After my wife died when our son was ten, I became a single parent. I spoiled Greg, yet I was firm and fair in my discipline. He was becoming a fine young man.

I got a lot f advice from my best friend and co-worker, Brad Davis. His son was a year older than mine and Brad had been a single father since Josh was seven. I trusted Brad and his advice.

As Greg grew older we had the normal dad/son talks. On several ocassions, I'd hear him moaning softly in his room. I knew what he was doing. When I did the laundry, I would find both socks and briefs, stiff with dried cum. I'd just laugh as I tossed them into the washer.

Then when Greg was seventeen, I was caught off guard.

I arrived home from work early one Friday and after entering I made my way to my bedroom. As i passed his room, I noticed his door open just slightly.

Yea, I was curious, so I paused and looked in. Greg was totally nude in his bed, jerking his cock and thumbing through a magazine.

I eased back down the hall and called his name. Going back to his door, I again peered in and saw him hurriedly shoving the magazine way up under his mattress. It was the first time I had seen him nude in several years, and was glad to see that he had taken after me in his endowment.

Entering my room, I called out again and he answered, stepping into the hall wearing just shorts, his cock still semi-boned and showing it's outline.

"You're home early, dad. What's up?"

"I was given two tickets on the fifty yard line for the university game tonight and thought you might like to go."

"Heck, yea," he replied.

"Well get dressed while I change, and we'll grab a bit to eat then go to the game."

We did and had a great evening. After the game we stopped ad got some ice cream before returning home.

Saturday morning, he came to me, the phone in his hand and said Josh, Brad's son, was on the phone and wanted him to go over to Bakersville to look at a used car.

"Sure, go ahead. You two just be careful on the highway."

Greg told Josh that he'd be waiting out front for him. I watched as the pulled away and left. I trusted Josh's driving and wasn't really worried.

I started some laundry, deciding to change the sheets on both our beds. That's when I remembered the magazine under his mattress. I stripped off the sheets then lifted the edge of his mattress. There was the magazine.

I pulled it out and when I saw the cover, I froze. It showed two hairy muscular studs kissing and fondling each other's cocks.

I turned and sat on the bed and began looking through it. It was very explicit, showing men kissing, sucking each other and fucking each other. As I looked through it, I realized that my own cock was quickly stiffening. I had never been interested in men and wondered why I was getting turned on seeing these guys in action.

I replaced the magazine where I found it, wondering if Greg was gay or just curious. My cock remained hard, so after starting the linens washing I went to my bathroom and jerked off, looking at my own magazines showing couples fucking and the women sucking the men. I was shocked when I realized I was looking more at the guys cocks than the women with them.

I knew I had to talk to someone about to handle the situation. I called Brad and said i needed to talk to him and asked if we could meet for lunch. He agreed and we met at a local diner. We took a table off in a corner where e ere alone and as we ate he asked, "You sounded like something was bothering you. What's up?"

I told him about hearing Greg jerk at times and finding his used socks and briefs. He laughed and said he found the same things.

"Yea, but yesterday was totally different," I said. I told him about what I had seen and that I checked out the magazine and what it contained.

"Mark," Brad began, "all boys get curious at different ages. Some use magazines to see what goes on, others experiment with each other. I believe it's human nature. I wouldn't worry about it. At least not yet."

"But what if he is gay?"

"Could you accept it and still love him?" Brad asked.

"Hell yea. He's still my son."

"That's right and accepting him as he is is all that matters."

"Have you caught Josh doing anything?"

he was silent for a few seconds then said, "Yes, I have, looking at magazines like Greg was, and once having sex with our neighbor boy?"

"No shit? What did you do?"

"I arrived home early one day and when I went in, I heard them in his room, the other boy saying "You suck me and I'll suck you."

I waited a while then went to his door. They were in a sixty-nine both about to climax. Just as they did, Josh noticed me at the door. I stepped away and went to the den. Moments later, they came out all embarrassed. I acted as if nothing had happened. Later, when Josh and I were alone, all i said was for him to be more careful in what he did."

"So he knew you saw him sucking the other boy?"

"Oh yea. He admitted they were curious and decided to do it. I didn't scold him but said many boys experiment with each other and that I did it also as a teen."

"Damn, you did it?"

"Yep, starting at thirteen with my best friend. We experimented for a couple of years."

"Damn, all I ever did with another bud is jerk off together."

"Oh, we did that almost daily," Brad said.

Laughing, I said, "So did we. Sometimes twice a day."

"You see, it's normal. Some boys try different things. I wouldn't worry about it."

"Thanks," I said. Then after a while, I asked, "Brad, can I get personal? What ever you say will be kept just between us."

"Sure, you're like a brother to me. Ask away."

"What did you and your bud do with each other?"

"We started out jerking together. Then we decided to try sucking each other. We both kind of enjoyed that. Then after a few months we started fucking each other."

"Holy shit! Didn't that hurt?"

