At a private birthday party in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Ludacris (2009) loudly plays in the background:

'She can go lower than I ever really thought she could - Face down - {ASS UP!}

The top of yo' booty jigglin outcho' jeans, baby pull yo' pants up!

I like it when I see you do it, better than I've ever seen It done befo'

A lot of, women, drop it to the ground, but HOW - LOW - CAN YOU GO'

A chubby black man announces, 'This is a special gift to our good friend. We all chipped in and got you the sexy Mandingo with the big black dick that you want to suck: Here's KASH!'

His audience -three older black guys and a token white man- whistle and clap their hands in anticipation of seeing my sexy muscular honey dipped body, hazel eyes, and short curly black hair.

'All right!' they yelled.

Their excitement increases when I cartwheel into the basement and quickly snap my hips into a salsa motion as the hypnotic beat floods the room:

'How low can you go?

How low can you go?

How low can you go?'

'Damn!' they said in awe as their eyes stare at the white choker around my neck, a black fish net shirt showing off my shaved muscled square pecs, a yellow G-string holding my massive 9inch cock, and blue heeled boots that accentuates the roundness and thickness of my tight ass.

I intentionally chose these colors to show off my exotic St. Lucian looks.

To make them want me more, before the show, I moistened my body with raw shea butter so that the light reflects on each inch of my body.

'I love your cheeks, baby!' the announcer said noticing the coiled fer-de-lance tattoo on my left island ass globe.

Poor old-timers, I thought noticing their dicks growing stiffer. They are caught in the KASH frenzy.

Their dicks would rupture in cum if they knew I was only eighteen.

Loving their stares, I bounce my island ass globes in front of their mature faces in tune with the beat.

'How low can you go?

How low can you go?

How low can you go?'

Take it off, Kash!' they screamed in excitement. 'That nigga's body is bangin!'

'It's just for you, boys. You want me don't you?' I asked twisting my hips like a snake.

'Aww hell yeah, Kash! Show us your dick!' the older men said.

That's right! Enjoy the KASH experience.

'How low can you go?

How low can you go?

How low can you go?'

'Where is the birthday boy?' I asked.

They point to a gray haired black guy who slobbers at my beauty.

He looks old as dirt, I thought noticing his heavy cataract glasses and wrinkled brown skin.

I place my hard 9inch cock in front of his face.

'I hear that today is your birthday.' I said.


'He's nervous. He is a huge fan of yours.' the token white senior citizen said.

The two sit side by side. They look exactly like twins with their thinning gray hair and cataract glasses. They have to be lovers.

'Is that true? Are you a big fan of mine?'

Birthday boy nods his head yes.

'Well, I want to give you a birthday wish. Tonight you are my daddy.'

I kiss him gently on his left cheek and turn around to jiggle my black ass directly in his face.

'Spank me daddy.'

My demand places birthday boy in a state of ecstasy as he eagerly smacks my round booty.


'Ah, Yeah do it old man. Show a young queen how its done'

'How low can you go?


'IYE! Harder, daddy!'

'How low can you go'


'Uh! Yeah, you the man, daddy!'

How low can you go?'

I love the feeling of birthday boy's wrinkled hands dominating my round booty. From the wet mark on his pants, I could tell that he loves it too.

'You may be older, but you know how to beat some pussy, daddy.' I said returning to the dance floor.

Suddenly, my world disappears except for the young guy sitting near birthday boy.

I stop dancing in amazement of how much he resembles my secret love Tyrell, with his midnight black skin, wide nose, full brown lips, and bedroom brown eyes.

His thin-muscular body wears sweat pants and a t-shirt that reads 'HOWARD UNIVERSITY.'

Our eyes lock as he stares at my body like a tiger stares at a gazelle.

Unlike the other guys here, he has to be in his twenties, I thought.

'Shake that ass, Kash!' the old men yelled still caught in the frenzy of KASH.

Hearing their words automatically snap my hips back into a salsa rhythm.

Man, Shakira don't have shit on me, I smiled.

'Drop it, hit it, dump it, split it,

Don't stop, (Get it, get it)

Put it on reverse just to rack it up'

I throw my black fish net shirt on top of birthday boy's head.

'Damn!' the announcer gaped at having a full view of my steel honey complexioned chest.

I drop it likes its hot on the dance floor causing silence among the old men.

'You like what you see, boys?'

I pump my black ass making the old men sweat. Unexpectedly, the young guy smacks my round booty.

'Yeah, I like what I see,' he said smiling.

Damn, he has pretty dimples just like Tyrell.

'Come get it daddy!' I said to him imagining that he is my sweet prince.

