Being a Physical Anthropologist has given me the unique  opportunity to see how genetics and even nutrition has affected the size of cocks especially in third world emerging countries. I happen to  live in Colombia and have seen first hand how their sizes have evolved through the years.

   Genetically, I´m seeing huge cocks on pubescent males that I must admit is astonishing. My study is of a population of five thousand  men young males during a twenty five year period of time. Colombia is a unique petri dish that is affected by it´s history of slave trade and the mixing of their blood with the endemic population of Indians and foreign Europeans  in  Colombia. Each subsequent generation of Colombian  males are producing cocks that are usually in the range from nine inches and larger in length and  in respect to girth much larger than 3 inches in diameter.

   I have had the pleasure of sucking off many of these enormous cocks presented to me through my study of the many consenting participants. This is made much easier for the fact Colombia is a very open society where the men being extremely horny have no prolem letting someone suck their cocks whether it ´s female or male. I have seen also an increase in the size of their loads emitted from their heavy balls. It isn´t uncommon having to swallow more han a cup of cum from any one of them. I have found it very easy to seduce or maybe it´s a seduction in reverse by them. 

   I find the participants for my study in many different locales ranging from adult cinemas, public bathrooms, even to males right off the street. After I explain what I´m doing many times I end up personally servicing their animalistic needs and huge cocks. These participants don´t have any problem in showing what they have between their legs since they are extremely proud of their members. I usually break the ice by showing them my surprise when they unleash their cocks before my eyes so I can take an actual measurement.They usually smile while I ask them to get hard so I can take measurements from their soft state to their erect state. It´s when they´re  in their erect states that things begin to happen such as beginning to drool huge amounts of precum as they peel back their foreskins and allow me to fondle their shafts and balls. At that point, they usually want to empty their balls in the most rapid fashion available to them. Usually opting for a quick  blow job which I´m always open to perform. Sometimes they want to fuck my ass but I only relinguish my ass to real dominant males who want nothing more  to fill my tight  ass with their cum. These lucky men usually last about two minutes fucking my ass with quick thrusts that remind me of  horny dogs that couple in the streets. 

   I also ask them about their nutrition and also if they could tell me how big their fathers´cocks are. Nutrition plays an important role in the size of their cocks. Twenty years ago when I started this study I could observe how nutrition played an important role as the participants were very skinny from malnutrition. Today it is different with their more robust bodies helped by many hours at the gym and the careful intake of food.

Luckily, at home I have had the opportunity of servicing my friend´s nephew who has become sort of a hobby of mine and a willing participant of my study. Santiago knew about my study and proceeded to seduce me with that knowledge, asking leading questions about what was involved. The first time I saw his cock was when he was helping me do some weatherizing on the roof of my house. I remember he was wearing nylon shorts like a soccer player would wear. As he was climbing up the ladder I noticed right away that he wasn´t wearing any underwear under his shorts. Then his cock and balls came into view and i exclaimed to him that he had a huge cock for his age. I noticed also right away during the roof job he became partially erect to the point i could see the huge head of his cock protruding from his foreskin. I could also see drops of precum forming on it´s slit. He caught me licking my dry lips and smiled continuing to work. We sometimes take bets about our knowledge of soccer and I always ask what he wants from me if I lose. Surprisingly one day he responded that he wanted a blow job. I told him that we couldn´t pass that line since he was my best friend´s nephew. 

   Subsequently, during the months that followed I noticed that my stash of rubbers was dwindling and knew he was experimenting with them. I found the remains of their used rubbers underneath his bed. I cautioned him and told him how to hide them by enclosing then within some toilet his Uncle wouldn´t find them and question him about what was going on.I told him not to flush them down the toilet fearing they would cause a stoppage. Sure enough he was leaving me his used condoms in the waste paper basket in my bathroom. I thought it was strange since he had his own bathroom but figured he was lazy. In reality it was a trap to see what I would do. Sure enough after he had finishing jerking off I awoke  to take a leak and noticed the tissue bundle and opened it. The condom inside was half full of his still warm cum. I found myself wanting to taste it  and ended up swallowing its entire creamy salty contents which made my cock hard. As I started to jerk off to the taste of this cum Santiago came back to take a leak himself. I had the condom still above  my mouth and he spotted it and  smiled .The next night was the same thing but this time he didn´t leave and asked whether I wanted to suck his cock. He exposed his cock which was a good nine inches and real thick. Santiago said he knew I was eating his cum all along but wanted to make sure so I would finally agree to suck his cock. 

