Closing Time

I saw the car pull in and I laid down the broom before he ran over the hose to make the harsh clanging of the bell. I glanced at the clock; it was a half hour to closing. The window went down as I approached the car.

'Fill 'er up?' I asked. We were one of the last full-service gas stations in town.

'Yes, please. High octane,' he said.

I started the pump then went up to wash the windshield. When I was done I went back to his side of the car.

'You wanta pop the hood?' I asked. There wasn't much to check under the hood anymore, like the battery and radiator, but I checked his transmission and brake fluid and added windshield washer to the tank. While I was doing that, something else caught my eye.

'Sir, you've got a badly worn fan belt you need to come take a look at,' I told him. He climbed out of the car and came to peer under the hood. I tugged on the worn fan belt. 'It could cause a real problem if it breaks,' I told him.

'Oh, my. Can you replace it?'

'Yes, sir, but I wanted you to take a look at it so you wouldn't think I was trying to sell you a bill of goods,' I said.

'Well, I don't think you would do that,' he said.

'I wouldn't. But I wanted you know that.' I looked at the clock. 'I'll pull your car in then finish sweeping up, then I can get to work on it after I close up, without being interrupted.'

'Oh, I hate to keep you past closing,' the man said.

'That's no problem. It shouldn't take long. Anyway, I don't have any plans tonight,' I said.

I pulled the car into the first bay and put the overhead door down. I got a fan belt out of the storage room then went back to finish sweeping the front.

'I can't believe a young man like you doesn't have plans for after work,' he said.

'Normally, I would, but my girlfriend is on vacation with her parents,' I said.

As the second hand was sweeping around to straight up I went out to lock the pumps. Back inside, I locked the door and turned out the lights.

'You can have a seat, or you can come out in the bay,' I said.

He followed me into the bay. I raised the hood and went to work.

'Where does a boy your age learn this trade?' the man asked.

'At the junior college, and experience. I was lucky enough to find somebody willing to take a chance on me.'

'Well, you seem to know what you're doing.'

'I do,' I said.

'I should re-phrase that. You obviously know what you're doing.'

'It helps to have the right tools,' I said.

'Tools are of little value if not in competent hands,' he said.

'It's not that big of a deal,' I said. 'Everybody has to know the tools of his trade, no matter what his job is.' I was having trouble loosening one of the bolts. 'And sometimes the vehicle doesn't want to cooperate,' I grunted.

It was hot in the bay with the door down and along with the frustration, I was working up a bit of a sweat.

'Sir, would you mind if I take off my shirt? It gets warm in here with the door down and if I open it people will drive in.'

'Not at all,' he said.

I paused to take off my shirt. The man took it and laid it on the workbench. It was then that I realized that he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I wasn't surprised when he turned the conversation to school. It seemed like all older people always wanted to talk to younger people about school.

'You're built like an athlete. Do you play sports?' he asked.

'Football and wrestling in high school. I only wrestle at the junior college; they don't have a football team.'

'Oh, so you're out of high school. That would make you, what, about eighteen?'

'As of last week,' I said.

'You graduated when you were seventeen?'

'Yeah, I started school young.' I tightened the last bolt then put the hood down.

'You're finished?'

'Yes, sir.'

'That was fast work,' he said.

I used cleaner on my hands, dried them off and went in to figure the bill. I left my shirt, and the man went back out to the bay to get it for me.

'Thanks,' I said as I laid it aside. I finished tallying the bill and handed it to him. 'That's plus the gasoline,' I said.

He barely glanced at the bill then pulled out enough money to cover it, plus another twenty dollar bill.

'You gave me too much,' I said handing him back the twenty.

'No, you keep that.'

'That's not necessary,' I told him.

'I know but I kept you after closing.' He pushed my hand away. 'Please let me do this. I appreciate that you discovered the fan belt. I might have found myself stranded along some country rod.'

'Well....okay, thanks.'

'And I would like to buy you dinner,' he said.

'That's not necessary.'

'I really would like the company. And you said you don't have any other plans.'

'We don't have a shower here and I don't have a change of clean clothes,' I said.

'Well, then, we won't go to the Ritz where we have to dress up,' he said. 'You know your town better than I do, just take us to a place where they serve good food.'

