Searched for Drugs

In The Beginning

Brandon Hall knew he was bigger than other boys his age, from stealing glances while standing at the urinals when they were in grade school. What he didn't fully realize was that, at the tender age of fourteen, he was bigger than most grown men. The reason he didn't fully realize it was because from the kidding he got from classmates, he was always careful to hide his oversized endowment when taking a piss in public restrooms. If there was no modesty shield between the urinals, he used one of the enclosed stalls. And if there was a modesty shield, he stood very close to the urinal.

His Dad had approached him on the subject of size as he was entering puberty, but it was pretty generic; he simply told him - he made it sound almost like a warning - that he was going to be built bigger down there than other boys, and it was nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Brandon's attitude was, 'okay', without knowing why his Dad felt the need to tell him that.

In high school, because of PE classes, it was no longer possible to be so discreet. But thanks to his Dad's 'warning' he was prepared for the looks and blinking stares from other boys in the locker room. He had decided that he wasn't going to be ashamed or embarrassed and he made no effort whatsoever to conceal his oversized manhood. At that age, boys looked, even stared, but no one came right out and said anything. It wasn't cool to make such remarks and thereby reveal that you had noticed another boy's cock. Although, toward the end of his freshman year, with the boys growing more comfortable around each other, and being in the presence of older sophomores, the discreet glances began to be verbalized. Actually, it started when a new kid arrived at school and when he saw Brandon in the showers, he blurted out, 'Damn! What horse did you steal that from?'

Then one day Brandon was called into the principal's office. He was a little scared and a lot bewildered, because he had no idea what he might've done wrong. When he arrived at the office, he was told to go in and wait, the principal, Mr. Ellis, would be with him in a few moments. When Mr. Ellis came in, Mr. Braun, the history teacher, was with him. They closed the door and looked at Brandon, who had stood up from the chair.

'Mr. Hall, this is going to be unpleasant and a little embarrassing for us as well as you, but it's necessary.'

Brandon frowned, even more confused. Not only was he in trouble for something unknown to him, it was going to get unpleasant and sounded like it might get ugly.

'You are aware of our policy of zero tolerance for drugs,' said Mr. Ellis.

'Yes. I'm not on drugs,' Brandon said.

'Well, then, I'm sure you won't mind cooperating.'

'I've never even tried drugs,' Brandon said. He was afraid that someone had planted drugs in his locker or something.

'No one is accusing you of being on drugs,' said Mr. Braun.

'Then what? You think I'm dealing?'

'That we're not really sure of...dealing, or...transporting.'

'What do you mean, transporting? That's the same as dealing, and I'm not dealing or into drugs in any way, shape or form,' Brandon said emphatically.

'All the more reason for you to cooperate, to prove your innocence.'

'Innocence? Cooperate, how? Heck, I don't even know anybody who uses drugs.'

'I would like to ask you to drop your jeans and your shorts,' Mr. Ellis said.

Brandon was dumb struck. His first thought was that the two men were going to try something funny with him. He'd read about teachers seducing young students, but he'd never heard of two of them and one student.

'No,' he said, then added, 'Why?'

'Just do it,' the principal said.

Then Mr. Braun spoke up. 'Brandon, we're very sure that there are students carrying drugs into the school. We've had locker and back-pack searches, but to no avail. So it has to be some more ingenious way. It's like this, Brandon, if I may put it are sporting a very obvious bulge in your jeans, a very impressive one, I might add, for a boy your age......' He let his words linger as he gazed down at the front of Brandon's jeans.

Brandon was wide-eyed aghast at the absurd accusation. 'You think I'm carrying drugs in my shorts!?! Sorry to disappoint you, but that bulge is all me.'

'Then with your cooperation, we can eliminate you,' Mr. Ellis said. 'Please, just drop your jeans and your shorts and we can get this over with. If you don't cooperate, young man, I'm prepared to call the police and have you taken down to juvenile hall. That's not going to enhance your reputation around school; you will be labeled a delinquent and a trouble maker. You don't want to carry that burden all through high school.'

'It's a simple request, Brandon,' Mr. Braun said in a kindly tone.

'No. I want you to call Coach Bender in. He sees me in the locker room almost every day.'

'If I make a call it will be to the police station,' Mr. Ellis said. 'Now let's stop wasting time.'

Brandon's head was spinning. He was confused and frightened and he couldn't think straight. After a moment's hesitation he reached for his jeans and began undoing the buttons. He opened all five of them and shoved his jeans down about mid thigh. Then he pulled his shorts off his hips. He had to shove them down to his jeans and then lower to fully reveal himself.

'Oh...dear,' Mr. Ellis said.

'Oh, my Godd!' Mr. Braun said softly as he gaped at the oversized cock

Brandon saw him glance at Mr. Ellis, a surprised, strange, even worried look on his face.

'Well, young man, we obviously owe you an apology,' Mr. Ellis said.

'A very profound apology,' Mr. Braun added. 'I had no idea.....'

'You could've asked the coach, he sees me in the locker room,' Brandon said again.

'Yes, we should have taken your suggestion,' Mr. Braun said.

'We were so sure...I'm terribly sorry, Brandon,' said Mr. Ellis. 'I hope you will forgive this terrible intrusion into your privacy.'

'I just wanta get out of here,' Brandon said as he pulled his shorts up. He didn't notice how the two men's eyes fixed on his young manhood, and his hand lifting and stuffing inside his shorts. He pulled up his jeans and was buttoning them.

'Needless to say, this little incident shouldn't be discussed outside this office,' Mr. Ellis said. 'It could prove embarrassing for all of us.'

Then Mr. Braun said the darndest thing. 'Listen, Brandon, to make up for our mistrust and our little indiscretion...that C- you have in could be raised to a B+ if I had your promise that this won't go any farther.'

Mr. Ellis frowned at him, but then a look of relief came over his face. 'And I could guarantee that your grade wouldn't fall below that for the rest of the school year,' he added.

Suddenly, Brandon realized that he had the two teachers over a barrel. He wouldn't have to do shit in history from now on and he would still pass with a high grade.

'All right,' he said. 'Can I go now?'

It was the first that he realized the value of what he had swinging between his legs; the power it wielded.













The Diary

At the Mall:

Had a wild experience at the mall the other night. My first blowjob. Was walking down the mall when I notice/thought this dude was following me. He stopped when I did, he moved when I did, from one store to the next, looking at the window displays. The guy was checking me out, and I figured if a guy was checking me out, it meant only one thing. He was gay. Decided to find out. Went to the restroom. Sure enough, he followed me in and stood right beside me, even though there were other urinals empty. He propositioned me, I told him where my truck was parked and he came out to my truck. Gave me a terrific blowjob, and even let me go off in his mouth. I made him swallow my load because there was somebody in the car a few spaces down and I didn't want him spitting it out. Will keep my eyes and ears open from how on; cause I want some more of that action.

At The Mall

(The First Time)

Thursday night. Brandon was at the mall for no particular reason except to be hanging out, and maybe pick up a girl if it wasn't too much trouble. It was a school night so the pickings were slim. It didn't matter all that much; one night without sex wouldn't kill him but it would be nice if he could find some pussy. If not, well, he could always resort to his fist if he had to.

He paused to check out a pair of shorts in the window. He didn't think anything about it when he happened to glance to the side and saw a man standing at the other window on the other side of the store entrance. He moved on and crossed to the other side of the mall to check out another display window. He was suddenly aware of the same man's reflection in the window again. Coincidence, he decided.

He moved on down to the sporting goods store where there was a display of bats and ball gloves and sports jerseys. This time he watched out of the corner of his eye to see if the man had followed him. Sure enough, a moment later, the guy came up at a respectable distance beside him in front of the display. Not coincidence. He glanced around at the guy, caught his glance back, and a weak, half-smile of recognition. This had never happened to Brandon before, but he wasn't so stupid that he didn't know what was going on. The guy was cruising him. To make sure, he walked back across the mall to another storefront. He waited barely a minute before he saw the man's reflection in the window again. Okay, this was getting interesting, he thought; time for the real test, he decided.

He walked down past the food court and turned into the rest room. He went around the partition and stepped up to the end urinal. He hauled out his cock and let it hang out of his fly while he stood with his hands on his hips and looked down at himself with great admiration. Barely seconds later, the door opened. It didn't surprise him that the man stepped up to the urinal right beside him, even though there were several empty ones he could have taken. Brandon kept his eyes forward.

'Are you having any luck?' the man asked in a friendly tone. 'Or is your girlfriend someplace in the mall?'

'No, I'm by myself. It's a school night; I wasn't expecting to find too much.'

'From the looks of things, all you'd have to do is go out there and stand around,' the man said.

'Girls are pretty easy these days, but not that easy,' Brandon said.

With the few words between them, the man felt more emboldened to look down at Brandon's exposed manhood. Brandon looked around at him and when he looked up their eyes met. He wasn't sure what he saw there; fear, panic, most certainly want, lustful desire.

'Seems a shame to have to haul that back home without seeing any action,' the man said.

'I might make one more swing around the mall,' Brandon said casually.

'Then what, if you don't find anything?' the stranger asked.

'Wouldn't be the first time I slept with my fist,' Brandon said, laughing.

'It deserves better than that,' the man said.

'What it deserves and what it gets are sometimes two different things,' Brandon said. He reached down and gave his cock a couple of pulls then started to put it away. He heard the man gulp and swallow so loud it turned his head.

'Shame to put that away,' he said.

'I can't walk out in the mall like this,' Brandon said, nodding down at his exposed cock.

'Damn, if I had a place.....'

'If you did...what?' Brandon asked.

'Well, you wouldn't have to go home and sleep with your fist, that's for sure,' the man said. 'I would give it what it deserves.'

It was all Brandon needed to hear. 'South exit, Black Ram pickup, parked along the far side, under the trees,' he said as he stuffed his cock back in his pants. He left the man standing there in a state of mild shock, and headed out of the mall.

His pickup sat alone in the row of parking spaces along the far side of the parking lot. Nobody parked out that far except guys who wanted to get their vehicles as far away from traffic as possible. His truck was barely visible in the darkness offered by the trees that blocked out the light from the parking lot lights. He didn't look around till he was at his truck. With his hand on the door he glanced back to see the man coming across the lot toward him. He climbed in and unlocked the passenger side. As the man approached, he leaned across the seat and opened the door for him. The guy climbed in and pulled the door shut.

'Is this safe, do you think? I mean, the mall security won't come snooping around, will they?' the man asked.

'I don't know, I've never done this before,' Brandon said. 'But even if they do come around, they got no reason to stop and check vehicles.'

'You've never done this, here in the parking lot, or never done it, period,' the man asked.


'Oh, Wow! You seemed so cocksure of yourself, I thought you'd done this before, a lot of times.'

'Cocksure is my nature,' Brandon said. 'I didn't even catch on to you at first.'

'Well, I'm glad you did,' the guy said as he put his hand on Brandon's leg.

Brandon splayed his legs out wide, as a gesture of invitation and flexed his thigh muscle in the man's hand.

'Fuckin' solid thighs,' he said. 'Are you that solid all over?'

'Why don't you check it out for yourself,' Brandon said smartly.

The man drew his hand upward and over between Brandon's legs. Brandon pushed his crotch into his hand.

'MMmnnnnn, if I hadn't already seen what you've got in there, I wouldn't believe what I'm feeling,' the man said. He mauled the mighty bulge for a moment then began fumbling with the buttons.

Brandon was anxious, besides being a little nervous. He wasn't all that concerned about the mall security, they were a bunch of wimps anyway, but he didn't want to have one of his friends see his truck parked out there and come over. He gave the man a moment to squeeze and maul his bulge then brushed his hands away and undid his jeans himself. He rose up and shoved them down to his knees, taking his shorts along with them. His cock swung upward, like rubber, extending out over the seat, lolling up and down.

'Godd, you are big!'

'Yep, that's what they tell me,' he said.

'How big, in inches?'

'I don't know. You got a tape measure?' he joked. 'Really, I don't know, I haven't measured myself since I was about twelve.'

'Why did you stop measuring?'

'Back then, I really wanted to have a big cock, and I measured it all the time to see if I was growing any. But after a while, I had a big cock so I didn't see any sense in measuring it. I didn't need any proof, I could see what I was carrying around between my legs.'

'That's the reason you have such massive thighs, to carry all that around,' the man joked. He ran his hands over Brandon's muscular legs then up under his T-shirt, across his tight, hard abs. 'Damn, you've got a great body,' he said. 'I love your chest...your tits.'

Brandon leaned up and pulled his T-shirt off.

'Ohh, Yess! Thanks. Beautiful!' the man cooed as he leaned up over him and kissed his chest, one side and the other, then he clamped his mouth over his right tit.

'Awwhh,' Brandon gasped, laying his hand around the man's head.

'You like that?'

'Fuck, yeah. I didn't even know I had feelings there, like a girl.'

'Not like a girl,' the man said. 'There's nothing about you that resembles a girl.'

He let the man kiss his hard pecs and munch on his tits for a moment while his cock grew between his legs, then he urged him downward with his hand on the back of his neck, down toward his cock.

'You want me to suck it?' the man asked.

'That's what you came out here for, isn't it?' Brandon said. 'Unless you changed your mind.'

'No. Absolutely not,' he said as he moved down and crouched tightly in the seat. He brought Brandon's cock up and captured the head with his mouth.

'Aaaaawwwhhhh! Fuck!' Brandon gasped. He clasped one hand around the man's neck and gripped the steering wheel with his other hand. He needed something to hold onto. Fuck, he couldn't believe anything could feel so good. The guy slurped up and down the big cock, trying hard to take more of it each time he went down. Several times his throat started to open but he choked and rose back up.

'That's okay, you don't have to swallow it all,' Brandon said huskily.

'Godd, I wish I could,' the man gasped as he rose up, his face glistening with spit.

'Just suck it,' Brandon said as he urged the man back down on his cock. He lay his head back against the window and closed his eyes and floated off on a cloud of ecstasy that he couldn't have imagined. Geezusss, it felt better than pussy. Headlights swung around at the windshield and the man started to rise up.

'Stay down!' Brandon hissed as he shoved the man's mouth back down on his cock, so hard that he gagged when the head burst into his throat. 'It's not mall security; keep sucking. Hey, man, you took the head of my cock just then; try it again,' he said as he laid both hands on the man's head to urge him downward. When the guy resisted his pressure, Brandon clenched his butt muscles to shove his cock upward. The head burst through again and he pushed the man's head down harder and his cock sank deeper into the tight confines of his throat. He made him take several more inches before he began to choke and gag and wrest free of Brandon's grip. Finally, Brandon let him loose.

'Fuck, man, you're killing me!' the man gasped. 'I can't take you all the way. You're too big.'

'Okay, sorry. Just thought I would find how much you could handle. Just suck it then.' He glanced at his watch. The mall was going to be closing. Not that it mattered to him, but he wondered if the man had to go back inside for any reason, maybe to meet somebody. Fuck it, he didn't want him to stop sucking. Finally, there was the decent thing to do.

'Hey, it's about seven minutes till the mall closes, do you have to go back inside?' Brandon asked him.

'Yes!' the man replied, sounding panicky. 'Can you finish? Godd, I want your load so bad. Can you work it up for me?'

'Get back down on it, I'll do my best,' Brandon said. The man went back down on him, sucking frantically. 'Ohh, yeah, that's it...use your tongue...Ohh, fuck, yeah, like that, lots of tongue. Keep doing that, you're gonna get me off pretty fast. And play with my balls, that'll help.'

The man cupped and squeezed his balls as he sucked, whinnying now, like a nervous mare.

'Okay, you're getting me...I'm getting close,' Brandon warned. 'Fuck, man, don't stop...keep sucking...ohhh, fuck, yeah...Goddam, man, I'm gonna blow! UUUnnnnnnn!!'

The man fought to keep from being impaled on the huge cock as Brandon began to unload in his mouth. He squealed and whined like a puppy as the stuff gushed out like a power hose, filling his mouth. Part way through, when he started to rise up, Brand pushed his head back down.

'I'm not finished yet!' he gasped. He held his head in place and gave him the rest of his load then let him rise up. He could see come running out the corners of his mouth. The man reached for the door but Brandon grabbed his arm to stop him.

'Don't spit it out! You can't open the door and spit it out, there's somebody in that other car.'

The man withdrew his hand from the door, with a look of panic, like a deer in the headlights.

'If you don't have a handkerchief or anything, I don't, you're gonna have to swallow it,' Brandon said.

Wide-eyed, the man took a big gulp, then another. He leaned forward, swallowing frantically, then leaned back with his head against the back of the seat.

'Wow!' he gasped. 'That was a load and a half! Where did it all come from?'

'Yeah, I should've warned you, I come quite a bit,' he said.

'That wasn't quite a bit; fuck, kid, you come like a young stallion!'

'Sorry I made you swallow it, but I couldn't let you open the door and have the dome light come on while you're spitting out a mouthful of come.'

'I know. It's all right. I didn't know there was anyone in the next car. Whew! Thanks.'

'Hey, don't thank me, you did me the favor. I don't have to sleep with my fist tonight,' Brandon said as he was pulling his shorts and jeans up.

'No, kid, you did me the favor,' the man said.

'I'll drive you back to the mall entrance,' Brandon told him.

'I would like to do this again, if we can meet sometime,' the man said.

'Yeah, maybe we'll meet up again.' He drove up and let the man out. The man managed to slip inside just before the security man came to lock the door.

Brandon drove home in a daze. He'd just had his first blowjob, and he liked it. Shit, if he could get that every night he wouldn't even bother trying to find pussy. But he still slept with his fist. He couldn't get his mind off of what'd happened and he got hard again and he had to jack off before he could go to sleep.

The thoughts still lingered the next morning, and haunted him throughout the day, and he found himself trying to recreate the experience down to the most minute detail. By that night he had hit upon the idea of writing it down so he would have it to read and look back on. It was the beginning of his lust filled diary. He sat up in bed writing it, then slid it under his mattress, to be taken out to his truck the next morning.


The Diary

Measured for Pants

Went to buy new pants and jacket for Jeff's wedding. Some college dude named Evan measured me for the pants and got real friendly with the tape measure. We ended up back in the dressing room to try the pants on and he sucked me off. I blew a huge load in his mouth and some of it all over the mirrors. He's gonna DELIVER the pants.

Evan delivered the pants. Got another blowjob from him.

Measured for Pants

He hated shopping for clothes but he needed new slacks and a sport coat for his cousin's wedding. He drove over to Shaol's Mall, to Benedict's, an up-scale men's store that catered more to young guys. He was looking through the racks when a young college-age guy came up to him with a friendly smile. His nametag read Evan.

'Can I help you find something?'

'I need a sport jacket and a pair of slacks for my cousin's wedding.'

'He's going to bite the dust, huh?'

'I guess he's gonna bite something,' Brandon joked.

'What size?' Evan asked.

'At least a D cup; he's gonna have a mouth full,' Brandon said.

Evan laughed. 'I meant your pants size.'

'I know that's what you meant,' Brandon said, laughing. 'I don't know anymore. I haven't bought any new clothes for a while. I know I've gained a few pounds.'

'Well, certainly not to your detriment,' Evan said, looking him up and down. 'If you want to come back here with me, I'll get your measurements and we'll go from there,' Evan said.

Brandon followed the guy around behind a counter where Evan took a tape measure and a key out of a drawer. He took a stance with his feet set slightly apart, expecting Evan to measure him.

'Back here,' Evan said, nodding to the dressing rooms as he led the way. He unlocked a door and stepped back for Brandon to go in first.

It wasn't one of the regular dressing cubicles with short doors; it was a larger, private room with mirrors on three walls.

Evan slipped the tape measure around Brandon's waist.

'Thirty. That's a lean waist size for a guy your size.'

'I guess twenty eight would be skinny, that's what I used to be,' Brandon said.

'You're not skinny,' Evan assured him. He dropped down to one knee to measure for length. 'Is that where you normally wear your pants, on the hips?' he asked, looking up at him.


He drew the tape down the outside of his pants legs and marked it. Then he placed the tape on the inside of his thigh and nudged his hand gently into his crotch. He held the other end of the tape at the bottom of his pants legs then nudged his hand again.

'Careful down there,' Brandon said.

'Just want to make sure I get it...right,' Evan said, with a slight hesitation and he glanced up at Brandon with a funny look then he gave his crotch one more firm nudge.

'You keep doing that, we're going to have a problem with the measurements,' Brandon said.

'It wouldn't be the first time it's happened,' Evan said.

Suddenly, Brandon was catching on. This guy was coming on to him.

'You got the measurements?' he asked.

'Yes. Let's go find you some pants for you to try on,' Evan said.

Brandon decided to buy three pairs of pants since he was there and knew his correct measurements. Together, they picked out the three pairs and Evan led him back to the dressing room.

'This is your measured size, but you should still try them on,' Evan told him.

Brandon went into the dressing room and tried on the first pair. They didn't feel right. He checked himself out in the mirror and he didn't like the way they looked. He tried on the other two pairs, with the same results. Still in his shorts, he went to the doorway and stuck his head around the corner.

'Excuse me...Evan?'

'Yes.' The youth came from around the counter.

'None of these pants fit right.'

'Well, let's check the measurements again.' He grabbed up his tape measure and went back to the dressing room. In Brandon's room he closed the door and checked the sizes of the pants. Then he dropped down to one knee. He drew the tape up the inside of Brandon's right leg, nudging his hand gently up against the pouch of his briefs.

'My mistake. I didn't read the tape right,' Evan said.

'Are you sure you read it right this time?' Brandon asked. He was sure the guy was coming on to him, and that he'd probably mis-measured on purpose.

'Do you want me to measure again?' Evan asked, taking the tape from around his neck.

'Might not hurt,' said Brandon. He wanted to find out for sure about the guy.

Evan knelt down to measure again. He stretched the tape up the inside of Brandon's bare leg. 'I can't help noticing, you've got very powerful legs.'

'That's just natural,' Brandon said.

'You've got the build of a runner, lean and tight, except your thighs. They're more like a football players thighs,' he said.

'Actually, I'm not much of an athlete.'

Brandon let out a little grunt when Evan nudged his hand up against the pouch of his shorts again.

'Sorry,' the youth said.

'No harm done. I just don't want you starting something here that you can't finish,' he said.

'I, uh...was sort of thinking the same thing,' Evan said. 'I never start anything I can't finish......'

'Glad to hear that,' Brandon interrupted him, brushing his hand casually over the pouch of his shorts.

'But that would give me pause,' Evan finished as he put the tape around his neck, nodding toward Brandon's shorts. He remained on his knee for a couple of seconds before he started to slowly rise up.

'You don't strike me as someone who would shy away from a challenge,' Brandon said with a grin.

'Are you coming on to me?' Evan asked, grinning back.

'I was sort of wondering the same thing about you,' Brandon said.

'Well, then......' Evan went back down to his knee. 'Stand back against the door,' he told him. Brandon moved to stand and lean against the door. Evan dropped his other knee and ran his hands up Brandon's thighs. 'Fuck, you've got great thighs.'


'And how the hell do you get abs like that?' he asked, running his hand up across Brandon's stomach.

'It's all natural.'

'Including this?' the youth asked as he palmed the pouch of Brandon's shorts with both hands. 'Fuck! It feels like you've got an anaconda in there.'

Brandon smiled. 'I guess I am pretty good sized,' he said. 'I get it from my Dad.'

Evan hooked his fingers in the waistband of Brandon's briefs and peeled them down. His cock began to unfurl from its curled up nesting position, and he had pull the shorts down nearly to his knees for the meaty tool to swung free.

'Holy Shit! You call that pretty good sized?! My Godd!' He wrapped his hand around it and tugged on it. 'You know I gotta ask........'

'You've got your tape measure,' Brandon said.

Evan took the tape measure from around his neck and held it up against Brandon's thick, hanging cock. 'Damn! Seven inches around!' Then he laid the tape along the side of Brandon's cock as it continued to grow. 'Over seven inches already...passing I going to have to get a longer tape measure when this thing gets hard?'

Brandon laughed 'I don't think so.'

They both watched Brandon's cock expand and lift and harden till it was standing straight out. Evan started to use the tape measure again but Brandon stopped him.

'Give it a second, it's not quite there yet.' He waited till his cock was standing up at a sharper angle. 'Okay.'

Evan laid the tape along the side of the bobbing meat.

'It ain't gonna hold still for you,' Brandon said.

'My Godd! Nine and a half inches! That's not pretty good sized, dude, that is phenomenal! I've never seen a cock that big.'

'Is it gonna be too much of a challenge for you?'

'Absolutely not. You may choke me to death, but I'll die happy.' He pulled the huge meat down and took it in his mouth.

'Aww, yeahhh!' Brandon whispered. He knew it couldn't be a long, drawn out blowjob. Somebody was bound to miss Even being away from his workstation. He put his hands around the guy's head and began feeding him his cock. He slobbered and choked and gagged, and fought off coughing. He took him like a real trooper but he was unable to deep throat him. Brandon didn't force it. He was good with his tongue. It wouldn't be long. It could've been but he wasn't trying to hold off.

Evan paused for a moment, catching his breath as he stroked the thick hunk of meat. 'Godd, I wish I could have this in my ass,' he said.

'Maybe that could be arranged,' Brandon said.

'Fuck, yeah, let's do it. You name the time and the place.' He nuzzled under to lick Brandon's crotch and his balls, then he sucked one into his mouth. He switched to the other one then licked his way up the length of his cock and captured the head with his mouth again.

'Before we get too close, I ought to warn you, I cum quite a lot, in case you were thinking about taking it in your mouth,' Brandon said.

'Yess. I want you to cum in my mouth. I just know you're going to taste awesome.'

'I don't know, the last guy wanted to spit it out. But he couldn't without being seen.'

Someone else came into the dressing room area and went into a booth. Evan didn't miss a lick. A few minutes later someone else came back and called out his name.

'Evan? Are you in here?'

He froze and Brandon stopped breathing. After a couple of minutes he resumed sucking. Brandon concentrated on working it up. Suddenly he stopped.

'Listen, don't panic, just let me do this,' Evan said quietly. 'It might help you work it up faster,' He wet his fingers and reached between Brandon's thighs. He ran his slick finger between his buns, pressing till he found his asshole. Brandon tightened his butt muscles. 'I'm just going to rub it,' Evan said.

Brandon relaxed his butt and set his feet wider apart. Evan's finger felt good rubbing his asshole. As long as he didn't try anything funny, Brandon thought. It felt good and it did the trick. Very quickly, he was squirming around on his finger as he felt the pressure building up inside. At one point he had to clamp his mouth over his forearm to keep from crying out.

'Geezuss!....W-what're you doing?' he moaned softly. His other hand was around Evan's head, holding him in place as he fucked his mouth. Then, 'Ohh...Oh, Godd...Ohhhh, fuck, it's cumming! Don't stop! I'm cumming!' He still held the boy's head as his cock exploded in his mouth.

Evan whimpered with surprised delight as his mouth was suddenly filled with warm, thick cum. He tried to swallow but it was cumming too fast and too much. He moved his mouth off the belching cock and stroked it as it blasted long ropes of semen against the mirrors.

After a couple of minutes Brandon reached down and grasped Evan's wrist. 'Gotta stop,' he said breathlessly. 'I can't take any more of this.'

Evan slowly extracted his fingers from the big athlete's ass. 'Godd, I never saw so much cum in my life. You're like a stallion.'

'You got a mess to clean up,' Brandon said as he began putting his clothes on. 'Did you get all the measurements you need?' he asked, now anxious to get out of the booth before they came back looking for Evan again.


'When can I pick 'em up?'

'I'll put a rush on them for tomorrow evening. Or, I would be glad to drop them off at your house,' he offered.

'No, I...on second thought...okay,' Brandon said as he remembered what Evan had said about wanting his cock up his ass. Maybe...just maybe...he was serious.

The next evening about six, Evan showed up with the pants and jacket. His eyes popped out and he smiled when the door opened and there stood Brandon, naked.

'Wow! You're ready for me,' he said excitedly.

'Been waiting,' Brandon said.

'I'm sorry, I'm not prepared for what I said, about taking you in my ass. But I'm fully prepared to give you head again.'

'That'll work for me,' Brandon said. He closed the door and led the way upstairs to his room.

The Diary

At the Laundromat

Washer went out and I had to go to the laundromt. Guy there didn't think I was doing it right and he offered to show me. It was really late and he even said I should take off the clothes I was wearing and put them in the washer. He gave me a towel to wear. He was a nice guy and he got really friendly. He squatted down in front of the coke machine and I held the towel out while he gave me a blowjob. He said I could meet him there any Thursday.

At The Laundromat

With his Dad's promotion came an unpredictable work schedule. He would be at one site for a few days then off to another site hundreds of miles away. As a result, Brandon had to take more responsibility for things around the house. For example, the day before his Dad was to return from a worksite the washer broke down. Brandon hadn't bothered much with the laundry and now he had to go to the Laundromat, on a night when he had a date. He couldn't bring himself to tell a girl that he had to cancel to do the laundry. It sounded not only not believable, but downright dumb, so he waited till he'd taken the girl home to go to do the laundry. It was well past midnight when he drove up to the Laundromat. There was only one other person in the place, a guy no more than thirty, sitting on one of the long benches in front of the window, reading a newspaper. Brandon stepped up to one of the opened washers and dumped the laundry bag of clothes in it.

'Wow! You're not going to try to wash all that in one washer, are you?' the man said.

'Too much?' Brandon asked.

'That many clothes should take at least three washers.'

'Oh, well, I, uh......' Brandon dug in his pocket and brought out a handful of change. 'How much does it cost operate these things?'

'A dollar per load to wash, you can count on two dollars per load to dry.'

'Well, I don't have that much change,' Brandon said.

'There's a change machine over there,' the man said, nodding down to the end of the rows of washers.

Brandon walked over to the machines and stuffed several bills in the change machine. Then he stood in front of the machines, eyeballing the display of laundry soap and bleach.

'I forgot to bring laundry soap. Will one of these little boxes wash three loads?' he asked.

'Not and get 'em clean,' the man said. 'Don't worry, I've got a big box of soap, you can use mine.'

'I can't beg your soap,' he said. 'I'll split the load up between two washers and maybe one of these little boxes will do the job.'

'You didn't beg, I offered it to you,' the man said, setting the large box of Tide on the counter that ran between the rows of washers.

Brandon separated the heap of laundry into three even piles and began stuffing them into the washers.

'You're going to wash everything together?'

Brandon paused with the second armload. 'No, I'm splitting it up into three washers, like you said.'

'No, I mean, your white T-shirts with your jeans.'

Brandon shrugged with a bewildered look. 'The soap's going to get it all clean,' he said.

'Dark stuff fades onto light stuff,' the man said. 'For instance, that red plaid shirt is going to fade and you're going to be wearing pink T-shirts and shorts. Unless, of course, that's not a problem for you.'

Brandon laughed. 'Well, it could be a bit of a problem,' he admitted.

'Want me to help you with it?' the man asked, laying down his newspaper as he came around to Brandon's side of the washers.

Brandon felt a bit foolish letting the guy sort out his laundry, tossing his shorts and t-shirts and socks in one washer, and especially when he picked up a jockstrap.

'Now a pink jockstrap could really be embarrassing,' the man said, tossing it in with the other white stuff.

'You know, you don't have to sort my stuff out, I think I get it,' Brandon said.

But he was finishing up and adding the soap. 'Anything else?' he asked, glancing around at Brandon.

'No, that's it,' Brandon said.

'If that's it, plug the machines and presto, you're doing your laundry,' the man said.

Brandon plugged the quarters into the machines then turned and asked the guy, 'Listen, can I buy you a Coke or something for your trouble?'

'Actually, I've got one going, but thanks,' the man said as he walked down to the end of the row. He stood leaning back against the soap vending machine while Brandon plugged the pop machine for a Coke.

'I'm guessing you don't do much laundry at home,' the man said.

'You would guess right,' Brandon said as he popped the can and leaned back against the end of the row of washers.

'Well, I can see why a guy like you wouldn't have much time to spend in a Laundromat.'

'A guy like me? You mean a stupid guy like me who doesn't know how to run the washers?'

'No, I meant a stud like you...probably spending all your time chasing the girls. Or more likely, being chased by girls.'

'Well, a guy's gotta have clean clothes to chase the girls,' Brandon said.

'Hey, I forgot to ask you if there's anything you're wearing that you wanted to toss in the washer,' the guy said.

Brandon blinked, looking down at himself; work boots, socks, ragged cut-off jeans and a t-shirt.

'Actually, what I've got on I need to be wearing,' he said. 'I can't just strip down and toss everything in the washers.'

The man laughed. 'You would be surprised.'

'Are you kidding me? Guys actually take off the clothes they're wearing and toss them in the washer?'

'It's called getting your money's worth. It doesn't cost any more to wash what you're wearing,' the man pointed out. 'I've got a towel I could loan you to wrap around yourself if you're modest. But suit yourself.'

'I'm not what you would call modest but what if somebody comes in?'

'Nobody who comes in at this hour of the night is going to be surprised at anything they see.'

Suddenly it hit him and it started adding up. The guy was all too willing to help him with his laundry, even sorting and handling his shorts and jockstrap. He'd called him a stud, and now he was encouraging him to get out of his clothes right there in the laundromat. This guy was hot to trot.

'You said you've got a towel?' Brandon asked.

'Yeah, I'll get it.' He walked over to the bench and got a towel out of a basket of clean clothes. He came back and held the towel out in front of him.

What the fuck am I doing, Brandon asked himself, but he quickly took his wallet and keys out of his pocket and laid them on the washer then skinned his T-shirt off over his head. The guy took it. Then he undid his cutoff jeans and shoved them down and stepped out of them and handed them to the guy. He glanced around before he shoved his briefs down.

'Might as well toss those in, too, you've got a white load going,' the guy said.

'Are you sure this is all right?' he asked as he started to shove his shorts down.

'Everything looks all right to me,' the man said.

Brandon glanced up and saw the guy ogling his body and he knew he wasn't talking about doing his laundry.

'Socks?' the guy asked.

'Naw, I wanta leave my boots on,' Brandon said. 'I'm about as naked as I oughta be,' he added, laughing as he wrapped the towel around his waist.

The guy walked down to put the clothes in the washers then came back and squatted down in front of the coke machine. He glanced up at Brandon, about waist level, where he was holding the towel in place with one hand.

'You're not married. So your Mom isn't around to do the laundry?'

Brandon saw the way the guy was eyeing his towel. 'It's just my Dad and me, and he works all over, at different construction sites. Our washer broke down.' As he talked he casually pulled the knot around where the ends of the towel ported in front instead of the side. He watched the guy's eyes follow.

'Listen, I've got a pair of shorts you can put on if you want, if you're uncomfortable in just that towel,' he said.

'Naw, I'm okay,' Brandon said. He pulled the towel open, adjusted it around his waist and wrapped it snugly around his waist again. The guy's mouth opened and he blinked with surprise.

'Whoa!' he whistled softly.

Brandon pulled the knot apart and held the ends of the towel at his hips, exposing himself completely. The guy looked around toward the door.

'You can see somebody pulling up and coming toward the door, keep an eye out,' he said huskily as he leaned forward onto his knees.

'Maybe we should use the restroom,' Brandon said.

'It's out of order. The door's locked,' the man said as he ran his hands up Brandon's thighs. 'Fuck, you're built!' he said. 'And hung! Godd!' He took hold of Brandon's cock.

'Ohhh, Fuuuckkk!' Brandon moaned softly, and held out the ends of the towel to hide him when he took his cock in his mouth.

After a few strokes he paused, pumping the slick meat with his hand. 'Don't try to hold off, okay,' he said.

'Yeah, okay, you want my load, huh?'


'In your mouth?' Brandon asked.

'Godd, yes.'

Brandon took the guy's hands that were on his hips and moved them to hold the ends of his towel. Then he put his hands on the man's head and began fucking his face.

'Uumhhpp...Ohmnpphh,' the man groaned around the big cock thrusting into his throat.

It would've been nice to make it last, but they were in a Laundromat, in public. Besides, it was just a blowjob, and Brandon was learning that blowjobs were on the other side of about any door, around any corner. He wanted to get off, and the guy wanted his load. At some point the man got so excited that he let go of the towel so he could have his hands on Brandon's body. The towel dropped to the floor. Brandon almost stopped to retrieve it, but thought, what the hell, if anybody walked in, well, the guy was the one sucking cock; he was only giving him what he wanted. Hell, whoever walked in probably wouldn't believe what they saw anyway, or they would applaud.

He clasped his hands firmly around the guy's head and fucked his mouth harder. He didn't care if he was choking him, and the guy didn't seem to mind all that much either. He simply gagged and dove onto Brandon's cock with greater enthusiasm. Drool was running down his chin and his eyes were watering.

'Awwhh...aww, fuckOhhh, shit, man, suck it!...Suck that big cock...Shit, you're getting me close.Ohh...Closer...Ohh, Godd...I'm gonna cum...gonmna CUM!...Here it comes......!'

He started blowing his load into the man's throat, with his balls smashed hard against his chin. The man choked and struggled back against Brandon's grip on his head till his cock was in his mouth instead of his throat, still spurting out ropes of thick cum. Brandon could feel the man's mouth filling up, feel the stuff swirling around the head of his cock. He felt the guy swallow a couple of times, then he was choking. He reared back, coughing. Brandon's cock shot out several more spurts all over the man's face.

When he had recovered, he knelt there, gasping for his breath.

'My Godd! I never had a load like that in my life!' he gasped breathlessly.

'I guess I should've warned you,' Brandon said.

'Fuck, that thing oughta have the Surgeon General's warning on it,' the man said.

Brandon laughed. 'I never got any complaints before.'

'Oh, I'm not complaining,' the man said. 'Far from it. In fact, I hope you never get your washer fixed. I wanta know what nights you're going to be here to do your laundry.'

'I don't know, I never had a schedule in my head. I figured I would just come when I needed to.'

'Pick a night. Any night,' the man said. 'I'll be here. Hell, I'll even do your laundry for you.'

'How about Thursdays,' Brandon said.



The Diary

In The Locker room

Go a real shocker today. Carson Jones is gay. Got my first piece of MALE ass. I fucked him in the shower at school. He loved it. Didn't even use a condom. He cried, he said it was so good he cried. Shot a huge load right in his ass. He wanted it in his mouth but I didn't pull out in time. I know where I can get all the ass I want now. He sucked me first, and another new thing that happened, when he was sucking me he shoved a finger in my ass. Surprised what a fuckin' good feeling that was.

Oh, and Jim Collins fucked two of the cheerleaders in the equipment cage, with all the guys in the locker room. The girls were hiding back there.

In The Locker Room

Brandon hadn't signed up for the baseball team because the games would run into the summer after he graduated, but he practiced with the team during PE classes, as did some other seniors who were not on the team. After spring break the baseball PE class, as it was called, had been moved to the last period of the day so the practice could continue after the period ended. The underclassmen were glad to have the older players practicing with them.

It was nearly four o'clock when practice ended on Friday. Several of the boys took off their shirts and walked bare-chested back to the gym, letting the warm breeze cool their sweaty muscles.

'I like this PE class, cause the locker room and showers aren't so crowded,' someone remarked to no one in particular.

'Yeah, and sometimes the cheerleaders stay late to practice,' another boy said with a leering grin.

'If there was just a way to get them into the locker room, while all the teachers are gone,' another said.

'Did you ever think of just asking them?' Brandon asked in a droll tone. Everybody laughed.

There was the usual boisterousness as the boys entered the locker room, cleats clacking against the floor. They immediately began shedding their practice uniforms, baring their lean, muscular bodies down to their jockstraps. No one among the athletes really noticed, but there seemed to be a ritual of them strutting around in their jockstraps. No one, that is, except Carson Jones.

Carson Jones wasn't on the baseball team either. He was on the swim team, and he had stayed after school to practice swimming. He came in from the pool amid the loud joking and laughter, wearing just his Speedo suit.

'Holy Shit!' someone near the equipment cage gasped under his breath. It was Jim Collins. Brandon was apparently the only one who heard him.

'What?' he asked in a low tone, walking over to the cage where Jim stood.

Jim nodded to the cage. Brandon looked through the heavy gage steel wire, discreetly, and his eyes popped. 'Fuck!' he whispered.

As if by some miracle, somebody's wish had come true. There were two cheerleaders in the cage, way back in the shadows beyond the naked bulb overhead. Brandon had to squint to see them, but they were unmistakable in their nakedness, lying on a stack of wrestling mats, legs spread lewdly, smiling and fingering themselves, then each other.

Brandon and Jim looked all around. Apparently nobody else had noticed the girls, or noticed the two boys looking.

'You girls need some help with that?' Jim asked quietly.

The girls giggled softly.

'Go ahead in,' Brandon told Jim quietly.

'You come in, too,' Jim said.

'No, I'll keep everybody's attention away from the cage. Just be as quiet as you can. We don't want a gang-bang.'

Jim slipped quietly through the gate and Brandon pulled it shut behind him. He heard the girls giggling, heard Jim say something and glanced around to see him hauling his cock out of his jockstrap as he approached them. A moment later he heard a gasp and a groan and he knew Jim was in one of the girls. He found the light switch and turned off the bulb.

Brandon didn't know if Jim fucked both of the girls. He just knew he had a wide grin on his face when he slipped out of the equipment cage.

'We need to slip the girls out,' Jim whispered. 'I told them to put on oversized jerseys, they slip right around the corner and out.'

Brandon didn't realize that Carson was still there till he came out of the shower.

'You still here? I thought everybody was gone,' Brandon said.

'Everybody is, except us. Including the two cheerleaders who were back in the equipment cage. I stayed back to clean out my locker,' said Carson.

'Oh, you saw that,' Brandon said with a grin.


'You should've gone back there with Jim. He said they about killed him. He had to fuck both of them.'

'I'm sure he was up to the task,' Carson said.

'You should've gone back and helped him out,' Brandon said.

'It didn't interest me. Why didn't you?' Carson asked.

'I was acting as lookout. Hell, if I'd known you saw it, I would've gone back and you could've been the lookout,' Brandon said.

Brandon continued to dry off as he and Carson talked. Every time he said something and looked over at Carson, the guy was looking at him. Suddenly it hit him; something Carson said. It didn't interest him, going back in the equipment cage. And he had lingered back, using the excuse that he was cleaning out his locker; he hadn't done much in that regard. And the way he kept looking at him. Brandon took the can of powder out of his locker and sprinkled some in his hand to put in his crotch. He saw how Carson watched him.

'Keeps the jock itch under control,' Brandon remarked casually. He offered the can to Carson.

'I never have that problem,' Carson said. 'It must be the chlorine.'

'Yeah, I doubt those little jock itchers can survive that long chlorine bath you give 'em,' Brandon said. 'No shit, you never had jock itch?'


'Do you think girls get jock itch?' Brandon asked.

Carson laughed. 'What the hell kind of question is that? And how the hell should I know? If they do, I'm sure you would volunteer to scratch it for them.'

'I was just thinking, when Jim went in the equipment cage with those two cheerleaders, he was still wearing his sweaty jockstrap, before his shower. Wonder if he gave 'em jock itch.'

'Well, if he did, they deserve it,' Carson said.

'That's a terrible thing to say,' Brandon said, laughing.

'The two sluts sneaked into the boy's locker room, hoping to get gang fucked by a bunch of sweaty jocks.'

