TODAY WAS NOT a typical Tuesday for three reasons. For a start, it was unusually hot and humid. An English June might be pleasantly warm, or it might just as easily be cold and wet - it was rarely this hot. Most of the class had removed their jackets, loosened their ties and collars and rolled up their sleeves. Secondly, it was not every Tuesday that it was Dominic's seventeenth birthday, but today it was. And thirdly, it was the day Dominic had chosen to introduce Jimmy to his friends and family. Admittedly, he had so far lacked the opportunity, or more probably the courage, to tell his parents he was gay so he would instead have to introduce Jimmy to them just as 'a friend'.

Dominic's mobile phone vibrated. He looked around. The long, thin form of Mr Talbert was wandering up and down the aisles like a grazing antelope, nervously interrogating his pupils on the English Civil War. Warily, he took it out and read it under the desk: 'wanna suck yr dick'.

Dominic supressed a smile. Jimmy's charm was not obvious from his text messages but, even so, Dominic was as smitten with him now as he was on that memorable autumnal Saturday last year. He looked out of the classroom window across the school grounds to the park beyond where they had met, where they had continued to meet secretly for the last eight months or so.

'Love you too! See you later x' replied Dominic, pocketing the phone again before Mr Talbert saw him.

They were an unlikely pair: Jimmy from the rough estate on the south side of the park with his cropped brown hair, chavvy clothes and stud earring; Dominic with his stylish mop of copper-red hair from the private school in the well-off, some would say snobbish, side of town. But to Dominic his secret lover was a rough diamond and he loved him for it. He loved the way Jimmy's muscular shoulders and smooth taut abdomen flexed when he fucked him, and he loved the way his forehead creased when he was concerned or when he ejaculated.

A hand rested gently on Dominic's shoulder. 'So where,' Mr Talbert asked, 'did the future King Charles the Second spend the night hiding from the parliamentarian army?' His question, Dominic quickly realised, was not particularly targeted at him but nevertheless the hand remained on his shoulder while he waited for an answer. Dominic had long been aware that Mr Talbert was a bit more tactile with some of the boys, not least him. He did not mind; in a way he thought it was quite funny.

Jack provided an intelligent answer. 'In a tree, Sir.'

'Indeed, Jack. In an oak tree.' Mr Talbert let his long fingers slide slowly off Dominic's shoulder and he walked tentatively away to graze elsewhere - Peter probably, guessed Dominic.

Jack regularly provided intelligent answers. Dominic could not help picturing Jack as a royalist cavalier, noble and flamboyant. Dominic really liked Jack and, though he was not really Dominic's type, he often felt the urge to snuggle up to him and be held in his arms. Jack's popularity with classmates and teachers alike was unparalleled, for which reason Dominic was particularly grateful for his continuing support since Dominic had come out to his close circle of friends. However, he worried about whether Jack or the others would like Jimmy.

'Are you still on for after school today?' Dominic asked Colin quietly. Colin, who lived next door but one to Dominic, had recently become a good friend, especially so in fact since Dominic had revealed that he was gay. He now always sat next to Dominic in Mr Talbert's lessons. He was one of the friends Dominic had asked to meet Jimmy.

Colin leant in close, his leg touching Dominic's. 'Definitely.'

Colin leaned away again but his leg remained where it was, touching Dominic's. Dominic studied him with a sidelong glance. With his deep blue eyes Colin was good looking in his way but he was conventional. Whereas Dominic, Jack and others had taken advantage of their sixth form status and now wore more fashionably tailored trousers, Colin's school trousers were conventionally shapeless and unflattering. Likewise, his otherwise attractive light brown hair suffered from a very conventional haircut. Mr Talbert's descriptions of the roundheads came to mind. Nevertheless, Colin was a genuine nice guy. Involuntarily, he imagined his cock, a roundhead cock perhaps! Dominic's own cock started to harden.

To be honest, it did not take much to make his teenage cock harden, for which reason he often preferred wearing tight briefs that held it sideways; they made his erections less obvious. Today he was wearing plain blue Calvin Klein briefs. After all, today was Tuesday, games lesson day. On other days, though, he had recently begun wearing more adventurous underwear - it felt exciting to do so under his school uniform and there were some boys he did not mind if they noticed his boner.

Dominic convinced himself that there was nothing wrong with a bit of friendly contact between mates, and he kept his leg pressed against his neighbour's. Indeed, he let his leg slide back and forth against Colin's a few times. He noticed that Colin had placed one arm across his lap. Did Colin have a hardon, too? Did Colin fancy him? Interesting!


WHEN HE THOUGHT the coast was clear the long antelope-like legs of Graham Talbert made their silent way round to the sports hall. His sixth form history session was finished and now he had a free lesson. He saw the boys loping off through the school gates in their green and blue striped rugby tops and white cotton shorts. He turned to go into the boys' changing rooms, assuming them to be empty, but collided in the doorway with one remaining straggler.

'Sorry, Mr Talbert, Sir!' Colin spluttered without stopping.

'Err! Hmm! Quickly, now! The others are way ahead of you.'

Talbert watched Colin dash off and then he stepped warily into the changing rooms. He looked along the pegs at the chaos of school uniforms and bags. He stopped at one or two that he recognised to touch a shirt or a pair of trousers. He looked at the door and listened acutely, nervously. Reassured, he rummaged inside one of the boys' bags and pulled out a pair of worn boxers. He put the boxers to his nose and sniffed. Graham Talbert left the changing rooms, his mission accomplished.


'COME ON, DOM!' cried Jack as he jogged past. 'You can do it.'