I arch my back to lower my G-string down my well sculpted legs.

'How low can you go?

How low can you go?

How low can you go?'

'Take it off,' the young guy screamed as the sweat pores from his bald head.

Anytime you want, daddy, I thought.

With my panties off, the guys are in shock to see a red cord dangling from my shaved luscious booty.

'Woo!' the announcer cheered recognizing the anal beads planted deep into my anal walls.

I walk closer to the birthday boy and lightly smack him in the head with my thick 9inch cock.

Unlike some performers, I don't need a cock ring. The excitement of men or women wanting my body always makes me hard.

My black cock stands in front of birthday boy's face waiting for him to pleasure me.

He pulls away the foreskin and places his moist brown lips around my manhood.

'How low can you go?

How low can you go?

How low can you go?'

Birthday boy shoves my entire 9inch shaft into his mouth in one gulp.

Damn, birthday boy can suck some dick, I thought.

'He has always dreamed about sucking your dick,' his white lover said.

'Lower, than yo', mama's, ever, seen it, in her, life-time

Never, would of imagined it, not even in her right mind

Practice in front of that mirror, now you, doin it, on the dance flo''

My blunt monster goes in and out of the old man's juicy mouth as sweat pours down his face.

'Yeah, suck it baby!' I whispered loving the feeling of his wrinkled brown lips around my shlong.

I grab the sides of his gray haired head, stuffing his mouth with my 9inch monster.

As my dick taps on the back of birthday boy's throat, my hazel eyes gaze into the young guy's vision.

He rubs on his fully erected slightly crooked 8.5 cock while playing with his hairy brown nuts.

Damn, he not only looks like Tyrell, but his dick is even the same size and shape.

I lick my lips seductively at the young guy as birthday boy swallows my cock.

Soon, birthday boy's white lover wants to help him blow out his black candle.

While birthday boy gags on my cock, his white lover's pink lips sucks on my shaven balls.

As the two sweat with ecstasy sucking on my 9inch cock, the announcer stands behind me and kisses my neck.

I melt feeling his smooth fat cheeks rub against my neck.

'Mad 'cause I can't get wit you, 'Chick, just show me how to dance' {OHH!!!}

I may not wanna get low, so I'm posted up kinda like a playa do

But if you come to the crib, then I'll might show you girls a thang or two

Yeah, I think you a superstar, wit a ass like that you GOTTA blow

The announcer kneels behind me while the young guy massages his large black cock.

I feel like a God as the old lovers suck my honey dick awaiting my holy water, the old man kisses my curved booty, and the young guy pays homage to me by abusing his cock.

I want to fuck every one of these guys.

The two lovers feed their mouths with my 9inch cock anticipating my creamy nut. I feel intense pleasure as they place the tip of my dick between their lips.

My hazel eyes connect with the shirtless young guy, who wears a panther tattoo that stretches across his dark hairy chest. I can tell that he wants to fuck me by the way he gently massages his phat black cock.

Below, my body trembles as the chubby announcer pulls on the red cord releasing the beads from my tight ass.

'How low can you go?'

'Plop,' is the sound made as one anal bead pops out.

'How low can you go?

'Plop,' softly echoed in the room from the chubby announcer releasing another bead.

'How low can you go?'


Birthday boy starts to slowly jerk my dick while his white lover hungrily sucks on my nuts.

'How low can you go?'


'Cum for me, baby,' the young guy said eagerly awaiting to see my sacred juice.

'How low can you go?'


'Oh shit,' I whispered as the lovers drink my pre-cum as if they were guzzling water.

'How low can you go?'


'AYYY!!!!!!!' I moaned as my honey dick prepares to explode with cum. I bring the lovers' together.

'How low can you go?'

'A-ohhh-A-ohh! Shit!' I screamed holding on to the lovers' as my holy water flows down their throats.

'Yeah-BOY!' the young guy screamed as cum explodes from his 8.5 chocolate candy cane.

'Hell yeah!' the announcer said kissing my round honey biscuits.

I love private parties.


I relax in a tub of hot water while smoking a whiteboy as an incense fragrances the room.

Performances always tire me out.

Earlier, I called my mother to check on my 1-year old daughter. On a Saturday night, they should have returned home from church.

'She's fine,' my mom said. 'Church was wonderful. Come home safely from your business meeting.'

I detest lying to my mom. Her Seventh-day Adventist faith doesn't allow her to understand that I make money for our family as an adult performer. While she may be comfortable with me as a teenage father, she could never understand what I have to do to keep our refrigerator full.

I leave the tub after finishing my erb. I call my best girl, Demeeka.

'So how's it going, Akash?' Demeeka asked.