Suddenly it came to me who the man was. 'Say, aren't you Senator Felt?'

'Yes, I am.'

'I thought you looked familiar but I couldn't place you. Sorry.'

'Oh, don't apologize. Sometimes it's a blessing not to be recognized. Are you free to leave now?' he asked, handing me my T-shirt.

'Yes, sir.' I slipped my shirt on.

'Good. You can ride with me and I'll bring you back,' he said.

We got in his car and I directed him to the diner out on the edge of town. I was a little surprised at the car he was driving. We went inside and Todd greeted me from the register.

'Hey, Brian, how's it hanging?'

I wanted to tell him to clean it up, this was a senator I was with, but I didn't want to embarrass him. I led us back to a table by a window. Nina came over with menus and ice water then left. The senator studied the menu; I knew what I wanted.

When Nina came back I went ahead and ordered. 'I'll have the double hamburger....'

'And American fries and a tall glass of milk over ice,' she finished for me.

The senator ordered a T-bone steak with baked potato and salad, and coffee, then added, 'And he will have your largest porterhouse steak, American fries, salad and that tall glass of milk over ice.'

Nina glanced at me as she took the menus but she didn't stick around to see if I was going to protest.

I did, mildly. 'That wasn't necessary, sir,' I said.

'You said you're a wrestler. You need to feed those muscles I saw on display back at the garage.'

I thought it a strange thing for him to say, or an odd way of putting it.

'I don't think Nina recognized you either,' I said.

'That's good. Don't tell,' he said with a smile.

We chatted for a moment, him extolling my expertise as a mechanic at such a young age. I didn't know what to extol about him, or what questions to ask because I wasn't that involved in politics. But I made a stab at it.

'What is your day like, Senator?'

'You mean when I'm back in my home state, or when I'm in Washington'


His answer was short and pretty generic, then he swerved off that subject. 'You know....since you have no plans for this evening, I would dearly love your hotel is nearby....and we could discuss politics to your heart's content.'

I must've shown I was surprised. 'Thanks, but God's truth, Senator, I was just making small talk, cause I don't know squat about politics.'

'Then we can make small talk. Or no talk at all,' he added with a tight smile.

Suddenly it dawned on me what he might be getting at and I felt a little embarrassed. I'd gotten some come on looks from customers but never anything this bold.

'Uhh....I don't know Senator. I never......' But then I caught myself, fearing I might be out of line. I couldn't be sure of the reason he was inviting me to his hotel room.

'You've never....what?' he asked with a smile that was more curious than tight now.

'I was going to say that I've never that. But I'm probably out of line saying that.'

'Like what?' he asked again.

I laughed. 'Come on, Senator,' I said in a low tone. 'I admit I was a little slow on the uptake, but I'm not exactly the village idiot. Maybe you asked me to dinner to show your appreciation, but I don't really think you're not asking me to come to your hotel for small talk, or political talk. Are you?'

'I said, or no talk at all. I hope I've not offended you. If I have.....'

'No, I'm not offended. Flattered, in a way. But I'm just not sure where you want or expect this to go.'

'All right, since you seem to have caught on....whether you know it or not, you tempted and teased me back at the garage by taking off your shirt and displaying those magnificent muscles....and I feel I can trust you to be discreet......' He let his voice sort of trail off, left his words hanging.

'I took off my shirt because it was hot,' I said.

'Yes, I realize you removed your shirt without knowing that you were tempting and teasing me,' he said. 'You said you're not sure where I want this to go. I will tell you. Only as far as you're willing to let me take you. Since we are being upfront.... ' He looked all around and lowered his voice. 'I would like to start by further admiring your body, in total, in the privacy and comfort of my hotel room.'

'You just want to look at my muscles....naked?' I asked.

'Absolutely, unequivocally, yes. But as a precursor to possible things to follow....foreplay, if you will. On, hell, I'll lay it on the line, I want to have sex with you. I promise you won't be disappointed or wasting your time; I'm a very generous man.'

Was he offering to pay me, I wondered. I couldn't believe a senator would be doing this. 'You already paid me too much to replace that fan belt,' I said.

The senator smiled. 'Then?....I'm told I'm pretty good.'


He glanced around again then said, 'At giving head.'

I blinked and laughed softly. 'Man, if I wasn't going to, that's enough to change my mind.'