Dominic stood and admired his classmate as he bounded purposefully on up the path, his gravity-defying hair adding to the impression of boundless energy. He marvelled at how Jack was able to look flamboyant even in his games kit.

'I'll catch you up in a minute,' he called after him.

He looked back down the path behind him. Most of his classmates were as yet nowhere to be seen; his recent fitness drive was paying off. Although Dominic had never really liked competitive sports much he usually did not mind the Tuesday morning cross-country run even on cold days. Today was just too hot, however, and it felt increasingly close. Actually, the route was hardly 'cross-country', passing as it mostly did through town suburbs. But this last section went through the park before heading back into the school grounds. (The school backed onto the park at its eastern end.) Here, where Dominic had stopped, the path wound through the band of woodland which skirted the north side of the park.

With no one watching, Dominic stepped off the path and into woods. The thick summer foliage provided only a little relief from the midday sun but, more importantly, it blocked any view of him from the path. He chose a suitable spot beside an ash tree, reached his left hand into the right leg of his shorts and pulled out his penis with his other hand. He held his breath momentarily until his foreskin opened and a jet of straw-coloured urine spurted from the slit. He heard several runners on the path and judged they were too far to hear him pissing. Dominic heaved a sigh of relief as he shook loose the last drops. He continued gently shaking his dick, enjoying the feel of its exposure to the air, enjoying its increasing firmness as he toyed with it.

All of a sudden a hand smothered Dominic's mouth and another grabbed firm hold of his semi-erection. Dominic was pushed up against the rough grey bark of the tree. He felt the full weight of his assailant's body pressed up against his and felt his assailant's breath on his neck as he whispered in Dominic's ear: 'Happy birthday!'

The hand fell from Dominic's mouth. Dominic turned to look into the intense dark brown eyes of Jimmy and beamed. Jimmy smiled back. Then he licked a long slow lick from the notch below Dominic's adam's apple diagonally up to his left ear.

'I'm all sweaty,' apologised Dominic.

'Me, too.'

Jimmy's bare arms and shoulders glistened with perspiration and his white vest adhered to the taut outline of his body. He wore a pair of black nylon tracksuit bottoms, old and torn and slightly splattered with paint, which also clung to his legs. He licked Dominic again and teasingly bit his earlobe. Dominic felt his knees give way as he tingled with sexual excitement. Jimmy pressed his crotch more strongly against Dominic.

'You're definitely coming after I finish school, right?'

'I'll cum if you cum,' was the flippant reply, and he placed his lips over Dominic's Adam's apple and sucked gently. Dominic felt the flexing of Jimmy's muscular shoulders as the grip on his cock became stronger. He was struggling to divert his attention.

'No seriously, you will be there?'

Jimmy fixed him intently with an intense gaze under a furrowed brow. He repeated his promise that he would meet Dominic and his friends in the park by the old oak tree at the appointed time. He told him that he had set an alarm on his phone to make sure he would not be late; that he would go home first to wash and change so he looked more respectable (and less chavvy); that he would definitely go with him back to his house to meet his parents (as a friend, since Dominic had not yet told them he was gay); and that, by the way, he also definitely intended to fuck the living daylights out of him at the first opportunity. Dominic loved Jimmy when he was like that. He dove his hand into the back of Jimmy's boxers and felt his powerful buttocks tensing rhythmically as they humped.

'I've not got long,' Dominic told him as Jimmy's hand moved steadily up and down his cock.

'Come on then,' whispered Jimmy.

He jerked Dominic's cock harder and slipped his tongue in Dominic's ear. A familiar shiver ran down Dominic's spine, passed through his groin and spread down his legs. He grunted. Jimmy stopped jerking and squeezed. Dominic grunted again and spilled cum, across Jimmy's knuckles and down his black nylon trakkies. Jimmy continued squeezing semen from the cock he held in his fist until Dominic could take no more and he pushed him away.

'Phew!' sighed Dominic. He looked at Jimmy's dick poking out from his waistband and felt he should be returning the favour. 'Sorry! I really should be going.'

Jimmy licked the back of his hand and then gave Dominic a big cum-swapping kiss. Then he said: 'No problem.' He grinned wickedly. 'You can make up for it later. Go on, fuck off!'

Dominic smiled, kissed him back, shoved his cock back into his shorts and stole back to the path. He figured that all but a few laggards would be ahead of him now.


FROM WHERE HE CROUCHED behind a bush Colin felt a mixture of emotions - guilt that he had watched such an intimate sexual act between two people who thought they were alone; excitement at seeing his friend, whom he secretly fancied, being wanked; and frustration that someone else was doing things sexually to Dominic and was giving him such pleasure. And yet he saw how the other boy looked fondly after him as Dominic left. He saw how he then spread the rest of Dominic's cum over his upwardly curving dick and massaged himself with it as though it were a precious substance. Looking at the lean, muscular profile of the guy, Colin could understand why Dominic was enamoured with his secret lover. Is that what Colin wanted? He thought perhaps it was.

It was time to leave. He stepped back and in so doing cracked a twig. Colin looked anxiously through the branches of the bush. Simultaneously, the guy's eyes swung round and met his. A faint smile fleetingly passed across the boy's lips. Colin turned and fled, hoping he had been camouflaged enough behind the bush to escape recognition later. He had not meant to spy on the two of them. Or rather, yes, he had meant to spy on Dominic but only to see him have a piss. He did not know he would stumble upon an act of love-making.

He fled.


'HEY! WHO THE BLOODY HELL has stolen my boxers?'

Dominic looked up at Peter, a small and rather delicate blonde-haired boy, hunting through his bag.

'Again?' asked Jack with a mixture of incredulity and outrage.

