The next interview was with a Colombian guy named Carlos Mario. He had sent me his pictures, four to be exact. Carlos had a 10 inch uncut cock stiff. He was married  and lived in a suburb of Medellin to the north. When I saw the first picture it reminded me of the statue of David in Florence, Italy. Yeah he had a body perfect in every way just like the one, Michelangelo had carved. It showed his soft cock surrounded by his bush  and his sensuous body made me gasp. The next picture was of his ass which after conversing with him made sense. Carlos said he had had two experiences with men. He said he had fucked both but had always fantasied what it would be like to have his ass fucked. The third picture was of his cock semi. hard showing his foreskin just covering his expanding cock. The fouth was where his cock was totally erect and as I viewed it I kept thinking about the two guys that had the pleasure of getting fucked by it.

   I decided to use the adult cinema again since Sebastian´s interview  went so well and for the fact these candidates were relatively straight and enjoyed the straight porn, As we sat down in the middle of the theatre I could smell the odor of his body mixed with the remnants of the fragrant soap he used to shower with. We began to make out with the usual caresses and deep searching kisses showing we both hungered for each other. I let him take the lead and he proceeded to unbutton my Levi jeans and with some furtive tugging, managed to bring  my cock out into dim light of the cinema. After jerking it for a while, he leaned over and started to mouth my cock which had begun to produce the sweet nectar of my precum which he gladly savored. While he was busy with his mouth, I continued to feel his stiff cock still hidden from my view within his jeans. I found the zipper and after lowering the metal hasp I reached in to find he wasn´t wearing any underwear. I let my fingers surround his thick shaft and I sought out the head of his cock which was also slimy with precum of anticipation.

   I interrupted his bobbing head  and told him to take his cock out. Carlos took his cock out and went back to the task at hand, trying to empty the load of cum from my balls. I knew he wanted to please me since a business arrangement  like the one between us only happened rarely. Plus the fact there was a immediate chemistry between us from the start. As he was sucking I asked whether he swallowed or not. He answered no but said he always wanted to make a guy cum by sucking his cock. I told him that he was doing a good job since my balls were almost to the point of unloading my spent up cream into his waiting mouth. I guess this made him more determined since he started to suck my cock with more vigor swallowing my entire nine inch cock til his lips touched my balls. I could feel the cum in my balls start to boil to the point of no return. I started to thrust upward into his sucking mouth until there was no turning back on my part. The first thick spurt of my cum entered his mouth just as he was finishing  a downward motion on my shaft. I heard him grunt as he received it and could feel his throat muscles swallowing what I had rewarded him. He kept sucking my cock and had me in a frenzy of fucking his mouth and emptying my my heavy load from my balls. He took the last shot of my cum and bottomed out with his mouth resting on my hairy balls. 

   He remained with his mouth impaled on my cock and only raised his head when my cock started to be real sensitive from his continuing sucking. I told him that was a great blowjob and Carlos said he enjoyed my load of cum immensely. He sat back and unbuckled his belt and top buttom of his jeans. He peeled his jeans til they rested on his workboots.Now it was my turn to savor his cock which I did by getting between his hairy legs. I brought the head of his cock to my lips, it was huge like I liked. As my tongue tasted his abundant precum and massaged his cockhead with my tongue he started to gasp amd thrust more of his length within my lips. I wasn´t  a novice and he knew it. Carlos started to thrust his cock into my mouth fullfilling the animalistic need before him. I caressed his hairy balls as I sucked his cock. He gasped at the fact I could swallow his ten incher with ease and he thought to himself that this could be the best blow job he was about to receive in his young life. 

   But as luck would have it, a troll had become interested to the point he was annoying. I told Carlos let´s go to the bathroom and finish off in a stall. We both put our cocks away, I was stiff again from sucking such as succulent cock and this seemed to please Carlos immensely. We entered the stall and I sat on the toilet  and watched as he peeled his jeans down one again and shuffled toward my waiting mouth. I told him first to turn around so I could eat his ass as he bent down he noticed a gloryhole in the side wall. Soon a huge thick cock protruded through the opening. I said go ahead and he engulfed the thick shaft. I thought to myself that he was really getting into sucking cock. I could see that he was sucking off the troll that had bothered us which didn´t bother me since all of us have our needs. I continued to eat his ass wanting to fulfill his wish to have a cock fuck his virgin ass. I told him to sit on my cock which he gladly did impaling himself while continuing to suck the cock through the wall of the stall. I could hear the guy on the other side egging him on and that he was going to shoot his load. I started to fuck his head savoring its tightness. I could feel my balls wanting to unload again within his asshole. I was doing all the work from below since he was busy sucking off the guy. I then heard the guy gasp and telling him he was eating his hot load which had been in his balls for a week.  After Carlos had emptied this guy´s balls he released the shrunken cock and was repalced was even a bigger uncut cock. The owner of this cock was black and I would say was a good 12 incher. Carlos started to suck his cock but he said his mouth was tired. So I got off the toilet still with my cock in his ass and bent Carlos over so I could suck this black guy´s cock. I continued to fuck his ass and at the same time was able to suck this black cock. When Carlos had rested  his mouth  he raised his lips to aid me me in getting the cream from the owner of this huge cock sticking through the gloryhole. I asked Carlos whether he had ever sucked a black cock and he said no. As I fucking his hot ass my forward thrust into him would impale his mouth upon the thick cock. In no time I heard the gutteral grunt from the black guy emptying his heavy load with Carlos´s mouth. I could see the cream start to leak from the sides of his mouth regretting letting him have this stranger´s cum. Ihis brought me over the edge and I unloaded a week´s load of cum from my balls. Carlos seem exhausted from the experience and eased himself off my cock. Once free I had to taste this black guys cum and told Carlos to share the remnants of what was left in his mouth. 

   I thought to myself between Sebastian and him this would be a difficult decision but one that had to be made. The next guy I had to interview turned out to be a twist of fate since it was my best friend´s brother Diego. I had already sucked his cock months before and he had run into some bad luck. I was trying to figure out how an arrangement with Diego would work out. I thought to myself what better person to receive  such easy money than Jhon´s own brother in need. He had one of the best black cocks I had ever had the pleasure to suck off. It measured at least 14 inches and had a huge head which he loved to ram into my eager throat. In the next chapter I will include how I first got the opportunity to suck his cock. There would no problem with my friend, Jhon who deep down was obsessed with his brother, Diego.




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