I have always been attracted to black men not just for the obvious reasons,but more from my experiences with them throughout my military carreer in Africa and South America. Luckily, I have permanently landed in Colombia,a country with a historical connection with the slave trade during the 1700´s and 1800´s. Its population is a mixture of these slaves and the persons that brought them to the South American continent.

   Since arriving in the late 1980´s, I have had the opportunity to savor these men who abound throughout the country. I am always astonished how open these men are to participating in sex between the same sex. Sex to them is the chance to empty their balls when any opportunity presents itself. I would say the majority of men in Colombia have had at least one man to man experience through these adolescent and adult years. In their minds sex between to men doesn´t mean you are gay or bisexual it´s just another way to get their rocks off. They are able to enjoy the fruits of both worlds.

   Most Colombian men are generously endowed with cocks ranging in sizes  of eight inches to fourteen inches usually uncut and very thick in diameter.It has been my experience that they enjoy head and are usually active in the sense they like to fuck a guy´s ass more than get fucked. It is very easy to hook up for quick sex  with no strings attached especially when they have been drinking or smoking pot The Colombians are party people in every sense of the word enjoying life to the fullest. I have many times heard them say that ¨you only live once so take advantage of what comes your way¨.

   The other day, I was buying bread at the local baker when he invited me to watch him produce the daily loaves of various types of bread during his work day. He happened to be a good-looking black guy around 25 years old with a wife and baby at home. I was watching how talented abaker needed to be since most of the work was done by hand. I couldn´t help myself from eyeing what was an enormous outline of his cock running down the leg of his tight jeans. I tried not to stare but was mesmerized by the size since it was still soft. He asked me whether I wanted to try to make a loaf of bread which turned out to be harder than one would have thought. He was positioned in back of me and I could feel his basket rubbing against my ass. I tryed to ignore what was happening, but after a while I pushed back against his ever growing member to see if I was really feeling what I thought I was feeling. After what seemed to be an eternity of awkwardness he said he had to take a leak. The bathroom was in my view and I was surprised he hadn´t closed the door and I could see he was fishing out one of the biggest  cocks I had seen in my life.Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was stroking it to a full erection and he motioned to me to come where he was. He asked abruptly to come closer, as he lowered his jeans farher down his legs.At this point, my mouth was salivating for a chance to suck such a huge black cock. He pulled back the foreskin exposing its huge head slimy with the ooze of precum. 

   All at once, there was a voice from the first floor calling his name saying that they were out of this type of bread and that he needed to bring a tray down to replenish what was sold. He quickily put his cock away and said as he was passing ¨whether I was interested or not¨. I told him that I was but I was afraid we could get caught by the owner if I started sucking his cock. He told me to come by next morning early when he would be the only one there before the bakery opened up. He took the tray of bread down and came quickly back up and asked me whether I wanted to taste his cock quickly since he was so hot. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet,as he entered. He had already taken  out his cock which had softened because of the interruption. The head of his cock was covered by its foreskin  but I could make out the outline of its huge head underneath. He stood in front of me holding his member and eased it into my mouth. I could taste the sweet precum which was rapidly emptying into my mouth.I had encircled his member  my tongue entering his foreskin and was immediately rewarded with a mouthful of precum sweet and salty to the taste. This only made me eager to search the slit of his cock with the tip of my tongue searching more of this everflowing nectar. 

   He suddenly withdrew his member and urged me to suck his heavy balls.He held up his cock to give me easy access to these globes of wrinkled flesh He said ¨eso asi asi and groaned with pleasure  as I lapped each one ,trying to capture each one but they were too big. El panadero began to rock back and forth on his heels each time  I speared his nappy haired balls with my tongue. His scent was over- powering, a musky masculine odor that only  black guys possessed. I was getting drunk on his scent and pulled my cock from my jeans to join in the hot scene. I was oblivious to what was happening around me and hadn´t noticed that the owner of the bakery was watching us and jacking off his cock which was ivory in color with huge veins running down the shaft. I went back to the man I was sucking and engulfed his ebony member whch had become totally erect by this time.Out of the corner of my eye I could see the owner edging clloser to the open door of the bathroom. I knew at this point I was to be rewarded with two hot loads of cum for my trouble. The owner of the cock in my mouth started to fuck my mouth, trying to force its entire length down my throat. I could feel his balls start to firm up knowing it would be a short time til he came. He began to grunt animal sounds each time I managed to swallow his member. The owner of the bakery was standing at this point right next to us beating his thick ,heavy cock.I eased off the black guy wanting to make this hot scene last as long as possible. I let the owner direct his cock into my mouth which lasted only a few seconds until he was spurting his hot seed down my gullet. I was surprised by the amount I had to drink. As I was eating his hot load , his worker held my head firm so I was forced to swallow his boss´s ball juice. After his boss was finished and had jacked off the remaining cum into my mouth, the other cock entered my mouth. He said he was almost ready to come and at the point i knew he was about to come I engulfed three quarters of its length down my throat. His cock began to swell and over extend almost cuttting off my air completely. I felt the first spurt scald the back of my throat and I eased off wanting to taste his cream. I wasn´t disappointed since it coated my tongue completely with its thick essence. I continued to suck until I had completely emptied his black bullocks. I could see his balls had decreased in size because he had fed me their contents. All at once my cock began to spurt ,coating the thighs of the panadero. 

   As we finished and after his boss had left he said not to forget to come the next morning so he could fuck my ass the same way he had fucked my mouth. I asked him his name and he said it was David. I told David I would be ready for his cock the next morning without  a doubt. I told him that I didn´t let many guys fuck me especially when they were endowed like him. 




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