Tommy Loves His sub

by Robert Halstead

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Chapter 45

Saturday night events

dylan remains in deep sleep throughout the night. Tommy takes a few pictures of his beautiful boy before struggling to get the boy under the blankets. It doesn’t take him long to fall asleep himself. They both need the rest.

So while they’re both sleeping, I thought this would be a good time to catch up a bit on what’s going on between Peter and Sammy, or rather, Peter and tyler, since Peter gave the boy a new name after he’d thrashed him for being rude to someone at the party. “A sub surrenders. A sub submits. A sub never speaks like a free boy.” he says over and over again while landing his strap over tyler’s butt and thighs. And to make the punishment hurt even more, he sends tyler back to his dorm room rather than having them sleep together. He orders the sub to go straight back to his dorm room and then to await his call on the phone. And to remain naked. (tyler has a single, which has its advantages, especially now.)

A bit later, naked tyler has ear to the phone while Peter explains some things and questions him.

“so one thing I suspect you have already realized is that I believe in physical punishment. It’s the only effective way to control behavior and break bad habits in a sub or slave. A good whipping is an effective way to train you to my liking should you decide you want to take a stab at being my slave, and that I do as well. Yes, I’ll help you. But your ability to take corporal punishment is very important to me. I’ll bring you along nicely, I promise, tyler.”

Tyler tries to answer but Peter cuts him off. “I haven’t given you permission to speak.  Now kneel down on the floor because I want to drive home the lesson I hope you learned this tonight.

(By the way, tyler is actually quite turned on and feels belittled and treated like a naughty child, which is exactly what he wants.)

“Now what did you want to say, tyler?”

“That only You knows when I deserve to be punished, Sir. The thought of that makes me want to grovel before you and kiss your feet.”

Peter grunts, but then begins his lecture. “Be realistic, boy. You feel you want to grovel, so go ahead. Get right down there for me. But obviously you can’t kiss my feet right now, so why bring it up? But really, tyler, I would think that any guy who is a junior in college with good grades would have enough sense to realize it is never appropriate for someone of your low state in life to snap back at a man who made a crack at you, rather than lower your head and accept the oral smack he gave you. That must never happen again. I hope my little painpig here can learn better manners after tasting my strap again.”

“Sir, may I ask a question?”

“Yes you may.”

“Where do we, I mean, where do I go from here?”

“You go back to your dorm room. I told you it is part of your punishment.”

“So are you finished with me, Sir?”

“that depends.”

“Depends on what, Sir?”

“Depends on what you’re wishing for behind all these words. You’ve got some important things to think about. What you want, what you need, what you hate---all these things have to be discussed.

“Sir, I need what happened last night. I need to become a slave. I need the control, the discipline, the demands. I need to be ruled. I’ve admired you so much all these years and never knew you were into the lifestyle. If I had known, I would have come begging to you a long time ago.”

“Control, discipline, demands. Interesting. Your whipped ass is sore as hell, you’re groveling on the floor alone in your room. I’d say you’re getting some of what you’re asking for. And I imagine you practice being very obedience while you’re working, how many nights a week is it, you hired whore?

tyler groans under the humiliation. “Two or three times a week, Sir.”

“who determines that?”

“up until now, I do. Every boy has a personal profile with all necessary information in it, including a picture.”

“So if you had a Master, I would expect that the Master would be the one to take care of your profile, to indicate how you could be used and they could treat you.”

“I never thought about that, Sir.”

“So, you see what I mean, tyler? Start thinking through possibilities for a full-time sub or slave. I could have you working 5 nights a week and give permission for hard spankings, and maybe even golden showers. That would make you even more desirable to the perverts who think of renting you for a few hours. Or, on the other hand, I could demand that you stop doing it all together. And listen, tyler, I’m speaking of extremes just to sober you up. What if your Master decided that you would only have sex with him from now on? Or gave you to groups of guys all at once?”

“I’m not trying to resist your control, Sir, but right now it’s the only way I have to support myself.”

“I see. Why only 2 or 3 nights a week?”

“the pay is very good, Sir, and that is all I really need for expenses and to save up for next year in school.”

“And in addition to that, tyler, it helps you to maintain yourself as much as possible in a submissive mindset, faggot.”

“Also a good way of thinking, Sir, but obviously it all depends on the Master’s ideas and the Master’s wishes for His slave.”

