It was eighty degrees as Sumner stood under the lemon tree, picking from a ladder. He humming a tune his head, the sound of a car driving down the road caught his attention. A young man, with curly, brown angel hair with a fancy looking suit and a young black haired woman came out of the car as it parked; walking hand to hand with a toddler.

The looked a little indifferent, maybe even cold. He looked at the boy, his eyes widened slightly

'So them must the new neighbors,' The young buck parted a smile and ran in to tell his parents. He picked up his basket and ran into the house.

"Ma! Pa! I'm done picking the lemons from the tree!" His mama was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, she smiled at her son. "Thanks Lovebug. Now why are ya so happy?" Betsy's son gave his mother one of his innocent grins.

'He was a beautiful child, he had his daddy's eyes for sure. That deep blue- a girl could get lost in those eyes. Imma hafta be beatin' off women when he's old enough,' She thought, sighing to herself while her son talked with wonder.

"We've got people movin' in next door, they've got a little boy too," His Ma raised her eyebrows, lips parted in surprise. "Well then," She says pointing up a pie cooling off on the table, her pencil thin eyebrows were raised in suggestion..

"Why don't you welcome them with that while I go to the bakery, 'kay sweet-pea? Make sure to clean yourself and look presentable." The boy groaned but nodded anyway and ran upstairs. He changed out his dirty play clothes and took a quick bath.

He changed into the loose cotton button-up shirt and his cut off shorts. He quickly raced down to grab the pie and as walked there, sang a little tune he learned from a book at is school's library.

"Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me. Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee; sounds of the rude world, heard in the day. Lull'd by the moonlight have all pass'd away," He held the pie with one hand, knocking on the door with the other. The dark haired woman from earlier answered the door, with a slight frown on her face.


"Hello Ma'am. My mama saw ya'll just moved in and she told me to give ya this," The woman smiled at the boy and open her door wider for him to come in. "You are just darling aren't you? Come in, sit down, I'll pour you some lemonade." The boy grinned, nodding his head as he walked in.

There was the little, dark haired boy running around the home, easily crashing into the young boy's body.

"Hello little fella,what's ya name?" The little smiled, wiggling his hands for the boys to pick him up. "My nwames Finn and I'm twee." The little boy kissed him on his cheek, soon they were smiling and giggling before a deep male voice spoke up.

"Finnegan, where are you? The tickle monster is coming for you," The dark haired male from who stared at the young boy with interest. His smell was what caught him, the smell of lilacs and honeysuckle coming off the boy's body. He watched as he handles his son in such a gentle way.

More motherly and careful with him, holding him to his chest. He watched as their humorous conversation stopped as the boy's gaze reached to him. And that voice, the voice of an angel. Pure, innocent, untainted from the ugliness of the world.

He was the untouched beauty.

"Oh sorry Mista, he was just so cute. Just a little babe." His son giggled at the boy, burying into his chest without hesitation."I haven't said my name yet. Sumner Park, your new neighbor," So his name was Sumner, like the season;

'Just beautiful isn't he? Like a damned angel, or maybe an innocent. I have a positive feeling you'll taint him as you did everyone else, just like you did that girl. What was her name? Sarah?' Levi was sneaking into his thoughts, only a few feet was in the kitchen.

He bit down on his hard, wanting to silence the woman in his head.

'Don't do this Lev. If you have something to say, say it to me out loud. Don't dread about what's in the past and don't get jealous over someone who's dead.' Clarence could feel her twitch from the kitchen, he smirked to himself a little arrogantly, running a hand through his hair.

'Very well Clare. But is it alright for someone a bit livelier per say?' He eventually closed off their mind link, turning his attention to Sumner. "Finn seems to love you already, I haven't seen him get attached to someone so quickly," Not even his own mother, Clarence thought to himself for a minute, his though shifting to ones about Sarah.

"Sweetheart, the lemonade is on the table," With his son in his arms, waved at Clarence, walking into the kitchen.

He leaned against the wall, focusing on the boy's blue eyes. No, wait. They were too deep and purplish or blue- maybe Indigo. Yes, Indigo. He had blond, curly hair like sunshine- paired with those eyes and full, kissable red lips.

This young boy was going to make him a sinner once more, wasn't he?

3-14-1972 From: Clarence Arthur Norman, Knox County Jail To: Sumner Monroe Park, 512 Blackbird Lane Date: 3-14-1972

You have no idea how long I've waited to hold you.

To see the allure of your indigo eyes as tears leaked from them. Do you remember the day that we met? How beautiful you looked made me speechless.

As those pink lips were bit by your stubborn white teeth whenever you were guilty of something. How you slept like a babe after love making. The way you gripped onto me as you cried in pleasure, fighting all the things your body wanted and needed.

Like when you wanted and needed me long ago.

Is it wrong for me to love you, a man?

Most would think so, yes. But love cannot be denied, can it? But we can't hold each-other and be together yet- but I do promise you that we will be together soon. In heaven. Or are you too good for heaven? That's my problem I can't ever die. I feed one the blood of humans- yours especially erotic. The arousal, the lust, the fucking pleasure!

Maybe you like to become a creature of the night with me.

Would you, my lover? I wouldn't be able to hear your tiny heartbeat, pounding against my hands.

See your eyes flutter open every morning, seeing your smile move gently as you mouth out 'Good Morning'. The sound your gentle singing- that voice, that voice should be forbidden to be heard by anyone but I.

Why, you ask?

Because if they hear voice, they'll fall in love with you and I can't have that.

Would sing that song for me and for the last time? Now what was it? Beautiful Dreamer? Yes. I love you and you love me, don't you? If you don't, then that's alright my southern belle. I have to go but I will come back there for you, Sumner. Soon.

Yours always, Clare



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