My best friend Jae and me grew up just outside Columbia, South Carolina. We've known each other since 4th grade when we paired up on a group project. Ever since then we've hung out almost every weekend playing sports or video games. We have always been extremely competitive no matter we do but when we both hit puberty I started to have a deep down attraction to him. Like most boys in their pre-teen years, we eventually found porn and we were hooked to watching a big dick pound a little pussy.

On one particular Friday night when were 16, I went over to spend the night at his house. His big brother was a notorious porn collector and on this amazing night, he was out of town. After his parents went to bed, we snuck into his brother's room and stole several of the videos. After the first two pornos, we found ourselves super horny. At this moment, our clothes were immensely confining. I wanted to strip completely down and let my teenage dick free. Once my boner couldn't take it anymore, I started to rub it to relieve the sexual frustration I was feeling. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see Jae unzip his jeans and slide them off. I couldn't help myself as I look over and see his young but still massive cock throbbing under his boxers. Just seeing it made me precum more than the porno ever did.

Sadly I eventually snapped back into reality and looked back at soaking wet women take anal from a big black cock. I finally followed Jae's lead and dropped my cargo shorts to let my cock breath through the hole in my precum soaked boxers. His voice broke the tension as he asked me, "Would it be cool if I got naked?" As my throat cracked, I replied with an overly enthusiastic "yeah sure!" I was so terrified he knew right then that I had a sexual attraction to his beautiful body. However, he didn't seem to care how excited I was to hear about his journey into becoming nude in the same room as me. He spoke again and said, "You can get naked too if you want to." I was more than happy to show him how big of a cock I had as well. Even at a young age my dick was above average. In this moment I felt like we were connecting more than ever and as I slipped my shirt off I could feel the tension between us rising. I watched him closely but discretely as he brought his shirt over his head. His body was toned with chiseled abs and wonderful pecs that brought my dick to a fully uncontrollable throb.

I could tell he felt how nervous I was as his voice cracked when he said, "Let's see how big we both are. I bet I'm bigger than you." He laughed nervously and guided his hands to the top of his boxers. He looked at me and counted down. I put my hands just above my throbbing cock and stuck my thumbs under the elastic band. As he counted to three, we both pushed our boxers down and revealed our most prized possessions. In what we thought was a heterosexual moment we looked at each other's penises and compared the size. As we examined the sizes, we found out that his was bigger by about a half inch. It made my mouth water seeing his 9 inch rod lying out halfway on his chiseled stomach. It took all of my might not to reach over and grab it for myself. But as we finished our comparison, I couldn't focus on the porn anymore. I just kept staring at the screen but in my mind I was fighting a battle to keep myself from staring at his huge girth. Eventually we both came fairly hard watching the next scene of a long haired guy fucking a young blonde girl.

Years later were now both 19 years old. I'm a college student and Jae continues to bounce around from job to job. I play varsity baseball for my college and a few weeks ago, Jae got a job as a pool boy for the local recreation center. For all the years I've known Jae, my mom has always loved him too. She's helped him through the trauma of his parent's divorce and continuously helped him get jobs. Jae started to get back on his feet and eventually found the recreation center job online. Once my mom found out about his job as a pool boy, she hired him to help clean our pool. The next day I woke up to find my best friend holding a pool net cleaning some leaves out of our in-ground pool. As he stood shirtless in the summer heat, I felt my cock tingle. His sweaty, rock hard body shimmered in the sunlight as he moved around the pool. I dropped my pants and pulled my dick through the hole in my boxers. It was already completely hard and I couldn't stop myself from tugging on it. I could feel the cum building up in my balls and as I continued to watch him I started to shake. My hand clinched harder and I exploded cum onto my window. My whole body felt amazing as I continued to watch him clean our pool. Suddenly he took a glance up at my window. I jumped back onto my bed and hoped he didn't see me or the cum sliding down my window.

I eventually cleaned up the mess I made over my closet affection for my best friend and went downstairs. I found Jae sitting at the kitchen table drinking a bottle of water as sweat dripped off his still shirtless body. I controlled myself for the time being and asked him where my mother was. He look confused and replied, "Didn't you hear? She took a day drive to Charlotte with some of her friends." I felt stupid as I shook my head and recalled the moment she told me several days ago. In my head I was so happy. I knew Jae would be here for the rest of the day. We would be here alone. If I was ever going to take a chance and express my feelings for him, today was the day. I acted casual for the moment and went to the refrigerator to grab a glass of orange juice. I turned around and he was gone. A few minutes later I heard the shower next to my bedroom turn on. He was here, alone, naked and wet in my shower. This was my moment to tell him everything. If he didn't like me or was just straight, I had faith he would still be my friend no matter what.

