Have you ever been to a Bath House? Orlando has one called Club Orlando. I've been there many times. In this 'true' story the year was 2004. I have yet to know a better way of meeting another guy or guys for sex than at a bath house. Instant one on one eye ball to eye ball at the Club. Only a towel separates our cocks, unless your in the steam sauna, then it sans free towel if you like.

Squirt is another Internet only way of meeting other guys. Still it's a good way to hook up for man on man SEX! I've used Squirt many times. Squirt though is limited by just how many guys are on line at your time of day, and if it is a worthwhile encounter. That is does it suit both of you for logistics and desire to meet on this day and time. Squirt has lots of pics though to get a good idea of what he is sporting and showing yours. At this time I prefer Squirt because of my time and wife keeping her eye on me as she does not like my gay lifestyle. Squirt is very discreet and offers discretion on your part. And it's still hard to find a guy close by to get off a quickie, but my age and weight are a part of this I'm sure.

Although places like 'Club Orlando' are reasonable, very clean and safe, they offer a good time for the money. If you want to work-out they have many exercise machines. If not you can use the hot steam sauna or the dry sauna, a large outdoor swimming pool, or hot tub, and you can get a small cubicle room for an additional upgrade charge. There is plenty of room to sit outdoors on the patio, or around the swimming pool or the hot tub Jacuzzi. They have a discount rate during the day to entice a guy to go there in the middle of the day. Of course you start with a shower and hope to get lucky as soon as your out of it. I am quite picky about who I have sex with, not wanting to catch STDs, or rough looking guys. Yet I have only been there twice without hooking up with another guy. I am OK with that. Better to be safe than sorry.

A few years back I was there around noon on a weekday and was just looking around hoping to get lucky. On this week day there were not many guys there yet. I had thought this day was going to be a waste of my time and another lost day.

I was 61 years old, just coming from work at the time. I have short Grey hair, 5ft10 185lbs, blue eyes, 6in cut average thickness shaved groin, with some body hair like a bear.

After taking a shower the steam sauna was next door, so I went in to check it out, but no one was in there. I sat down in a cubby hole area off to the left of the door and waited for someone to come in. I was thinking how this may be a bad day for me and the Club. As it turned out a lot of guys showed up.

As I was sitting in an obscure area of the steam sauna when I heard the door open and heard someone come into the sauna. I waited a few seconds and got up to see if he was possibly someone to play with. He had his back to me as I looked over the nicest young skinny guy I had ever seen in this Club. I was in love he just didn't know it yet. I was ready to be his puppy dog forever!

I was very hesitant to make a move but could hardly control my emotions from just looking at him. Still I decided what the hell, all he can do is get pissed and walk away or maybe punch me for touching him. I reached out and touched and fondled his towel covered butt and he turned around with a huge smile and said hello. He caught me off guard by acknowledging me so easily and quickly. He was from Asia, excellent English, smooth, except very black hair on his groin area which was very beautiful looking on his nice smooth Carmel colored skin that was blemish free. He was so handsome to look at and very friendly. I was so happy that he was being nice and talking to me I do not remember what we talked about for the next few minutes. I was in love! Of course he did not know this, but for me it was love at first sight.

As we talked, I somehow thought to asked him if he had a room or cubicle and if he was interested in getting together there. He said yes to both and we headed to his room. I was in heaven, not to mention I was now going to perhaps get lucky to be with the first, young, skinny, good looking guy I had ever seen in my entire sexual encounters, and bed him down. My fantasy all my life was to be with a young guy that had his looks. I never dreamed my wish would someday come true. Yet here it was my dream day!

After getting into his room we discarded the towels and that was when I knew I had won the jackpot! As we started to make out, I found he was a fantastic kisser, we lay on the bed and fondled each other with him lying on top of me. I found out he loved hairy men and liked the hairy feelings from laying on me. I prefer smooth, no hair at all. But I can be and am happy with hairy guys also.

As I looked at his face with more lighting on us in the room, I was for a moment taken back by the fact he looked to be 17 years old. I got scared and asked him his age. He asked me how old did I think he was? I answered, 19 or 20! I was afraid to say 17. As I thought I might get in trouble with a minor if he was 17. Stupid me, I should have known he was at least of age. As they check IDs at the front desk. He said he was 38 years old and I now, thought he was trying to lie to me. As it turned out he was everything he had told me. He really was a very honest guy with a supurb personality. He was lots of fun to be with. We met many times over the next 6 months either at the Club or at his house or public places. He was just such a young good looking guy to me. He acted like a teenager at times but that did not make me nervous or afraid to be with him.

Anyhow, we started to make out again and he was so good as he slid down my hairy chest and stomach till he started kissing my cock and slowly sliding it in and out of his excellent mouth. He was so good at using his tongue on the underside of my 6 inch average size cut dick and gave the head of my cock such a workout I could hardly hold back before Cumming. He easily deep throat-ed my cock in his fantastic mouth that knew exactly what another guy wants done to his penis.

