Just the other day, Camillo and his friend, Alex stopped by to visit Jhon, my best friend at our house. I knew Jhon had seduced Alex whom  Camillo had brought along in a very unique way. Alex was straight and only liked women but if Jhon wanted to get into your pants he would find a way to do it. Jhon remembered Alex was attracted to one of Jhon´s friends,Cindy whom Jhon went to school with at the university. One night Jhon ,Cindy, and Alex went out for drinks and ended up at our house. Jhon said that he noticed Cindy and Alex were attracted to each other. Alex had no idea that Jhon was attracted to him since he had told Jhon he was straight. When  Alex went to the bathroom, Jhon told Cindy to seduce him while all three were in bed. When Alex got back into bed, Cindy and Alex started to make out, John was pretending to be asleep when their foreplay developed into something more serious. Cindy had taken  Alex´s cock out for Jhon to see and hopefully get the chance to suck, Cindy had put a towel over Alex ´s head so he wouldn´t see what was going to happen. Jhon started to suck his cock while Cindy pretended it was her doing the sucking. While Jhon was sucking him off  Alex realized it wasn´t Cindy,feeling the stubble from Jhon´s beard and protested,removing the towel. Cindy gave Alex her tits to suck and the protest was soon forgotten in the heat of the moment.

   Jhon continued to suck Alex´s nine inch cock off, savoring all the sweetness of the precum coming from the slit  of the glandular head of Alex´s stiff cock. Jhon knew he was doing a good job cause Alex started to hump his cock into Jhon´s eager mouth almost to his hairy cum filled balls. Jhon had to decide wheter he wanted to swallow this stud´s cum or take his cock up his ass. Jhon decided to suck Alex all the way, knowing in the future he would have another opportunity to get him to fuck his ass or vice versa. After Jhon and Cindy  realized Alex was alright with what was happening and enjoying his blow job from Jhon. Jhon let Cindy take out Jhon´s big black cock to see what Alex would do. Alex had never seen such as big cock and his curiosity got the best of him. Cindy and Jhon started to suck Alex´s cock whlie Jhon watched and started to jack off his black cock, John had his cock near Alex and Alex replaced Jhon´s hand and started to jack him off. Soon Alex seeing Jhon´s cock start to make alot of precum and was leaking heavily from the slit of his cock. Jhon kept edging closer to Alex´s head  and Jhon told Alex to go ahead and taste his stiff black cock., Alex hesitated, Jhon went back to deep throating Alex´s cock during which Alex got so hot he took Jhon´s cock head within his mouth. Jhon took the iniciative to thrust more within Alex´s mouth letting  him savor his whole cock. Soon Alex and Jhon were side by side each feeding on each other´s cock. Jhon had started to swallow Alex´s cock down to his heavy balls while Alex had only managed to take about four inches of Jhon´s thick cock. Jhon started to thrust more of his cock into Alex mouth when he felt Alex begin to tremble. Jhon massaged Alex´s  balls and told Alex he wanted his hot cum. Alex started to gasp and swallow jhon´s cock with more vigor. Alex had never sucked a cock but he was surely into sucking Jhon´s. Alex was nearly ready to come and was resigned to give his load to Jhon. Alex had gotten on all fours and told Jhon to slide below and suck his cock so he could fuck his mouth as if it was a pussy . Alex remained on top, forcing more of his cock into Jhon´s eager throat  until he felt a pulse begin on the lower part of the shaft of Alex´s cock as the cum  started to leave Alex´s big balls. Alex keep sucking Jhon´s cock, lost in the pleasure  of what was happening. When Jhon tasted the first heavy spurt of cum, it brought him over the edge too.Jhon´s cock started to thrust up into the sucking mouth of Alex. Alex was soon receiving Jhon´s  thick cum at the same time  which Alex eagerly received but didn´t swallow. After both had emptied their balls Alex started to kiss Cindy letting her share the musky thick load from Jhon, Alex even swallowed some to see how it would taste. He thought to himself it wasn´t as bad as he would have thought. Alex equated it when he tried his first experience  eating an oyster. At first he refused saying it disgusted him, but finally tried one and found out it was delicious.

