Everyone has a price. Whether a person pays for love, money, drugs, or sex- everyone has a price.

I arrive at this conclusion counting my tips from working as a waiter in downtown Baltimore.

Tonight, I brought in $355.00, which is the typical amount I receive from working here.

Being a waiter brings in chump change compared to starring in adult male videos.

Thankfully, customers remember me from my many movies.

Whether guys, or sometimes girls, they all want to see Kash- the Mandingo with the long black dick.

Customers love my smooth honey skin, short curly hair, hazel eyes, toned-thin frame, juicy brown lips, and thick island ass globes.

And I give them what they want by wearing tight pants that show my 9inch dick print.

During a busy work day, I had a group of guys ask me, 'Can I see your ass tattoo?'

It took all of my energy not to blast those faggots. Instead, I kept calm, smiled and said, 'Maybe later.'

That flirtatious response gained me a $75.00 tip.

All I have to do to please these batty brains is smile, show my 9 inch dick, and shake my ass.

These folks could give a damn about who I am-that my real name is Akash Muhammad, that I am a second generation immigrant from St. Lucia, or that I have a pretty baby daughter named Danielle.

Their dicks would really explode if they knew I was only eighteen.

Still, their money pays the bills.

Like any night that I close the restaurant, I place the chairs on the tables to sweep the floor. The kitchen crew are breaking down their station, leaving me here alone to wait on an older white guy.

He wears thin frame glasses, has a flabby stomach, and thinning gray hair. He casually drinks a gin and tonic while watching me with his horny blue eyes.

Twenty minutes left to go, then I go home to be with my daughter. Thankfully, my mother watches her when I work late. Without my little girl's love, I would be a true freak-not just one on television.

My girl means the world to me- even though I am not her real dad.


I was about sixteen years old when I met my best friend and Danielle's father Tyrell.

Tyrell reminded me of Lauyrn Hill's 'Sweetest Thing' with his midnight skin, brown eyes, pretty brown lips, lean build, and tall stature. We met in high school where we both played lacrosse. I immediately fell in love with him-but he was strictly pussy. Taking showers after practice was difficult, I kept staring at his large chocolate dick. He had at least 8.5 inches, with a crooked tip. I would do anything to suck on his thick candy cane.

But, I knew I could never tell him that. A message like that would destroy our friendship.

He and I were always together.

We studied for tests and stayed the night over each others house when our home life became intolerable.

When we smoked white boys together, I would see a whole new side to him.

I saw his sensitivity, his gentleness. I melted each time his brown eyes stared into mine.

Tyrell was my nigga, but I wanted him to be my boo. Unfortunately, he only wanted pussy.

After we won a difficult game, Tyrell asked me, 'Kash, lets go run a train on a ho.'


'Yeah man, come on. You not scared right?'

'Nah-man, I'm in.'

So we decided to grab a girl from school, which was easy because all the chicks loved me-but I couldn't stand them.

We found a geeky, dark chicken head, who would do anything I asked as long as I smiled.

She was a catholic school girl come true wearing a silver cross between her dark breasts. However, the school girl was a slut who let boys into her house when her parents were at church.

After taking a few sips of henny (Tyrell's idea to lighten the mood) the dumb bitch was more than willing to ride our train.

'Oh Akash, you are so beautiful with your pretty hazel eyes,' she jabbered.

My only thought was, bitch get the fuck away from me with your nasty cunt.

I had to ignore this thought-because my sweet prince wanted pussy.

Tyrell started by sucking on the broad's dark nipples.

My dick instantly sprung to its 9inch length watching his large brown lips sucking on the girl's nipple like a pacifier.

He placed two fingers on her wet clit making her moan.

I knew I had to do something, so while he ate her wet snatch on one end of the bed, I laid her back down on the other end.

On her lips, I placed my hard cock, which dripped like a leaky faucet. She wiped away my fluids by licking her saucers.

'Oh Akash! Your dick is so big. What do you want me to do with it?' she asked like a dumb bitch.

'I want you to swallow it, baby,' I lied-I wanted Tyrell to swallow it more than anything.

She opened her mouth to suck my head.

'Oh shit!' I said pushing deeper into the bitch's oral canal.

Soon, I had my shlong feeling up her tonsils. She gagged every now and then-but I stayed in deep.

Tyrell sat on top of her and rubbed his beautiful 8.5 chocolate stick between her large round tits.

I felt my jealousy rise as he squeezed her titties around his thick manhood.

Why doesn't he touch me like that, I thought.

The bitch's pussy dripped an ocean as she swallowed my 9inch dick while Tyrell fucked her tits.

'Wait a minute, Tyrell. Let's flip her over.'

Tyrell climbed off her to lay on his back. She sat on top of him and rubbed her nasty snatch on his beautiful black cock.

'Ah-yeah. Shit feels good,' Tyrell moaned.

She slowly lifted her pussy on top of Tyrell's hard cock trapping his dick into her disgusting snatch.

'Eh!' Tyrell screamed, 'It's so tight!'

I felt my rage rise again watching her deface my sweet prince's iron cock.

The girl went slowly up-down-up-down-up-down taking him into her.

'Oh-shit girl. Give me that cherry,' he said with pleasure.

Tyrell held on to her hips pushing her down his black cock.

'Yeah, baby! Take this dick!' he said as his black dick slid inandoutinandoutinandout of her pussy.

I could see her juice fall from outside of her snatch hole onto the base of his iron cock.

'What, you gonna keep watching me fuck this bitch? Don't you want some tail?' Tyrell asked.

Automatically, I grabbed the jar of Vaseline sitting on her dresser and placed a large dab on her ass hole.

'Oh no. I never had anyone go back there and your dick is to big,' she annoyingly squeaked.

