I had been at college for just over a month and I was having the time of my life; both of my wrestling coaches loved man sex and one of the other hot wrestlers. I was having sex almost everyday with at least one of them – sometimes all three and I was fucking loving it.

I had stopped doing my escorting, now I was doing it all for free and I hardly ever thought about girls, I knew for sure dick was a lot better. It hadn't stopped girls going after me but I could never go back to pussy after my experiences and I knew that I was definitely gay.

I had decided to go home for a few days to see my family, even though I would rather spend my weekend having lots of sex, it was sort of nice to see them all. However, soon I got pretty bored being there, I was horny all the time and couldn't escape my family to find any fun.

I decided to go home a little earlier than planned, I knew that Kyle would still be around when I got back to college and so I said goodbye to my family and drove back. I went back to my room to drop off my bag before I called Kyle and I jumped as I opened the door.

'Holy shit' I said under my breath.


In front of me was my room-mate Bryan, jerking his huge black dick, it must have been at least 10 inches, lying on his washboard abs. I wasn't too surprised to see him jerking, all guys do it but when I looked further I got a bigger shock.

'Shit man, I thought you weren't back until later'

'I wasn't supposed to be' I replied quietly, fixated on what was coming out his ass. A huge dildo was sticking out and I guessed it was a double headed one as the end sticking out was in the shape of huge cock head.

He looked so embarrassed when I he saw what I was looking at and his cock began to soften slightly.

'Shit' he said, 'it's not what it looks like'

'Oh yeah, so why do you have a huge dildo coming out your ass?' I teased. He was too panicked to notice my hard dick tenting in my shorts and to notice the excitement in my voice, I always thought he was hot and now here he was; naked and waiting and I knew I had to take this opportunity.

He didn't reply, I don't think he knew what to say but still he didn't move and the dildo remained firmly up his hot butt. I think he was expecting me to leave but I decided to toy with him a little. He was so upset he hadn't noticed how turned on I was.

'It's cool man, we all get horny right? Just look at me now'

I said as I pulled out my rock hard dick and waved it about a bit. His eyes popped out and could see him lick his lips slightly as I slowly walked over to him; pumping my cock.

'Like what you see?'

I teased, my dick now aimed directly at his mouth, he licked his lips and parted them wide as I entered him. Damn, he knew how to suck dick as he took me straight down his throat and hungrily sucked me. I moaned wildly and grabbed the end of the dildo; thrusting in and out his ass he whined around my dick.

His own dick was now fully hard again and it was huge, my own mouth was starting to water at the sight of precum leaking out the top and I couldn't resist the big black dick much longer. Bryan was fucking good at cock sucking and I didn't want to blow yet so I slowly withdrew from his warm mouth.

'Damn, you're a good cocksucker'

'Let me finish you off'

'I can't let you have all the fun' I winked at him before bending down and swallowing the big black dick.

'Aww fuck' he moaned. I could tell he was shocked that I loved to suck dick just as much he did as I eagerly played with his massive tool. I continued to push the dildo in his as and hungrily lapped up his precum as he moaned loudly.

I took his dick all the way down my throat as he balls slapped my chin, he grabbed my head and began to fuck my face as I continued to fuck his ass with the dildo. I could tell he was getting close and so I slowed down and pulled off; I didn't want him to cum just yet.

'Don't you take loads?' He asked.

'Hell yeah, but I got something else I want to do first' I replied.

I climbed in his bed behind him and used some of my precum to lube my ass and the dildo sticking out his butt before lining my hole up to it. The dildo was pretty thick and I braced myself for the entry and pushed myself onto it. It took a moment before I felt my hole give way and the dildo sank deep into me as I moaned loudly; with a mix of pain and pleasure.

I slowly sank further onto the big dildo until I felt my ass hit Bryan's and I knew I had got at least 10 inches inside me. My cock throbbed as the dildo stimulated my prostate and I began to fuck myself; Bryan began to do the same and we move up and down together, fucking each other.

'Oh fuck yeah'

I could hear Bryan moan as he jerked his big cock with the dildo prodding in his beautiful round ass and I couldn't believe I had got lucky again. I was pumping my own dick enjoying the hot sex when I felt the thrusting slow down and looked up to see Bryan pulling off.

'Let's not stop man, this is so fucking hot' I said.

'I know but I got something I want to try'

He came over to me and started to finger my hole with the dildo still in it. I realised what he was planning to do.

'Oh man, I don't know if I can take that'

'Relax, take it like a man'

He started to suck my balls and relax me while he slowly started to stretch my hole a bit more with his fingers and I moaned wildly in pleasure. He pulled his finger out and I felt him try to push his cock in next to the dildo, it took a few pushes before I felt the head push through and I shouted loudly. Bryan quickly reached up to kiss me to muffle my shouts and we made out as he forced his dick inside me next to the dildo. We didn't break our kiss until my shouts stopped and the pain was disappearing.

'I had to do that, I didn't want the whole dorm to hear us'

'I liked it'

'Do you like this now?'

'Oh yeah man, fuck me'

He started to thrust his dick into me, rubbing against the dildo, sending shivers of pleasure all through my body and my dick began to leak even more precum. He fucked me hard and I knew he was going to last long with the double stimulation; and neither was I.

I felt my balls contract and a huge load erupted all over my chest and face, hitting my lips and filling up pools on my abs, I licked my lips and got the salty taste of my cum. My ass contracted tight and I knew Bryan was unloading deep inside me as he yelled.

'Fuck that was amazing' Bryan said as he pulled out his dick and then withdrew the dildo, making me feel real empty. The dildo was covered in his cum, and it glistened as the whole 12 inched that were inside me came out.

'This is my kind of popsicle' Bryan smiled before licking off his cum.

I nearly blew another load watching him clean his own cum off the dildo that was in my ass and then he bent down and started to lick up the cum off my chest and abs before coming up to my mouth and leaning in for a kiss. We made out passionately as we swapped the cum in his mouth, it tasted so good and Bryan was a great kisser.

We both hungrily swallowed and I couldn't believe how great college was already.


Chris Miller

[email protected]


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