'Man, have you got it in for women in general, or just the cheerleaders?' Brandon asked.

'Do you know any cheerleaders who aren't cock hounds?' Carson asked.

'No, but I don't know of any jocks who aren't pussy hounds either,' Brandon said.

'There are those of us.......'

'Yeah. Which brings me around to something you just said.'


'I don't want to piss you off, but...well, when I said you should've gone back in the equipment cage with said it didn't interest you.'

'It doesn't.'

'That's kind of an odd thing, coming from a jock,' I said.

'Depends on your viewpoint,' he said. His eyes fixed on Brandon's then he let his eyes rake up and down the big athlete's body. 'I'm looking at what I'm interested in.'

'Oh, really.'


'Is that the reason you stayed, uh...clean out your locker? Cause all you've done so far is re-arrange stuff.'

'I needed a cover, just in case,' Carson said.

'In case of what?'

'In case your radar didn't connect with mine.'

'Oh. Did it?' Brandon asked.

'You tell me,' Carson said smartly. 'You tell me why you're still standing there naked, showing off your body, when you finished drying off five minutes ago. Unless you want me looking at it.'

Brandon eyed the lean swimmer with a smile. 'You've got balls,' he said.

'So have you,' Carson said, dropping his eyes to Brandon's manhood.

'You wanta go back to the showers?' Brandon asked.

'Sure,' Carson said, and he led the way.

Brandon followed him, his eyes glued to his tight, round ass flexing with every step. 'Anybody ever tell you you've got a great ass?'

'All the time, but just not the right people,' Carson said over his shoulder. He stepped into a shower stall and reached across the wall to turn on the water in the next stall, then turned on the water in his own stall.

'Who are the right people?' Brandon asked.

'Well, definitely not the girls who are all ga-ga over my ass,' Carson said. 'You, for one. But straight guys aren't supposed to be noticing other guys asses, are they?' he asked with a grin.

'They do when it's being offered to them,' Brandon said.

'Was I offering it?' He nodded for Brandon to join him in his shower stall by sliding down to his haunches, leaned back against the tiled wall.

'Looked like it, the way your buns were winking at me.' Brandon stepped into the shower and stood in front of him, feet set wide apart, his cock swinging in the guy's face.

'Godd, you've got a nice cock,' Carson said as he took it in his hand.

'Thanks. You're not hung so bad yourself,' Brandon said.

'Oh? I'm surprised you noticed.'

'Why? Everybody notices other guys' cocks.'

'I thought only us gay guys did that.'

'No, everybody checks out the competition,' said Brandon.

'Oh, is that what you call it? What a lame excuse for a cover,' said Carson. 'At least I'm honest about it.'

'So am I,' Brandon said. 'I checked you out as possible competition; that was before I knew you were gay.'

'But you noticed and remarked about my ass and my cock after knowing I'm gay and I'm not your competition,' Carson pointed out.

'You're fucking with my head,' Brandon said.

'Sorry. I'll fuck with this one. Keep an eye out,' Carson said. With that he scooped up Brandon's cock into his mouth and began sucking him.

'Ohhh, Fuck!' Brandon moaned softly, laying his head back into the shower spray.

Carson gave him a few slurping strokes, then asked, 'You ever had anybody do this to you before?'

'No,' Brandon lied.

'Are you lying? Cause you're just too damned hot not to have guys come on to you,' Carson said.

'Maybe they did and I didn't know it,' said Brandon.

'Or maybe they did and it just wasn't the right guy?' Carson asked.

'Okay, maybe,' said Brandon. 'There was this little twink freshman last year who acted like he was coming on to me but I never explored it to find out, he was such a total turnoff.' He laughed softly. 'Truth is, up till a few weeks ago, I was totally naive about guy sex.'

'Who was the lucky fuck who un-naived you?' Brandon asked.

'Some guy at the mall,'

'No. Don't tell me, you got your first blowjob from some dirty old man in the mall restroom?'

'No, not in the restroom, although that's where we connected. And he wasn't a dirty old man. He was a good looking guy, about thirty. We did it in my truck out at the edge of the parking lot.'

Meanwhile, Carson had gone back down on his cock. As he sucked, he ran his hands up and down Brandon's abs, reaching for his pecs, and up and down his thighs. He reached around to squeeze his butt muscles.

'Damn, your ass is solid as a rock,' he said as he slid his fingers up and down the crack. 'Relax 'em.'

'Not till you tell me what you intend to do with your fingers,' said Brandon.

'Why don't you relax 'em and find out?' Still, Brandon kept his butt muscles tight and locked. 'Come on, stop being such a baby. Let me show you.'

Brandon knew what the guy wanted to do and he didn't want him to do it. He remembered the guy at the clothing store, Evan, had done that to him and it sort of bothered him that it felt so good. But the longer he resisted the more Carson worked his fingers into his ass crack, till he was touching his asshole, and suddenly Brandon decided it wouldn't be such a bad thing to let it happen again. He let Carson rub his asshole, and as he did, Brandon relaxed his butt more and even jutted back a little so his butt spread apart. He watched as Carson stuck his fingers in his mouth then used the spit for lube to rub his asshole again. Only he didn't just rub it, he started pushing and rubbing harder and probing.

'Don't fuck out on me now,' Carson as he shoved harder and his finger penetrated the tight hole.

'Uuhhnnn!' Brandon gasped.

'That didn't hurt,' said Carson.

'It don't feel good,' said Brandon.

'It will. Relax your asshole. Push out on it.'

He did as he said and when he pushed out on his asshole, Carson's finger slipped in deeper. Way deeper! As deep as he could reach. He winced a little, but more from surprise; it didn't exactly hurt and suddenly he was touching something that spot that Evan had touched that felt so good.

'Ohhh...ohhhhh, fuck! W-what is that?' he groaned as he jutted his butt back harder onto Carson's hand.

'Surprised you don't know. It's your prostate; your love nut.' He chuckled. 'Your male clit.'

Brandon succumbed. He set his feet as wide apart as he could, against the shower walls, and hunkered down onto the other athlete's hand. He squirmed around to try to rub his love nut against the probing finger.

'Ohhh...ohh, Godd! Aww, Mannn, that feels great!' he said. 'You can use two fingers if you want.'

Carson laughed and gave him a second finger.

'You're gonna make me cum doing this,' Brandon warned.

'Ain't that the point? If I do, can you stay hard?'

'Probably can.'

'Great. Do you fuck?'

'If you're talking about replacing your fingers with your cock, no,' he replied emphatically.

'No, the other way around.'

'Oh. Do you?' Brandon asked.

'Yeah, if you're interested,' Carson said.

'I'm interested.'

'Wanta do it now?'

'If you're game, I am,' Brandon said.

Carson stood up and turned facing the wall, facing the hallway leading back to the showers so he could keep watch. 'We're taking a chance. It's not going to be as easy separating to separate showers if somebody comes in,' he said.

Brandon didn't say anything. He didn't particularly care if somebody walked in and saw them. He wasn't the one getting fucked. And it would be an excellent way for Carson to come out. Carson punched the soap dispenser and reached back and applied it in the crack of his ass. Then he put some on Brandon's cock.

'You're big; take it easy going in. Then you can fuck my eyeballs out.'

'Damn, I like your style,' Brandon said as he aimed his cock between the taut butt muscles.

Carson spread his legs wider and jutted his butt back.

'Listen, unless you really want to cum inside me, I would like for you to pull out and shoot it in my mouth. I'm what you'd call a cum pig. I like the taste of the stuff,' Carson said.

'That'd be no problem, if I can pull out in time,' Brandon said.

'Do it. I wanta make you go off like a canon.'

'I do that anyway,' Brandon said. As Carson braced himself against the wall Brandon set his cock against the boy's asshole and shoved. Despite his bravado about not caring if anybody came in, he was a little nervous, and so excited that he was shaking. He was going to fuck a guy in the ass! Carson pushed back against the head of his cock and Brandon matched him. The swimmer's tight asshole was no match for the slick soap and the strength in Brandon's muscle ass that powered his cock forward.

'Aawwhh!' Carson cried out softly as he was suddenly burst open by the thick. meaty head.

'Couldn't help it,' Brandon murmured.

'Ohh! It's okay! Ohh, Fuck! It's okay, though, I just need to get used to it. Geezuss, you're big!'

Brandon gave him a minute. 'We can't take too much time getting used to it,' he said.

'Okay, fuck me.'

Brandon gripped Carson's hip bones and pulled his taut butt back to meet the thrust of his cock.

'Awwwhhh! Awwwh, yeah, do it! That's it. Fuck me, you big stud. Ream me a new asshole! Come on! Fuck is that all you've got? I wanta be fucked!'

Brandon wasn't trying to be gentle but he wasn't trying to be rough either. Carson quickly changed his mind on that. He got a tighter grip on his hips and slammed into him with all his might.

'AAAHH!...AAWWWWHH!...OHH! FUCK!' he cried out.

'That what you want?' Brandon growled as he continued slamming his cock into the boy's ass like a pile driver driving pilings into the sand.

'YESS!...Fuck, YESS! OHH...OH, Mann! AWW, Gezusss, Stud, you're a goddamn machine.'

Brandon fucked him so hard that Carson's legs threatened to buckle with each thrust. Finally, they did, and he sank to his knees. Brandon pushed him over onto his hands and knees and shoved him head and shoulders against the shower wall as he continued to fuck him. Neither of them could see, now, if anyone came in, but it was doubtful that either of them cared. Suddenly Carson's whimpering sounded like he was crying. Brandon slowed his pace and eased up on the force of his thrusts.

' okay, dude? Are you crying? Am I hurting you?' he asked.

'I'm okay,' Carson said in a weak tone. 'And yeah, I'm crying, but only because it's so good. Why'd you stop?'

'I thought I was hurting you.'

'You were, but it's wonderful. Don't stop. Fuck me. Just remember to give me your load, if you can pull out.'

It was difficult to resume the pace and the force that he'd been using before - he didn't like hurting anyone - but as he did, and Carson responded, he was soon back to full force and speed. If it was so good that it made the guy cry, then he would give it to him the way he wanted it. It was just as difficult for him, after several minutes, to realize that causing Carson such agony was turning him on. It was his downfall. He lost control.

He caught himself just in time. 'I'm gonna cum!' he gasped as he pulled his cock out. Carson turned around on his hands and knees and Brandon fisted his cock, aimed at the boy's face and his gaping mouth with his tongue stuck out like a glove. Barely a dozen strokes and he was spurting huge ropes of cum into Carson's mouth, and all over his face. It was a huge cum, and a hard one. Brandon's nuts drew up so tight they ached, and the tight quivering inside as his prostate reacted, ached as well.

When he was draining, Carson leaned in and scooped up his cock to suck it empty. He sucked till Brandon's cock was too sensitive and he had to pull back.

'Your tongue is just too much,' he gasped, sitting back on his haunches.

Carson tilted his head up into the shower spray to wash the cum off his face. Brandon got to his feet and pulled Carson to his feet. He had to steady him, his legs were so weak. He stayed in Carson's shower stall.

'You okay?' he asked as Carson reached around him to punch the soap dispenser.

'Yeah. I'm more okay than I've ever been in my life,' Carson replied.

Brandon punched the soap dispenser. 'Here, I'll do that for you,' he said as he began soaping up Carson's body. His muscles felt good to the touch.

'You've got a nice build,' he told him. 'And don't say anything about straight guys aren't supposed to notice. I'm just saying you've got a nice build.'

'And my muscles feel good to you,' Carson added.

'Yeah. Okay, your muscles feel good.'

'So do yours,' Carson said as he began soaping up Brandon's body. 'You're an awesome fuck.'

'So are you,' Brandon said. 'That was the first time for me.'

'You could lie about that. I never had anybody fuck me like that, like I really want it.'

'You sorta scared me when you started crying.'

'Sorta scared me too. It was never that good before. Do you want to do it again sometime?'

'Sure. Anytime. Listen, you said you're okay, but is your ass going to be okay?' he asked.

'I might walk funny for a couple of days, but if anybody asks, I'll tell 'em you raped me in the shower.'

'I like you, Carson,' Brandon said.

'I like you, too, Brandon.'

'I'll fuck you any time you want me to,' Brandon said.

Just then the outer door opened and slammed shut. Brandon quickly got in his own shower stall. Footsteps came down the hallway.

'What're you two jackoffs doing still here?' It was the coach.

'I stuck around to clean out my locker,' Carson said.

'Then we started talking politics,' Brandon put in.

'Three things you ought never to talk about with friends...politics, religion and sex,' the coach said.

'Hell, what's left?' Brandon said.

They all laughed.

'Don't forget to close up,' coach said as he turned and left the two athletes in the showers.














The Diary

At the Ice Cream Parlor

Weird, weird experience at the ice cream parlor! Little twink who worked there came on to me real strong. He made me a chocolate sundae with rocky road ice cream then told me I had to furnish my own syrup. I got what he meant when he started feeling me up then went down on me. Right there in the ice cream parlor, but he locked the door later. I shot most of my load right on the sundae. The stuff shot right into the whipped cream and all over the cherry. He took the cherry and fed it to me. I know I shouldn't have, but I let him, and it tasted pretty good. Then he tried to feed me the sundae with a spoon. There was cum all over it. He was right when he said I liked the cum covered cherry, so I decided maybe I would like cum-laced ice cream, so I tried it. I liked it. I ate the sundae while he sucked my cock. FIRST TIME EATING MY OWN CUM!!

At The Ice Cream Parlor

It was hot, and beads of sweat glistened on Brandon's broad, thick chest muscles, more droplets of perspiration ran together and trickled down the deep ridge that separated his ripped abs to soak into the waistband of his briefs that peeked out over the top of his jeans. He pulled his T-shirt out of his hip pocket and was shaking it out to put it on before he went into the ice cream parlor.

'You don't need to bother with that, there's no one else here.'

He looked up to see a kid about his own age holding the door open for him. He wore a server's cap so Brandon figured it was okay to go in shirtless, since he worked there.

'Thanks,' he said as he stuffed the shirt back in his rear pocket.

'You look hot,' the boy said as he went around behind the counter.

'It's ninety out there,' Brand said. 'It sure feels good in here.'

'What'll you have?' the boy asked. He stood with an ice cream scoop poised in his hand.

'Rocky road with nuts,' Brandon said.

'Cone or cup?'

'Cone. No...cup,' Brandon said. Then he laughed, as the boy had already started to dip up the rocky road. 'Hey, it's like you already knew what I wanted.'

'I had a gut feeling you were a rocky road kind of guy,' the boy said with a big smile as he scooped up the ice cream and put it in a large cup.

'And what gave you that idea?' Brandon asked.

'I don't know...big, rugged, a rocky road build you might say, and it goes without saying you want extra nuts.'

Brandon laughed again. 'You know your customers.'

'I try. And if I don't, I try to get acquainted. You want whipped cream and syrup? It's on the house.'

'Sure. What, some kind of special freebie?'

'Just to special customers,' he said with a grin as he squirted chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream then topped it with a huge swirl of whipped cream. Then he put a cherry on top.

'A cherry, even,' Brandon said.

'Yeah, I'll bet you've had your share of those,' the boy said.

'You know, I really shouldn't be standing here like this,' Brandon said, indicating his bare, sweaty upper body.

'No, you shouldn't. Stand over here at the end of the counter, if somebody comes in, you step back through that door till they leave.'

'I don't know why, but I've never been in here before,' Brandon said as he carefully cupped the plastic spoon into the whipped cream.

'Well, we don't know what we've been missing,' the boy said. 'Do you work construction?'

'Not full time, but I got called in today, had to be the hottest day of the year so far.' He chuckled softly. 'It's weird, how you guessed I wanted rocky road.' He put a big spoonful of ice cream in his mouth, noticing that the boy was staring at him, his eyes fixed on his stomach. 'And the extra nuts,' he added, now beginning to get the picture.

The boy snapped back and looked all around. 'Look, why don't we just step into the back room, that way you don't have to worry about somebody coming in and seeing you.'

'Yeah, I wouldn't want to get you in trouble for letting me go without my shirt,' Brandon said. He stepped back and then turned and followed the guy into the back room. It wasn't as cool, but it was tolerable.

'You're saving the cherry, I see,' the boy observed.

'I try to save the best till last.'

'How many of those have you had?'

'Cherries? Depends on what kind of cherries you're talking about,' Brandon said, deciding to pick up on what he believed the boy was throwing out.

'Whatever kind you wanta tell about.'

'My share, I guess.'

'And probably somebody else's share,' the boy said, his eyes raking more boldly over Brandon's muscular torso.

'Three, maybe four, there was one I'm still not sure about.'

'Damn! You know, when I said you were hot, I wasn't talking about the temperature outside,' he said.

'I wondered.'

'Godd, almost makes me wish I was still cherry.'

'How long have you not been? When did you get your first piece of ass?' Brandon asked.

'Truth is, I've never fucked a girl.'

'Oh. I thought.....' He suddenly cut off his words as he realized what the boy was saying.

The boy laughed. 'I am the piece of ass,' he said.

Brandon nodded as he worked the mouthful of ice cream around in his mouth. He swallowed and grinned.

'I bet I could make you feel like a cherry,' he said with a tight grin. The gloves were off; the guy had made himself known.

'Oh, Godd, don't I wish!'

'Your wish is my command...or could be,' Brandon said.

'Are you serious! Godd, I should be so lucky!'

'Just name the time and place,' Brandon said.

'Not here, it's too risky.'

'Just name the time and place,' Brandon said again.

'Yes, oh, Godd, yess! But I work till closing. But there is something we could do.'

'Name...the time...and place,' Brand said for the third time.

'Here, now. Let me lick that sweat off your muscles,' the boy said excitedly.

Brandon paused with the spoon almost at his mouth and his lips curled into a wide grin as he placed the spoon back in the cup. 'You wanta lick my sweat?'

'Godd, Yess! My mouth started watering the minute you came through the door, all those muscles glistening with sweat.'

'Okay...yeah, I guess...fuck, I never had anybody do that before. I'm really sweaty, man, but I don't know how well my deodorant has held up working out in this heat.'

'I don't care about that, I want to taste you, not your deodorant.' He moved up closer and lapped his tongue into the crack of Brandon's armpit.

'Fuck, you're going right for the good stuff,' Brand said, laughing as he raised his arm.

'Uuhhnnnnn,' the boy moaned as he buried his face in the hairy, sweaty, armpit. He wrapped his arms around Brandon's waist to pull him in tight.

Brandon set the cup of rocky road down and put his hand around the boy's head. 'Fuucckk! That's good. I didn't even know a guy had feelings there.'

The boy licked his way across Brandon's thick pectoral muscle till he found his nipple. He began licking it and sucking and nibbling gently.

'OOOOHhh...Ohhhhh, Goddd!' Brandon groaned. 'Fuck, man, you're giving me a hardon!'

'Am I?' The boy reached down to the front of Brandon's jeans. 'Well, my goodness, I would say I am.'

Brandon picked up his ice cream before it melted but the boy took it from him. 'I'll make you a new one when I'm finished here.'

Brandon set the cup back down and watched the boy lick his way down the deep ridges of his stomach muscles. He took the waistband of his shorts between his teeth and tugged on it.

'Mnnnn, I can even taste the sweat that's soaked into your shorts,' he murmured.

'A lot more soaked into the back,' Brandon said.

'Let me see.' He turned Brandon around and licked up and down the small of his back, then took the waistband in his teeth again. He tugged it further up out of his jeans then pulled it out and began licking at the top of the crack of Brandon's butt. 'Ohh, there's good stuff back here, undo your jeans.'

'I don't know if......' But just then the boy's hands reached around and he was unbuttoning them for him. He pulled them down and began licking up and down the crack of Brandon's butt. He was pulling the taut muscles apart when the front door opened.

'Damn!' the boy swore as he stood up. 'Stay put,' he told Brandon as he adjusted his hat and went out to wait on the customer.

Brandon stood well back from the doorway, as he pulled his shorts and jeans back up, hoping it wasn't the manager or the owner or another employee who might come back. It wasn't. Within a few minutes, the boy was back.

'You were going to fix me another sundae,' Brandon reminded him. As much as he liked the guy's mouth and tongue on his butt, he didn't think it was a good idea to continue doing that.

'Yes, and I want you to add something to it.'

'You want me to add something to it?'

'Yes. With my help, if you'll let me...or you could do it yourself......'

'Let you what, or do what myself?'

He went back out front while Brandon stood in the doorway and watched him put two scoops of rocky road in a larger cup. He squirted some whip cream on top then added some nuts and a cherry. 'You gotta provide your own syrup this time,' he said as he returned to the back room.

Brandon smiled, catching on to what he was talking about. He took the cup and the boy reached down to grope the front of his jeans with his other hand.

'My Godd, what have you got in there?' he asked.

'A load of syrup for one thing,' Brandon said. 'Warm vanilla.'

'Let me help you work it up.'

'Good, I was gonna tell you, I don't like to leave a hardon unattended,' Brandon said.

The boy unbuttoned Brandon's jeans again and laid the fly open, exposing the white strip of his briefs, slung low across his lower abs. He reached inside and groped the bulge. 'Shit!' he swore. 'I didn't know they even made 'em this size.'

'You don't know what size it is yet,' Brandon said.

'Well, it adds a whole new meaning to super size it.' He shoved Brandon's jeans down, then his shorts, about half way down his thighs. His big cock swung out majestically.

'My Godd! That is huge!'

'It gets huger,' Brandon said, laughing.

'Can I suck it? I could work up your warm vanilla faster that way.'

'Knock yourself out,' Brandon said.

The boy dropped to his haunches and took Brandon's cock in his hands. 'Fuck this thing takes both hands,' he said. He stroked it with both hands as he licked the head. 'Ohh, your ball juice tastes good.'

'That's not my ball juice, it's a lot thicker. That's just precum,' Brandon told him.

'I don't care what it is, give me more,' the boy whined as he squeezed and milked the thick tube to draw the slick juice out so he could lap it up. Then he went down on the bulging cock.

'OOOhhhhhh!' Brandon moaned, tossing his head back. 'Ohh, man, you are good at this! Wow! I love the way you use your tongue!'

There was someone at the door, trying to get in. They heard some angry muttering as the person left.

'I locked it this time. I didn't want to be interrupted,' the boy said.

'I hope your boss doesn't show up; he'll have a key,' Brandon said. 'Hey, this stuff's melting,' he said.

'I'm doing all I can, it's up to you to deliver the load,' the boy said.

'Listen, there's a way to speed things up...if you use some spit for lube and shove a finger in my ass...there's a spot up inside there that if you rub it, it'll make me go off real fast, and a lot.'

The boy slicked up two fingers and reached between Brandon's legs. Brandon set his feet wider apart and hunkered down on the searching fingers. He winced a little when the boy shoved one up inside him.

'Where's the spot? What's it supposed to feel like?' the boy asked.

'Ohh...Ohhhh...Awwwhhh...I don't know what it feels like, I never felt it myself, but I'll know when you find it.'

The boy kept probing and sucking.

'AAAAHH! THERE! Ohhhh, Fuck! Ohh, yeah, you found it man! Ohhh, My Godddd! Keep doing that...keep sucking...ohh, Godd, don't stop!'

Seconds later he was blasting cum. The boy got off his cock and aimed it at the sundae. Brandon watched the stuff spurt into the fluffy whipped cream, gouging out tiny tunnels. Ropes of thick, warm semen mixed ran down over the ice cream, and the bright red cherry was drizzled with cum. A thick streak ran down the stem.

'Aahhh, beautiful,' the boy said as he stood up. 'This cherry has some significance,' he said.

'What?' Brandon asked, breathlessly. His legs were shaking.

The boy plucked the cherry out by the stem and held it up to Brandon's mouth. 'I'm not a virgin but you can say you got my cherry.'

'I don't want that thing,' Brandon said, turning his head away.

'Come on, it's a cherry. I know you like cherries. And it's your cum.'

He didn't know why but he succumbed to the weird temptation. He opened his mouth and the boy put the cherry on his tongue. He closed his mouth and the boy pulled the stem off, leaving the cum-laden cherry on Brandon's tongue. He bit down on it and the burst of sweet cherry tasted good with the warm, acrid-sweet taste of his own cum.

The boy took a spoon and scooped up a spoonful of soft rocky road along with laced with the warm cum and held it up to Brandon's mouth. Again he turned his head away.

'Stop trying to feed me that shit,' he said, laughing.

'You liked the cummy cherry, you'll love the cummy ice cream,' the boy said, following his mouth with the spoon.

It bothered Brandon that the guy was right. He knew he shouldn't, but he did like it. He took the spoon from the boy, and the sundae. 'This was my sundae, right? You said I had to furnish my own syrup...I did I'll eat it myself.'

The boy clapped his hands and squealed with delight. 'Godd, this is so hot, watching a big muscle stud like you eating his own cum, and liking it. I could almost get off on it.'

'Have you ever done this before, with other big muscle studs?'

'Only one. But it was strawberry and he made me eat his sundae.'

'How about you clean out the syrup fountain down there while I enjoy my sundae,' Brandon said.

The boy knelt down and began sucking Brandon's cock again.

'Put it away when you're finished with it,' Brandon said.



The Diary

At the Carnival

Went to the carnival out on the edge of town, by myself. Purposely dressed for attention, wore a cut-off T-shirt that showed several inches of my abs. I'm finding out it works. Also finding out that sex is everywhere for the taking. It's in the air. All you gotta do is be aware of your surroundings. I was taught that term meant for safety reasons. HA! Won two big stuffed animals shooting a rifle, gave them to a couple of young babes. Won two more stuffed animals by ringing the bell with a sledgehammer; some dude paid for it. Gave those to his girlfriend; he had to carry one of them for her they were so big. The guy didn't want to let me try it again but I shamed him into it, told him I wanted to win a teddy bear for a real little girl standing watching with her mother. Her Daddy was in Iraq. There were people standing around so he had to do it. Then I challenged him first; said I wanted two prizes if I could ring the bell with one arm. The people around us taunted him into it. I did it, one fuckin' arm. Won a big teddy bear and a big white polar bear. The little girl wanted the polar bear. I felt like a fool walking down the midway with the big teddy bear so I gave it to a college chick who was with her boyfriend.

This is where it gets weird. Ran into a guy, also about college age, who had seen me give the prizes away. He wanted to take me for a ride on the Ferris wheel. What the hell, I went. Well, the damn thing stopped when we were on the very top and he started groping me! He had it all planned. He paid the operator to stop the thing. He sucked me off on the top of the Ferris wheel. He had to swallow my load so I wouldn't shoot it all over people below. That would've been funny as hell, raining cum.

I don't know if this is any weirder but here's the next thing that happened. The college chick I gave the teddy bear to....her boy friend came up to me and PROPOSITIONED me to have sex with her. Actually, they wanted me to fuck BOTH of them. WTF! We went out to his big pickup parked out on the edge of the field and I fucked his girlfriend while he's right there in the seat with us. I got her off, I ate her pussy. She freaked. So did he, he's never done that to her. I gave her a big fuckin' 'O', I fucked her eyeballs out then pulled out, they wanted me to get myself off so I jacked off and shot all over her face. Her BF got in the line of fire, on purpose. Then I fucked HIM while he fucked her. It was wild.


At The Carnival

It was Thursday. The carnival would be in town till Sunday evening. Brandon thought about calling a couple of the guys to hang out with and check out the girls on the midway but there was no great urgency to have anybody tagging along. He thought about seeing if Cindy wanted to go, but no, that would be too 'last minute' for her. If he called her, to be right and proper, she wouldn't want to go till Saturday night or Sunday. Screw it. He decided to go by himself. There were times when he did that; he didn't need other guys around all the time to feed his ego.

He parked his truck on the outer edge of the field and walked toward the loud music and bright lights and sounds of the midway. He had dressed intentionally for the occasion; heavy hiking boots with sports socks pulled down, sort of bagging below his calves, a pair of well-worn and faded jeans that hugged him everywhere they touched except around his waist. He had on a dark yellow T-shirt with the bottom half cut off, revealing a good six inches and a couple of layers of his tanned, hard six-pack. He loved showing off his abs where his jeans never touched his waist. And he didn't wear a belt. He had a tight, round bubble butt that held his jeans up. And a baseball cap.

He was keenly aware of the attention he was attracting as he sauntered along the grassy midway, from varying ages, from both sexes. He stopped at the firing range booth and picked up one of the rifles from the counter. He hefted its weight and held it up to aim it.

'Three shots, one dollar,' the hawker said.

He laid down a dollar and brought the rifle up to his shoulder and took aim and pulled the trigger. He had no idea where the round went, but one thing was certain, the rifle wasn't zeroed in.

'How have you got these things rigged to miss?' he asked, half jokingly.

The man did a double take, angry. 'Don't question my integrity, young man.'

'Just asking a simple question. I own a shotgun and two rifles, I hunt all the time, I target shoot. I took perfect aim with that gun and it veered off like the barrel is bent.'

Others had gathered around, including two teenage babes in tight shorts and tiny halters who were eyeing Brandon. The man picked up another rifle and handed it to him. 'They're all the same, but give this one a try, three on the house.'

'And what's the prize if I get all three?' Brandon asked

'Anything on the wall for the little ladies,' the man said nodding to the two girls.

Brandon glanced at the girls as he brought the rifle up, then he fired off three shots; all three hit the targets.

'That's better,' he said. 'I knew I was a better shot than that.' He dug in his pocket and laid another dollar on the counter. 'Still anything on the wall?' he asked.

'Anything you see on the wall,' the man said. He wasn't liking it but he had to keep up appearances for the sake of the two girls and other onlookers.

Brandon fired three more bull's eyes. 'Pick out what you want,' he told the girls as he laid the gun down.

They giggled and began pointing and trying to decide which of the huge stuffed animals they wanted. Meanwhile, Brandon walked away. He heard the girls behind him.

'Oh, he didn't even give us a chance to thank him.'

'Do you know him? Do you know his name?'

'No, I thought you did,' the other girl said.

'Well, we have to thank him,' said the other.

Brandon smiled and walked on. Several yards down the midway the two girls came rushing up to him, carrying the large stuffed animals.

'You're a very good shot with the rifle,' one of them gushed.

'I hunt,' he said.

'You didn't give us a chance to thank you,' said the other.

'Call it a random act of kindness,' said Brandon

'We didn't get your name.'

'Brandon. Silverman High.'

'I'm Cindy, and this is Kathy. Are you here with someone?' Cindy asked boldly.

'I'm waiting to meet someone,' Brandon lied. 'But hey, think of me when you cuddle up with the bears tonight,' he added with a big grin. Then he gave them a playful salute and walked away. He wasn't looking for a date for the evening, but he loved being in control and playing girls along, and their adoration.

He walked on down the midway till he came upon the hammer strength test. He heard an older guy, maybe thirty, with his girlfriend or wife, say, 'Look at the muscles on that guy, I'll bet he could ring the bell with no problem.' Then the guy was waving him over.

'Hey, Son, I'll pay for you to see if you can ring the bell,' he told Brandon.

The hawker saw Brandon coming his way and he quickly focused his attention on two smaller, less muscular teenagers who were hanging around. One of them walked up and hefted the mallet and set it back down, shaking his head.

'No way I could get that thing over my head,' he said.

'It's all in the swing,' the man urged him, trying to ignore Brandon. 'Come on, give it a try, one swing on the house.'

The boy tried it but failed miserably. The man with his girlfriend stepped up and handed the hawker two dollars. 'Here, I'm paying for him,' he said, motioning toward Brandon. The hawker took the money, reluctantly.

'Ring the first bell, choose any prize on the side walls. Ring the top bell, take your choice of anything you see.'

'I've got two swings coming,' Brandon pointed out.

'Two prizes of your choice if you ring the top bell twice. But two's the limit,' he added quickly.

He hefted the mallet with one arm. It was heavy, but not that much heavier than the sledge hammer he'd been using since he was fourteen. He wrapped both hands around the handle and swung it up over his head and slammed it down hard. The ringer shot upward and slammed against the bell almost as hard.

'Geezuss!' he heard the boyfriend whisper behind him.

Brandon didn't pick out a prize right away. Instead he took another swing. The bell reverberated again and the hawker reached for the mallet, to take it away from him.

'Take your pick,' he told him, setting the mallet out of reach.

Brandon turned to the girl. 'He paid, you pick,' he told her. Her smile was for more than appreciation for winning her choice of prizes; he saw how she was checking him out. She selected a huge brown bear and a big dolphin. Together, they were too big for her to carry and her boyfriend had to carry one of them for her. Before they moved on though, the boyfriend shook Brandon's hand, and Brandon saw how he watched his biceps.

'I gotta hand it to you, dude. How the hell did you get those arms built up like that, and those shoulders?'

'Eating everything in sight, and a lot of hard work,' Brandon said, laughing. He was about to walk on when he saw a beautiful little girl of about five, holding her mother's hand, gazing longingly up at the stuffed animals. She seemed mesmerized. She melted his heart. He walked over to them and squatted down on his muscular haunches. The girl didn't flinch at his size, she just looked at him with a curious look.

'Would you like to have one of those big stuffed animals, Darlin'?' he asked.

She nodded, without saying anything.

'I told her she would have to wait till her Daddy came back to win one for her,' the mother said.

'Where is your Daddy,'

'My Daddy's in Iraq.'

'Since your Daddy is so brave, off fighting the war, would you let me try to win one for you?'

She looked up at her mother, already nodding.

'Your Daddy can win you another one when he comes home. He can probably win you two animals. But I would like to try to win one for you to play with and sleep with till he comes back home.' Brandon looked at the mother.

'Yes, that would be fine,' the woman said.

'Come with me, let's see what I can do,' he said, taking the little girl's hand.

Brandon pulled two dollars out of his pocket and walked back over to the hawker.

The man held up his hand. 'Two's your limit,' he said. 'With those arms and shoulder, you could clean me out.'

'Just one more swing, for that little girl over there,' Brandon pleaded, nodding towards the girl. 'Her Daddy is in Iraq.'

The man scowled but took the money. 'Okay, one swing, one dollar,' he said, taking one of the bills. He squatted down to the little girl again. 'If I can ring that bell, sweetheart, which one of those animals would you like to have?'

'The big white bear,' she said excitedly, looking up at it.

'I'll see what I can do. No promises, though. We may have to wait till your Daddy gets home,' he said with a smile as he patted her cheek and stood up. He smiled at the mother then walked back with the mallet held loosely in one hand. A small crowd had gathered, to know what was going on. He hefted the mallet but then paused. He turned to the hawker, and said in a voice that others around him could hear, 'How about double or nothing? I use one arm for two prizes.'

The man had to think about it, but was urged on by the bystanders till he couldn't refuse.

'Let him try it.'

'I wanta see this.'

'Let him try it one handed, we'll all give it a try.'

The man nodded. Brandon hefted the mallet with his right arm and looked up at the bell. Then he brought the mallet up over his head and slammed it down. The bell rang with a loud reverberation and the crowd applauded and whistled.

'She wants the white bear,' Brandon told the hawker. The man took a long pole and lifted the stuffed animal off the hook and handed it to Brandon. He took it over to the little girl and stood the bear beside her. It was twice as big as she was. She was all smiles as she hugged the bear.

'That'll have to do till your Daddy gets home and he can win you a bigger one,' he told the girl. He stood up to see tears in the woman's eyes.

'Thank you so much. She will treasure it.'

'My pleasure, Ma'am,' Brandon said as he tilted his cap politely. He turned around to pick out his second prize. 'That other white bear,' he said.

He walked down the midway a dozen yards or so, feeling a little foolish carrying the bear under one arm, till he came to a young couple, about college age. He was keenly aware of the girls' eyes focused on his bare abs. Their split second eye contact went unnoticed by the boyfriend, and Brandon smiled. He stepped in front of them.

'Excuse me, would you mind?' he asked, addressing them both, 'I feel a little foolish carrying this thing around.' He held the bear out to the girl. She looked at her boyfriend and he just shrugged.

'How'd you win it?' the man asked, eyeing Brandon's arms.

'Ringing the bell back there,' Brandon said.

'You must have a girlfriend to give it to,' the girl said.

'No, not really. We broke up,' he said with a sad smile. She took the bear and gave Brandon a kiss on the cheek. Embarrassed, he walked on. He wasn't watching where he was going and he ran right into a young man maybe late twenties, too well dressed, Brandon thought, for a carnival midway.

'Pardon me, I wasn't watching where I was going,' Brandon said, stepping aside.

'No harm done,' the young man said in a cultured voice. Brandon had him pegged as college, even Ivy League, which made him wonder why he was at a carnival in the first place, much less alone. 'I saw what you did with the little girl,' he said. 'And the girl with her date.'

'Sounds like you've kept a close eye on me,' Brandon joked.

'Matter of fact.....' His voice trailed off as he very openly raked his eyes up and down Brandon's body. 'I was just getting ready to go on the Ferris wheel. Would you care to go with me? If you're not with anyone.'

'No, I'm not,' Brandon said, keenly aware of the way the man was looking at him. This could lead to something, he thought.

They walked over to the Ferris wheel which had stopped. The young man paid and handed Brandon his ticket. Brandon went up the short ramp and sat in the seat. The man was talking to the operator, and Brandon saw him hand him some more money. Then he came and joined him in the seat.

'By the way, I'm Brenden,' the man said, putting out his hand


The man laughed. 'Well, I guess that makes us cultural brothers, or something like that.'

The ride was routine for several turns then the Ferris wheel stopped, with Brandon and Brenden at the very top. The seat swung back and forth.

'I hope you don't get motion sickness or sick from heights,' Brenden said.


'Good, because we're going to be stuck up here for a little bit.' With that he reached over and squeezed Brandon's thigh, high up in his crotch.

Brandon looked down at his hand then up at the man's face. 'You paid the operator,' he said.

'Twenty minutes,' Brenden said. 'So unless you're going to punch me out or toss me over, we'd better get started.' He began unbuttoning Brandon's jeans

Brandon looked over his shoulder. The two seats behind them were empty.

'I also paid for those seats to be empty,' Brenden said as he was tugging on Brandon's jeans.

Brandon lifted his butt off the seat so the guy could pull his jeans and shorts off his butt then he sat back down.

'Fuck!' the young man swore when he saw Brandon's cock. 'Goddamn, I knew you would be like this, but Geezuss, not this impressive.'

'Thanks. You said we've only got twenty minutes,' Brandon reminded him.

'Yes, so we have.' He leaned over and took Brandon's cock in his mouth.

Brandon splayed his thighs apart as wide as he could and humped up out of the seat to shove his cock into the guy's mouth. He laid his hand on the back of his head and began fucking his mouth. After a few minutes the man rose up, wiping the drool from his mouth.

'My Godd, this is good,' he said. 'I go to an all male college, and I've never seen one guy on campus that comes even close to you.'

'Maybe I should enroll,' Brandon joked.

'No kidding. Fuck, you could pay your tuition with this.' Brandon laughed. 'Seriously, I know plenty of guys who would line up and pay to get their hands on you.'

Brandon gently pushed his head back down to his cock and the man went back down on him. A few minutes later, he eased the man's head back up to speak to him.

'Listen, when I cum, you're gonna have to stay on my cock. I cum quite a bit, and I cum hard, and if I let it just fly, it's gonna splatter on people down below.'

Brenden laughed. 'Godd, I would love to see that. But I don't want to waste it. Don't worry, I'll take your load.'

'I just wanted to warn you, there's gonna be a lot,' Brandon said. He glanced at his watch. He wasn't sure what time the man had first gone down on him but he figured they had about ten more minutes. He tried to sit still without thrusting, so as not to cause too much motion that somebody below might notice. He let the guy make all the moves, up and down on his cock with his mouth. Toward the end, he wisely gave them plenty of warning as he started trying to work up to his climax.

'Get ready, I'm getting close,' he said gruffly after a couple of minutes.

The guy nodded and sucked harder. A moment later, Brandon let loose. He didn't warn the guy again, he just started cumming. He heard the guy moan and choke. 'Stay on it!' he told him. He filled the guy's mouth in no time, his cock becoming engulfed in the warm, thick semen. 'You'd better start swallowing it, cause I'm not done,' he gasped. He felt the man swallow and felt the volume of cum in the guy's mouth diminish, but he filled the space up again with more thick semen. He kept his hand on the man's head. Finally, he was finished cumming and the man was swirling the last of the stuff around in his mouth, gulping it down.

'My Godd! Where did all that come from?' the man exclaimed, rising up. 'I wanta take you back with me. Shit, I'll have my Dad pay your tuition just to have you as my roommate. Ohh, Godd, that was wonderful! Unbelievable! Thank you!'

Just then the wheel started moving again and they scrambled to get Brandon's shorts and jeans pulled up and buttoned before their chair swung into sight of the people below. The operator grinned and winked as they left the seat.

'Thanks again,' Brenden said.

'I would say the pleasure was all mine, but I think you got a little out of it too,' Brandon said.

Walking on down the midway--his legs were a little shaky--he came up to the younger college couple again, the girl he had given the other big white bear to. The boyfriend was carrying the bear. They both smiled when they saw him.

'It got too heavy for me to even carry,' she said.

Brandon smiled back as they walked on past each other. Then a few yards down the midway, he felt a tapping on his shoulder. He stopped.

'Excuse me, but I just have to talk to you.' It was the young college student.

Brandon turned to see his girlfriend standing way down the midway.

'I have no idea how to go about this, and I might get my lights punched out, but I have to do it.'

'What?' Brandon asked.

'First, my name's Andy. That's my girlfriend, Susan. She knows I'm talking to you, and she knows why. In fact, she encouraged me to approach you.'

'Okay,' Brandon said. 'But I don't know what she encouraged you to do or say, and so far you haven't said much of anything that would make me want to punch your lights out.'

'She,, we...we're interested in you,' the young man blurted out nervously.


'Yes. In having sex.'

'With me,' Brandon said.

'Yes. Oh, Godd, I am so nervous. Please don't hit me. At least not out here. If you wanta hit me, I'll go with you behind one of the tents and you can hit me there.'

'I'm not going to hit you,' Brandon said. 'Do you wanta elaborate on this having sex?'

'Oh, does that mean you'll do it?' he asked excitedly.

'Depends on what you've got in mind, if you calm down and explain that to me,' Brandon said.

'My pickup is parked along the edge of that woods. It's a big extended cab, plenty of room in the front seat.'

'Okay. You wanta do it right here?'

'Yes. That would be so exciting, with all these people so close.'

Brandon shrugged his okay. They walked back to the guy's girlfriend. She was all smiles. The three of them walked between some tents and between rows of cars parked on the field, to a big Dodge Ram pickup. Andy opened the door and climbed in, offering his hand to help the girl in, then Brandon.

'Good, you've got tinted windows,' Brandon said.

They didn't waste any time. Andy began kissing his girl, but he reached out to grope Brandon at the same time. Brandon moved closer to the girl and she joined her boyfriend in groping him. She uttered a muffled moan when she felt his crotch.

'Yeah, Susan, Babe, you're going to love this,' Andy murmured to her.

Brandon took off his cap to remove his shirt then put his cap back on. Andy raised up from kissing his girl.

'Damn, I'm gonna love this. Look at those muscles!' He began unbuttoning Susan's blouse. 'Let's get you out of these clothes,' he said. 'Why don't we just all get naked.'

