It must have been about 2 months since I last fucked a girl, not that I cared; I had discovered something much better – dick. I can still vividly remember the first dude that fucked me at that bodybuilding convention and it brought something in me I didn't know I had; a craving for man sex. The best part about it was guys were willing to pay me for what I had to offer, mostly my ass, and so I had saved almost $10,000 bucks for college. Now I was driving to college, excited about what fun I was going to have away from home.

The first thing I did was meet my room-mate, he seemed pretty cool and was pretty hot – he was tall, black with a hot ass and I could tell he had a tight body. He was called Bryan and was there to play basketball, I said I liked to play too but I was mostly a wrestler, the next thing I planned to do was go sign up for wrestling tryouts.

The bodybuilding over the summer had got me in even better shape I was now about 184lbs of tight muscle, perfect for wrestling and the weight class I was going for. There were a few guys hanging around the sign ups handing out fliers and a couple of them approached me.

'You going greek?' One of them asked.

'I was thinking about it'

'How about Kappa Sigma? You look like our kind of guy' He said handing me a flyer.

'Thanks, I'll think about it'

I definitely wanted to join a frat, living in a house of hot guys would definitely be my idea of a good time and I collected a few fliers, trying to pick which frat looked best. Tryouts were in two days so I had couple days of getting my stuff sorted and hanging out with the other freshmen. There were a couple guys I could tell were gay but they weren't really my type – a bit too feminine, I preferred masculine guys with beefy asses.

The day of tryouts arrived and I headed to the gymnasium and entered the locker room. It was already full with about 30 guys, some of them with their cocks swinging free and the musty male aroma was turning me on. Masculinity exuded from the locker room and fuck, I was gonna have to try real hard not to get boned.

'Hey man, here for tryouts?' One guy said, already in his suit, I guessed he would be in the next weight class up from me, because he was pretty huge, but it looked like it was all muscle.

'Yeah, you?' I asked.

'Oh yeah, i'm a sophomore and was on the team last year, but coach makes us try out again every year'

'He sounds pretty tough'

'Yeah he is, but we get good results. I'm Kyle by the way. Anyway good luck and I'll see you in there'

'I'm Kody. Thanks man, you too'

I got changed into my suit and headed to the gym where the assistant coach told us to line up into our weight classes. There about 10 other guys trying out in my class, all in pretty good shape and I couldn't help but notice one of the guys had a huge dick squashed in his suit and I licked my lips a little. The coach walked in and my heart stopped.

'Holy fuck' I said to myself.

My heart was pounding as he walked down the line, inspecting everybody, he was a fucking mountain of a man, I'd say about 6'2 and 200lbs of near solid muscle. His tight shorts hugged his big package and his tee was so tight you could see the outline of his rock hard pecs and abs and a tuft of thick curly hair rose out the top.

He arrived at me and stopped dead, smirking at me and I could tell he recognised me and I sure recognised him. Less than two weeks ago his fat 9 inch dick had been plowing into my bubble butt, he fucked me all night long and gave me three loads in my ass – and I fucking loved it. Now I couldn't believe he was stood in front of me, looking me up and down as my cock stirred.

'Ok, you're all gonna have a few matches as me and coach Jenner watch and we will decide who makes varsity' His deep voice boomed around the gymnasium.

I wrestled 5 other guys and beat them all, including the guy with the big dick and I even managed to get a squeeze of it a couple times. After a talk from the coach we all walked out towards the locker room, I tried to avoid the coach but as I was walking out he gripped me hard on the shoulder and pulled me to the side.

'Come to my office after showers' He told me in a gruff voice and grabbed my ass pushing a finger into my crack, rubbing against my hole.

'Yes sir' was all I could reply.

I showered quickly, firstly so I didn't get hard in front of the team but also so I could go visit coach, I was getting horny already. I had a pretty good idea what he wanted from me and so I just my towel on and slipped out the locker room and knocked on his door.

'Come in'

I walked in and coach was leaning against his desk, he had taken his shirt off to reveal his amazing body, his defined pecs and abs were covered in thick hair, he was such a fucking stud and my dick began to stiffen. He was rubbing his crotch through his small shorts and I could see his cock head poking out the leg and I licked my lips.

'You never told me you were a wrestler'

'You never told me you were a coach' I replied and he laughed.

'Well, come and help your coach out'

He didn't need to say it twice and I dropped to my knees in front of him, licking the tip of his dick before pulling down his shorts to reveal his monster cock. I quickly devoured and took it straight down my throat before it got too big. I jerked my own dick as I hungrily sucked coach and he moaned loudly and twisted his nipples. I was deepthroating him easily now but still teasing him with my tongue, treating his huge dick like it deserved until he grabbed my hair and pulled me off.

