I knew this time... I could feel myself walking in those hallowed tunnels. The looming walls of stone were closing in, and the utter darkness instilled more fear then I had ever felt in my life. The air was so thin, that the scent of my own sweat permeated the blanket it held over me. I was still unable to see through the shade, it was if the horrific images I might encounter were holding back my adjusting sight.

I shook as a invisible breeze of cold air rushed past, lifting the hairs on my back and scathing the single flame that I had grown to cherish. Grasping the torch tightly, the white of my knuckles matched my skin as a result of deprived heat. The flickering fire didn't progress warmth or view but rather the reminder that I was still alive in the alien environment.

Eventually the crunch of sand and pebbles brought me some relief that I was advancing, though every time an intersection of smooth earth was passed I felt more and more lost to what was around me. It was as if the sound of crackling particles under my soles was casual, even though I had only made less then four strides. The solitary confines of the maze played with my sanity, tugging at the strings of memories and secrets I swore to hold to my own.

My steady heartbeat rose, along with my tireless trembling and the warmth that was lost from the dreaded repetition of marble and stone was regained gradually. Blood entered my palms as I pressed them firmly to the grim surroundings, trying to collect myself together calmly; though the incessant laughter of two young boys lashed through my defenses. I was alone and there were no children, but my mind continued to play tricks...

Two young teenagers ran past the turn at the end of the hall I lingered, I had felt old before at the beginning but I knew deep down my youth still existed even if it was held back by the gathering swirls of onyx. Dropping my dying torch as though a weighing burden, the light gave away as I chased them, lunging down the same corner and continuing forwards as the echoes of giggling stung my senses.

I kept on the pursuit until the noises silenced, and when they eventually did; I found myself standing among a myriad of white smoke. The fog grew deeper and every direction I turned seemed to provide passages, having lost my original whereabouts I ignored any thoughts and pushed onward without a second moment to be spare.

Every time my legs moved, I felt the same region close in again, I had traveled in circles in the veil of smog. Suddenly I heard a rough grunt, and a loud snarl from a distance ahead. I stared onward, believing it to be another vision stirred from the recesses of my thoughts. Then something different happened. The ground began to quake along with the capillaries of clay and sand, the thing began to approach slowly gaining speed with every stomp.

Urging myself to escape, my body didn't cooperate as I stared piercingly in awe, despair and in slight arousal as it arrived after a slow rampage.

The mythical creature growled towards my stable form, attempting to incite its aggression but my overwhelmed state seemed to encourage that I first view what it was. The creature fit only the description of a bull man, the body resembling an extremely hairy, muscular humanoid while the head, lower torso and tail gave away bovine qualities.

The hooves stamped heavily, lifting a debris of dust among the haze of white as it sniffed the dry exhaust of air in the realm. I tried not to move an inch, as it appeared not fully aware of someone nearby. It was trying to confirm it, as gargantuan fists roughly the size of my skull cleaved the sides of the trembling walls. My breathing became increasingly slow, as I tried to hold in my distress and somewhat excitement of finding such a magnificent creature.

Tail swaying the dust, the Minotaur edged above my head sniffing warily; as I shifted cautiously to avoid his incoming crane of an arm. It seemed to be focusing on its sense of smell more then its surroundings with other senses, because my movement didn't turn his ongoing gaze. Then it happened, my thin arm lifted by a small angle to brush my torrents of sweat coming down my forehead. Relentless sweat glands began to release frantically, and the heat of my body began to lower slightly. Just as my ligament twitched, the Minotaur lowered its mighty head down curiously to meet my stench.

Slow humming before a snarl, it was far too close now as I could whiff myself of his monstrous musk that began to shroud my body. The odor was terrible for unknown to the Minotaur was probably its stink, yet as foul it might have been I just appeared to enjoy certain smells. One that stood out most was the fountain of precum that lingered in the fur around its waist, seeing as how tall the beast was and how I was ducking down to avoid its gaze.

My face flushed red as I began to feel a slight arousal myself, my own desire began to take control as my eyes fell down to search for the organ of pleasure that the Minotaur possessed. I gasped unintentionally as my arrows met their mark, the huge tool was beyond what I could comprehend. Although as bull as the beast was from below the belt, his penis seemed to provide a majority of human attribute beyond the size. The Minotaur was excessively horny from just plain sight, nearly erect and dribbling a constant stream of precum from the purple tip. The slit poured and poured, as slimy translucent fluid wet the entire length and continued down to the thick scrotum containing golf ball sized testicles. Slathering the creatures furred thighs, and even leaving a trail or puddles of precum from where it moved.