“So tell me, tyler, what services do your provide when meeting with a . . . what do you call the men you meet with?”

“Clients, Sir, unless the individual specifies otherwise.”

“Well, what do you do for these . . . clients, boy?”

“Full oral service, head to foot including ass, Sir. Clients agree to be thoroughly showered before meeting with a boy. Some clients like blow or fuck this boy, Sir.”

“and how about pain?”

“It’s not on my profile, Sir, although once in a while a client will want to give a hand spanking, but never anything too serious. Not like the way You spanked me tonight, Sir.”

“I was punishing you, boy, even though I only used my hands and a strap.”

“yes, Sir, and again I want to thank you for punishing me. That is what I needed. I promise I will always be submissive and respectful to men around me.”

“Good. Make sure you remember that, even if you’re not with me. It should be obvious to you at all times. But keep in mind that as far as I was concerned, I was very gentle with you.”

tyler gulps. “Then I would try my hardest not to do anything to warrant punishment, Sir.”

“Never forget, slut, that it is Master’s prerogative to punish his slave just because he wants to, not only because the slave was naughty.”

“Understand, Sir.”

“are you hard, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I forbid you to touch yourself during this conversation. So take your hand off your dick now, boy.”

“Yyyyes, Sir.”

“So as far as things go now, you strip and lick and suck and sometimes get fucked by these clients.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Pain is not specified in the profile.”

“No, Sir.”

“”how about piss?”

“No Sir, not at all.”

“you don’t like it?”

“Sir, it’s just a lack of experience, I guess.”

“I pissed in your mouth a bit last night, but then you looked like you were getting nauseous so I decided not to push you any farther.”

“Yes, Sir, and thank you for being so patient.”

“However, if I accept you as my slave, that situation will have to change. I am being very blunt here, tyler: if you become my slave, you will learn to drink my piss. All of it. Whenever I wanted.”

gulp. “Yyyyes, Sir.”

“How does that feel for you, boy?”

“I am leaking now, Sir, realizing how much you are humiliating me, but to be honest, I am also fearful of what it would be like.”

“Thank you for your honesty. If I take you, I will train you to be a humble slut slave for me, and if necessary, I will train you ‘under the lash.’ Have you ever heard that phrase, boy?”

“No, Sir.”

“In a book I read once, criminals were sentenced to what they called “hard labor under the lash,” which meant that the criminals would work nearly naked and the guards would carry whips which they did not hesitate to use on the prisoners. I happen to like that phrase.”

“Understand, Sir. It sends me shivering.”

“I’m glad to hear that. It should. If you displeased me, or I felt that you were not really settling into your slavehood the way I wanted you to, I would give you to a friend who owns a stable and have you clean out his stable naked and under the lash.”

tyler remains silent.

“Keep that in mind before you start begging to become my slave, tyler. I want you to understand what you are getting into.”

quietly “Yes, Sir.”

“when do you serve a client again, boy?”

“Tomorrow night, Sir.”


“In his hotel room, Sir.”

“do you know what he will require?”

“Yes, Sir. I’ve served him before. He will watch me strip naked, get on all fours and crawl to him then lick his feet until he tells me to start sucking his cock until finally he comes in my mouth and I swallow it. Then he has me cuddle with him in his bed for a while, but there isn’t any kissing on the mouth. I’m supposed to act as if I am in love with him.”

“Is that difficult?”

“Not with this client, Sir. He is a nice man and is very good looking. If I saw him in a bar, I would gladly go home with him.”

“So then, this encounter will be somewhat pleasant for you, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Are they all pleasant, boy?”

“Some are more difficult than others, but at least they are clean even if they are ugly. A lot of the clients make me wear a blindfold or a hood, Sir, with only an opening for my mouth.”

“And do you like that?”

“Very much, Sir, because it helps me focus totally on being obedient without having any distractions based on looks.”

“I see. Tell me more about what it means to you to say you are being obedient.”

“Sir, I’ve done a lot of reading about it and I’ve learned that a true slave gets the most pleasure out of simply obeying, no matter what his own preferences may be.:”

“and are you any good at that?”

“Sir, you had me last night. You can make up your own mind about that from your experience of me.”

“I think that thrashing I gave you made you very eager to obey my commands.”

“Yes, Sir, it did.”