"The first couple of times hell yea but it soon felt great, believe it or not."

"When you sucked, did you shoot into each others mouth?"

"Yes, and swallowed. We had to hide the evidence," he said smiling.

"Unreal. What's it like getting sucked? Mary never would consider sucking me."

"All I can say is that it's awesome. Just as god as pussy, sometimes better."

"With that answer, it sounds like you might still be getting sucked by guys."

"I am, but that's our secret."

"Definitely," I replied.

I changed the subject and we had a nice visit away from work.

As I drove back home I was now curious as hell about getting sucked by a guy. I had always heard a guy could suck better than a woman. I wondered if it was true.

Two weeks later, one Thursday after work, Brad asked if Greg and i would like to go camping with he and Josh. He said he had a friend that let them camp on his property next to a lake. he said he liked it there because there was no one else anywhere around.

I checked with Greg and he was all for it. I called Brad and said to count us in. Brad had all the equipment and said that they would pick us up at five on Friday afternoon.

They did and we made the hour drive to the property. i unlocked the gate and after Brad drove through, I relocked it.

We drove a couple of hundred yards into the woods before emerging in a clearing next to a crystal clear lake. We quickly set up camp with the boys putting their tent way across the clearing from ours. We fixed dinner and as Brad and I sipped beers, the boys went swimming, wrestling around in the cool water. We built a small fire and around nine the boys decided to go to their tent.

It was just after ten when Brad and I slipped into our tent. After stripping to our boxers, we sat on our sleeping bags and joked about how close our sons were. "Just as close as us, if not closer," I said.

"Yep," Brad said, then after a moment, he said, "Be right back. I gotta pee."

"Mind if I join you?"

"Nope. Come on."

We stepped out of the tent and with the bright moonlight we mad our way to the edge of the clearing. I stopped and pulled out my cock and as i began pissing, Brad came up next to me and whipped out his. As we pissed, he glanced over and said, "Damn, you sure are well endowed."

Glancing at his, I replied, "So are you."

For some reason, I didn't feel uncomfortable with him looking at my cock or me looking at his.

When we returned to our tent we heard strange sounds coming from the boy's tent. Looking at each other, we eased closer. The flap wasn't completely closed and in the glow from the small flashlight they had on we could see what was going on.

Both boys were completely naked and were kissing passionately. After just a second, Greg flipped around and they began a sixty-nine. We continued o watch and as we did, both our cock became rock hard. Before long, they each climaxed and as they did they both swallowed.

Here I was, watching my seventeen year old son and his eighteen year old bud suck each others cocks while the other boys dad watched also.

We returned to our tent and Brad said softly, "I wondered if Josh had quit or not. I guess he hasn't."

"I'm wondering when Greg started," I said, then asked, "Brad, do you thnk that they are getting it on when they are out together?"

"After seeing this, I'd say probably."

Then, looking at my bulge in my boxers, said, "it looks like watching then got us both excited."

"Yea, it does," I said.

"Shall we resolve our problems?"

"What you got in mind?"

Brad lay on his sleeping bag and after raising his hips removed his boxers and began slowly stroking his cock. I smiled and quickly did the same.

In the small confines of the tent, we were shoulder to shoulder as we stroked our cocks.

Here we were, two grown men stroking our cocks together like hot horny teens. I suddenly found it exciting.

A couple of minutes after we started, Brad stopped and reached over ad grasped my cock and as he began stroking it said, "Let's do each other."

I reached over and grasped his cock and the feeling of having it in my hand and mine in his was awesome. We stroked for a few minutes when brad said, "If you want to see what it's like to get sucked and promise not to tell anyone, I'll show you what it's like."

"You still do it?"

"Oh yea. Mark, I'm totally gay. I've wanted to do you for years. Please let me."

"Go ahead," I said, wanting desperately to experience the feeling.

Brad sat up and got between my legs and swallowed my cock. I gasped aloud at the fantastic feeling. Brad sucked my cock slowly and lovingly. As my climax neared, I warned him and he sucked with more vigor. My cock suddenly exploded and filled his mouth with my load. He collected it all before pulling off and swallowing.

Looking at me he asked, "How was it?"

"Man, that was unreal. I never had a climax like that when I fucked pussy. I loved it."

"Well, then, may I suck it again in the future?"

"I don't see why not," I replied.

"Great," he replied as we heard a slight moan coming from the boy's tent. "Shall we get nosey again?"

I smiled and we eased over to their tent and peered inside. Greg was fucking Josh's ass and just after we looked in, he climaxed. After he pulled out he lay back and Josh began fucking my son in the ass. We watched for a few seconds before returning to our tent.

"Well, it looks like they're doing it all," Brad said.

"Yes, it does," I said, seeing that Brad was still rock hard. I was turned on and excited and knew what I had to do.

