Well there's only me and my brother in the house while my parents are out shopping. I'm Kelvin and my brother is Adam. I'm 15 and he is 14. I was in my room watching tv and then Adam cracked open the door. I ask him if he wanted to come inside my room and he said "sure." We watched tv for about 5 minutes then Adam asked, "how is it like to have sex?" I said "it feels like your in heaven!" Guessing how it feels like to have sex, I wondered the same question. He asked if he could see my dick, and I said "show me yours first." He then striped I front of my eyes. I then saw that he was erected and he was about 7" and then I striped. I noticed by the way Adam was looking at me strip made me wonder if he was curious.i too was erected and he said "woah your about 9 inches!" I blushed a bit and he came over and held my dick in his hand. It felt so good knowing it was my own brother touching my dick. I grabbed his and his dick twitched. I put on some gay porn for us to watch while having some fun. Adam kneeled down to suck my dick."OMG that feels SO GOOD!" I said. He smiled and continues sucking.

After a while I came in his mouth shooting strands of cum in his throat. She sucked it all off and smiled. I said "it's my turn to suck you off!" I pushed him on the bed and started sucking his dick. His dick tasted like candy. It was sweet but hard. He grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth. "OHH BROTHER!! That feels great! Don't stop!" He said. He came in my mouth with this sweet, salty juice. I licked it all off of his dick and after that our parents came home. We acted like nothing happened until it came time for bed.

We shared a bedroom since we are brothers and tonight we've decided to sleep naked. He asked "can I sleep with you tonight?" I said "sure." That night he asked if it felt good to get fuck in the ass. I said "only one way to find out..." He sucked my dick to get it all wet and he turned over on all fours and I stuck my dick inside slowly knowing he was fragile. He started to moan. His ass was so tight and it was squeezing my dick. Making me even more horny for my brothers ass. I picked up the pace and soon found out I was pounding his ass. He moaned but tried to keep it quiet so our parents won't wake up. I came inside of him and we collapse on the bed. I licked his ass sucking the cum out of his ass. It was sweet but salty. The next morning I woke up to Adam sucking me off. I smiled and patted his head showing him it felt good. He started going rougher and soon I came in his mouth moaning "OHH FUCK YEAH!!" He smiled. I knew what to do next. He laid down and I started to suck him off. He got an instant hard on when my lips touched his erected penis. He moaned louder grabbing my head,"OHH YEAH!! SUCK THAT!" I liked the way he spoke to me. I found that very attractive. And I wanted his juice. He came in my mouth shooting several strands of his warm salty cum. I made sure it was all gone and after that we went to shower. Knowing that our parents are at work, we showered together and had more fun. We took turns fucking each other's ass and decided to add friends along.

We called two friends Kyle and Tyler. Their both brothers and Kyle is 14 while Tyler is 15. They knew what we wanted to do so they striped and joined us. I started off sucking Kyle's dick knowing he was my friend, it got me a hard on. "OH YEAH! KALVIN! SUCK THAT DICK!" He came in my mouth and saw that Adam was sucking Tyler's dick. I asked who wanted this ass and they all wanted it. One by one they added their dicks in my ass. It hurt so bad but I loved it! "OHHH THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" They all fucked me while I laid there feeling pleasure. They all came in my ass at one time and it felt like heaven. After that day, we'd always have sex every weekend and sometimes on the weekdays.




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