'Fine. I think that the birthday boy and his friends are satisfied.'

'For the amount of money they paid you, I hope so. Where are you, now?' she asked.

'Relaxing in their guest bedroom. Listen, thanks for setting me up with this party.'

'Oh no problem, just be careful. I can't believe you talked me into sending you out there alone. What if something happened to you? The last thing I need is your mother and daughter staring me in the face.'

Not meaning to, I laugh at the thought.

'You worry too much. These batty boys are cool. Speaking of which, who is the young guy here?'

'Young guy? Oh you must mean Dr. Yaphet Barber. He was my Linguistics teacher and is our contact.'

'Dr-,' I said as a knock on the door interrupts me.

I quickly end the call and cover my firm honey complexioned body with a purple robe.

Yaphet stands on the opposite end of the door. Our eyes immediately connect.

'Hi,' he said.

I welcome him in and notice how like Tyrell, Yaphet's tall 6'3 height hovers over my 5'9 height.

God, I miss my sweet prince. Being this close to Yaphet, I imagine that Tyrell is here with me.

'Can I sit down?' he asked.


'That was pretty wild earlier,' Yaphet said. 'You are probably wondering why I did not participate.'

Damn! My imagination is shattered. Yaphet cannot be Tyrell, because no matter how much I ached for his touch, Tyrell loved only pussy. No, he is not my secret love. He is just a date-like all the rest.

'Do you mind if I smoke?' I asked pulling a rolled whiteboy and lighter from my robe's pocket.

'Not at all,' he said absently. 'I know we started pretty fast, but my name is Yaphet Barber.'

'Nice to meet you,' I said acting as if I did not already know.

'So... what is your real name?' he asked.

'My real name?


I laughed, 'Sorry, most people could give a damn about my real name. They like to call me Kash, the Mandingo with the big black dick.'

'Well I am not most people.'

You can say that again, I thought unsure of this guy's motives.

'I am Akash.'

'That's pretty. What does it mean?'

'The sky. Its Hindu.'

'Really, I thought you were from St. Lucia.'

Like an annoying fly that needs to be smacked, I had enough of this guy's bullshit.

'Look! Why are you here. Do you want to fuck? Is that it?'

Yaphet's beautiful midnight face cast a look of unbelievable sadness.

Ah, damn! I've hurt his feelings. I didn't mean to, but this pacing is ridiculous.

Truthfully, Yaphet isn't the problem. The problem is I can't stand being near him because he reminds me of Tyrell. I got to lay off the weed, smoking all this green has made me an emotional wreck.

'I'm sorry. I meant no disrespect. It's just that you look like a friend of mine who-' my voice trailed off.

'Who hurt you in some way,' Yaphet said.

I nodded my head yes, 'I'm sorry for being an ass.'

'That's ok. I did want something from you.'

'Exactly,' I said feeling a wave of nausea flow over me about my sorry life. But I know the position.

I untie my robe letting it fall to the bed, so that Yaphet may take control of my body.

Why can't someone find me interesting-or love me for me- instead of my large black dick.

Yaphet surprises me by draping the robe over my shoulders.

'I want to talk with you.'


'When I see you, I see an attractive man that I want to fuck, but there is more. I want to talk with you.'

Our eyes lock again. In his bedroom brown eyes I can see his sincerity.

'Is this your doctor side coming out? Demeeka told me all about you, Dr. Barber.'

He laughed. 'I hope you won't treat me differently.'

'No, you are fine. I accept people for who they are-not by their title. But I got to ask, how old are you? You look very young to be a doctor.'

Yaphet laughs again. His laughter sounds like music in a key of joy. The melody relaxes me-the way no whiteboy ever could.

'I thank you for the compliment. I am 31.'

He explains that the older guys here are professional males employed as college professors.

'And you?' he asked.

'21,' I automatically said relighting my green.


He doesn't believe me. The sonofabitch has common sense, too.

'Yes, 21. Besides its to late for you to turn back now,' I said geekin on my own line.

Yaphet takes my green and inhales a hit between his sexy brown lips.

I slide up the bed so that my head lays at the top while Yaphet sits below-exchanging puffs until it ends.

I enjoy the taste of Yaphet's full brown lips-I feel as if I am kissing him over and over again.

Yaphet explains that he was born in Lagos, Nigeria. His parents were happy that he received his doctorate, but angry when he came out.

'Ha! I can relate. I never told my parents that I am gay,' I said.

'Parents act like this is a phase or that we wanted this to happen.'

We laugh. We are stoned out of our skulls. Still, this is a nice moment. He seems like a decent guy.

