It all started very innocently with a night of drinking with Jhon ,my best friend,  and a straight friend of his, Martine. He is a transit policeman in Envigado who had gotten Jhon out of many close calls through the years. I knew their relationship was platonic just a good friend nothing more. Jhon had his private life and I had mine which seldom intermingled until one night. 

   After sharing a few drinks with them I had went to bed oblivious of what had developed between them without me knowing. Jhon had mentioned he had a huge uncut cock and I asked him how he knew. Jhon said once they had went for drinks and Jhon excused himself to take a leak. He went to the men´s room and was taking a piss when Martine entered and stood beside him. Jhon was curious of what Martine had hanging between his legs. As Jhon was finishing, he glanced down nonchalantly as he friend was pissing and what he saw astonished him. Martine was holding a huge thick uncut cock probably eight inches soft with the foreskin peeled back revealing a huge cockhead and where a torrent of yellow liquid was exiting from its slit splashing against the white china of the urinal.  Jhon said  he continued to stand there when Martine caught him looking and  said smiling ¨You should see it when I unload my big balls of cum¨ whereupon he tugged out his big pendulous hairy balls in full view of Jhon. Jhon said I thought you were straight and Martine said I am but through my years while working as a transit policeman opportunities would arise now and then. Jhon continued to gaze upon it as it lenghtened  and he could feel his ass start to get moist just thinking about having it up his ass. It had grown to ten inches and wasn´t even fully hard. Martine said ¨It may be your lucky night¨, patting Jhon´s ass as he put away his monster cock and exited the bathroom with him. 

   Jhon and Martine sat back down at the table and continued to drink. Jhon mentioned what was the opportunities he was talking about and Martine said he and his fellow transit police would set up up a reten which was a traffic stop to catch people drinking while driving. Somtimes the people caught would offer favors for them not writing a ticket. Martine said it didn´t matter if they were male or female since a mouth was a mouth and a ass was an ass. Martine mentioned the time when he stopped Jhon and noticed right away Jhon had a cute bubbleass and that  he wanted to fuck his ass to no end. Jhon said ¨He had no idea cause he ended up giving his ass to another policeman who took him aside and made him choose between a ticket or his cock. Jhon said the policeman took him to a dark parking lot where he ended up giving up his ass. Martine said,¨ that night it was just his luck to be second in line or Jhon would had his ass filled by his cock. Martine said when the policeman came back he mentioned how tight your ass was and that he filled it with his cum within two minutes of his cock being inside.

   Martine was glad that they had run into each other and became friends so eventually he would hopefully get a first hand taste of his ass. Jhon and Martine finished off the bottle of rum and Martine and Jhon ended up at the house when I was away. Jhon said Martine and him were real drunk as they arrived at the house. Martine said he couldn´t go home since his girlfriend would be mad for getting drunk. Martine asked Jhon if he could stay over which made Jhon´s hole moister by the minute. He showed Martine the spare bedroom not wanting to show that he had any interest in having sex but Martine had collapsed on Jhon´s bed. Jhon ended up removing Martine´s clothes except for his briefs. Jhon got in bed thinking about what Martine had said. As he turned on his side to go asleep Martine turned over and brought his already hard cock to rest against Jhon´s ass. It wasn´t long til  Martine roughly pulled down Jhon´s briefs and brought the head of his cock to Jhon´s hole. As he entered he said ¨I guess its your lucky night and for my cock also. He sank his eleven inch cock to his balls banging them against Jhon´s ass. Martine started to fuck him sideways alowing Jhon to get use to suck a huge cock. After five minutes Martine laid on his back and told Jhon to mount him. John sank down after his immensely thick shaft feeling its contours as he did . Martine put his hands underneath  Jhon ass and said that his coworker had been right about Jhon having a tight ass as he raised John up and down on his shaft, impaling him til he rested on his balls. The alcohol they had consumed made the fuck last a long time until Jhon shot his load onto Martine´s chest which iniciated Martine to cum. After filling Jhon´s ass with the huge contents of his balls he withdrew and turned over and fell asleep. They both slept til the early morning hours when Martine wanted more of Jhon´s sweet ass and Jhon was more than willing to accomodate him. 

Like I said I had fallen asleep and woke up and my mouth was so dry I got up and was making my way downstairs to get a drink. As I got to the landing I could see Jhon hunched over getting fucked by Martine. I tried to act like nothing was happening and Martine withdrew his condom sheathed cock and removed it. He said ¨I heard from Jhon you liked to suck cock more than anything well here´s your chance to suck a big cock.¨ I was more than willing to join them and sat down on the sofa where they had been fucking . Martine brought his cock to my mouth and started to feed me his huge cock. Jhon had gotten behind him his cock now condom clad starting to enter Martine´s willing hole. I could hear Martine gasp inch by inch as Jhon entered him with his big black cock. I could actually grab Jhon´s buns forcing more of him into Martines´s ass as I fed on his cock. They were both real drunk and after four or five minutes Jhon withdrew  he removed his rubber and brought his cock to replace Martine´s in my mouth. Martine had gotten behind Jhon and entered bareback with his big cock. I slurped and savored all the precum dripping from Jhon´s excited shaft and could feel Martine fucking him from behind forcing Jhon´s cock into my mouth with each thrust. Jhon couldn´t take Martine´s huge cock too long so he had Martine withdraw whereupon Martine told me to turn around  and I had no time to say no. He entered my ass dry sinking inch by inch into the depths of my ass. Jhon had gotten behind him against to fuck him so more. All at once they changed positions and having  removed his rubber John  entered my hot ass. He started to fuck it in unison of being fucked by Martine from behind. All at once I heard myself say Jhon fuck me harder which he did. I said harder and all at once I could feel the pulsations of his orgasm filling my ass with his cum. Martine had stimulated his prostate to the point of no return. 

   After Jhon´s orgasm subsided Martine brought his naked cock to my mouth I was surprised it didn´t taste like ass at all as he started to face fuck me. Jhon was busy kissing him and tweeking Martine´s nipples. All at once Martine said ¨Are you ready for my cum and I nodded yes having my mouth full of his cock.¨ With one last thrust his cock unloaded down my throat. I let it stay there til all his cum had filled my belly. He  withdrew slowly still cuming and  I tasted his salty cum as it still  leaked from the slit of the cockhead. Martine said¨Wasn´t sex with them great and I had to agree. My ass was full of my best friend´s cum and my belly  fullfrom an eleven  inch cock I had just sucked off.




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