"C'mon," he begged. "You have to teach me. How else am I going to know how to do it?"

"The answer's no, Dillon," I said for the thousandth time. "I don't give lessons in blow-jobs. That's not in my job description as a ranch hand." I glanced down the small row of lockers toward the showers to make sure no one was around to hear us as I sat shirtless on a small bench as the kid stood directly in front of me.

Dillon finished tucking the back hem of his shirt in his jeans as he looked down at me with pleading eyes. "Please, Jack. I really would like to learn and I bet you'd be real good at teaching me."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," I admitted. "But this just doesn't seem right. You're just a kid."

"I'm seventeen," Dillon said defiantly as he sat on the bench beside me. "If I'm old enough to work and live on my own, I'm certainly old enough to learn how to give a proper blow-job!"

I couldn't argue with that.

"Okay-okay," throwing my hands up in surrender, "We're both adults, but I regard you as a friend, Dillon. It'd feel...weird."

"But I need the favor, Jack!" Dillon was becoming surprisingly persistent.

It wasn't that I didn't want to do it. I mean the kid is seriously hot, not to mention real sweet, and that's the problem. I was way too attracted to him to have uncomplicated sex. I've showered next to him every night after building up a hard sweat while working the fields on the Donaldson Ranch in the year since he joined the place, and believe me, I was intimately familiar with the route the soapy water followed as it trickled down the pattern of tightly lean muscles in Dillon's back as it vanish into the crevice between his dimpled ass cheeks; with the way his svelte hard chest flexed when he dried off his sharp abs; how he'd then slip the towel between his strong legs and pull it back and forth to dry off that flawless pair of plum balls; and then how he'd...well, you get the picture.

The kid is all of five-six and one hundred and forty-two pounds and damn if he wasn't a cute looking teenager. He had honeysuckle hair with matching dove shape eyes. He had high cheek bones, a tiny nose and full kissable lips. It was wrapped around a face that possessed pure innocence. He just screamed out virgin. His body was perfectly formed with beautifully fitted muscles. For his height and size, he's incredibly well-proportion. He bulged beautifully with rip athleticism. He has the look of a well-trained gymnast competing for the Olympics. His short figure is marvelously compact and lean with a deliciously tight, small bubble ass.

I gotta tell ya that ass is a slice of pure heaven. It was hard looking yet I just knew it was soft and tender to the touch. Dillon has an ass just perfect for plowing.

He was in complete contrast to me.

With dark, raven hair, smoldering blue eyes and strong masculine features covering my handsome thirty-two year old face, I was a breeding ground of overt testosterone.

At six-five and two hundred and fifty-five pounds I easily towered over the kid both in strength and in attitude. I'm massive in appearance while at the same time fantastically streamline for a man my size. My big chiseled muscles are beyond ripped. Every inch of my raw, stainless steel body is flawless. My wide burly shoulders tapered down to a fit and narrow waist which gives my wide muscled back that killer V-shape appearance. I have a hard ripped torso with strong pecs and diamond shredded eight pack abs. It's covered in a very light dusting of raven hair. My powerful arms are hugely thick with impressive biceps and forearms. My hands are huge with long callous fingers. My large legs were awesomely packed thanks to my years of riding.

Not to brag but I'm built like a human stallion ready for breeding.

"Please," Dillon implored as he stared up at me with pleading eyes.

I gave the idea a bit of further consideration.

I remember the day Dillon first showed up to the ranch. Talk about a riddle wrapped in a mystery. He was only sixteen at the time but trying to crack that shell he had developed around him was next to impossible in those first weeks and months. He's a loner to the extreme which is understandable seeing how he was orphaned at an early age and on his own. Add to that he was secretly struggling with his sexuality.

Don't ask me how I knew, I just did. As a gay man living out here in Bible Country I understood that struggle. It wasn't that long ago I was fighting with those same questions he was fighting within himself. So I made it my mission to help him any way I could. I became his mentor I guess you would say. Someone he could trust and relay on.

He's a good kid. Bright, kindhearted, and in a matter of days, proved himself to be a great ranch hand. Not to mention he's about the sweetest looking thing I've ever met in my life.

Dillon couldn't help giving off this aura of soft vulnerability no matter how hard he tried to hide it. It was that gentle side that drew me closer to him. It's almost like apart of him had never fully grew up and for his age that made perfect sense.

It was that quality that brought out the protective nature in me as I took him underneath my wing. I made sure he knew what he was doing and how to do it and protected him from the other ranch hands from teasing him too greatly. Don't get me wrong about the boy. Dillon is no pushover and he's not a sissy. He can hold his own with anyone and the other hands on the ranch really did come to like and respect him.

Normally I'm only attracted to guys my own age, height and size. So it was odd finding myself so attracted to this kid. But Dillon's youthful smallness, his overall innocence and his eagerness to pleasure and prove himself was really doing something to me despite my determination at ignoring it.

When I took that bold leap and confronted him about his sexuality that first time, you would have thought he was a deer caught in the headlights. Of course he denied it. It took me time, but I finally convinced him that being "queer" as he put it isn't a hardship. In fact the moment I confess to him that I was gay, the walls that Dillon built around him began falling.

I just wasn't aware how fast those walls would come tumbling down.

I knew the kid had developed a crush on me. Hero-worshipping I guess you would say. I must admit I've come to enjoyed it. Dillon had placed me on a pedestal and the sensation was incredible. I liked the fact the kid had come to look up at me as his perfect idea of masculinity as well as viewing me as his protector which I certainly had become.

But God almighty, the kid is now asking me to teach him the fine art of cocksucking. Six - hell - three months ago I would have never believed it. Even more amazingly, Dillon has been telling me he believe he's ready to start dating.

"Pretty please?" he begged. "I don't want to ask a guy out until I know I'd be able to satisfy him. I don't wanna end up embarrassed."