   Santiago brought his cock to my lips and tried to enter but I wanted him to think I wasn´t a push over. Eventually his huge knob was so insistent that it slipped within my lips. I almost came at that instant tasting the remnants of his load before. I savored his entire  veiny length of his stalk til he bottomed out with his balls against my chin. After he withdrew his member to its head he thrust his cock back in again hitting my chin with his heavy balls. I told him I wantied to taste his balls so he withdrew and let me savor each sweaty nut within his scrotum. I could tell by his reaction that he was ready to give me his load so I quickly enveloped his cock within  my lips. Without a sound I felt the first spurt and he threw his head back and grabbed my head to make sure I would eat each spurt. He said his Uncle Jhon had sucked him off and said he reciprocated  but he loved how I sucked his cock being able to swallow its entirety with no problem and that he Uncle really didn´t like the taste of cum. Santiago said his Uncle was more into taking his cock up his ass but that he liked to get sucked off more since it excited him when the recipient swallowed his huge load. Also his Uncle had once told him I was a good cock sucker with an inate talent and he had to find out for himself. 

   My study continues both at home and in the street , happily being surprised what huge cocks that come before my eyes. Once I was driving along the road and noticed a young black guy taking a piss against a tree. I could see he had a huge cock and I  pulled to the side of the road and honked pretending to ask him directions. He turned toward me still pissing and he noticed I was paying alittle too much attention to what he was holding. He asked whether I was interested and being dark at the time I motioned him to enter the car. He said if I wanted to suck it it would cost 20 pesos or 10 dollars. I gave him the money and he pulled his jeans down to his ankles. I brought my head above his cock and impaled my mouth on his 14 inch uncut dick. Being a scientist at heart I withdrew my mouth and asked him various questions  about his age and family. Then I went back to work on his cock. It was so big in girth that it lodged inside my throat to the point it was hard to breath. He proceeded to fuck my mouth from below until I felt his cock swell to feed me his cream. It was an enormous load at least eight heavy spurts. When he finished with my mouth,we sat and talked he told me that he had come to Medellin from a small town Condoto in Choco. I  told him his cock was one of the biggest I had come across in Colombia. I told him about my study and he seemed amused and said his cock size was normal from where he came from. He said his brothers all had big cocks like him. As we were talking I noticed his cock was getting hard again and whether I wanted to get fucked by it. I told him I didn´t have any more money and he said after servicing his cock so good he just wanted to fuck my ass. I told him I didn´t let guys fuck me and he responded by saying if he let me he would introduce me to some of his friends so I could continue my study. I asked whether they had big cocks and he said I hadn´t seen anything yet. This perked my attention so I parked in a more secure area that I knew and luckily I had brought a blanket which was more comfortable  to get my ass fucked by this young guy. We both stripped  and as he got behind me I said what about lubricate he quickly spit between my cheeks and brought the huge head of his cock against my hole. It took a while til the head popped through my hole. I told him to let me get used to his size but he paid no attention and sank his cock within the tight sleeve of my asshole. He said he had never fucked a white ass before and loved the fact it was so tight. After fucking me for what seemed and eternity from behind he withdrew and laid on his back on the blanket. I could see his black shaft in the darkness hard as a rock sticking straight up. I positioned myself over it and lowered my hole over his cock. When I reached his heavy balls he started to thrust from below impaling me and starting to fuck my ass with more rapid speed. I found myself enjoying his thick cock and shot my load onto his chest without touching my cock. All at once he made one final thrust and I could feel the cum from his balls filling my ass. I remained with his cock in my ass until it was soft enough to remove it . He thanked me for a great fuck and I gave him my number so we could hook up again. I said I wanted to meet his friends and asked whether he would introduce me. He said sure and cautioned me that men from his locale liked fucking ass and he said he would get my ass ready and accustomed  for the size of their cocks. In the days that followed he indeed got my ass ready for a trip to Choco in search of bigger cocks to suck and fuck.






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