"Aaron, Brad, Ken and Carson. You guys listening or not?"

The circle was alive with laughter, drowning out Simon's voice. It was about six of my childhood friends counting me, all grown up now. We used to play around in Elementary a lot... If you know what I mean, from going to each others houses and playing in remote parks not frequently used. Yeah, we did naughty things I guess without anyone knowing. We compared dick sizes, jerked off together and more or less pranked each other frequently, but as bad as it may have been then, what boys didn't do these things? It had been awhile since we all gathered together though, I'd been close with Simon and Carson since they came to the school I went to and were in my classes, so we weren't so separated that heavily.

"Okay guys here are the rules, most are the same old school but I changed it a bit. One, nobody goes into my parents room, the maintenance room, attic or anywhere else outside besides my pool. Two, the people that get found can help catch others that haven't been, although you gotta be tagged by the person who started as 'it' for it to count. Three, if you are caught by only sight, you can run away but the person 'it' can chase. Four, the last person not caught has five minutes starting from the second last person tagged before they win. We will announce when it begins by the main hall if you can hear, start counting down. Five, if the person 'it', catches everyone or the last person is not caught, they will get to make us do whatever they want like old times."

Simon explained thoroughly as our heads bobbed in agreement, he smiled deviously, unlike the past when we played and nobody wanted to be 'it', we usually settled with the nose game. But in the present with the change of rules, almost everyone wanted to be 'it' just so they could win easily. Though not being 'it' had its upsides here, Simon's house was more like a mansion or condo and was way larger with more secretive hiding holes beyond the park or anyone else in the groups houses.

"Well looks like I'm 'it'."

The rest of the four beyond me seemed to groan, as Carson grinned victoriously approaching the counter and grasping the blindfold. Aaron helped him tie it weakly behind his neck, giggles escaping through the excitement. We seemed to set ourselves up like we were ready to run as soon as the whistle, our rumps in the air and arms ready to push off with our legs like an Olympic running course. The only difference was, instead of a whistle we heard a countdown and during the countdown, we booked it.

"120... 119..."

We had two minutes to find a good spot and be camouflaged perfectly, I saw Brad and Aaron go up the stairs quietly while Simon seemed to vanish in thin air, made sense actually seeing it was his house, he probably knew all the good spots. That played badly in our hands, if Carson managed to find Simon miraculously, we'd all be doomed. Ken on the other hand had went through to the gallery room, I wasn't paying attention that closely.

"98... 97..."

His voice had a persistent joy in it, possibly meaning he knew where people went just based off on the other senses. I thought to myself quietly, imagining a good place to hide before it hit me like a bullet.

Tip toeing to the laundry room connected with the garage, I pressed my hand firmly around the wall searching in the dark as I found Simon's car keys. Pushing the unlocked door into the dull grey area, I could still hear Carson counting now somewhere nearby the minute mark. Closing the door gently, I tapped the furthest button opening the trunk of the car with an astounding beep, it had actually been quite silent. Having been careful to hide my noise though, a lot of things sounded loud, including my own heart beats.

"46... 45..."

I pressed on the door only enough to open a sliver of light in the pale night of the room, turning my arm and lounging the keys back in place to avoid suspicion, especially if Simon was caught. I calmly returned to the back of the car with a slim piece of cardboard, placing it between the trunk doors to let in some air and keep it unlocked for me to escape. Getting inside the dormant cave of emptiness, the faint hum of my blood circulating matched the repetition of numbers being counted down.

"4... 5..."

I seemed to have just got everything in order just in time, as I lay comfortably within the dry fabric layers. My hand slightly lifting the weightless door that sandwiched the fold of brown cardboard, while my other hands fingers began to fiddle with my watch, keeping track of the time.

"2... 1... 60 minutes, time starts now."

Carson announced widely, as he began his tour of the house. I heard the light creaking of the back door sliding, leading to the pool. It would be a long match I suppose, snickering to myself in the confines of an automobile. Ten minutes passed like a finger snap, and I heard another voice in the main hall among Carson, the game had its first victim so early? No way.

"Agh, how did you find me? I was like so perfectly still when you passed."

"Exactly why I was suspicious, the whole body of a tree sways when wind passes. You were leaning on it too heavily, good thinking though. I passed you twice by the shed."

"Oh man, well gonna go find Aaron in a bit."

