Chris and I drove to Rescue to see what was going on and it was silent and dark.Chris kept talking about getting his blowjob in the city. Chris said whoever was giving him head was real talented and he had enjoyed filling the unknown mouth with his nut.I could tell he was getting excited since I could see his woody growing by the second. He asked me whether I wanted to watch some porn with him in the lounge.I had the perfect video

for us to watch.It was a bisexual video with two men and a woman having sex.

We started watching the video I had selected and at certain points the two men would blow each other and while one was fucking the woman the other was fucking the man in the ass. Chris evidently liked it because after watching it he excused himself and said he was going home.I told him I was going to remain and stay over since it was so late. Chris asked whether I wanted company so I took the couch and he brought in a cot to sleep on.We both undressed down to our jockeys. I laid under the covers real tired and fell asleep. I woke up during the night and noticed Chris had positioned the cot right next to the couch. We were both laying in opposite directions so I was actually facing his lower torso.Chris´s blanket had fallen off and was lying on the floor.I was only inches away from his crotch and he was only inches from mine.As time passed by Chris had inched closer to where I was lying his head touching my thigh.I turned to get his head closer to my crotch and I could feel his hot breath from his breathing on my dick and balls.I could swear every minute he was getting closer which gave me a hard on. I decided to do the same to him to see what would happen.I put my head so close to his crotch that I could smell his cock and balls. All at once he changed position and my face was actually touching his basket and his face was touching mine.

All of a sudden i felt his lips touching my balls which were hanging out on my thigh.I thought he was making a move on me so I put my lips on his cock which was covered by his white jockeys.I had to wait to see whether it was my imagination that all this was happening.My dick was getting real hard and I decided to make the first move. I had to see if he had a hard on too.

I found his cock with my lips and it was true Chris had a boner like me. I touched his waistband with my fingers and released his hairy uncut cock.It sprang out in its full glory. At the same time I had shimmied my underwear down . I started to lick his hairy balls with the tip of my tongue savoring the tasty saltiness and he edged closer.All of a sudden i felt him doing the same,my nine inches began to leak alot of precum dripping onto my balls which at this point he was touching them with his lips. I could feel his tongue begin to capture my prejuice. When i turned my head back he had his fist holding his shaft pointing directly at my mouth. I opened my lips and he edged closer entering my mouth. In one instant he thrust his turgid cock all the way in. I followed his lead by feeding him first my leaking helmet and them my hairy cock. At this point he was face fucking me and finally positioning himself above me. I was actually sucking his cock and he said suck me like you did in the video store. I was able to swallow his cock and Chris started to thrust in and out of my mouth. And I did the same to him with vigor.I loved how his balls would rest on my nose banging against my face each time. I grabbed his ass globes forcing him deeper into my throat. Chris began to buck and he started to suck my cock teasing my balls with each downward suck. I told him I was getting close and he just continued to suck.

I managed to suck him to its hairy root and wouldn´t let him move.I let my throat muscles to begin to massage his shaft. I could feel it expand and he began to moan and breathe short gasps.I could feel his balls rising up real close to its shaft and I readied myself. All at once his almost pulled his cock out just leaving his head within my lips. The first spurt filled my mouth bloating my cheeks with his cum. I could only swallow. At the same time he had increased his sucking and I didn´t say a word I just let him feel the first shot hitting his tonsils. Then we began to buck and feed all our juices to one another. After our cocks were soft we exchanged kisses savoring each other taste.

I asked him how he knew it was me in the video store he said in the darkness he had spotted the fire pin on my jacket. But he was glad it was me since the first day he meant me he had to have me. I said the same. To this day Chris is my lover my best friend and we still think about our start together.




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