We started to 69. Soft his cock was small as mine, which I'm a grower not a shower, and it was hard to believe it could grow as big as it did. I was in heaven now for sure with the most delicious honest size 7 inch cut cock that was straight as could be when hard, and the best good looking perfect cock I have ever seen, which I could not deep throat. I tried many times. A normal mouthful size cock is the best for sex. The feel of bush on your lips as you deep throat his beauty turns me on. His balls were average so I could take each in my mouth and savor the feel and taste. His scrotum was shaved with only shortened pubes above his cock, so black like the hair was dyed.

As I took him in my mouth so gently, as it was so soft yet very firm with a taste of pre cum that was just out of this world in taste. His pre cum and cum were the sweetest I ever tasted from any other guy I had sex with. His only problem was after he came his dick head was so sensitive I could not touch it, so licking his cum was tough to get on it to clean him up. But it was so good tasting. I had to fight him physically to get that sweet sweet cum.

When I was young, I too had that sensitive dick head after cumming. It was so sensitive it almost made me want to pee, but of course that could not happen after cumming. It's a weird feeling.

I have never had better sex with any guy, than my new asian friend. At least I have seen my fantasy come true and can see another of my bucket list things I'd like to do, going down.

He had the body and looks that were for an Adonis. I could look at him for hours.

Over the years I had watched so many porno's that showed rimming and always thought I would just have to try that myself some day if that day ever came. It looked exciting, but the thought of what comes out of that hole always made me think it was dirty and smelly and the excrement smell will turn me off in a heartbeat. Just a hint of that smell tells me to run the other way.

I had been rimmed many times and always made it a point to be very very clean myself, and I felt it was the most awesome feeling. That feeling of his tongue and lips on your bung hole will give sensations to you brain for an hour later. I swore an hour after my first rim job the guy was riding under my butt still rimming me as I drove home from his place. Just to have a guy lick or rim you is just like when your cumming. And yet, to think how nasty that area is, and how it can be unhealthy too, it gives reason for anyone to pause.

But as I looked at this Asian God, and his nice rose bud pink hole that was perfect in looks, staring me right in my face I knew the time was now here and I was ready to try rimming my first really good looking rosebud asshole.

I took his butt and brought it up, putting him on his shoulders, his butt pointing to the sky and my super stiff cock poking into his back for added support. I started to kiss his balls and suck on his balls one at a time until he was moaning with pleasure. He was in ecstasy and I was too. But he was not ready for what was in store for him as he had no idea I was about to rim him, and for my first time trying it!

He was absolutely not ready when my tongue started licking his rosy pink hole. As I now licked butt for my first time rimming experience. At first he resisted it and asked me to stop and started telling me it was not a good hygienic thing to do without proper cleansing and cleaning. But he soon stopped resisting me and started enjoying it as I was not stopping it was so good. I found it hard to think how negative I had been for so long a time about rimming and the safety of it. It is not a safe practice unless you trust the other guy. I trusted him, but why I don't know.

He started making whimpering sounds and moaning and saying how good this was feeling as he now was mine to sexually enjoy. At this time I don't think he had ever had this done to him, I know I had never done this myself to anyone, he was the first and still only guy I have ever rimmed. Needless to say it was already too late for the thought of him cleaning himself up. I had already started licking his butt. The taste was something I was just not ready for. Obviously it was clean without any smell at all because if there were a slight poo smell I would have never started for sure. The skin and texture had a very sweet taste to my tongue and lips and so soft feeling and not what I expected. I thought how can something that delivers excrement be such a sexual and exciting feeling for him as it was obviouse he was enjoying his rimming job. and now I too was enjoying myself eating butt for my first time. His groans and moans turned me on as well. Because now I was on the other end of this sexual desire we both were now enjoying. I tried hard to get my tongue in his butt hole as the excitement was increasing with the sex we were both enjoying. We were both in such a sex craved desire. He and I loved it. He did not mention the rimming afterwards which surprised me. But later on I found out he liked it so much he always made sure he was clean when we were going to meet, and I took advantage of his butt every time I got the chance to lick his butthole! I could not stop myself for over 20 minutes I rimmed his sweet ass until he said it was getting sore and my tongue was tired too. I did not like having to stop!

We always loved to lie together and cuddle and kiss as if we were a married couple. We both fucked each others butt and his 7 incher was so good feeling in my ass I came each time, because he was so good. I'm quite sure if I was a younger guy I would have been able to cum 3 to 5 times a day. Oh to be able to do that again! He was such a good kisser and knew just how to get me off when he went down on my shaft.

I do not know if he has tried rimming anyone himself since this time. This was 2004, I'm 67 now. I miss that guy more than any guy I have ever been with in my lifetime. We still do emails.

Someday I hope to meet him again, but that is another story about why things went bad for me after that time.



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