Part 2, A Piercing Acquaintance

The Tar Baby

It’s true laws have been passed against slavery but it nevertheless goes on because people are largely divided in two groups , slaves and Masters.

One sees it in the labor, relationships, friendships, but it exists most openly among homosexuals -- because no one dares interfere.

Paul is one who realizes some in the world will take a gay slave if given permission to do so , and he had done so.

He recalls those sad events as he looks down upon his tit and penis stretched almost together by taught chain from a tit clamp and PA by his owner Master Charles.

In the bar he was last at earlier that evening Paul noticed Master Charles standing at the bar; and Paul was somewhat piqued this leather man had paid no attention to him, let alone cruised him, as the other older new comers did – ‘and bought him drinks or plied him with free drugs -- for what he knew would be little or nothing in return. He could wiggle out of their company he was always confident. But Paul did have his pride and this guy didn’t even look at him.

‘That’s Master Charles’ a friend yells in his ear above the blaring gay music. He is a leather Master, Paul, you’d better be careful with him or he’ll use you as a pet dog.”

‘ Yum!’ Maybe he has free tootsie rolls”, says Paul, that’d be hot – I could be his very own slave and paraded about on a leash like that guy like week.”

And they both laughed . As that guy had come from the men’s room on all fours behind his Master, with a long human turd his mouth.

The event had caused a near riot. They’d been confronted by the owner and furious patrons -- music went out lights went on and … well, a customer eating human shit or crawling about naked carrying a turd in his mouth is by any standard rare, a major distraction, and will close a place down.

But not before this shit eating slave had been fucked by half the patrons, and had kissed many of his customer lovers deeply, as they fucked him in the bar’s back room, ‘He was a hot little fucker’ thought Paul.

It took place in the back ‘dance’ room and the slave was tied upon a saw horse with naked ass available at one end his open mouth at the other -- and, most went for it, in an orderly line as managed by his master, who’d announced that his bitch would fuck/suck and kiss all for free– but that drinks, or donations wouldn’t be turned down.

The darkened chair less room with the saw horse was known to all as where sex parties and acts could be done. A portion of the room was divided by a flimsy paneling that had glory holes drilled into it art various heights. The indoor out door carpet stuck a bit to the shoe soles as one traversed it, filthly walk, so it seemed odd women would linger in the area.

Paull saw Janice, a ‘Fag Hag” he’d befriended and routinely chatted when he wandered back to the glory hole area, “See any good cocksucking action, Janice,” Paul asked.

“You should put yer pussy ass to that hole there”, Janice pointed noting a very overweight guy lurked behind the paneling.

Paul asked her if she knew a ‘Master Charles’ . and she said

“ Sure, he’s had some parties, and his slaves make great finger food and drinks for everybody.” And one asked me to crush his dick under my high heel .

Did you”

“Well, When in Rome, It was kinda hot.”

Paul laughed at t he recollection, and walked with Janice back to the bar room, and walked over to Master Charles and stood right beside him, and still no acknowledgment.

Finally, Paul touchéd his shoulder; and, when Master Charles turned toward Paul, Paul asked if he could buy him a drink.

Master Charles reached to Paul’s crotch and gently grasped his genitals and stared at him in that cruise look for a long moment, then said, “Boy, what do you want?” Janice grinned at the paralysis Paul seemed to show.

Paul, already forgetting he’d asked to buy, said he’d have a vodka tonic, but Charles kept his hand on Paul’s cock and balls, kneading them gently, and asked again, “what do you want boy?” Paul reached down to push his hand away but instead closed it tighter around his balls and said with a breathy wantonness;

“I want to be your slave slut, Master Charles.”

The bar was not a leather bar or a place that attracted particularly radical gays. All gay society frequented it on the weekends . It was a regionoal gay bar, and it even served a fair sized lesbian clientele; and on weekends it was very crowded even with straights given it being the only gay club within one hundred miles.

Paul thought the whole leather scene as silly, though he didn’t know too much of it’s practices or history within the leather world . His confession and surrender to Charles seemed to him a harmless bit of teasing.

Janice looked at him wide eyed, and said she ‘d let them talk.

[to be continued]




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