'May I take that as a yes?' he asked.

I nodded.

Nina never did recognize the senator. Neither did anyone else in the diner. We finished eating and the senator paid the bill, after leaving a generous twenty-dollar tip. As we were driving to his hotel I realized the full impact of what I was doing and I began to get uneasy about going into the hotel and being seen, possibly, going up to the senator's room with him. I asked him if we were going in through the lobby.

'No, no, we'll take the elevator straight up from the underground parking garage. No one will see us,' he said.

I was still nervous, but excited.

In his room the senator removed his jacket and began taking off his clothes. 'You're welcome to use the shower,' he told me. 'Would you like a beer?'

'I can't be drinking and drive,' I said.

'Hopefully, you'll be here long enough for the effects to wear off,' he said.

I took the beer he handed me out of the small refrigerator and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower. I was anxious to get on with it and find out what was in store for me, especially after his mention of giving good head. I'd never had a blowjob, not even from a girl. Nearest I'd come was a girl who gave my cock a few licks, but she was afraid I would go off in her mouth. As I was drying off, I downed the rest of the beer. All of it. I was getting more than a little nervous, and I wanted to get a buzz on.

I came out of the bathroom with the towel knotted around my waist. I was already feeling the beer. The senator had stripped down to his boxer briefs and was sitting on the bed, flipping channels. I was surprised what good shape he was in. His eyes lit up when he saw me.

'Very nice,' he said with a broad smile, his eyes raking boldly over my bare upper body.

'Thanks,' I said, a little embarrassed. He put his hand out to me and I moved over beside the bed.

He ran his hand up my thigh, up under the towel.

'Your thighs are like solid marble,' he said. He brought his other hand up and flattened it against my stomach. 'And this is like a plate of armor,' he added.

His hands felt good and I could feel my cock coming to life, but his hand didn't go that high.

'I hope you don't mind some muscle worship,' he said.

'Well, I've never been worshipped before,' I said, laughing.

'You should be. In some societies you would be,' he said. 'You would be treated as a god.'

'Tell me where that place is,' I joked.

'Let this be that place for now,' he said. He leaned in and kissed right between my chest muscles, then down lower on my abs. He moved his head back and forth, kissing in the ridges between my ab muscles. Then he moved back up, dragging his tongue between my pecs.

'I love the hair on your chest,' he murmured.

'There's not much of it,' I said.

'Just the right amount to make you look like a man, without looking apish.'

He began kissing my chest muscles, back and forth, all around each muscle. Then he zeroed in on my right nipple.

'OOhh....ohhhh,' I gasped softly as he flicked it with his tongue. I could see him smile as he sucked on my tit, and I could feel it getting firm, like my cock. It was tenting the towel. He nibbled and sucked for a moment then moved across my chest to the other one. I let out a little gasp even before he touched it, in anticipation. I groaned as he started sucking it like he did the other one.

'You've never had anyone do this before,' he said, smiling.


'See how they stand up, nice and taut,' he said, flicking each one with his fingers.

'Yeah. They feel nice and taut,' I said. 'I didn't know a guy had feelings there.'

He sucked them some more and I wrapped my hands around the back of his head. I liked it. My cock was bone hard. I wondered when he would get to it.

He took his time; he seemed to really enjoy sucking my tits. After a while he kissed back down my abs, going lower this time. My cock was tenting the towel, bobbing against his face. Still, he ignored it. He bypassed it and went down and came up under the towel to my crotch and nuzzled his face there. I could feel his hot breath on my balls and I sucked in short gasps of air, anticipating what he was going to do next. He licked my balls and sucked them into his mouth, one at a time. I thought I was going to die when he did that. I gaped down at him under the towel. Nobody had ever even touched my balls except me, and now they were on the other side of a guy's teeth. It was a little scary, thinking he could bite them off and leave me nutless and singing soprano for the rest of my life.

He really worked my balls and licked under them at the same time. My cock was throbbing so hard it ached. I tried to take hold of it once but the senator brushed my hand away and I never touched it again. But I wanted to. He was driving me crazy.

'Please, senator,' I whispered. 'My cock's hurting.'

He reached for the knot on my hip and loosened it. The towel came open and fell to the floor.