Every step seemed like it took hours as I made my way to the bathroom. I could hear the water slapping against his skin as he washed the sunscreen and sweat off his body. I slowly opened the bathroom door and tiptoed inside. I could only see his head and buff shoulders through the shower curtain and he was looking away from me. I froze up as I started to imagine his beautifully naked body behind this curtain. He finally turned my way and jumped a little. He asked me in shock, "Hey, what are you doing bro?" I almost chickened out but I finally found my courage to say, "Jae, I think I might like you." He looked at me with a confused face and replied, "Yeah man, we're like best friends, it'd be kind of stupid if you didn't like me." I felt struck down for a moment but came back to him and said, "No, no, I mean I really like you. I'm sexually frustrated and I'm 100 percent sure it is because of you. You've been my best friend for years and I am completely attracted to you. You might be straight or whatever but I felt since we've been close for so many years, you would accept me no matter what." He looked down for several seconds and looked up again into my eyes. He smiled and moved the shower curtain aside. My eyes bolted down and I couldn't believe what I saw. His wet, massive cock was fully erect as his balls were delicately covered with small suds from his body wash. I looked back up into his eyes and he smiled again, "I'm glad you finally told me. The moment I saw you outside this shower, my dick became harder than I've ever seen it before. I've been completely in love with you since we we're 14. Your sexy, smart and one of the best people I've ever known. You have the most amazing body I've ever seen and dear god, you have the best fucking dick in the world." I was so happy to finally know he loved me back. I came into his extended arms and we wrapped each other and wet shower hug. I could feel his erection push into my hip as his lips touched my neck. He grabbed my ass and started to suck my neck hard. My cock became harder and harder as his gentle lips touched me again. I pushed him back and planted my lips on his. His tongue pushed inside my mouth and I locked my tongue with his. He pulled me in and tore my shirt open. He placed his hand on my chest and leaned down. His hot breath came to my nipple and as he licked it, my hard dick was pulsating in my pants. I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed him back against the shower wall and grabbed his massive cock. I felt his heartbeat in the throbbing of his dick and it was amazing. This moment was perfection and I could feel him better than ever before.

I could feel his warm precum sliding down my hand. As my pants became soaked my the shower water, he noticed the uncomfortability of them. He reached down and unzipped them and pulled them off. He then ripped off my boxers without a care in the world and grabbed my penis. His hand was so soft on my cock and I could only imagine what his mouth would feel like on it. He then decided to surprise me by holding onto my cock and dragging me out of the shower and into my room. Through all the wetness of our bodies, we soaked my floor as he pushed me onto the bed. He then licked from my legs all the way up to my chest again. He kissed me tenderly and licked back down to my balls. He grabbed them and pushed one of them into his mouth. He sucked gently and jerked my cock as he sucked. I was in heaven. I could feel the cum building in the balls he went back and forth sucking. I felt his hand release my cock and I looked down to see what he was doing.

In a beautiful mess of precum and spit, his face was covered. He smiled through it all and licked the extra precum off of his hands. He looked back and my cock and put his mouth on the tip. More precum shot out of my cock hole and into his mouth. He whispered to my cock slowly, "I love the taste. It's so sweet." He took the entire depth of my cock in his mouth and I could feel my cockhead touch the back of his throat. He was a champ though as he didn't gag or choke on it. I could tell he loved what he was doing, like he was destined to suck my cock. But I couldn't let that be the end. I wanted to repay him. He sucked until I was about to blow my load but I grabbed his head and made him stop. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Bring those lips back to me." He listened and I kissed him once more. I tasted my sweet precum on his lips and I only craved his cock more. I flipped him over and watched his cock get even harder. He knew I was about to rock his world for the first time. I grabbed his balls and pushed his gorgeous cock into my mouth. It was amazing and I wanted to taste it forever. His precum shot down my throat and I swallowed every bit. It tasted sweet, kind of like mine but more like candy. I loved it so much I squeezed more out of it with my hands.

His cock felt right in my mouth. I shoved it back and forth in my mouth and started to feel him tense up. He stopped me and jumped on top of me upside down. His cock came back to my mouth and mine went straight into his mouth. We sucked and sucked until we both started to feel the tension building. I felt my body ache with anticipation as I wanted to cum so hard and feel his warm load go down my throat. A few seconds later, we both exploded cum everywhere. Some of his cum went into my mouth and some shot out of my mouth onto my face, neck and the bed below me. I swirled the load in my mouth for a few seconds and then swallowed it all. It felt so great. My load shot him in the face as he pulled it out for a second to breathe. I came so hard it stuck to his face. His face was glazed with my cum and he was smiling from ear to ear. We were an official couple and we never felt better.


Michael J. Benson


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