'So, no offense, but how did you get involved in this career?'

'This career?' Damn, I spoke to soon.

'I did not mean to disrespect you. Believe it or not, I am a bit nervous. You are an incredibly good looking man, no matter how old you are,' he said geekin.

'Thank you and likewise.'

We take in a comfortable silence feeling the erb run through our veins Until he decides to say-

'You know it's interesting, but I never met someone from St. Lucia who did not possess a dialect.'

'My parents are from St. Lucia. I was born in the States. I was left with my mom, while my dad traveled looking for something-anything better.'

'Interesting,' he said as if he is expecting me to say more.

'My story would take forever to tell. Why don't you take off your shirt and I will explain it to you.'

Yaphet's body is amazing. While he is thin like me, his chest is much more broad and his arms are sculpted like mighty baobab tree branches. My 9inch dick rises looking at the tattoo of the wild panther on his chest.

'Come here and lay beside me,' I said.

I could tell that his cock is growing erect from the print in his sweat pants. Nonetheless, we keep our clothes on. Tonight, I don't want to fuck. I just want to lie on Yaphet's black chest and feel his tree branch arms around me. With that, we fall into a peaceful sleep. His arm holds me-protects me- like no man has ever done before.

For some strange reason, this feels right.


Sadly, I dream only of Tyrell. He has remained on my mind since he left me with his daughter. Tyrell asked me to watch her a year ago and I haven't seen him since. As much as I love Danielle and I love being her 'dad', she needs her real father. In my heart, I know that he will be home soon. He wouldn't leave his daughter cut throat.

Still, I dream about how our lives could have been different. The last time I saw him we were both 17.

'Hey, I'm back,' he said retuning to the apartment that I share with my mother.

He is gorgeous wearing a blue baseball cap that sits sideways on his bald head, a yellow shirt that highlights his midnight complexion and skinny blue jeans that cling to his lean build.

He lays the container of baby soy milk on the kitchen counter.

'Thanks for taking care of her,' he said as I hold his baby girl Danielle in my arms.

'Not a problem, that's what brothers are for.'

Tyrell enraptures us into his muscled arms.

'You are more than a brother to me,' he whispers into my ear. 'I think its time I show you.'

Instantly-*- my mother appears to take Danielle and disappears.

Tyrell and I sit at both ends on the couch. My hazel eyes connect with his bedroom brown vision.

On his handsome dark face, I can see his contentment for me/his daughter/his life.

'Why are you sitting so far?' he asked moving closer to me.

'What are you doing, Tyrell?'

'I love you, Kash. You're my boy and now I want you to be my boo.'

He kisses me in the mouth. My 9inch cock erects feeling his tongue touch mine.

'I want you to be my first,' he whispered in my ear.

We kiss again.

Instantly-*- I kneel in front of my sweet prince sucking on his phat 8.5 black dick. I kiss his dick's crooked tip before I swallow the full length of his ebony shlong.

'Shlup! Shlup! Shlup!' is the sound I make swallowing the length of Tyrell's dick.

'Yeah, nigga. Suck it!' Tyrell lowly moaned.

I lightly place my brown lips around his hairy balls, making Tyrell wince,

'Damn, you suck my dick betta than any bitch could.'

On the carpeted floor, I sit on all fours like a dog happily pleasing his master.

I hungrily return his dick back into my mouth-where it belongs.

'Oh shit, eat that dick, mawfucka!'

Tyrell pulls on my short curly hair so that my pretty brown lips tap against the base of his iron cock.

'Slup! Slup! Slup'

'I've always wanted you, Kash,' Tyrell said, 'When we took showers after our lacrosse games, I would sneak a peek at your big dick. I want you to fuck me, man. Please.'

How could I resist my sweet prince's request?

Instantly-*- I lay on my folded arms in bed as Tyrell sucks on my uncircumcised honey dick.

'Yo, tighten your mouth around my dick,' I advised the cock sucking virgin.

My sweet prince looks sinfully sexy as he slobbers on my 9inch monster.

'Shlp! Shlp! Shlp' is the sound he makes as he tries to deep throat my cock.

'That's how you do it, baby. No hands, just use your mouth.'

Yes, God! I could cum like this, but that wouldn't be fair to my sweet prince.

Instantly-*- Tyrell lays on his stomach with a fluffy pillow underneath his 8.5 johnson.

I plunge my red tongue deep into Tyrell's delicious hairy asshole-his ass tastes like sweet cookies.

'Oww! Goddamn man, eat my ass,' he whined like a good bitch wanting daddy's 9inch gift in his ass.

Instantly-*- Tyrell's virgin's dark ass is lubed and ready to receive my love.