'Oh, Yess! I knew you would be like this,' he said, his eyes wide with desire. He cupped his hand under my balls and lifted them and my cock across his palm. 'You are an absolutely stunning young man. Your bone structure, every curve and flow of your muscles....male perfection at its finest.'

'You're sort of embarrassing me, now,' I said.

'Of course. Let's concentrate on this,' he said as he leaned over to kiss my cock. He licked the head, tasting the precum oozing out, but he still didn't take it in his mouth. He licked up and down the shaft, like a cat licking it's kitten, pausing to lap up my precum.

'Godd, Senator....Please....I feel like I'm going to explode,' I groaned.

Finally he took my cock in his mouth. We both moaned. I got louder as he began sucking me. I felt light headed and my vision was fucked up. I never felt anything so wonderful in my life. I fought to keep from going off; I wanted this to last forever.

The senator was good, and I wondered if he did this everywhere he traveled; if he had boys at his beck and call in Washington. I wondered if one day we would see his name in the headlines about a huge sex scandal. But I put all of that out of my head. All that mattered at the moment was his mouth and his live tongue on my cock, giving me my first blowjob. His tongue felt like fine, soft sandpaper.

He urged me onto the bed, astraddle his chest, so I was on my knees, feeding him my cock. As I rose up to thrust, he reached around for my butt with one hand and groped his own shorts with the other. Moments later I felt the slickness and the heat of his bare cock against my butt. I wondered if he thought he was going to try to fuck me. I hoped not cause it wasn't going to happen. He seemed to really like my ass, though, and I had to admit his hands felt good.

It was a nice, easy, wonderful suck job, and I was able to hold off. I wondered what about when I did go off; should I warn him, or pull out?

'Would you mind turning around and raising your butt up for me?' he asked.

Well, he wasn't going to try to fuck me. I figured he wanted to admire and play with and worship my butt, he thought I was so perfect. He did, but I couldn't have imagined how he would do it. I stood up and turned around with my butt in his face. He pressed his hand on the small of my back for me to bend over, which I did. My eyes popped and I let out a little gasp when I felt his tongue sliding smoothly over my asshole.

'Ohh, Fuck!' I moaned with surprise. I heard him chuckle softly over my little outburst. I bent over farther and he pulled my butt apart. I felt his tongue stiffen as he licked my asshole, and it felt like he was probing deeper in my hole. Then he stretched my hole wide open and drove his tongue up inside me.

'AAAwwhhhh! Ohhhm, FuucckkkkK!' I cried out.

'Did you like that?' he asked.

'Aw, it felt great! I didn't know I had feelings like that in my ass either.'

'You have more feelings than you know. If you'll let me, I would like to show you.'

'How?' I asked. But then I felt his finger probing gently and rubbing around my asshole and I knew, and I didn't care how as long as he didn't try to fuck me. He kept rubbing my hole in little circles, and pushing against it. I could feel the muscle around it give but my hole remained tight. I winced a little when he shoved his finger through my hole but before I could even imagine any pain, he touched something up inside me that nearly made me leap off the bed.

'Ahh! Shit! Fuck, what's that!' I cried out.

'Can you feel that?' he said, rubbing the spot.

'Aww, Yeah...Fuck, what is it?' I groaned.

'That's your prostate.'

'Yeah, I learned something about that in health class,' I said. 'But damn, nobody told me it felt like that.'

'It's a secret I doubt they want boys to discover about themselves,' he said as he continued to rub gently over the spot.

'Ohh, Godd! Ohhhh, fuck, you could make cum doing that,' I moaned, tossing my head back.

'Turn around and stand up, and I'll double your pleasure,' he said.

I straightened and turned around, my legs a little shaky. I knew what he was going to do. He took my cock in one hand and reached through my legs and shoved two fingers up inside me.

'Ohhhhhhh!' I moaned, bearing down on his hand.

'I want you to just ride the wave now, and let it happen,' he said, then he took my cock in his mouth again.

'You mean....y-you want me to go off in your mouth?'

He nodded.

I did, quicker than I wanted to. I couldn't hold back if my life depended on it. He wasn't just sucking my cock. He was gobbling my hard meat, deep-throating me, and I was riding his hand like it was a bucking bronco, literally fucking myself with his fingers.

