THE SCENE: December 2012

I had a number of responsibilities as the Maitre d' including the nightly reservations, supervising the evening's well being of the guests, table assignments for the waiters and waitresses, booking musical performers and hiring the waiters and waitresses.

Jay, the young hot college student, had been hired in February 2012 as a bus boy. His performance was so outstanding that he decided on December 1, 2012 to apply for a waiter's position with me as I had become Jay's mentor. Jay was grateful to me for giving him so much attention and tips over the past few months. He often thought how lucky he had been to have such a successful professional Maitre d' give him the attention and advice.

Jay's interview took place pn December 1 at 10 AM with me as the lone interviewer.

"Good morning Jay. Thanks for the resume of your past work and jobs along with your education. I see that you started at age 14 working part-time mowing lawns and at 16 you took a job working at a fast food restaurant and then you came to work with us this past February as a bus boy. Your employee evaluations are excellent. I notice that you are a sophomore at the local community college and the starting shortstop on the college baseball team. I can see that you have an impressive hard body as an athlete along with handsome features that would please our dinner guests. In fact, you are hot and sexy. I like what I see."

"Sir, thank you. I'd be thrilled and grateful if you gave me this dream job. The generous tips at such a high class restaurant would allow me to save money to transfer to the local university as a junior. I would love to work for you as you have been so kind and helpful to me."

"Great Jay. I too would enjoy supervising you. By the way, may I ask a personal question? And please call me Calvin."

"Sure Sir, I mean Calvin."

"How about your family? Do you have siblings? Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Calvin, I have three bothers who have all graduated from college and are now working with one as a young lawyer, one is an electrical engineer and the other brother is a high school teacher in history. I'm the baby. I still live with my parents and I've never had a girlfriend."

I stared at this young stud loosing my train of thought for a minute. Jay is of Danish ancestry with curly blond hair; blue eyes; stands 5' 11"; weighs 160 pounds; hairless chest and stomach; light blond fuzz on his legs and crotch; and a trimmed hard muscled body as an athlete.

"Oh excuse me, Jay. I have lots on my mind today. This all sounds great. You have the job. You'll work closely with me as you learn the job. Maybe we can spend some time after work honing your waiter skills. How does that sound?"

"Calvin, yes I would love to do that."

Jay started his first day of work he second week of December working Monday through Friday from 4 PM to 11 PM.

The restaurant was totally booked through the holidays. After the New Year's Eve dinner parties that lasted until mid-night, I approached Jay and suggested: "Jay, you've been working overtime through the holidays. You need some time to relax. Would you like to join me tomorrow evening for a New Year's dinner at my beach house?"

"Calvin yes, that sounds so great and I do need to relax from the long hours here and my semester finals at the college and before classes begin again. What time should i come over to your beach house?"

"How about around noon: we can take a swim in my indoor pool, have a few drinks and I will serve dinner around 6 PM. Why don't you tell your parents that you will spend the night as the ocean breezes will be great to make you relax and sleep well. You can have my guest bedroom over looking the ocean. It will be fun for you."

"Calvin, sure. I look forward to the day. Thanks so much. Remember I'm an adult and can do whatever I want but I will tell mom and dad so that do not worry."

On January 1, I spent part of the morning prepping all the foods for a special romantic dinner; shopped for the finest imported wines; purchased some exotic massage oils, perfumes, and cologne; bought a new supply of scented candles; and noticed a new exotic vibrating dildo in the adult book store that I purchased. Yea, I admit, I was setting the stage to attempt to get into the pants of this very hot young college athlete. Man he was so sexy. I was horny as hell all morning in anticipation of sucking and fucking my newest waiter.

I spent part of the morning grooming my own body including trimming my pubic hair. I'm of Italian decent with very natural olive tanned body; sexy whorls of black hair surrounding my nipples with hair tapered off to a treasure trail leading down to my crotch; deep blue eyes; black hair; weigh a rock hard 165 pounds; 6-feet tall; and very hard muscled arms, big biceps, chest, abs and tight thighs and legs. I work out five days a week.