Brandon took that as his cue and began removing his clothes. Andy had Susan naked first, and Brandon's cock took notice. She was gorgeous anyway; she was ten times more gorgeous naked. Andy and Brandon were naked at about the same time. Brandon took due note of Andy's lean, muscular body, especially his butt. He wasn't sure exactly what was going down, but he hoped that whatever it was included Andy's tight looking ass.

'Godd, this is going to be so hot!' Andy exclaimed excitedly. 'Godd, just look at this, Babe,' he said as he reached for Brandon's cock.

Brandon thought Andy was more excited about having him in the truck than his girlfriend was.

'You first, though, honey,' she told him.

Brandon thought at first that she meant for her boyfriend to have a go at him first, then her, but he moved away a little to give them room as Susan leaned back in the seat with her legs spread out to the sides. She meant her boyfriend to have a go at her first. She looked like a contortionist, the way she had her legs spread straight out. Andy got down on his knees on the floorboard so he was at the right height with her pussy. He aimed and entered her without ceremony or foreplay. Susan moaned and laid her head back against the seat, her eyes closed.

'I don't want to bring you to the big O,' Andy told her. 'I want him to do that.'

'Yess! Oh, Yess! Ohh, fuck, me Andy. Get me ready for him.'

The way she took her boyfriend, Brandon thought it wouldn't take much to get her ready. He watched for a short time -- twenty minutes or so -- while Andy fucked her. Several times Andy had to pull back to keep from going off, and Susan squealed with disappointment.

'Okay, I'm going to let superstud take over,' Andy told her as he pulled his cock out.

They maneuvered around so Andy and Brandon traded places. Being basically a tit man when it came to girls, Brandon, when he was on his knees on the floorboard in front of her, leaned in and began sucking her tits. At the same time he rubbed and fingered her pussy and found her clit. He hadn't seen Andy do that. She gasped and moaned. He thought about eating her pussy but he didn't know if he wanted to do that after Andy had fucked her. He was about to change his mind when she groaned loudly.

'Ohh, Godd, I want you to fuck me!' she gasped. 'I need your cock!'

He was quick to oblige, glad that she had interrupted his thoughts about eating her pussy. He aimed his cock and shoved in. Andy had her nice and wet and loose but he was still a tight fit, and he went in deeper. She laid back against the back of the seat like she'd been sent into shock when he impaled her.

'He goes in deep, doesn't he?' Andy was all smiles.

'Oh, My Godd, I never had anybody go so deep,' she moaned.

'If I'm hurting you, just say so,' Brandon told her.

'No, no, you're not hurting me. You're driving me crazy, that's all.'

'I haven't done anything yet, except shove my cock in you,' Brandon said.

'Your cock is doing it all by itself, just throbbing so hard,' she said.

Brandon began fucking her. He started out by withdrawing only a couple of inches, fucking her with short strokes, gouging and probing deep inside her. Very gradually, he pulled out more and used longer strokes, and gradually he was using the entire length of his cock. As he did that, and had room between them, he reached down to rub her clit. It was slick and swollen. She choked down a scream. Twice she grabbed his wrist to stop him.

'I can't stand it but just a little a bit at a time,' she said.

He left his hand at her pussy. 'Okay, you guide my hand whenever you want me to do that,' he said.

She used his hand as a stimulator, pressing his thumb against her clit when she was ready, and pushing his hand away when she couldn't take it anymore. She was working herself up.

'Are we going to do it the way we said?' Susan asked Andy between moans.

'Yes, if you're still okay with it,' Andy said.

'I am, but you're the one who has to be okay with it,' she said.

'I'll do it,' Andy said.

Brandon looked at them, bewildered.

'We've been looking for something to fulfill a fantasy,' Andy said.

'What kind of fantasy?'

His girlfriend explained. 'We want Andy to be fucked at the same time he's fucking me.'

'And you're both okay with it?' Brandon asked.

'Yes. You are the ideal specimen to make that fantasy come to life,' Andy said.

'What about your big O?' Brandon asked her 'If I give you that, are you still going to wanta be fucked again?'

'Yes, she'll want it,' Andy answered for her. 'You give her the first one, then I wanta see if you and I together can make her have a second one.'

Brandon said, 'I don't see how I'm going to have much to do with giving her another big O if I'm fucking you.'

'I think you fucking me will have a great effect on how I can make her feel,' he said.

Brandon gave it up; they were sounding like a couple of college people, over his education level. He focused on the task before him, and the woman he was fucking. After a few minutes, he brushed her hand aside when she started to stop from rubbing her clit.

'You're all mine,' he said gruffly. 'You're gonna need both hands to keep the top of your head from blowing off.'

'Oh, Godd, you're going to do it,' she whispered excitedly.

'Yeah, I'm gonna do it.' With that he pulled his cock out. There was a soft suctioning noise, leaving her pussy gaping open. He hunkered down and buried his face in her pussy, driving his tongue way up inside her. He heard her choke on what sounded like might have been a scream.

Andy gasped, 'Oh, My Godd! I've never done that to her!'

Brandon found her clit with his nose then went to work on her. He used his lips to form a suction against her pussy. He used his tongue to wash the inside of her pussy, scraping the tender walls with the soft sandpaper of his tongue. He used his nose to irritate her swollen clit, then moved up with his tongue. She choked down a scream of surprise. She clawed at the seat and finally grabbed hold of the door handle with her right hand and her boyfriend's hand with her other hand. It was nearly over in a few short minutes. He took her to the brink then quickly rose up and shoved his cock back in her. One thumb was still on her clit. At the same time he clamped his other hand over her mouth because he knew she was going to scream when he fucked her over the brink.

She did. Brandon muffled it. She began trembling - convulsing, was more like it - till the truck shook.

'Take her to the edge, then pull out if you can, and cum on her face,' Andy hissed excitedly.

Brandon took himself to the edge. At the crucial second, he pulled out and rose up, hunched over in the cab, hips thrust forward and finished jacking off his load with one hand while he kept his other hand busy on her pussy. He wanted to make certain she reached her peak. Much to his surprise, Andy moved into the line of fire, with his face right next to his girlfriend's face, and he blasted them both. It was a tense moment that filled the truck cab with squealing moans and the pungent odor of cum.

When it was over, Brandon crouched over supporting himself with both hands on the back of the seat, his own legs trembling. His cock hung down a little, still streaming cum down into the woman's pubes.

'Holy Shit!' Andy gasped. 'I never saw anything like that in my life.'

His girlfriend moaned as she licked her lips, lapping up the cum that she could reach with her tongue. Andy leaned over and kissed her and they both groaned as they swapped Brandon's cum. Brandon moved to the side, turned around and collapsed in the other side of the seat, under the wheel, and leaned back against the door.

After a few minutes, Brandon asked Andy, 'Do you still want to be fucked?'

She answered for him. 'Yes. I'll get you ready.' With that she leaned over and began sucking Brandon's cock. Her boyfriend joined her and they shared his cock and balls till he was standing tall and hard. Then she laid back on the seat, her head on the armrest on the opposite door. Her boyfriend got between her raised legs and entered her. He looked over his shoulder at Brandon.

'I hope you can give me another big load in my ass.'

'Well, it won't be as big as the first one, but I'll bet you'll feel it,' Brandon said.

'Do you have any lube for this, or do you want me to use spit?' Brandon asked as he set one knee in the seat an supported himself with his other leg on the floorboard.

'Spit will do fine,' Andy said. 'Just be easy going in.'

'Have you ever been fucked before?'


'Geezuss, you should've had somebody a little smaller break you in,' Brandon said. He spat in his hand and slicked up Andy's ass, then spat on his cock. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down between the guy's taut butt muscles.

'Go easy,' Andy said again.

'You said that,' Brandon said.

'Are you nervous?' Susan asked him.


'If it's too much, tell me,' Brandon said.

'It won't be,' Andy said bravely. 'No matter what, it won't be.'

Brandon stopped worrying about it. He set the head of his cock in the slick crack and took hold of the guy's hips. 'You shove in and start fucking your girl, you won't notice it back here so much, maybe, when I go in,' he said. It's not exactly the way it worked out. Andy shoved into his girlfriend and when he reared back, Brandon had his cock set in place and Andy impaled himself on it in one backward stroke.

'AWWWGHHHH! FUCKKK!' Andy cried out.

'Honey, people will hear you!' Susan said.

'Holy Fuck! I just had a baseball rammed up my ass!'

'I think you liked it, your cock feels hard as a bat,' she said.

'Geezusss! Just give me a mimute...I'm seeing stars,' Andy said.

Brandon held perfectly still except for his cock throbbing in Andy's ass. The tight ring was squeezing him hard, almost cutting off the blood flow.

'Damn, I wasn't ready for that,' Andy said in a calmer tone. 'You can fuck me now.'

Brandon began fucking him. Andy began fucking Susan. Susan began fucking Andy back, and all together they made the truck rock. Brandon reached for Andy's hand and guided it to Susan's clit.

'Feel that?'

'OOOhhhhh.....Ohhh, Andy, you've never felt so big and hard.'

'Yeah, I feel it,' Andy said.

'Don't forget where it is,' Brandon told him.
















The Diary

At the Grocery Store

Dad gone out of town for a while, I had to do the grocery shopping. Got ogled by some ladies. Met up with a fireman, shopping for the fire station. The butcher is GAY. Turned out, so was the fireman. He was HOT. A total stud. He took me back through the meat department and upstairs to a dark room and I fucked him. He invited me to the fire station. I think I'm starting to like fucking guys.


At the Grocery Store

Brandon wasn't a stranger to the grocery story but with his Dad gone so much, it was the first time he had undertaken the grocery shopping by himself. He climbed out of the truck and knowing he couldn't go into the store bare chested, he pulled the tank top on over his massive upper body. He tugged it down as far as it would reach but there were still several inches of his bare, hard stomach showing, where he had cut the shirt off. He gave his worn cut-off jeans a hitch and adjusted his cap then headed for the store. Inside, he grabbed a cart and dug out his list.

He wasn't familiar with where things were but he was greeted by the deli and bakery so he decided to have a look. He wasn't big on sweets but he loved different kinds of bread for sandwiches. Over at the deli, he got some thin sliced ham, roast beef and turkey. At the produce department he loaded up on lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, grapes and bananas. From there he wandered into the aisles. He wasn't a seasoned shopper that maneuvered swiftly up and down the aisles, knowing right where to find everything. He finally put the list back in his pocket and began eyeing everything on the shelves like it was his first time there. He must have looked like a total stranger the way he took things off the shelves as they grabbed his attention. Now and then he stopped to read the labels.

In one aisle he didn't realize he was standing in the middle of the aisle till he glanced around to see several women and a guy waiting to get around him.

'Oh, I'm sorry,' he said, embarrassed, as he quickly stepped aside and pulled the cart out of the way.

'That's all right. You were so intent on reading the labels we didn't want to disturb you,' one lady said.

'We were in no hurry,' said another.

The man said quietly, 'Don't let 'em kid you, they were enjoying the view.'

In another aisle as he moved slowly along he must have looked like he was searching for something.

'You look lost.'

He looked around to see a young, muscular guy wearing a deep blue T-shirt and jeans with a firefighter's emblem on his chest. He was not only very well built, he was strikingly handsome.

'Well, this isn't exactly my playground,' Brandon said. 'I was just looking around.'

'Well, if you need any help, just find me and ask. I know the place like the back of my hand. I have to. I'm shopping for a dozen different guys, all with special appetites.'

'Oh, you're shopping for the fire station, then,' Brandon said.

'Yeah, and they all want something different.'

'Are you the cook, too?'

'We all cook, and we all take turns shopping. Wednesday is my day to do the shopping.'

Brandon couldn't help appreciate the fuzzy feeling and admire the fireman's build.

'Well, it looks like you shop healthy,' Brandon said, noticing what he had in his cart.

'Oh, Yeah, it's a prerequisite that we stay in shape for the job,' the fireman said. There was a short, awkward pause. 'Well, hey, if you need any help just come and find me.'

'Thanks.' Brandon watched the fireman move on down the aisle, taking in his wide, muscle-heaped shoulders and his slim hips with the two mounds of his butt flexing in his pants as he walked. Suddenly he caught himself. Why the fuck was he noticing another guy's butt? At the end of the aisle, the fireman glanced back and smiled. Brandon felt a chill shoot down his spine and go right into his nuts.

The momentary experience rattled him for some reason and he moved up and down the aisles more quickly. He was suddenly surprised and rattled even more when he realized that he was trying to find and keep up with the fireman. Twice when they were in the same aisle, the fireman looked at him and smiled.

'You doing okay?' he asked him once.

'Yeah,' he said nervously. 'Okay.'

They met up again at the meat counter. Brandon had picked out some T-bone steaks and tossed some hamburger in his cart, and was checking out the Polish sausages. Suddenly, a hand reached down in front of him and he glanced around to see the fireman.

'This is the best Kielbasa you'll find anywhere,' he said, holding up a large sausage. 'It's not name brand either. It's Karl's own recipe. He even stuffs his own sausage.'

'Okay, I'll give it a try,' Brandon said. He reached for it just as the fireman dropped it back in the display case.

'You can ring that bell, he'll come out and explain how he makes it and stuffs it. He'll even show you if you come on the right day.'

'Oh, really.'

Just then a big, burly man came through the door, wearing a full white apron and a white butcher's cap.

'There he is now. Hey, Karl.'

'Dave, I see you're feeding my guys right,' Karl said.

'Nothing but the best for the best. Hey, I was just telling him about your great Kielbasa.'

'Best you'll find,' the man said.

'That's what he was telling me,' Brandon said.

'I told him you would show him how you make it and stuff it sometime.'

'Be glad to.'

The fireman picked up the Kielbasa again. 'You wouldn't happen to have any specials going on back there today, would you?'

'Could be. Let me check.' He disappeared into the back.

'If he has, we can go back,' the fireman told Brandon.

He didn't know what was going on, but he was getting the strange feeling that it was about more than the meat department and Karl's Kielbasa

The butcher came back a couple of minutes later. He gave a quick, discreet nod toward the door. The fireman stepped around Brandon, and at the door he glanced back and nodded. Brandon didn't know what was going on but after the other recent experiences he'd had, he was curious enough to find out. He followed the fireman.

Dave seemed to know where he was going. They went past the meat saws and tables, to a short stairway leading up to a walkway with a door at the end. Dave held the door open for Brandon, then went through and closed the door behind them.

'Where are we?' Brandon asked, in the dark.

Dave turned on a light. 'It's sort of a break room, except it's used by employees to come and lie down if they're not feeling well.

That answered that, but there were other questions in Brandon's mind, like why had the fireman brought him there. It was a small room, about ten by twelve, with a chair and a metal army cot. Brandon still wondered why they were there, but he didn't ask. He didn't have to. Dave reached down and groped the front of his cutoffs.

'I like what you've got showing...all those muscles...but man, I wanta see you out of your clothes,' he said as he peeled his own T-shirt off, revealing his massive, muscular upper body.

Brandon was very well built himself, but the young fireman was awesome. Built, and also darkly tanned.

'Come on, we don't have a lot of time for talk and foreplay,' Dave said as he was undoing his belt and stepping out of his shoes. 'Unless you're not interested,' he added, pausing.

'No, I...uhh, yeah, I'm interested,' Brandon stammered, although he wasn't exactly sure what he was supposed to be interested in. Guessing from the other experiences he'd had, he figured the fireman was going to give him some head, but he didn't know why they both had to be naked for that. He took off his shirt anyway.

'Fuck! You're built!' Dave said. 'Wish we had you down at the station, You ever think about being a fireman?'

'No. Wouldn't mind being one but I never thought about it seriously. Besides, I'm still in high school.'

'No fuckin' shit! How old are you?'


'Fuck, you look like you'd be about third year of college. How the fuck did you get to be built like that so young?'

'I guess I got my Dad's genes.'

'Fuck, I wanta meet your Dad.'

Dave was digging into his pants pocket. He brought out a small, plastic packet. Brandon watched him as he tore off the tab and squeezed the lube onto his fingers. Then he bent over and applied the stuff to his butt.

'You ever fuck a guy before?' he asked as he was obviously working the lube into his ass.

'Yeah, once,' Brandon said. His interest suddenly piqued, and he was startled about the prospect of doing it again. Especially to the muscle stud. And he suddenly understood his interest in the guy's butt when he was watching him move up and down the aisles.

'Holy Fuck!' Dave exclaimed when Brandon straightened from taking off his shorts. 'Shit, how big is that thing gonna get?'

Brandon stroked his thick, rubbery cock several times, till it was sticking out of his fist, long and thick and hard. It looked almost menacing.

'About that big,' he said.

'Damn! That is huge! I hope I can take it. You gotta go easy on me.'

'Okay, I will.'

Dave knelt on the edge of the bunk and bent over.

Brandon eyed the man's taut butt, spread apart so invitingly. It struck him as odd that he had no hair on his butt. He was as smooth as a baby. He stroked his fingers along the slick crevice between the solid butt muscles and felt the light stubble, and realized that the man shaved his ass. He found his hole easily, felt that it was nice and slick. He rubbed it, and it clenched against his finger Brandon didn't know how he was possibly going to fit through the tiny hole, but he figured he would, since the fireman was bent over for him. He probed through and the hot, tight hole welcomed his finger. It was nice and warm and soft inside the fireman's ass, and the hole tightened around his finger. Still unsure how his cock was going to fit, Brandon probed deeper, and Dave moaned.

'Ohhh, you found it, dude, now put your cock to work on it. 'Fuck me, you fuckin' sexy teenager,' he said over his shoulder. 'I've never been fucked by a teenager, this is gonna be awesome.'

Brandon moved closer with his legs against the side of the bed and set the head of his cock firmly against the hole. He pushed gently and the spongy muscle gave some but he didn't go in.

'Are you sure this is gonna work? Man, my cock is about twenty times bigger than your hole.'

'You gotta push hard to force it through,' Dave said.

'You said to take it easy on you,' Brandon reminded him.

'Just don't ram me, but you gotta shove real hard. Then after you get it in, wait a minute to let me get used to it, that's what I meant by taking it easy. But you're going to have to put some serious muscle behind it to get through my hole, cause I know I'm tight.'

Okay, Brandon thought. He took hold of Dave's hips and put pressure on the hole. He felt Dave pushing back. Brandon tightened his butt muscles.

'Oohh, Yeah, like that!...Ohhh, Fuck!' as the head popped through.

Brandon shoved in.

'Hold it. Not all the way yet.'

Brandon checked his entry and waited. He could feet Dave's asshole squeezing tightly around his cock and the inner lining of his ass caressing all around it. 'Ohhhh, fuck,' he whispered.

'It's gonna feel a lot better in a minute for both of us,' Dave said.

After a moment or two Dan's muscles in his back and shoulders relaxed and he squirmed his butt around invitingly.

'Okay, stud, give it to me. Go slow, but give it all to me.'

Brandon shoved his cock through the tight hole. The folds of the inner muscles of Dan's ass caressed and welcomed his cock. He was amazed to watch his thick inches slowly disappear through the hole and he wondered where it was all going. Finally he was all the way in, his loins pressed hard against the spread, smooth man butt, his cock throbbing deeply inside the snug, warm confines of the young fireman's body.

'Ohh, fuck, you go in deep.'

'Is it okay?' Brandon asked.

'Ohh, yeah. You hold it there for a minute. It don't hurt but it just feels so fuckin good, throbbing so deep inside me like that.'

'It feels pretty good from this end, too,' Brandon said. It felt incredible. He was anxious to move and start fucking the guy, but he waited till Dave signaled him by squirming around on his cock and acted like he was ready.

'Okay, big guy, fuck me, and you don't have to be easy now. Show me what you've got,' the fireman said.

Brandon slowly pulled back as he clasped his hands around the fireman's hips, then he shoved.

'OOOhhhh!' the man groaned loudly as the teenager began fucking him. He shoved back to meet the thrusting cock, and thrashed his ass around in circles when it was deep inside him. 'Goddamn! I haven't been fucked like this for a long time.'

Brandon showed him more of what he had. He dug his fingers into the fireman's muscular shoulders for leverage and fucked him even harder, slamming his cock into his spread ass like a pile driver. Every few strokes, he swung his hips around to corkscrew his cock into the guy's ass.

'Ohh, Geezuss!' the fireman cried out, tossing his head back. 'Oh, Fuck, man, you're gonna make me cum doing that.'

'That's the whole point, ain't it?' Brandon said.

'Yeah, dude, we can't be in here too long. How close are you?'

'I never thought about it. Now that you mention it, I guess I could work it up any time you're ready for it,' he said. And with that he began fucking him even harder. The slap-slap-slap of his loins against the man's butt resounded in the tiny room, and the man groaned louder.

'You think you oughta quiet down a little?' Brandon said. 'They're gonna hear us out there and wonder what the fuck's going on back in the meat room.'

'Ohh...Ohh, fuck...I'm getting meated, that's what's going on in the meat room,' the young fireman groaned. 'Ohhh...ohh, you're getting me there, fucker...ohhh, Godd...I'm gonna cum......!' The fireman's asshole started clenching tightly around Brandon's cock, and it felt like his entire ass was milking him as his climax overtook him. Then he felt the jolting tightness as he was cumming. Brandon slowed his pace, letting his own climax build up. The fireman was choking down his outcries, and Brandon could hear the soft splat-splat-splat of his cum shots hitting the wall. He let loose himself and began filling the man's ass with his own hot cum. 'Ohhhhhh...ohhh, yeah, I can feel it! Fuck, I can feel your cum shooting in me!'

It lasted barely moments, but it was so hotly intense that it made Brandon a little dizzy. His legs were shaking and he leaned over the fireman to steady himself. Together, they collapsed awkwardly across the bunk till they caught their breath. When he was able, Brandon straightened and slowly extracted his long, rubbery cock from the fireman's ass.

'Damn, where the hell did you learn to fuck like that?' Dave asked.

'On the job training,' Brandon said. 'Only problem was, it wasn't very long.'

'If we'd been in bed someplace, you would've fucked my brains out,' Dave said.

'I would like to see if I could do that...fuck a guy right out of his skull.'

'Fuck, I know a couple of guys at the station who would like to meet you,' the fireman said.

'Okay,' Brandon said.

When they were dressed, they left the room and walked through the meat room.

'Thanks, see you,' Dave said to Kurt, who was smiling.

'Yeah, thanks,' Brandon said.

'Hold on,' the big meat cutter said.

Dave walked on out. Brandon held back to see what the man wanted.

'That ain't thanks enough,' Kurt said.

Brandon scowled.

'I hooked you guys up. It's only fair that I get some of what he got.'

Brandon blinked. 'You...y-you mean, you w-want m-me to.....' He looked all around, then finished, 'You want me to fuck you?'

'Is that what you did to Dave?'

'Oh, shit, I wasn't supposed to say that,' Brandon said.

Kurt laughed. 'I've been wanting to find out what Dave goes for. Thanks for the heads-up.'

'Don't tell him I told you,' Brandon said with a worried look.

'I won't. I'll just tell him I figured it out for myself. I'll tell him he was walking funny,' Kurt said.

'Thanks, I don't want to get in trouble with him. He wants me to come down to the station house.'

'I'll bet he does,' Kurt said. 'It'll be interesting to find out what our city's finest does in their spare time.'

Brandon finished his shopping and went to check out. There was a cute, young bagboy bagging grocers at the next checkout. He looked at Brandon and smiled.

'I'll get yours in a minute,' he said eagerly.

'No rush. In fact, I can bag 'em,' Brandon said.

'No, I'll do it,' the boy said.

He seemed eager. Brandon watched him at the other checkout as he snatched things up and put them in bags without even looking. He was cute as fuck, with blondish, curly hair and a drop-dead smile that didn't seem to go away. Brandon noticed the way the yellow-and-blue striped T-shirt fit his upper body; how his smooth arms filled out the sleeves. He was built good for a kid that age.

The boy finished and moved to Brandon's checkout and began bagging his groceries. Every time Brandon looked, the boy was looking at him, smiling. By the time Brandon paid, the boy had his groceries bagged and in the cart. Then he stood with his hands on the car, as if to push it out.

'You're pretty fast at that,' Brandon said as he put the receipt in his wallet.

'Been doing it for a while,' the boy said.

Yeah, like a couple of months, Brandon thought. He wasn't old enough to have been doing it very long. He stepped beside the boy but he didn't move out of the way and Brandon realized that he was going to push the cart out.

'I can get this,' Brandon said.

'I can get it, that's my job,' he said.

'Maybe for little old ladies,' Brandon said as he put his hand on the cart.

'I'll help you load 'em,' the boy said as he moved out of the way, and he went with Brandon out of the store.

'You don't have to,' Brandon said. 'In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a pretty good sized guy, I can handle bags of groceries.'

'Yeah, heck, you could probably pick up the entire cart, groceries and all, and set it in your truck,' the boy said, following alongside the cart. 'I wanted to ask you, how'd you get built like that?'

'Eating right, lots of protein, right amount of sleep, and lots of hard work.'

'You mean work, like a job? Or working out? What kind of work do you do?'

'Construction, part time. I'm still in high school.'

'No kidding! I figured you for college. You work out, then.'

'Some. Actually, I'm built naturally, like my Dad. I didn't really have to work all that hard to get built like this.'

'Man, I wish I had your genes.'

They were at his truck and they both started unloading the cart.

'You do with what you've been given,' Brandon said. 'You've already got a good build for somebody your age. How old are you?'


'You're built damn good for fourteen. You got nothing to worry about. Just keep growing.'

'But I won't be built like you are.'

'Maybe, maybe not, but what does it matter?' Brandon said. 'You know, there are girls who don't like big, bulky muscles like mine. They go for more slender guys with lean, tight bodies. You just need to meet one of those girls.'

'I would rather meet a guy who goes for slender guys with tight, lean bodies,' the boy said. 'A guy like you, maybe.'

Brandon set the last bag in the truck and turned to look at the boy.

'Whoa! Was that a come on? You're only fourteen years old,' he said.

'I don't have much interest in girls.'

'You will,' Brandon said.

'No, I won't. If I was interested in girls I wouldn't be looking at guys.'

Brandon pushed the cart towards the boy to take back to the store. 'Listen, you need to be careful, saying stuff like that to strangers.'

'Sometimes you gotta take a chance,' the boy said. 'So, is there a chance?'

Brandon was moving around to get in his truck. 'A chance for what?'

'That maybe we could get to know each other.'

'Look, you're fourteen, I'm eighteen. It wouldn't work out.'

'If I was eighteen.......'

Brandon looked at him for a moment. 'If you were eighteen...yeah, it could possibly work out,' he said.

The boy's face lit up 'That's all I need to know. I can get to know you while I bag your groceries. And when you're twenty-two, I will be eighteen.'

Brandon laughed and opened the door. He waved back at the boy as he was pushing the cart back toward the store. Yeah, like you're gonna wait four years, he thought. 'Hell, he won't be a virgin when he turns fifteen,' he said to himself.















The Diary

At the Fire House

Went to the firehouse. Everybody was great, and friendly. The place ought to be named the fuckhouse. Had dinner with them. Guy named Skip made lasagna. It was good. After we ate the guys told me Skip's secret recipe; after he bakes the lasagna all the guys stand around and jack of and shoots their loads on it, he spreads the cum around with a pastry brush and puts it back in the oven to brown. I still don't know whether to believe them or not. Glad I didn't take seconds. I helped Dave clean up while guys sat out in front of the firehouse.

Skip, and a guy named Mitch who came through, went upstairs to their sleeping quarters. Dave told me they were the two guys that would be interested in me; Dave and I went upstairs too. They were pretty quick about undressing me. Mitch liked my ass. Skip liked my cock so he sucked my cock while Mitch rimmed me and fingered me. They gave me poppers, first time to use that stuff. It made me fly, just like they said it would. Okay, I sucked cock, and took a big load of cum. I liked it, sucking cock and the cum, maybe because of the poppers. Gotta admit something else. I got fucked! Poppers probably made me do it; I know they helped. It hurt like hell at first but then it started feeling food. I liked it. It was wild, sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time, and the guy fucking me was getting fucked himself. I want to blame it on the poppers, but the guys said that I was secretly wanting to do all that stuff, the poppers just helped me find the courage to do it. They might be right. I got invited back. I will probably go. I like having sex with these studs.


At The Fire House

Brandon arrived at the fire station at the appointed time on Friday evening, in time for dinner. That day's cook had made lasagna; he could smell the garlic. Dave greeted him and made the introductions to the other men seated around the table. They were friendly and out going as Skip, the cook of the day, served up his specialty to the waiting, hungry crew. They all bitched and complained about the lasagna but it was all in fun, and the conversation moved to more raucous things.

Brandon told him how great it was and the men all looked at each other and laughed.

'What?' he asked. 'What'd I say that was so funny?'

'You gonna tell him?'

'Not me.'

'Not me.'

'He'll probably throw up.'

'Tell me what?' Brandon asked.

'Well, I guess you oughta know, since you've already eaten it,' Mitch said.

'Know what?'

'Well, Skip's got a secret ingredient that he uses in his lasagna. After he bakes it, he takes it out of the oven, we all stand around it to sort of warm our balls...well, no, actually, we stand around and jack off and shoot cum all over it and he spreads that around with a pastry brush then puts it back in the oven for five minutes. That's gives it that golden brown look.'

Brandon dropped his fork with a bite of lasagna on it and reached for his Coke. Everybody burst out laughing as he gulped down the coke, trying to wash down the taste of the lasagna.

'I don't know whether to believe you or not,' Brandon said, laughing with them, but it was weak laughter, not as hard. He looked at Skip and he really couldn't tell if it was a joke or not.

One of the guys got up and began clearing the table. He reached for Brandon's plate, hesitating. 'Are you finished?'

'Uhh...I think I am,' Brandon said. 'Is anybody going to tell me if that's a joke or not?'

'Would you believe us if we did?' one man asked as they all laughed again. They never told him.

Brandon pitched in to help with the dishes while the others went outside to sit in front of the firehouse and watch the traffic. All the while he wondered what might transpire, and when, or if it was to be simply an evening of camaraderie with the firemen. He thought they might just join the others outside for a while. He still didn't know who the 'couple of guys' were that Dave said he would like meet him. Just then Mitch came in from outside.

'I'm going upstairs and lie down,' he said. He disappeared up the stairs. Skip finished wiping up the counter while Dave and Brandon straightened the chairs. Then when Skip started for the stairs, Brandon had a feeling it was going down.

'You coming up?' Skip asked Dave at the top of the stairs.

'Yeah, we'll be up,' Dave said. He looked at Brandon when Skip had gone. 'Skip and Mitch, they're the two guys,' he said.

'What about the rest of the guys?' Brandon asked.

'They won't bother us,' Dave said.

'So they know. I mean, they know, if I go up with you and Mitch and Skip instead of us going outside with them, that....'

'Yeah, they're all cool with it,' Dave said.

Brandon shrugged and followed Dave up the stairs. It was a small dorm-like room with rows of bunks on each side and narrow lockers against the walls at the end of each bunk. The lighting was dim, and it took him a moment to adjust to it. When he did he saw Mitch stretched out on the last bunk, naked except for his socks. Skip was sitting on the edge of his bunk also naked. There was an empty bunk between them.

Dave approached the middle bunk with Brandon in tow and Mitch reached out and squeezed his thigh.

'We're really glad you decided to join us,' he said to Brandon.

'Yeah, mighty glad,' Skip said as he sat up as well, feeling Brandon's butt.

Dave tugged Brandon's shirt up and pulled it off while Mitch was undoing his jeans. Skip, behind him, pulled the jeans down and they all three pulled them off of him.

'Fuck!' Skip said. 'The next opening, you need to apply. We want you in this station house.'

Mitch felt the front of Brandon's briefs. 'Damn, dude, you look so hot in those shorts I hate to take them off of you.'

Brandon felt Skip pulling his shorts down in the back. 'Get a look at this ass.'

You're gonna love it.' He urged him to turn around so Mitch could see his butt.

'Ohh, fuck! Perfection!' Mitch said.

Skip laughed. 'I knew you would like it.'

'Mitch is an ass man,' Dave explained.

'Geezuss!' Mitch exclaimed hoarsely as he squeezed and kneaded the firm muscled ass. 'Fuck, I gotta have this.' With that he slipped off his bunk onto his knees and began licking and kissing Brandon's butt.

Dave, who was naked now too, began kissing his chest and playing with his nipples. Skip was pulling his shorts down in front.

'Ohh, my Godd,' he gasped. 'He's a horse! Fuck, Mitch, you gotta see this cock.'

'Later,' he murmured, his voice muffled by Brandon's butt.

'Like I said, Mitch is a true ass man,' Dave said.

Brandon moaned as he felt Skip's mouth envelop his cock. From then on, it all happened so fast, it made his head spin. The three hunky firemen seemed to all have their own specialties. They eased him down onto the bunk and Dave and Skip took turns between his tits and his cock, but Dave spent more time sucking his tits and generally tongue-worshiping his muscles. Mitch remained glued to his butt. They had him turned up with his legs up in the air while Mitch tongued his ass and gradually inserted a finger.

Brandon started to stop him but the way they were entangled he couldn't reach his wrist. Then he didn't bother as the finger shoved deeper inside him. This was not new to him, and he didn't want to act like a baby.

'OOHhhhh,' he gasped softly.

'He's got a real educated tongue,' Dave said.

'I think...h-he's using his finger,' Brandon said.

'Well, let his finger do the walking, Mitch is an expert ass man.'

'Ohh...Ohh...Ohh, fuck,' he gasped as he felt Mitch touch a very sensitive spot up inside him.

'See what I mean?' Dave said.

'Ohh...Ohhhh....Ohhhh Godd!' Brandon moaned.

Skip stood up and moved to the head of the bunk where he got on his knees to straddle Brandon's head.

'Hey, I think he's one way,' Dave pointed out.

'That's a temporary situation,' Skip said.

But Brandon turned his head as he felt Skip's heavy balls against his head and saw his cock sticking out over his face. Skip held a small brown bottle down to his nose. It was open and Brandon could smell the acrid aroma. He twisted his head further but that only facilitated Skip putting the bottle to his nostril and he closed off the other nostril with his finger.

'Take a deep breath,' he told him.

'It'll make you fly,' Dave said. 'We all use it.'

Brandon took a light sniff then sucked in a deep breath, taking in the acrid aroma that was like fumes now.

'Lift your head,' Skip told him and when he did he put the bottle to the other nostril and told him to breath it in.

Again Brandon easily obeyed as the stuff had already began do to it's magic on his brain. He felt a strange warmth and the inside of his head was sort of spinning and he was seeing stars, then he was seeing Skip's heavy balls that he had turned away from hanging over his face now, and instead of turning away again he was opening his mouth.

'Uhhmmm,' he moaned softly as he began sucking gently on the warm, hairy gonad.

'Thata boy,' someone said.

Then someone was taking his hand and lifting his arm that was guarding against the big cock sticking out over his face. As his hand was guided, he took hold of Skip's cock. He jacked it a few times, and it felt hot and hard and alive and good.

'You like the feel of that?' Dave asked him.

'MMMnnnn,' he moaned to say he liked the feel of the thick cock in his hand. Then suddenly Skip was rising up, pulling his balls up from Brandon's face and he saw the thick cock being aimed at his open mouth.

'No, man,' he said weakly, but he didn't sound very convincing even to himself. He felt powerless to stop the towering man flesh even as it came closer to his mouth, and then the big cock descended downward, entering his mouth and Brandon's tongue came out to welcome it first, then his lips as they closed around it, and suddenly he was sucking cock for the first time in his life!! He wanted to resist it, to rebel, to stop this awful thing from happening. but the little brown bottle was against his nose again and he couldn't resist it either. He wanted it. All of it. The hard, throbbing cock and the warm balls, and Skip's muscular thighs against his head, and he needed the good floating feeling from the bottle, and the courage it gave him to do what he didn't want to do.

'Told you it was a temporary situation,' Skip said with a chuckle. 'Look at him eat that cock.'

As he breathed in the macho-saving aroma he felt something different at his ass. He had been only vaguely aware of the increased intensity down there as Mitch tongued his ass and fingered him and massaged that Godd-oh-so-good spot inside him, and it felt like he was using more than one finger now and he was fucking him with his finger.

Suddenly Mitch's face appeared above him, a little blurry, and his broad shoulders, and his arms were crooked around Brandon's legs, tilting him up off the bed, bending him in half and there was a hot bluntness pushing against his asshole where his fingers had been before.

Brandon could feel his insides palpitating, almost quivering from want of those wonderful fingers to be back inside him, doing their magic.

Mtich bent down and kissed Brandon's mouth that was wrapped around Skip's thrusting cock.

'You're gonna like this,' he told him.

The bottle was there again at his nose. He was glad because the stuff didn't last very long and he wanted to keep soaring on his new journey into ecstasy. He sucked it in and soared higher. Some part of his brain cried out, weakly now, to stop it. This wasn't who he was. It told him he was about to be impaled on the hard heat bearing down against his asshole. He was about to be fucked. But he silenced the fading voice and the pressure grew, then became irresistible, and he was soaring so high with a warm, hard cock in his mouth and another one pushing to gain entry from the other end. Ohh, Godd, get it in! Maybe it can find that spot that was still aching for attention. Shove it in, for chrissakes! Fuck me!

'Ooohhhhh!' His surprised cry was muffled by the cock in his mouth, and the bottle appeared yet again to numb the pain and numb his brain to the fact that his asshole had been pried apart and there was a thick, hot cock being imbedded into his guts. Mitch continued to kiss him around Skip's cock, murmuring soothingly to calm him, telling him to hold on, take it like a man, it was going to feel good in a minute.

He was sure he believed him but he was helpless to resist. Not that Mitch was that much bigger than him; he simply didn't have the will. It was as his macho common sense was being flooded and he was drowning in a seat of lust. He held his breath as the big cock sank deeper and deeper into his body. He held it till he felt Mitch's balls pressing against his butt and his pubes grinding against his spread butt. And suddenly, Mitch was right. Suddenly, it was feeling good.

His asshole clenched involuntarily around the thick girth till it worked through the last of the pain and what emerged was the most wonderful feeling Brandon had ever experienced. Even as the poppers wore off, the hard, throbbing cock felt so incredible inside his ass and he even relished the feel and taste of Skip's cock in his mouth, that was by now sliding effortlessly in and out of his throat.

Where was Dave, he wondered. It was a few more minutes as his mind cleared that he realized that Dave was fucking Skip.

The poppers had sent him into orbit and now the melding of male flesh into his body kept him floating in that orbit. Mitch moved his cock in and out a few times.

'How does that feel?'

'MMMMnnnnn!' he moaned, nodding as he hunkered his butt up to meet Mitch's cock sliding into his ass. Then he squirmed free of Skip's cock and held it in his hand. 'Godd, I never dreamed anything could feel like this. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard,' he said breathlessly. Then he took Skip's cock back in his mouth. Skip had moved around and he buried his head in Brandon's crotch to suck his cock. 'MMnnn...MMMmmm!' Brandon moaned around Skip's cock. His brain became seared with lust so that he was unable to make heads or tails of any thoughts, but they came and went swiftly...of his Dad...what would he think of him?...and of all the others who so eagerly serviced him without a thought of reciprocation. They wouldn't believe it.

The pleasure intensified.

'Listen, Brandon, let us know when you're getting close, we'll give you a real send off,' Skip said.

'Yeah, Skip, I know how much you want his load but don't be a cum pig. You gotta share it with Mitch and me,' Dave said.

The send off they gave him was something he would not have thought possible to experience or to endure. He was able to give warning through his desperate groans and his body language, that he was approaching his climax. Suddenly the bottle appeared again.

'Here, one more time,' one of the firemen said. 'This is going to blow your mind as well as your load.'

Brandon took the offering eagerly and set sail yet again. His mounting climax served as the rocket booster and suddenly he was cumming. It felt like his insides were churning in a whirlwind as his climax gained momentum. He wanted Skip to stay on his cock and accept it and draw it out of him but he moved away and replaced his mouth with his hand. Brandon was suddenly jolted to the core as his asshole tightened around Mitch's cock and his prostate vibrated like an electrical current was shot through it. Then he came.

Godd, did he cum!! The stuff shot up through his cock so hard, it almost hurt.

'Holy Fuck!' Skip exclaimed, and he knew he had hit him with it his hot rocket fuel.

Again and again his hard, aching cock fired off salvos of thick, hot cum in long ropes, while Mitch continued to fuck him. It was like he was fucking his load right out of him.

'Godd! He is a horse! Look at that stuff shoot out! Fuck, I can feel his prostate almost pounding against my cock with every shot,' Mitch said.

Brandon was seeing stars, and he thought he might've blacked out for a couple of times for seconds. As he felt himself floating back down in stages, he felt a hot sensation deep inside his ass, like he was being shot full of liquid heat and being bathed with warm honey. Mitch was cumming inside him! When the stuff heated his prostate it quivered violently.

'Shit, there's more!' Skip exclaimed as Brandon shot out several more spurts of semen. 'Aww, fuck, this is so hot, kid, I'm gonna cum, just watching you!'

It never really registered in Brandon's mind that Skip was going to cum in his mouth till he was doing it. The warm semen gushed out, coating his tongue, waking his taste buds as it flooded his mouth. He heard himself moan with perverted pleasure as he swirled the stuff around the swollen cockhead and when there was too much, he instinctively swallowed, but he could still feel the stuff overflowing out the corners of his mouth. The incredibly intense climax slowly took its toll. He closed his eyes, only vaguely aware of eager mouths licking up the cum from his chest and stomach and then kissing it off his face.

'Damn, Dave, where did you find this stud?' one of them asked.

They took a few minutes to rest and catch their breath, and Brandon felt totally in his element, lying on the narrow bunk with a muscular fireman crowded on each side. When they were showered, they remade the bunks

'So, are you ready to become a fireman?' Skip asked Brandon as they were getting dressed.

'I don't think I would have enough strength to go out on calls,' Brandon said.

They took him down the brass pole and outside to say goodbye to the others, then Dave walked him out to his truck.

'You were awesome,' he told him. 'And that's not just my opinion.'

'You guys were pretty awesome too,' Brandon said. 'You made me do things I never dreamed I would ever do.'

'You wanted to do those was in there, waiting to get out,' Dave said.

'Yeah, I think the poppers pretty much flushed it all out of me,' he said, laughing.

'I hope you come back,' Dave said.

'Fuck, yeah, any time the three of you are on duty,' Brandon said.

'We don't all have to be here. Any one of us can take care of you.'

'What about the others? What will they think if I just start showing up?'

'They join in sometimes, to get their cocks sucked, or maybe to fuck when their wives aren't putting out for some reason, and now that you know you can handle that.'

'You're going to tell the others that I got fucked.'

'We don't keep secrets from each other. We're too tight for that,' Dave said. 'But listen, you don't have to get fucked every time. You lay the ground rules, the guys will respect that.'

'Man, I never thought I would ever be doing that stuff, but the poppers sent me over the edge.'

'No, dude,' Dave said with an arm on his shoulder. 'You went over the edge yourself, the poppers only gave you the courage to make the jump.

Brandon pondered that all the way home.