I lay on top of Tyrell's toned back rubbing my hard honey dick between his beautiful black ass cheeks.

We breathe as one, anticipating crossing this next boundary to seal our love.

'I'ma go slow. I don't want to hurt you,' I whispered in his ear.

'I can take it,' he responded.

He moans as I push my head into his hairy black hole.

'ah,' he moaned breathlessly.

I have to resist the urge to cum from feeling the tightness of Tyrell's dark skins. I check in with him to see how he is taking my mighty weight. In response, he wiggles around letting my brain settle in his virgin ass.

'Yeah, man. Go on.'

I go deeper in-'oH Shyit!'- and roll my hips filling his ass with my 9inch dick.

My hazel eyes records Tyrell's facial expression.

His beautiful midnight complexion turns a shade lighter as his mouth hangs open in an O, but he continues to tell me-

'Go deeper, man. I can take it.'

My sweet prince is so brave. I know my 9inches presses on his colon, but he takes it like a soldier.

'You got a tight ass, ba,' I said pumping my dick half way in his ass.

Suddenly, Tyrell inhales/exhales a huge puff of air pulling my full 9inches inside.

'OH damn, ba!' I said feeling his tight black ass squeezing on my honey dick.

'Yeah, nigga. I can take your dick, now. FUCK ME MAWFUCKA!!!!!'

Instantly-*- my back lays on the bed while Tyrell rides my cock.

'Oh yeah, fuck me Kash!' he screamed like a bitch.

Tyrell leans his arms on the bed while his ass strangles my dick.

'Oh shit, ba! You like this? You like taking dick?' I asked pinching his nipples.

Tyrell sits in a squatting position bouncing on my cock. Throughout my room, is the sound-


'I love you, nigga! Fuck me harder!' he said.

Instantly-*- Tyrell is on his back-his black developed legs are in a V shape swinging in the air.

'Damn Kash, I never knew this shit could feel so good,' he whined letting my black dick turn his tight ass into a loose pussy.

I shape Tyrell's dark body into a C by squatting my legs on the bed and suspending his legs over his head. I look into his handsome brown eyes to see the pleasure of our love.

He jerks his big 8.5inch cock as I feed his hairy hole my black dick.

From my dick slamming into his ass, the room echoes-


'It feel good, ba? You like it, ba? Tell me you like it!'

'I love it, Kash. Yesssss!'

I hold Tyrell's ankles into the air while he pumps his phat black cock faster.

'Ow! Shit I can't take it anymore. I gotta cum,' he yelled.

'Then cum, nigga. I want you to wet, ba!'

'AHHH-FUCK ME! KASH-FUCCCCK MEEEEE!' he screamed like a bitch as his wet flies in the air landing on my left shoulder, pecs, stomach, and chin.

'Yeah, nigga. You liked that shit-Oh damn, here I go, ba. You ready?'

'Yeah, Kash. Cum, man. Cum in my asshole.'

'Ohhhh-Ohhhh! Shit! Urrhhh!' with that my cum shoots its load throughout his beautiful black body.

This moment seals our love-our happiness-we are forever connected-no one can take this love away.

Unfortunately, it's a dream. Tyrell is not here-we are not connected-our love doesn't-never existed.


'Thank you for a great night,' birthday boy said giving me a white envelope.

Inside is a bonus he gives me for being a good Mandingo.

His white lover and the chubby announcer wish me a safe ride home as the sun rises in the spring sky.

Demeeka and her boyfriend wait for me in their car.

'It was a great night. Remember to pick up my new movie,' I said kissing all three on the cheeks.

As I place my suitcase in the car, Yaphet walks outside standing distant from his friends.

My hazel eyes connect with his sad brown vision. I walk over to him.

'Were you even going to wake me up to say goodbye?' he asked.

'You were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to disturb you.'

'Interesting,' he said-always expecting more.

'Well, I have to go. Take care of yourself,' I said.

I look into Yaphet's brown eyes and I can see his sensitivity-his gentleness. Before, I had that bond with Tyrell-but he's gone now. Maybe when he returns-he will give his heart to me.

Yaphet gives me his office business card and smiles his pretty dimples at me.

'Call me, when you have a chance. I hope to see you again,' he said.

'You will when you pick up my next video.'

I kiss him on the cheek-goodbye.

I sit in the car-never looking back at Yaphet-but I know that he continues to watch me.

Demeeka waves goodbye and asks me when we are alone, 'So what's the situation with Dr. Barber?'

'Nothing, nothing at all,' I said suddenly feeling noxious.

Her boyfriend turns the ignition driving us far away from Chevy Chase, Maryland.



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