I froze as i felt beads of sweat running down the archline of my back,a knot in my stomach with bubbles in my throat as I started to

feel hot in the cold morning.

"I..i.,i just erm erm....." I stammered

"You just got horny and needed to bust a nut" he said look at my spent dick.I was shocked at him.

I managed to nod sheepishly before apologising and putting my dick back into my short and zipped up I hurried off in shame.

After breakfast,grandma was driven to market by Joe,I just went strolling in the neighbourhood just savour a few local sights and it was really amazing.At about 4pm that i came bàck home feeling famished,as I fixed myself lunch I noticed grandma was deeply asleep in her room.After lunch i went to Joe's room and found the door slightly opened,i eased in stealthily and therè lay my greek god soundly asleep.

I moved closer to his bed after i had carefully locked the door,i sat on a stool beside his bed and watched his body,the bulgy chest,the dark point nipples,a little chest hairs,his big biceps,flat tummy adorned by a rock hard 8 packs and his smooth thighs show in his lap level brief.I was looking at his drop dead physique when my eyes caught his bulge in his transparent wear,i can also see his pubic hair sticking out through the transparent fabric it was stunning. I kept my eyes fixed on his dick and nipples which were erect,pointy and beautiful as I began rubbing my palms all over the scanty hairs on his chést,then cup his muscular chest and next play with the dark nipples.I then headed to his smooth tummy gently taking time to appreciate each pectoral pack,then i skipped his now semi hard dick to his laps and ran my hands over the thighs,legs and each toes it was amazing

I moved to his dick and noticed clear liquid in his piss-hole after i removed his briefs and threw them to God-knows-where.I was scared as my eyes caught his giant dick,it's about 13 inches and very very vèry thick. Am still staring at the package when i heard a voice

"you like taste my seed?"

"never done it am still a virgin"

"give it a try betcha you'll like it"

Although I've not done it béfore i felt this urging me to grab his cock

suck it nice and wet and proceed to fuck the cum out of him.

**What is wröng with me!!!***

I reluctantly stick out my tongue to run it over the tip of his dick,to taste the copious precum oozing out from it I immediately became posessed by some 'SEX SPIRIT'

I recalled how Martin sucked me off back in Lagos some days back and without warning i shoved his cock into my throat and next thing i knew i was coughing chokingly

"Easy slow down on my mönster inch by inch else you choke"

I nod and tried to stop coughing to avoid waking grandma up.

"Gèez dats a mönster" i said

"slow down don wanna hurt ya"

I proceeded and this time more determined to take all his dick down my throat and I did after easing it in inch by inch i felt his bush brush my lips.

"yeah dats it,wow you're bitch,i knew the first time i saw you,take my dick into your bitchy mouth but beware i wanna poke your ass"

I stopped sucking and eased his dick out of my mouth "you want to what???,i cant go take this in my small hole please" i said scared.

"well you need some help here" he said as he started teaching me how to take a cock he called it BOTTOMING.I listened carefully.

"A guy's hole is much like a bitchs pussy it can stretch to any length to take any size of cock,but it hurts at first but after some time you feel pure ecstacy.But you may work the hole open with your fingêrs,töngue(rimming)or dildo until its wet and slick" he finished and looked me in the face as if to see my reaction....

"Wow lets try it" i said in my usual bright eye way

"okay lay on your stomach and stick your ass out upwards"

I quickly obeyed and for close to thirty minutes he was kissing,rubbing,spanking,licking and fingering my hole.I was moaning on top of my voice not caring if grandma will wake up,come knocking at the door,shocked to catch me with my ass in the air and Joe pushing 4 fingers in and out of my hole and rimming me to me all that matters is that this guy Joe is really hittin the right spots.

I was moaning with my dick leaking precum all over the bedsheet as Joe's long digits teased and taunted my prostrate.

"well guess you're ready" he said

"fuck me hard and deep and cum in my ass Joe" I moaned

I felt his dick pressed on my abused hole and pop my CHERRY!!

Damn i lost my VIRGINITY but am glad to lose it to him i was HAPPY!

Plop!Plop! He fucked me as his golf balls slapped my thighs.

I was moaning as he plunged into my virgin depths deep and hard.

'Spread your legs on my shoulders' he told me as he turned me on my back and fuck me senseless for about forty minutes before filling my bowels with 7 huge loads.

"I can see you're still rock hard want me jack you off or wanna fuck my ass?" he asked.

This is too good to be real,I've always jacked off just watching his big as and now I'll get to fuck it.

He offered me his BIG ASS which I grabbed without a second thought "Nice cock wow never saw how huge you are bigger than i" he say

"its 17 inches hard can u handle it" I apply lube on my dick and on his watermeløn smooth ass and began fucking him doggy style as i noticed how hairless he was even around his asshole.

He was moaning of his lungs.

"fuck me deeper,faster,harder,fuck me!' he bellowed

I sure did cause my 17 inches was gone as i pound his crisp sweet big ass in two more position before i shot 7 hot load........





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