“I assume you enjoyed serving me since you are basically asking for our relationship to continue.”

“Yes, Sir, bit please be patient with me since some of the things you mention make me nervous.”

“I will take that into consideration. I am going to get off the phone now. You may jerk off after I hang up.”

“thank you, Sir.”

“I will take a look at my schedule and I will let you know when I am interested in using you again, boy. I am not ordering this because I have not claimed you for myself, but I think it would be good for you to limit your masturbating as much as you possibly can from here on out. If I end up owning you, I’ll lock up your dick in a cage.”

“thank you for giving me permission to masturbate, Master.”

“Good night, tyler.”

“Good night, Sir.”

Tommy and Dylan, next day

“So nice touching you, my little sweetheart,” says Tommy as he licks the boy on the back of his neck. Do you know what I’m thinking?”

Dylan stands there and just feels the sensations of what Tommy is doing to him. “You’re thinking about how much I love you and how I would do anything you asked of me,” he says, leaning back into his life-long friend.

“I already know that, pup. No. I’m thinking that we have absolutely nothing planned for tomorrow, which means I have all this wonderful time to enjoy my slaveboy any way I want to with no interruption.”

“I am yours, Master. I have been ever since you first laid eyes on me.” responds Dylan.

 “Stand there with your hands at your sides and let me just look at your boyish chest. I’m thinking of when we used to play outside as bare-chested boys. I don’t think I really paid much attention to your chest back then until the day I saw a couple of bruises on it but you saw me looking and got very embarrassed and ran  to put a shirt on and would never again play bare-chested.”

“I remember that too. I remember your eyes being fixed on the bruise on my ribs and got so embarrassed that I hurried to cover myself. But you kept your shirt off if I remember.”

“I did. But now it’s the opposite way. You are bare-chested and I have my shirt on, and I can start at your chest and your nipples and your belly button as much as I want.”

‘Yes, Master. I am yours, Master. My flesh is yours, Master.”

“What’s more, I can mark you up myself if I want.”

“yes, Master.”

“Dylan, let me watch you play with your nipples.”

‘yes, Sir.” Dylan starts toying with them, rolling them in his fingers and pulling on them a little bit.

“That looks nice, boy. See you playing with yourself like that” Tommy takes his shirt off.  Play with mine now.”

Dylan is surprised that Tommy asks this, but it is something that he’s been wanting to do since they have spent so much time naked together. He reaches out and touches them but immediately backs off. “Go ahead, boy, don’t be afraid. I want to feel some of what you feel all the time.”

Dylan looks deep into Tommy’s eyes and touches them again, and very gently starts to roll them in his fingers. Tommy talks quietly to him. “You know, I have always had this idea that only girls and sub boys get their nipples worked, but this feels kind of nice. “

“Suck on them, boy. Lean forward and suck on my nipples like a baby sucking on its mother. Dylan leans his mouth forward and places it on Tommy’s right nipple while his other hand plays with the left one. He sucks gently and Tommy takes a deep breath. “Feel good, Master?”

“sure does, boy. Do the other one.” Dylan moves over to the left one and does the same thing. tommy takes his other hand and moves it down to his cock. “Feel that, dylan. You’re getting me hard playing with my nipples. See how you’re pleasing me so much.”

He moves Dylan’s head back and takes him by the hand and brings him into the bedroom.

“Let me see my slave naked.” Dylan strips off his underpants as quickly as he can. He is happy to be alone and naked with Tommy once again.

Tommy goes and lies on the bed, leaning up against the headboard. He puts his hands behind his head and just lies there looking at Dylan.

“Put your hands behind your head, boy. I want to see your bare armpits. . . . gee, since we have so much time to ourselves, this would probably be a good time to shave you bare again. I see some hair growing in there. Come into the bathroom with me, boy.”

Tommy takes the handcuffs off the bed and follows Dylan into the bathroom. He pulls the shower curtain aside and handcuffs dylan’s hands over the upper bar. “Step into the tub. It will be easier.”

Dylan does so and Tommy leans forward to kiss him. “I love you so very much, my little Dylan, but I don’t love hair on your body. Hair is for doms and Masters and ordinary guys. It’s not for boys like you and subs and slaves. Can I take your hair away from you, boy?”

“You can take everything away from me, Master. Strip me bare, please, Master.”