'Same thing happened to me last week,' admitted Dominic. This was true, but Dominic chose not to admit they were a pair of red and rather revealing Andrew Christian briefs that Jimmy had ripped off him after school the previous Monday in their secret hideout in the park. He smiled to himself as he recalled how Jimmy had dangled them from his cock as though it were a clothes hook and how they had remained there while Dominic sucked Jimmy's cock and drank his cum. Of course, if he had then put them back on again instead of stuffing them into his school bag and going commando as he walked home he would not have forgotten to take them out again and they would not have been there in his bag on Tuesday for someone to steal.

Colin finally arrived back breathless. 'You've been a long time,' Jack told him. 'Pete's lost his pants again.'

'The underwear fiend strikes again!' said another boy making light of the tragedy.

Everyone laughed.

'It's not funny. I put them in my bag. I can't put these ones back on - I've been running in them. They're all sweaty and smelly.'

Everyone groaned in mock disgust and laughed. Dominic gave Colin a friendly smile. Colin blushed.


JIMMY EMERGED FROM the woods near the mound where he would later meet Dominic's friends for the first time. He crossed to the solitary old oak which stood on the highest point of the mound and looked across the park sloping away in front of him. The park was swarming with people and with flowers, all blazing in their summer colours. Jimmy knew the park well. He had done little else than hang around it since leaving school at the age of sixteen. Now eighteen, he had landed his first proper job as a painter and decorator. Life was good: Jimmy had a job and he had a boyfriend, albeit a secret one. When he was with his mates he doubted he could ever tell them that he had a boyfriend, the possible consequences made him shudder; but whenever he was with Dominic, whenever he looked into his beautiful green eyes and licked his smooth neck and smelt his smell, he wanted to tell the world he had a gay lover.

Conveniently for Jimmy, this week he and one other, Roy, were redecorating the old youth club on the south perimeter of the park. Roy was older and more experienced but Jimmy was learning quickly and, to his surprise, was enjoying it. Today he had taken an early lunch to meet Dominic but he knew he could not take too long if he was to get away again early at the end of the day. More than that, he was still on probation and he was keen to throw off his background and show himself to be a good worker.

Jimmy left the shade of the oak tree and headed down the slope to the park toilets; now his boner had gone he realised how full his bladder was. On the bench outside the toilet block sat a teenaged boy who, as he passed, lifted his Adidas shirt to expose his stomach and looked at Jimmy from beneath his baseball cap. He held Jimmy's gaze in a way he recognised; Jimmy had cruised these toilets from a young age up until he met Dominic. The boy reminded Jimmy of himself a couple of years ago.

In the summer heat the smell of the toilets was quite overpowering. Jimmy stood and pissed into a urinal. Sure enough, in came the younger lad and stood meaningfully at another urinal. Why not, thought Jimmy, and a moment later the boy was kneeling in front of him, pulling down his trakkies and sucking his cock. Was the boy even sixteen, he wondered. Jimmy closed his eyes and imagined it was Dominic blowing him. It was not Dominic, however; and, although he was getting off on the knowledge that the boy was licking Dominic's cum off his cock, Jimmy felt a pang of guilt.

'Sorry, mate!' Jimmy said suddenly, drawing back and covering himself back up. 'My mistake.'

The boy looked a little taken aback but he said nothing.

Although the entrance to the youth club was on the main road, Jimmy took a short cut through the children's playground and in through a gap in the fence that separated the club hut from the park. Soon he was back to rubbing down walls in preparation for painting. He glanced at the clock on the clubhouse wall; he had taken less time over lunch than he had thought.


EVERYONE FOUND IT DIFFICULT to concentrate during the afternoon lessons. The classroom seemed airless despite the warm breeze which began to stir around the middle of the afternoon. The blue sky was steadily vanishing under growing pillars of cumulus cloud yet the heat and humidity were, if anything, worse. Dominic was particularly unfocused. He was apprehensive about introducing Jimmy to his friends. He could not help feeling that Jimmy might bottle out. He slipped his phone out under his desk and sent Jimmy a reassuring text about how much his friends were looking forward to seeing him.

The moment school ended Dominic rushed home. His house was only around the corner. His Mum was hardly aware he had arrived before he had grabbed a drink from the kitchen, said 'Hi Gran' to his gran who was there because of his birthday, dashed upstairs to change out of his school uniform, dashed down again in khaki shorts and a loose but stylish short-sleeved shirt, and back out to rendezvous with his friends in the park. A gust of wind made the door slam shut behind him.

From the top of the mound Dominic had a one-hundred-and-eighty degree view of this part of the park but there was no sign of Jimmy. Everyone else was there: Jack looking debonair in linen trousers and straw boater; Colin in a shapeless t-shirt and baggy shorts; Amy probably wearing something nice - Dominic regularly failed to notice what girls wore and Amy often teased him about it. He tried phoning Jimmy.

'I can't get an answer. I sent him a text earlier but he didn't reply to that either.'

Amy was his only close female friend but the first person to know he was gay. She was practised at managing Dominic's pessimism. 'He's probably just finishing off. I expect he'll be here in a minute.' Dominic was not so sure. 'Where did you say he was working?' Dominic was not sure about that either, he just knew it was nearby.

The old oak tree creaked noisily in the gusting wind. He looked up and pictured a young Charles the Second clinging on to one of its swaying branches. A sudden roll of thunder in the distance confirmed what they were all thinking: there was going to be a storm. 'C'mon. Let's go,' he said. They all followed Dominic down the slope.

'Never mind,' said Colin placing an arm across his shoulder, 'You've still got us.'

