Upon returning from my business trip, my balls were full of cum that needed release. Deep down I wanted to introduce Jhon´s nephew to the taste of my thick cream but I had to wait til the time was right. I had no idea it would be sooner than later. 

   After showering from my trip, I took my fleshlite from its place in my closet. I noticed right away that it seemed heavier than normal, but didn´t think anything of it til I slid my hard cock between its lips. My cock was immediately immersed in some type of liquid, as I withdrew my shaft I could smell the unmistakeable scent of cum. Someone had used my fleshlite while I was away. I knew it wasn´t Jhon my friend, it could only be one other person, his thirteen year old nephew ,Santiago. I knew he had started to jack off since my bedroom was next to his and for the fact that he had jerked his cock off in front of me whle we were up on the roof one day working. He had coated my face with his nut after showing me how when he came he would pinch off his foreskin only releasing it when it was full of cum. The pressure inside had built up til he released his fingers causing its contents to shoot like a garden hose bursting. I remember he laughed as it hit my face and covered my lips with his thick spunk. I opened my mouth in shock and received thick spurts of his cum  into my mouth, seeing this he edged closer to me until his cock entered my mouth to receive the last of his cum. I thought to myself, this young boy was the devil incarnate as he milked his cock of all his ball juice inside my mouth. For me it was an incredible sexual experience and made me hunger for his cum even more. I managed to control my inner desires not wanting to past the line of abuse. I figured it was a one time thing but now it seemed  he was intent on seducing me whether I liked it or not.

   As I withdrew my hard cock from the silicone lips an enormous amount of cum covered my cock and balls. I got so turned on by it that I jacked off using the spent cum. I even broght the fleshlite to my lips  and as my tongue entered I was rewarded with more thick spunk. The taste was of  Santago but there was another taste that seemed foreign to me. After I shot my huge load and cleaned up I waited til Santiago arrived at the house from school. I said we had to have a talk as he followed me to my room. I had left the fleshlite purposely on my bed so he could see what the talk was going to be about. He admitted he had used my fleshlite  and said he was curious of what it felt like. I asked him why he had left it full of his spent cum. Santiago had a devishly smirk on his face saying it wasn´t just his cum but also Juan Carlos´s cum, his cousin and three of his young friends. I noticed the front of his nylon   shorts began to tent with a hardon. I must admit my cock had begun   to stir and come to life at the same time. We both noticed  each other´s reaction at the same time. He was standing in front of me as he slid his nylon shorts down exposing his turgid uncut cock. I hadn´t seen it since the episode on the roof which was about a year ago. His cock had grown since then and was surrounded by a thick thicket of pubic hair. I could smell the aroma of his crotch from the heat of the day. I tried to keep my mind on what this conversation was suppose to be about. He peeled back his thick foreskin exposing an enormous cockhead already starting to leak precum. I asked what was the real reason he had left my fleshlite full of cum. He said so we would be forced to have this conversation and hopefully get his cock sucked off by a real pair of lips.

   I asked him to tell me what went on while I was gone and he said Juan Carlos and come to watch a soccer game and they ended up using my fleshlite along with three of his fellow classmates. I decided to change the tone of the conversation, not wanting to ridicule him for his curiosity. Santiago recognizing my change in demeanor said the fleshlite was a great experience but after having Juan Carlos lips surround his spurting cockhead he said he wanted the real thing. I asked why he didn´t have Juan Carlos suck him off and he said he tried to convince his cousin to suck him off and even after giving he cousin a blowjob Juan Carlos wouldn´t do it. Santago said he had even invited thre of his classmates to experience the fleshlite and hopefully one would fulfill his desire but they wouldn´t. So he had no choice but to see if he left the fleshlite full of cum whether I would do the deed. I couldn´t keep my eyes of his huge cock as he told me the details of what had went on. I could swear his cock had even gotten harder as he edged his body closer to me. 

   Finally I couldn´t resist any longer as I stood up and dropped my white briefs. Santiago dropped to his knees and brought my cock to his young lips which felt like heaven as I felt his tongue swirl the head of my cock. I fed my cock into his mouth til it was entirely encased within his throat. He had me almost at the point to flood his mouth when I stopped him. I said since we were going to do this I wanted to make it an incredible experience. First I brought his hips closer capturing his young thick shaft within my lips. He gasps were folowed by moans each time he sank his huge cock down my throat. I had to to taste his balls and relished the masculine aroma of his sweaty orbs. I told him to get on the bed and showed up how to suck each other with him above me  in the 69 position. When we were fucking each other´s mouth I noticed his balls had begun to rise up especially when I went to his hairy asshole to started to rim him.  I felt his hands reach back trying to put his cock back into my warm mouth knowing it was getting too much for him. Just as he entered my mouth it was immediately unindated by his thick spurts of hot cream which brought me over the edge. I could hear him try to swallow all my ball juice  and choking on the amount. I was myself busy trying to swallow his enormous load and had managed to swallow his spurting shaft and could feel the spasms within my throat as  he filled my stomach. It seemed like an eternity til both our cocks were spent and our balls finally empty. After we released each other´s cock  Santiago said ¨now wasn´t this better than using the fleshlite¨ and I had to admit it was. After what had happened that day we had frequent repeats even though he said he was straight and had started to date girls. He always came back for more evidently coming to the realization he was bisexual all along. At one point we even teamed up and seduced Juan Carlos and sucked him off together , sharing his cousin´s thick load as we made him cum and let him watch as we sucked each other off. Juan Carlos became a willing participant everytime he came for a visit which pleased all of us. Juan Carlos still wouldn´t suck Santiago off from start to finish but I knew Santiago had his ways to finally get his wish like he had done with me.  







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