Tommy lathers up the boy’s armpits and rather quickly denudes him once again, and as he washes off the soap and hair he kisses his boy there, sucking on his skin, leaving love marks in each armpit.

“there. You look so very beautiful bearing my marks on your hairless flesh.”

Dylan smiles at him. “It’s like you’re branding me, Master.”

“Some day maybe I’ll brand you for real, boy.” Dylan is shocked to hear that, but looks into Tommy’s eyes which seem so masterful and serious at the moment, then lowers his eyes and says, “You can do anything you want to me, Master.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, boy. Maybe for your 40th birthday. Because you’ll still be mine then.”

“I belong to you forever, Tommy.” “You own me forever, Dylan.” Tommy kisses him again. Dylan is delighting on how incredibly romantic Tommy is being with him tonight after such a long day.

Tommy takes the key to the cage and removes it from Dylan who almost immediately gets hard.

tommy smiles at him tenderly and reaches out and runs his fingernail under the crown of dylan’s dick. Dylan breathes through his teeth. His dick leaks. Tommy wipes it up with his finger and puts his finger to dylan’s mouth. Dylan licks his own pre-cum off Tommy’s finger and then sucks his entire finger into his mouth. Meanwhile, Tommy explores the boy’s groin and down between his legs.

“You need some shaving there, too, boy. Not too much, but I want to see your bare skin everywhere. It is mine.”


Tommy shaves the hair off dylan’s pubic area and his balls, but he can’t get to the taint from this position. He reaches up and uncuffs dylan’s hands and then cuffs them behind his back and has him turn around. “Bend your head as far down as it will go and spread your legs.” Ah. From this position he has a better shot at the boy’s taint. And he is basically hairless in his crack and around his hole, so nothing to do there. But while the boys is bent over like that, Tommy can’t resist putting some baby oil on his finger and gently entering his asshole while holding him up with his other arm around his waist.

“Don’t be afraid, boy. I’ve got you.” He works his finger into dylan’s ass and when he pulls it out, there’s some ‘residue’ on the end of his finger. He has Dylan stand up straight and then goes to the sink to wash his finger off.

“need to clean you inside, my boy.” He gets the enema bag and decides to do a thorough job He has Dylan kneel down on the floor and he guides his head to the ground as well (his arms are still cuffed behind his back). About 10 minutes later, Dylan is filled with warm soapy water and Tommy guides him to the bowl so he can empty himself out. He repeats it a second time. Excellent!

“I want you nice and clean tonight, baby, for what I have in mind. Get into the shower.”

Tommy has never tried to wash Dylan in the shower with the handcuffs on, but it will turn out just fine. It’s a quick shower because they showered earlier, but he wants to wash the soap from the shaving off and then he pays special attention to the slave’s asshole. He quickly showers himself off and then brings Dylan out of the shower, dries him with a big fluffy towel, and then dries himself.

He has Dylan lie on the bed on his tummy and he puts a towel under his groin, nothing that the boy has stayed hard through all of this.

“Dylan you know that when some so-called slaves cum in a scene, they can’t go on after that because the desire to be a slave quickly leaves them. But that is not true with real slaves. Cumming means nothing to them.”

“Tommy I am your true slave. You know that, Sir.”

“Yes I do, sweetheart, and it is a good thing because I think I want to make you cum in a little while.”

He gets behind Dylan and spreads his cheeks. Dylan thinks that Tommy is about to fuck him, but, much to his unbelievable surprise, Tommy lowers himself down and actually begins to lick and suck at his ass. OMG!!!!!! Neither of them has ever done this before. He can’t believe what Tommy is doing for him. Tommy is having a great time behind there and Dylan is writhing on the pillow for all he’s worth. Finally, the inevitable happens and Dylan cums all over the pillow, shouting out “I love you, I love you.”

Tommy continues doing what he is doing, finding out that he is really enjoying it, since it is Dylan after all, and since he is perfectly clean outside and inside.

Finally, he stops. He rolls Dylan off the pillow. “what are you, boy?” “I am your slave, Master.” “What do you do for me, boy?” “I do anything you want, Master.”