   Later during the night , Jhon awoke and Alex was fucking Cindy, but was satiated in knowing he had gotten Alex ´s heavy load of cum first. The scene before him got his black cock hard again. Alex asked him if he wanted to fuck Cindy. Jhon having had experience fucking women with his brother, Diego jumped at the chance. As Jhon was fucking Cindy he was reminicing about the first time he had shared a woman with his brother.

    Diego had picked up a prostitute in a bar and asked Jhon if he wanted to join him. Jhon had always secretly been attracted to his younger brother, Diego. since they were teenagers especially after seeing the enormous cock his brother had between his legs. He thought it was taboo to do anything directly with Diego but this gave him the opportunity to see his brother´s cock in action up close As Diego was fucking the prostitute he was wishing it was his hole Diego was fucking. Diego was a fast cummer and after two minutes filled her cunt with his cum. When Diego said it was turn Jhon got between her legs and started to lap up the spent cream of his brother which he had always wanted to taste. When his mouth was full  of his brother´s cum he sent his cock into her cunt and in no time was filling her hole with his heavy load.

   As Jhon was entering Cindy´s cunt he kept thinking about this memory with his brother. After taking his turn , he told Alex to go ahead and fuck he in front of him as he jacked off to them. Jhon was behind watching Alex´s big cock  enter her cunt and took the opportunity to fondle Alex´s bubble ass. He even started to eat his ass and when his found Alex´s hole he speared his tongue within. Alex evidently liked his ass eatten since he pushed his ass back into Jhon´s face. Jhon abruptly stopped and got a rubber and ensheathed his huge black cock. He had gotten Alex´s ass ready leaving it lubricated with alot of his spit. Jhon put the head of his cock to Alex´s hole and when Alex was on the upward thrust withdrawing his cock from Cindy´s cunt he felt the head of Jhon´s cock enter with ease. Jhon started to ease inside Alex´s hole letting Alex get use to his size. In no time Alex was pushing his ass back taking more and more of Jhon´s cock. Jhon let Alex do all the work and was soon filling the condom with his seed. Alex continued to fuck Cindy to his own orgasm and hers. When Jhon told me this story about what had happened in the trio between Cindy and Alex I couldn´t believe it.  

   As Camillo and Alex were talking with Jhon, I kept thinking about what had happened between them. when I had a chance I told Jhon to come upstairs for a second and I mentioned   Camillo´s huge basket. I said I wanted a favor from him  and he said what was the favor. I said when the opportunity arose I wanted to suck off Camillo. I asked him whether he had a big cock. Jhon said yes and that Camillo had even fucked his ass once or twice when Camillo stayed over. Jhon and I went back downstairs so Camillo and Alex wouldn´t get suspicious. After a bit , Camillo and Alex left and I asked Jhon more about what had happened between him and Camillo. He said one night they went out drinking and came back to the house. Camillo was real drunk so Jhon said to stay over. During the night, Camillo was real horny and ended up fucking  Jhon´s ass. Jhon said when he saw Camillo´s  cock  he couldn´t resist. Jhon said it was 10 inches and real thick. He said Camillo fucked him once during the night and once in the morning.

   John and I promised each other to put the plan into effect and that I soon would be savoring the cream from Camillo´s balls. I told Jhon i wanted to suck him off through the gloryhole while he watched, I said we would do it just like when i arranged for Jhon to suck off my friend, Carlos which had went off without a hitch. Carlos to this day has no idea Jhon had gotten his huge load of cum.