Dominic felt a sudden wave of irritation. He was not sure if he was angry with Jimmy or with Colin. They left the park through the north exit just as the first few drops of rain began to fall and as another, angry rumble of thunder shook the air.


GRAHAM TALBERT JUST caught sight of a few of his pupils as they headed away from the solitary oak on the mound. Amongst them he recognised the familiar swagger of Jack and the red hair of Dominic. He had not been seen. In the doorway of the men's toilets loitered a boy in a blue Adidas shirt and baseball cap. Talbert was struck both by his youthful good looks and his bold stare. Embarrassed, Talbert averted his eyes and scuttled past. Inside he went straight to a cubicle and locked the door. There was no particular reason why Talbert chose the park toilets to go through his ritual but somehow the seediness of the venue added to the exhilaration. In the summer heat the place felt unquestionably seedy, made all the more exhilarating by the rumbling of thunder.

He placed his leather briefcase on the floor and took out the pair of small boy's boxer shorts which were tucked in amongst a collection of as yet unmarked essays on Oliver Cromwell. He pressed the boxers to his nose and breathed in deeply - its aroma had to battle with the pungent smell of the toilets. He used them to stroke his face. Then he unzipped his grey flannel trousers and took out his already semi-erect penis - like the rest of him, it was long, thin and graceful. He gently rubbed and caressed himself with the boy's underwear. He thought how nice it would be if their owner, the small and attractive Peter, were wearing them as he pressed himself against them. He pictured Peter's pert teenage bum and he leaked precum onto the boxers. His thoughts flitted to other boys he desired. He visualised the gorgeous full lips and thick, soft red-brown hair of Dominic and he rubbed himself harder with the boxers. Outside there was more thunder and it started to rain.

A noise on the other side of the cubicle door made him jump. He froze. He had not heard anyone enter the toilet block, the sound of rain on the toilet block roof probably muffled it. Whoever it was, he could see under the door that they stood directly outside Talbert's cubicle for a short while before stepping away. Had he left? It was hard to tell above the rain. After a few minutes of hearing nothing Talbert resumed wanking, only to stop again to listen. A flash of lightning was quickly followed by a crack of thunder. Cautiously, he unlocked the cubicle door and opened it enough to peer through the crack. Standing motionless at a urinal was the bold boy in the blue Adidas shirt and he was looking round at him. Instinctively, Talbert pulled his head back from view but, he thought, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Although it was reckless for a man in his position, he poked his head around the door once more and this time the boy was facing him, cock in hand. How old was he? He could not be more than sixteen, perhaps fifteen. Talbert took the risk. Nervously, he opened the door wider and showed the boy his own slender erection. The boy glanced at the toilet entrance momentarily and then joined Talbert in the cubicle.

Ideally, Talbert would have liked to begin with some tender kissing and a bit of erotic exploration of each other's bodies. However, he knew the boy probably preferred to get straight down to business. He did manage to run his hand down the pretty boy's neck and feel his waist briefly, but very quickly the boy was on his knees sucking expertly at Talbert's dick. Oh, he was good. Talbert rubbed his face with Justin's boxers again and smiled, almost laughed, at the ecstasy of it all. The boy jerked him a little, sucked him a little, then jerked him a little more. Talbert felt close to ejaculation and wondered where the boy would allow him to cum - On his face? Would he swallow?

He warned the boy: 'I'm cumming.' It was the polite thing to do he felt.

All of a sudden the boy leapt to his feet and raced out of the cubicle. For a moment Talbert could not understand what was happening, apart from the fact that he was about to ejaculate. And then he realised the boy had run off with his briefcase. He shouted, 'Stop!' But unfortunately he himself could not stop. In one terrible synchronised instant he grabbed hold of his trousers, dashed forward out of the cubicle, came face to face with a respectable but somewhat astonished looking elderly gentleman and (oh, the timing was perfect) shot a slug of semen over his fine white shirt.

'Oh, good heavens!' Talbert exclaimed as he looked into the face of the appalled gentleman. 'Oh, no!'

Still ejaculating, he stuffed his cock into his underpants, and pursued the boy out into the torrential rain. Occasional flashes of lightning did little to illuminate the park which had become eerily dark under the billowing black clouds. Nevertheless, he spotted the boy racing towards the park exit, only to see him stop short, look back and then veer off up the mound. He was being chased furiously by another older looking youth. Talbert sprang after them both.


THE OLDER LOOKING YOUTH that Talbert had seen was of course Jimmy. Only minutes beforehand he had been contentedly applying the first coat of emulsion to a wall. Roy had made a comment about the thunderstorm outside and then said, 'Thought you wanted to be away early today?' Jimmy had looked at the clock and Roy had told him not to trust it because it was losing time rapidly; 'Needs new batteries,' he told him.

'Shit!' he said. He had not checked his phone because his hands were covered in paint. But why had the alarm not gone off? He flung down the brush, wiped his hand hastily with a cloth and reached in his pocket for his phone. No phone! How...? He looked on the floor for it. Wait! The boy in the toilets must have taken it from his trakkies when... Oh how stupid!

'What time is it?' he asked. Roy told him. 'Shit!' he said and hurtled out into the storm. He tore a hole in the knee of his tracksuit bottoms as he tore through the gap in the fence. He careered through the deserted children's playground and up the main path until he came in view of the great oak tree on the mound. Thick black clouds and pouring rain meant that visibility was not good but, nonetheless, he could see he had missed Dominic. He was now soaked to the skin.