Jay arrived at noon carrying an overnight bag that included his swimming trunks. After a chat, we went out for a light lunch at a local beach stand.

After arriving back at the beach house, we changed into our swimming trunks and spent the next hour diving and swimming in my pool. We were so relaxed after swimming when I said: "Jay, I've been trained as a professional masseur. Let me give you a restful and relaxed massage before dinner. I have a massage table in my bedroom. Come with me."

"Calvin, I could use a rub down after the past month's busy schedule. Thanks."

Jay took off his trunks and was then naked. Oh hell, he was beyond a Greek god. He was awesome. He had the most sexy cock I'd ever seen along with a hot bubble pink ass. I had him lie down on the table on his stomach as I draped a towel over his ass cheeks and butt. I turned on some very sexy music and got down to work. I lit the scented candles, poured lots of massage oil over his body from his neck to his feet. I began to massage that hot smooth skin from head to toe. I rubbed the oil deep into his young smooth skin and used my magic hands to cause Jay to start moaning with pleasure. I had used this technique before to get into the pants of several hunks but never such a cute twink.

"Man, your hands are so magic on my body. I'm so relaxed. I've never felt anything this great before. You are so good."

"Thanks Jay. I'm now going to massage your bubble butt cheeks."

I removed the towel and now had Jay totally naked for my pleasure. I slowly and gradually massage those young ass cheeks and then moved my fingers into the entrance to his ass and started playing with the muscle rings at the entrance to his ass. Next I began to insert a finger into his man pussy.

Jay reacted by saying: "Hey Man, what are you doing? I feel a finger in my ass, oh no I feel two fingers going deep into me. WOW, what is that spot you are massaging? It feels awesome. What is that? I've never felt such pleasure."

"Shhhh, just relax Jay. I am massaging what is known as your prostate. It is often known as a man's gee spot. Do you like that feel?"

"Hell yea, I love it. Don't stop. This is my first sex with any person. I'm a virgin but I love the awesome feeling. Keep it up."

As I continued to finger fuck this hot athlete, he began to hump and buck meeting my hands and fingers. I had won in seducing this cute waiter. He was now in my grip. As passion over took both of us, I slipped out of my trunks and began to lower my mouth and hot lips in his ass. I began to suck on the outer rings of his pulsating pink ass. I buried my face in his now wet ass and the smell was so delicious. He had such a smooth and clean ass. I rotated between rimming his juicy asshole and locating his big balls and sucking on them. His cock was hidden under the table.

"Oh Fuck Yea, eat my ass. Suck on my balls. I love this gay sex. Man it is hot in here. I'm sweating like a stuck pig. Yea, fuck yea."

I took out the new big black dildo and began slowly inserting it in this virgin ass. I wanted to break his ass rings and open him up for my cock later. Soon I had the dildo deep into his guts ans I began to drill his pussy with that big toy. He seemed to take it well for a virgin. He was going to be a natural gay bitch. Man this was good.

I finally pulled the big toy out and returned to using my mouth to rim his ass making him horny for my cock.

Jay cried: "Hell yea, it feels so good. What else are you going to do to me? Are you going to fuck me with that huge cock of yours?"

"Hell yea Jay, I want to fuck you. This is such a nice piece of ass. I love this young fresh meat."

I turned Jay over on his back. I got up on his chest and planted my butt down on him. I took my raging 8-inch throbbing cock and began to part his lips and drove my missile deep into his throat. This virgin had just taken his first man cock into his mouth. I began to fuck his mouth with my leaking cock. I soon felt him suck on my piss slit. Gee, he was sucking my pre-cum and swallowing. What a first time bitch he had become. This drove me into pure lust as I fucked his mouth with hard thrusts over and over. Jay became so aroused that he planted his lips firmly stretched around my fresh meat. He had taken charge of how he sucked me. He had caught on quickly. My cock felt so good with his juicy lips tight on my tool.

