held my shoulders and forced me to my knees to suck his cock and get it real hard for my ass. I started mouthing its head still covered by the foreskin.until I had my tongue on its glans, my tongue seeking the slit to taste the precum he had started to ooze. David said that we wanted a blow job first and then he wanted to fuck my ass. 

   I started to suck his cock with abandoness trying to take its enormous length down my throat. I had managed to swallow six inches until he grabbed the back of my head and forced at least four more inches down my gullet. Yeah he had a cock that was more than ten inches of black meat. I tried to escape and come up for air but he kept my head firm in his hands . He began to piston his cock in and out each time groaning as he thrusting became more forceful. All at once he threw his head back and I felt his cock begin to expand like it had the day before.I knew I was soon to get my reward of his thick black spunk. I readied myself  for the flood of semen which I was going to consume. The first enormous shot went directly down my throat burning all the way down. I wanted to taste his cream so I managed to back off on his cock til the head was resting on my tongue,The next spurt coated my tongue completely letting my taste buds savor its sweet and salty taste. I had always loved the taste of black cum since my first encounter with one whle I was stationed in Groton, Conn.I had got back to Groton and had to take a wicked piss. I went to the station´s mens room which still had the wooden doors  on each stall. As I was pissing, I looked at the walls of the stall I was in and noticed a large hole in the wall. I was intrigued and curious at the same time. 

   I heard the outer door of the bathroom open and someone entered the stall next to mine. I was finishing up with my leak when I noticed a black cock coming through the hole. It was the first black cock I had see in my life up close. I was amazed at its girth and length. I heard a low voice say ¨Suck it ¨. I zipped up and sat on the toilet and started touching this black member. It had a foreskin which I peeled back and exposed its big head and oozing slit. The voice came again ¨Dude suck my cock I need to busta nut´. I edged closer and could smell a musky odor coming from this black cock which made me edge closer unttil I flicked the tip of my tongue to capture my first taste of black precum.Its saltiness was intoxicating to my tastebuds and I wanted more. I engulfed the head and began to envelope its length with my mouth. The guy on the other side was trying to force more into my mouth until I had three- quaters of its length inside my throat.He began to thrust his cock inand out each time I savored its strange heavy taste. Each time he buried its length I could feel his wiry bush touching my lips. He had managed to fit his balls and cock through the large hole. I eased off his cock to taste his nappy haired balls which were still wrinkled and hanging low. I went back to his cock and increased my servicing to this black dude. All at once he began to moan and say ¨he was about to nut¨. I readied myself and the flood began, filling my mouth. I had questioned whether to swallow or not and decided to let it flow down my throat since it was my first black cock. I was finishing up,swallowing this dude´s load and I heard the outer door open up. The black dude quickly withdrew his spent member and flushed the toilet, and left. I heard someone enter the same stall and in no time another black cock appeared but only thicker and longer. Its color was much darker that the one before. I was hooked and started to suck its ever hardening length. I realized it had the same strange musky smell. I could tell by the voice that it was a more mature black man perhaps in his fifties cause his bush had some gray hairs mingled witin the others. I reached to fondle his balls and he pushed them through which I enjoyed lapping as I sucked him off. It wasn´t long til I was rewarded by this black man. It had the same taste as the one guy before. I sucked this cock til he pulled it from my cum coated lipsand thanked me for a great blow job.

   After a while David withdrew his still hard cock and readied it for my ass. I asked him whether he had some lubricant and he laughed and stuck his member in the grease he used for making bread. He asked me whether I was ready I said ¨Take it easy with my ass at first because I don´t get fucked much. David laughed and said in a chuckle that ¨from now on my ass was going to enjoy his cock at least several times a month. He had me lean against the table where he made bread. I felt the enormous head searching my crack for my ass bud. David stuck his finger to open me up a bit and ease the penetration of his cock. I could feel the slimy head find its target and felt a pressure of its head trying to enter. The head of his greased cock entered with a distinct pop. I felt immediately the horrible pain and he stayed still til I got used to his size. Then he proceeded to ease more of his length within my stretched hole. I had taken only four inches so far and he firmly held my hips and sent another four inches inside. I was thinking all the time when would he be all the way in. It wasn´t long til I knew because with one thrust I had managed to take his whole member.I could feel his black heavy balls touching the crack of my ass. David said that I had a real tight ass and that he was going to enjoy this fuck. David started to piston his length in and out surprizingly  my asshole was getting used to his attack. He fucked me in this position until I asked him to fuck me on the table. The table was still covered with flour dust from making bread. I laid on the table with my ass in the perfect position so he could  enter more easily. As he entered, he pinned my legs with his arms and started to fuck me with abandon. All the time, I was hoping he came fast since I was lost between telling him to stop or fuck me harder. 

   As he was busy fucking me I could hear the security door open up and shut. David  said Ëstamos arriba. A voice from below was saying Ësta bien para subir hermano¨Once I heard hermano I knew David had invited his older brother to our party. David´s brother came up the stairs while David continued to enjoy my ass. David´s brothers name was Lucho and as he entered the room he had snaked his cock from his pants. Lucho was packing a good nine incher which was hard and ready for anything. I changed my position on the metal table so my mouth was easy for Lucho to enter. He stood about half a foot from my face stroking his cock. The glans of his cock had become exposed upon lengthening and he edged closer to my open mouth. As he entered my mouth I could feel the girth of his member and the sweaty taste. Lucho started to fuck my mouth ,savoring every second. He was real excited watching his brother fuck my ass and fed me more of his black cock. Lucho´s ball sack was much bigger than his brothers and just the sight of his big nuts made my ass fucking bearable. I was going to get a great load from him and relished in my imagination how it was going to taste. Lucho said in Spanish ¨Quieres a tragar mi leche gringo. I answered ¨Si ¨Estoy listo¨I felt his organ enlarge  and he grunted and yelled to his brother to fill my ass at the same time. I could feel David´s cock expand and both started to unleash  their hot cream. I could feel David,s hot leche scalding the my ass and Lucho was already over flowing my mouth with his thick sperm. I was surprised when David told his brother to share his cream and David willingly withdrew from my mouth and enter David´s. I could hear David gulping in ectasy his brother´s seed. David had been enjoying his brother´s cum since Lucho had his first wet dream. They had always shared a bed while growing up which was common for young men in Colombia. It was normal for Colombian brothers to jerk off and experiment together and didn´t ever mean they were gay.Lucho was having a erotic dream which made him cum and David recognizing what was happening has pulled back the covers and enveloped his spurting cock with his mouth. After that they began to suck each other off when the opportunity arised. Even when they got married they continued to be close in that secial way.

   As David finished his brother´s hot load of leche,David´s spent cock plopped from my hole. I was covered with bread flour head to toe and both laughed and cajoled about what took place. After a short time, I let his brother, Lucho fuck me while David fucked his ass at the same time. All of us came at the same time and all of us were finally satiated with pleasure. Lucho said that hopefully, in the future they both could enjoy me again. I told them I was open to another round with them  anytime they wanted.






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