   Jhon asked Camillo if he wanted to go out drinking with him on the weekend putting the plan into motion. Jhon told Camillo about the gloryhole and he was all excited. Camillo arrived at the house while Jhon was getting ready, so I took the time to peruse the target for later that night. I could see the outline of Camillo´s big cock and even his huge ballsack at his crotch. Camillo and Jhon left so I got everything ready for them. Jhon had showed Camillo the gloryhole which gave him a hardon immediately.  Later that night, I got a text from Jhon that they were on their way to the house. As they arrived I heard Camillo and Jhon voices, but they was a third voice I didn´t recognize. It turned out that Alex had hooked up with them while they were drinking. All three were real drunk as they entered Jhon´s room. Alex spotted the the gloryhole and asked Jhon what it was for. After Jhon explaining its purpose  said he wanted to try it also. I watched as all three undressed and waited for Jhon to enter. I could see Camillo´s ten incher and Alex´s nine incher totally stiff in anticipation.

   Jhon entered the dark closet  and asked who wanted to be first. Alex being¨ straight¨ told Camillo to go ahead first. I got into position as Camillo slid his already dripping cock within the hole. As it entered my mouth I sought out the slit of his cockhead to lubricate my dry mouth with his slimy precum. Camillo gasped with delight as he started to thrust his stiff cock into my mouth. Camillo turned out to be very verbal telling Jhon to suck his cock as he slid his cock in and out of the hole. Jhon was watching, and I was  doing my best to swallow such a big cock. Jhon was jacking his cock to my side excited by the cocksucking. Camillo wanted to make it last so he told Alex to try the hole. I stayed in position and received Alex´s cock. I started to suck his cock with the intent to get his cum  since Jhon had told me Alex had real thick cum which I enjoyed immensely. In no time Alex started to buck against the hole. Jhon´s wanted to see if Alex would suck his cock again so I stopped sucking his cock. Jhon slid his black cock in and waited, Alex immediately engulfed Jhon´s member from the outside making JHon moaned and soon saw Camillo join Alex sharing the task of sucking his black cock. I could see that they at times were fighting over whose mouth Jhon´s cock was feeding. As Jhon was busy. I decided to get Jhon´s ass ready for Alex´s cock since the last time he had sucked off Alex  with Cindy, he had said he waited to have Alex´s cock up his ass. I started to eat Jhon´s ass lubricating it with my saliva. Jhon started to gasp and asked who wanted to receive his cum. They both started to suck Jhon´s cock, each taking a turn on the ever expanding head . Camillo who had Jhon´s cock between his lips received the first few volleys of his cum and then let Alex take over engulfing the spurting head and received the last heavy spurts whch he eagerly swallowed having tasted Jhon´s cum before and shared with Cindy.

   Jhon asked Alex to fuck him and use a condom so when he was ready to cum he would eat Alex´s load. I watched intently as Alex´s sheathed cock entered Jhon´s hole and started to thrust his member in and out. I knew it would last long since Jhon had a real tight ass. I heard Alex exclaim that he was coming as he withdrew his cock and ripped off the condom and slid he cock within. I was ready and received the thickest load of white creamy cum from Alex´s pulsating cock. When he withdrew Camillo said he was ready to feed Jhon his hot cum too.I took his cock within my lips and started to deep throat this huge stalk of flesh. In no time was drinking a huge  load of cum from Camillo´s heavy balls. After they left, Jhon joked with them that his stomach was so full of their loads all the while knowing I had eatten both loads from their cocks. The best part for Jhon was how they shared and fought over his cock when he was coming. Camillo said he was surprised  with Alex  and Alex said that he was always curious about sucking a guy´s cock but never had the opportunity. And after tasting Jhon´s black cock  and seeing it start to fill Camillo´s mouth  with his cum he had to see what it tasted like. Alex didn´t want Camillo to know that he had sucked Jhon´s cock before and for that matter had even enjoyed receiving Jhon´s whole load  to share with John´s friend,Cindy. It seems Alex wasn´t as straight as he pretended to be all along.     




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