The Diary

Serving Detention

Had detention today. Pouring down rain and I had to serve it over at the shop building. Got soaked. My clothes squished when I sat down. Mr. Anderson gave me some of his old clothes to change into, except shorts. Jeans were too tight, practically cut me in two, and the shirt was too tight. Mr. Anderson said I could undo them or even take them off since it was just him and me. I took them off, but then got a hardon. He wasn't bothered by that. Got a huge surprise when I went up to his desk to ask him something about the electrical manual I was studying....HE had a hardon too, sticking out! Got another surprise when he took hold of MY cock, then took it in his mouth. Guess Anderson is gay. He said he got hard from seeing me taking off my wet clothes. Mr. Anderson is also an ass man; he rimmed me good. Got another confession to make. I let Mr. Anderson fuck me. It was great. I like being fucked. He got me off by jacking me while he fucked me. I think I'm turning into a slut.



Brandon stood at the exit watching the rain sheet down on the window panes in the door. It was coming down in buckets. Of all times for his truck to be in the garage. He looked over at the busses loading under the canopy; everybody was keeping dry. It was a twenty-yard dash to the industrial arts building; he was going to get soaked. Maybe he would just go get on the bus and skip detention. But that would probably just get him another detention. Fuck it. A little rain wouldn't hurt him. He tucked his books inside his jacket, shoved the door open and made a hard dash down the sidewalk to the other building. He was soaked before he got half way there. He bounded through the door, water running down his face. The wind blew the door shut behind him with a loud slam. Mr. Anderson appeared around the corner of the equipment cage.

'Brandon, what're you doing out in this downpour?'

'I've got a detention. They said I had to serve it over here,' he said, swiping the water from his face.

'It could've waited till tomorrow.'

'I thought about it. But I figured if you didn't turn in a slip saying I was here, Mrs. Applegate would tack on another detention.'

'Well, she probably would have, but I could've pleaded your case,' Mr. Anderson said.

'Did you ever plead a case successfully to Mrs. Applegate?' Brandon scoffed.

'No,' the man said, laughing. 'Well, you're here, let me get you a towel.' He turned to go to his office.

Brandon followed him. 'A towel's not going to do much good, I'm soaked to the skin,' he said. 'Even my notebook got soaked. I don't remember when its rained this hard.'

But Mr. Anderson was already in his office getting a towel out of his locker. Brandon followed him in, and laid his notebook aside and shed his jacket.

'Yes, and it's a cold rain, you shouldn't be out in it,' Mr. Anderson said.

Brandon took the towel and wiped off his notebook then dried his hair.

Mr. Anderson took out a manual on electrical wiring. 'Well, since you are here, this will be a good time to get the jump on the rest of the shop class,' he said, laying the book on the arm of a desk chair. 'We'll start using this manual next week.'

When Brandon sat down his clothes made a squishing sound.

'Brandon, you shouldn't be sitting here for an hour soaked to the skin, and you can't leave, it's still pouring down rain. You really should get out of those clothes,' Mr. Anderson said as he got up and went to his locker. 'I've got a change of old clothes in my locker. They might be a tight fit, but it's better than being wet and chilly.'

Brandon didn't argue the point. He was soaked and he was getting chilly. 'Thanks,' he said. He took off his shoes and socks then stood up and peeled off his shirt. Mr. Anderson handed him the towel back and he dried off his upper body. Then he undid his jeans and had to literally peel them off where they clung to his skin. He peeled his shorts down and was naked. It should've been awkward, in front of Mr. Anderson, who wasn't a coach, but it wasn't. He finished drying his body and slipped on the yellow T-shirt that the teacher gave him. Mr. Anderson was smaller and he was barely able to tug the shirt down over his muscular torso. The sleeves stretched tightly around his arms, and he pulled it down as far as he could but there was still a slab of a couple of inches of his stomach showing.

'Sorry, I don't have a change of shorts here,' Mr. Anderson said.

The jeans barely fit around the waist. They were tight in the legs and Brandon's bubble butt caused them to fit tight around the hips and he had to struggle to get them buttoned. When he did, the fly pulled apart at each button and when he sat down there was a very prominent and very tight bulge in front. But at least he was dry.

He opened the electrical manual and started to read, but the jeans cut into his crotch and the crack of his ass, and no matter how he squirmed around, he couldn't get comfortable and he couldn't concentrate. Still, he didn't want to blow the opportunity to get a head start on the rest of the class so he tried to ignore the discomfort and study. He skimmed over a couple of parts that he didn't fully understand, and finished the short chapter, then went back to read those parts again.

Finally, he cleared his throat and said, 'Mr. Anderson.'

'Yes, Brandon.'

'I get most of this first chapter, except this one part. I've read the caption under the diagram, but it doesn't seem to agree with how they explained how they actually wired the box.'

'Bring it up here,' Mr. Anderson said.

Brandon stood up and pulled the T-shirt down but it left a strip of his stomach exposed. He tugged the jeans down to keep them from binding but they wouldn't give. He walked up and stood beside Mr. Anderson and laid the manual in front of him. 'Here's what it says, but right here......' He pointed to the diagram. 'Am I missing something.'

'Yes, you are. It is confusing, though.' He explained the diagram in great detail, using his pen as a pointer to follow the path of the wiring. 'Does that explain it?' he asked, looking up at Brandon.

'Yeah, thanks.'

Mr. Anderson looked Brandon up and down. 'I'm really sorry I don't have any clothes to fit you,' he said.

'I'm okay.'

'You're busting out of that T-shirt.'

'Actually it's the jeans that are cutting me in two,' Brandon said.

'Well, when the rain stops we'll consider your detention served, and you can go on home.'

'Doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon.' He tugged down on the jeans as he walked back to his desk chair. He sat back down, trying to wriggle into a comfortable position, and went back to reading.

After a few minutes, Mr. Anderson said, 'Brandon, why don't you undo the buttons so you can be more comfortable. And take off the T-shirt if you want to. It's just you and me.'

'I'm okay,' Brandon said. He would've stripped in a flash, but he was afraid he would get a hardon, cause being naked usually did that to him, and he didn't want that to happen in front of Mr. Anderson.

When Brandon didn't move, Mr. Anderson got up and left his office. Brandon heard the door bolt sliding shut, and heard the man's boots coming back. When he came back in his office he walked up to Brandon's desk and motioned for him to stand up. Brandon looked at him, bewildered. When he stood, Mr. Anderson took hold of his T-shirt and pulled it up. Brandon lifted his arms for him to take it off of him, then took it from him. Then Mr. Anderson reached down and began unbuttoning the jeans.

'It's ridiculous for you to be so uncomfortable, with my jeans cutting you in half,' he said.

Brandon was stunned to see the man unbuttoning the jeans, and feel his hands against his bare skin down inside the waistband.

'There. Leave 'em open, or take them off if you want. I locked the door,' he said. Then he went back to his desk.

Brandon was a lot more comfortable, especially without the tight T-shirt, but he could feel right away that his cock was going to cause him trouble. He splayed his legs out and reached down inside the jeans to move things into a more comfortable position, then brought his thighs together again. He glanced up to see Mr. Anderson looking at him. Their eyes met for a split second and Mr. Anderson smiled as Brandon withdrew his hand.

Brandon's cock started coming alive. It was laying in a position that when it started to grow, it started to grow right down his right thigh, but the jeans were too tight and there wasn't room for expansion. He reached inside again to rearrange things but to no avail. The jeans were so tight they hurt his expanding cock. Finally, he stood up and shoved the jeans down.

'You said I could take these off,' he muttered. He had to wriggle out of them and practically peel them off his thick thighs. He folded them and laid them on the next desk and sat down naked. He put one hand down between his legs to press his cock down, as it was fluffing up. Soon it got hard as hell, and it was all he could do to keep from wrapping his fist around it and jacking it a little.

'Hell, let it go free, there's no use trying to fight it,' Mr. Anderson said in a low tone.

Brandon glanced up at the man and moved his hand and his cock sprung up at a sharp angle, throbbing and quivering violently.

'It does this when I get naked,' Brandon said, embarrassed.

'That must make for some interesting times in the locker room,' Mr. Anderson said, laughing.

'I'm not getting much studying done here,' Brandon said.

'Yes, I can see how it would be hard to concentrate with that distraction,' the teacher said with a tight smile.

But Brandon tried. He read the second chapter all the way through three times, till he was stuck on only one point. He wanted to go up and ask Mr. Anderson to explain it to him, but he couldn't walk up to his desk with his cock sticking out like a club. Twice when he glanced up at the desk, Mr. Anderson saw him.

'Do you have another question, Brandon?'

'Yes, sir, I do, but...well, I can't come up there like this.'

Mr. Anderson laughed softly. 'No need to be embarrassed, Brandon, I've got one of those myself. Not as big as that.'

'Yeah, but is yours hard?' Brandon blurted out. He was immediately embarrassed for saying it.

'Bring your question up to me,' Mr. Anderson said with a wave of his hand.

Brandon stood up. His cock stood up too, at a sharp angle from his loins, almost straight up, quivering and throbbing. Fuck, there was even precum oozing out! He instinctively, quickly made a swipe with his fingers and wiped the slick juice on the side of his butt. His cock swung back and forth like a battering ram as he walked up to the desk. He walked around beside the teacher but stood a little farther away from him than before. His cock kept on throbbing, sticking out over the desk, and he dropped his right arm to sort of hide it. He voiced his question and tried to concentrate on Mr. Anderson's explanation, but he wasn't grasping any of it. He was just too excited and embarrassed.

'I'm sorry, Mr. Anderson, this just isn't working. I'm not used to being naked in front of a teacher, except the coach, especially in this condition. If it's all right with you, I think I'll put my wet clothes back on and head on home. It won't matter if I get wetter.'

Mr. Anderson closed the manual and shoved it aside. 'Brandon, can I trust you?' he asked, looking around at him.

'Trust me with what?' he asked with a confused look.

'With a secret?'

'Sure, I guess so. What secret?'

'Well, you asked me if mine was hard.......' He pushed his chair back from the desk. 'This secret,' he said.

Brandon stood gaping down at the teacher's cock sticking up out of his opened jeans. 'Geezuss, Mr. Anderson!'

'It's been this way since you stripped off your wet clothes. The rest of my secret is this.' He reached out and took hold of Brandon's cock.

'Geezz, Mr. Anderson, I had no idea,' Brandon said.

'You've got a beautiful cock to go with that gorgeous body,' the man said as he slowly stroked Brandon's big cock. 'Have you done anything like this before, with another man?'

'Yes,' he replied in a croaking voice.

'Good, then you're not totally taken by surprise.'

'Well, I am surprised, or I was, but not now that I know what you're gonna do.'

'Do you like having your cock sucked?'

'Oh, yess!'

'Move around here, in front of me,' Mr. Anderson said as he rolled his chair back from the desk.

Brandon stepped in front of him, facing him, but the teacher took him by the hips and turned him around.

'Bend over the desk.'

Brandon bent over and Mr. Anderson urged his feet wide apart. Then he felt the man's hot breath on his butt, then his tongue lapping along the inside of his butt.

'Damn, this is a fine ass,' the teacher murmured. 'You don't know how I've drooled over your butt.'

'I wish I'd known,' Brandon said.

'Well, now you do. So I hope this isn't the only time.'

'It won't be if you don't want it to be,' Brandon said. 'Ohhhh...Ohhh, Mr. Anderson, sir, that feels so good!' He was pulling his hole open, flicking his tongue all around it. 'AAAwwhhh! Godd!' he cried out when Mr. Anderson's tongue forced up inside him. 'Ohhhhh...ohhh, that feels good!'

'Do you fuck?' the older man asked.

Brandon didn't know if he was asking if he liked to fuck, or be fucked and he didn't answer him at first. He thought of the firemen. He didn't know if he wanted to do that again. A tiny, secret part of him did but he didn't want to admit it. Finally he answered, simply, 'Yeah.' Mr. Anderson could take it either way.

He thought he knew which way he was taking it when Mr. Anderson began fingering his ass. 'No, I meant.....' But then he moaned loudly again when he felt the man's fingers touch and massage his prostate.

'I think I found your love nut,' he said.

'You sure...f-found...something!' Brandon exclaimed. Within minutes, he was unable to stand still.

'What were you about to say?' Mr. Anderson asked.

'N-nothing...I'm fine with this...what you're doing,' he stammered. He was shoving back against Mr. Anderson's hand and twisting his hips around, grinding his ass around his probing finger; and moaning. 'You can fuck me, Mr. Anderson!' he blurted out.

His own voice startled him. He had not intended to say it. He was thinking it more and more, but he hadn't intended to let the words come out of his mouth.

'Oh, Godd, are you serous?' Mr. Anderson gasped hoarsely.

Brandon didn't say he was or wasn't. It was already said and he couldn't take it back so he guessed he must be serious. He stayed bent over the desk, enjoying the teacher's probing fingers. He heard Mr. Anderson's chair being shoved back as he stood up.

'I can't believe you're letting me do this,' he said.

Brandon heard a zipper, then Mr. Anderson spitting, and he felt the warm spit drool into the crack of his ass. Mr. Anderson worked it inside him then he heard him spit again and Brandon knew he was lubing up his cock. He wanted to look around to see the teacher's cock he didn't know how big or small he was but he didn't. He would just find out. He felt the heat of the man's cock against his hole, then the pressure. Mr. Anderson clasped his hands around Brandon's hips and shoved, hard. He penetrated him with that one shove.

'Oohhh!' Brandon gasped, tossing his head back. The man was thick, that much he knew for certain, now. He dropped his head in agony and gripped the edge of the desk till his knuckles were white.

'Have you done this before?' Mr. Anderson asked.

'Only once,' Brandon muttered.

'I wish I could've been your first,' he said as he shoved deeper, all the way in.

'It feels like you are!' Brandon groaned.

'Ohh, this is so sweet,' Mr. Anderson moaned as he began fucking him.

Yeah, it sure was, Brandon thought; really sweet. He didn't like the fact that he liked being fucked, but there was no denying the truth of it. He liked the physical action. He had tried to forget the time with the fireman and get back on the straight track, but every time he thought he had it buried something like this came up, or he might simply see a firefighter and it all came back. He had managed to squelch the nagging thoughts of going back to the fire station, but now, with what Mr. Anderson was doing to him, it was raising it's ugly head again.

He humped back and forth, meeting the shop teacher's thrusts, and when he shoved back he squirmed and twisted his butt around; he liked how the man's cock lobbed around inside him.

'Ahh, you like it that way,' Mr. Anderson said as he pressed his loins against the teenager's hard butt and twisted his own hips around in wide circles.

'Ohhhhh...Awwwhh, Yeah, man, I love it when you cork-screw your cock in me like that.'

Mr. Anderson fucked him hard, and Brandon found himself thinking ahead, sort of day dreaming of how and when they might do this again. The man had a nice, thick cock, and he knew how to use it.

'Your other time, was it with a teacher?' Mr. Anderson asked.

'No. I wouldn't tell if it was,' Brandon said.

'That's good. Then I can trust you.'

'Hell, yeah, you can trust me. You think I'm going to go around blabbing that I got my ass fucked?'

'I want to come in you,' Mr. Anderson said.

'Yeah...okay....' Brandon reached down for his own cock. He wanted to try to get off with him.

'Here, I'll do that for you,' Mr. Anderson said, brushing Brandon's hand aside to reach for his cock himself. 'Damn, that's a real handful. I thought when I asked if you like to fuck, you would say you wanted to fuck me.'

'I do,' Brandon said. 'But you got me so hot with your tongue, and then your fingers in my ass I just blurted it out that I wanted you to fuck me. I didn't intend to say it, really. It just came out.'

'Do you want me to stop?'

'No! Fuck, no! I want you to get us both off.'

'Let's see if we can do that. You let me know when you're getting close and I'll tell you when I'm getting close.'

Sweat poured off of Mr. Anderson's face and dripped on the boy's butt, while Brandon dripped sweat on the desk. The rain sheeted fiercely against the windows and there was thunder and every once in a while a bright streak of lightning. Brandon thought, what if there was somebody out there in the rain, they could see right in. He thought it but the intense pleasure he was feeling made him not give a fuck. He was distracted, but suddenly he felt a hot sensation inside him, spreading through his insides like liquid heat.

'Ohhhh...Ohhhh, fuck!...Awww, Mr. Anderson, I can feel it! I can feel your cum shooting inside me! Awwww, Godd, it feels so good!'

Mr. Anderson jacked the boy's cock harder and reached around his other hip with his other hand to grab his balls and squeeze them.

'Oh, Geezuss! I'm cumming!' Brandon announced in a softly whispered gasp. 'Oh, Godd...Ohhh...Ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck me harder, Mr. Anderson. I'm gonna cum!'

He let it fly under the desk, and he could hear it hitting the inside of the modesty shield at the front of the desk. He slammed his butt back hard onto the man's belching cock and fucked himself crazy. It was so intense, the blood pounded in his head so hard it hurt. His prostate ached from being brutalized so incessantly. He didn't realize it but he had clamped his mouth over his forearm to keep from screaming. He realized it only when it hurt, and he looked down to see if he had drawn blood.

Suddenly the rain stopped, as if someone had turned off the faucet, and all was quiet outside. Inside could be heard the two sweaty males heavy, ragged breathing.

'My Godd!' Mr. Anderson said, finally.

'Yeah,' Brandon agreed, weakly.

'I've never had sex that good,' the man said

Brandon didn't say anything. What did he want him to say, that it was the best he'd ever had too? He couldn't say that, and he was surprised to hear Mr. Anderson say it because he was married. Brandon hadn't really made comparisons and he would be hard pressed to make one now. But way in the back of his head, it was the firemen that stood out right at that moment.

Brandon squeezed his asshole tightly as the thick cock was pulled out, but he knew his hole didn't close up. He felt cum draining out and running down the inside of his thigh. 'You got a shop rag?' he asked as he straightened up, standing with his legs apart.

Mr. Anderson grabbed a handful of shop rags out of a drawer and handed Brandon one and stuffed the other one into the crack of his ass to stop the flow of cum draining out. Then he knelt down to wipe the cum off the boy's leg.

'I got it all over the inside of the front of your desk,' Brandon said as he was wiping his cock off.

'Don't worry about it. It'll dry.'

'You don't want me to clean it off?' he asked.

'No, I like the idea of it being there.'

'It might eat the paint off,' Brandon said.

'Nobody will see except me.'

Brandon got dressed, cringing as he struggled to pull on his soaked clothes.

'Sorry I don't have anything that will fit you better,' Mr. Anderson said.

'That's okay. Thanks anyway. But I couldn't go out wearing your jeans and shirt.'

'Not without being arrested for indecency,' Mr. Anderson joked.

Brandon picked up his books and tugged the wet clothes away from his skin as he moved toward the door. ' was great,' he said.

'I would like to do this again,' the man said. 'And have you fuck me next time,' he added.

'Yeah, next time we have the chance,' Brandon said.

'I can stay late any day you want.'

'Okay. Thanks.'

Brandon left Mr. Anderson walked him to the door and let him out and headed for home. He would be glad to get out of the wet clothes and under a warm shower. His mind was amuck with thoughts of what he'd just done. It hadn't started out that way in his mind; the getting fucked part. When he realized that Mr. Anderson was hinting about sex, he figured he would get a good blowjob, or if he was lucky, maybe the guy liked being fucked.

'I'm turning into a slut,' he murmured. But his body argued with him. It told him he was just a highly-sexed teenage guy who liked his sex in any form, any way and any place he could get it. His still-tingling ass agreed. He would hang his hat on that.












The Diary

Year End Prank:

Can't believe I did this. It's a tradition that somebody in the senior class comes up with a really wild prank at the end of the year, as a way of leaving our mark. I was picked this year. Some guys put their heads together and came up with the idea of me going to English class in just my jockstrap. I said no way, it could get me kicked out of school and cost me my diploma. So they changed it to me just walking down the hallway wearing my jock. I said I could get by with that, it wouldn't be so in your face. So between classes I stripped down to my jockstrap and one of the guys took my clothes and to meet in the boys' rest room. It went off great; a lot of kids saw me, but my jock stroll lasted a little too long and covered too much territory and I got turned in by one of the teachers who also saw me. I slipped in the rest room and got dressed and went to class. I barely got set down when I was handed a pass to go to the principal's office.

This is the weird part. I get to Mr. Alberts' office and he says he missed my little escapade and wants me to demonstrate it for him. He tells me to strip down to my jockstrap! Implies I'd better do it in order to graduate. So I did. He makes me parade around his office, then tells me to take off the jockstrap; then says no, he'll take it off of for me. I don't know what exactly is going on, but I do as he says because I figure my diploma is at stake. Next thing I know, the principal is going down on me! He was good; as good as the guy at the mall. He said he'd never done it before, but he was just too good for me to believe that, and he even took my load. He went a little nutso over my load. Despite my little prank, I am going to graduate....guaranteed.


Year-End Prank

'Hey, we've got to do something to mark the end of our high school career,' one of the guys said as they were dressing after gym class.

There were suggestions galore, all of which got laughed off or ignored as impossible.

'I say Brandon goes to English class on the last day in his jockstrap,' someone said.

There were whoops of approval and laughter, and it was dismissed as unlikely as all the other suggestions. Or so everyone thought. It was brought up the next day and the next, and soon everyone was riding him about it, as if the suggestion had suddenly been carved in stone and had become an obligation. Brandon continued to protest and laugh and shrug it off but the guys didn't let up, and soon, it had become almost a matter of honor, not just for Brandon himself, but for the male seniors. As much as he was tempted, he was afraid that such a stunt would get him kicked out of school, even on the last day, and he probably wouldn't graduate.

'Okay, let's tone it down,' Johnnie Ellis said one day when they were on him about it again. 'He's not gonna do it and we shouldn't be goading him into doing something that'd probably get him expelled just before graduation. So, how about this; instead of going to class -- hell, you would probably have Ms. Meyerson climbing your bones right on her desk -- let's say he just walks down the hallway in his jockstrap.'

Brandon looked all around the locker room. 'Hello! Anybody happen to know that I'm present?' he blurted. 'And that ain't gonna get me expelled?'

Ignoring him, there were cheers of approval and encouragement for the idea, and in that moment of euphoria, Brandon foolishly said he would do it; the very next day; Thursday. He wanted to wait and do it on Friday but they goaded him into doing it on Thursday so there would be a day for the whole school to talk about it. Okay, he agreed, but he wasn't going to go for a stroll up and down the hallways on all three floors of the school.

On Thursday, Brandon and Johnnie and Carlos sneaked out of PE class early and went up to the boys' restroom on the third floor. The planned route was out of the restroom and down the hallway to the stairs at the other end of the hall, go down to the second floor and go the length of the hallway to the stairs leading to the first floor, and from there go to the restroom at the opposite end of the hall where Carlos would be waiting with Brandon's clothes. Traversing the full length of all three hallways would guarantee maximum exposure for their prank, as well as Brandon's muscular jock body.

'You got the route in your head?' Johnnie asked him.


'Okay, give me your clothes,' Carlos told Brandon.

'Shit, guys, I don't know about this,' Brandon said as he was already pulling his T-shirt off.

'Come on, there'll be so many students in the hallway when the bell rings, no teacher will be able to get close enough to see you,' Carlos assured him.

'You'd better be right,' Brandon said. He stripped down to his jockstrap and gym socks, handing all his clothes to Carlos. 'Your ass better be waiting in the other restroom with my clothes,' he warned Carlos.

'I'll be there, in the second-floor restroom,' Carlos promised.

'You said first floor!' said loudly.

'Sorry. First Floor,' said Carlos, laughing.

'If you're not there.....,' Brandon threatened.

'I'll be there,' Carlos assured him. With that, Carlos left, with Brandon's clothes rolled up under his arm to go to the first floor restroom. 'Damn, I wish I could see this,' he muttered.

Brandon stood with Johnnie at the door, waiting for the bell to ring. He glanced down at himself. He tugged on the front of his jock but it fell back under his weight. He straightened the straps around his butt and brushed his hand over the front of his jock again.

'You keep playing with it, you're gonna walk out of here with a hardon,' Johnnie chided him.

Suddenly the bell sounded, causing them both to jump.

'Ready?' Johnnie asked, excitedly.

'Fuck, I don't believe I'm doing this,' Brandon muttered under his breath as he gathered his courage to exit the rest room.

'Okay, Go! You've only got three minutes to show your stuff,' Johnnie told him.

With a quick, deep breath, Brandon walked out of the restroom, wearing nothing but his gym socks and his old, ragged jockstrap. He thought he should've at least borrowed a newer jock from someone. His was the one he'd started his freshman year with and it was so old and dingy and tattered with tiny tears and pick holes; the pouch was barely held to the waistband with the torn threads.

'Oh, My Godd!' a girl shrieked, cowering back against the lockers with her hands over her eyes. But she brought her hands down to look at the big, muscular jock sauntering past her down the hallway.

There were shrieks and cries and whoops and hollers and laughter as he walked down the hall, his tight abs rippling and his hard butt muscles flexing and churning within the frame of the straps of his jock. Several girls reached out to touch his body; one even groped for his jock.

'Fuck, man, he's got balls!' a guy remarked.

'Yeah, and they're about to fall out of his jockstrap,' another said.

Two girls he approached dropped their books and cried out in shock with their hands pretending to cover their faces, but they were looking too. He headed up the stairs. He couldn't deny the euphoria of the moment, being all but naked in the hallways, with kids ogling his body. He had never been bothered by modesty, but it was the first time he'd felt himself an exhibitionist.

He skipped down the stairs to the second floor; Johnnie was a few paces ahead of him. As Brandon rounded the bottom of the stairs Johnnie reared back with a loud gasp,.

'Oh, shit! Here comes Mr. Benning! Quick, duck into the restroom!'

Brandon rushed to the door that Johnnie held open for him.

'What if he comes in here?'

'Get in one of the stalls,' Johnnie told him.

Brandon went into the last stall to wait while Johnnie peered out a crack in the door. 'Okay, he went on past.'

They resumed the parade route, down the hall towards the stairs that would take him to the first floor. The trip was uneventful so far as teachers were concerned, but there were students lining both sides of the hallway, laughing and applauding and cheering him on.

One more floor, he was thinking as he started down the stairs. At the landing he encountered Mr. Acar, the math teacher, coming up the stairs. Brandon froze for a second, while Mr. Acar stopped dead in his tracks, gaping at him, his face pale. Seeing the man's look of shock, Brandon recovered and without a blink, sauntered on past him with a little wave and a smile. What else could he do? There was no place to hide. He glanced back to see Mr. Acar leaning for support against the stair railing looking like he might be having a heart attack.

He walked swiftly along the first floor hallway toward the safety of the restroom at the other end. Despite the attention and the euphoria, the novelty was wearing off, he was getting scared. At the restroom, he grabbed the doorknob but the door wouldn't open. It was locked! Damn those guys! He tried again, then pounded on the door.

'Open this fuckin' door, Carlos!' he bellowed.

Carlos opened the door and ushered him inside.

'I didn't know the door was locked,' he said.

'Didn't know, your ass,' Brandon growled. 'It didn't just lock itself, you have to turn the lock, prick.'

Carlos couldn't help himself. He doubled over in laughter.

Now Brandon was worried. Mr. Acar had seen him, and other teachers from their classrooms for all he knew, and he would surely be reported to the principal and it would no doubt go to the school board from there. He quickly donned his clothes and gathered his courage once more to go back out in the hallway. There was a roar of cheers and applause to greet him. He smiled and laughed and waved, but deep down, he figured he was fucked. He wouldn't be allowed to graduate.

Sure enough, he'd barely taken his seat in English class after the bell rang when the door to Ms. Meyerson's room opened and the office girl came up to her desk and handed her a pass. She read it then focused on Brandon.

'Mr. Hall, you are to report to the principal's office,' she said, looking over her glasses at him.

He closed his book and stood up, shoving his chair back. He walked down the hall with the office girl.

'You wouldn't happen to know what this is about, would you?' he asked.

'Do I really have to tell you?' she said with a wide smile

'Is he mad?' he asked.

'He didn't seem to be,' she said.

'I'm not gonna graduate,' he mumbled. And how was he going to tell his Dad?

He tapped on the door. 'Come in.' He opened it and went inside. Mr. Alberts, the principal, was standing, leaned over his desk with his fingers spread across the blotter. Brandon took a stance opposite him and waited. The man walked around his desk, around behind Brandon, and closed the door, and Brandon thought he heard the lock click.

'Would you care to explain your actions of the last few minutes, Mr. Hall?' he said as he came back around his desk.

'It was just a prank, Sir,' he said. 'The guys goaded me into it. I know I shouldn't have done it, and I'm sorry.'

'No, you're not,' he said. 'You might be sorry you got caught by Mr. Acar, but you're not sorry you've attained celebrity status, now are you?'

'I didn't know I had attained any kind of status,' he said.

'Come now, don't tell me you aren't aware of your stud status in this school,' he said.

'Stud...status....? No, Sir, nobody ever told me that,' he said with a look of profound innocence. He was suddenly aware of the man's eyes raking over him and it instantly made him think of the man at the mall. It was that kind of look.

'What am I going to do with you?' Mr. Alberts said.

'I don't know, Sir. I just hope I get to graduate,' he said.

'Yes, it would be a shame if you missed your graduation, but whose fault would that be?' he said.

'My own. Nobody else's, sir,' he replied.

'Not even your friends for goading you into it?' the principal asked.

'No, Sir, it wouldn't be their fault. I didn't have to do it, and they couldn't have forced me to do it,' he said.

'It's just too bad I missed it,' said Mr. Alberts.

Brandon blinked, suddenly struck dumb with surprise at the man's remark 'Missed it?'

'From all accounts, your little prank was a grand success. It will no doubt go down in the history of pranks here at the school.'

'Well, I...I d-don't know if I would be so proud of that, Sir,' Brandon stammered.

'Show me,' he said.

Brandon blinked again, this time with a confused scowl. 'S-show you?'

'Yes. Show me what I missed. When people talk of this, and they will, I should know what they're talking about.'

'Show you? Y-you m-mean...right I did.....?'


'You want me to take my clothes off,' he said, still in disbelief.

'Down to whatever you had on when you went strutting down the hallway causing such a ruckus in my school. I believe it was your jockstrap.'

Brandon couldn't move. He could barely breath. The principal, Mr. Alberts, was telling him to take his clothes off, right there in his office.

'I don't...think...I s-should be doing this,' Brand said as he looked around at the door.

'The door is locked,' the man said.

'Yeah, I....b-but I don't think......'

'Let's just say it might go a long way in deciding your punishment,' Mr. Alberts said. 'After seeing for myself, I may decide the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.'

'Yes, Sir,' Brandon said as he began tugging his T-shirt out of his jeans. He pulled it off over his head and found Mr. Alberts hand out to take it from him. He stepped out of his sneakers as he unbuttoned his jeans. He glanced aside as he shoved them down off his hips. All he had on under his jeans was the jockstrap he'd worn in the hallway and when he took them off, there he stood, in his jock and his socks.

'My Godd, son, how long have you had that jockstrap?' Mr. Alberts asked.

'I started my freshman year with it,' Brandon replied.

'It's a good thing you're graduating. It's barely hanging together.'

'Yes, Sir. I just didn't want to replace it. Sort of like an old pair of jeans, you get comfortable in it.'

'Yes, I can see why you wouldn't want to part with it,' the man said, and Brandon thought he heard him swallow.

'Walk around,' he said.

'Around...your office?' Brandon asked.

'Yes, like you walked down the hallway. Just a few turns around my office, so I get the full impact of your little prank.'

He felt dumb as hell, but he took a few steps toward the window and turned and walked back across the room, then went back to stand in front of the desk. He was well aware of the way the pouch of his jockstrap shifted and bounced when he walked. He made a couple of turns around the desk and Mr. Alberts, then stood in his original spot.

'That's a mighty fine ass,' Mr. Alberts said.

Now it was Brandon's turn to gulp. 'Y-yes, sir, if...if you say so,' he stammered.

Mr. Alberts came out from behind his desk then and walked around him, as if he were inspecting him.

'Nice everything. But especially a nice butt,' he said. 'Bet the girls really go for that.'

Brandon jumped at the feel of the man's hand on his butt. Fuck, what was he doing? Was he, the principal, coming on to him, right there in his office? He jumped again when Mr. Alberts flipped the strap of his jock that went around his butt.

'Take it off.'

'Huh?' he asked, looking over his shoulder.

'Take off the jockstrap.'

'Yes, sir.' He hooked his thumbs in the waistband to pull it down but suddenly Mr. Alberts stopped him.

'No. Wait. I'll do it for you,' the man said.

Brandon was totally shocked now, fearful of where things were headed. He half turned to face the man, with a questioning look.

'Yes...I'll take it off of you,' Mr. Alberts said, his voice now deep and husky.

Brandon watched in shocked awe as his principal went to his knees in front of him, his fingers crooked in the waistband of his jockstrap to pull it down.

'You don't know, young man, how long I've wanted to do this,' the man said, his voice in a drone, as if he were allowing himself to drift off in a dream. 'Mr. Kelly has no idea how much I hate him for being in the position he's in as your coach, seeing you like this every day, when all I've had are my dreams. You're beautiful, you know that?' he said, looking up at him with a worshipful look as he slowly pulled the worn, ragged garment down Brandon's muscular thighs. 'My Godd, how much is there?' he murmured as more and more of the athlete's big cock came into view and still it was not freed.

'A lot,' Brandon said huskily. Suddenly his cock sprung free and hit Mr. Alberts in the face. He pulled the jock all the way down and Brandon stepped out of it. He handed it to him and Brandon laid it on the corner of his desk.

'Yes, I can see,' he whispered as he gazed at the giant cock. 'How did you get it so big?'

'It just...grew...I guess.'

He clasped his hands around Brandon's muscular thighs. 'Godd, you have such a wonderful body.'


'Don't thank me. This is my thanks, being on my knees to worship your magnificent muscles. You have no idea none of you young jocks do what effect you have on other people.'

'I think I do...I'm getting the idea,' Brandon said.

'You have no idea, do you, that half the female teachers in this school want you to fuck them.'

Brandon did a double take at the word 'fuck' coming out Mr. Alberts' mouth.

Mr. Alberts smiled at his surprised look. 'You don't think I know all the words? You kids think you invented them?'

'No, sir, I was just surprised to hear you say it.' He looked away as the man's hand encircled his thick cock. He could feel it but he somehow thought he should not be seeing it.

'You know what I want to do,' Mr. Alberts said.

'I think I do,' Brandon said.

'Tell me. Tell me what you think I want to do.'

'I think you want to suck me.'

'Ohh, Godd, Yesss! Say it. Tell me. Tell me to do it,' he gushed. 'Make me do it.'

'Suck my cock,' Brandon said, suddenly getting turned on by the power rush, having this man of authority on his knees, practically worshipping him.

'Oh, Yesss! Yess, I'll suck your cock, you big stud. How could I not? Even if I didn't want to, you could force me, and I would have to do it.' He looked up at Brandon. 'I checked your records, you know, to see when you would turn eighteen, and I've been waiting... counting the days.'

'Well, I'm eighteen now,' Brandon said.

'Yes. And things happened just perfectly; your little sexy prank that brought you to my door.'

'I'm eighteen and I'm here, but you're not sucking my cock,' Brandon said.

'Yes...Yes, I'll do it, right now.'

'You know when you start, you have to finish me off,' Brandon said. 'That means no stopping when I come. You gotta take my load in your mouth and I want you to swallow it.'

'Ohh, Goddd, Yesssss! Anything you say. Please, I want your load. We can't take long, so don't try to hold it back from me. Give it to me as quickly as you can.'

'Just get on my cock, dammit, and I'll give you more come than you can handle,' Brandon growled as he grabbed the man's head and forced him on his cock. He watched now. Watched his high school principal on his knees with his mouth wrapped around his thick cock, slurping and choking and groaning with pleasure as Brandon pumped his cock in and out of his hungry mouth. He choked him and he had to back off.

'Godd, I love it,' he whispered as he fisted the slick meat. 'Such a huge, beautiful piece of manhood. I love it.'

'Show me,' Brandon said. 'Show me how much you love my cock. If you love it so much, you should be sucking it.' He pulled the man's head forward again.

It was barely ten minutes by the clock on the wall before Brandon's legs started shaking his hips lurched and he unloaded in the principal's mouth. The man choked and groaned louder, his eyes wide with surprise as his mouth was quickly filled with thick, hot boy-semen.

'Don't lose any of it,' Brandon warned as he pumped his load into the live mouth of authority. He held Mr. Alberts head in a tight grip till he had spurted the last of his come into his mouth. 'Don't forget you gotta swallow it,' he told him as he let go of his hair. The man didn't need to be reminded. He was reluctant to get off the thick boy cock. He sucked and slurped every last trace of semen off of it before he finally pulled his mouth off and reared back to gaze at it.

'My Godd, you come like a stallion,' he said.

'Yeah, I should've warned you,' Brandon said. When the man tried to get up, he helped him and steadied him on his feet. Then he reached for his jockstrap but Mr. Alberts grabbed his wrist.

'I'll keep it,' he said.

'No. I've had it since my freshman year. I wanta keep it,' Brandon said.

'Which is more important to you, your jockstrap or your diploma?'

Brandon drew his hand back. He wanted to keep the jockstrap; he had a sentimental attachment to it, but he didn't make an issue of it. Instead, he took his jeans when the man handed them to him.

'Have you ever done this with any of the other guys?' he asked as he pulled his jeans on.

'No. I've never done anything like this before, period.'

'Wow!' Brandon said, blinking with surprise.

'I knew it had to be with someone special. A young God, like yourself. Deep down I knew I prayed it would be you. My prayers have been answered.'

'So have mine. It was great.' It wouldn't do any harm, he thought, to let the man know that he liked it.

'I'm glad I made it good for you. Have you ever done this before with anyone?'

'Yes.' But he quickly caught himself. 'Well, no, not really.' He sensed that the man wanted to be his first; that he wanted him to be a virgin. 'A man at the mall tried to come on to me but it never happened. This was my first time, too.'

'Wonderful. You've just made it even more perfect, offering yourself as a virgin.'

'Well, I didn't exactly offer, did I? I mean I did, but I was hoping it would help me graduate. Am I going to graduate?'

'Don't worry, you will graduate,' Mr. Alberts assured him. 'You would graduate with honors if it were within my power to bestow an honor for cocksmanship.'

Brandon laughed. 'Yeah, that would really go over good if you announced that.'






The Diary

At The Lake

Had a great time at the lake today. Saw and talked to Roger. They still want me to become a lifeguard. Wore my boardies, but new Speedo under it; white bikini style with blue stripes down the sides and a zipper in front. Got some attention with it. Swam out to the dock. Good looking dude there. Also some skinny guy with his girl, he got jealous and they left. I think his chick wanted me. Also two young kids about twelve years old. They laughed about the skinny guy and said I could've fucked his girl right there on the dock. We all wondered how such a skinny nerd got a babe like her. The boys came right on to me, one of them came right out and wanted to blow me. I told them they were too young to be doing shit like that with older guys, stick to each other. They said they wanted guys built like me. I still didn't let them blow me. They might have raped me but their Mom waved for them to come back in. When they left the other guy, Cory, started coming on to me. I tell you, sex is everywhere. The dock wasn't all that far out but he had a way. He told me to slip off the dock into the water. He got under the dock and pulled my suit off and sucked my cock. Blew a HUGE load and fed the fish and Cory. He wanted me to fuck him but I didn't want to on the dock. He said we could use one of the cabanas but I didn't go for that either.

Another guy swam out to the dock right in the middle of the blow job. I wasn't hiding it to well and I told him that's what was going on. He slipped in the water and Cory was sucking him when I left. Went back in and talked to Roger, told him about the guy, Cory, blowing me under the dock. He said Cory was at a party for lifeguards one time and he sucked everybody there. He also knew the young kids, Randy and Mitch, said they needed to be kept on a short leash.

At The Lake

The gentle summer breeze blowing across the water made the lake look like a sea of shining diamonds. It was a weekday so the beach wasn't crowded. Brandon liked being able to go on a weekday.

He put his wallet in the console then took his keys off the key ring. He got out and tucked them into the zipper pouch of his swimsuit that he wore under his boardies. Then he grabbed his towel and a bottle of water and headed down to the beach.

'Hey, Roger,' he spoke to the lifeguard as he passed the perch.

'Stud.' The lifeguard greeted him back. The two had gone to school together, but Roger was two years older .

'Any chicks of note here today?' Brandon asked.

'More old hens than chicks,' Roger said. 'Nothing to get a hardon over.'

'Don't take much for me,' Brandon said.

Roger laughed. 'That the reason you wear boardies?'

Brandon laughed with him.

'You think any more about becoming a lifeguard?' Roger asked. 'Man, you look like a lifeguard. You would have to lose the boardies, though.'

'I don't swim in it anyway. I've got another suit on under 'em.'

'Well, if you ever decide you want a job here, I can get you an interview. Wouldn't take much. Just your name, then drop the boardies. You'd get the job.'

'Wouldn't they wanta know if I could even swim?' Brandon asked.

'Oh yeah, but part of it is how well you fill out a Speedo,' Roger said.

Brandon waved him off and walked on down the beach. Several yards from the shoreline he spread out his towel, then unzipped his boardies, and let them drop. He stepped out of them and tossed them on the towel, standing in a white bikini brief suit with blue stripes down the sides, and a blue accented zipper in the pouch. Two more stripes of blue drew out from the crotch, around the front, accenting his bulge.

'Oh, my Godd,' someone whispered behind him.

'Shhh! Angie! He'll hear you,' the other feminine voice said.

'I don't care. Look at that butt!'

Brandon smiled to himself as he hitched the suit up at his hips. It drew down in the front under the weight of his manhood. He couldn't resist; he looked around to find the girls. 'Hey, Angie,' he greeted her with his killer smile, letting them know that he'd heard them.

The two girls squealed with embarrassed excitement and put their hand over their faces. He walked down to the water, purposely clenching and flexing his butt muscles inside his suit. He waded in up to his knees then dove under. Unlike the ocean, there was no current against him so it was an easy swim out to the floating pier. At the dock, he pulled himself up and folded his arms across the edge.

'You made that look so easy,' a muscular, brown-haired youth said.

'It was,' Brandon said. 'There's no current to fight like in the ocean or a creek.'

There was another couple--teenagers--on the dock and two more younger boys. The teenage boy with the girl was skinny and pale. Brandon saw how they, he and the girl, both looked at him as he shoved himself up out of the water and climbed on the dock, water sheeting down his rippling muscles, and he knew his triceps were bulging. The boy's look was one of jealous disdain, the girl not so much. They only stayed a few minutes longer before the boy suggested they should go back. The boy gave him a 'I hate you' look as he slid off the dock. The girl dove off, glancing back with a look of longing.

The other two boys were younger, maybe twelve or thirteen, nicely tanned, and well muscled for their age, and cute as hell. They were both wearing skimpy little suits.

'Wow! How do you get muscles like that?' one of them asked.

'Eat right, and work out,' Brandon said. 'And give yourself time to grow,' he added.

'How old are you?' the other boy asked.

'Eighteen. How old are you?'



'So you've got five, six years to get built like this, if you work at it,' Brandon told them.

The boys were whispering to each other. 'He wants to know how you got a muscle like that.' He was looking unmistakably at the front of Brandon's bulging suit.

Brandon looked down at himself. 'Eat right and work out,' he said again.

'No kidding! There are special exercises for that?'

'None that you both don't already know about,' Brandon said. 'You just gotta give yourself time to grow naturally.'

'That skinny guy was pissed as hell that you came out here,' one boy said, laughing.

'Was he?'

'Didn't you see how he looked at you?'