'Ohhh.....Awwhhh, man.....Ohh, Godd.....Geezuss, Senator, I'm not gonna be able to hold off, you doing this,' I groaned. I couldn't believe I was actually fucking myself.

I saw his lips form a smile around the girth of my cock. I kept riding his fingers up and down, sort of rocking my hips around to thrust my cock into his mouth. I loved the feel of my cock going into his throat; it was like fucking a pussy, only better; it was tighter, and more alive. I felt the buildup inside of me; the pressure built up with pleasure so intense I thought I would scream before I could release it. Oh, Godd, please, I gotta cum before I explode! Finally, the floodgates burst open and I felt my cum surging through my cock with powerful force.

'Aaaahhhh, I'm cumming! Ohh...Ohhhh....Ohhh, Godd.....' then I choked on my outcries. I grabbed the Senator's head, clawing at his hair as I fucked his throat and he fucked my ass with his fingers. He groaned and started to choke as I began shooting thick ropes of semen into his throat, but he didn't let go. He clasped his hands tighter around my butt muscles and pulled me to him.

I damn near drowned him, I came so hard. The spot that he was rubbing inside me quivered and palpitated so hard it ached, and my asshole ached. I never came so hard in my life.

The Senator rode out my climax like a trooper, and held me in his throat for several minutes after my cock was belching empty. Only when my thighs were trembling did he release his grip on my butt and let me pull my cock back through his lips. I reached back to take hold of his wrist as I settled back on his stomach, and he pulled his fingers out at the same time my cock slipped free of his lips.

He licked his smiling lips to capture the trail of cum I left on them. I felt I was sitting too heavy on him and I leaned to one side and half fell onto the bed with a heaved sigh.

'Holy Fuck!' I swore softly.

'I hope I gave you something to remember,' he said.

I laughed. 'This is going to be burned in my memory.'

He rolled onto his side and threw his leg across mine and laid his arm across my chest and hugged me in close. He was acting kind of lovey. I felt his boner against my hip.

'You didn't get off,' I said.

'No, I'm very good at holding off,' he said.

'So am I, usually, but not this time.'

'I was hoping we might go another lap when you're recuperated,' he said.

'That won't take long,' I said.

'I'm sure you've had your share of girls, I wonder if you would like to discover what it's like to fuck a man.'

'Hell, yeah, if it's anything like what we just did.'

'I'm sure you won't be disappointed,' he said.

Just then the phone rang. He rolled over to answer it. He didn't sound happy about the call. I gleaned that it was someone wanting to meet with him, and come to his room. He told them no, he would meet them in coffee shop.

'I'm afraid that lap will have to wait till another time,' he said, hanging up the phone.

I didn't ask questions. He was Senator, I didn't think it was any of my business. We got up and started getting dressed. He was hurrying but he told me to take my time.

'I want to watch your every move, every ripple of your muscles,' he said.

When I was pulling on my shirt he handed me a hundred dollar bill. I didn't take it.

'I can 't take that. It would make me a male prostitute, wouldn't it?' I said laughing.

'No, it would make you the recipient of my grateful generosity. Please. I'm not paying you. I wouldn't degrade you like that. I only want to show my gratitude.'

'Senator, you already showed me your gratitude, big time.'

'Please, I want to do this.' He thrust the bill at me. 'Consider it your tax dollars at work,' he said, laughing

I took the bill. 'Is this my tax dollars at work?' I joked as I folded it into my pocket.

'No. I am many things, but I am not corrupt,' he said.

'I wouldn't believe you are,' I said. 'Well, next time you're driving through and need a fan belt replaced,' I said as I was about to leave, but he told me to wait. He was taking a card out of his wallet. He wrote something on it and handed it to me.

'If you are ever in Washington, this is the private number of my aide. Tell him your name, he will get you through to me.'

'Oh, he'll know my name?' I asked.

'Only your first name,' he said.

'All right.' I tucked the card into my wallet and was going to the door.

'I wonder if you would, uh....if you do get to Washington, if you would be interested in having some other boys join us. Or, if I find myself in your town, if you have some male friends.......'

'I would have to think about that--my friends--but sure, I would be glad to meet your friends in Washington,' I said.

'Wonderful. I'm sure we will meet again.'

'I'm pretty sure of it, too, Senator.'

The End



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