'You like sucking your coach's dick?'

'Oh fuck yeah' I replied, wanting to continue, but his grip was too hard and held me off.

'Want another one?'

Before I had time to reply coach Jenner came out an adjoining room, his dick sticking out right in front of him. It was about the same length as coach but not as thick and he had a totally smooth body, he wasn't as big as coach but still had great muscles and definition.

I didn't even need to reply, I grabbed his hips and stuck his dick straight down my throat, I couldn't believe I now had two big dicks to play with. I alternated between them, jerking the other while I serviced one, I even got both their cock heads in my mouth at the same time, swirling them around between my tongue as the made out with each other, moaning in pleasure.

'Coac.... What the fuck?' The door had swung open and Kyle; the guy I had spoken to in the locker room earlier walked in.

'Oh shit' coach said as he pulled away from Jenner, 'You were supposed to lock the door'

'I.... I.... fuck' Was all Jenner could manage to say.

However, Kyle's face began to change from shock to excitement and he turned around, twisted the key in the lock and walked forwards.

'Now these look fucking delicious' He said as he dropped to his knees straight away took Jenners cock straight down his throat. I didn't even have to time think about how awesome it was this big muscle stud liked cock just as much as me and we began to suck simultaneously; me with coach and him with Jenner. We shared them and made out with the cocks rubbing between our lips before going back to our own cocks.

'Time for a taste of that ass' Coach said and lifted me up by the shoulders, turned me around and I leant against his desk, pushing my ass out towards him. I felt his stubble graze my cheeks as he wet tongue began to probe my hole and moaned wildly. Kyle walked round in front of me and offered me his fat dick, which I hungrily swallowed as Jenner spread his ass cheeks and ate Kyle's ass.

Coach knew how to make me moan as his tongue poked and prodded in my hole, and I could tell Jenner was giving Kyle the same pleasure as he moaned loudly as I played with his dick with my tongue. Coach stood up and I knew what was coming as something blunt pushed against my hole and a braced myself for the fat cock to enter me.

'Mmmm' I moaned around the cock in my mouth as my ass parted and coach slammed his dick against my ass. There was no let up and he began to fuck me hard, Kyle began thrusting into my mouth and I realised Jenner was now fucking him as well. My own dick was bouncing hard against the desk, loving the fucking coach was giving me, precum was leaking on the floor as my ass was stretched wide.

'Lets swap' Coach said and pulled out of me, at first I thought he wanted me to fuck him but then I realised he wanted to fuck Kyle's ass.

I laid on my back and pulled up my legs, revealing my hole and Jenner came behind me and pushed straight in. I played with my nipples as Jenner fucked me good and was surprised to see Kyle line up behind him and enter him then coach went behind him and entered Kyle. We were in a train of fucking each other, the only sound was moaning and balls slapping on asses.

My own dick was bouncing hard on my abs, loving the feeling of getting fucked, and also getting to watch the other muscle studs have big dick in their ass. The thrusts were becoming harder and more determined and I could tell everyone was getting close; including me.

'Lets cum on his face' I heard coach say in his deep voice.

One by one they pulled out, leaving me with an empty feeling as I jerked my own cock, they all moved to my head and started jacking off over me. I was the first to blow; I shot a huge load all over my chest, some ropes hit my chin, fuck I hadn't shot a load like this for a long time. My orgasm was so intense I didn't notice more cum was hitting me in the face. I didn't know who it was coming from but I opened my mouth hungrily to try and catch any of the ropes of cum flying towards me. Soon my face was covered in cum; I could hardly open my eyes.

'Look at that hot fucking scene' Coach said, 'Now go clean him up' he continued looking at Kyle.

Kyle crouched down and started to lap up my cum on my chest, moving his way up to my face; eagerly licking the man juice of my face. As he cleaned me up I could see Coach and Jenner making out. Kyle now had a mouthful of cum, he opened his mouth wide showing me the huge load of cum he had stored before he leant down and started to kiss me, giving me some of the sweet cum until we both swallowed.

Me and Kyle then both stood up in front of coach, the sweet smell of cum in the air and my asshole clenching after the hot fucking it had just received. Coach and Jenner broke their kiss and smiled at us and for the first time this evening I sort of felt embarrassed with cum still sticking one of my eyes together.

'Well it looks like we got the first members of the varsity team' Coach chuckled.

'Best performance i've seen all year' Jenner replied.

'Right now go hit the showers' Coach shouted as if what we just did didn't happen and me and Kyle left his office smiling at each other as we hurried, knowing we were gonna have a lot of fun this year.


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