I licked at my slightly dry lips, attempting to redirect the drool from pouring down my chin and I felt myself beginning to wash the cloth below with my own precum. Then the light scrape of an extended horn on my back awoke me from my lusty daze, as panic began to surge through my body again; I felt a moist tongue lap my skin and run down my shoulder blade relaxing me. A stream of saliva coating my back forced me to shiver, and then I felt two leathery gloves of flesh wrap around my entire waist beginning to lift me up into the air. Clearly the Minotaur had found me, but was not tightening his hold to harm.

The Minotaur focused on me with great pearly eyes, and I returned my gaze excitedly as the beasts overly sized ring finger tenderly brushed past my boner. I couldn't help but moan, as the Minotaur grunted in satisfaction releasing a light gust of wind past my hair. With a single brush down from his fist, I felt my tunic and clothes rend and collapse like a bundle of rags on the floor. My nakedness seemed to stir the Minotaur further into a driven lust, as I felt a spurt of precum splash onto my bare knees.

Groaning deeply now, the Minotaur released his large left hand to stroke his massive rod which had been lubed entirely through desire. With the hand holding me, his pinky finger began to slide back and forth between my butt cheeks. I moaned louder now, everything was getting to me from the wet slapping sounds of his stroking to the slippery feeling of his tongue layering my neck with his spit. The sliding of his finger over my ass lips made me quiver, and I was spraying precum all over my cock.

Holding me closer his arched legs provided comfy seating for my lean body, as he placed me in his hairy lap I could feel the throbbing meat on my back showering it with clear fluid again and it was this it used to open up my tight hole. Brushing my anal lips with his ring and index fingers, he began to prod his middle finger into my hole eventually pressing into it gently. Nearly screaming from the pain, regardless of the lube that helped; the size of his finger was enough to act as a cock itself.

Needing to grab onto something, my hands reached around and wrapped around the Minotaur's moistened cock and began to tug lightly. His grunts and my moans echoed down the corridors of stone, until finally I felt the Minotaur push me down roughly to the crumbly floor, instinctively I got up on all fours bending my head back to watch the monstrous swelled head of his cock press into my loose entrance.

I cried out sufficiently as he pressed in deeper, I could feel the glans of the cock head tap my prostate before he was fully in. I didn't know whether to moan or scream, the pain intermingled with pleasure and I practically had a mini climax as he pulled out and slid back in. One of his great hands wrapped around my pectoral, and began to squeeze hard on my nipple while his free hand tightened to grip my shoulder and hold me in place. His tail also looped under his leg arches, wrapping around my vibrating cock and brushing my sensitive cock head; it appeared the Minotaur refused to let me go down from erect.

Plugging in deep, I inhaled just as he pulled out and exhaled when he inserted again. At this point all the pain had left and I was left flopping in a pool of pleasure, with every thrust from the fat schlong tenderizing my pink canal and causing friction with the folds of skin. Each time the head jabbed at the spot and I gave out gargled moans until my throat grew dry being painful to breathe, the Minotaur was wearing me out and he knew it. Then it came like a flash of lightning.

Spasms of nerves and flexing muscles on both of us, as though our hearts were one for a single moment. I felt his tremendous cock pulse and twitch inside my passage, and with a powerful growl of release I felt a tsunami of cum flood my ass. Spray after spray collided my prostate, forcing my own cloudy white seed to eject directly at my dangling exhausted face.

Still pulsating even after the seventh spurt, the Minotaur continued to paint my innards white with bull sperm and flood even my stomach which had grown in size slightly like a bulb.

Pulling out slowly from my clamped ass lips, like a pop of the cork from a wine bottle and no later the breaking of a dam. His jizz poured down effortlessly like a eternal waterfall of white sticky fluid, a lake seemed to form beneath my waist as it cascaded down my thighs and deserted itself onto the cold floor. The Minotaur continued to shoot milky semen after outside, lathering my ass cheeks and spine with a river of sperm that continued the cycle of surging into my wide pink hole. With the fifteenth spray nearly finished, he stood over my defeated state while the remainder of musky, murky frosting oozed down his deflating cock tip and onto the cleanly areas of my shoulder blades.

Gently tugging at both our sacs, his soaked residual hand glided down my spent shaft as he wriggled his finger tips around my frenulum collecting my soapy extract as he glazed the head of my cock. Leaning his face forwards, his drenched palm began to collect the escaping nut juice that slid down my tired face. The Minotaur's tongue extended, rapidly sifting through the sweet ivory dew as it tasted my treasured cum that dyed my jaw. Delighted in the bittersweet flavor, he began to mop my curled lips as I opened for his searching tongue to taste its rival.

We snaked our tongues together as the Minotaur reached around to gather his own ashen bull seed for us to share, saliva met jizz and we both tasted a small sample of fruity protein shake that was a cup among gallons and gallons of liquid libido. Full in thirst and sleepy with warmth of a trillion sperm, I succumbed almost immediately after our tendrils of saliva departed and I could no longer feel his coarse hairs on my stripped back.

I slept like a baby for once in a decade of years.


Tim & Drayce



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