"Dillon," I said. "You don't have to go down on a guy on the first date. This isn't the 1970's."

"I know," he said, "but just in case."

He leaned in closer to me as though suddenly shy about the conversation and damn if that shyness only made him look hotter and more desirable. I swear there's something about that kid's vulnerability that's pure aphrodisiac as I watched him beginning to nibble on his thumbnail. "Look. I'll be honest with you, Jack. There is this guy I want to ask out. He's so hot. I'm always thinking about him when I'm jacking off, and I'm always jacking off." The redness of his blushing cheeks as he admit his private hand jobs made him so adorable looking. He really was that wonderful combination which one hand you wanted to fuck the holy hell out of him, while on the other, you just wanted to wrap him up in your arms and protect him from the cruel world. The kid is such an adoring lamb.

"If he says he'll go out on a date with me, I want to be prepared. Is that so much to ask?"

I scratched my chin, recalling what it was like when I was just starting out - which wasn't that long ago. I remembered all my insecurities. It wasn't easy. And he's right. While this may not be the 70's, in this day and age, a guy as hot as him should have some experience when it comes to sex and it only made sense he would come to me. Not only am I the only gay man he knows but I've long placed myself in the position at being Dillon's mentor. So who else would he go to for this type of request?

What the hell, I reasoned. If it's within my power to give my little friend the gift of sexual confidence and skill, maybe it would be cruel not to teach him. I could always deal with my attraction for him later. Besides, Dillon does have those nice full lips, and what man in his right mind turns away a blowjob from a hot looking kid like him? Besides the kid may not be old enough to be rightly called an adult but he's far, far from being a child. The seventeen year old is certainly old enough to know what he wants and who the hell am I to deny him?

"All right, Dillon," I said. "I'll do it. I'll teach you how to give a blow job."

His face brightened like a kid's on Christmas Day.

"When do you wanna get started, kid?"

"Right now."

"Are you crazy? There's no place to do it around here."

"Yeah there is. Remember all the guys have already left for town for the weekend. So we have the bunkhouse all to ourselves. That's forty-eight hours we have in order for you to teach me." He seemed to have plan this all out. He motioned me to follow him as he got off the bench. "If it makes you feel better we could use Mr. Stackhouse's private quarters. Remember he's gone to look at some cattle to purchase in Casper. He won't be back until late Monday. I already checked. I got his spare key to his room. C'mon."

Yeah no question, the kid planned this out perfectly. Shit, am I that easy to read that he knew I would agree?

Dillon led the way out of the shower area, through the rows of bed us ranch hands slept on, down the back of the bunkhouse where our foreman sleep. All the while my eyes remain glued towards the kid's wonderfully tight ass as those globes moved gracefully within the confines of his snug wranglers. I was getting painfully hard just observing them. As I said the kid's ass is just too damn delicious along with the rest of his taut compact body. Damn this kid is so fucking fuckable!

I watched him take the key out of his back pocket unlocking Stackhouse's private quarters. I followed him in as he shut the door and latched it.

"All right," he took a deep breath and licked his lips as he eyes failed down towards my stuffed crotch. "How do we start?"

"Well, you could sit on the bed if you want or you could get down on your knees."

He dropped to the floor and looked up at me expectantly with eyes both totally innocent and seductive all at once. He certainly has that Marilyn Monroe factor going on. He's so innocent looking he has no idea the seductive powers he posses. He reached for my belt to unbuckle it.

"Hold on, Dillon." I said grabbing his small yet strong hands. "Don't go to it right away. Lick my dick through my jeans for a while first to get it hard. You'll find a lot of guys like that."

"They do?"

"Trust me. It's sorta like foreplay."

He nuzzled the fabric and found my balls, then located the stiffening prick that ran to the left in my jeans. It hardened as he licked the length of it. "You mean like that?"

"Exactly like that. Now you're ready to take it out." I unbuckled while he unzipped my fly. I let the jeans drop to my ankles. He stuck his fingers in the elastic band of my boxer briefs and peeled them down till my boner bounced out and hit him hard in the eye. He looked up at me with alarm. I knew why: it was substantially bigger than what he was used to seeing me soap up in the shower.

"I've got what they call a 'grower,' I said. "The kind of cock that gets a lot bigger when it's hard. They're not that uncommon. If you'd rather not go through with this..."

"Nope," he said. "I'm not backing out. I need to get used to it. Beside I get the feeling I'm gonna enjoy sucking on a big one instead of a tiny one. It'd give me better practice."

He circled his thumb and forefinger around the base. They barely reached each other.

"Just how big are you?" Dillon asked with awe-wonder in his voice as his eyes sparkled.

I smiled confidently down at him. "Ten and a half and as thick as a beer can."

"Holy shit! I guess your mother was fuckin' a horse behind your daddy's back!"

I couldn't help laughing. Like any man who has a dick my size I'm damn proud of it and love it whenever it's being admired. I'm amazingly thick from my base to the tip of my extremely fat, cut mushroom head. My girth really does look like the size of a beer can. When hard my shaft stick out straight like a flagpole, and believe me, when hard my rod had the feeling of raw iron. It's covered with thick veins and my hairless nuts are the size of apples. If the kid wanted to learn how to suck a big dick he certainly has the right one currently in his hands.

"What do I do now?" His widened eyes remained on my cock as he licked his lips rather hungrily.

"Okay," I said after settling down from the laugh. "The first thing to know about giving good head - and this is the secret - is that attitude is paramount. It's more important than skill or technique...well almost. You have to want that hard prick in your month more than anything else. But more than that, you've got to convey that desire to the guy you're sucking off. You gotta make him feel like he's king of the world, that you're starving to death and he's got your favorite meal between his legs."

