I was  living in Fresno at the time. I became friends with another boy. I had been having gay thoughts for awhile. The only male that I ha seen naked was my dad.He would take a bath and have me bring a beer for him and I would glance at his big cock in the tub. My dad had porno mags with guys and girls in the photos. I only wanted to see the men.

Well that began my addiction to men and masturbation. Getting back to my friend. We would walk to school together and I had thoughts of us being naked together. I used to watch the boys shower and he saw me watching them. One night I was at his house and we went to his shed after I gave him a lot of hints. 

upon entering the shed he said to pull down my pants. I could not wait for that. He had me bend over and I did. I felt his cock in my crack,but we had no lube and we were beginners at this. He got nervous and we stopped and I went home to have thoughts of our night running through my head.

I met him in  the  for school and he did not want to talk about what happened the night before. I wanted play with him more. Time went by and I was in his bedroom one night with his parents home and he gave me a yes or no note that said do you want to suck my dick.Well as matter of fact I do want to suck your dick.He went to his closet and got inside and pulled down his pants to prepare for me,but we heard his mom and stopped.

Again I went home excited about our night.The next day he came of to my house and wanted to finish what we started.We went into my bedroom and I blocked the door to keep my mom from catching us. He laid on my bed and unzipped his pants and pulled out his nice looking hot cock. I came beside him and he said well are you going to suck it. I was so scared and did not know how to suck cock.

He dared me again and said he had someone else who would suck him and that made me go for it. I moved my mouth close to his cock head and let it go in my mouth and began going up and down.It felt amazing in my mouth. All of a sudden he yelled loud and I pulled up and he blew cum all over his cock and stomach. I hurried to the bathroom and got tissue to let him clean up.

I was worried mom knew something,but things were cool. I walked him outside and he went home. Days later at school he said we can not do that anymore. I am thinking your crazy and we should keep doing it. Days later we were at his brothers house and I wanted him again. It was not hard to get him going again,so he went in to the bathroom and dropped his pants and under pants. I got on my knees right over the toilet and sucked his rock hard cock and this time he wanted his balls licked. I licked his ball and sucked his cock and he shot a strong load into the toilet.

Well I moved away and to this day I have thoughts of him. I wonder what he is doing now.



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