I had heard Ken and Carson, I suppose his idea to hide in the gallery or statue room was bad or obvious unless he ran when he was caught and hid near the pool. But... Carson opened the pool door first. Maybe he knew earlier through hearing? Moments later I heard rummaging from above the garage on the second floor, lighting my watch to check the time, it had been seven more minutes when I heard the next voice.

"Ken, I hate you man. Why you always hunting me down? Why can't it be Tim? He always wins."

"Well yeah, but it's pretty much impossible to find him so might as well route out the easy prey."

"Ah, don't blame him, I'm the one that tagged you and he's right. Tim can only be found by Simon, meaning we have to find him before."

"Don't be ridiculous bro, that time was different. This is Simon's house, he's probably hiding in plain sight laughing at us."

"We'll see haha."

He wasn't the only one laughing, I had to chuckle myself. So they did admit I was unable to be caught, and it was true Simon was always the one that came close or did find me. I wasn't much of a fast runner before, and if I was, Simon was clearly faster so I'd be outmatched at first glance. So far, Simon was still on a winning streak against me though. Half the game was over though, and the clock kept ticking down, now down eleven minutes. I just had to last thirty two more minutes, a bit more over half an hour. Fifteen minutes of silence, it was different from the giggling ruckus before just a tranquil state as I realized my eyes were getting weary. I blinked a couple times, but the weight of my eye lids was becoming unbearable, I was falling asleep without the intention to do so. Slapping myself to recuperate, I fell mute of thoughts when I heard another voice among the group.

"Dammit, couldn't hold myself up anymore. That position is bad for your back but good for you arms, haha."

"That was really good though Brad, you finally made it to being third place. Simon and Tim are just left, where the heck could they be?"

"What places you guys haven't checked?"

"Well we got third floor, this floors washrooms, closets and that's it."

"No, you missed the garage bro."

"Isn't that place illegal to the rules?"

"No, Simon said parents room on third floor, maintenance we passed in the basement and the attic, technically the fourth floor I guess."

"Well okay, I'll check the garage you guys look upstairs."

I held my breath, turning pale with anxiety. The numbness of my hand was shaken off, as I tugged the cardboard ever so slowly to the point where the only way to see it was to lift off the trunk door, which would in fact reveal me and make me lose. The ominous creaking sound of the door opening, made me nearly gasp in surprise. I heard the rummaging of bags ahead of my location, Carson was checking the garbage bin and probably the recycling. I had an advantage that it was the first time anyone used a vehicle to hide, but I had a disadvantage that if I took even the smallest breath as he patrolled by I'd be revealed.

I spoke too soon, as I heard his socks shuffling by the dirty concrete in the aisle between the two vehicles. Holding my breath, I might have looked purple as he dropped on all fours to look beneath the cars. His hand tapped on the glass, and he focused in on the surroundings carefully evaluating any movements. He was so close, I could almost hear his breathing and heart beats and smell the sweat we both released. The situation I was in was drowning however, as I nearly fainted from lack of oxygen and a heart attack as his palm pressed tightly on the trunk.

Managing to equalize his strength, he seemed oblivious I was in it and desperately trying to keep even a quarter of an inch slit of air flow. Finally his search was over, as he grunted in frustration peeling his hand off the plate of metal I lay behind, and passing the swung door back to the laundry room. I finally took in a gale of air, as my face gained color from the livid fear I had substantially passed. Yet my excitement was short lived, as I heard the penultimate tone of my demise from within the living room.

"Well you guys found me, aha I tried to do a new strategy, guess it needs to be worked on."

"What way is that? Did you move throughout the house not in a definite place at once?"

"Yes, actually. I figured by giving away someone else early, I could win since the person 'it' would find people faster, me being ahead still of course."

"Oh so you're the reason Carson checked outside immediately, you ass."

"Aha, stop worrying about that. We should announce it now, get Tim's hopes up."

"Sounds good."

I licked my dry lips as I awaited for them to make move, practicing my feeble routine of holding breaths, I guess it only worked in panic situations like losing a game of hide and seek. Five minutes now, as I set my watch just as a chorus of sounds came from the kitchen inside.

"Final five minutes begins now, prepare yourself... Tim."

Banging of pots and pans with utensils of equal metal, I leaned a bit forward placing my ear on the side of the car for better hearing. The lean cardboard invisible once again having been pulled inwards, a sliver of light that entered from Carson's lack of reaction.

