I began to step slowly down the stairs of the bleachers, fear rocking and shaking my knees. When I'd finally reached the gym floor, the coach put his arm on my shoulder. "Why don't you tell us all your power, nice an loud, kid." I gulped loudly, so loudly that I would've sworn it echoed throughout the gym. "I... Uhm... Telekinesis..." I clenched my eyes shut, waiting to be laughed at and harassed by my peers, but it never happened. I opened one eye and looked to my side to see that Coach wasn't standing next to me. He was far off to the side, examining closely.

"Ready, Kid?" I simply nodded and as if on queue, the robots sprung to life and began to charge towards me. "Oh fuck, Oh fuck!" was all I could think. I think I may have even said it once. I clenched my fists in concentration and began floating. Wait, what! I wasn't trying to do that! The robots beneath me sprung some sort of rockets from their feet and began flying towards me.

I don't know how I did it. It was almost like a reaction. A defense mechanism maybe? My hands shot forward and created a spherical field of energy around me, sending the bot hurtling to the gym floor. I looked down at my hands, wondering where all this power was suddenly coming from. I could hear the entire gym rumbling with applause.

"I mean that was absolutely incredible!" Jackson had repeated for maybe the HUNDREDTH time. We were over halfway through the names and Reggie had finally returned. I pushed Jackson away and turned to the other boy beside me. "What was with that kid?" I asked him. He shook his head in thought. "That was Chris... He's very... Emotional..." He answered. "NEXT UP! REGGIE VALENTINE!" The coach yelled. "That's my queue." He said as he rose from his seat and trotted down to the gym floor.

"Alright kid, what's your power?"

"Absorption." The coach got a confused look on his face. "Let me clarify, I absorb attacks from other enemies and shoot them back out, ten times stronger."

An ominous grin spread across the Coach's face. "I've been waiting to do this." He set his clipboard to the side. "You're gonna train with me." There was a loud "OOOH" from the crowd as they stood in front of each other. "Let's get this started." Reggie said, taking a few steps back.

Coach stepped back and pitched a fireball at Reggie. I was absolutely sure that I saw his entire body go up in flames, but it was almost like the fire sank into his skin. Coach tried again, and again, and again to land an attack on Reggie, but he was like a huge sponge, absorbing everything until he finally reached maximum capacity.

Reggie lifted his hand and conjured a ball of fire about twenty times the size of a basketball. On command, he released it, sending it flaring towards Coach. The fire seemed to get thinner and thinner as it got within a closer range it got to him, until eventually disappearing. I just about went def from the clapping and screaming of the people around me. "Nice." I thought. "Very nice."




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