Dillon licked his lips thoughtfully as he took in the information, he eyes focused on my dripping cum slit as he began stroking me. "I don't think that'll be a problem," he replied.

"Good. Now, to begin, start licking it all over. Pretend it's a Popsicle - a big, juicy Popsicle. Get the entire shaft good and wet."

"I can do that - easy."

He touched his tongue tentatively to the thick vein that runs down the side of my shaft. The flavor seemed to please him, because his earnest start began increasing, bathing the stalk with his spit from bush to tip and back again. It wasn't long before he had my entire thick cock soaked in his saliva. Then, without even being instructed, he went to work on my nuts like he knew, instinctively, how much I would love it. He drew the left one into his mouth and gnawed it just gently enough that the sensation was stimulating rather then painful.

"You sure you've never done this before?" I asked sighing a little.

He spat it out. "Nope, first time. I swear." He proceeded to work on the right one.

"That's real good, Dil-Dillon. Now work your way back up to the head."

My fat nut popped out with a smack, and he kissed his way along the bouncing stalk to the tip. A pearl of pre-cum dangled from the slit.

"Lick it off," I instructed.

The heat of his tongue on my engorgement brought me dangerously close to shooting, but it wouldn't have been fair to him to finish without teaching him how to deep-throat.

"How's my attitude, Jack?" he asked between licks while pulling and squeezing my thick shaft. "Feeling like a king yet?"

I had to admit, I was. He went for it just the way a good cocksucker should and was doing a brilliant job. "Yeah I'm feeling it. But we're just getting started. Let's keep going. Suck the head into your mouth...just the head."

He complied and damn if his chamber wasn't hot and wet.

"Now run your tongue around it. Ahhh, yeah...that's it. Feel how much harder it swells when you stimulate it like that?"

He nodded his stuffed face.

"Tighten your grip and move it up and down the shaft while you tongue it."

His stroke was perfect. The hungry look in his adoring eyes while staring up at me was perfect. The loud slurping sounds he made were perfect to my ears.

"Now start sucking, Dillon. Take as much down your throat as you can. Stop when it starts to get uncomfortable."

My thick salami disappeared between his lips. He got further down on me than I thought he would on the first swallow. I was impressed...and God knows I was certainly enjoying the sensation. No question Dillon had the makings of a sloppy, greedy cocksucker - the most prized and desired form of cocksucker every man - gay or straight - wants. He was definitely proving himself to be born to this. But I could tell when he'd reached his limit.

"Hold it right there, Dillon. Don't force it yet. Just get familiar with that spot where it doesn't seem to want to go any further."

He held it there looking up into my eyes, making a couple of indecipherable grunts that I took to mean, "Like this?" Damn he looked awesomely cute with a face full of cock.

"Yeah, like that. That's your gag reflex, bud. I'm gonna teach you how to get past it. Now start applying suction as you move up and down on the prick. Don't go further than that gag spot. You can use your hand on the part you can't swallow yet. Aahh Yeeaah...that's it...you're a fast learner." His lips curled slightly at the edges into what would've been a smile if his mouth weren't stuffed with cock.

"Now, get more familiar with your gag reflex. Find the spot where it happens on each downward swallow and linger there a bit. Get comfortable with it. See - it's not such a scary thing, is it?"

He shook his head, and the subtle sensation almost took me over the edge again. "Tell you what, Dillon. Why don't you take your clothes off? Hotter that way, and you won't ruin your shirt."

Dillon was naked almost before I finished the sentence. His tiny strong body was still taut and pumped from our workout on the field not to mention freshly scrub from our recent shower. My cock surged again at the sight. His nipples, which I'd only seen soft, had hardened into erect little cones in the svelte expanse of his pecs. His erection curved up sharply toward his flat ab-encrusted belly; the plum of the head seemed almost too big for its overly thick seven inch shaft. It was the sorta penis that would make a sloppy, greedy cocksucker very, very, happy. Saliva began dripping from my mouth.

I kicked off my own boots and jeans in order to spread my legs wider for better leverage. Dillon positioned himself in front of me again, reached around to cup my ass cheeks in his hands, and licked the drop of juice from my slit before he sucked the shaft back down again to his limit.

"That's awesome Dillon," I sighed. "Now stay there for a bit. Get comfortable with the spot again, okay? It'll open up if you try. You ready, bud?"

I took his grunt for a yes. I put a hand on the back of his head and the other one caressed the back of his neck and pushed gently. He made a couple choking sounds but didn't retreat. "C'mon Dillon, you can do it." I increased the pressure as he strained harder. "I know you can."

He made one last sputtering gag as I felt my prick head slip past the barrier. He took the rest of my length with a quick, determined swallow and held it there deep in his throat, inhaling the scented air that filtered through my pubes.

"Excellent, bud! You did it. Now just keep moving up and down the shaft all the way."

He let the prick slip out of his mouth slowly, applying suction all the way, holding the head in his mouth. When he reached the tip he gave it a sloppy flourish with his tongue before taking another plunge that drove his nose back into my bush. Further instruction wasn't necessary.

I'm not sure how long it went on. The waves of pleasure moved from my crotch, up my back, and down my belly in a cycle of undulating intensity. I considered telling him he didn't need to deep-throat me on every stroke, but he was already doing it, and doing it well and he seem to be enjoying it. God knows I was! And, frankly, I was breathing too hard to talk easily.

I held onto his head and neck tighter in my grip as I fed his eager throat my huge cock. I couldn't recall the last time someone was able to swallow all ten and a half inches of me but damn if this kid wasn't doing it and doing it damn well. The kid's throat had become this endless, tight bottomless pit and he was determined to fill it up as much as possible. He coated it with globs of spit as he slurped it hungrily in his mouth, easting and sucking the holy shit out of it.