"Okay, Aaron, Ken you guys go up and check the second floor."

"B-but, he got me out. You can't do this to me, I hate him bro!"

"No complaining, go go. Brad I want you to check third floor, and any place Aaron and Ken might miss on second."


"Carson, you got the basement. Have you checked anywhere else?"

"Yeah, I checked the garage earlier before finding you. Nobody there."

"I'll see to that after the other rooms here then."

Simon had taken full command, he was sniffing me out like he had always done. I had barely lasted against a thorough person like Carson, but Simon was the most efficient. I bit my lip worriedly, I had to win this time just to break his win streak. Two minutes were gone, by the time the door of the garage finally swung open. I had anticipated this, and got my battle plan ready just for such a situation. He nearly copied every move that Carson had done, from the bins to the aisle and I held my breath the entire time nearly losing it when his hand ran down the trunk door.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty..."

He whispered as he peered through the glass, until finally he found the trunk door handle. I could feel his eyes meet mine through the barricade of metal, and I felt him just know. Glancing at my watch, I had a minute and thirty seconds, his hand wrapped around the lever and pulled upwards just in time as I exercised my plan. Kicking with both legs out, Simon took a step back in precaution just enough time to let me throw the cardboard his way. Contacting his raised arms, he tightened his eyes closed as my feet imprinted a dust mark on the concrete. I made a run, sliding over the cars front glass, rotating the door handle of the side garage exit, and into the walled off garden dug in with the pool.

My legs burned into a sprint and I could hear Simon catching up, with fake taunts and threats followed up by my laughter.

"You are so caught now, I win again Tim! Carson over here!"

I glimpsed the sliding door as Carson came lunging towards me, but then the alarm beeping of five minutes triggered just as I was tackled into the pool by the two of them.

"You lose, I swear you lost."

"No man, it beeped just before I grabbed him. He won."

"Nooo, that is so bullshit, you touched him."

I didn't have time to say anything, as I was huffing and puffing with my arms on the surface of the tiled pool side. Brushing my hair back, I laughed victoriously which wasn't such a smart idea as pool water entered my lungs forcing me to cough. All three of us got out, soaking wet as Aaron, Brad and Ken joined us by the dry side, sitting on the seats and asking questions frantically of whom was the winner.

"Tim won, aha."

Simon replied accepting his defeat, with a point towards my trembling form. A series of laughter from the other trio was not heard fully though, but Carson stayed to tell his part of the tale that he saw. Simon gestured me towards the washroom beside the sliding door that led outwards.

"Nice win, I totally wasn't expecting that."

"You don't expect a lot of things."

"How did you even, I mean come up with hiding in my trunk?"

"Well I saw your car keys, and your sweet ass car, one thing led to the next and yeah."

He smiled at me now, I'd been close to Simon for awhile but for some reason the sound of his laugh was different here. Usually his laugh was hoarse and uncontrollable, but that was when we played pranks or did something stupid, but this time he had conquered it and directed it personally to me. Amber eyes dazzling and reflecting my hazel ones, we had to stop walking for a second as he leaned in, his fingers tenderly coaxing me to curve my neck too. Pressing his full lips on mine, it was unlike anything I'd ever experienced, soft, velvety and moist with a touch of sweetness and a strong push behind it.

He blushed red slightly, as our kiss departed. Pulling off he turned his head away as he began to make an excuse, my body as still as a statue while my eyes widened.

"I'm sorry... Um, I didn't mean to-"

I interjected with my own hand, wrapping around his chin and pulling him back to me. We kissed more passionately this time, and I forced his defenses down as my tongue searched his mouth. Closing his eyes he went on the offensive now, wrapping his hands around my waist and lifting me as my legs instinctively curled around his abdomen, and my arms did the same with his neck. I seemed weightless to his muscle mass, as his palms pressed onto my bottom cheeks, perverted fingers swirling around and playing my nerves.

Carrying my light form, he brought me into the more public washroom for the guests that wanted to use the pool. Throwing off my shirt, he pressed into my bare chest swirling his tongue around my nipples, sensitive nubs. A line of drool tethering his wet muscle to my slathered points, I bit into his shoulder gently while moaning furiously as I felt my crotch area begin to swell...


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