'No, I wasn't paying any attention to him,' Brandon lied. 'I was noticing his girlfriend.'

They both laughed.

'She would've drowned him for you if she could get by with it,' one boy said.

'Yeah, you could've fucked her right here on the dock, I bet,' said the other.

'What I wanta know is, how does a skinny nerd like that get a girl like her?' the older teenager said.

The two boys were whispering again. Then the older one said to Brandon, 'Listen, what he really wants to ask you is...he wants to blow you.'

Brandon blinked but didn't show undue surprise. 'Aren't you kinda young to be talking like that to a perfect stranger?'

'What's your name?' the younger boy asked.


'I'm Randy. He's Mitch. Now we're not strangers. Now can I blow you?'

'No!' Brandon said, laughing. 'You're way too young to be doing shit like that except with kids your own age.'

'Kids our age aren't built like you.'

'By the time you're old enough, they will be, 'Brandon said.

'I doubt that!' the boy said, eyeing Brandon's bulge again.

Just then the other boy punched his friend, pointing to the shore.

'Your Mom's waving for us to come in.'

'Come on, I'll do you right here on the dock,' the other boy told Brandon.

'Cool your balls, kid,' Brandon said, laughing.

'Okay, maybe I'll see you again some time, when I'm older.'

'Yeah, maybe,' Brandon said.

'Hey, do you want us to send that girl back out?'

'Get out of here,' Brandon said, pushing them off.

'If I do see you again, can I blow you?' the boy asked, treading water.

'Yeah, you can blow me. Now get out of here,' Brandon said, joining the other guy's laughter. 'Can you believe those little fuckers?'

'You gotta hand it to him, he goes after what he wants. He'll go far in life,' the other teenager said.

'If somebody doesn't drown him,' Brandon said.

'They were underage, but would you have let him, if I weren't here?'

'No,' Brandon said with a scowl

The boy put out his hand. 'My name's Cory.'


'Yeah, I know. Now, we're not strangers anymore, either.'

It took a second to realize what the guy was possibly saying.

'And I am old enough,' the boy added.

After all the guys before, Brandon had been thinking more and more about sex with other guys. 'You got a place to go?' he asked.

'Right here.'

Brandon looked all around and back to the shore. 'We're not that far out from the shore,' he said.

'All you have to do is slip off the dock and hold on while I get under the dock. I'm very good underwater. There's space under the dock where I can come up for air when I need to. You're so fuckin' hot, dude, you need to get in the water and cool off. Hell, you'll probably make the water sizzle.

'You've done this out here before?' Brandon asked.

'Yeah, but not with anybody as hot as you. I can help you do that, cooling off, I mean,' he said with a tight smile.

Brandon didn't have to think about it but a few seconds before he said, 'You're on, dude,' and eased off the dock into the water. Cory dove off the other side and disappeared. A moment later Brandon felt hands on his thighs and the boy's face pressing into his suit. Then he was pulling the suit down off his butt. Brandon thought he would just pull it down off his hips but he pulled it all the way down. He tried to grab hold of it but it was already off and Brandon was naked! Cory's hand came up out of the water with Brandon's suit and his own. Fuck, Cory was naked too! Brandon took the suits from him and laid them on the edge of the dock.

The buoyancy of his cock throbbing in the water was a strange feeling. He felt Cory's hand encircle his cock then felt his warm mouth engulf the head as he began sucking him. Cory clasped his hands around Brandon's butt and pulled him to his mouth, forcing his cock into his throat.

'Holy shit!' Brandon murmured to himself as he laid his head back and let it happen. Several times Cory had to stop and come up for air, but he took quick breaths and dove back under. Brandon kept an eye out for anyone swimming toward them. He hung onto the dock for dear life as the teenager sucked him. It was funny, how his shoulders began to feel weak. 'Fuck, hurry up, I'm gonna go under,' he said to no one. Suddenly he saw a swimmer in the water; half way to the dock. He hadn't seen him before. He reached down and grabbed his cock and began jacking it. Cory tried to brush his hand away but he held tight and jacked it harder. Finally, he dropped down under the dock and pointed toward the shore. Cory nodded. Brandon went back up and grabbed hold of the dock again and Cory resumed sucking his cock and jacking it at the same time.

Brandon willed his climax. He wanted to cum so bad. He watched the swimmer come closer. It would be only a couple of minutes before he would be at the dock. He began counting off the seconds, his eyes fixed on the swimmer.

At the last second he muttered, 'Fuck it,' and stopped counting. He couldn't stop anything that felt so good. Let the guy come up on them, he wouldn't see anything except that two guys were naked, and what was the big deal about that? Still, he grabbed their swim suits and held them in one hand under the water.

The swimmer came up to the other side and climbed up on the dock, water sheeting down his smooth, tanned muscles.

'Hey,' he said as he s wiped the water off his muscles.

'Hey,' Brandon said back. The guy had a swimmer's build, only tighter and more solid, with awesome abs. He couldn't help noticing how he filled out his tiny Speedo.

Brandon tried to maintain complete composure as Cory continued to slurp and suck his cock under the dock.

'You, uh....a life guard or something? You're not even breathing hard,' he said to the swimmer.

'No, I'm on the swim team at college. This is the best place to swim laps.'

'Yeah, I...I like it better than...better than the ocean,' Brandon said.

'Hey, dude, are you okay? You need help getting back up on the dock?'

'No, I...I'm okay.'

'You looked like you were cramping up.'

'No, I'm okay. I...I'm getting a blow job,' he blurted out.


'I'm getting a blow job,' he said as he brought the swimsuits up and laid them on the dock.

The swimmer looked at the two suits.

Brandon was getting close. He couldn't keep his breathing regular and he grimaced as he felt it cumming. 'Oh, Godd! Fuck!' he moaned softly as he began shooting in Cory's mouth.

'You're not shittin' me!' the swimmer exclaimed.

'No...not...shittin' nobody...Ohhh...Ohhhhhhh!'

'Fuck! I don't believe this!'

Brandon rode it out, fighting for air as Cory sucked him dry. 'Take off your suit and get in the water, he'll probably do you too,' he told the swimmer.

Just then Cory came out from under the dock.

'Holy Shit! You cum like a stallion!' he blurted as he broke the surface. 'Where the fuck did all that come from?'

Brandon was nodding, trying to draw Cory's attention to the swimmer.

'Oh.' Cory said when he saw the other guy.

'Hey,' the swimmer said with a wave.

'Hey. Sorry, didn't know we had company,' Cory said.

'That's okay, I didn't mean to interrupt.'

'On, you didn't interrupt,' Brandon assured him.

Then they all broke out laughing.

'Fuck, dude, you fed me and the fish. How long have you been saving that?' Cory asked Brandon.

'I don't save it. That's just how much there is. Sorry, I should've warned you.'

'That's okay. I lost some of it, that's all. I wasn't prepared for a load like that. Damn, you taste good, dude.'

'Glad you liked it. I did too. That's the first time I got sucked underwater.' He nodded to the swimmer. 'I think he was just about ready to get in the water when you came up.'

Cory looked at the swimmer, his eyes falling to the pouch of his suit. Then he looked at Brandon. 'Hey, do you like to fuck? I'd like to try that up my ass.'

'Hell, yeah, I'd fuck your brains out. Not here though,' Brandon said.

'We can use one of the cabanas.'

'You mean fuck right there on the beach?'

'Yeah. We would have to be quiet, is all,' Cory said. 'Or, hell, right here on the dock.'

'Uhh...that's a little too gutsy for me,' Brandon said, laughing.

'Then I'll find a place,' Cory said. 'So, next time, you'll fuck me?'

'Hell, yeah.'

Cory looked back at the swimmer. 'See you down under,' he said, and dove back under the dock.

'Damn, I never had any action like this out here before,' the swimmer said as he was peeling off his swim suit.

'He's good,' Brandon said as he shoved himself up onto the dock.

'Holy Fuck!' the swimmer exclaimed when he saw Brandon's cock. 'Damn, he must be good to take that.'

'He took it,' Brandon said as he pulled his suit up.

The swimmer slipped off the dock.

'Have fun,' Brandon said, and dove off.

Back at the beach, Brandon walked up to Roger at his perch.

'Did you meet Cory?' Roger asked with a knowing grin.

Brandon scowled, smiling. 'Yeah, I met him.'

'He do you?'

'Yeah,' he replied, still smiling. 'You know about him?'

'Everybody knows about Cory,' Roger said. 'He's a regular cum bucket.'

'How come I never met up with him before?' Brandon asked.

'Guess you just got lucky today,' Roger said. 'We had him at a party one time, with all the life guards, and he sucked non-stop. He must've left with a gallon of cum in his belly and another gallon in his ass.'

'You're making a real strong case for me becoming a lifeguard. I met a couple of little shits on the dock, twelve and thirteen, one of them came right out and asked if he could blow me.'

Roger laughed. 'Yeah, that'd be Randy and Mitch. They need to put those two boys on a short leash. They've propositioned every life guard at some time or other.'

'Cory's doing another guy right now, as we speak,' Brandon said.

'That's sounds like Cory. He would've done those two kids if you hadn't come on the scene.

'Next time you guys have a party, call me,' Brandon said.
















The Diary

Graduation Night:

Graduation!! Finally made it. Graduation has been a blast. Cole knows about what went on with Mr. Alberts. He says I graduated because of my muscles and my big cock. Another huge surprise. Cole is gay. Came right out and said he wanted me so bad it hurt. I thought what the hell, I took him into one of the restrooms and let him have at it. Almost got caught; the vice principal came in looking for me. I didn't have anything on under my gown. Shouldn't write this down but when I went up to get my diploma, Mr. Alberts whispered that I should look on the back of my diploma. I told him I was naked under my gown. Guess Cole was right. On the back it says A+ for Cocksmanship.


'I didn't think this night would ever come,' Brandon said to his teammate, as they were walking down the dark hall to the library where the class was donning their caps and gowns.

'I didn't think I would make it,' Cole said.

'Fuck, man, if I could make it, anybody could,' Brandon said.

'Yeah, but you had a lot more going for you.'

'Like what?' Brandon asked with a frown.

'All those muscles, for one thing. And that big cock.'

'What the hell has my body or my cock got to do with making it to graduation?'

'Come on, you didn't blow a load in Mr.Alberts' office?'

Brandon stopped in his tracks and reared back with a look of shock. 'What the fuck are you talking about?'

'Just speculation, but you were in his office for an awfully long time, I heard.'

'So? I was practically begging for my life. He wasn't going to let me graduate.'

'But you are graduating,' Cole said with a sly grin. 'I heard it smelled like cum when you came out of his office.'

'Who told you that?' he demanded, trying to remember who was there when he came out.

'Just a rumor.'

Suddenly Brandon grabbed Cole by the front of his shirt and pushed him back against the lockers. 'Listen, fucker, nothing happened with Mr. Alberts. And if I hear any rumors, I'm gonna know who started them, and you'll answer to me. You got that? Mr. Alberts is no fag.'

'Okay, okay, I've got it,' Cole said, trying to wrest free of the tight grip

'Okay, let's get dressed and get this done,' Brandon said as he started to walk on.


He stopped and looked back where Cole had stopped near the restroom door. 'What?'

Cole swallowed, grasping for his courage.

'What? Come on, we gotta get dressed, man,' Brandon said impatiently.

'I believe you when you said Mr. Alberts didn't do anything, but.....'

'But what?' He walked back.

'But...c-could I?'

Brandon stopped in his tracks again, right in front of his teammate.

'Could you what?...Oh, geezuss, Cole, are you saying......'

'I'm saying I'm gay, and I wanta do you so fuckin' bad it hurts, before we graduate,' Cole blurted out.

'Holy Shit!'

Then Cole boldly reached out and grasped Brandon's crotch. Brandon grabbed his wrist, looking all around, but didn't shove it away. He held it while Cole squeezed the front of his jeans.

'Don't hit me. I don't want to have to explain a black eye or a bloody nose,' Cole said.

Suddenly Brandon shoved past him and pushed the door open and went into the restroom. When Cole followed him in, he leaned back against the door, undoing his jeans.

'I don't believe we're doing this, but we gotta make it quick,' he said as he shoved his jeans and shorts down off his hips. His big cock swung out, long and thick and already half hard.

'My Godd!' Cole gasped. 'How big do you get?'

'Find out for yourself,' Brandon said.

Cole just gazed at the other boy's oversized cock.

'Are you gonna do it or not?' Brandon asked.

'Godd, I wish I could get you naked,' Cole said in a husky whisper.

Brandon quickly pulled his pullover off and pulled his T-shirt up above his bulging pecs. 'This'll have to do,' he said, presenting himelf.

Cole slid off the toilette, onto his knees in front of the muscular athlete. He ran his hands up and down his hairy thighs, gripping his taut butt muscles, as he gazed at the huge cock looming over him, now throbbing hard.

'We don't have time for much playing around,' Brandon said as he squeezed his cock. 'Or maybe you...hey, have you ever done this before? Maybe you're scared.'

'No,, I'm not scared,' Cole said. 'I just love looking at your body, and this.' He wrapped one hand around Brandon's cock. 'Fuck, I can't even get my hand around it.'

Brandon, becoming impatient, put his hand on the top of Cole's head and gently guided him to his cock. Cole wet his lips and opened his mouth, and Brandon shoved his cock in.

'Ohhh, fuck!' he groaned as his cock slid across Cole's tongue, deep into the warm, wet cavern of his mouth.

Cole began sucking. He had only done it a few times so he wasn't really good at it, but he wanted to do his best for Brandon. If he did, maybe he would let him do it again. He didn't know why he'd lied to him.

'Shit you're good,' Brandon said, as he gently fucked his cock back and forth through Cole's lips. 'Listen, what about when I get ready to cum? Do you want it in your mouth, or should I shoot it in the toilette?'

Cole reared back so he could speak. 'In my mouth.'

'No shit! You're gonna let me go off in your mouth?'

'I wanta see what you taste like,' Cole said.

'It's gonna taste like cum. I figure it must all taste alike,' Brandon said.

It didn't, but Cole didn't say anything.

Suddenly the outer door opened and the two boys froze.

'Anyone in here? We're looking for Brandon.'

It was the vice principal! Brandon clamped his hands around Cole's head to keep him from moving. The door closed and footsteps came into the restroom.

'I'm in the crapper. I'll be right out,' Brandon said.

'Have you seen Cole?'

'No, but I'll find him for you,' Brandon said.

'Don't be long. And turn the lights out,' the man said.

They waited a moment then Brandon began feeding Cole his cock again. 'Work your tongue, that really gets me going,' he whispered.

Cole lavered his tongue around the bulbous head as he sucked more and more of the shaft into his mouth.

'Listen, if you suck my balls while I jack it, that'll get me worked up faster,' Brandon said as he eased his cock out of Cole's mouth. 'I'll let you back on my cock when I'm close. We gotta hurry.'

Cole nuzzled his face into the big jock's crotch, sucking one of his heavy balls into his mouth.

'Awww, Yeahhhh!' Brandon moaned. 'Yeah, man, suck my balls!'

Cole managed to carefully tuck his other nut into his mouth so he could suck them both at the same time.

'Aww, fuck, be easy,' Brandon said.

Suddenly the door opened again. 'Anybody in here?' Neither of them made a sound. The lights went out and the door closed.

'Okay, man, suck 'em harder, I'm gonna blow,' Brandon said.

Cole locked his mouth around the two big balls and tugged on the sack. Brandon pushed his crotch hard into Cole's face.

'Get your face in there, eat my balls! I'm getting close!' he groaned. A moment later he pulled his hips back, tugging his balls out of Cole's mouth. 'Aaahh!' he gasped when they popped free. 'Here, take it!' He guided Cole's mouth back to his cock and shoved it in, just as his cock exploded.

'MMMmmnnnnn!!' Cole whimpered as his mouth began to fill up with warm, thick cum. He was stunned at the power behind each spurt, and the volume of cum that the big stud was producing. My Godd, he thought, he's like a stallion! He wasn't sure he wanted to swallow it, but he had no choice. His mouth was filling up and he either had to swallow or it was going to run out and down his chin. And he couldn't spit it in the toilette, that would probably make Brandon mad.

Brandon had let go of Cole's head and was gripping the top of each side of the stall for support, because his legs were shaking so bad. When he was finally throbbing empty, he eased his cock out of Cole's mouth. It fell against his thigh with a wet smack.

'Fuck! That was awesome,' he gasped breathlessly. 'Man, I've had plenty of girls go down on me, but none of 'em ever did a job like that!' He leaned back against the wall. 'Did you swallow it?' he asked.

Unsure up to that moment, Cole's decision was made. He began gulping the thick, warm semen down. 'I just did,' he said.

'Oh, Man, that is hot!' Brandon said.

After several swallows, Cole gasped for air. 'Whew! Where did that all come from?' He asked as he shoved himself to his feet.

'From those big balls you were chewing on,' Brandon said, laughing.

'I didn't know anybody except a horse could cum that much,' Cole said. 'How fuckin' long have you been saving it?'

Brandon laughed. 'Since this morning.'


'Come on, we gotta get out of here,' Brandon said, as he began putting his clothes in order.

'Thanks, man,' Cole said as they were exiting the stall.

'Fuck, man, don't thank me. That was the best blowjob I ever had. And girls never wanta swallow.'

At the door, Brandon put his hand on Cole's shoulder. 'You know what's gonna be awesome? Seeing you walk across that stage to get your diploma, and knowing that you've got a half billion of my sperm swimming around in your stomach.'

Cole swallowed. 'I can still taste you,' he said.

They went down to the library where the graduates were donning their gowns. Brandon found the box with his name on it. He took the folded gown and slipped it under his arm. There was so much excitement and chatter that no one noticed him leave the library with the gown. He ran up the stairs and rushed down the darkened hallway to his locker. He opened his locker and hung the gown over the door, then began taking off his clothes. Down to his shoes and socks, he put the gown on and snapped it up. It felt good on his bare skin. He felt good and evil, and he had to smile at himself.

When the grand march was ended and they were seated, Brandon kept looking at Cole, seated two seats over in the row in front of him. Fuck, he's cute, he thought. Wonder if he would do me again. He said he could still taste me. Wonder what I taste like. I should've kissed him and found out. Having too many weird thoughts. Listen to the speech. Can't get a hardon, no where to hide it.

Brandon's mind was blank as he walked across the stage to receive his diploma. He needed that diploma, for it was like four years of high school education had suddenly been erased from his mind, and he needed something to prove he'd done it. He took Mr. Alberts' hand and their eyes met as the man handed him the dark leather folder containing his diploma. He held onto it for a split second, as well as Brandon's hand. He leaned in to say something.

'Look on the back,' he whispered quietly.

Brandon whispered back, 'I'm naked under this gown.'

When he returned to his seat he discreetly slipped the diploma out of the leather case and turned it over. On the back was, 'A+ for Cocksmanship.'












The Diary

My cousin, Austin

Uncle Ed and my cousin, Austin, came to my graduation. Austin stayed over. Took him along to the parties. He had an awesome time. He freaked out when I told my Dad I borrowed his condoms. He freaked out even more when he found out I was naked under my graduation gown, and that my Dad knew it. Grabbed some beer and drove out to the park. Also gave Austin some condoms just in case. He said he wouldn't need three condoms, but he was wrong. He not only lost his virginity, he fucked FOUR girls, one of them TWICE. He was blown away by all the sex going on right out in the open. Right off, the first girl was impressed with his cock and she started blowing him right in front of everybody. First blow job and he shot his load right off. He was embarrassed but he recovered real quick. BTW, Joey came out! He was in the woods giving blowjobs to anybody who wanted one. Heard they were standing in line for him.

I fucked one of the cheerleaders. Had to keep up appearances and protect my reputation. Have to say, pussy is no better than fucking a guy's ass. Maybe not as good. Gotta admit, when we came back home I was having ideas about my studly little cousin. Then he hit me with the bombshell that he thought he was gay. I wasn't sure if he was or not and didn't think he was sure, but that was my opening. I gave him some head to show him that sex with other guys was okay without making you gay. Then I made him suck my cock to prove my point. I took it a step further, I fucked him. He wanted to know if I'd ever been fucked, I think so he would feel okay about doing it himself. He freaked when I told him I had. I don't know if he believed me or not. We talked a lot about it, but I don't know if I proved anything except we are both pretty good at giving head, and he admitted that getting fucked felt good too. He'll have to make up his own mind whether he's gay or not.


Brandon didn't know his cousin, Austin, was staying over after graduation. He and his Dad had driven four hundred miles back home from a vacation trip to come to his graduation, and afterwards, when the graduates were greeting everyone in the gym, he learned that they were staying over, at their house.

'Hey, that's great. You can come with me to some of the parties,' Brandon said.

'I would really like that, if you don't mind me tagging along as an underclassman,' Austin said.

'Cut that crap, you won't be tagging along. You'll fit right in,' Brandon assured him. 'Give me another fifteen minutes here and we can cut out.'

When the crowd in the gym began to thin out, Brandon went up to his Dad and handed him the envelopes he had collected from wellwishers.

'Dad, would you take these for me?'

'Don't you have a pocket in your gown?'

'Yeah, but I don't want to take a chance on leaving them in there,' Brandon lied. His Dad took the envelopes. 'I think Austin and I are going to head out.'

'That's great, you're taking Austin with you.'

'Yeah, I didn't know he was staying over, it'll be great,' Brandon said. 'Look, I don't have a curfew, do I?'

His Dad laughed. 'I think you outgrew your curfew about four years ago.'

'Thanks, Dad.' He leaned up and kissed his father on the cheek and hugged him. 'Thanks for everything. I love you.'

'Well....' The man was embarrassed. 'I love you too, son. You guys have fun. But be careful. I'm too young to be a grandpa.'

Brandon laughed at Austin's surprised look. 'I know, Dad, we've had that talk. You don't have to worry, I borrowed some of your condoms.'

It was his father's turn to look surprised. He grabbed Brandon by the arm and pulled him back. 'You don't borrow condoms, Son. What do you think you're going to do, return them?'

'Just kidding, Dad. I bought my own.'

Austin was still aghast as they walked away.

'I can't believe you talked to your Dad like that!'

'What about the way he talked to me?' Brandon said, laughing.

'Me and my Dad would never say things like that to each other.'

'We've got a real tight relationship,' Brandon said. 'I respect him a lot, and he respects me. But I had to earn it. Well, I gotta go turn in my cap and gown.'

Leaving the gym, Brandon bounded up the stairs to the first floor, went past the library, and went up to the second floor.

'Isn't that where they're turning in caps and gowns, at the library?' Austin said, seeing the crowd of graduates crowding to get into the room.

'I'll turn it in there, but I can't take it off in there,' Brandon said as he headed down the darkened hallway.

'Why not? Everybody else is,' Austin said.

'Cause my clothes are in my locker,' Brandon said as kept walking down the hallway.


They were at his locker. Brandon unlocked it and began unsnapping the gown. 'Give me a hand down there, will you?' he asked his cousin. 'I don't know why they make these things with like a thousand snaps. Why don't they make 'em with a zipper?'

'I don't know, but....Holy Shit!' Austin was undoing the snaps from the bottom and he saw that his big, hunky cousin was naked under the gown! Or he was, as far up his thighs as he could see. 'Don't tell me, dude, don't have anything on under this gown?' he asked as they both unsnapped the snaps to meet in the middle. The gown draped open to answer his question. 'Fuck, that is so hot!' Austin said.

'Oh, you think so?'

'Yeah, I mean in a ballsy sort of way. I mean it takes balls to do something like this. Are you the only one?'

'I think a couple of other guys did it,' Brandon said.

Austin was laughing. 'Man, if your Dad and everybody knew...I mean, Geezuss, can you imagine what your principal and the school superintendent would think if they knew there were guys walking across the stage to get their diplomas, naked under their gowns?'

'My Dad knew I was gonna do it,' Brandon said.

'Come on. When we were standing there talking to him, he knew you didn't have anything on under your robe?'

'Yup. I think he was having trouble keeping a straight face.'

'Shit, what if you'd got a hardon,' Austin said, laughing.

'It would've been tent city,' Brandon said.

When he was dressed, he took the gown from Austin and they headed back downstairs. He turned it in and got signed off then they headed out.

'One nice thing, I don't have to go home and change into old clothes,' Brandon remarked.

There were several parties, but no one stayed very long because everyone knew that the big one was out at the wilderness park. After the third one Brandon decided to skip the fourth one he drove home and got a case of beer out of the refrigerator on the porch.

'You're taking beer?' Austin said, surprised.

'I was designated beer bringer,' Brandon said. 'Glad you're along, dude, you're my designated driver.'

'Does that mean I can't drink?' Austin asked.

'No, it just means you can't drink as much as me,' Brandon replied. Then he grabbed him around the neck and rubbed the top of his head playfully. 'Just kidding, dude. You can drink all you want. We'll be out there long enough to sleep it off.'

They drove for quite a ways into the park, down a narrow, winding road, so narrow that the tree branches brushed against the side of the truck.

'Can we get back out of here?' Austin asked.

'Yeah, there's parking and a turnaround,' Brandon said. 'This is the wilderness part of the park. Nobody comes this far in, families I mean. It's pretty much a natural sex palace. Listen, can I ask you something? Have you been laid yet? And don't lie to me.'

Austin laughed. 'I was going to say yes, till you added that last. No, I'm still a virgin.'

'Well, you're not going to leave a virgin,' Brandon said.

'Have you got me a date lined up that I don't know about?'

'Not a date. But you're a cute guy and you're put together good, there'll be girls dripping to get your virginity. A lot of couples aren't girlfriend and boyfriend, they're just here to fuck.'

Just then they drove into a wide clearing with vehicles parked on the thick grass. Small campfires dotted the clearing and Austin could see kids gathered around the fires, mostly in some state of undress, some completely naked. He could also see sleeping bags unrolled back in the edge of the woods around the perimeter of the clearing, as well as some around the campfires.

'Damn, doesn't anybody know about this place?'

'Sure, the park rangers know. They'll be out later, one at a time, to check on the fires, and to get laid.'

'The park rangers are gonna get laid too!!'

'Hell, yeah, how do you think we keep the place a secret?'

'Shit, they're guys doing it right out in the open! Look over there.'

'It's a party,' Brandon said. As they were getting out of the truck, he handed Austin a strip of three condoms.

'Thanks. I wasn't prepared for this,' he said as he started to tear one off.

'Take 'em all,' Brandon said.

'Hell, I don't need three condoms.'

'You might. These horny bitches find out you're virgin, they're going to be all over you.'

'How're they gonna know?' Austin asked.

'Well, you've sorta got that deer-in-the-headlights look,' Brandon said.

'I have?' he asked, wide-eyed.

Brandon laughed. 'Yeah, just like that look, right now.'

Austin tried to straighten his face.

'Anyway, if they don't see that look, I'm gonna tell 'em.'

'No! You're not!' Austin blurted.

'Watch me. You're gonna get your ass laid tonight, cousin.'

'No, you're not,' Austin scoffed.

'Naw, I'm not,' Brandon said, laughing, as he put his arm across Austin's shoulder.

They walked over to one of the fires where several guys were sitting on chunks of logs, two of them naked, both of those with raging hardons. They were all sipping beer. There was another couple in a sleeping bag a few feet away, obviously going at it while the guys watched. Several yards away, closer to the next campfire another boy was fucking his girl on top of the sleeping bag while others watched. One of those watching had his hand down the front of his girl's jeans, fingering her as they kissed.

'Hey, Brandon,' one of the boys said.

'Hey, guys. Looks like you started without me,' he said, nodding to the activity in the sleeping bag.

'Hell, they started in the back of Joey's pickup on the way out here,' the boy said.

'Guys, this is my cousin, Austin. He's a sophomore at Allerton High. He's a virgin. But I promised we would do something about that.'

'Hey, you said you wouldn't......!' Austin began.

'Whoa! A cherry!' one boy said, and they all applauded.

'Well, kiss that goodbye,' another boy said.

Suddenly the activity in the sleeping bag stopped. The boy and girl were whispering to each other, then they were looking at Austin. Suddenly the boy crawled out of the sleeping bag, his oversized cock throbbing violently.

'Climb in there, dude, she'll take care of that little problem for you.' he told Austin.

Austin didn't know what to say. He just looked at the guy, then at Brandon, then down at the girl in the sleeping bag. She was lying with her tits bared, smiling. He knew his face must be beet red from Brandon's little announcement and now he was totally speechless. Someone reached out, handing him a condom.

'I already took care of that,' Brandon said. But he took the condom and tucked it in Austin's pocket. 'But take it, you might need it later,' he said.

'B-but I already g-got three,' Austin stammered.

'So, what're you saving them for?' somebody asked.

'Yeah, there're not doing anybody any good stuffed in your pockets,' said another boy.

Brandon just stood there and laughed. Then he stepped over and pulled Austin's shirt up. He pulled it hard, forcing his arms up so he could take it off of him. Two more boys moved in to undo his belt and his jeans, then another boy joined to help take his shoes and jeans and shorts off of him. Within a minute he was naked. And hard. And embarrassed beyond belief.

'Damn, you can sure tell he's out of the same gene pool you are, Brandon,' someone said.

'Geezusss, dude, climb in there, she's drooling over that,' the boyfriend of the girl told him. Then he took the condom and tossed it to her. 'Here, babe, put this on him, I think his hands are shaking too bad.'

She caught the condom and tore it open as she rose up out of the sleeping bag.

Austin's breath caught in his lungs. It was the first time he had seen a girl naked and he could only imagine what lay beneath the sleeping bag.

'Before I put this on, I would like to have a sample of that gorgeous piece of meat,' the girl said.

'Oh, I forgot to tell you, she's a carnivore,' the boyfriend said. 'Don't worry, she'll chew on it, but she won't bite it off.'

Austin still couldn't speak. He couldn't move. Till the girl reached up and took his hand and pulled him to her. She came the rest of the way out of the sleeping bag on her knees in front of him. His cock bolted painfully at the sight of her totally naked body.

'Ohh, my!' the girl murmured as he took his cock in her mouth.

'Oohhhh!' Austin gasped as his cock was suddenly enveloped in the wet warmth for the first time. 'Ohhh...Ohhhh, Godd...Ohh...Ohh!' Suddenly he was cumming. The girl whimpered with delight as her mouth was suddenly full of warm, thick cum, so much that it was soon running down her chin like a waterfall.

'Shit, he's cumming!' somebody exclaimed.

'Fuck, is he ever! Shit, he's gonna drown her.'

The girl fought frantically to capture and contain the gushing spurts of semen and swallow all she could.

'Geezuss, he's still shooting!' her boyfriend said.

Austin's head was spinning and his legs began to shake, and he was nearly overwhelmed with embarrassment. He was about to get his first piece of ass and she hadn't even gotten the condom on him before he shot his load. He wanted to run and hide from the roaring laughter all around him. But Brandon, although he was laughing with the rest of them, moved in to rescue him. He clasped his arm across his shoulder to steady him and ruffled his hair like he was a little boy.

'Got a little excited there, dude,' he chided him.

Austin was too embarrassed to respond. Even the girl still sucking and slobbering on his cock didn't help his damaged ego. But besides Brandon's support, his own cock was his salvation. It remained hard as a rock, still throbbing and quivering.

'Hell, don't worry about it, little fucker, you're still obviously good to go.' He put his hand down to the girl. 'Here give me the condom.' He took the condom and rolled it down over Austin's cock then smacked him on the butt. 'Now, get in there and fuck her brains out.'

Austin couldn't believe that his studly cousin had actually put the condom on him in front of all of his friends. He was almost shaking from the feel of his hands on his cock. He obediently crawled into the sleeping bag, still shaking with excitement. The girl finished wiping off her face and crawled in with him. She wasted no time guiding his still throbbing cock to her hungry pussy, and young Austin was on his way to shedding his virginity while the other boys gathered round to watch and encourage him.

One of the boys said to Brandon, 'Hey, in case you're interested, Joey Watts has set up shop back in the woods, giving blowjobs.'

'Joey? Joey finally came out?' Brandon said.

'Yeah, he said he wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by; he knew there was going to be rampant sex and he figured it would be a good time to come out and get his share.'

'Well, good for Joey. Maybe I'll take a walk back in the woods but I think I'll wait and take my cousin with me. He might as well get his first blowjob tonight, too.'

'Uhhh, your cousin just had his first blowjob,' somebody said.

Brandon laughed. 'Not really. If you haven't had your cock sucked by a guy, you haven't had a blowjob.' He immediately realized that he'd said the wrong thing, from the way the guys were looking at him.

'Who have you getting blow jobs from?' one of them asked.

'Yeah,' another said. 'Joey's just not coming out, what other guy has been giving blow jobs and we didn't know about it?'

'Nobody from our school,' Brandon said, then he quickly squatted down beside the sleeping bag. 'How's it going, fucker?' he asked Austin.

'Oh,'s going just great,' the boy gasped.

'He's awesome,' the girl said. 'But I don't think he's a virgin.'

Brandon turned to the boyfriend. 'You hear that, dude? I think you just lost your girlfriend.'

Brandon never made it back to the woods. As word spread about Austin being a virgin, more girls were interested, and Brandon more or less followed him around as he was dragged into one sleeping bag after another to further dismantle his virginity. At one point he came over to Brandon and asked if he had any more condoms.

'You said you didn't need the three I gave you,' Brandon said, laughing. 'And that other guy gave you one to use on his girlfriend. Shit, that's four! How many more do you need?'

'I don't know, but there's another girl who wants me,' Austin said.

Brandon dug another condom out of his pocket and gave it to him. 'I've only got one left, you might have to start reusing them,' he joked.

'I was hoping you saved one back.'

Brandon turned to see where the cooing voice had come from and came face to face with Kim West. Kim was what you would call a multi-tasker. She was captain of the cheer leading squad, she played volleyball, girls' softball and she was on the swim team. She had a reputation that she seemed to try to live up to, with the nickname of Off-Road. Brandon didn't know one cheerleader that didn't put out, but Kim set the benchmark. She fucked the guys on the boys' volleyball team, she fucked the guys on the boys' swim team, she fucked the guys on the boys' baseball team, and even though she didn't play football, she fucked the guys on the football team. Kim was known for her 'team' spirit.

Brandon had fucked her too, on several occasions, even though he wasn't on any team.

'This will be our only chance to say our farewells,' she cooed, pressing herself against him. I'm leaving for New York in the morning. My cousin has a job lined up for me.'

'Well, then, we can't pass up the opportunity to say a good and proper farewell,' Brandon said, slipping his arm around her waist.

'Oh, I always loved those big arms around me,' she said as he was leading her away.

'I love these big arms around you, too,' he said.

'Where are you taking me?'

'To my pickup.'

'There's more room in the wide open spaces than in the cab of your truck.'

'Not the cab; the truck bed,' he said. 'I always wanted to do it on the tailgate.' As they approached his truck, he asked, 'Not that it matters, but where am I in line for saying farewell?'

'You could be tenth or fifteenth, it wouldn't matter with your size,' she said.

He stripped her naked, then took off his own clothes, and fucked her on the tailgate while an audience gathered.

Driving home, Brandon was still laughing. 'Shit, Cuz, you didn't just lose your virginity, you blew it to pieces so it ain't never coming back.'

'I don't think your virginity comes back,' Austin said.

'Well yours sure as hell won't. Damn, how many girls did you fuck tonight?'

'Four girls. Five times. That last condom you gave me, I used it on a girl I'd already fucked.'

'And that doesn't count that first load you blew in the girl's mouth. You got more sex than anybody out there tonight,' Brandon.

'Did you get laid at all?' Austin asked.

'No, I was too busy looking after you,' he said jokingly.

'I didn't mean to cramp your style,' Austin said.

'You didn't. I was just kidding. I fucked the captain of the cheerleading squad on the tailgate of my truck. Something I always wanted to do.'

At home, Brandon had to help Austin up the stairs to the bedroom, his legs were still so shaky. Austin collapsed across Brandon's bed. He went to the bathroom and when he came back, Austin was undressing.

'You wanta shower?'

'I probably should,' Austin said.

'Yeah, so you don't make my room smell like sex,' Brandon joked.

Brandon got towels then waited in his room while Austin showered. The thoughts that crept into his head earlier in the evening came back, but he quickly dismissed them. The rest of the night was going to be uneventful; no way was he going to get anything started with his young cousin. Certainly not now that he had so solidly proven his manhood. When Austin came back to the room drying off, Brandon went in to shower. His cock got fluffed up pretty quick; it wasn't having any of the shrugging off. 'Settle down, he's straight,' Brandon muttered to himself.

Back in his room, Austin was in bed, stretched out on his back with his hands locked behind his head. He had turned off the overhead light, leaving the small lamp on.

'I figured you would be asleep from exhaustion,' Brandon said as he finished drying off.

'I don't know if I'll get any sleep, everything's still whirling around in my mind.'

Brandon laughed, tossed the towel aside and crawled into bed. He hadn't wondered, but he noticed that Austin was naked. He turned out the lamp, leaving only the softest dim light from the moon shining in. the window, and stretched out like Austin.

'This has been the greatest night of my life,' Austin said.

'You think?' Brandon said, laughing.

'For more reasons than one,' Austin added.

Brandon noticed the sudden, odd change in his tone, from happy and exhilarated to serious, almost moody. 'What reasons?' he asked. 'I mean, getting laid five times pretty much qualifies for the greatest night in anybody's life, but I heard a sudden turn in your tone of voice just then, like something's bothering you all of sudden.'

'I thought I was gay,' Austin said with a soft chuckle.

Brandon was jolted by it. 'What the hell gave you that idea?'

'I just never had any interest in girls. I've never even asked a girl out, and at a dance, I was always afraid to ask a girl to dance. I'm too scared almost to even talk to a girl at school.'

'Hell, that don't make you gay, that just makes you scared of girls,' Brandon said. 'A lot of guys are scared of girls. They get over it. You sure as fuck got over it tonight.'

'No, I didn't. I was scared out of my wits.'

'Yeah, you were pretty nervous at first, blowing the fastest load on record, but you got over it.'

'Not really. With every girl, I was scared I wouldn't perform up to her expectations. I was even afraid my cock might go down.'

'That's in the back of every guy's mind,' Brandon said. 'About the performing, I mean. I don't know why you were worried about your cock going down, hell, it was like a poker all night.'

'Well,'s more than that. A lot more,' Austin said in a quieter tone.

'What's bugging you, Austin?' Brandon asked. 'You can tell me.'

'The truth is, I...I think the reason my cock stayed hard was because I...because of all of the guys around me.'

Brandon laughed again. 'That would normally make a guy lose his hardon, being watched by a bunch of other guys.'

'But I wasn't seeing those guys like other guys would. I'm more attracted to guys...other boys, and even older guys, like college guys...more than I am girls. I'm sort of scared of guys, too, like I'm scared of girls, but for different reasons. That's the reason I never went out for sports, I'm afraid of being around other jocks in the locker room. I go to football games, not to watch the game, I like to watch the players. I have to be around them sometimes, like in PE class and I have to rush in and out of the shower, and it's always a cold shower, cause I'm afraid I'm gonna get a hardon. I don't have any of those feeling about girls.'

Brandon laughed. 'That's because you're not showering with girls, you dumb ass. If you were in the shower with a bunch of girls, you'd probably have to rush in and out of the shower and take cold showers.'

'No, I don't think it would faze me. I don't have those feelings for a girl's body.'

'Dude, you fucked four different girls tonight, one of them twice. Don't tell me you don't have any attraction for a girl's body.'

'My cock had all the feelings. It felt good inside a girl's pussy, but I didn't get any particular thrill out of it beyond that.'

'That's all the thrill you need to get, fucker,' Brandon said, laughing from exasperation. 'Why're you trying so hard to talk yourself into being gay?'

'Why are you trying to talk me out of being gay?'

There was a quiet pause.



'Have you ever done anything with another boy?'


'Have you ever wanted to?'


Another short pause.

Suddenly Brandon pulled the covers off of himself. He wasn't hard, he was just naked. 'Look over here,' he said. 'What do you see?'

'What do you mean, what do I see? I see you?'

'Right. Are you going to have a problem sleeping with me like this?'


'Okay. If you were gay, you would have a problem sleeping with another naked guy. You would be wanting to do stuff with him.'

'I...didn't...say...I didn't want to do stuff,' Austin said.

Brandon turned his head and stared at him. 'Cuz, are you saying you want to do stuff with me?'

'I would be afraid to try anything.'

'What if I said it was okay? No, what if I....' He stopped short.

'What if you what?' Austin asked.

'What if I took it a step further?'

'I don't know what you mean.'

'What if I took it a step further, to show you it was okay?'

'I still don't know what you mean,' Austin said.

'Look, Cuz, I have done stuff with other guys.'

Austin raised up on one elbow, gaping at him in disbelief. 'You have! Are you...s-saying...t-telling me you're gay?'

'No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying I've done stuff with other guys. I'm telling you it's okay. I'm telling you it don't necessarily mean you're gay. It means it's just sex.'

Austin lay back and stared up at the ceiling.

'I don't believe you're telling me this, Brandon. Even if it's true, I don't believe you're saying it.'

'You don't believe me?'

'I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I gotta wonder if you're saying it just to make me feel better about myself.'

'Do you feel bad about yourself?'

'I don't know if I wanta be gay.'

'You don't even know if you are gay,' Brandon said. Suddenly he scooted down in the bed and patted his chest. 'Sit up here astraddle my chest.'


'You heard me. Sit on my chest.'

'W-what're gonna do?' the younger boy asked as he rose up and climbed astraddle his older cousin's chest. His cock dragged across his pec muscle then came to rest between the thick muscles.

'Now lean up over me and do pushups,' Brandon said.


'You heard me.'

'I don't know wh.....'

'Just do it,' Brandon cut in.

Austin leaned forward to support himself on his arms extended then rose up on his toes and began doing pushups. He glanced down to see Brandon's mouth open. 'Oh!...Ohh!...Ohh, Godd!' he gasped as his cock was enveloped in Brandon's mouth each time, and he tried to push up high enough to avoid the contact.

Brandon clasped his hands around his butt to pull him down and force his cock in his mouth, to let him know it was okay. As his cock grew harder, it plunged into Brandon's throat, and soon he naturally took up the rhythm his cousin was trying to show him and was fucking his mouth.

'Aww, fuck, Brandon, w-what're we d-doing?' he stammered breathlessly.

Brandon kept his hold in his cousin's taut little butt and sucked him for several minutes before he shoved him up and held him up over his face.

'How'd that feel?'

'Aww, I can't even tell you...better than that girl doing me, that's for sure.'

Brandon tossed him aside. 'Do you think I'm gay?'

'I wouldn't ever say that about you, Brandon.'

'Good, cause I'm not. But I discovered sex with other guys pretty much by accident, and decided I liked it. I don't do that, what I just did, for just anybody, you understand. But I did it with you to prove my point.'

'You sure proved your point.'

'Now you try it,' Brandon said.

'Try what?'

'Geezuss, I just drew you a picture,' Brandon said.

'Y-you w-want me t-to s-suck your cock?'


'I don't know if I can, if I know how?'

'What's to know, you lean down here and take my cock in your mouth. And tell me if you like it.'

Hesitantly, Austin moved over Brandon's middle, very cautiously taking his cock in his hand. He was lowering his head, wetting his lips, when Brandon took hold of his cock himself, and put his hand on the back of Austin's head and forced him down.