I stared down at him while his adoring eyes looked up at me. I swear he truly did looked beautiful with a mouth filled with cock. His youthful face looked so small and sweet with my large rough hands holding it as I plunged myself deeply in his mouth as I watched his facial cheeks expand with each thrust I gave him. His juicy full lips was stretched and his honeysuckle eyes sparkled. His suction skills was amazing as he sucked me in while his hot tongue rolled around my rod. He had my heart racing and my body was beginning to sweat hard. It was all enthralling.

I began banging more intensely in his mouth. My hard nuts was hitting hard against his chin as I plowed myself deeper in his gulping mouth. Occasionally I held his head tightly in my hands, my cock completely buried in his mouth, slightly choking him, as I rotated my muscled hips.

I knew I was placing him in a rather uncomfortable position forcing him to maintain my entire rod in his mouth with no break but damn if that shit didn't feel good! And besides not once did the kid tried to push away from me. If anything he licked and sucked on me with even greater hunger.

It was only as I felt my huge balls draw up with that incomparable feeling of orgasmic inevitability that I remembered the task at hand. I wanted Dillon to be properly prepared to handle a man's ejaculation.

I caressed his hair. My words came out ragged in the middle of my heavy breathing:

"Okay, Dil-Dillon...w-when you can tell the gu..guy's...getting close...there's s-some-t-t-thing you can do...to s-s-send him over...over the edge" I took his free hand, spit on his fingers, and guided it under my churning nuts. He found my asshole in the furry thatch.

"Rub it," I instructed.

His exploration of my slippery pucker didn't inhibit his sucking. In fact, he sucked even harder as he fingered my entrance. "That's it, baby - I mean Dillon. Rub it like that. Now, when a man's ready to shoot...you have - holy fuck - to...you have to w-w-watch for the sss-s-signals. Some guys are gonna want to cum in your mouth, so you'll need to either s-ss-slow down or sp-sp-speed up, whatever seems to get him-him there the b-b-better. You gotta learn to read him."

He nodded and continued slurping.

"But some guys...ahh shittt boy...will want to pull out and finish it on your f-f-face, in which case y-yy-your job is to just stay there and enjoy the on-onslaught. Don't l-ll-lose the hungry attitude, though. Look up at him and let that look t-te-tell him how-how much you-you-you w-ww-want to be bathed in his load."

I made a move to pull out of his mouth, but he surprised me by not letting go. He grabbed my left butt cheek so hard that his fingernails dug into the flesh. Dillon shoved his face determinedly back down the length of my pole and held it there.

My student suddenly had me completely under his control.

"B-but Dillon, I..."

He shoved his middle finger up my ass and wiggled it deep in my guts. My sphincter clenched down on it spontaneously.

I shot my wad down his gullet.

"Aaahhh, FUCK Dil-Dilloonn!!"

He held me there, without gagging. Only after my convulsions subsided did he start to release me, and even then, he pulled my cock from his mouth very slowly, wagging his tongue back and forth on the bottom of the my cock as he went. When the head finally re-emerged from between his lips, he gave it a slimy kiss, and then fell back, exhausted, on the pile of his discarded clothes, releasing a deep, satisfying sigh, licking his lips. Dillon isn't a vain person, but no question about it, at that moment the glow radiating off his cute, sweet face showed a person who was clearly proud and pleased with himself.

That's when I saw the puddle of semen on the hardwood floor. He'd come while he was blowing me - without touching himself. His hands had been busy with my butt cheeks and bunghole, after all. His half-flaccid prick flopped across his thigh. A single drop of his leftovers wiggled like jelly in the slit.

After that sensational blowjob I felt my legs give way and I flopped next to him on the hardwood floor, planting my ass on my discarded jeans. For a brief moment my vision was so impaired I was seeing double.

He massaged his jaw. "How'd I do, Teach? Do I get a passing grade?" There was a hint of cockiness in his voice, and under the circumstance, it was deserved.

"N-no question, Dillon," I panted still trying to catch my breath as my blurry vision slowly came back into focus. "You got the skills. You get an A-plus-plus."

"No shit?"

"Yeah no shit."

"You certainly got a lot of cum in that cock of yours," Dillon smiled as he wiped it from his chin licking it into his mouth. "I felt I was swallowing a truck load."

"I tried pullin' it out but you wouldn't let me."

"I know. But I was curious at how you would taste."

"How was it?"

"Thick and salty," Dillon said, "and rather creamy. I could get use to it!" He grinned.

"Is that right," I chuckled as I rubbed my hand over his head like one would do with a favorite puppy. He looked so damn cute with my cum dripping from his swollen lips.

"Yeah." his sweet grin only got boarder.

I straggled myself off the floor. "I'm gonna use Stackhouse's shower to clean myself up."

Stackhouse's shower is like the one we ranch hands use. Large and spacious it resemble the type of showers used for public gyms, only Stackhouse's was slightly smaller for his private use but still large enough to fit three or four people easily.

Grabbing a bar of soap and a towel I headed in. The hot water running over my body was just what I needed after the terrific blowjob I was just given. I still couldn't believe Dillon had asked me, but even more I couldn't believe just how fantastic the kid was. I mean shit the kid was bloody awesome.

I've had plenty of great blow jobs in my life but I've ever experienced one so juicy and as intense as the one Dillon had just given me. His throat was so wet and hot and his ability to deep throat repeatedly once he got accustom to my thick rod was incredible. The skill of his suction, that long wet tongue of his, he went after my cock like a greedy bitch. He may just be a kid but Dillon had the mouth of a brilliantly gifted slut.

No sooner had I start lathering up, Dillon came into the shower. I continued standing directly underneath the showerhead allowing the hot water to wash over me as the soapy suds covered me from head to toe. I closed my eyes and let the pulse of water massage my scalp. When I opened my eyes again, Dillon was standing directly in front of me, dripping wet and buck-naked staring up at me clearly worshipping me. Damn this kid knows how to fill a man's ego just by his stares. He was looking up at me as if I was his Lord and Master who personally had hung the moon and the stars.