As brad lay back ad began jerking his cock, I moved his hand away and swallowed as much of his cock as I could. As I sucked, I soon began to take more and soon was burying my nose in his pubic hairs. he soon warned me of his impending climax and i continued sucking. His cock soon exploded, filling my mouth with his hit thick creamy semi-sweet load. After pulling off and savoring the taste for a few seconds, I swallowed.

"Damn, I didn't expect that," he said as I looked at him and smiled. "What brought that on?"

"Curiosity, but I enjoyed it. You're welcome to do me anytime you want if i can do you."

"Deal," he said smiling broadly. I then experienced my first male kiss as he pressed his lips to mine and we exchanged tongues.

Early the next morning we woke and I found his arm laying across my chest as he faced me. he smiled and we kissed before he said, "Shall we do each other together?"

"Sure," I said and after he flipped around we experienced our first sixty-nine.

That night we again had sex and assumed that the boys were doing the same. I was totally into sucking, getting sucked and kissing.

For several weeks Brad and I would stay late at work and after everyone was gone, we'd have sex either in his office or mine.

A month or so later, he asked me to fuck him. I readily agreed and there on the floor of my office I fucked my first man ass, and loved it. I wanted him in me and told him so.

he warned me of the pain but I still wanted it. yes, it hurt like hell but before he climaxed in my ass i was totally into it after the pain had eased and turned to pleasure. We were totally into each other sucking and fucking as often as possible. I knew I was not totally gay and told Brad so. He smiled and said "Welcome to the club."

Over the next week, he introduced me to three of his friends and we had awesome sex.

He then invited Greg and I on another camping trip. we repeated our previous trip with the boys on one side and he and I on the other. We knew they were having sex in their tent as he and I had sex in ours. After a hot sixty-nine and a hot passionate wet tongue kiss, he said, "Shall we shock the boys tomorrow?"

"What you have in mind?" I asked.

After breakfast, you suggest we all go for a swim. I'll say it sounds great and suggest we all skinny dip. We'll strip and hit the water and see if the follow. if they do we'll get to horsing around and get a feel of their cocks. I'm sure they will get boned as will we. Once boned, you and I will get out exposing our hard cocks. I'll walk up to you and we will start groping each other as we kiss. we can get in a sixty-nine and see what they do."

"I'm game. I want Greg to know and I think it's a great way for him to find out. I might even suggest that they do each other."

"Hell, yea."

Saturday morning we had breakfast and later I suggested we go for a swim. Brad agreed and suggest we all skinny dip. He and I immediately stripped as the boys stared at us wide eyed.

We hit the water telling them to strip down and join us. They soon did and we put our plan in action. we began horsing around and copping feels of them. Soon we were all hard as stone.

Brad and I walked out, our hard cocks in clear view of the boys. Brad and i looked each other over as he stepped up to me. simultaneously, we groped each other and began tongue kissing. the boys watched in amazement, their mouths hanging open.

Suddenly, we dropped to the ground and began a hot sixty-nine. I paused and said, "Why don't you two come up here and join us. We're here to have a good time."

I returned to sucking Brad's cock and a few seconds later the boys came and lay beside us and began their own sixty-nine.

After all four of us climaxed, we had a long talk telling the boys about seeing them on the previous trip. I confessed that I only started on that trip. Brad and Josh talked while Greg and I talked. We all got it out in the open.

Afterwards, Brad said, "now that it is all out, why don't we just stay nude. And if anyone wants sex they can do it in front of the others."

We all agreed and later saw the boys talking together softly. A few moments later as Brad and I sat in chairs, the boys approached us, Greg in front of me and Josh in front of Brad. suddenly both boys dropped to their knees and as Josh swallowed his dad's cock, Greg swallowed mine.

It was so awesome to watch my own son suck my cock. It didn't take me long to feed him the seed that he came from. He took it and swallowed as did Josh with Brad's load. As the boys stood, I began sucking Greg and Brad swallowed Josh's cock. We soon got their loads.

That night I told Greg I wanted him to fuck me. As he fucked me Josh fucked Brad. Then the boys insisted we fuck them. We did and the next morning after getting up I had a sixty-nine with Josh while Brad had a sixty-nine with Greg. It was hot watching my own son with my best friend.

From then on, Greg and Josh had sex open when at our house, frequently asking me to join them. They did the same at Brad's house. the four of us got together frequently for dinner and sex. Brad and I would have sex right next to Josh and Greg there in the floor in our den.

Greg and I had sex almost daily and it was awesome. Brad and Josh did the same.

Then about six months later, Brad asked Greg and I to move in with he and Josh. We agreed and rented out our house.

Brad and I soon became lovers and the boys were thrilled. After a while, they both graduated high school and began college. they later became lovers and when they had friends over to the house, their friends found it hard to believe that their dads ere lovers. The boys never closed their bedroom doors when they had company. Neither did Brad and I. we soon remodeled the house giving the boys a private entrance and their own kitchen and bath. there was a connecting door allowing us to go back and forth without going outside.

We are all still together and I love Brad more each dad as well as my son and step son.

We're just one big happy family.



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