When I was about to shoot my load, I pulled my cock out of his mouth and began a look series of French kissing as our tongues wrestled for position. It was so sloppy and noisy.

When I was safe from an ejaculation, I asked Jay: "Buddy, you asked me to fuck that pink little ass. I've wanted my big cock in that gorgeous bubble pink ass ever since the first day I met you. I've masturbated many times with a fleshjack fantasying that it was your ass. Are you ready for my big dong?"

"OH FUCK YEA, I want your hot cock in me. I've known since I turned a teenager that I was gay. Please fuck me. I want you to be the first cock to fuck my ass. You are so handsome and I think I like older men who are experienced. I have much to learn from you as a waiter and fuck buddy. Give me that big cock right now."

I was now so aroused and horny. I took Jay to my king sized bed, put him on his back, pulled his legs up on his chest, had him hold his legs there, lubed his ass and my cock and ran my rock hard cock up and down his ass crack. I spent lots of time rubbing my cock over his balls, his ass and up on his stomach and chest. I wanted him to be wild with lust when I shoved my missile into that virgin ass.

Jay began to buck up and down as I slowly inserted my stone hard cock inch by inch deep into his ass chute. I began to wildly fuck this cute ass with greater and greater speed and thrusts. It was a mind blowing sensuous fuck. The moaning and grunting could be heard down the beach. Before long, Jay began wild and primitive animal like screams. Then he cried out: "OH FUCK, OH FUUUUUCCCCCK, that is it. Give me your cock, go after that gee spot with your cock. Yea, yea, yea, fuck yea, don't stop."

As I continued to fuck this young fresh man pussy, I grabbed Jay's stiff pole and began to jerk him off. After several minutes, I felt my balls tighten, my cock head swell as I yelled: "I'm coming, I'm Cuuuuummmmming!!!! Take my hot cum down your ass."

As I shot load after thick load of my seed into Jay's ass, I continued to jack his cock that caused Jay to erupt with his own thick sticky cum blast all over his abs, stomach, chest and face. It was like two volcanic eruptions for us.

Now spent, I pulled out my soft cock, plunged it down Jay's throat and ordered him to suck me dry. Then I got down and licked Jay's cum off his body and swallowed a great deal of protein cum.

We took a shower together and I returned to preparing the dinner. We both were starved after all that exercise.

I gave Jay a XXX Gay adult video to watch in the living room while I cooked the dinner. I wanted to keep this young stable stud horny for later. Man, did he surprise me. The first scene in the video was two huge hunk wrestlers on the mat that turned to fucking one another on the mat. I heard Jay moaning and grunting. Shit, I bet he was masturbating. How could he recover that quick?

I slipped a peak as Jay had unzipped his pants, taken out his again swollen 9-inch tool and was wildly masturbating. I went back to checking on my cooking when I heard Jay cry: "I'm Cuuuummmming. I'm CUUUUMMMMING."

He had exploded another big load on his pants and Dodger blue baseball T-Shirt as well as on his hands and fingers. He came into the kitchen with this shy grin and wow, he plunged his cum soaked fingers in my mouth and I sucked them dry. Man his jizz tasted good. Would we ever get around to dinner?

I felt my cock began to grow. Could this young stud cause me, this older gentleman, to get off several times that evening? What was he doing to my libido?

We had dinner with lots of wine. After dinner, I asked Jay: "How may times can you come this evening?"

He gave me a naughty grin and said: "I bet at least five times. You make me so horny. Man you are hot. The question is: How may times can Calvin unload?"

We went to my bed and began the test to see how long my libido would get my cock up. Man, what a fun fucking experiment it was. Jay was magic for my horny condition. I never wanted him to leave. Could we make this a long time arrangement for fuck after fuck. Yea, I bet he wanted to fuck me next with that 9-incher. I was so horny again.


Naughty Eric


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