Leaning slightly over him, I stretched my arms outwardly as the palms of my rough hands planted themselves against the tile wall, trapping Dillon inside my personal space so there was no escape for him. I looked down at him as the hot water rained over our bodies.

It was at that moment I truly absorbed the true differences in our sizes. Dillon was strong but truly tiny compared to me. I was nearly a foot taller then him and out weight him at about hundred pounds of pure rugged muscle. I easily towered over him like a giant both physically as well as psychologically. Not to mention I was thirteen years his senior. He maybe on the verge of manhood but at seventeen he was still a teenage boy and I was all man. In a sexual context that contrast had suddenly become damn exciting to me.

I was beginning to understand that Daddy/boy - Dom/sub combo fetish. I was the big man training his eager and willing little prize both emotionally as well as sexually. Having this little kid completely under my manly control and power as he happily submitted himself underneath my Master's spell was startling. I swear my heart was pounding hard against my chest absorbing the thought.

Dillon was presently staring up at me with such starry eyes of complete and utter worship along with that right mixture of ready submission. There was something erotic about it. Liking a loyal puppy dog he was innocent, so eager to please, and was so faithful. It was both stimulating and thrilling. I was more then just a mentor to him. He truly had come to view me as his Lord and Master and that thought filled me with overwhelming feelings at dominating him both in body and in soul. He belonged to me as surely as if I paid money to buy him.

I looked down at him smiling in a brooding, confidence sneer, enjoying the thoughts that was currently racing through me as I kissed his forehead possessively, "What'cha want kid?" I began softly kissing and licking his entire face. I could hear him purring and sighing as I washed his sweet face over with my soft kisses.

"The water feels good, doesn't it?" He said, smiling reaching for my dick stroking it. He was also licking his lips. His naked hunger would be shameless if it wasn't for the fact he wasn't ashamed of it at all. Somehow at that moment he actually made himself appear smaller and younger then he actual was. He seemed to know I was wishing it.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice," I answered, pushing myself up against him. I could feel his body trembling overwhelmed by my large muscular presence. I was scaring him a little, and I ain't gonna lie, I loved it. My big cock in his hands was growing larger every second.

"Mind if I join you?" He asked swallowing hard, and just like that, my dick went rock-hard. Before I knew it, he was kneeling down in front of me, once again, taking every bit of my cock in his mouth. Hell yeah, Dillon was a quick study. It wasn't long before he was deep-throating me with finesse and ease and driving me crazy with his innate skills.

I grabbed hold of his head and began fucking his mouth harder and harder as he greedily received every inch bobbing his head left and right eating me as if it was truly his last meal on earth. Once again I was overcome with just how beautiful his sweet face looked like with a mouth filled with cock as well as being overwhelmed by the brilliance of his sucking. I swear his mouth had the powerful suction of a vacuum.

"Shit kid," I growled staring hard at him holding his face tightly in my grip, "lookin' fuckin' good with my big dick in your mouth!"

Suddenly Dillon stood up and backed me against the shower wall, jabbing his tongue in my mouth. Naturally he had to stand on his toes in order to achieve this as my long legs instinctively bent at the knees to meet him part way as my huge muscular arms enfolded him in a tight embrace. For a moment I was startled by this attack but I quickly recovered.

We sucked and licked each other's tongues hungrily; we couldn't get enough of each other. I kissed him hard and forcibly as he rightly and submissively melted in my arms. Damn he felt so fucking good in my big arms. The contrast in our bodies was electric.

I could easily use my large muscular power to snap Dillon in half. I wouldn't of course but the thought of it excited the hell out of me as I crushed him tighter in my embrace.

"Jack," Dillon breathlessly asked in a tiny lust encrusted voice between heavy kisses. "Do you think you could do me another favor?"

"Yeah, what is it?" My breathing was just as jagged as I continued eating his mouth and face. I could taste my own semen which was coated on Dillon's tongue. I was kissing him all over as I held him tighter. We began dry pumping our cocks together as squashing sounds of wet flesh vibrated in the shower. I was seriously becoming addictive to this wondrous kid.

Dillon pulled away from my lips but continued pushing his cock up against mine. His beautiful eyes were aflame with wanton lust and sweet innocence.

"Well I've been thinking. If the guy expects a blowjob from me...I'm sure he's gonna expect...well...see...I was wondering...don'tcha think you should teach me how to take it up the ass?"

I didn't think it was possible but at the sound of that request my cock got so hard I was sure I could cut diamonds with it.

"Now...Dillon...I think..."

"Ah c'mon Jack," Dillon eyes grew more desperate and more naked with need as he rubbed his skillful hands sensually over my strong soapy, furry chest and tight abs. "You just taught me how to suck dick and beside...what man in his right mind passes up the chance at busting a cherry for the first time."

Holy fuck! I nearly forgotten. He's a virgin! JACKPOT!!!

"Please Jack," his voice was suddenly so delicate, his eyes so needful and soft they nearly had tears in them he wanted it so bad, "take me, please...pretty please."

I quickly grabbed his face with my hands and began kissing him more passionately with his response being just as intense. I had his full perky lips stretched out to the extreme as I dug my fat tongue well past his tonsils. Thick gobs of spit oozed outta the corners of our mouths. I could hear him whimpering and feel his body shivering as I attacked his eager lips. I could feel his hunger, hell his desperation, at wanting to be fucked.

I can't lie. The idea of knowing that I'd be the first ever to sample this hot, young, sexy kid fed into my macho ego something fierce. For all-times I'll be a memory instilled in him; the standard by which he would judge all others. I would leave a mark on him that would last forever. That excitement began raging inside me like an inferno. If this randy buck wanted to know the thrill at having a steel rod up his butt, I sure hell wasn't gonna deny him.