Tommy takes his hand and runs it through the cum that is left on dylan’s cock and crotch and then puts it to dylan’s mouth. “Lick it up, boy. Lick it up like a true slave.” This is a kind of test, but Dylan has passed this test many times in the past and doesn’t hesitate now. When he is finished, Tommy scoops up what is left on the pillow and also feeds it to the boy

Then he takes a cold washcloth and wipes the slave’s dick, which causes it to shrink so he can put the cage back on him.  “There, all shaved and cleaned and orgasmed and put away again for at least a few months,” Tommy teases him.

“If you want, Sir, you can cage me for a long time. I like it that you control me this way.”

“You really do, boy, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. I wish you could control every single move I ever make.”

“Well, that’s not possible, but I’ll have to see to it that I am even more controlling than ever.”

“I’m sure you’ll manage well, Sir.” Dylan smiles at him.

“Can you explain to me what it means to you or how it feels to you to be controlled?”

“Well, at first, when we were just little boys, and you claimed me as yours, you were my total hero. You were bigger and better looking and more popular and protective of me and you always helped me feel better when I was with you, and you were kind to me and I trusted you with my life. You were like Superman to me. So there was never any question in my mind that you ruled the show for me. And I don’t think I ever was conscious of it at the time, but when I look back, that’s what it seemed like. And besides that, it was just so easy to go along with anything you said. A lot of guys are like that with their best friends if one of the friends is more take-charge than the other. And you sure were take-charge, so it was so easy. It was also like freedom for me.”
“Why do you say freedom?”

“Because I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. I didn’t have to make decisions. And nothing really mattered to me when I was with you. Being with you is such an awesome thing for me that it matters more than anything else at all. And it still does, my love. You are ALL OF IT for me.”

“But you must have some secret desires.”

“Everyone has secret desires, Tommy.”

“I’d like it if you let me know sometimes. Like what is it that you wish the most would happen right now.”

Dylan blushes and hesitates.

“Come on, slave. Your Master asked you a question and he wants you to answer truthfully.”

Dylan takes a deep breath and answers: “I wish I could be on my knees sucking your cock while you whip me over the shoulders with the flogger.”

Tommy has no reaction whatsoever. “Get down off the bed and kneel on the floor facing the bed.”

Tommy goes inside to their stash and gets the flogger.

He comes back, fully erect, and sits on the side of the bed facing Dylan. “Okay, slave, suck my your Master’s cock.”

Dylan puts the crown in his mouth and plays with it a while and goes all the way down and deep throats it until he chokes.

‘No choking, boy. Use your mouth to jerk me off. Nice and slow. Up and down but not all the way down. That’s the way I want it. And a lot of tongue.”

Dylan sucks Tommy exactly as he has asked, and Tommy starts laying the flogger over his back, sometimes just softly, sometimes a little on the hard side, sometimes, just letting it fall and then pulling the strands up the boy’s back. Dylan continues to work on his lover’s dick.

“You always suck better when you’re whipped, slave.” Dylan can’t answer because his mouth is busy.

This goes on for several minutes. dylan’s back is getting a little red but Tommy knows it’s nothing more than a nice glow that Dylan enjoys as a pain pig.

Finally, Tommy tells Dylan to stop. “I don’t want to cum now,” he explains. “Maybe not until tomorrow. Just a lot of teasing since we have the time.”

Dylan lets out a huge yawn.

“My sweetheart is sleepy.” Dylan yawns again. “Yes, Sir. very sweepy (little boy voice).” “Well then, Daddy’s gonna put you to bed. Do you need to go potty?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Go ahead, boy. I’ll come in to make sure you’re okay. But let me take the handcuffs off first.”

Dylan goes in and sits to pee. When he’s done, Tommy makes him kneel and watch as he pees. Dylan is wondering whether or not he should let Dylan know another secret desire—that he is beginning to want to drink from Tommy’s dick. But he’ll save that for another time.

When Tommy is finished, he doesn’t put his dick in dylan’s mouth as usual. He just shakes it off, helps Dylan stand and brings him back to the bed and gets him under the covers. Tommy goes around and turns off the lights and gets into bed with him.

“when you wake up, boy, even before making coffee, go around and pick up all the clothes we have all over the place and put them away neatly. than make our coffee.”

“Yes Master.”

“I love you, Dylan. You are the most wonderful gift God has ever given to me.”

“You are my friend, my lover, my Master, my dom, my Daddy, my fiancé. All my love is for you.”

They snuggle and quickly fall asleep.

by Robert Halstead

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