'MMmnpphh!' Austin moaned.

'Don't fight me. Suck it,' Brandon said.

When he knew he couldn't get out of his cousin's grip he relaxed and let him move his head up and down.

'I'm gonna let go of your head, you keep sucking,' Brandon said.

Austin did as he was told.

Brandon laid his hand on his shoulder and began rubbing his back. 'Yeah, Cuz, that feels good,' he whispered. 'You like it, don't you? You like a big hard, hot cock throbbing in your mouth, don't you? So do I. Difference is, if you come back for more. If you don't, then you ain't gay. But if you do, and you come back a third and fourth time and more after that, then you're probably gay, because then it won't be just experimenting around anymore. You get my meaning?'

Austin nodded his head.

'Next thing we're gonna do, I'm gonna fuck you,' Brandon said.

Austin jerked his head up, his eyes wide.


'Fucking is part of being gay, man. How're you gonna know if you're really gay if you don't know if you like being fucked?'

'That's crazy thinking,' Austin said as he stroked Brandon's slick cock. 'Guys aren't built to be fucked like girls are.'

Brandon laughed. 'Guys aren't exactly built to suck cock either, are they? I mean, you're supposed to put food in your mouth, not raw cock,' he said as he rubbed his hand over Austin's bare butt.

'You're just trying to fuck with my brain. Besides, no way your cock would fit in my ass without tearing me apart.'

Brandon laughed again. 'You wanta know how many guys' asses have accommodated my big cock, and nobody's had to have reconstructive surgery yet.'

'Have you ever been fucked?' Austin asked cockily.


Austin's eyes popped and his mouth dropped and he suddenly let go of his cock, as if it were too hot to hold onto.

'Now I know you're fuckin' with my head. You've never been fucked. You're just trying to convince me to let you do it to me.'

Brandon had found his cousin's hole; he didn't think Austin even realized it till he began rubbing around it.

'That feel good?'

Austin blinked, as he realized where Brandon's fingers were.

'Y-yeah, sort of.'

'You think guys' asses were made to be played with like this?'

'I....d-don't know.'

'But it feels good,' Brandon said as he tickled his fingertips around the clenching hole.

'Y-yeah, I d-don't know why, maybe it's not supposed to.'

Brandon wet his fingers and rubbed them harder against the boy's hole.

'That feels even better,' he said.

'Yeah,' Austin admitted, sounding a little breathless now. 'Ohh...ohh, be careful.'

'Feels good, my finger pushing in like that,' Brandon said.

Austin didn't answer him.

'My tongue would feel even better,' Brandon said.

'What?' Austin had a surprised look.

'My tongue would feel even better than my finger,' Brandon said.

'You wouldn't do that,' Austin scoffed.

'There's one way to find out.'


'Get up here and sit on my face.'

'You wouldn't do it,' Austin said. 'If I tried sitting on your face, you'd toss me off on the floor.'

'Promise I won't,' Brandon said as he put his arms over his heads. 'You can hold my arms down.'

'Like I could hold those arms down,' he scoffed again.

'Try me.'

Austin was hesitant.

'Okay you get on your hands and knees and I'll do it,' Brandon said.

He was still hesitant.

'Okay, I'll do it...I'll sit on your face.'

'One condition. If I tongue your ass, then I get to fuck it. I eat it, I fuck it.'

'I'd be too scared. You're so big,' he said timidly.

Brandon pulled him up on top of him and wrapped both arms around him. 'Austin, I wouldn't hurt you purpose. Yeah, it'll hurt a little at first but you can handle it, cause I promise it'll feel great after a minute or two. I'll get you ready, so you want it. And if we start and you wanta change your mind, all you gotta do is say so, and I'll stop. If you're gay, I guarantee it's gonna happen. It's what gay guys do, they get fucked. I'd like to be your first, rather than somebody you don't know or can't trust to be as easy and gentle as I will be.'

'Have you really been fucked, Brandon??'

'Yes. Scout's honor, I've been fucked.'

'Did you like it?'

'I sorta did. I mean, it felt good, but I'm just not built that way in my head. My body's built for it, but not my head. So I never did it again,' he lied. 'You understand? You're built that way in your head - or you think you are - so your body can take it cause you want it....if you really do, and there's only one way to find out.'

'You make too much sense, Brandon, and that's scary.'

'We don't have to,' Brandon said. 'But at least let me show you how I can make you wanta try it. We can stop short of actually doing it.'

'You still want me to sit on your face?'


'Have you ever done that to anybody else?'

'No, but I've had it done to me, and it's awesome.'

Still reluctant, Austin stood astraddle his cousin with his butt facing the headboard. 'I don't need to hold your arms,' he said as he lowered himself over Brandon's face.

Brandon took the boy's firm, smooth butt in his hands and guided him down to his face. His tongue met Austin's asshole, causing him to gasp with surprise.

'Ohhhh! Ohhhh, fuck! Ohhhh...ohhh, Brandon! Ohh, Godd.'

'Told you it feels awesome,' Brandon said, his voice muffled. When he felt Austin's asshole begin to relax and open up, he shoved his tongue through his hole and made him cry out. Then he introduced his finger, slowly, gently, but with persistence, till it was all the way in. He continued kissing his butt and licking around his asshole. He wriggled his finger around, searching, finding his prostate.

'OHHH!...Ohhh, Godd! Ohhhh...Awwwhhhhh...ohhh, fuuccck, w-what're you.....

w-what is that...Ohhhhh, Yess...Ohhh...I think you can...f-fuck me...Brandon. Fuck me.'

Brandon smiled and slowly pulled his finger free. He used two fingers to pull the tiny hole open wider, stretching the tight muscle. He drove his tongue up through the stretched hole. Austin choked on his cries. Suddenly he rose up and turned around, sitting down astraddle Brandon's thighs.

'You can fuck me, Brandon,' he said, as he took hold of his cock in both hands. 'I want you to fuck me. I wanta know what it's like.'

'All right,' Brandon said calmly. 'But if you change your mind......'

'I won't change my mind,' Austin cut in. 'Even if I do, you ignore me. I'm telling you I want it, and it don't matter what I might say.'

'No, man, if you tell me stop, I'm gonna stop,' Brandon said.

'How do you wanta do it?' Austin asked.

'On your back, me on top. I wanta watch your face when I do it. There's something you gotta do first.'

'What?' he asked anxiously.

Brandon got up off the bed and pulled Austin to his feet. He went to his closet and gut out a Fleet that was hidden there.

'What's that?'

Brandon didn't answer him. He led him to the bathroom and handed him the bottle. 'Use this. Read the directions. It's not rocket science.'

About ten minutes later, Austin came back to the room.

'Feel better?'

'Yeah,' Austin said, trying not to look embarrassed. He handed Brandon the empty plastic bottle.

Brandon patted the bed. Austin lay down and Brandon got between his legs, lifting them onto his shoulders. He squeezed the lube out of a small packet, into Austin's hole then worked it in with his fingers. He wiped his finger on the head of his cock. He cupped his cousin's butt in his big hands and lifted him higher off the mattress, letting his legs fall heavily over his upper body.

'I can tell you're scared, but don't be. It's gonna hurt a little, but I'll work you past it so it feels good.'

'I don't care, I just want you to fuck me.'

Brandon pushed his cock down from its sharp upward angle and aimed the head at Austin's clenching hole. 'You've really got a nice ass,' he said as he rubbed the head up and down over his hole.

Austin laughed and whined, 'Are you just gonna admire it or are you gonna fuck it.'

Brandon smiled down at him. 'Anxious little fucker, aren't you? Hold that thought and that attitude.' With that, he tightened his butt muscles to power his cock through the hole in one swift, determined thrust.

'OOOOHhh!' Austin cried out.

'Still holding that thought?' Brandon asked him.

'Ohh, Geezuss Fuck! My asshole's never going to close up! Godd, it feels like a ball bat!'

'It won't in a few minutes, when you get used to it,' Brandon said. 'You're gonna be wishing I was bigger.'

'I doubt that.'

Brandon pushed deeper, gazing down at his cousin's right little ass ring locked tightly around the girth of his cock, squeezing with a steady rhythm. He shoved in deeper, feeling Austin's insides spread apart for his invading cockmeat.

'Couple more inches,' he told him.

'Hell, what's a couple more inches when you already shoved a foot of cock in me.'

'I'll show you,' Brandon said. He sank in all the way and ground his loins hard against Austin's spread butt.

'Aaahhhh! That was more like six more inches!' Austin cried.

'Want me to pull 'em out?'

'NO! Godd, No! Just let me get used to it. Ohh, Geezuss, I didn't know it'd hurt this much.'

'It's not hurting as much as it did when I busted through your hole. Don't tell me it is. That's the worst. It just gets better after that. Just hang in there.'

'I'm hanging,' Austin said, a little breathless.

Brandon moved his hips in circles, making his cock move around deep inside Austin's ass.

'OHHhhhhh,' the boy moaned softly.

'That feel okay?'

'Ohh, feels good, even though it still hurts.'

'Let's do it some more, work the pain out,' Brandon said as he twisted his butt around some more.

'Ohhh, yesss! Ohh, I think that's working. Godd, that feels good.'

'Let's see how this feels.' He pulled his cock out about half way then eased it back in. Then again. And again. He watched his cousin's face contort with surprised pleasure that showed through his little grimaces of pain.

'Ohh...Ohh, Brandon...that f-feels wonderful!'

Brandon smiled. 'I think you're ready to be fucked.' He eased back, withdrawing his cock completely, leaving Austin's asshole gaping wide open. He looked down at it. 'Man, are you ready! Your fine little asshole is gaping wide open, clenching begging for my cock.'

'I'm begging you, too, Brandon. Put it back in me. I can feel my asshole wide open, I can feel the air. We both want your cock back. We want you to fuck us, good and hard.'

'No, not hard yet,' Brandon said. 'We've got plenty of time for the hard stuff. Right now, I just wanta plow out your virginity till there's no trace of it left.'












The Diary

Uncle Ed

Got another huge shocker today. I swear, sex is everywhere I turn, with the most unexpected people. Uncle Ed called and asked if I could help him out since my cousin is visiting his mother. He had a skid of landscaping blocks that needed to be carried to the side of the house and around back. Pay was all the beer I could drink. We got to talking and he told me Austin's Mom is complaining about him messing up her sheets and that Uncle Ed should talk to him about it. He told her to put a cum towel on his pillow. I laughed my ass off at that. With the beer and all the talk, I came out and asked him if he and Dad had ever messed around as brothers. He said they did. I was surprised and I wasn't, but I was glad to know it for some reason. Then he asked me if I ever messed around. I reminded him that I didn't have a brother, he said he meant like with Austin. I had to admit that we had. I also told him about Austin losing his virginity and getting laid five times and getting his first blowjob on my graduation night. He laughed his ass over that. I didn't tell him that I'd fucked his son. Odd thing was, Uncle Ed got all boned up talking about it. He went around back to get us another beer and when he didn't come back I went back to the patio to check on him. He was standing there drinking a beer and acting sorta strange. The he asked me if I got all boned up like he did, when we were talking about him and my Dad and about Austin. I told him I did. He groped me!! He talked about missing those times with his brother, my Dad, and said they used to joke about him getting all the brains and my Dad getting all the brawn and the cock. One thing led to another and then Uncle Ed was feeling me up and taking down my jeans and shorts and started blowing me. He was really shocked when I told him I sucked cock too. He didn't believe me, said I was straight. I turned around astraddle his chair with my butt in his face and told him I would show him and suck his cock but he had to rim me at the same time. He did. There was only one problem. Austin came home unexpectedly, walked in on the patio and caught us. Tense moments, but it worked out okay. Uncle Ed knows ALL about me and Austin now; knows that I fucked him. I kinda wonder now if Uncle Ed and Austin might have sex together.

Uncle Ed

Brandon was surprised to get a call from his Uncle Ed, Austin's Dad. His cousin, Austin, had gone to visit his Mom for a few days and Uncle Ed needed some help with a landscaping project he was working on.

'I've got a shit-load of material in my driveway actually about three shit-loads and I would like to get it moved, if you've got time to come over and help out. All the beer you can drink, as long as you can stay on your feet, and the pay's not bad either.'

'Hell, Uncle Ed, you don't have to pay me, the beer will be enough,' Brandon said. 'I'll be right over.'

'Dress light, it's gonna be hot,' Uncle Ed told him.

'How about if I don't dress at all?' Brandon said, laughing.

'Okay by me, but it might get you arrested, we're going to be out front.'

Brandon drove up to find his uncle already hard at work. He had his shirt off and was loading landscaping stones into a wheelbarrow off of a skid. Brandon paused for a moment before getting out just to watch the man's thick muscles bulge and ripple. His Uncle Ed was a stud. He and his own Dad were a lot alike but he never saw his Dad in the same way he saw his uncle. He hadn't thought of his uncle that way either, till they had come for his graduation and they had all been able to spend time together and Brandon got to know him better. And, he couldn't help wondering about his Uncle, after the time he had with Austin.

He got out of his truck and slammed the door. Ed rose up and looked around.

'Damn, am I glad to see you,' he said, pulling out a blue bandanna to wipe the sweat off his face and neck.

Brandon laughed. 'Well, hey, Uncle, it's nice to see you, too.'

'Pardon my saying so, but I meant those muscles,' Ed said.

'Where do you want me to start?' Brandon asked eagerly.

'Well, for starters, these red landscaping bricks need to go out back, the others need to go there, and over there on the other side of the house, under the windows. That's where I'm making flowerbeds. Take your choice.'

'Why don't you let me wrestle that wheelbarrow around for a while, it looks like you've been at it a while,' Brandon said.

'Do I look that tired and worn out already?' Uncle Ed asked, laughing.

'No, not at all, but the ass end of your jeans is soaked with sweat that's run down your back,' Brandon said.

'Didn't know you were into noticing other guys' butts, Nephew,' Ed joked.

They worked together, meeting at the skids of stones and bricks that were in the driveway, talking about sports and school and Ed's job, and about Austin visiting his Mom, for those few minutes it took Brandon to load the wheelbarrow.

'His mother pulled him away at a real inopportune time,' Ed said.

'His visit with his Mom was scheduled, wasn't it? Maybe you ordered this stuff delivered at an inopportune time. You know he would be out here busting his butt for you if he were here,' Brandon said.

'I know he would. He's a great kid. I wasn't really complaining. Fact is, I miss him.'

'I know he misses you, too.'

'I just hope she doesn't spoil him too much, or worse, baby him,' Ed said.

Brandon laughed. 'If she does, you'll whip it out of him when he gets home,' he said.

'She just can't accept that he's growing up.' Ed stopped to wipe sweat again. 'You know what she said a couple of years ago when he was going to visit? She told me I needed to have a talk with him about soiling her sheets. That's the word she used, soiling.'

'What do you mean, soiling the sheets?' Brandon asked.

'Same way boys have been messing up their sheets for thousands of years.'

'Oh,' Brandon said, laughing quietly.

'I told her to get over it, the boy jacks off. Hell, put a towel on his pillow. She got pissed as hell over that. She said I should've taught him not to do that sort of thing.'

'You must've laughed your ass off over that.'

'I did. She hung up on me.'

'Did Austin soil the sheets, do you know?' Brandon asked.

'I don't know, I didn't mention it to him,' Ed said. 'I mean, how do you tell a teenage boy not to jack off. It's inherent in their genes. Can you imagine your Dad saying something like that to you?'

'Oh, I can imagine him saying it, but he would be laughing his ass off, just like you did. But hey, Uncle Ed, mothers aren't cut out of the same cloth as dads. How are they supposed to know or understand anything about a boy becoming a man.'

'Duh! She was married to one,' Ed said.

'Cut her some slack. She's his Mom,' Brandon said. 'I think you handled it right, not saying anything to him about it. By the way, do you lay towels on his pillow?' he asked with a sly grin.

'Matter of fact, I did, once. After that he had sense enough to get his own towels.'

'Well, that's something my Dad never did for me,' Brandon said.

'Oh, you just soil the sheets, huh?' Ed said.

'No, I eat the evidence,' Brandon said, laughing. His uncle punched him in the shoulder.

They worked for another half hour, trading off on the wheelbarrow a couple of times.

'You said something about beer,' Brandon reminded him.

'Yeah, sorry. I'll get it,' Ed said.

Ed went around to the patio and got two beers out of the refrigerator. Brandon unloaded the wheelbarrow then joined him under the big maple tree in the front yard.

'I think it's going pretty good,' Brandon said, eyeing the now-partial skids that sat in the driveway.

'It's going great,' Ed said. 'I don't know what I would've done without you. I really appreciate you helping me out.'

'No problem, I didn't have anything else planned.'

'And I know you like to stay physical,' Ed said.

'Well, there are a lot more fun ways of staying physical,' Brandon drawled.

'You've been getting a lot of attention, though,' Ed said.

'What do you mean?' Brandon asked with a scowl.

'I didn't think you noticed,' Ed said, laughing. 'Every car that's gone by has slowed to a crawl just to watch you. One guy almost ran up over the curb and hit the light post.'

Brandon just snorted laughter then smiled and gulped his beer.

'But you're probably used to that kind of attention,' Ed said.

'Yeah, but I usually notice,' Brandon joked.

There was a lull in the conversation, then Brandon asked, 'Can I ask you something, Uncle Ed?'

'Sure, ask me anything.'

'It's personal.'

'Then I might choose not to answer, but go ahead and ask.'

'Did you and my Dad ever mess around when you were kids?'

Ed blinked over the top of his beer bottle and a tight smile came across his handsome face.

'I told you it was personal,' Brandon said.

'Wow. You think?' Ed said, laughing. 'Yeah.'

' did?' Brandon asked.

'Hell, yeah, we were brothers. I wouldn't trust a brother who didn't. But hey, you can't ever tell him I told you that.'

'I won't.'

'What prompted you to ask?'

'I've just been curious, don't ask me why.'

'How about you?' Ed asked.

'I don't have a brother,' Brandon said in a droll tone.

'I mean with other boys. Like Austin, maybe.'

'I don't know if I should answer that.'

'You just did.'

'No, I didn't. I was just putting you on.'

'No you weren't,' Ed said. 'You had a guilty look on your face.'

Brandon chuckled. 'Did I. Okay. It just happened, though, when you guys came for my graduation.'

'What happened?'

'I'll tell you if you tell me about you and Dad.'

Ed related several stories about himself and Brandon's Dad messing around when they were boys, then Brandon told him about Austin and himself. Most of it. He didn't tell him about taking his cousin's cherry.

'This is kinda weird, talking to you about stuff about Austin,' he said.

Ed looked down at himself, between his knees that were cocked up. 'What's even more weird is, I'm getting all boned up talking about it,' he said, laughing.

'Well, I'm sure you haven't forgotten how to take care of that, Uncle Ed,' Brandon chided him, laughing.

Suddenly Ed got to his feet. 'I'm going to get us another beer,' he said as he strode across the yard.

Brandon watched him walk around the corner of the house. He waited for a short time for him to come back with the beer. When he was gone a bit longer he got up and went around back. He found his uncle in the patio, leaned back against the railing with a half empty beer bottle dangling from his fingers.

'Uncle Ed? I thought you were going to get us another beer.'

'I drank yours. I'm working on mine,' he said, holding up the bottle by the neck.

Without asking, Brandon went to the refrigerator to get himself another one. When he turned around he saw Ed had gone over to sit in the lounge chair. Brandon started to step over him to get to the other chair. As he straddled his chair, Ed spread his legs out to prevent him from stepping over him. Brandon stood with his feet planted wide on either side of the chair, and took a sip of his beer as his uncle smiled up at him. It was the first inkling Brandon had that his uncle might be trying to start something, and it surprised the crap out of him. It surprised him even more when Ed reached up and gave his crotch a quick grope.

'How about you, did you get all boned up when we were talking about you and Austin, and me and your Dad?'

'More or less,' Brandon replied.

He reached up for another feel. 'Feels like more.'

Brandon quickly reached down and clasped his hand over Uncle Ed's hand before he could pull it back and pressed it against his bulge.

'Would've been more if we hadn't stopped talking,' he said.

'Did you have more to tell?' Ed asked.

'No. Look, are we just horsing around, Uncle Ed, or is this gonna turn into something serious?' he asked boldly, laughing, as he kept his uncle's hand pressed tightly against his bulge.

'I don't know, feels pretty serious,' Ed said as he took a long draw from his beer.

Brandon eased his hold and then moved his own hand altogether. Uncle Ed's hand stayed in place and he began squeezing the meaty bulge.

'What the fuck are we doing, nephew?' Ed asked hoarsely.

'You tell me, you started it,' Brandon said.

'I miss those times with your Dad.'

'I guess I could stand in his place,' said Brandon.

'Sure feels like you could. He was hung like a horse, too, even as a teenager.'

'Yeah, I know, he still is.'

Ed laughed. 'We always joked about how I got all the brains and he got all the cock.'

'He's big.'

'Do you match him?' Ed asked.

'If this isn't just horsing around, why don't you find out?'

'You're okay with it, huh?' Ed asked.

'Hell, yeah.'

'You've done this before, besides with Austin, I mean.'


'I haven't done anything like this since I was in the Army. Seeing you, us talking about shit, reminded me how much I miss it.'

'That's a long time,' Brandon said. He undid the top button of his jeans, hoping to give his uncle some encouragement.

Uncle Ed took the hint. He set his beer bottle on the table and used both hands to finish unbuttoning Brandon's fly. When his fly was open, Brandon shoved his jeans down off his hips. His white briefs bulged mightily with his growing cock.

'Fuck,' Ed said in a whisper as he squeezed the meaty bulge 'Fuck, how big does this thing get?'

'You're gonna find out,' Brandon said.

'Am I going to be able to handle it?'

'I don't know, depends on what you wanta do, and how much you remember from the Army.'

Ed pulled the briefs down, exposing a couple of inches of the root of his nephew's cock.

'Fuck, man, already it looks like a jaw breaker.'

Brandon laughed.

Ed pulled the briefs half way down his thighs before his cock swung free.

'Holy Fuck! What do you expect me to do with all of that!'

Brandon laughed again. 'Well, guys that can't handle it down their throat can usually take it up the ass,' he said.

Ed looked up at him, wide-eyed. 'You're telling me, you've had guys take this up their ass? Or are you just saying that so you think I'll try it?'

'You can try it or not, but I've fucked a lot of guys with it.'

'Well, first things first, and that means one inch at a time,' Ed said. 'Shit, I'll be lucky to handle the head of it. Is your Dad this big?'

'I would guess so, from what I've seen.'

'Godd, I would like to see him again, see how he developed.'

Brandon twisted his hips around, causing his cock to swing back and forth. It smacked his uncle in the face. Then he lifted it in his palm, offering it to the older man. He brushed the head across his lips, making them glisten with his precum. Ed licked his lips.

'Mmnnn, I forgot how good that stuff tastes,' he murmured. Then he opened his lips and let his young nephew shove his cock in his mouth. 'MMMNnnnnnnn.'

'Oh, fuck yeah. Don't feel like you've forgotten anything,' Brandon said. He stood astraddle the chair and fed his uncle his growing cock. 'If you wanta try to deep throat me, do it now, before I get all the way hard,' he said, placing his hands on the top of the man's head. Ed craned his neck to look up at him. Brandon loved that view, of the older man, looking up at him like that with his mouth stretched around his big cock and that look of wonder in his eyes. He held firm to his head and pushed forward. He could feel his cock pressing against the tight constriction of his uncle's throat.

'You're gonna have to relax your throat. And I'm getting hard fast.' He didn't know if he relaxed or not but when he shoved again, this time harder, his cock slipped into Uncle Ed's throat. He choked and started to gag but Brandon moved his hands down and stroked each side of his neck. 'You can take it, Unc...just ain't gonna kill you. Yeah, ease down on it...ohh, man, you're doing it...fuck, you only got a couple of inches to go...Ohhhh, yeah, Unc. You took it all! Ohh, fuck that feels awesome! Just hold it there as long as you can, let my cock get hard in your throat.'

He put his hands back on his uncle's head to encourage him to stay on his cock. He was getting red in the face. After a moment, when he tried to pull back, Brandon held him for a few seconds more before he let go of his head.

'Whew!' Ed gasped. 'Fuck, Brandon, you trying to kill me?'

'I told you it ain't gonna kill you. It's mind over matter,' Brandon said, laughing as he wiped the drool off of his uncle's chin.

'And what would you know about it? Have you ever been choked on a big, stiff cock?'

Brandon smiled as he stroked his cock in his uncle's face. 'Matter of fact.......,' he said.

'Come on, you're straight,' Uncle Ed scoffed.

'So are you, aren't you?' Brandon said.

'Well, I like to think I am. But then there are moments like this,' Ed said. 'Come on, Brandon, have you really sucked cock?'

'Yeah, I have.'

'I don't believe you.'

'Want me to prove it?' He didn't want for an answer. 'Take your cock out, Unc,' he said as he stepped aside and took off his shorts and briefs, leaving himself naked from the waist down. Uncle Ed scrambled to undo his jeans. Brandon straddled the chair, this time with his back to his uncle, and helped him tug his jeans and shorts down. His cock was already standing at attention.

'Damn, Unc, looks like you got your share of Grandpa's genes,' he said, taking hold of the throbbing cock. He looked over his shoulder as he was bending over. 'I'm gonna do this under one condition. You gotta rim me while I give you head.'

'Nephew, Fucker, if you give me a blowjob, I'll crawl up inside your tight little ass and eat it from the inside out.'

'Don't forget you said that,' Brandon said. Then he bent down and took his uncle's cock in his mouth.

'Ohhhh, Shit!' Ed cried. He stopped his eyelids from fluttering and gazed at his nephew's ass right in front of him. He folded his hands around the taut, smooth butt muscles and pulled them apart even wider. 'Fuck, this looks good,' he whispered. Brandon eased his butt back to meet his uncle's face. Ed began licking up and down the inside slopes till he touched the tight hole. He heard Brandon moan around his cock. He began licking the hole, pulling it open with his fingers. He waited till it was relaxed and gaping open before he drove his tongue through it. Brandon groaned louder. Ed tongue fucked him for several minutes while he entertained the impossible dream that he might fuck the hunky teenager. At the same time he thought of Brandon's remark that guys who couldn't deep throat him could usually take his big cock in their ass. Just the thought of it made his asshole twitch and tighten,

'Dad!! Brandon!!'

The two froze for a second then Brandon rose up and stepped over the lounge chair, reaching down for his clothes.


'Oh, Shit!' Ed groaned.

'Damn, what're you guys doing?'

'Austin.....Son......' Ed couldn't get his words out. He wiped his wet face with the back of his hand then struggled to get his jeans closed.

'No need to explain, Dad,' the boy cut in, sounding hurt and angry. He looked at Brandon. 'Shit, I leave for a few days and you seduce my Dad! I wasn't enough for you?' He sounded more shocked than angry.

'I didn't exactly seduce your Dad,' Brandon said as he was pulling his jeans up. He didn't bother with his briefs, he stuffed them in his back pocket.

'That's true, Son. I'm afraid I initiated it, in a weaker moment.'

'Austin...hey, I haven't told your Dad everything,' Brandon cautioned him.

'Haven't told me what?' Ed asked Brandon as he got up from the chair

'Nothing. Unless he wants to tell you,' Brandon replied.

'What?' Ed asked his son. 'What hasn't he told me?'

'That he got my cherry. He fucked me.'

Ed looked at Brandon with shock and disappointment. Brandon suddenly felt ganged up on.

'Hey, it was about to happen again. Like father, like son,' he said, holding up his hands defensively.

'Okay, wait. There's no need to get all bent out of shape,' Ed said. 'I guess it's on the genes.' He looked at Austin. 'You said Brandon got your cherry. Does that mean he took it, forcibly, or did you give it up willingly?'

Brandon eyed his cousin, waiting for his reply. 'Don't throw me under the bus, cousin.'

'I gave it up,' Austin said with a sigh. 'I enjoyed it. And I'm glad I came home when I did, cause now, after what I saw, you can't hate me for being gay.'

Ed went over and took the boy in his arms and hugged him tight. 'Austin....Son, I couldn't hate you if you were green and gay and had three noses. When will you kids understand that we love you, no matter what.' He inched back and tilted Austin's head up by his chin. 'I don't care if you're gay, Son. I don't care if you enjoyed losing your cherry. I just want you to be happy. So if you're happy being gay, I'm happy having a son who is gay.'

'Are you gay, Dad?' he asked.

'No, I wouldn't put that label on myself. What you saw...well, I guess you could say I'm a little diverse.'

Brandon chuckled.

'I wouldn't call having your face buried in your nephew's ass just diverse,' Austin said.

Brandon laughed as he picked up his beer. He finished it off and set the bottle on the deck railing. 'I think we're all okay, I'm going to get back to work. You came home at the wrong time, Cousin, and I don't mean because you caught us. Did you see those skids of landscaping blocks and bricks out there in the driveway? If you hadn't bugged out, I wouldn't even be here, and none of this would've happened. So you see, it's all your fault.'

Austin looked at his Dad. 'Can I say, 'fuck you' to him?'

Ed shrugged.

'Fuck you,' Austin said.

Brandon laughed. 'We can talk about that,' he said. Then he said, 'Hey, I gotta ask you something.'


'When you were at your Mom's....did you soil the sheets?'






The Diary

At The Gym

Uncle Ed and Austin got me a gym membership for graduation, only it's not in town, so I knew I wouldn't be able to go work out very often. Turns out, that's okay. More than okay. I checked the place out and it's for men only. It's a lot more than a gym. It's more like sex palace. They have a gym, swimming pool where you can swim naked, a sauna, steam room, and even private rooms. They call them change rooms or to rest, but they're private rooms to have sex with other guys. There were guy kissing and making out in the pool, and in the rooms; a lot of them left the doors open. They were even having sex in the steam room. I only got a locker, but I met another guy and he invited me to share his room. Obviously for sex. How I Met him, he was lying on his bunk naked, on his stomach and he had a great looking ass, I went in to check him out and he wasn't asleep. He was the most good looking guy I've ever seen. He even said his good looks scared guys off. Good think I don't scare easy. Uncle Ed called my cell phone right in the middle of me having sex with the guy. I told him I was at the gym and that I'd found a workout partner.

At The 'Gym'

Brandon's graduation gift from his Uncle Ed and his cousin was a year's membership to the new gym that had just opened in another town, and a one hundred dollar gift certificate to GNC.

'Like you need it, with all those muscles,' Austin joked.

'Yeah, Austin thought it was a dumb idea,' Ed said.

'No, it's a great idea. Thanks. I won't be going to the school gym now that I've graduated and I'll need a place to work out and there is no place around here. And this...' He held up the GNC gift certificate. 'Supplements are really expensive, so this will come in handy.'

Brandon wasn't as enthused as he let on about actually having a place to work out. The place was thirty miles away so it wasn't like he could be there every other day. And Austin was right, he didn't need to work out, he just needed to stay in shape. His real enthusiasm was being able to go to a place where other guys worked out; a place away from his hometown where he would meet guys who didn't know him.

He was surprised to see the lettering on the front door that read 'Men Only.' He had never heard of a gym for guys only. The young man at the front counter greeted Brandon with a warm smile and a handshake, with a hand attached to a very muscular arm that rippled and bulged when they shook. He fairly bulged out of his staff T-shirt; his name, Eaton, was embroidered on the left pec. Brandon gave him the gift membership card through the window.

'Nice gift,' he said as he began entering the information into the computer. 'Graduation. Congratulations.' He looked across the counter at Brandon, looked him up and down. 'I would've figured you for college already, though.'

'Nope. Don't know if I'm going to college,' Brandon said.

'Do you have a camera or picture phone?' he asked, pointing to a sign behind him.

'Just my cell phone.'

'Okay, we don't want pictures floating around. Just keep it turned off, it creeps guys out when they hear a phone ringing, they're afraid somebody's sneaked a picture phone in. Now, would you like a tour of the place?'

'Not necessary, if you'll just point me in the right direction.'

'Well, you obviously know your way around a gym.'


'Would you like a locker or a room?' the man asked.

Brandon had never heard of a gym with private rooms either.

'A locker will do,' he said.

'Do you want a lock box for your valuables. No extra charge.'

He took the lock box. He was given a large towel and a rubber band with two keys on it. The locker room was small but state of the art, compared to the locker room at school. The floor was carpeted and the lockers were full length and much wider than normal lockers. There were large benches covered with carpeting situated in the middle of the room. The place didn't smell like a locker room. It had a fresh, outdoors smell, with a hint of chlorine. Maybe that was because it was still new. Just off the locker room were more benches, two training tables and two gleaming, silver whirlpool tanks. One was occupied, by a tanned, good-looking dude with a buzz cut and wide, muscle-heaped shoulders. He nodded and spoke when he saw Brandon come in.

'Hey,' Brandon said.

'Pretty nice, huh,' the guy said.

'Very nice. Sure beats the one at school.'

'What college do you go to?'

Brandon laughed. 'I don't. I just graduated from high school.'

'Wow!' the guy said, looking him up and down. 'They didn't grow 'em that size when I was in high school. Have you checked out the pool?'

'Pool? There's a pool?' Brandon asked surprised.

'Yeah. Not Olympic size, but it's big enough to do laps, and to dive. And it's naked swimming.'

'Oh, really. Awesome.'

'I'm Rand, by the way,' the man said, putting out his hand.

Brandon stepped over to shake his hand. 'Brandon.' He got a good look at the guy. He was built to a fault, tight as hell. Interesting.

Just then another young man in his early twenties wearing very short, tight shorts and a staff T-shirt came into the locker room, with a man in his thirties wearing a towel around his waist. The staff member led him to one of the training tables and invited him to lie down. The man stretched out on the table with his arms folded over his head. The staff tugged the towel off of the man and hung it on a hook nearby.

Brandon turned away from the naked man and found his locker. He unlocked it and sat down on the bench to take off his shoes and socks. He couldn't help glancing over at the man on the table, or noticing his build and the tan line left from a pair of brief boxers. He watched as the staff drizzled some kind of oil on the man's butt, then he rubbed his hands together and began to massage his lower back. He stood at the side of the table starting out, but he gradually moved around to the head of the table as he worked his hands up the man's back to his shoulders. The man lifted his head and set his chin in his hands, facing directly into the front of the staff's shorts. The staff reached way over the man's body, digging his fingers into the muscles along his spine, moving down to his butt. The man didn't seem to mind that the front of the staff's shorts was pressed against his face. The staff began rubbing his hands over the high and tight mounds of the man's butt and digging his fingers into the taut muscles.

Brandon glanced at the man in the whirlpool and he smiled. He continued taking off his clothes and putting them in the locker, now watching openly the staff working his fingers into the crevice of the man's ass. He heard the man moan softly, and told the staff it felt good. He seemed to be nudging his face into the staff's shorts. By the time Brandon was naked his cock was fluffed up way above normal. He quickly dug out his jockstrap and pulled it on. He donned his workout shorts then grabbed his tank top and shoved his bag into the locker.

'Well, I'm gonna check out the rest of the place,' he said to the guy in the whirlpool.

'Yeah, see you.'

He felt flushed as he made his way down the hallway to the gym. He would've like to stick around and see where things were headed with the massage, but he didn't want to just stand around and gape. The workout room was large but a bit crowded with all the equipment, including two well-equipped free weight areas. He was glad to see that, he wouldn't have to wait around for the weights. One side of the gym was all glass, facing the pool.

There were a dozen men of varying ages lying around the pool and four more men in the water. All but two were naked and one of those was wearing only a thong. Two of the men in the pool were making out; kissing and fondling each other. Brandon felt himself getting hard and he turned away from the windows. On the opposite were floor to ceiling mirrors. He brushed his hand down over the front of his shorts. He didn't have a particular workout routine in mind; there was just a compelling need to pump up his muscles. This was a place to show them off. He decided he would do arms and legs, his two best parts. He adjusted the incline bench and picked up two dumbbells off the rack. He sat down and leaned back to do dumbbell curls. His biceps bulged under the weight, Godd, pumping up the size of grapefruits. He loved watching them. It didn't help the condition of his cock. His shoulder muscles flexed nicely too.

Another man came into the gym, about thirty, wearing a pair of the tightest, shortest boxer workout shorts Brandon had ever seen, no shirt. He was built to a fault, and ripped. He eyed Brandon in the mirrors as he walked behind the incline bench. Then he stopped to watch him finish the set.

'Damn, that's an impressive pair of guns,' he said.

'Thanks. Looks like you've got damned good arms yourself,' Brandon said as he rose up and set the weights down.

'That's some serious muscle you're packing, overall,' the man said.


'How old are you anyway?'


'Never saw any teenager built like that.'

'Yeah, I inherited some of this from my Dad,' Brandon said.

The man moved on to another piece of equipment but then went to the window to look out over the pool. Brandon watched him in the mirror as he stood and watched and put his hand over the front of his shorts. Then he turned back to the calf machine. Brandon did one more set of curls then moved to the leg press. He loaded the rack and positioned himself on the platform, leaned back with his shoulders under the pads. He released the safety and went down in a squat, slowly, watching his massive thighs bulge mightily. He loved watching his thigh muscles bulge and he felt another surge of excitement between those huge thighs. He couldn't believe they were so big. He finished the set then racked on more weight and took a quick rest.

The second set the man came over to watch him do the next set.

'Holy Fuck! How does a guy your age push that much weight,' he said.

'I always had good legs,' Brandon said modestly.

'You've got good everything, kid,' the man said. Then he came right out with it. 'What would it take to get you in my room where I could admire that body in total?'

Brandon smiled. 'Maybe later. What's your room number?' he asked. 'I want to try the steam room after I work, then maybe go for a swim.'

'Two-thirty-eight. I'll leave the door open.'

Wondering now just what kind of 'gym' this was, Brandon didn't linger in the gym. He would work out some more later. He picked up his towel and went down another dark, narrow hallway to the wet area, where the showers were, and a Jacuzzi, as well as a sauna and a steam room. Beyond were the glass doors leading out to the pool. He poked his head into the sauna but didn't go in. It was too hot. He checked out the steam room instead. When he opened the door he was engulfed in billows of steam that came rolling out. He backed out. He took off his clothes and laid them, folded, on a bench and wrapped the towel around his waist. He paused just inside the door to get used to the steam and the very dim light, given off by two very small bulbs in the ceiling.

The steam room was divided into two smaller areas. Inside the door was a long area with a tiled bench along the wall. Four men sat on the bench, all of them naked. Around the corner was a smaller room with a tiled bench around three walls. One man lay stretched out on his back, taking up one entire side. Two men sat on the other side, and another man sat at the end. Brandon stood with his back against the wall facing into the smaller room. He heard the door swish open and felt a rush of cooler air. The newcomer came and stood beside him, and Brandon moved over closer to one of the men sitting along the wall. He began to feel foolish and overdressed, being only one of two men in the steam room with a towel on. There was no conversation, and the men around him seemed not comfortable, even a little tense.

Brandon had not really paid any attention to the men when he came in, but looking around, he realized that he was the youngest and best built guy there, and that all eyes were on him, as if they were all waiting for him to do or say something. He began to feel a little uneasy. He jumped slightly when he felt a hand on his thigh. He looked around and down at the man sitting closest to him. Brandon didn't move away or try to stop him as the man's hand moved up under his towel. His only thought was, what kind of gym is this?

The man's right hand found Brandon's cock, and his left hand reached across to his hip to turn him around facing him. Brandon kept a tight hold on the knot at his hip while the man reached under the towel with both hands and began playing with his cock and balls. After a moment the man lifted the towel and draped it over his head and the next instant, Brandon felt his cock being engulfed in the wet heat of the man's mouth. He forgot about the towel, and when he put both hands on the man's head, the knot came undone and the towel fell off his butt and draped over the man's head. Brandon lifted it off and laid it over his own shoulder, exposing himself and the man for all to see.

It was indeed as if they had been waiting for him. The other man sitting along the wall leaned over and began playing with the guy lying on the opposite bench. The guy lying on the bench reached between the legs of the man sitting at the end and he moved over closer.

What is this place, Brandon wondered. And did Uncle Ed know what kind of gym it as when he bought him the membership? Not that he was concerned about it at the moment. It was all he could do to wrap his head around the idea that such a place existed at all.

The steam got to him rather quickly and he had to extract himself from the oral grip of the man servicing him and leave the steam room. The cool air felt good against his sweaty skin. Being so sweaty, he went across the wet area to the shower. Two men, as they were walking past the glass wall, saw him and came into the wet area and under the showers. When he was finished showering, Brandon wrapped the wet towel around his waist, picked up his clothes and went up to the front desk.

'Excuse me, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to wear my towel in the steam room. Could I possibly get a dry towel?'

'Sure, no problem,' the attendant said. His eyes raked over Brandon's naked, muscular body as he took off the wet towel and handed it to him. 'No problem at all,' he said again with a big smile. 'If there's anything else I can do for you, just let me know.'

'I will.'

'Will you? Cause I get off duty in a couple of hours. I hope you stay that long.'

'I'm sure I'll be here,' Brandon said.

'Great. I'll look you up and see if you need anything,' the youth said.

Brandon went back down the hallway, past several darkened rooms with the doors open. He could barely make out the men lying on the narrow beds, except that they were naked. He stopped at a fountain at the bottom of the stairs to get a drink of water, then went to put his clothes in his room. Then he went back to the wet area to go out to the pool. The sun felt good on his bare skin. HE walked around the edge of the pool closest to the glass wall of the gym and found an empty lounge chair. He took his towel off and spread it over the chair.

'Holy Shit!' someone whispered behind him. He instinctively glanced over his shoulder to see the guy ogling his backside. 'Awesome ass.'

'Thanks,' Brandon said as he went to the edge of the pool.

'Oh, Godd, it's moving!' the man whispered a little louder.

There was no diving so Brand went down the steps into the water. The two guys who had been making out, and still were when he came into the pool, had stopped and were watching him. He went in up to his chest then swam toward them. Just short of where they were standing, he swam back the other direction. The pool wasn't' big enough for laps; it was an easy distance from one end to the other. He was purposely showing off. It had not gone unnoticed that he was probably the best built guy at the pool, and the youngest. And he noticed, then, that not one guy was lying on his stomach, dozing in the warm sun. Everyone had turned over and most were sitting up to watch him.

He swam every stroke he knew. He did the backstroke. He floated on his back, his big cock lolling in the water like a snake. He floated on his stomach, knowing that his butt was sticking out of the water. No one said anything. They just watched. After his little exhibition, he climbed out of the pool, still quite aware of his physique, his muscles bulging as he shoved himself up over the edge of the pool, water sheeting down his muscles. He walked back to his chair and stretched out to let the sun dry him. At some point he turned over the dry his backside. He was enjoying himself.

After a while he went upstairs. There were televisions in the upstairs rooms, as he could see as he passed by more open doors. They were showing porn and several guys were jacking off. In one room there were two guys on the bed jacking each other. In another, the guy was leaned back across the bed with another guy kneeling on the floor sucking his cock.