'Come on baby. Don't be like that. I will be gentle,' I lied. To further convince her I gave her a smile.


She laid her tits on Tyrell's firm black chest, allowing him to fuck her twat deeper/Deeper/DEEPER. While he stuffed her pussy, she waved her ass in the air anticipating my dick.

Why this bitch acting like she never had ass play before, I thought watching her ass stand ready.

I squatted beside her.

'Yeah, man fuck this bitch,' Tyrell said looking into my hazel eyes making my dick grow more horny.

My dick hungrily slipped into her ass devouring her supposed 'ass virginity.'

'Ow-oh shit, girl you gotta tight ass,' I moaned resisting the urge to cum.

Her ass was tight and beyond good-but what really got me was feeling Tyrell's dick fucking her pussy.

If I could feel his cock, I knew he could feel mine, too.

As her pussy lips slapped against his balls,


we looked into each others eyes. This was the closet I ever came to feeling his chocolate candy cane. 'Yeah, we gonna bust ya shit wide open,' he said.

I could feel Tyrell's dick grinding deeper into her pussy.

He kept looking at me, even when I licked my lips loving the pleasure of feeling his cock.

'Oww!' she screamed with pleasure at having two dicks strangle her body.

I imagined that the dumb bitch was not there and that I was riding Tyrell's iron cock.

'Oh fuck me, Tyrell!' I commanded as I sat on his large monster.

'Hell, yeah-take it girl,' he said urging me to pop my pussy on his monster.

'plap-plap-plap-plap' was the sound of our bodies connecting in lust.

'Fuck me deeper!' I screamed.

I leaned my arms in back of me on the bed and made my asstwat slap harder/faster/harder/faster against his black cock.

Tyrell's black dick was like a hurricane ravaging my island ass globes.

'Yeah, baby give me that pussy,' Tyrell said loving the tight feeling of my dark manhole.

'Yes, daddy,' I whimpered.

While I ride his 8.5 monster he would spank my ass,

'Slap! Slap! Slap!'

'Yes daddy,' I'd scream.

'You are mine-this is my pussy.'

'Yes, daddy! Please fuck me harder!'

I pinched my nipples as his 8.5 monster rudely banged against my colon.

'Say my name baby,' he ordered.

'Oh, Tyrell-Fuck me daddy. This ass is yours,' I said looking into his intoxicating brown eyes.

Having Tyrell fuck me would feel like heaven.

Instead, we were fucking this chicken head, which didn't feel bad-but it was nothing like fucking a man.

'Ah shit! I'm gonna cum,' Tyrell said finally looking away from me.

He pushed into the girl deeper with quick strokes.

'Yeah, man. I'm gonna bust a nut, too,' I said.

Together we shattered the bitch's walls down.

'Ehhhhhhh!' he screamed.

My dick felt his cum pump into her body.

'Yeaaaa!' I said letting my wet nut fly in her ass.

We came together and it was beautiful.

Unexpectedly, we held each others gaze for a few seconds.

When I looked into his beautiful brown eyes, I saw again his sensitivity-his gentleness.

That's when I knew, that I loved him in a way that I have never loved another.

'Are you guys ok? You look spaced out. My pussy must be damn good,' the chicken head said ending our moment together.


Our relationship quickly changed after that moment together.

Tyrell spent less time with me, but more time with her.

'Hey man, I gotta go to class' or 'Sorry man, I gotta hang out with my girl,' or 'I gotta run home.'

My man disappeared. This lonliness hurt me, terribly-but I moved on.

To earn money, I started making movies when I was seventeen. No one ever asked my age. If they did, I had plenty of id cards printed.

Again, smile, show your dick, shake your ass and the whole world loves you.

But I missed Tyrell and was truly shocked when he knocked on my door with a baby girl.


'Hey man,' he said.

I invited them in.

Tyrell looked completely disheveled as if the whole world had fallen on top of his shoulders.

Turns out, that Tyrell got the chicken head pregnant and her parents were pissed. They told her not to have an abortion because it was against their catholic beliefs, instead they told her to give the child up for adoption. Tyrell took the baby, he named her Danielle after his deceased grandmother, who raised him. He immediately realized that he could not raise her alone.

'Won't your mother help you.'

'Kash, you know my mother doesn't give a damn about me. She kicked me out when I came home with the kid.'

'What! I didn't think parents could do that.'

'Well she did,' my sweet prince looked completely defeated.

When our eyes connected, I felt his loneliness-his sadness.

'Can you watch her for a minute. I am going to run to the store and buy some milk.'

'Sure,' I said hoping to assist him in some way.

Before he left, Tyrell said, 'You know, I would never trust my little girl with anyone, but you.'

For some reason, that touched my heart.

When I was alone with Danielle, we instantly bonded. She was only a month old with pretty midnight skin and pretty brown eyes, just like her dad. She had a quiet temperament.

An hour-two-five-nine hours passed by and still no Tyrell.

'What are you going to do?' my mom asked me.

'I don't know,' I said. 'He'll be back soon.'


And with that, I became a gay teenaged father.

My little girl is one year old now and thankfully, my mother doesn't really pester me, she simply watches my Danielle while I do what I have to do to take care of our family.

I know Tyrell-he would never leave his little girl alone for long. He'll be back.

Until then, I lead a distorted life-but its mine.

As the kitchen crew leave for the night, the white guy still nurses his drink watching me with his horny blue eyes.

As much as I sometimes dread what I have to do, I have a family to take care of.

Looking in the mirror, I apply gloss to my pretty brown lips making sure that they look irresistible.

I turn around and say to the old guy:

'Hey Mr. we are about to close. Can you give me a ride home?'




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