Picking up the bar of soap, I turned the kid around until he was facing away from me, holding him firmly in my arms. I began lathering up Dillon's limber body, feeling the hard contours of his lean muscles underneath my hands. Damn his body was terrific. It was so taut, so marvelously compact. His muscles were hard as a rock and yet the skin covering it was as soft as velvet. Everything about it was so well cut and define. He was svelte athleticism to perfection.

My soapy fingers went around towards his dick and balls, down his back, up his butt hole, then over the roundness of his perfect ass. I could feel him melting himself obediently into me both physically as well as emotionally. He had complete trust in me and that thought excited me greatly. I let the water rinse the soap off before I turned him back around as I bent down and began sucking on his dick for a few seconds, feeling it grow even thicker and longer in my mouth, as Dillon sighed happily.

It wasn't long before I was deep-throating him repeatedly. I felt his hands grabbing onto my head, holding it tight, as he buckled and plunged himself forcibly down my throat. He was fucking my mouth real good and from his grunts he was enjoying it. All the while I was massaging and caressing his small ass with my hands. The feeling of those globes in the power of my rough hands was incredible. They were indeed well muscled yet soft and tender to the touch.

I turned him around so that he faced the shower wall, as I tongued his crack, flicking in and out of his asshole. Dillon started moaning and I could tell he was loving this.

"Ah fuck, Jack," Dillon sighed. "W-why..."

"Just lubing it up," I told him. "Just relax and enjoy it bud."

I spread his ass cheeks wider and went hog wild at his butt, licking and prying open his sweet hole with my tongue. I stuffed my face completely in and began eating him with complete abandon. His taste was sensational as I dug my tongue deeper in his moist hole. The kid's fit body was visibly trembling as Dillon arched his lower back pushing his ass more firmly against my face. I had him whimpering and crying calling out my name as I attacked his bunghole lubing it with globs of spit eating that pucker out wider and wider.

I was getting him so tender down them the kid began sliding down on his weaken legs as I held the cheeks of his ass tighter in my grip. I ate the shit out of him he tasted so good. I could taste his sweetness, his innocence as I dug my tongue deeper and harder inside him. I've never ate an ass so passionately. His asshole was so tiny, so wonderfully small. The mere thought of my massive cock stretching that pucker wide drove me crazy as I feasted on him ever more. I could have spent the rest of the evening and all night down here with my face in his ass, but I had a job to fulfill, and I was damn to determine to fill it up - hard!

I stood up and sucked on two fingers and then dug them up into his chute. To my delight and surprise it went in pretty easily...a little too easily.

"Dillon," I asked nuzzling my lips to his left ear. "You're sure you haven't be fucked before?"

"Y-yeah," he answered, his breathing short as the muscles of his sphincter began sucking hard on my fingers. "I may have...oh God Jack your fingers...been loosing myself..."

"Loosing yourself?" I asked as I inserted a third finger in his chute. His body had become so electric with my finger action I felt I was sticking them into a live socket. "How so?"

"Well...I...uh...uh those fingers...it-it was a mail order...got me one of those...well y'know...one of those big rubber dick...and when no one was around I would use it to see how it would feel...God Jack your fingers are so big and rough...u-up-up my ass!"

Holy shit! The visual image of this sweet, tiny kid using a dildo to fuck himself was simply too hot, sexy and altogether arousing. God I would give anything to see that! I started playing with his hole with that image in my head, explaining to him that I was relaxing the muscles inside him. But at this point verbal instructions didn't matter to Dillon. All he cared about was the demonstration.

"Fuck the talk," he panted. "Get in there and bust my cherry!"

"Oh don't worry bud," I growled happily in his ear. "that cherry is all mines. Just relax. Its gonna be a little discomforting at first...but thankfully you've been practicing," I said grinning in his ear. "But don't worry. I ain't gonna hurt ya. I'm going to do you up real nice, and by the time I'm finish, you're gonna be loving it."

I took my cock and pressed it against his crack, teasing him a little, until I finally stuck the head of my dick in his hole. I reached around and started jacking off his dick. Within about a minute I'd pressed about half of my cock up his ass. I stayed that way for a few moments allowing him to adjust and to get use to the pressure before slowly easing more of my overly thick ten and a half inches inside him.

"Fuck!" He yelled, flinching his muscles as I probed deeper inside.

"Just relax into it," I said softly to him. "Don't fight it baby. Just breathe...just breathe."

I kept my dick stationed in his ass while I began to lick and kiss the back of Dillon's neck. I continued stroking his dick which was hard as nails as my other arm wrapped protectively around his tight abs.

He was trembling like a leaf blowing in the wind. I must admit it felt good but I was determined not to overwhelm the kid. I had every intention at giving it to him but I wanted to make certain he would be able to handle it. I wanted this moment to be memorable for him in a good way. Yeah hell I wanted to ravish him fiercely but I certainly didn't want to damage him, and if he asked me to stop, I would..

I didn't have to worry. The tight grip of his ass channel squeezing my swollen cock was like nothing I'd never felt before. Damn if this kid wasn't a true natural.

"That's it bud," I repeated in a soothing, comforting voice, "relax into it...relax."

I pulled his butt closer to me to better my position, as Dillon placed his hands up on the tile wall of the shower in order to brace himself. His body was still trembling but it was becoming apparent it was more out of pleasure then discomfort. He was melting into it. I gripped both my boulder size arms around his strong, slender torso and started to move slowly in and out of him, feeling that he was beginning to relax more and more.

"Just breathe little one..." I kept repeating to him. Dillon's sweet little body was shaking all over as I held him yet made no sounds of wanting me to stop. As I looked down and watched my huge dick moving in and out of his beautiful round ass, I wanted to shoot my wad right then. No, I thought, I want this to go on a little longer and give my little friend the fucking he will never forget!