'Geezuss!' Brandon whispered to himself as he saw more and more sex with each door he passed. He wondered again if his uncle knew what kind of gym he'd bought a membership to. In the next one, two guys were fucking like crazy, snorting and gasping and the guy on the bottom was almost screaming. At every door that he passed he got a come-on look or a nod if the guys saw him, and twice he got invited into the rooms. His cock was starting to tent his towel. The next room he came to, the television was off and the light was dimmed. There was enough light to make out a well-muscled, obviously younger guy, lying on his stomach with his arms flung up over his head, his head resting on the crook of one arm. He lay facing the door and he wore a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes. Something about the lighting and the way the guy was spread out so relaxed, was intriguing and even inviting. Brandon paused at the door. The guy didn't move and Brandon thought he might be asleep. He moved cautiously into the room and stood beside the bunk. His towel brushed against the edge of the mattress. He surveyed the display of male perfection laid out on the bunk. His mouth began to water and his cock lurched under his towel, tenting it even more. He didn't even know why his mouth was watering - what he wanted to do - only that he liked what he saw, more than any of the other raw and blatant displays of male flesh and sexuality. He swallowed hard and was sure the man could hear him if he wasn't asleep. He lifted his hand and brushed it lightly over the man's bubble butt. It was smooth and warm and solid to the touch.

'Don't mess with my butt unless you're serious.'

Brandon jumped at the sound of the soft, husky voice coming from under the baseball cap. The guy didn't move.

'What if I am serious,' Brandon said.

'If you're serious, climb on.'

'You want me to fuck you.'

'Or rim me, if that's your preference.'

'I could do that, too. What's your name?' Brandon asked.

'Do you need a name?' the man guffawed as he raised his head.

'I don't like eating a stranger's ass. If you tell me your name we won't be strangers.'

'Ryan. What's yours?'


'Glad to meet you, Brandon.' He reached under Brandon's towel and took hold of his cock. 'DAMN glad to meet you, Brandon. Holy fuck, that is a big cock.'

'Still want me climb on? After I rim you, of course.'

'You can climb on, bend me like a pretzel, fuck my brains out, hell, stud, you can rape me, anything you wanta do. Fuck, I haven't seen anybody like you in this place for months.'

'Then I'm glad I came today,' Brandon said. 'You've kinda made my day, too.'

'How is it that you don't have half the guys here in your room?' the youth asked.

'I don't have a room, I got a locker,' Brandon said. 'I thought this was a gym, I didn't know why I would need a room.'

'It has a gym,' the youth said. 'You wanta go get your stuff and be in here with me?'

'I...guess I could.'

'Great, we can spend the afternoon together.'

'Okay, but first...I don't know what you look under that cap, but I like your body. Are you hiding something, like two noses, or one eyeball?' he asked as he lifted the cap. 'Shit! You do make my day! Why the hell are you covering that face with a baseball cap? Fuck, I never seen anybody so drop dead good looking. Damn, take off the cap, you would have guys packed in here.'

'You wanta know the truth? No, I wouldn't have guys packed in here. I don't wanta sound like I'm bragging, but the truth is, guys are intimidated by my looks. So are girls. They get a look at me and think, he wouldn't possibly be interested in me, or I wouldn't have a chance with that guy. When the truth is, I would be interested, they would have a huge chance with me. I've had guys tell me they are intimidated. Behind the baseball cap, and with the lights low, they see just my body and they'll take the chance. It worked with you; I lured you in.'

'They probably think you would only be interested in guys who look like you. You do set the bar pretty high. But unlike those other guys you're talking about, if I'd seen your face, through the window, along with this great ass, I would've broken the door down to get in,' Brandon said.

'That's because you're built and good looking too, so you wouldn't be intimidated by someone else who is.'

'Is this a mutual admiration society or what?' Brandon asked, laughing.

'No, I was seriously making my case,' Ryan said.

'Okay, can we leave the hat off?' Brandon asked, tossing it to the foot of the bunk.

'All right, now are you going to get your stuff?'

'Be right back.'

Brandon went downstairs and got his stuff out of the locker. He came back up to Ryan's room and set his bag on the floor. 'Now, where were we?' he asked as he stacked his clothes on top of his bag. Ryan was still stretched out on his stomach.

'You were going to fuck me.'

'If you don't mind, I would like to have you on your back so I can see your muscles and watch your face when I fuck you.'

'I said you could do anything you wanted with me,' Ryan said as he turned onto his back.

Brandon climbed on the bed between Ryan's legs and he lifted them onto his shoulders.

'I'm lubed up,' Ryan said.

'Yeah, I noticed,' Brandon said as he reached over to close the door.

'Leave the door open,' Ryan said.

'You're serious? You wanta leave it open?'

'If you don't care. I like being watched, and if guys come by they might be inclined to come in if they see you fucking me.'

'Or we intimidate them together,' Brandon said. 'But hey, I don't care. I like being watched, too. I'm an exhibitionist at heart.' He used some spit on his cock to go with the lube in Ryan's ass then set the head snugly against the guy's hole. He was hot, and his asshole was moving. 'Feels like your ass is anxious,' he said.

Ryan smiled.

Brandon pushed and eased through the tight hole. Ryan winced a little but made no sound. Brandon shoved deeper, and deeper still, till he was completely inside him.

'OOOhhhh, Goddd!' Ryan moaned softly, closing his eyes. 'Ohh, Yess, I knew when you stopped at my door it was going to be like this.'

'Like what?' Brandon asked.

'Awesome. When I saw you standing at my door I breathed a silent prayer to the Great Phallic God in the sky to move you into my room.'

'I didn't know there was a Great Phallic God.'

'There must be. Look what he sent me.'

Brandon saw Ryan look toward the door. He glanced around to see two men standing in the hallway, looking in. Brandon began fucking him. Another man appeared at the door.

'Do you want company?' one of the men asked.

Brandon waited for Ryan to answer.

'Not yet, thanks. I need some time to get used to this big stud first.'

'If you need any help with him, just yell at the top of your lungs, I'll come running and relieve you,' the man said.

When the three men left, Brandon said, 'Listen, the guy at the front desk is off duty in a couple of hours. He's going to be looking me up. Is it okay if we invite him in?'

'Fuck, Yeah!'

Barely into the fuck, Brandon's cell phone rang.

'Your gym bag is ringing,' Ryan said.

Brandon leaned over and dug his phone out of his jeans pocket.

'Yeah. Hey, Uncle Ed! Doing great! Yeah, I have had a chance to use the membership certificate. I'm at the gym right now, in fact. Yeah, I, uh...I'm working out. Found me a workout partner. Listen, Uncle Ed, did you have any clue what kind of gym you got me a membership to? You did!! Wow, and that was before the shit happened on the patio. I see, you were going to try to tell me something by getting me the membership.' He paused and laughed. 'Listen, Uncle Ed, my workout partner is ready to do his set and I gotta spot him.' He stopped to laugh again. He put his hand over the phone. 'He wants to know what exercise we're doing.'

'Tell him asshole pushups.'

'Asshole pushups,' Brandon said in the phone. 'I'm on top right now. He'll probably wanta be on top for his next set. Yeah, I'm having a great time. Thanks, Uncle Ed, and thank Austin for me. By the way, how are things? Great. Okay, I gotta go.'

Brandon turned his phone off and tossed it in his gym bag. 'We don't need that interruption again,' he said as he began moving his hips.

'That was your Uncle? He bought your membership?'

'Yeah, he said he was going to try to tell me something. But I made the discovery before I had a chance to come over here.'

'What discovery? Something to do with the shit that happened on the patio?'

'Everything to do with what happened on the patio. I was helping him with some work and he came on to me. He was rimming me when my cousin walked in the patio.'

'Your cousin...his son?'


'Shit. What happened?'

'Well, things were pretty tense till Uncle Ed found out that I'd already fucked my cousin.'

'Damn, stud, when I leave here, it's going to be with your address or your email address. I wanta meet your Uncle and your cousin.'
















The Diary

At The Truck Stop

Stopped by the truck stop to get something eat, when I went back to the restroom there was a guy going into the showers, he sort of motioned for me to come in with him. I did. I got in the shower with him and fucked him....after I sucked his cock. Another guy came in and figured out what we were doing and when I got out of the shower stall, he wanted me to come in his stall. I fucked him too.

At The Truck Stop

It was getting late and Brandon was hungry. His Dad wouldn't be home and he hated being home alone and eating by himself, so he pulled into the truck stop. Inside he wandered around and checked the place out. Truck stops held a strange attraction for Brandon, with trucks coming and going from all parts of the country and converging on one spot where the truckers could meet and talk and find some camaraderie before venturing back on the open road. He was in the back where the showers and restrooms were located and decided to go to the restroom before he ate. Down a short hallway the restrooms were on the left, the door leading into the showers was on the right. He took a piss and as he was coming out of the restroom a trucker was coming down the narrow hallway, carrying a small bag. They looked at each other and it looked like a tight smile started to come across the man's lips.

Brandon instinctively slowed his step to let the man pass. Two steps later he paused and glanced over his shoulder. The man had paused at the door leading into the showers. Their eyes met and the smile finished coming across the man's lips. He nodded toward the door. Brandon stood there for a moment as the man slowly went through the door. He hesitated a moment longer then walked back down the hallway. He looked around and pushed on the door, his curiosity piqued. He had never been to a truck stop that had showers for the truckers.

Inside there was another hallway with dressing benches in the center and three shower cubicles on each side. There was a clean towel hung on the outside of each door. The man who had just entered was down at the end, one foot cocked up on the bench, unlacing his boots.

'How're you doing?'

'Okay,' Brandon answered.

'Better start taking off your clothes, otherwise you'll be loitering,' the man said.

'I don't think I should be in here,' Brandon said.

'That's right. That's the reason you need to be taking off your clothes, like you're gonna be taking a shower.' He had pulled off his boots and socks and was pulling his shirt out of his jeans.

'Which stall?' Brandon asked as he quickly peeled his shirt off over his head.

'Number three, right here,' the man said, nodding to the door right in front of him.

'Are there supposed to be two in a stall?'

'Nobody'll know if you don't make any noise. You hang your clothes here on number six.'

'What about my wallet?'

The man pulled out a plastic bag from his overnight bag. 'You put your valuables in here, take 'em in with you. If somebody comes in you go in number six till he leaves.' He handed Brandon the plastic bag.

The man was down to his shorts and Brandon watched as he peeled them off and put them with the rest of his clothes. He watched him put his wallet, his watch and some money in a plastic bag. Then he opened the door to his shower. 'I'll be waiting.'

Left alone, Brandon hurriedly stripped off his clothes and put his stuff in the plastic bag. He heard the shower running in number three. He eased the door open.

The man reached out and held the door wide open for him and closed it behind him. He took the plastic bag and laid it up on a shelf beside his own then he stepped aside to make room for Brandon under the shower.

The shower stall was small, obviously made for one. Two men their size filled it up.

'Fuck, this is my lucky day,' the man said as he began rubbing his hands over Brandon's body. 'Fuck, kid, you're built nice.'

'Thanks. So are you.' He brought his hands up and began feeling the man's body. He was lean and tight, with just the right amount of hair on his thighs to look sexy, and an even sexier mat of trimmed hair on his chest and stomach.

'Never could pack on muscle like that, though. How old are you anyway?'


'I was skinny as a rail when I was eighteen.'

'You're not skinny now. You're built lean and tight.'

'Yeah, the ladies like that,' he said, laughing.

'Bet a lot of guys like it too, huh.'

'Do you like it?'

'Yeah,' he said, as he rubbed is hands across the man's solid chest and harder abs.

'What do you like to do?'

'About anything.'

'Great. How about you give me some head, then I'll go down on you, then you fuck me?'

'Yeah, that'd be okay with me,' Brandon said. The man put his hands on Brandon's shoulders to urge him down. He had shyly ignored the man's cock except in his peripheral vision till now, when he was going to his knees. It wasn't hard yet but it was rubbery, thick and meaty, hanging out from his loins in a wide arch. Brandon took it in his hands, caressing it, and brought it up to kiss the head. He shrugged off the thought of how easily and willingly he had succumbed to the man's request to give him head. A few short months ago, it would've been the man on his knees, at least first. He took the warm cock in his mouth and sucked it back to his throat. With some determination he sucked it into his throat and pressed forward, forcing it deeper and deeper.

The man clasped his hands around Brandon's head. 'Awwh, fuck, yeah, you're good!' he moaned.

Brandon sucked him through several near-hits, till the guy couldn't hold off any longer, and he pulled his cock back.

'You're getting me too close, can't hold off,' he said, out of breath. 'Let me have some of that big dick of yours.' He pulled Brandon to his feet and went to his knees. 'Damn! This is what I call a cock! Fuck, how'd you get it this big? I don't think I ever saw a cock this size. Shit, I don't know if I can even take it.' All this as he was stroking Brandon's cock with both hands and kissing the head, licking off the precum.

'Take what you can handle,' Brandon told him.

He sucked Brandon steadily, with the boy showing no sign of getting close. He managed to get him part way in his throat but he couldn't go all the way down on him after he got hard. At one point, he stopped and asked, 'Haven't I got you any ways near close?'

'I'm pretty long winded,' Brandon said. 'Sure way to get me off is to use your fingers in my ass. That drives me up the fuckin' walls.'

'You like to get fucked then?'

'Yeah, but you said you wanted me to fuck you.'

'Yeah, let's do that. I know I can take you in my ass.' He gave Brandon's cock a few more strokes then stood up and turned with his back to him, jutting his butt back. 'Guess you'll have to use spit and soap. I'll turn the shower down so it don't wash off.'

Brandon lubed up his cock then let a mouthful of spit land in the crack of the man's ass. He rubbed his cockhead between his butt muscles then pressed in to find his hole. He felt the heat of it and knew he was on target.

'Godd, this is gonna kill me,' the man moaned as he jutted his butt back.

'You don't have to take it all,' Brandon said, as he pushed forward.

'Fuck, yeah, I do. I would never forgive myself if I drove off knowing I didn't do that big beaut justice, and that means taking it to the hilt.'

'Okay,' Brandon said. He shoved through the hole. The man jerked his arm up and bit down on his forearm. Brandon paused.

'Geezuss!!' the man gasped, tossing his head back.

'You can change your mind,' Brandon told him.

'No, I ain't changing my mind. I want it.' With that he shoved back, forcing his ass to swallow the huge cock whole. The stall almost reverberated with his silent outcry. He clawed at the tile wall and tossed his head around and sucked in deep breaths as he worked through the pain.

Brandon held tight till he seemed to come down from it. 'Okay?' he asked after a couple of minutes.

'Yeah,' the man said breathlessly. 'Yeah, fuck me. And you don't have to be easy. After that, I can take anything you dish out.'

Brandon gave him what he wanted. He locked onto his hips and fucked him hard, using the full length and power of his cock. He couldn't tell if it was still hurting but it didn't matter. He thought the guy was liking it because he was jacking himself with each stroke.

'Motherfuck! This ain't gonna last long. You're mutilating my prostate with that big fucker.'

'Sorry, I can ease off, but I don't think you want me to.'

'No. Fuck me. Fuck my brains out. Godd, I ain't had a good fuckin' with a cock like this in months. Geezuss...ohhh...ohhh, Godd! How the fuck did you learn to do this so young? Ohh...Awwhwhh, yeah...fuck that ass, kid.'

The outside door opened and Brandon quickly reached up and clasped his hand over the man's mouth; he didn't know if he'd heard the door. The man quieted down, nodding his head, and Brandon moved his hand. He kept fucking him, but slower. The rough, hard fuck was over. They had to be quieter.

'Any hot water left?' the other man asked.

'Yeah. Plenty,' the man replied, his voice shaky.

There was the sound of another shower stall door opening and closing then the shower being turned on.

Brandon continued fucking the man but not as hard. He used long, easier strokes, driving his cock into the very depths of the man's ass. He didn't necessarily want to hold off. He thought he ought to finish and slip out of the shower stall before the other guy was finished with his shower. He leaned up on his toes - the man was taller than him - and whispered that he was going to work up his cum. The man nodded as he kept jacking himself.

Brandon fucked and the man jacked. Brandon reached around for his cock, took it in both hands. He fucked. He jacked. He worked at bringing on his climax, and the man along with him.

'You getting close?' he asked in a whisper.

'Make me feel it, you'll make me cum,' the man whispered back.

He made him feel it. He knew he would. At the end he drove his cock up into the man's body as far as he could reach, standing on his toes, and let it cum. He could feel the stuff spurting out and washing back along the walls of the man's ass, back around his cock as more and more shot out.

'Ohhhhhhhhhh!' the man moaned softly. 'Ohhhh, Godd, I can feel it! Ohh, fuck,'re cumming like a pony.'

After a moment the stuff had washed down the length of Brandon's cock and began running out of the man's ass.

'Geezuss, I'm overflowing! I can feel it running down my legs.'

'You got somebody in there with you?' the other man asked over the shower spray.

'Naw, just humming to myself,' the man said.

'Cause if you did, I want him over here when you get done with him.'

'Wish I could help you, but it's just me.'

'Well, I guess I'll have to jack it off myself, as usual.'

Brandon didn't linger in the stall. When he was emptied, he pulled his cock out slowly. He reached down with a cupped hand to catch the semen that ran out, then reached around and rubbed it all over the man's chest.

'Wish I could've seen that,' the man whispered.

Brandon quickly washed off and exited the shower stall. He dried off and began putting on his clothes. The man handed is plastic bag over the top of the door. Just then the other man came out of his stall.

'Hey, you left your...shower...running,' he said, his words trailing off when he saw the hand reach over the top of the door.

Brandon shook his head and nodding back to number three, he whispered, 'Naw he's still in there. He'll let you fuck him,' he said as he pulled his T-shirt on.

'I would rather have some of what you gave him,' the trucker said.

Brandon hesitated with his jeans. It was pretty quick but he felt a tingling in his balls at the man's words. He nodded. The man stepped back in the shower stall with his toilette bag and turned the shower on. He held the door open, waiting for Brandon to get naked again.

'Holy Fuck!' he gasped when he saw Brandon's cock, still fluffed up and rubbery from fucking the first trucker.

Brandon slipped into the stall and pulled the door closed. The man was on his knees before the door was shut.

'Fuck, this is nice,' he whispered as he began sucking the big rubbery cock.

Brandon was hard in no time. The man stood and got some lube out of his bag. He lubed up his ass then squeezed some onto the head of Brandon's quivering cock. Brandon put one hand on the man's hip, expecting him to turn around and offer his butt. Much to his surprise, the man brought one leg up around Brandon's hip.

'Lift me up and I'll ride down on your cock.'

Brandon held that leg in place around his hip and wrapped his arm around the man's waist so he could bring his other leg up. He wrapped his legs around Brandon's waist while Brandon held his cock for the man to sit on. When the connection was made, he penetrated himself and slowly rode down on it.

'Fuck, that was a long ride,' he said breathlessly.

With Brandon's help, the man moved up and down on his cock. Brandon leaned back against the wall to steady himself and get in a firm position for the ride.

'Bounce up and down on the balls of your feet,' the man told him.

He did, and the man stifled his squeals of pleasure.

'It's gonna be a long ride, I just blew a load,' Brandon said.

'I'm a trucker, I'm used to long hauls. Fuck my brains out.'

Well into the fuck, the other trucker came out of his shower. Nothing was said, even though the muffled sounds of sex could be heard coming from Brandon's stall.

They heard the first trucker leave. 'Ohh, fuck, kid, you are good,' the trucker said out loud. 'My ass is gonna be sore for a hundred miles. Goddamn, I would like to take you with me. I could sit on your lap while I drive.'

'Is that you in there, Radar, getting your ass plugged?'

They both froze. They hadn't heard anyone come in, unless he came in as the other trucker was leaving.

'I know that voice and those groans anywhere, Radar,' the voice said.

'Damn, a man can't have any privacy anywhere,' the trucker growled.

'You want privacy, take him out to your sleeper,' the other trucker said. Then he said, 'Let's see what you've got in there with you,' as he tried the door.

'Is it okay?' the trucker whispered to Brandon.

'I don't care.'

The trucker unlatched the door and it swung open.

'Motherfuck! Where'd you find him!?' the trucker blurted, his eyes raking over Brandon's naked, muscular body.

The whole time, Brandon never missed a stroke.

'Hey, can I come in there with you?'

'Do you care?' the fuckee trucker asked Brandon.

'I don't care,' Brandon said. 'But I'm gonna be pretty much fucked out by the time I finish with you.'

'That's okay, he's straight. Or says he is.'

'Yeah, kid, I don't get fucked. He does.' He let his eyes rake over Brandon's body a moment longer. 'But, damn, kid, if I was gonna turn gay, it'd be for you.'

Walking back to his pickup on shaky legs, Brandon noticed and admired all the big rigs parked around the place. One day he would like to climb up and check out the sleepers. He wondered how many guys a sleeper would hold.








The Diary

Applying For A Job

Applied for a job today at a warehouse. The foreman doing the hiring was naked when I went in his office, he just got out of the shower. He made it known right up front that chances of getting a job depended on whether I was willing to have sex with him. I had no problem with that, except he wanted me to eat his ass. I had to think about that. Normally, I would've walked out, but when he said the job paid $22 bucks an hour, I had to stop and think about it and reconsider. There was a a lot of turmoil in my head but I decided to do it. It wasn't so bad. In, fact, I sort of liked doing it, something new and different. He smelled good, right out of the shower and that made him taste good. Then I fucked him. He said I had to eat it before I fucked him. He gave me some poppers. I don't like the stuff, but it helps in cases like that. A guy's asshole really feels good on my tongue.

Applying For A Job

Brandon walked into the warehouse, dodging a lift truck, and looked all around for some sign of an office or somebody in authority.

'Can I help you?' a young worker asked.

Fuckin' damn right, he thought to himself. But he said. 'I'm looking for the supervisor, or foreman, somebody who does the hiring.'

'That would be Todd Garrison, he's all three. Right down that hall and through the door on the right.

Brandon walked down the short hallway to the door at the end. He knocked and was told to come in. He was shocked to see a fortyish man wearing a pair of tight boxer shorts, drying his hair

'Oh, excuse me, I can come back.'

'That's okay, come on in, if you're not offended by a little raw muscle. And if you are, you don't belong in my warehouse.'

'No, I'm not offended at all. I see plenty of that in the locker room,' Brandon said, closing the door behind him. Todd seemed more than just naked. He was more raw naked. He was powerfully built, with broad, thick chest muscles covered with a mat of neatly trimmed hair that trailed down his washboard stomach and disappeared into the waistband of his shorts. His thighs were massive, and hairy. There was a bush of hair under the arm that that was held up, rubbing his head.

'Just got out of the shower,' he said.

'I was wondering if you're doing any hiring,' Brandon said.

'Wasn't looking for anybody but it all depends on who walks through the door,' said Todd.

Brandon didn't understand, but he didn't press it.

'How old are you?' Todd asked. 'You're built, but I look at the eyes and you look young in the eyes.'


'How long you been eighteen?'

'A couple of months. I can show you.' He started to reach for his wallet.

'That's okay, I believe you. A man's word is his bond around here. Do you know what we do here?'

'Only that it's a warehouse,' Brandon said.

'It's heavy work,' said Todd.

'I can handle heavy work.'

'I can see that. Don't interrupt me. It's heavy work, but you also have to know basic math, and have lot of common sense.'

'I got A's in math,' Brandon said.

'You wanta give it a try for half a day and see if you can handle it?' the foreman asked.

'I would appreciate that, if it's part of the interview or the hiring process.'

'Well, the interview is about over,' the foreman said.

'Oh.' Brandon watched as Todd shoved his shorts down and kicked them up in the air. They sailed right at Brandon and he snatched them out of the air and handed them back to him.

'Nice catch.'


'And good coordination,' Todd said.

'I played football and baseball.'

'How's your coordination in your hips?'


'Like a know, a stripper,' Todd said.

Brandon looked at him, confused.

'And your tongue coordination. Did you play a musical instrument of any kind, like a trumpet?'

'I don't know what you mean,' Brandon said with a scowl, still wondering why Todd had removed his shorts, and now why all these dumb questions. His finely tuned radar gave him a gut feeling that there was going to be some kind of sex involved. Then Todd took a tube out of the desk drawer and handed it to Brandon

'Use plenty of this on your cock,' he said. 'But first, you put your tongue to work, then you can show me your hip coordination,' he said as he bent over the desk. 'Oh, and the job pays twenty-two bucks an hour. When we're done here, if you do okay, I'll give you four hours trial period.'

Brandon stood there stunned, gazing at the man's round, bubble butt, spread apart to reveal the hairy pit. He hefted the tube in his hand. It was slow soaking in but his cock had already figured it out and was coming to life in his jeans.

'Just in case you didn't understand, you gotta eat it before you fuck it,' Todd said over his should. 'It's in the employees' handbook,' he added with a wink.

Brandon shook his head to try to clear his brain. He wants me to fuck him! I walk in the door and he wants me to fuck him. But I gotta eat his ass first. He didn't think he could do that. It's twenty-two bucks an hour, a tiny voice screamed. Eat him, I want in there, his cock cried out. Twenty-two bucks just for the four hour trial period would be $88 by noon! And if he got the job......! But that depended on him getting down there and burying his face between those big round muscles and finding his asshole with his tongue. Okay he'd just gotten out of the shower, he would be clean, and nobody would know.

'You want this job or not?' Todd growled over his shoulder.

'You've got an opening for sure, if I do this?' Brandon asked.

'The opening depends on how well you open up my ass, with your tongue and your cock,' Todd said.

It was all too much, too tempting, Where else could he find a job paying $22 an hour? It was unbelievable. Another tiny voice was saying, where else are you going to find such a perfect, round, inviting male butt just begging for your attention? Slowly he went down on his haunches, dropped the tube on the floor then placed his hands on the twin solid mounds. He leaned in closer, taking in the manly aroma of musk and a recent shower. After a slight hesitation, he pressed his mouth against the right check.

It wasn't a kiss, he couldn't bring himself to do that, it was simply a touch that he hoped would satisfy the man. It didn't.

'Damn, kid, my dog could do better a job. Pull 'em apart and get your tongue in here.'

'You got any poppers?' Brandon asked. He surprised himself by asking, but he remember the effect it had on him before, opening the way to things that he never dreamed he would do..

The man laughed. 'You need some courage out of a bottle, huh? Sure, kid, I've got poppers.' He reached in a drawer and handed back the little brown bottle.

Brandon uncapped it and breathed into each nostril. By the time he did it a second time he was already feeling the warm flow of headiness. He quickly capped the bottle and took hold of the man 's butt again. The view was all different now...the thick thighs, the round, bubble butt...everything was so inviting, beckoning, tempting, He pulled them apart and buried his face.

'Mmmm,' he moaned softly as he began lapping into the crack. The sound surprised him; he thought it was the foreman moaning. The man's asshole tightened and clenched in a steady rhythm of eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me. Oh, Godd, he thought as he succumbed completely to the poppers, and devoured the man's ass.

'More tongue, kid, pull my asshole open and shove your tongue in there.'

He eagerly obeyed, not with revulsion, but with eager, trembling lust. He thrilled to the warm, velvety softness of the inner lining of his ass and the sphincter muscle squeezing his tongue.

'Okay, boy, give me your cock.'

Brandon was still too much under the influence to fully realize what the man was saying, and he didn't want to stop what he was doing. He was suddenly really hot for the man's ass.

'Your cock,' the man said, pushing Brandon's head away.

Brandon reared back, shaking his head as he slowly stood up. 'You want me to fuck you?' he asked.

'You know how, don't you?'

'Yes. Sure, I do.'

'Then show me.'

Brandon reached down and got the lube and drizzled it on his cock then in the crack.

'I like it hard, deep and rough, so fuck me like a man. That ain't no pussy you're staring at.'

Brandon took him at his word. He set his cock against the loosened hole and shoved. His cock pushed through the hole and he buried it.

'Awwwhh, Fuck, kid!' the man cried out, tossing his head back in agony.

'You said hard, and deep and rough,' Brandon said.

'But after you got in,' Todd said.

'I'm in,' he said. The sudden weaker edge in the man's voice gave Brandon a new confidence about the situation, and he felt suddenly empowered. He was in charge. As long as the foreman was impaled on his cock he was nobody's boss; he was Brandon's slave.'

Brandon fucked him unmercifully. He gave it to him hard, deep and rough, just like he asked. So hard that they moved the desk across the floor. The man choked on his cries, clawing at the edge of the desk to hold on. His feet were no longer touching the floor, like he was trying to crawl up on the desk, like he was trying to get away from him. Brandon gripped his shoulders to pull him back and slammed his cock into him.

'Ohh! Fuck, kid, you're ripping me a new asshole!' Todd groaned.

'Is it too hard, too deep, or too rough? ' Brand asked mockingly, with matching thrusts.

'No! Fuck! Hell no, I'll take whatever you dish out.'

Brandon pulled him up straight then picked him up and turned them around and sat on the edge of the desk, with the man still on his cock. 'You dish it out. Ride my cock, fuck yourself silly,' he told him.

'Awwhh! I didn't know you were so big.'

'You should've checked,' Brandon said.

The man hunkered over and bent his legs and fucked back on the big teenage cock with forceful, backward thrusts. Brandon leaned back and gripped the edge of the desk. There was no need to hold onto the guy, he wasn't going to try to get away.

'Ohhh, you little stud, how long can you do this?'

'As long as you want. Till you cum, or till your ass wears out and turns to mush, whichever comes first.'

The foreman gave himself the ride of his life. He probably shot the load of his life. It hit the door, some six or seven feet away. When he was done he slumped forward like rag doll, till he was able to move and extract himself from the hard connection.

'Godd, you're still hard.'

'I didn't know you were going to cum. I could've got off with you,' he said, stroking his stiff cock.

'You can't leave like that,' Todd said, stumbling to a chair. 'Jack it off.'

Brandon began jacking his cock. He moved closer to the foreman.

'I'm not gonna suck it.'

Brandon didn't say anything. He had the poppers. He uncapped the bottle and held it forcefully to the man's nose with both hands. He put up only token resistance; he was too weak.

'Ahhh yeah, fucker,' he said as he let himself be forced to inhale.

Brandon stood back, recapping the poppers. The man reached for his cock. 'You said you wouldn't suck it.'

'Changed my mind, boy, changed my mind. You got me charged up again.' He reached out for Brandon's thigh and tried to pull him closer.

But Brandon stood back, jacking his cock. He was getting close, He edged himself a couple of times to build it up. Then he moved closer to the man. Sensing it, Todd whimpered, leaning in close with his mouth opened wide. Barely a couple of inches separated his cock from the man's gaping, eager mouth. His tongue was out, anxious, begging. Suddenly Brandon exploded. Cum shot out of his cock directly into the man waiting mouth, Brandon grabbed his head and held him in that position as he shot in his mouth and all over his face. The man was whimpering with delight. His neck muscles strained as he tried to lean in and capture the spurting cock. When the foreman was white washed, Brandon stepped back and sat on the edge of the desk, his legs trembling.

'Fuck! Don't believe you made me do that!' the man growled.

Brandon couldn't tell if he'd fucked up his chances for the job. 'Do I get my half day trial?' he asked.

'No,' Todd said as he was swiping at the cum on his face. He leaned over and got some shop rags off a shelf to clean himself off.

Brandon swore to himself. He'd over done it. 'Well, thanks anyway.'

'You don't need a half day trial period, you got the job. Report in the morning, 7:30. No, make that 5:30. I want a couple hours overtime.'


















The Diary

Checked Out College

Not sure about taking the warehouse job; went to check out a college. It's the college that Cory goes to, the guy from the lake, the one who sucked me under the dock. Met his roommate, he's real cute, and also this big stud athlete called WD came down to his room and I met him. He was all interested in having sex. So was the roommate, Jason, but he more liked to watch. Seems Cory has always wanted to try double fucking. So WD and I double fucked him. I was surprised he was able to take both of us. WD was pretty big too. His roommate, Jason decided he wanted to join in. He fucked me while WD and I were fucking Cory. It was fuckin' awesome. Afterwards, when WD found out I got fucked, he invited me up to his room for a beer. He told me he was curious about getting fucked too.

Checking Out College

Brandon was glad he knew somebody at Cornwall College who could show him around, and he would have a place to stay as well. That someone was Cory, the guy at the lake that he'd met on the dock...the one who swam under the dock and sucked him off. He'd almost forgotten that Cory had mentioned that he was going to Cornwall.

He parked in the guest parking lot and went in search of the dorm. It looked new, nothing like Brandon expected a dorm to look like. What he had in mind was more like an army barracks. The place even smelled new. Someone approached him as he came in the door. A very large, muscular someone with nothing on but a towel, and his hair was wet, like he'd just left the shower.

'You look lost, can I help you find someone?'

'Yes, I'm looking for Cory Gaines.'

'Up on the second floor, turn left at the stairs and go down to the third door.'


'No problem.'

Fuck, no problem, Brandon thought as he headed for the stairs. The guy was a stud.

He could cause more problems than he knew. He went down the hallway to the third door. He knocked lightly.

'Yeah, who the hell is knocking? Come in.'

Brandon opened the door to a frowning Cory, but his frown quickly turned into a smile.

'Brandon! Hey, glad you could make it! Great to see you!'

'It's great to see you, too.'

'Great timing, you're just in time for dinner.'

'I don't wanta intrude on your dinner,' Brandon said.

'You won't be intruding, not on dinner or anything else around here. You'll just be one of the guys, eating with us.'

They left and headed to another dorm where the dining room was located.

'I've got my sleeping bag in my car. I didn't carry it in cause I was afraid it might look like I was crashing for the night, and I didn't now if they allowed that.'

'Hell yes, they allow it, but you won't need your sleeping bag.'

'Oh, you've got one.'

'Uhh...yeah, I've got one,' Cory said.

In the dining room they grabbed trays and got in the short line.

'Man, this is nothing like I expected. You guys live pretty well here.'

'It's not home but we do okay,' Cory said. With their trays filled, Cory led them to a table by a window. He spoke to several other boys on the way.

'I was really excited to hear you wanted to come check us out,' Cory said as they were sitting down. 'We never did get together for that fuck you promised me,' he added under his breath.

Brandon laughed and looked around, embarrassed that he was talking like that in the dining room. 'Well, maybe we can remedy that while I'm here,' he said quietly.

'I was counting on it,' Cory said. 'Actually, I've been itching for it ever since you said you were coming.'

Brandon glanced around at the other guys. 'You have a roommate, don't you?'

'My roommate is no problem. He's straight, and he's okay with me being gay. I have guys stay over all the time.'

After several interruptions, they abandoned that line of conversation to talk about general stuff to guys who came by their table. Brandon wasn't really very hungry, and when he finished first, Cory shoved his tray aside.

'You ready?' he asked.

'Yeah,' Brandon said.

They went back to Cory's dorm.

Going into his room, Brandon asked. 'So, your roommate, he, but doesn't get involved?'

'He watches, but not overtly. I mean, he doesn't sit over there and watch a show. He's in his bed, we're in mine, and if he happens to be lying facing my way, well....... And he has been known to get involved. I expect he might want to get involved with you.'

'Am I going to want to get involved with him?' Brandon asked.

Just then the door opened and in walked a short, cute, nicely built kid with a towel around his waist, his hair still wet from the shower.

'Uhhh...yeah,' Brandon said under his breath, smiling at Cory.

'This must be Brandon,' the kid said as he put out his hand. Just as quickly he pulled his hand back. 'You are Brandon.'

'Yeah, I'm Brandon,' he said, laughing, as they shook hands.

'Okay, then I won't be embarrassed to take my towel off. I'm Jason, by the way.

'I don't see any reason why you should be embarrassed,' Brandon said.

'There he goes, one of your friends ogling my body again,' he joked.

'Like you care,' Cory scoffed. 'Like you don't run around naked every chance you get just to show it off.'

'I run around naked to tempt you, Roomie.'

'Like I would want to have anything to do with that scrawny body,' Cory said. 'You see the kind of body I like,' he added, nodding to Brandon.

'Uhh...excuse me, guys, is this an argument?' Brandon asked.

'It's a running argument between us,' Jason said. 'He brings his fag friends in here and they do all sorts of perverted stuff right in front of me. It's disgusting, not to mention corrupting. I really should put in to change roommates.'

'You've tried that twice and nobody else will have you,' Cory said.

'Hey, who are you calling a fag?' Brandon protested.

'Oh, I wasn't referring to you,' Jason said.

'And if I happen not to have any fag friends drop by, there's always Jason,' Cory joked.

'In your hottest dreams,' Jason said. He looked at Brandon. 'By the way...when is the perversion going to start?'

'Hell, I don't know, this is your circus, not mine,' Brandon said, laughing, quickly realizing that there was no real animosity between the two roommates.

Jason asked Cory, 'Why don't you go up and see if WD wants to come down for a three way?'

'Right, I leave, you lock the door and seduce and rape my buddy,' Cory scoffed.

Jason looked Brandon up and down. 'Somehow, I don't think he can be raped.'

'Anyway, WD would make four,' Cory said.

'I wasn't including myself,' said Jason.

'Jason. Jason, look at me,' Cory said. 'Do you see who you're talking to? It's me, Cory. WD wouldn't be the one to make it a four way. Name me one time, when the action got real hot, that you didn't jump in. If we got in a three way, we would have to tie you to your bed to keep you from making it a four way.' Then he turned to Brandon. 'Would you like for me to go up get WD?'

'It'd be nice to meet your friends, yeah,' Brandon said. When Cory was gone, he asked Jason, 'You guys really like each other, don't you?'

'He's like a brother to me,' Jason said. 'There's nothing I wouldn't do for him, that includes laying down my life for him. But I'm not going to let him know that.'

'I think he already knows,' Brandon said.

'Maybe he does. But I like giving him shit. Hey, he said he did you underwater, under a floating dock.'

'Yeah, another guy came up on us.'

'Oh, he didn't tell me that. What'd you do?'

'Well, the guy climbed up on the dock and I knew he saw the two swim suits, and then he must've noticed a funny look on my face. I just came out and told him I was getting a blowjob. When I left, Cory was doing him.'

'The slut!'

'Do you really not take part and just watch?' Brandon asked.

'Sometimes I jump in the middle of things, but I like to watch, that gets me really boned up, seeing my buddy getting so excited.'

Just then Cory came back with WD. Brandon noticed that he locked the door behind him. Brandon was impressed with WD. He was about his size, dark hair, dark eyes, tight muscular build, exposed from the waist up. His jeans fit loosely around his lean, tight waist, held up by his bubble butt. His small waist accented his wide shoulders.

'This is WD. This is Brandon, a friend of mine from back home.'

'Good to meet you, WD,' Brandon said, putting out his hand.

'Same here, Brandon.'

The two boys eyes caught for a second as they shook hands, like there was suddenly a connection between them. Brandon wondered what Cory had told WD about him.

WD looked around the room. 'They didn't offer you a beer?'

',' Brandon said.

'Fuck, where'd you two pricks learn your manners,' WD growled as he strode over to the small refrigerator. He got two beers and handed one to Brandon. He opened the other one for himself.

'Where's my beer?' Jason complained.

'Still in the fuckin' fridge where you left it, where you left Brandon's and mine. Fuck, get your own beer and learn some manners.' He looked at Brandon and held his beer up in a toast. 'Here's to sex.'

'To sex, and lots of it,' Brandon said

'Got a feeling there's gonna be just that, lots of it,' WD said, then he tilted his bottle and downed about half of it.

'Don't get drunk and pass out before it starts,' Jason chided him.

'One beer only gives me a buzz,' WD said. He looked at Cory. 'You lock the door?'


'Then let's get started.' He finished his beer and set the bottle down, then reached for Brandon's beer. 'Here, finish it.' He waited till Brandon had drained the bottle then he took it. 'They did tell you we're going to have sex.'

'Not in those words, but I was getting that impression,' Brandon said.

'I don't know about fuck-head Jason, but the three of us.'

Cory had moved in between the two and reached down for their crotches. Jason took a seat, cross-legged, on his own bed. Cory, Brandon and WD were soon engaged in a hard, tongue lashing kiss and all three had their hands on each other. After a moment they began taking each other's clothes off.

'If nobody else's got an agenda, I wanta fuck,' WD said.

'What else is new,' said Cory.

'I hope he means you,' Brandon said as he was squeezing the front of WD's shorts.

'He means anybody who will bend over,' Jason put in.

'He means me,' Cory said. 'He knows I can take him.'

'Hey, you're visiting, maybe you want first crack at him,' WD said to Brandon. 'He's talked about the great fuck that he never got from you.'

'Hey, Cory this would be a chance to live out that life long fantasy of yours,' Jason said.

'What life long fantasy?'

'Getting double fucked.'

'Oh, Shit. I don't know...not two cocks this size,' Cory said as he pulled and stroked the two cocks.

'You never told me you wanted to be double fucked,' WD said. 'Hell, Jason and I could've done it.'

'I wanta see him take you and Brandon,' Jason said.

WD was maneuvering them to Cory's bed. He lay down and pulled Cory with him, shoving him down between his legs. Cory knelt on the floor beside the bed and began sucking him. He pulled Brandon by his cock to stand beside the bed so he could take turns and suck him as well.

'Ohh, fuck, I remember this mouth,' Brandon moaned softly.

'Is he as good out of the water?' WD asked.

'That underwater blowjob was something I'll never forget.'

WD rose up to sit on the bed and bent over to play with Cory's ass while the boy sucked him. At the same time he reached for Brandon's cock.

'Geezusss....I never seen a cock this size before. Bet you hear that a lot.'

'Once in a while,' Brandon said. He watched WD's big hand stroking his cock, saw the longing gaze. He assumed WD was straight but now he wondered when WD wet his lips, then his mouth grew slack, and Brandon heard him swallow. WD looked up at him, still stroking his cock.

'I want you to know...I don't do this...but.......' He leaned in and took Brandon's cock in his mouth.

'No Fuckin' Way!' Jason exclaimed.

Brandon figured his assumption was right; WD was straight, just getting carried away. He put his hand on top of WD's head and began fucking his mouth.

'Don't fuckin' choke me,' WD said.

'Take it at your own pace,' Brandon said.

Jason had come across the room to watch and Cory rose up from WD's crotch to watch the big athlete sucking Brandon's cock.

'We need pictures of this,' he said.

WD paused again. 'You guys act like you never seen anybody suck cock before.'

'Never saw you suck cock,' Jason said.

'Never thought I would, till I saw this one,' WD said. 'You got a perfect piece of meat here,' he said to Brandon.

'You're not so bad yourself,' Brandon said.

'Do you suck?'

'I would reciprocate if I could reach you.'

'That can be arranged,' WD said.

He eased Cory away from him, drew his legs up on the bed and stretched out. He put his hand around Brandon's thigh to pull him closer. Brandon climbed on the bed astraddle WD's head.

'Don't fuckin' believe I'm doing this,' WD murmured as he took Brandon's cock in his mouth.

'Shit, I don't fuckin' believe I'm seeing it,' Jason said.

'I don't fuckin' believe I'm being left out of it,' said Cory. With that, he climbed on the bed behind Brandon and began rimming him.

Jason stood and watched and jacked his own cock.

'This is hot as hell, but it does not a double-fuck make,' he said after a while.

WD freed himself from Brandon's cock. 'Do you really want to get double fucked?'

'I didn't think so, but you guys have got me so hot and boned up, I'm ready to try anything.'

'Do you wanta double fuck him?' WD asked Brandon.

'Hell, yeah, if he wants it.'

As they changed positions, Jason was there with the lube. Cory climbed atop WD and bent over him with his butt stuck up in the air. Jason lubed up his ass, then WD's cock. Then he took hold of WD's cock and guided it to Cory's asshole.

