Dante swam his hardest, as he powered through his freestyle set in the Fennir Highschool's swimming pool. The red head was petitely built but cut with fair skin. His milk-chocolate-brown eyes blazed with determination as his 5' frame gave all he had to keep up with Tommy. Who powered along ahead of the boy as they swam. Tommy, dubbed Titan by every one, was a giant of a jock: 6'10" with a football/swimmer's build (=bulked yet highly defined muscles). Titan Tommy had raven black hair and emerald eyes and a smile that drove the girls crazy. The two completed their set.

"Time to hit the showers Dante, good practice. With a few more of these private sessions, you'll be swimming like me in no time , little man." Tommy said in his deep voice as he hoisted his frame out the pool, his black speedo barely concealing the massive dick that lay limp beneath. Dante climbed out, his purple speedo cupping his bubble butt snugly. He flashed the hulking senior a nervous smile, which he returned with a wide grin. They went into the locker room and grabbed their towels, drying themselves a bit before they showered.

"Titan can I ask you something?" Dante asked timidly, his gaze downcast.

"Sure little buddy, shoot,"

"Why did you want to train me one on one? As far as I know Captains never take on freshmen as their 'pages', but you picked me" Dante continued, eyes down cast. Tommy stepped closer and leaned down so that he was staring Dante in his cute baby-face.

"I chose you for a few reasons. 1. you have the potential to be something great. 2. You are my best friend's kid brother and I have known you since the day you were born, your like my little brother. and 3," he tussled Dante's hair "Cause I love hanging out with you." He flashed Dante a smile and Dante looked him in the eye--a shy smile on his face.

"Now hit the showers." Tommy said, giving Dante's butt a hard smack --the boy jumped and hurried off to the showers.

Tommy smiled to himself as he stripped off his speedo, his monster of a dick slapping his thigh like a club as it was freed from its prison. He glanced down at his tan skin, sculpted body and smiled. The hiss of the shower, the water hitting Dante soft skin, the boy's racing heart rang in Tommy's ears. ( You are so cute Dante and innocent, I want to grant you this gift.) Tommy walked over to the locker room door and locked it, then strolled down the hall to the showers. His body tingled with sexual energy-- backed up for weeks because Racheal wouldn't put out. Tommy grit his teeth in anger, girls were always so desperate to fuck him till they saw how big he actually was--(a blessin' and a curse) Tommy smiled to himself.

Dante was nervous, he didn't like to shower with the other guys. As the hot water rained down on him he shivered with shame. He looked down at himself: Pale skin with just developing muscles coming in, a skinny-sixpack, and a little semi-hard 4 inch dick. Dante frowned. (I wish I was hung like Tommy, then no one could laugh at me, and all the girls would want me like they want him.) Dante's frown deepened, he knew he was being unfair to himself-- (late bloomer). He was mostly pube-less, not even that much under his underarms--Dante would cringe when the older guys on the team asked him how he got such a close shave. He hated showering with them as well, They were all bigger than him and even though he was the youngest on the team they would always tease him (playfully) but it still hurt--deep down. Another reason brushed up against Dante's thoughts, he tried to suppress it, it broke free: being naked, the other guys naked--especially Tommy-- gave him butterflies. The same kind of butterflies he got when he looked at Tia, his ebony goddess--the one that barely knew he existed. It unnerved him.

Dante was so lost in thought that he didn't hear Tommy come into the showers, so he sorta squealed when he felt powerful arms wrap around his chest and lift him off his feet. The arms hugged him close, pressing his soft body into the rock hard one behind. Dante's breathe caught and he tried to cover himself when Tommy whispered in his ear, "Hey there little guy" and lightly kissed him on the cheek. Dante froze, his face flushed, his heart pounding, his dick rock hard.

"Tommy wah...what are you doing?"stuttered Dante as he face went red.

"Messing with you." Tommy said matter-of-factly as he slide a big hand down Dante's abs to his dick, he gave it a little tug, the boy twitched in his arms. Tommy put Dante down and turned him around, the boy's brown eyes were wide with confusion, Tommy stroked the boy's hair tenderly.

"Tommy i'm not...I'm nott..." Tommy silenced Dante with a deep kiss, his tongue wriggling in the boy's mouth and pulled back. Dante's face was beat red, his eyes were a little unfocused as he stared back at Tommy's knowing smile.

"I know what you are Dante, I see you trying your hardest to get with Tia. But I also see that you like this, I've watched you since you were little man. You act the same way your bro and I did when we were your age." Tommy said in a soothing voice as he gently ran his hands up and down Dante's body, rubbing him in places here and there.

"I know how you feel little buddy and I wanna help, but to be totally honest: smelling your precum soaked speedos daily has been driving me nuts!"

Dante's eyebrows raised (How did he know that) "Wait when would you smell them? I've never left them lying around." Tommy pinched a nipple, Dante squirmed and moaned.

"Lets just say I have a good sense of smell." Tommy said as he picked the little guy up and laid him down on the tiled floor, hot water soaking the both of them.

Tommy crawled on top of Dante and began to suck on his nipples, Dante could only lay there--the sensation tickled too good to tell Tommy to stop. Dante gulped.

"Tommy i'm not.." Dante gasped as Tommy dragged his tongue from Dante's balls all the way up to his lips where he planted another probing kiss--Dante squirmed, precum leaking from his dick.

"I already told you, I know and neither am I." chuckled Tommy as he engulfed Dante's 4 inches of boy-meat. Dante let out a moan as he felt Tommy's tongue lap at his dick, gliding around it, hitting all his sensitive spots. Tommy cupped Dante's balls and played with them as he sucked.

Dante's breathes got shallower, his muscles tensed underneath his baby soft skin.

"To..Tom..TOMMY!" Dante squealed as a thick ropes of cum smacked the back of Tommy's throat, he gagged and spat it all out into his hands. Dante lay gasping on the floor, trying to gather his strength. Tommy rubbed the gooey mess all over his dick and began to jerk, he felt warm as the hot water cascaded down his body. He slid up close and stuck a finger up Dante's butt, the boy jumped and squirmed.

"Ah ah Ah, don't run from it, u need this." cooed Tommy, his hard dick brushing up against Dante's leg as he laid still. Dante looked down and whimpered, Tommy sure deserved his name sake. (That thing's like a foot long! And almost as thick as a soda can) Dante's eyes widened, he tried to crawl away. Tommy held him in place with one hand pressed on his abs.

"Tommy please, i don't want," he gulped " I dont think i'm ready for..."

Tommy leaned in and hugged Dante close, his dick nearly scolded Dante's skin as it touched.

"I am sorry, its too late to turn back now," Tommy whispered into the boy's ear as he scooted back and positioned Dante's hips, "I can't fight it anymore," Dante could see the hunger in Tommy's eyes--they almost seemed to glow? "I promise to make it as quick as possible ok Dante?"

Dante opened his mouth to speak. Tommy thrusted hard. Dante screamed, it was like an anaconda was slithering up him through his ass. His world was pain, tears streamed from his eyes, he cried out. Tommy slid deeper, and deeper into Dante- he managed to cram 9 inches of the 12 in before Dante began to cry. Tommy leaned down and scooped up the boy, "Sssh its gonna get better I swear, just take deep breaths ok" he reassured Dante as he began to bounce him on his lap. Dante wasn't the only on in discomfort, Tommy felt like his dick was in a compactor, Dante was squeezing him to death. Tommy plowed on....

To be continued....................................................................



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