It was at this point that Jimmy saw the boy in the blue Adidas shirt and baseball cap racing towards him clutching a briefcase. In the same instant the boy saw Jimmy. The boy stopped, looked back at a man who was chasing him and then headed off the path up the mound. Fucking thief, thought Jimmy, and he set off in pursuit. The boy was fast but Jimmy was faster. Half way up the slope Jimmy was close on his heels, at which point the boy swung round and hurled the briefcase at him. The case hit Jimmy in the face and knocked him off balance. He recovered quickly but the gap between them had widened again. By the time he had reached the top of the mound the boy had covered the open space behind the oak tree and had disappeared into the woods.

And then Jimmy heard a deafening bang and was knocked unconscious.


THE EAR-PLITTING CRASH of thunder made Dominic and all his family and friends jump. Amy even screamed. Everyone laughed at their collective shock.

'You've got back just in time,' observed Gran.

It was true; any later and they would have been drenched. Dominic thanked Gran for his birthday present. You can never have enough socks, he reassured her (even if they were brightly coloured knee-length thick woollen ones). In fact, Dominic was a model of good manners and hospitality, but in reality he felt miserably sad.

Colin seemed to detect it. He said timidly, 'You could come back to my house after if you want.'

'Er... yeah! Maybe.' He didn't know what he wanted just now. He was not even sure if he wanted Jimmy now.


TALBERT SAW THE BOLT of lightning strike the oak tree. The shock had stopped him in his tracks. For a split second he saw the jagged white line of static electricity stretched between the top of the tree and the storm clouds above, followed by a blinding flash that split the tree in two down the centre. Several branches were blown off, one of which struck the older youth who had been chasing the little thief up the mound. Talbert retrieved his water-logged briefcase from the water-logged slope and then joined the two soaked passers-by who had rushed to the scene. There was blood on the youth's face and down his arm. One of them rang for an ambulance.

Now Talbert stood helplessly watching as the other two checked the victim's injuries and discussed whether they should move him to a safer place. By the time the paramedics arrived, blue lights flashing and sirens wailing, the lad had come round. To begin with he was confused and sat shivering under a blanket in the back of the ambulance. Then, unexpectedly, he jumped to his feet as though he suddenly realised where he was.

'I've got to go,' he told them abruptly. 'I'm really late.'

The paramedics wanted to take him to hospital but he refused. He threw off the blanket and jumped out of the ambulance into the rain before they had a chance to stop him. To the astonishment of the paramedics and onlookers, he sprinted away up the path.

Talbert decided it was time for him, too, to slip away to somewhere drier and less public.


THE SOUNG OF THE RAIN was drowned out by the sound of voices singing 'Happy birthday' in a variety of keys. Dominic smiled generously as Mum brought in the birthday cake and placed it on the table next to him. Dominic's plump twelve year old cousin made a disparaging remark about the cake and received a sharp clip on the back of the head from Dominic's plump aunt. Dominic smiled at the circle of friends and family as he prepared to blow out seventeen candles.

'Make a wish,' said Colin.

Dominic looked at Colin and wondered what he should be wishing for. When had he ever got what he had really wished for? For some years he had imagined being wrapped in the arms of a film star action hero. Since meeting Jimmy he realised he had fallen in love with someone quite ordinary - someone common his family might say. Anyway, first things first: he should really wish for the courage to tell his parents he was gay. Perhaps the coming weekend would be a good time.

'Wish! Wish!' they all chanted.

And then they all fell silent. Into their midst walked Jimmy and everyone stopped and stared. His hair was plastered to his scalp. He had a bruise, red and swollen, on one side of his face and scratches down the length of one arm. His hands were soiled with paint, mud and blood. His filthy, torn and blood-stained vest, saturated and transparent, hid little of his young, muscular frame; indeed, one side of it was torn exposing a pert wet nipple (although the other was equally visible through the vest). His water-logged trakkies and boxers hung inappropriately low exposing his wet narrow hips, the glistening 'V' of his abdomen and just a glimpse of pubic hair. A pool of water was quickly accumulating on the sitting room carpet under his sodden trainers.

Dominic's father spoke first: 'Can we help you, young man?'

Jimmy stood facing Dominic, anguish apparent in the pair of lines on his forehead.

'Who is this?' asked Mum. She could see that Dominic knew him.

'Err! It's Jimmy,' replied Dominic. He looked at his Mum and at the other faces around the room. They obviously required more information than that. He looked again at Jimmy, as akin to an action hero as Dominic could imagine. The various stories he had prepared to disguise their true relationship flitted through his mind; none of them quite seemed plausible now. 'This is Jimmy,' he repeated. 'He's my boyfriend.'

Dominic's Dad laughed and immediately stopped; for an instant he had thought it was a joke.

Dominic's Mum covered her mouth with her hand but let slip a small 'Oh!'

Dominic's twelve year old cousin was wide-eyed. 'Cool!' he said.

Then Jack, ever the gentlemen, stepped forward and offered Jimmy his hand - 'Nice to meet you, Jimmy. I'm Jack.' - after which Dominic's friends jumped to the rescue giving his parents time to gather themselves and restore themselves to party mode. There was, Dominic of course realised, an urgent need now for him to have that talk with his parents but both he and they knew it must wait until everyone had left.


JIMMY COULD NOT HEAR clearly; his ears were ringing and everyone sounded as though they were underwater. He felt as though he had woken up from a bad dream, but one which was not quite over. Nevertheless, he was acutely aware of one thing - he wanted Dominic. He was not quite sure how he had found him but the most important thing was that he had. Dominic was there in front of him, along with a whole group of other people all looking at him oddly. Any instinct he had to run, to escape, was overcome by the look of delight in Dominic's green eyes and beautiful face.

