As the tardy bell rang, multiple students began piling into the gym. All during lunch, I had heard how simple the test was and how they wish they would've taken it sooner. That's absolutely not the case with me. I wish i didn't have to take it. My stomach was aching just thinking about how difficult it was going to be.

"Eric! Eric!" I turned to see Jackson running towards me. Shit. I pretended I didn't see him as all the students began piling into the bleachers. Before I could take my seat, Jackson had already run up and was grabbing my arm, pulling me to a different seat. "Hey! I haven't seen ya all day buddy." Jackson said as he pulled me down next to him. "Yeah..." I simply answered back.

A rather heavy-set man walked into the middle of the gym room floor. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. I quickly did a count of all the students in the class. 36. Maybe They'll all go before me. "Alright! As you all know, today is Power Demonstration day. Don't you all go getting excited." There was a long silence from the entire class. "Great! Now, when I call your name, you will come to the center here and demonstrate your abilities on these here test robots." The coach slapped one of them on the back. There were three robots standing in a straight row in front of him that I hadn't noticed before. They were painted a shiny silver-chrome color and had a large "O" painted in red on their chest.

"Now, I'm gonna call these alphabetically..." Dammit! I hope there are a lot of a "A's"... "First up, Dylan Alexander." A tall boy stood from the bleachers and began trotting down. When he got to the middle, the coach put a hand on his shoulder. "Alright son, state your name and power." Coach said.

"Uhm... My name is Dylan Alexander and I can stretch different parts of my body." I heard all the students making weird comments and whistling at him. The coach, completely ignoring the immaturity of the other students, pulled out his clipboard. "Whenever you're ready." I saw Dylan nod nervously and the robots began to power on, their eyes glowing an ominous red color. All at once, they began charging towards him. Dylan stretched his arm and his hand grew about a hundred times the size of a normal human hand and wrapped around the three of them.

With a soft grunt, he picked them up and slammed them hard against the floor of the gym. Cool. Jackson poked my arm. "I can't wait till it's my turn!" He said as he began writhing around in his seat. The kid on the other side of me nudged me slightly. Thinking it was an accident, I ignored it. He nudged me again. I turned and looked to see a green-haired boy smiling at me. He extended his hand for me to shake. "Hey, you must be the new kid. I'm Reggie."

"Hi. I'm Eric." I replied, accepting his handshake. "You nervous?" He asked. I silently nodded and swallowed hard. "Don't be. If you fail, you can just retake it." He shrugged. "Wait, this is a test?!" I asked in shock. "Yeah. Their going to grade you on your performance and then decide which classes you will be in next semester. It's kind of like finding out if you're gonna be a hero or a helper..." I raised a brow at him. "And by 'helper', you mean sidekick?" He nodded. I didn't even realize the next person had been called. "If you want, I can show you around after school. There are a lot of places here you probably haven't seen yet. If you want, afterwards I can fly you home." He suggested. "Yeah, that sounds great." I answered. He turned his attention back to the gym floor but I couldn't help but stare at him. He was so handsome.

"Kid! Just show us what you can do, OK!" Coach was shouting. I looked down and saw a short, tan-skinned boy with chocolate brown hair looking down at the gym floor in embarrassment as the coach yelled at him. "Alright! Fine!" He finally gave up protesting. He stretched his arms out beside him and tried to concentrate. His body began glowing a bright blue color. The rest of the class watched in awe as he opened and closed his hands, releasing into the air a large mass of... Bubbles? Yep, they were definitely bubbles. Some small, some massive, but they were all bubbles. The class began to laugh hysterically as the boy ran out of the gym. "I'll see you in here next Tuesday for retakes, Mr.Berlin!" Coach shouted behind him. "I'll go get him coach..." Reggie said as got up and flew out through the doors of the gym."Alright! Next up, Eric Bryant." Coach called loudly. "New kid." He added. A cold rush ran through my entire body. Shit.




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