Brandon a 16 year old emo guy with green eyes, brown hair, skinny and for his rapist 'the best ass in the whole school' was walking again alone through his street, crying about his tragic life. What was the main problem? Michael the captain of the football team, this typical jock stereotype with sexy and perfectly six pack, with some huge chest, blue eyes and with a short blonde hair and he was called everyone Cristiano Ronaldo in blond and american version because he is really identical to him. Michael always bullied poor Brandon, most of the time he appeared with a new injury in the eye, the pages of of his books always spitted and once for a week he was locked at his locker. Brandy why you want to got school?-asked his mother

Because that idiot of Mike always bullies me- said Brandon

But tell to the teacher he is bothering you- suggest his mother

I told them a million of times amd they don't believe me- answered Brandon

Well, there's no choice just ignore them- she said

Wow mom what a excellent tip I thank you so much!-said Brandon with sarcasm. Brandon leaved his house and went to take the school bus. He arrived to school. he went to see the popular people just to see what they were doing.

Hey the faggy is here!- said one of them

Hey Brand suck my dick!-said Michael

Fuck off you bastard-said Brandon, Michael surprised by Brandon's reaction he went directly to him

What did you say you little piece of shit?!-said angry Michael

I said you are a bastard-said Brandon, Michael was avoid to punch him in the face but the principal appeared and so Michael withdrawl his fist.

You skinny emo fag are so lucky that the principal is here- said Michael after he said this he push him.

Brandon went to history class (Michael was in his class) behind him was Michael, when Brandon entered to history someone touched his ass. Brandon turned around and no one said nothing.

Okay class for tomorrow we have a project, you must make a presentation about some war that happen in the nineteenth century, I will make the groups and the theme. Okay let's start first Mr. Brandon von Bergen you will be with Mr. Michael Parker and the theme will be: the Crimean War. And the second group wil be...- continued speaking Mr. Romanov

(I fucking hate him, now I need to work with this bastard. Please God kill me now)- was thinking Brandon

Okay look at this the emo fag will work for me. At 6:00 pm I want to see your ass in my house doing the project okay?-said Michael, Brandon just took a deep breath and said yes

Brandon told to his mother about the project he needed to do at his bully's house, his mother hoped her son could be friends with Michael. Brandon was so nervous about what could happen at his house. After waiting a lot of time Brandon already went to Michael's house. He knocked the door and Michael appeared with black shorts and a white T-shirt he was working out meanwhile. Brandon was with some tight black jeans and a Asking Alexandria T-shirt

C'mon cunt move your ass, lets end this shit now- said Michael

Brandon started to work in the computer looking for information about the war while Michael was weigthlifting. Suddenly a pencil falled to the ground and Brandon went to pick it up, Michael from the behind was starring at Brandon's perfectly rounded ass.

Hey Brand nice ass you have there, my cock thinks it will be awesome to bang you hahahaha- said Michael

Umm thanks I think so...-said Brandon

After a while Michael ended his training and went to see whaf Brandon was doing.

Hey it's already finished?-asked Michael, he pulled a bit of his t-shit and it was visible a bit of his six pack

Yes Mike its already...-said Brandon when he turned around and saw Michael's perfect abs.

Dude why are you seeing? Ahhh I know you like it, c'mon bring your hand touch it, feel the body of a true man. Brandon touched Michael's abs he started to receive a boner.

That's pretty amazing your abs because they're so beautiful like you... I say like nevermind. I don't have nothing of muscle..-said Brandon when Michael interrupt him

But you have a nice ass emo. It remainds me to my ex. Brandon Let's make a deal-said Michael

What kind of deal?- said Brandon

I won't neither my friends or me bother you unleast we have sex and you'll be make the pasive roll, okay?-asked Michael

Okay my love-said Brandon, he went to kiss to Michael, Michael and him started to kiss passionatly. Mike stared to touch Brandon's ass while Brandon Mike's cock.

Let's take a look at your builded body-said Brandon., he took of Mike's T-shirt and stared to kiss his chest and he started to lick Mike's six pack.

Hey Brand my cock wants to be in your mouth now go down and suck it-said Michael. Brandon went to Mike's pants and he started to get off Mike's short. He pulled out his cock that is 7,87 inches long and 3,97 of width. Brandon was really surprised from the cock' size and the amount of public hair it had. Well he started to suck the big and fat cock Mike was pushing Brandon's head so he could make him a deepthroat.

Yeah you can do it, choke on my cock emo guy-said Michael. After a while Brandon strated to lick the cock's hair. After 15 minutes of the best oral sex, Michael started to get off Brandon's jean. Michael starte to kiss and to kick Brandon's ass. Micharl bringged a condom

Brando put the condom to my cock-he said, after Brandon put the condom to his sexy bully, Michael started to penetrate him.

Jesus it hurts to much, ouch! More soft please- said Brandon

Shut the fuck off I'm enjoing it-said Michael. Michael started to move faster and faster his cock, Brandon was shouting of pain and some seconds later he started to have orgasm due to this Michael was more exited and penetrated him deeper.

Oh yeah, yes yes yes is so hot, I want more!-said Brandon

Bring your fucking mouth I'm gonna cum!- said Michael

Michael took off the condom and strated to mastrubate near Brandon's mouth that was opened. Finally the cum went out to Brandon's mouth, after that they both kissed again and started to put their clothes on again.

I never thought I could enjoy gay sex, you suck better than my ex used to do!-Michael said

Thanks it was pretty awesome-said Brandon

Do you want to be my personal whore?- askes Michael

Of course- he said. And so on they still haves wild sex. The end.



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