A girl called Amy (whom Jimmy recognised from the night he and Dominic got together) seemed to take charge. Jimmy's dripping body was removed to the kitchen where it was fed, watered and examined. Gradually he felt his strength come back to him and, with it, his recollection and comprehension of what had happened to him. Bit by bit he gave his dramatic account of the lightning strike, made all the more dramatic by his difficulty in hearing the questions. Dominic's wide-eyed plump cousin was mesmerised. However, Jimmy was in desperate need of tidying up. Amy suggested that, given the sensitivity of the situation, Jimmy should shower and change two doors away where Dominic's friend Colin lived. Jimmy recognised Colin instantly but said nothing as he was led away.

In the bathroom of Colin's house Jimmy undressed and looked at himself in the mirror. What a state! No wonder everyone had stared at him. However, his cuts were only superficial and his head was only a little sore, that's all - nothing serious. Even his hearing seemed better. When eventually he emerged from the shower Dominic was waiting for him with some clean clothes.

'I brought you these,' Jimmy heard Dominic say. 'I hope they fit.' Then he added something else about Colin being downstairs making a warm drink.

Jimmy dropped the towel, took the clothes and threw those on the floor, too. He grabbed Dominic in a tight hug and licked his neck just as he had when he ambushed him that morning - not so sweaty now, he thought. Dominic smiled and enjoyed the feel of Jimmy's naked body under his hands, taking care to avoid his cuts and scratches. Jimmy's strength had obviously returned; his cock was stiffening rapidly. Jimmy pushed Dominic back onto Colin's bed and knelt assertively over him. Dominic looked down at Jimmy's cock and told him he must stop, that Colin will walk in on them. And he grabbed the pillow from Colin's bed and playfully fought Jimmy off with it.

'He's already seen us,' laughed Jimmy looking at the garment now exposed by the pillow's removal.

'What?' cried Dominic sitting up. 'Where? When?'

Jimmy picked up the garment. 'This morning in the woods. Hey, haven't you got a pair like these?'

'In the woods? You mean...' Dominic looked at the red Andrew Christian briefs in Jimmy's hand and his eyes grew even larger. 'Those are mine!' He looked at Jimmy, aghast.

'They were under his pillow.'

'Oh my God! He's the underwear thief!'

It was at this juncture that Colin walked in. It was his bedroom after all. Jimmy had not heard him enter but the abrupt turn of Dominic's head made him look. Colin was standing in the doorway open-mouthed, gaping at Dominic lying on the bed with Jimmy crouched over him, naked and erect, holding the briefs he had stolen.

'Oh shit!' said Colin clearly enough for Jimmy to hear and he turned and rushed out.

Dominic sprang to his feet and ran to the door. He stopped, turned, shouted, 'Hurry up, Jimmy' and rushed out after Colin.

'Oh, for fuck's sake!' cried Jimmy throwing down the red briefs. Had there not been enough drama for one day? He jumped into the pair of old faded blue skinny jeans Dominic had brought, dispensing with socks and pants for lack of time. He followed Dominic into the street still pushing his feet into his old wet trainers, pulling on Dominic's close-fitting t-shirt and doing up the buttons of his flies, made the more complicated by having both a raging hardon and slightly bigger hips than Dominic. 'For fuck's sake!' he said again.


THEY FOUND COLIN in the park. The three of them sat on a bench in silence watching a couple of blokes cordoning off the area around the damaged oak tree.

'It must have been an amazing sight,' remarked Dominic eventually.

'Don't know - I didn't see it... Fucking well heard it, though!' Jimmy grinned. His hearing was quickly returning to normal, thank goodness.

Then Colin said, 'I'm not the underwear thief, you know.' They both looked at him. 'I only took yours, no one else's. I know it's weird. I'm really sorry.'

'It's okay,' Dominic sighed. He put his arm reassuringly round Colin's shoulders. 'I'm sort of flattered.'

Jimmy stood up and adjusted his crotch. The borrowed jeans were a slightly tighter fit on him than on Dominic, and without underwear the outline of Jimmy's knob was noticeable through the thin denim. Dominic thought he looked good in them.

'C'mon! I want to show you something.'

He led them down the path past the toilets, through the children's playground and through a gap in the fence at the end. 'It's where I work,' he explained. He conjured up a key from behind a loose brick and opened a side door. To Dominic the two-roomed building looked like any other in the process of redecoration but Jimmy was clearly proud of his handiwork so the two others made suitably appreciative noises. Dominic looked out of the window of the second, smaller room at the far end of the building. The western sky was a luminous palette of yellows and turquoises and pinks interlaced with a few remaining ribbons of high cloud.

Jimmy's arms curled around his stomach. 'You told your Mum I'm your boyfriend.'

Dominic smiled and nodded. 'I did, didn't I... Should I have told her something else?

'Why would you do that? I AM your fucking boyfriend, aren't I?' Jimmy slipped his hand down to Dominic's crotch. Dominic looked at Colin who was standing in the doorway between the two rooms trying, and failing, to ignore their affections for each other.

Colin said, 'I think I'd better go.' But he remained where he was.

Jimmy had not fully explained about Colin having already seen them but Dominic found the idea surprisingly exciting. He held Colin's gaze as Jimmy's hand massaged the bulge in his shorts and undid the buttons of Dominic's shirt. Colin continued to watch. Jimmy kissed the nape of Dominic's neck and pressed himself against Dominic's bum with slow rocking movements. Dominic felt Jimmy's hands pushing down his shorts and briefs. Still he watched Colin watching him, and he tingled with sexual excitement. He felt he should be stopping Jimmy at this point - for his sake or for Colin's, he was not sure which. However, he could see that his friend wanted to watch, embarrassed as he was, and Dominic wanted to let him. Dominic's cock sprang free and his shorts fell to the floor.

