Vadim had not seen Yurikom more than five years. Since he left the small provincial town childhood and moved to the Lower, where he studied and lived an independent life free. Their parents died in a fire when Vadim was 10 and he had just turned 5. Yurik care for orphans took the aunt and her husband. To live with the new guardians were not sweet, boys often fall for the most minor offenses, and, sometimes, and just out prevention. After school, Vadim put together a few things and went to Nizhny Novgorod in search of a better life. The aunt was glad - one burden was less. In Nizhny Vadim not go to college went to work at the construction site. The work was hard, but the guy was physically strong (several years in the fight). A few years later, he still went to college in absentia, but continued to work on a construction site. Earnings allowed him to take the floor flat in emergency house and how that meet their everyday needs. About the city of his childhood, he hardly remembered ... And then, one day, appeared on the threshold low smiling stalwart in which Vadim learned brother. The boys hugged and Vadim let Eureka apartment. - Hello, hello, bro. I'm glad to see you - truly said Vadim - how good that you came. - I'm also very glad, Vadim. I finished school, though not very well. Decided to go in your footsteps. You can profit from you and work too, until I go to the construction site .... - Of course. You live. And where will work, will discuss ... - Vadim said, setting the table. He could not stop looking at his brother. Yura did not come out the increase, as does Vadim, who was only 160 cm tall, and Yura and even less - 150 cm, but was strong athletic guy (he and older brother, went to the wrestling section before graduation). Guys figure were very similar to each other. Vadim ran to the store for vodka. During this time, Yura washed off the road and in shorts and a T-shirt sat and waited for his brother. The boys sat, drank, talked about relatives and acquaintances about life plans. Thus began a joint measured life brothers. Vadim Yurik told not to rush to work, and look at the city, poobvyknut. Vadim went to work, and Yura engaged in life and walked around the city. One evening, Vadim came home with some already drunk and partying with a bottle of vodka.Vypm, bratuha? - Vadim said, pouring vodka into the glasses. Yura supported his brother, and later ran for one another bottle that guys just painted. For a drink drunken conversations came to an intimate topic. - Yura, and you Devchenka there? - Said Vadim. - No, - said Yura slightly embarrassed - as it did not work. - And in general was? - No. - What you do not and never ebalsya? - Do not let Vadim.Yura hesitated and said nothing, and went to the toilet in order to cast. When I returned hurriedly began to clean up the table. - Come on, do not be shy. What are your age. I, too, have long or anyone not perdolit. A dick asks, but .... - sadly concluded drunk brother. - Come see even porn. I got a few discs. - Let'S Go. - Agreed to Yura. The brothers went into the room. Vadim including DVD-player and put the film. The brothers sat on the couch and watching what is happening on the screen. Member Vadim quickly came to martial status, the guy did not hesitate, rubbed it over tights. Then he put his hand in his pants and began to vigorously podrachivat. At some point, Vadim looked at the man sitting next to Eureka. The osolovelo looked at the screen and squeezed huge tent, resulting in his shorts. - Nihuya himself - said Vadim - Nuka We show that there at you - he nodded to the rearing shorts brother. Yura had no qualms, pulled off his shorts with shorts to the knees. Freed hefty dick hit in the stomach. - Nihuya Statement - repeated Vadim pushing closer to the unit, which proudly rocked from side to side, and the head was sticking up. - Where did you get such a huische? How did you get in length? - 23 centimeters. - Yura said proudly, rubbing his dick. - A thick 7. Vadim took off his tights with shorts, exposing her pretty hefty body. - My neither of the small, 18 cm, but your far - he said, taking his penis at the base and pulling. - When was the last time I saw you with the riser, it was much less. - Vadim remembered an episode of adolescence. - Do you remember how I found you on the earrings, when you masturbate and suck each other? You then again I both suck, so I did not tell anyone. This episode from his childhood that Vadim remembered, was a little confused shy guy, but Yura when he was nervous before my eyes. He gets tough guy obsessed with lust. And now stood podrachivaya, and watched it on the screen, then a member of his brother. - Well, Yuri, can otsosesh me, as it was then. - Vadim offered. - Well, first, you try my taste, but we'll see - Yura said, smiling lasciviously. - Come on. - Vadim agreed and came to his brother, knelt down and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Here it should be noted that Vadim was not a novice in the blowjob. It is very early discovered his bisexual leanings and his life was replaced by many partners of both sexes. But, recently, Vadim began to pay more attention to male and huyam zhopam. And here in front of him was a beaut, by which sin was held. Vadim took hard work. He passed his tongue over all members, sweaty balls licked and began to sit down on a huge monster mouth. Yura, as it turned out, did not want to be indifferent. He grabbed his brother's head and began furiously stick to his unit. Vadim choked, tried to escape, but Yura gripped him and guided the process. Vadim brother grabbed hold of the strong round buttocks and began to squeeze them in order to ease the pressure of Man. But this only further inflamed Eureka. He fucked hard to swallow more than 15 minutes, until I came, the Gulf sperm all over your face Vadim. Only then did he let him go and sat on the couch. Vadim, exhausted and gasping collapsed to the floor. Half an hour later, Vadim got up from the floor, took off his shirt and staggered to the bathroom. Yura also took a T-shirt, went to the toilet and pee, naked, with a member of the thigh to rot, and went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of vodka. Vadim, opolosnuvshiysya in the shower, too, came into the kitchen. Brothers silently drank and smoked.



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