"You're soooo big," Dillon whimpered, his body trembling, "so f-f-uck-iing b-big!" I was overwhelming the hell out of him, and while I was being careful with him, hell yeah I was loving it. His whole being was so fucking tiny, so incredibly small. I was truly loving it!

"Is it too much," I asked him. "Want me to stop?"

"No," he murmured. "Please don't...no! Oh God...ooh! You so big and muscled J-Jack! Aahh...urgh! Yesss...m-mm-more!!"

"You're so sweet...so little...I'm gonna take such good care of ya...I promise."

I started quickening my pace, fucking him harder with more gusto, thrusting my cock deeper inside him. With every forward thrust, I pushed my dick in all the way up to my balls. Soon Dillon was bucking and groaning and meeting my every thrust. I could tell I had hit that magic spot buried deep in his gut and it was beginning to drive him wild.

"Oh my God, Jack," he mumbled, "yes - that's it - oh God - feels so good!"

"Likin' the feel of it, huh?" I grunted in his ear.

"Uuh...uhh yeess Sir! Oh my God...OH MY GOD...so big...SOOO FUCKIN' BIG!!!"

I was pulling my cock all the way out of his ass and then shoved it back in, impaling him with my fire rod at different angles. Each time I did this, Dillon let out a lion roar of deep hunger and want.

"Fuck me, man" he shouted. "Ram me with that monster dick of yours. Yeah that's it! Keep it coming!! Shiitt! Hit that spot again! Yeah like that! Urrrh...fuucckk!!"

My years of rodeo riding came in handy as Dillon transformed himself into an untamed bronco as I rode him with steady fierceness and drive as I draped my huge muscular body against Dillon's back wrapping him tighter in my steely embrace while resting my chin on the top his head. I had him completely trapped as I thrashed into him with passionate zeal.

"You like my cock up your ass, huh kid?"

"Fuck yeah," he grunted. "So fucking big...aahh shit-shiitt. Hit me there...yeah-yeah!! Love it...don't stop Jack! Please don't stop!! Uhhh I want more...need more-more!!! Keep fuckin' me. Take it, Sir! Uh God...Uuhh Gawd!!"

The sounds I was producing out of his throat was music to my ears! I loved the way he was talking all dirty, addressing me as 'Sir' begging and pleading for more. To have all that sweetness being slowly transformed into pure sluttiness was exciting to hear and see.

I pried Dillon's hands off the wall and pushed him down onto the floor of the shower on his back. Wrapping his legs around my hunky shoulders I position myself in order to get greater access to that sweet ass. I held onto his shoulders and rode him with hardened skill, listening to the sounds my thighs slapping against his butt cheeks as the hot water showered down on our equally hot bodies.

I watched with pleasure as Dillon's face glowed with euphoria as I plowed away at him. In this new position I was able to widen the kid's cleft into a huge gap and force my fleshy cock deeper inside his moist hole. In this new position I really could see how tiny and small he was compared to me. In essence I really was snapping him in half!

The rhythm of my fucking took on a more energetic, furious passion as the tight walls of Dillon's sphincter massage and hugged my cock sensually. Crawling into a push-up pose I rotated my pelvis plunging the fullness of my length completely inside the kid over and over again. The smooth tightness of his hole was driving me crazy as he begged for more. He looked so beautiful and awesome. I was feeding the hell out him and he was taking it like a champ. His eyes began rolling in the back of his head as whimpering and panting sounds escaped from his lungs. The walls of his asshole was squeezing me in tight as his legs squeezed around my neck pulling me closer down upon his stretched out body. His hands was around my hips holding me tight as he shouted for more.

His hunger was insatiable. He's so tiny, so fucking small. I was crushing the shit out of him and he simply couldn't get enough. I was piston-whipping him with long, intense strokes, riding him all over the shower floor. Both our breathing was coming hard. It thrilled me like hell at knowing I was giving him as much pleasure as he was giving to me.

He had relaxed a bit more since I started fucking him, but his chute was still tight, and every thrust brought me closer to spewing my load.

I hoisted myself up on my bent knees and brought Dillon up on my powerful lap. His legs and arms instinctively wrapped tightly around my hips and shoulders. I began bouncing the kid heavily on and off my lap, rotating and nailing my bloated cock intensely inside his heated bunghole. I pulled him tighter in my fiery embrace as I stood up on my legs and smashed him up against the title wall as the hot shower water rained down on us.

Dillon was screaming at the top of his lungs arching his back as I banged wholeheartedly inside him. His insides was all spongy and moist. He felt so damn good, so marvelous as his limber body melted into my rampage. I was at the point of no return. I was beating the shit out of him! I was using the full power of my muscle strength at giving Dillon all I had. I sucked and ate at his exposed neck feasting upon him like a blood-thirsty vampire.

"Uh God J-Jaackk," Dillon mumbled in a shallow breath holding his grip more desperately around my muscled shoulders and hips. "Yes-urgh-yess-yeesss!!"

"Yeah you're lovin' this ain'tcha," I growled into his neck, "can't get enough, huh?"

"Uh yeah...yeah! Oh lordy!! So powerful - so fuckin' big! Push it in more. Oh God - Ooh God!!" His body was so tight, so open to me. He felt so good...so fucking good!!

As I plowed his butt, giving him everything I had, I could feel Dillon's rock hard cock rubbing up against my wet, hairy abs. I knew that friction wouldn't be long before the kid would be coming as his moans echoed and bounced off the shower walls. I could feel my own balls tightening up, and I knew that I was ready to explode. With one large thrust I pound myself so deeply inside, shooting my load, I was sure my jizz would shot outta Dillon's screaming mouth. It didn't of course, but it was enough to make Dillon cum all over our tighten abs and chest.