Colin's eyes finally dropped and he turned to go, still hesitating nonetheless. Dominic stepped out of his shorts and briefs and walked over to him. He took Colin's hand and brought it to his chest. Colin moved it cautiously over Dominic's nipples and stomach. He was tense and nervous. Dominic took hold of his hand again and wrapped it around his cock. Colin seemed to stop breathing altogether. Dominic guessed this might be the first time he had held a cock other than his own. He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, whereupon Colin released a long, juddering outbreath.

'Are you two going to just stand there or what?'

Jimmy had pulled a dust sheet off an old sofa it was protecting, pulled off his t-shirt and sat down. The head of his dick pushed more prominently through the borrowed jeans. Dominic lifted Colin's loose t-shirt up and over his head and led him over to the sofa. He sat him down next to Jimmy, his youthful chest and abdominal hair contrasting with Jimmy's lean, hairless torso. Dominic knelt between Jimmy's legs. He ran his hands up the inside of Jimmy's thighs and over his bulge. Jimmy undid the top two buttons and then left it to Dominic to tug the jeans off with a couple of vigorous jerks. Dominic loved Jimmy's cock. It was so smooth and beautifully formed as though it was crafted from marble, and yet it was warm and soft to the touch despite its rigidity. He checked to see that Colin was watching and then he lowered his mouth over the circumcised head and slipped his lips as far as was comfortable down the upwardly curving shaft. After a minute or so Dominic sat up and looked at Colin by way of invitation. Jimmy took the opportunity to give his cock a couple of quick wanks, though not because it needed to be any stiffer. He placed a hand behind Colin's neck and directed him onto his cock. In Jimmy's hands Colin would be sure to know what to do; Jimmy had a way of making it clear what he wanted. Colin sucked Jimmy's cock, carefully at first and then greedily like a man starved.

Moving across to crouch before Colin, Dominic placed his hands on Colin's knees and manoeuvred them up into the legs of his shapeless shorts. He could see he had an erection but it was only when his hand reached Colin's cock that he realised just how big he must be. Dominic's exploration made Colin suck Jimmy with even more enthusiasm. Dominic pulled off Colin's shorts and pants.

'Fuckin' hell!' exclaimed Jimmy at the sight of Colin's enormous phallus. Colin sat up abruptly thinking something was wrong. 'That's a fucking monster cock!'

Colin looked temporarily embarrassed, but the look on his face quickly turned to ecstasy as Jimmy pushed him back and wrapped his lips around Colin's bell end. And when Dominic joined in - the cock was big enough to share - Colin struggled to contain his grunts and moans. Colin had a thick bush of light brown pubic hair and his balls were already surprisingly hairy for a teenager. Although Dominic preferred Jimmy's tight smooth nuts, he was enjoying giving his friend pleasure. Together Jimmy and Dominic pleasured every inch of Colin's genitals, their tongues meeting regularly in the process.

Colin tensed. 'Oh! Wait! I'll cum.' Obviously he was not sure what was expected.

'Relax!' Dominic reassured him. 'It's okay.'

He sat back as instructed and watched the two of them scale his skyscraper of an erection. Dominic cupped his hand around Colin's scrotum and pushed a couple of fingers along his perineum - Jimmy had taught him that. It evidently did the trick. Colin tensed again, and his bollocks contracted. He reached down to grab his cock, presumably to pull it away before he made a mess, but Jimmy was quicker. He pushed Colin's hand back and, with his own hand, pointed the cock at Dominic. With now no control over the force or direction of his orgasm, Colin blew his load into the face and waiting mouth of his friend. Through a spray of cum Dominic chuckled at Colin's look of astonishment. He had never experienced this before. Jimmy licked the last squirts of spunk until Colin could take no more and pushed him off. Whereupon Jimmy pulled Dominic onto his lap and kissed him. They kissed deeply, passionately.

The sun, so fierce and unforgiving earlier that day, was now sinking fast, bathing the tops of the trees with a gentle pink-orange light. Colin scrabbled for his clothes, as though intending to leave.

'Are you going?' Jimmy enquired.

'It's getting late,' he replied, adding 'Thanks!' And then, 'Are you two staying?'

Dominic intended to say they should go, too, but he had doubts; and Jimmy answered: 'I want to fuck my boyfriend.' That made Dominic blush, though the others probably did not notice in the pale light of sunset. 'Stay and watch if you like,' Jimmy said with a wink.

'I'd better leave you to it,' Colin decided. He turned and left.

Dominic told Jimmy it was late and they should not be much longer. Jimmy agreed with Dominic, but told him he wanted to ram his cock into Dominic's arse first if that was all right with him. Dominic told him it was and parted his legs for ease of access. It was only once Jimmy had spent some time rimming Dominic's hole and, having done so, was raising his hips in preparation for entering him that Dominic thought he heard a noise from the other end of the building. It looked completely dark in the other room now. Jimmy seemed not to have heard anything; his hearing was probably still affected. Jimmy spat on his cock (since he had no lube) and positioned it against Dominic's anus. Dominic felt the familiar sting as his tight anal sphincter was stretched open by Jimmy's knob. As usual, Jimmy paused and waited with wrinkled brow until he sensed Dominic was ready to take more. Then came the gentle push and pull of Jimmy's cock, each forward thrust a little stronger than the last and each driving a little further in. Dominic had never realised one could love somebody as much as he did Jimmy. And it was clear that Jimmy adored him back. He paused in mid-penetration several times to kiss Dominic and run his hands through Dominic's red hair, only to begin again with greater force and passion.

