I have always been curious and always wondered what a guy looked like. but i never got the chance.

'hey Jake' i said walking up to him touching his shoudler.

He turns around revealing his dark brown eyes and scattered freckles. Jake is about 5'9' long brown hair and fit.

'oh, hey jay, whats up?' he looked at me intently

i am have bright blue green eys and a clean face. i am about 5'10' and long blonde hair and average.

'eh, nothing much. oh, hows golf going?' i asked him.

'its going, we did good at the tournament'

'oh, cool. i was thinking about joining the team, whens try outs?'

'awesome, golf is really fun, well try outs are friday and umm oh yeah 4 pm dont be late' he told me smiling slyly.

'ok see you then,'

the week went by and i would see jake in the halls, i would smile at him and he would smile back. Finally friday came and it was the day of try outs.

when it was 3:45 i started to head out to the field, no one was there yet. i sat on the bleachers waiting for some people to come.

as i was waiting, a tall musclar man comes running down the road, everything is jumping which is fine with me. after he passes i started to get a little horny and started rubbing my 7 inch cock. then i saw jake coming down the field. i quickly rearranged myself before he saw.

'hey, where is everyone you told me 4 right?' i quesitoned him.

'oh yeah i forgot tryouts arent till 6...'

'then why did you tell me it was a 4?' i asked him looking at his brown eyes.

'oh yeah, i just wanted to get you alone, i cant when were at school' he said looking me up and down.

'oh, why did you want to be alone with me?'

'well, i wanted to talk and stuff.'

'oh, well ok well how about we walk the track and talk, do you mind?

'nah it cool'

before we started walking, jake bent down and tied his shoes. as he did so i couldnt help but look at his firm round butt. he seemed to notice and i quickly pretented to see something in the sky.

first we started off with a quick walk then a jog, and finally a sprint. after about ten minutes of the cardio we sat down to relax.

when we were sitting a hot girl walks by i look to keep up the straight act, but jake doesnt.

'so, how many girls have you been with?' i asked him.

'i havent what about you?' he asked me back.

' oh well you know, none. ' i shamefully admitted.

' what dont you like girls' he said teasing punching me on the shoudler.

' oh yeah i do , of course i do' i said demanding.

' oh thats a shame, i could really use you on the other team..' he said putting his hand on my leg.

'whoa what are you doing?' i asked him trying to act freaked out.

'i saw you looking at me and that man, trust me relax' he said moving his hand closer to my crotch.

'maybe we should do this right' i said

i leaned close to his face and he leaned closer to me and our lips touched each other engulfing our air.

he moved his hand away from me and started taking off his shirt. after he did so, he took off my shirt.

i leaned down and started licking him up and down. i stood up and started taking off my pants and jake did the same.

after we were bare we continued to kiss and our hands reached each others dicks. after we got hard we got into the 69 position.

after sucking each off eacher the for awhile he layed me down and started riding me. he grunted when he first got on, then he started to faster and faster, his moans getting louder and louder each i time. afte i cummed into him. he turned me over and stuck he 8 inch cock into me.

it hurt at first, then as he got farther in, it felt good and he started to go faster. my moans over took his and after we was finished we just layed on the bleachers for awhile.

'what the hell were you to doing?' the coach yelled walking onto the field.

'we. umm were just' i told the coach scared.

'save it' he said

to be continued...



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