I collapsed onto the floor carrying him along with me. I could feel his heavy breathing as his body convulsed and shook wildly in my arms. But as spent as he was, he had enough strength to keep his arms and legs tightly around me as he began kissing me passionately. I returned the favor in complete understanding in the mind-set of those who practice the art of cannibalism. At that moment I would have given anything to eat Dillon alive as I ate and munched on those juicy lips of his.

We remained in that missionary style of a long time with my powerful body lying directly on top of his more slender form kissing him with reckless abandon. My cock was spent but still relatively hard. I could feel there was still more cum inside ready to be release.

Dillon felt it as well as the walls of his chute began massaging my rod with more drive. It wasn't long before I was brick hard and I was giving it to the kid yet again. We stayed in that missionary position while I mounted him. It wasn't as furious as our first go around but was more intimate, more textured and all the more gratifying as I held the kid tighter in my muscled embrace kissing him wildly while Dillon did nothing but give himself completely over to me. He was in total submissive mode and damn if felt good.

Still embedded hard inside him I hoisted Dillon up onto my lap again. I held the back of his head tightly in my palms as I kissed him long, sloppy and continuously. I just couldn't get enough those full lips of his and the feel of my huge cock inside his tiny, little hole.

I eased him back down on the floor mounting him easily and slowly. The feel of his slender body underneath all my strength was electric. With each thrust I buried myself deeper inside him as his legs wrapped even tighter around my powerful hips. He was so giving of himself. He completely knew his place as his hands circled around the back of my head and neck face kissing me so obediently as he continued moaning and sighing.

By the time I had released my second heavy load inside him, which took me longer then my first, I felt as if I had just climb Mount Olympus and still ready for much, much more.

I knew if I kept this up I would be fucking him yet again!

"How you doing, kid," I asked him softly while licking his face," you alright? Didn't hurt ya did I?"

He shook his head sighing a little. His eyes were close and it was obvious he was in total bliss. I began to lift off him but he grabbed my huge biceps pulling me back down.

"No...don't." His eyes was still closed. "I like having you on top of me. All that muscle, all that strength. It feels good being crushed underneath it all. Stay...please."

"Whatever you want kid," I smiled as I brought my full weight back down on top of him kissing those delicious lips of his. We remained there for a long time necking as the hot shower water rained down upon us. Despite the fact I was well-spent I remained solidly hard inside Dillon's hole, occasionally thrusting myself gently inside him, in order for him to feel the pressure.

"So how did I do?" He asked breathlessly as he entwined his fingers into my wet hair deepening our kiss. "Do I got what it takes?"

For a few moments I didn't answer him as I was too consume devouring his lips and amazed that I was still stiff as a board buried inside him. Within an hour and a half Dillon had me dumped three loads and it was clear he had me working me up for a fourth! I've always been pretty potent but this kid had the possibility at turning me into a serious sex fiend.

"Yeah, Dillon," I told him chewing on his bottom lip. "You got what it takes! You're a natural talent. I'm moving you to the head of the class, kid. I predict that you're gonna be making a lot of guys very happy."

"Thanks," he said. "But all I need is one. The only thing I really have to know is: Am I good enough to start dating? Like I said, there's this guy I want to ask out and..."

"Dillon!" I exclaimed pulling my mouth away. "You're way more than ready for it."

His lack of self-confidence was starting to exasperate me. Not to the mention that secret attraction I had for him was kicking back in and the idea of him giving himself over to another guy was burning me up inside. After finishing having him, I suddenly became quite possessive, and the idea of some other guy getting his hands on him didn't set well with me at all.

The idea of some other man taking him, mounting and ravishing him, using him - perhaps disrespectfully - had me raging with anger. I knew if I ever met up with this dude Dillon seemed determined to mate with, I would surely kill him with my bare hands. But what can I do?

"Come on," I said to him. "You're sweet. You're bright, considerate. You're cute as hell and you give great head and you're an awesome fuck. Any self-respecting guy would be nuts not to give you a shot. If I were you, I'd just go up to this guy, take him up in your arms, give him a deep, passionate kiss, and then look him straight in his eyes and tell him, 'Look here, you lucky stud, you're going on a date with me, and that's that. Let's go!'"

I slowly pulled out of him and got up off the floor and began showering off, silently kicking myself at trying to give him enough confidence to ask out that phantom bastard the kid seemed so determined to ask out on a date. I knew he was some shithead that doesn't deserve all the good stuff Dillon has to offer.

Dillon grimaced. "You really think that kind of approach would work?"

"I guarantee it." By then I had rinsed myself off with my back to him. Turning the water off I reached for my towel to dry myself off. When suddenly I felt hands on my shoulders turning me around quickly, and before I knew it, Dillon had me in a powerful embrace kissing me so deeply and profoundly my knees began buckling from underneath me.

I was panting with stars in my eyes by the time the kid had finish kissing me. He was penetrating me with his dark, honey eyes. My heart took an anticipatory leap. Here was a possibility that had not crossed my mind until right there and then.

Damn if I ain't dense at times!

"Look here, you lucky stud," Dillon recited with extreme confidence. "You're going on a date with me, and that's that. Let's go." He smiled. It was the first time I really noticed just how beautiful his dimples were.

"And bring some lube," he winked at me grabbing the towel out of my hands and began drying himself as he walked out of the shower.

"You're gonna need it! I have the feeling I'm going to need a lot more lessons on how to be properly fucked before this weekend is over. Maybe you can even use my big rubber dick on me...would you like that?" He said over his shoulder as he wiggled his shapely, tight ass at me.

Hell if I didn't suddenly feel like the king of the world all over again as my dick swelled and harden back up. "Hell kid, I'll bring a whole fucking truck load," I replied chasing after him.




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