A movement in the corner of Dominic's eye made him turn his head to look. Jimmy halted with his cock half inserted in Dominic's arse.

'Who's there?' called Jimmy.

For a moment there was nothing and then into the shadowy doorway between the two rooms emerged Colin, still undressed, still watching apparently and once again with a massive erection. 'Sorry, it's just me,' he said sheepishly.

Dominic looked at Jimmy, who smirked almost imperceptibly and resumed a slow thrusting of his hips. He plainly did not mind being watched. After all, it occurred to Dominic, he was used to having spectators. As they had got to know one another Jimmy had spoken of the cruising spots he had visited, of the services he had provided since he was just thirteen years old. Sometimes there had been a large group of onlookers watching him blow a guy. He had stopped now, thank goodness, but Dominic liked hearing about it even so. Still, that was all very well but Dominic was certainly not used to it and at the moment they were his, not Jimmy's, legs in the air. It was one thing wanking and giving blowjobs, but to be penetrated like this in front of an audience...

Colin was in the shadows, wanking.

The motion of Jimmy's hands caressing his legs, hips and tummy was seductive; Dominic was overcome with the desire for more. He pushed down firmly onto the hard cock inside him and he pushed up his own hard cock as Jimmy enveloped it with his hands. Soon Jimmy would cum inside him and Colin, his mate from school, would witness it. He thought he should ask Jimmy to stop; he would if Dominic asked. In all honesty, however, Dominic felt excited by it. What an exhibitionist, he thought; what a slut! They put on a great show! Dominic stepped up the moaning - he had no trouble playing the part. Jimmy smiled and frowned and pumped harder, the perspiration on his neck and arms gleaming in the dying sunlight. As he fucked, Jimmy held and wanked Dominic's cock. In the position they were it looked to Dominic as though Jimmy was wanking his own cock rather than Dominic's, although he could feel the reality of it.

'Think I'll... keep your... jeans,' Jimmy said between thrusts and grunts.

'What?' Dominic thought it was a strange time to ask.

'You jeans... you leant me...' Jimmy rammed his cock more strongly into Dominic's hole. 'I'll wear them... to wank in... thinking ... of you.'

Jimmy wanked him more vigorously. Dominic chuckled at the idea. Yet the image of Jimmy, his strong, fit, perspiring, beautiful Jimmy, masturbating in his faded jeans sent Dominic over the edge. It probably was Jimmy's plan, and if so it worked. Dominic cried out a 'Yes!' as a flood of semen rushed from his testicles and flew into the air and came to earth again on his chest and stomach. The effect on Jimmy's cock was immediate. Before Dominic's own flow of juices had even begun to subside Jimmy arched his back, pushed forward with his hips and propelled his first powerful shot of cum well up Dominic's colon. He pulled out before he had quite finished cumming and spilt his remaining seed over Dominic's balls, only to glide his cock back in again a number of times. From one minute to the next Dominic was soaked, inside and out, in seminal fluid - and it felt good. Dominic slithered his fingers through the cum on his stomach and through Jimmy's cum on his balls, and then back again. He slid his cum-covered fingers over Jimmy's developing abdominal muscles and then felt the slipperiness of his penis, which pulsed once more to the touch and let loose a final bead of cum. Dominic slipped his hand through Jimmy's legs, placed a hand on one of his buttocks and pulled Jimmy's slippery cock to his mouth. He licked Jimmy clean and kept him hard in the process until they both were exhausted. With a huge sigh of satisfaction Jimmy heaved himself back and flopped on top of Dominic, their smooth-skinned bodies slipping against each other's sweat and spunk.

Colin had gone. When Dominic looked over again there was no longer any sign of him. But then it was almost dark now.

They lay there until the last glimmer of twilight finally disappeared, Dominic enjoying the weight of Jimmy on top of him. 'Can we lie here like this all night?' He tenderly stroked his back and buttocks. He kissed his ear, felt his earring with his lips. He did not want to move.

'Hmm! Trouble is you've got some explaining to do to your Mum.' Jimmy was right. Besides, Jimmy also had work again in the morning.

'Oh, all right then,' relented Dominic and he slapped his lover's bum. Jimmy protested and the two wrestled for a minute as naked lovers do, swelling their penises in the process. But ultimately the two dressed, kissed, left the building (which Jimmy remembered to lock), kissed again and then parted for the night. Yes some explaining is needed, concluded Dominic to himself as he ambled home through the park, but no apologies are needed, nothing to be ashamed of. He felt a dribble of cum escape from his arse. He loved Jimmy and Jimmy loved him; and he was proud of his sexy rough diamond from the estate.


IT TURNED OUT that the respectable elderly gentleman over whom Mr Talbert had ejaculated was on the school's board of governors. Talbert's resignation from the teaching staff was announced later that week. He would be leaving, they said, at the end of term but in fact he was not seen again after that Tuesday.

Despite being found out, Colin did not return Dominic's sexy red briefs and Dominic hesitated to ask. Colin behaved awkwardly for a week or so, and then settled down into being just a good friend again as if nothing had happened. Perhaps it was just a phase. He asked one of the girls out; she said no, but another girl offered herself as a substitute - quite a petite girl, poor thing.

It was a couple of days before Dominic sat down with his parents to convince them he really was gay - properly gay, in his case it was not just a phase. Mum probably already knew deep down. Though it was initially a shock, not least because of the way they had found out, Dominic's parents were essentially liberal-minded people who loved their son anyway and who soon came to be charmed by Jimmy, too. (Jimmy tried very hard to avoid saying 'fuck' in front of them.)




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