'Okay, ride back on it,' he told him.

Cory eased back onto WD's thick cock. 'Ohhhhhhhh!' he moaned softly as he impaled himself.

Jason lubed up Brandon's cock and he climbed on the bed behind Cory, between WD's legs.

'Let me fuck myself for a few minute to get stretched out,' Cory said as he rode up and down on WD's cock. Brandon waited patiently, on his knees. After a few minutes Cory reached back for Brandon's cock. 'Oh, fuck, I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this.' But he was guiding Brandon's cock to his asshole.

Brandon hunkered up on his haunches for a better position and set the head of his cock into the crevice along the top of WD's cock. WD paused. Brandon aimed and shoved but his cock didn't go in. He tried again, pressing down harder on WD's cock.

'I don't know if we're going to be able to do it either,' he said.

Jason stepped in and dug his fingers into Cory's ass alongside WD's cock, and pulled it open. 'Okay, get a footing,' he told Brandon.

Brandon nudged the head of his cock into the small crevice and shoved. His cock slipped right in, about four inches.

'AAWWWHHHH!!!!' Cory cried out, tossing his head back. 'OHHH, GEEZUSS!'

Brandon paused and WD held perfectly still to let him get used to the double penetration.

'You okay?' Brandon asked.

'I don't think I'll be okay till they sew my ass back up,' Cory said.

'Give it to him,' WD said. 'Shove it in him.'

Brandon hunkered forward, sending his entire cock through the stretched hole. Cory didn't cry out this time. He gasped and choked, unable to cry out. WD began moving his hips, fucking him. Brandon began fucking him at the same time.

'Ohhh, My Goddd!' Cory moaned.

'He's okay. I've heard that tone before,' WD said.

'Fuck his brains out,' Jason said.

It was awesome, sliding his cock in and out on top of WD's hot meat. He didn't know where Cory was putting both cocks.

'Shit, man, I can feel that big horse cock of yours sliding up way past mine,' WD said.

'Your cock feels good,' Brandon said.

'Yeah, so does yours.'

'Fuck, would you listen to the straight dudes mooning over each other,' Jason said, laughing.

It was almost more than Brandon could take. Adept as he was at holding off, he had to really concentrate to stay in control. He didn't want to be the first to cum. He didn't want to cum at all, he wanted to fuck all night. He wanted to fuck WD! He wondered if he was boned up enough to let that happen.

The chapel chimes sounded the hour and Brandon realized that they'd been fucking for probably a half hour. He wondered how Cory's ass was staking it. His own thighs were shaking, screaming for relief. They had not been paying much attention to Jason. Brandon jumped when he suddenly felt hands on his butt and realized that Jason was on the bed behind him. He realized his fingers were slick with lube and it didn't take but a few seconds for him to shove his fingers up in Brandon's ass. He winced and started to reach back to stop him. He didn't want Cory or WD to see him getting fucked. But the brief moment's hesitation made it too late. Jason had found his prostate and Brandon was suddenly stifling his moans. As he did his part in double fucking Cory, he was also fucking himself with Jason's fingers the back draw.

His hesitation, his failure to stop Jason only emboldened him. He pulled his fingers out and Brandon felt him moving up on the bed behind him. Fuck, he's gonna do it! He's gonna fuck me! Better stop him before it's too late, before the other guys find out. But again, his indecision led to hesitation and Jason's hot cock was pressing against his asshole. Brandon buried his cock in Cory's ass and held it there. To pull back would impale him on Jason's cock. At the last second, he reached back for Jason's cock, to push it aside before it penetrated his ass, but again, he was too late. Jason must've took it that he was guiding him in, and he shoved through Brandon's fist, right into his ass.

'Uuuunnnhhh!!' He tried to stifle his gasp, but it came out loud and clear. He did manage to stifle as Jason began fucking him, but his next problem was, he wasn't going to be able to hold off and fulfill his end of the deal to double fuck, Cory. WD was still fucking him, and the feel of his hard, hot cock sliding back and forth on Brandon's cock, along with Cory's hot, tight ass squeezing around his cock, and now Jason's cock pounding his own ass, it was all too much. He tried valiantly, but nothing short of stopping the action could've prevented him from cumming. Finally, he simply gave in to it, helplessly.

'Man, are you cumming?' WD said as streams of hot, thick cum shot across his cock.

'Ohh....Ohh, yeah...Ohhh, fuck, yeah, I can felt him cumming!' Cory squealed.

'Fuck, man, I'm not ready,' WD said.

Brandon dropped to his knees and his cock pulled out of Cory's ass.

'Shit, man, it's running down all over my balls,' WD said.

Brandon slumped back onto Jason's cock that was still thrusting deep inside him, mutilating his prostate.

'I've had enough,' he said breathlessly. 'You can finish double fucking Cory.'

When it was over, Brandon was sitting on Jason's bed and Jason was slumped over Cory's back, their combined weight bearing down on WD.

'You guys, I need to breathe,' WD said. The two boys dragged themselves off of him and off the bed. 'And I need a shower,' he added as he sat up. He got up and retrieved his clothes. He kept eyeing Brandon as he put them on.

'You guys, that was awesome,' Cory said.

'Yeah, it was,' WD said. He looked back at Brandon. 'Hey, you wanta come up to my room for a beer?'

'Sure, if I can find the strength to climb the stairs.'

What, the two so-called straight guys are going to have some private cuddling time now?' Cory said, laughing.

'I'm simply inviting your friend to my room for a beer. Which was more than he was offered here, till I came in.'

Brandon got up and slipped on his clothes and went with WD. In his room, WD locked his door.

'That was awesome,' he said.

'Yeah, I wasn't as awesome as you were,' Brandon said. 'I don't know what got into me, I can usually fuck forever.'

WD laughed. 'A big, hot cock, that's what got into you,' he said.

'Yeah, I don't believe I did that.'

WD erased his smile. 'Hey, I'm not putting you down for letting Jason fuck you. On the contrary, that's the reason I asked you up. I've been real curious about it lately, for some reason, and I wanted to talk to you. I can't talk to those guys. How does it feel?'

Brandon laughed softly. 'It got me off. Well, all of it together got me off, but I would've lasted a lot longer if Jason hadn't been fucking me.'

'Yeah, but how does it feel, going in, I mean. Doesn't it hurt?'

'Yeah, it hurts some at first but then your ass stretches to fit or something, then it starts feeling good. Then when your prostate starts getting pounded, fuck, it feels like the top of your head is going to blow off.'

'That's what it is? The prostate? I've heard of it, but I didn't know it had that much to do with sex. I know Cory goes crazy when I fuck him and touch a certain spot inside him. Lot of times he has to cover his head with a pillow so he can scream.'

'It's hard to explain. You would have to experience it to understand it.'

'That's another reason I asked you up here. If you're up to it.......'

Brandon looked at him; he knew it was a dumb surprised look. 'You want me to fuck you?'

'Yeah. I wanta know what it's like. But you can't tell those guys. They won't believe I'm straight if they find out I got fucked.'






The Diary

At The Motel

Went for a hamburger and saw this big stud, looked like a construction worker getting out of his truck. He sat one place, I sat another and he caught me looking at him. He left a note on my windshield, written on a napkin. All it had on it was the Redwing Motel and a room number. I knew I shouldn't, but I was curious so I checked it out. He met me at the door just out of the shower. There were three cameras set up in the room and lights. He said they were for filming training sessions. We both knew the reason I was there and we got right to it. After I showered, while he shaved, then we got to it. He did an awesome fingering job on me, said he would have me begging to get fucked. I sort of lied and told him I had never been fucked. He was right. I begged. He fucked me. He was sort of rough, but I liked it. I really like getting fucked. He asked if he could turn the cameras on. I said no, till he said I could take the tapes with me, so I told him to go ahead. It'll be neat to watch myself having sex.

At The Motel

Brandon pulled into the fast food place and got out of his truck. He reached back in for his T-shirt to put on; he couldn't go in shirtless. He noticed the dark blue Dodge Ram pull in a few spaces down. An older guy got out, looked to be about forty, muscular. He wore worn jeans, work boots, T-shirt and he reached in for a baseball cap. His hard hat was sitting on the dash.

Brandon was learning that muscle attracts muscle, and this was no exception.

The guy said, 'How're you doing?' as he walked by, with what could only be described as an appreciative look at Brandon.

'Doing okay,' Brandon said.

Inside, he stood back to study the menu and let Brandon order first. Several times they could be caught eyeing each other. Brandon got his order and took it to sit in a booth by a window. The man took his order to a table nearby. Once Brandon glanced over at him and the guy nodded and gave him a tight smile. Brandon noticed the way the man's biceps curled up into tight balls of muscle when he brought the sandwich to his lips. Another time when he glanced over the man was writing something on a napkin.

The man finished eating first. He dumped his trash and left. Brandon watched him walking toward his truck. He had a really sexy walk, the way his bubble butt filled out his jeans and flexed when he walked, and the sway of his broad, heavily muscled shoulders.

Just then there was a loud crash in the kitchen that distracted everyone in the place, and when he looked back, the man was in his truck, backing out.

Brandon finished eating and left. As he walked to his truck he peeled his shirt off again. He had his hand on the door when he saw something on his windshield. He stepped around and took the napkin from under the wiper blade. On it was Redwing Motel, Room 248.

'Huh. What wonder this is all about,' he said aloud. He put the errands he was to do on hold and headed for the Redwing, a small motel downtown. He didn't wonder too much what the guy wanted. He had a gut feeling.

He was taken with curiosity, but with caution. Shouldn't be doing this, he thought. But he continued to drive toward the motel.

As he drove around he found that room 248 was located on the back side, facing a high fence and a huge warehouse beyond that. He backed into a parking space opposite the motel. He felt better backing in so he could pull out quickly if he had to. He got out and went up the stairs and went down the walkway to number 248. He took a deep breath and tapped lightly on the door. As he waited he glanced at the note again to be sure of the number, then he knocked again.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood the man in all his muscular glory, holding a towel around his waist. He had obviously just gotten out of the shower.

'You, uh...left this on my windshield?' Brandon said, holding up the note. He immediately noticed the cameras situated around the room on tripods of various heights, and the lights.

'That was faster than I expected,' the man said, stepping back with the door held open for him. 'And more than I hoped. I didn't know if you would come.'

'Did I interrupt your shower?'

'No, I was just turning off the shower when I heard the knock.'

'What about the note?' Brandon asked.

'I think you get it about the note, otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you?'

'Well, I did have a pretty good idea,' Brandon said.

'You wanta shower?'

'Yeah, I should.'

'Be my guest. You can shower while I shave.'

Brandon instinctively felt his face as he followed the man to the bathroom. 'I shaved yesterday. I don't shave every day,' he said.

'Oh, to be that young again. Name's Brent, by the way,' the man said, putting out his free hand.

'Brandon. You work construction?' He was taking off his clothes, very aware of the man's side glances from where he stood at the sink, shaving.


'What's with the cameras?'

'For recording bull sessions with the workers, they can bitch and talk about safety issues. They're used as training films.'

Brandon was relieved. That wasn't what he thought they were for.

'Have you ever done this before?' Brent asked as he moved up to let Brandon get past him to the shower.

'Yeah, a couple of times.'

'So, you're not a virgin.'

'How do you mean?' Brandon asked as he stepped into the shower and turned it on.

'Have you ever been fucked?' Brent asked in a louder voice, over the shower.

'No,' he lied. 'I don't know if I could.'

'Bet I could convince you.'

Brandon still had misgivings, but he couldn't bring himself to leave. The guy was a stud. He wanted to have sex with him. He made his shower quick. He turned off the water and slid the curtain back. Brent handed him a towel.

'Geezuss, kid.' He smiled and took the towel back. 'I'll do that for you.' He dried him off rather haphazardly and hung up the towel. Then he clasped his hands around Brandon's lean waist and leaned down to suck on his nipples,

'Aaaoohhhh!' Brandon moaned with surprise. He put his hand around Brent's head and pressed his face against his chest.

Brent reached down between Brandon's legs. 'Oh, yeah, you're hot wired, from your pecs to your cock,' he said.

'Yeah, I guess I am.'

Brent reached into his shaving bag for something.

Brandon didn't know what till he put his hand between his legs again and he felt his slick fingers probing between his butt.

'What're you doing?' Brandon asked, feigning surprise.

'Come on, kid, you know you wanta get fucked.'

'No, I don't think so.' He tried to squirm away from the probing fingers but not too hard. 'Oh...Ohhh...Ohhh, Fuck!' he moaned as the man found his prostate.

Brent laughed.

Brandon squirmed and danced on the man's fingers as he probed roughly up inside his ass and sucked on his tits at the same time. 'P-please, Mister, I don't wanta do this,' he whined.

'Yeah, you do. Feel that?' He punched his prostate with his fingertips and rubbed it hard. 'It's begging for it.'

'AAAwwwwhhhh!' Brandon cried out. 'Awwwhh, Goddd!'

Suddenly the man stopped and pulled his fingers out.

Brandon let out a sigh of relief and settled back on his feet, but he still found himself squirming around, trying to take the man's fingers back inside him.

'That don't look like no to me,' Brent said, with a chuckle.

'You can use your fingers like that if you want, I just don't wanta be fucked,' Brandon said.

Brent smiled and shoved his fingers back up inside him.

'Ohh...Ohh...Awwhh...Yesss, do that!' Brandon groaned.

'Brent maneuvered them over to the sink, in front of the mirrors. He pressed on Brandon's shoulders to bend him over the sink. They could also see themselves in the fill mirror on the back of the door. Then he shoved his fingers back into his ass.

Brandon clasped his hands together and closed his eyes as he tried to hang onto his sanity and his feigned innocence. Knowing that the guy thought he had a virgin ass excited him, and he was almost ready to drop all pretenses and give in willingly. But then Brent pulled his fingers out again.

'Awwh, Godd, stop teasing me,' Brandon moaned.

Brent laughed. 'Yeah, you were ready for it, weren't you? Let's go in on the bed. I've got a way to make you beg for it.'

I almost was, Brandon thought. He followed the man to the bed and laid across it on his stomach as Brent urged him.

'Hey, do you want a video of this?' Brent asked.


'Three videos, actually, from three different angles. You can take all three of them with you.'

'What would I do with them? I couldn't show them to anybody,' Brandon said.

'It'd be fun to watch 'em.'

What could it hurt? It would be cool to have videos of him having sex with this stud, and he could take them with him; that was safe enough. 'All right,' Brandon agreed.

Brent turned on the lights and all three cameras then crawled between his legs and began licking his ass. He pulled his butt muscles apart and used his tongue all around his hole. Then he pulled his hole open and drove his tongue up inside him. After a moment he added his fingers again. It was more than Brandon could take. He clawed at the sheets and buried his face in the mattress to stifle his squealing moans. His own cock was throbbing painfully, his balls aching for release.

'All right! You can fuck me!' he blurted into the pillow that he was hugging to his chest.

'What? I didn't hear that,' Brent said.

He said it again over his shoulder. 'I can't take this anymore, you can fuck me.'

With a chuckle, Brent buried his face in Brandon's butt again. Brandon moaned with pleasure that only got better. It seemed the man had saved his best talents for the cameras. His tongue drove deeper into his ass, and he used three fingers, then four and he was being so rough and forceful that Brandon was afraid he might try to use his entire hand. It scared him because he was afraid he might let him; or wouldn't be able to stop him. It quickly became too much for Brandon to endure. He needed to be fucked.

'Fuck me!' he blurted. 'You said you wanted to fuck me.'

'I also said I would make you beg for it. I haven't heard you beg yet.'

'Fuck me, dammit! Ohh...Ohh, Godd...Please, Mister, fuck me. I can't take much more of your fingers. I need your cock. I'm begging you, please fuck me. Stop torturing me.'

Brent rose up and shoved his cock between the slick butt muscles. Brandon felt the heat of his cockhead pressing against his quivering hole. He tried to rise up and press back against it but the man brought is full weight down on him and shoved, hard.

'OOhhh!' he cried out as he was suddenly impaled. He rose up on his elbows and hung his head in defeat. 'Ohh, Godd, you're so big!'

The man laughed softly and bore down hard with his hips and twisted them around, causing Brandon to cry out in the pillow and rip at the sheets. Then the man pulled back, slowly, as if he were withdrawing. But then he slammed into him again.

'Awwhhh!! Godd! Easy!'

'You don't want it easy,' Brent said as he slammed again.



'Aaoohhh! Not so hard!'

And again.

'Fuck! What're you trying to do, rape me?'

'That the little boy virgin talking?' Brent said as he rammed again.

'Ohh, Geezusss!'

'Couldn't rape you if I tried, you big muscle fuck,' Brent said. 'Big muscle stud like you, your body wants it hard, like a man, not like a little boy.' He kept pounding him.

He's going to rape me, Brandon thought and he braced himself as he tried to psych himself up for the onslaught. He could try, he could be as rough as he wanted, but Brandon wasn't going to let it turn into rape because he was going to enjoy it in his head as much as his body was. He liked being fucked; he would make himself like the treatment this man was giving him.

Soon his ass became numb to the brutal treatment and he could feel only the harshly exquisite pleasure of the man's big, hot cock driving over his prostate. Then suddenly, he pulled out.

'Oohhh,' Brandon moaned with surprise.

'Turn over.'

Branded turned onto his back and brought his legs up voluntarily.

The man laughed. 'You really want this, don't you?'


'You like being raped, huh?'

'If that's what it is,' Brandon replied.

Brent shoved his legs against his chest and Brandon pulled his knees in tight so he was bent in half, his butt upturned and vulnerable. He had forgotten about the cameras but now he didn't care as the lights shone in his face. He would enjoy watching this later.

'Fuck, kid, you are wide open,' Brent said, gazing down at Brandon's asshole.

'Fill me up.'

Brent aimed and shoved and began fucking him again. He shifted gears over and over again. He fucked him brutally, till Brandon cried out, begging him to stop, and when he did, he begged him to fuck him again. He fucked him slowly, gently, even lovingly. He leaned down to kiss him, and Brandon kissed him back, passionately. At one point he pulled out and moved up astraddle Brandon's chest so he could suck him. He did, eagerly, while Brent fingered and stretched his ass with all four fingers. Again, he was afraid he might try to use his entire hand.

'Boy, I never had anybody so wide open for it,' Brent said as he pushed his four fingers deep into the gaping hole.

Then Brandon felt his asshole expand even more, around his four fingers and his thumb.

'Not your hand,' he murmured around his big cock in his mouth. 'Don't use your hand.'

'I think you could take it,' Brent said as he twisted his fingers back and forth, deep in the stretched hole.

Brent pushed again, harder, and Brandon groaned louder as he felt his asshole giving way. He tried to contract the muscles but they were helplessly stretched and numb. Oh, God! He's gonna do it! He's gonna shove his hand in me!...fist fuck me!...I can't do it...can't take a fist in my ass. He had seen porn videos of guys being fist fucked, taking an entire arm in their ass, even way up past the elbow. He couldn't imagine doing that., not.... 'Ah!...Ahh!... AAAAHHHHHHH!' he screamed into the pillow as he felt his asshole clamp around the man's wrist. He saw black, then bright stars dancing against the black. He thought he was going to pass out.

He came back as Brent began clinching and un-clinching his big fist inside his ass. Then he pulled back and did it with Brandon's sphincter muscle squeezing his fist. Then he shoved it back in, several inches past his wrist.

'OH, GODD! No! No more!' Brandon cried. 'I can't do this! I can't take this anymore!'

Chuckling softly, Brent slowly withdrew his hand, still in a fist, so it stretched his asshole unmercifully. 'Goddamn, I could drive my truck through your asshole.'

'It felt like you did.'

'You might not want my cock now; might not be able to feel it,' Brent said as he he moved back down and began fucking him again.

'Oh, yeah, I can feel your cock,' Brandon moaned.

He fucked him for probably an hour. At the end, at the crucial moment, he pulled out and moved up astraddle Brandon's chest again to feed him his cock while he continued to fuck him with his fingers.

In his frenzy, Brandon opened his mouth, whimpering and begging for the man's load, as he fingered his ass again. When he shot his load Brandon got a lot of it in his mouth but he got his face whitewashed in the process. In his frenzy, he was vaguely aware of the intense pressure at his asshole and he wondered if Brent had shoved his hand inside him again. But just as quickly, Brent moved back down and began fucking him again. He hadn't lost his hardon.

'Let's get you off now,' Brent said. He took hold of Brandon's cock in one hand and his balls in the other as he fucked him.

It didn't take long. Spurred by the aphrodisiac of the taste of the man's cum, and fisting his cock, he soon shot his load. The pressure had built up so that the intensity was jolting. Brandon's body jolted and convulsed, causing the bed to shake.

'Holy Fuck!' Brent swore as the stuff shot out and splattered against the headboard and all over the wall. 'Damn, kid,' he said as Brandon kept cumming.

Brandon didn't know if the man shot another load up inside him. It didn't matter. He was finished. Brent pulled out and lay beside him.

'I need to shower,' Brandon said when he'd caught his breath.

'We both do,' Brent said. 'Is it okay if I move the cameras to the bathroom?'

'Yeah, I guess so.' He didn't have the strength or the will to resist.

'Okay, give me a minute before you get in the shower.'

When he had two of the cameras set up in the doorway at different angles Brandon moved in and got in the shower. A moment later Brent joined him. He took the soap and became suddenly very loving and tender the way he washed Brandon's body. His mouth followed where the soap rinsed off. He nuzzled Brandon's neck and kissed his way down to his chest and began sucking his tits. As he soaped up and rinsed his stomach, he went to his knees, kissing his way down the hard muscles. Lower, he began sucking his cock. Brandon reached back to feel his asshole. It was pretty well closed up, but loose.

'Can you give me another load, in my mouth this time?' he asked, looking up at him with longing.

'It won't be like the first one,' Brandon said.

'Anything you can give me.'

'Hey, is there sound on these videos?'

'Yes, it's picking up everything we say.'

Brandon gave him his second load. The man savored it for a moment for the cameras then stood up. He put his hands around Brandon's head and pulled him in to kiss him. In the process, he gave Brandon's load back to him. Brandon savored it for a moment then gave it back to him. Brent swallowed it.

'You want a beer?' Brent asked.

'No, I have to go,' Brandon said.

'It's been a hell of ride. The best.'

'Yeah, but can I ask you something?'


'Did you really use your whole hand on me, or did I black out and imagine it?'

'Yeah, my fist, way past my wrist. Told you, you could take it.'

Brandon left with the three tapes, a pair of empty balls, and his asshole still gaping open. He wondered how long it would take to close up.
















The Diary

At The Video Store

Before I turned eighteen I used to think all the time about going to the adult video store, then when I turned eighteen I forgot all about it. I went the other night. I wanted to mainly find out if it was true that they cut holes in the walls between the viewing booths where you could get your cock sucked, or suck cock. It's true.

There are holes almost big enough to get your head through. I got a good blowjob, but the guy was jacking himself and he shot off before he got me off. But another guy came in that booth, even took his clothes off. I thought he might finish me off, but instead he put his cock through the hole. It was an awesome cock, about the size of mine. Perfect shape. I couldn't resist. I sucked the guy off. He even came like I do. Okay, the clincher....When I was browsing through the store afterwards I found the video on the shelf of me and the construction stud having sex in his hotel room. I bought it. I had to, I wanted to get it off the shelf. I had to put it on my credit card, I'll have to explain that to my Dad. I don't know what I'm going to do. If the video is in that store, it's likely in other stores. And it'll no doubt end up back in the viewing booths and I know there's got to be guys who go there who know me and my Dad and they're going to freak out when they find themselves watching a video of me getting fucked.

Another worse clincher! The guy I sucked off at the video store....I found out I know him. I didn't know who it was at the time, and I'm not saying who it was, but I know him.

I'm scared about the video. Don't know what I should do. I might have to think about moving away someplace.

I think I'm going to talk to my Dad, admit everything to him. I might even let him read this diary. He's always been there for me, and I've never needed him more than I do now.

My life is so fucked up!!

I've decided I'm going to talk to my Dad, and give him my diary to read. Then I will probably burn it.

At The Video Store

Brandon didn't know why he hadn't thought sooner about going to the video store. Before he turned eighteen he thought all the time about going, to see if the rumors were true that there were video booths with holes in the walls where you could put your cock through to be sucked, and you could suck strange cocks through the holes.

He waited till his Dad was out of town because in the darkest recesses of his mind he had the idea and the fear that his Dad might possibly frequent places like that and he didn't want to take the chance of running into him. He drove down the gravel lane that led alongside and around behind the truck stop where the video store was situated virtually surrounded on the other three sides by corn and bean fields. He pulled into a spot at the end of a row of eight other vehicles. As he got out he took special note of a shiny blood-red Silverado double-cab. He even stopped to check it out before he went inside. He liked his Ram, but he would like to test drive a Silverado sometime.

Inside he was told he needed to show his ID.

'This your first time here?' the man behind the counter asked as he checked his ID.


The man explained that there were eighteen booths in back, showing twenty-eight different videos. The video machines accepted dollar bills, fives, tens and twenties. There were also two private party rooms where he could rent a video for ten bucks and have complete privacy in the comfort of a living room just like at home, for up to two hours. If he ever wanted to bring a friend along, the cost was ten dollars per person. There were poppers available, and he was invited to browse the rest of the store.

Brandon was a bit nervous so he got ten ones from the man and went back to the booths. He didn't want to take the chance of someone he knew coming in and seeing him browsing around the sex shop. It was dim in the hallway. There were red lights on over several of the booths, apparently indicating that they were occupied. He went into number fourteen and closed the door. The first thing he noticed was the large hole cut out of the wall, down about waist level. So it was true. This was blowjob heaven. He fumbled with the dollar bill, inserting it into the machine. Suddenly a blank screen came on. He pushed one of the lit buttons and a video came on; of two cute, built young guys having sex out in a field. He watched for a moment then punched the button to check out the rest of the videos. They were about half straight, half gay, with a couple of Bi videos thrown in for good measure.

He could see through the hole and he became aware of some movement in the adjoining booth but he chose to ignore it. He went through the videos a couple of times till he decided on a couple of the really hot ones, one of them being the two boys out in the field. He groped himself as he watched one of the boys go down on his hands and knees in the tall grass and the other boy move behind him and begin fucking him. Gradually, he undid his jeans, and shoved them down, along with his shorts, and began pulling on his stiffening cock. All the while he was careful to stand back from the hole sort of with his back to it. He didn't want the person to get a look at his face.

Suddenly he felt a hand touch his bare butt. He jumped and the hand pulled back. He half turned to the wall and the hand came through the hole again, this time touching his thigh. Brandon turned more toward the wall and the hand found his cock. He heard 'Ohh, Fuck!' as the hand explored his cock and discovered his size. Then the hand gripped his cock and pulled him toward the hole. Brandon followed his cock and pressed his body against the wall. Next he felt the warm wetness of the man's mouth engulfing his cock and heard him moan with pleasure. Brandon groaned too. The guy was good, a real professional. Brandon wondered how much time he spent here on his knees.

He used a lot of tongue, and he was able to deep throat him. There was a strange, new thrill of having an anonymous mouth sucking his cock. He didn't even know what the guy looked like, how old he was or anything about him except that he was good at sucking cock. It could even be a woman, but he doubted a woman could suck cock this good. Virtually sexless, it was as if the hole in the wall had taken on a life of its own. Brandon pulled back a little and a man's face came closer to the hole. He could see the lower part of a tanned face, and a strong, square jaw. The man's mouth followed Brandon's cock. After a few strokes Brandon pulled back further, away from the man's face. With a moan the man's face pressed into the hole and the hole literally became the wet, warm cavern of the man's mouth with his tongue out, beckoning, even begging. Then he did beg.

'Your cock is beautiful! Please, give it to me!'

Brandon shoved his cock back into the gaping mouth. The man moaned and kept his face pressed against the hole. Brandon stroked his cock a few times as he moved closer to the man's mouth. When his cock touched his tongue the man moaned. He shoved his cock into the man's throat. The man sucked him ferociously, groaning and slobbering on his cock. After several minutes Brandon could hear his ragged breathing, and his snorting and whimpering....the guy was cumming. In his frenzy of his climax he choked on Brandon's cock but he held on till he'd finished getting his nut then he slowly withdrew his mouth. Brandon slowly withdrew his cock back through the hole as he realized the man was leaving.

'Thank you very much,' the man said.

Brandon pulled up his shorts and jeans, left his fly open, and turned his attention back to the video. Almost immediately someone else entered the booth. He heard the machine being fed. He wanted to look through the hole this time but he didn't want to be seen. He shoved his shorts and jeans back down and stood with his bare hip and the side of his butt against the hole, to block it and to let the guy know that he was naked where it counted, in case he was interested. Several minutes passed before he felt something against his hip. He assumed it was a hand and he moved away from the hole to put his cock through again. He was surprised to see a large cock suspended at the hole and the bare flesh around it. The cock came through the hole, along with a pair of heavy balls, and the man's lower abs finished blocking the hole. Brandon eyed the big cock. It lolled up and down, on its way to becoming hard. It was long and thick, with a large head that expanded out wider than the shaft, and a wide gristled rim that swelled out proudly.

Brandon suddenly realized that his mouth was watering and that made him unsure and nervous. He had not expected this. He had come to the video store to satisfy his curiosity, and hopefully get a blowjob. He had not counted on having a big cock being so blatantly offered to him. He swallowed the buildup of spit and more flooded his mouth. He was no longer watching the video, his eyes were fixed on the thick, pulsing, growing cock. He had to swallow again.

Suddenly a hand appeared with two thick, hairy fingers holding a small brown bottle. He knew what it was. Poppers. He didn't need it. His mind had already gone into do-it mode, but he took the bottle. He reached over and locked the door.

He heard rustling sounds in the next booth and glanced down at the hole again. He leaned down a little and peered through to see the man taking off his jeans. His black work boots sat against the wall. Next he took off his briefs then he pulled his boots back on. Brandon focused on the video again, becoming more nervous. He could almost feel the buildup of testosterone in the next booth, as well as in himself. Something was going down, something very different, and he knew what it was and he knew he was going to be a part of it, but he tried to block it from his mind. After a few moments of stroking his cock he decided to do like the man in the next booth. He slipped off his shoes and pulled off his jeans and shorts. He didn't put his shoes back on. Then he peeled off his shirt and was naked except for his socks. He glanced at the hole again and saw that the man was standing closer to the hole. He could see his hand moving. Brandon moved back closer to the hole himself so the man couldn't get a look at his face. The man's hot cock brushed against his hip again, this time leaving a wet trail of precum on the side of his butt.

His nerves were raw. He wasn't expecting this. It wasn't what he'd come for. Or was it? He glanced down at the big cock again, lolling toward the gaping hole.

It wasn't a conscious decision but he found himself going slowly to his knees, as a new and strange excitement coursed through him. This was so different from any of the other few times. Those other times there was a man's body, a real person, words were exchanged, a live male. This was simply a big cock being offered to him. On his knees, facing the big cock, his courage waned. He fingered the bottle as he watched the big cock sway back and forth. The man knew he was on his knees; he was waiting. Finally, he uncapped the bottle and took a snort in each nostril. As he recapped the bottle he was already sailing.

'Ohh, Fuck!' he murmured as the exquisite surge of intense excitement came over him. His head was spinning with a warm feeling as he opened his mouth and the big cock with the huge head became the center of his universe. He didn't touch it but the man must have felt his warm breath on his cock. It came through the hole and Brandon took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He heard the man groan as he slurped all around the bulbous head and the man drew back to begin fucking his mouth.

Brandon held his head firm, determined to accept the driving cock, but as the wide head pounded against his throat he eased back from the hole a few inches, still with the cock in his mouth. Drool ran down his chin and he swiped it with the back of his hand. After minutes he paused to take some more poppers, without moving off the man's cock. The man paused to wait, apparently aware of what he was doing. As he was capping the bottle the man's hand came through the hole and found his chin and pulled his face to the hole.

Brandon needed little encouragement. The poppers gave him the courage and determination he needed. He obediently pressed his face against the hole in total acceptance of having his mouth and throat used for the man's pleasure. The man took his pleasure. He cupped Brandon's chin firmly and thrust his cock deep into his throat. Brandon choked but held firm with the help of the man's fingers gripping his chin. He heard, 'Ohh, Fuck, yeah, take it all. Ohhh, Geezuss' and some more words that he couldn't make out. He heard somebody try the door and realized that the video had stopped and therefore the red light was out. He ignored it. His total concentration was on the thick, large cock thrusting into his throat, and the oversized head cleaning his throat like a plunger.

He stroked his own cock and pulled and squeezed his balls with his other hand. He quickly learned to breathe and overcome his gag reflex; it was the first time he had managed the technique that so many had used on him. It was surprisingly easy and very exciting to kneel before the phallic god and be used in such a slave-like manner. Phallic god. He remembered the guy at the sex-gym using the term and that's how he pictured himself; a willing subject paying homage to the almighty phallus. Even a weak, willing slave. He found himself wishing he could be in the same booth with the man, to feel his muscles and worship his whole body. He thought about asking him if he could, but he didn't want to break the sacred contact. And secretly, he didn't want to know who the man was.

Suddenly the man's strong fingers took a new hold on his chin. His thrusts became stronger. Then he heard the man groan, 'Fuck, I'm cumming!'

Brandon braced himself. He could've gotten off the thrusting cock. The hold on his chin wasn't a choke hold. But he held fast. He wanted to take the man's load, to pay the ultimate homage to the powerful phallic god that had subdued him. Suddenly amid the grunting, he felt the powerful spurts in his mouth, copious amounts of warm, thick semen filling his oral cavity of worship. He pumped his own cock harder and squeezed his balls so hard they hurt. Cum was running down his chin and even that excited him. He jacked off harder and faster.

'Oohnnnpphhh!...Uunnngghhh!' he groaned around the thick cock.

The man kept cumming. He comes like I do, Brandon thought. It seemed a long time before the surges subsided and he was left to hold the rubbery cock in his mouth in its own juices. Suddenly his own cock exploded. He could hear the stuff thudding against the wall. It was loud, because he was so close to the wall. 'Oh, Godd, Oh, Godd,' his mind was screaming as his heavy balls contracted in his hand and his other hand was coated with warm cum. Finally, the man's cock was withdrawn back through the hole. Brandon closed his mouth, sad to feel it being taken away from him. The man reached down and stroked his neck in appreciation.

'You gonna swallow it?' he asked with a soft chuckle.

Brandon could see and hear him putting on his clothes. He swallowed. He kept his face pressed against the hole to show the man that his precious deposit wasn't being wasted. The man touched his face again, said thanks and left. Brandon knelt there, exhausted, his head spinning. His hands were shaking and he let go of his cock and balls. His cock brushed against the floor. Finally he struggled to his feet and leaned back against the hole.

His legs were shaking and he hadn't even been standing on them. His hands were still shaking as he began pulling on his clothes. When he was dressed he sat on the small corner bench to catch his breath and regain his composure before he exited the booth.

A strange calm came over him as he opened the door to leave. There were two other men in the hallway. They both noticed him and they both opened a door to a booth and they both nodded to him. He walked past them and went out into the store. Despite being still uneasy and anxious to leave, he slowed past the display of videos. He scanned the display boxes till his eyes fell on one that shook him to his toes. He stopped cold and gaped at the picture on the video box. It was him!!

'Oh, Shit!' he gasped softly. He glanced around to see if anyone had heard him. There was no one else in the store. He picked up the box and studied the photo. The background wasn't the motel room, his picture had been put on another more exotic background. He turned the box over to see a half dozen scenes from the video. They were real. The background in the real scenes was the motel room. He was seized with panic. He wanted to take the video, get it out of the store before someone who knew him discovered it. He checked the front of the box again for a price. He didn't have that kind of money on him. He had his charge card that his Dad had given him for emergencies, but how would he explain a charge of $49.95, and how would it appear on the statement? But he couldn't walk out and leave the video on the shelf. What if it ended up back in the viewing booths? He picked up the video box and went to the counter, praying that the man wouldn't recognize him from the picture on the box. He didn't seem to. The man took the box and went back to the shelves with rows of videos and picked out one and slipped it into the box.

'This is a new one. I haven't had a chance to watch it, or put it back in the booths,' he said as he was scanning it to ring it up. 'I'll have to order another one. That'll be $53.45

Brandon handed over his charge card. The man swiped it, waited for the ticket to print out then tore it off and handed it back, along with his card and a pen. Brandon could barely control his shaking hand to sign the slip. He tried to avoid the man's eyes as he handed the slip back to him. The man was putting the video in a sack, but he paused, looked at Brandon, then at the video, then back at Brandon.

'This guy looks just like you,' he said.

'Yeah, I thought so too,' Brandon said, casually as he could. Nothing more was said, but Brandon was keenly aware of the way the man looked at him as he left.

He was in a daze as he walked past the other vehicles to his pickup. He noticed that the big red Silverado was gone. That must've been the guy who just left, he thought. He wondered if it was the one he'd just sucked off.

The sack with the video in it taunted him. What the hell was he going to do? He grabbed the sack and shoved it behind the seat to get it out of sight. Suddenly he swung off the road into the truck stop. He needed to think. But just as suddenly he was afraid to go in. What if someone in the truck stop had seen the video? He pulled back out onto the road and drove over the overpass. He drove aimlessly till he came to a roadside park. He pulled into the park and got out and walked back to one of the picnic tables in the trees. He sat on the table, leaned forward with his hands clasped.

'What the fuck have I got myself into,' he murmured. He blocked the video from his mind by thinking of what had happened in the booth. Of all the sex that had come before, this was different. This time he was the cocksucker, pure and simple, with no pretenses, hardly without any hesitation. A cocksucker through and through, for he had his mouth on the receiving end of the big, hot cock belching out great ropes of cum. The sperm were swimming around in his stomach. He didn't even know what the man attached to the cock looked like. It was just a big piece of meat that he was servicing. The great Phallic God. Brandon tried to believe the whole thing was degrading but he was excited by it. The video kept coming to mind but he couldn't deal with it. He shrugged it off and got back in his truck and headed home.

As he pulled into the double drive he got the most devastating surprise of his young life. There sat a bright, blood-red Silverado double-cab pickup.









Brandon Confronts His Dad

Brandon sat gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white, his eyes fixed on the red Silverado. He finally guided his shaking hand to turn off the key. It took him a moment to gain his composure and drive back the awful thoughts that were creeping into his head. What the fuck is happening! This isn't happening. It's all a nightmare. He went inside and turned off the porch light. His breath came hard as he went into the living room. His Dad was flipping channels.

'Did you buy a new truck?' he asked. He had to force the words out and hoped they weren't as shaky as they felt.

'Yeah, you like it?'

'It's a beauty.'

'I was waiting on you, thought we might go get something to eat and give you a chance to drive it,' his Dad said as he turned off the TV. He leaned up and reached around the end of the couch. 'Bought new work boots too. Didn't need 'em but they just seemed to go with the truck.'

Brandon froze and he could almost feel the color draining from his face. The boots! He had not paid particular attention to them but he had seen those boots through the hole, sitting against the wall when the man had taken off his clothes. Then came the clincher as he watched his Dad pulling on the boots. His ring!...the same black onyx ring on the hand that reached through and pulled his face to the hole. His stomach felt queezy as he realized.....Ohh, Godd, I sucked my own Dad! It was his own Dad's sperm swimming in his stomach.

'You feeling okay, Son?'

'No, actually, I don't. That's the reason I'm home so early. If we could do it another time, Dad...I just want to go to bed.'

'All right, another time.'

Brandon didn't make the final entry in his diary. He started to but he had already been entertaining thoughts of going to his Dad about everything, even possibly letting him read the diary, and he couldn't let him read that. His nerves were on edge. He couldn't eat or sleep. He knew his Dad would listen, but he couldn't be sure of his reaction. He knew his Dad would eventually ask what was bothering him and he didn't know what he would say.

He woke up on Saturday morning still pondering what had kept him awake for the past several nights. He got up and slipped on a pair of shorts and went downstairs. His Dad was at the stove, making breakfast.

'I was just going to wake you,' he said. 'You wanta pour the orange juice?'

'I've been awake for a while,' Brandon said. He hitched up his briefs and went to the refrigerator. 'All night, in fact.'

'I know something's been bothering you. What's the trouble? That's not like you,' his Dad said

Brandon didn't answer him. He poured the juice then sat at his side of the table that sat in front of the window.

'Nothing you wanta talk about, huh?' his Dad said.

'I want to,'s hard.'

Paul turned from the stove with the skillet in his hand. He had a worried scowl on his face as he served the eggs and sausage onto the plates. 'If it's that hard to talk about, then it's something you need to talk about,' he said.

'I know I do.'

'Well, I'm not going to pry it out of you, but when you're ready.....'

'I know. In my own time,' Brandon said.

'Just remember, I'll be leaving tomorrow night for a couple of weeks.'

'I know.' Suddenly, Brandon got up and went out the back door. He walked out to the garage and got his diary.

'Well, I'll bet that gave the neighbors a thrill, walking out there in your shorts,' Paul said.

Brandon didn't respond. He sat back down. 'I think I've got a problem, Dad.'

Paul scowled again. 'What kind of problem?'

Brandon rose up and laid the diary beside his Dad's plate. 'It's all in there.'

'What's this?' Paul asked, laying his hand on the diary but he didn't pick it up.

'It's a diary. Please don't read it right now,' Brandon said.

'All right.' He pushed the diary aside.

There was an uncomfortable silence as they ate.

'So, you don't want to talk about what's bothering you till I read this, is that it?'

'Yes, sir.'


'What?' Brandon asked.

'You called me sir, that doesn't bode well.'

'I don't know, Dad, how it bodes,' Brandon said.

Bandon didn't finish his breakfast. He excused himself and went upstairs to get dressed. As he went back through the kitchen he said, 'I've got a couple of things I have to do. I'll be back.' He didn't look at his Dad, but walked out to his truck.

He didn't really have anything he had to do except get out of the house and away from his father. He drove out to state park and followed the winding road to the cove, a heavily wooded area overlooking the small, secluded lake. He parked and got out and walked down to the dock. It was seldom used nowadays, and it was green with moss. He walked out to the end of the dock and sat down, dangling his legs over the edge, and gazed into the still water. He wished he hadn't given the diary to his Dad. He pictured him reading it, and tried to imagine his reaction. He sat for more than hour, staring off into the still water. He wondered if a good swimmer could drown himself.

When he left the cove he drove around the park, tracing nearly every road he could find. When he left the park he drove aimlessly around the countryside. His mind didn't seem to be working; he couldn't hold onto a thought, and when he did grab hold of a thought he quickly let go of it.

Old familiar places drew him back, for what reason or purpose, he didn't know, and he didn't linger at any of them. It was mid afternoon before he stopped at the truck stop for lunch. He was hungry, but when his order came he picked at his food, and finally left much of it.

Out on the highway again a tiny voice told him to keep on driving, don't look back, leave it all behind. He listened to the voice till he had to pull in for gas. When he left the station he headed back in the direction of home, facing the dusk left by the setting sun.

His Dad was in bed when he got home. He grabbed a snack then went upstairs to shower. He took his time under the warm spray, stalling, but when he turned it off all the anxieties came back. He almost chickened out, but there was the open door to his Dad's bedroom that he had to walk past, beckoning him. Finally he walked down the hall and stood in the doorway, holding the towel around his waist. His Dad laid aside the diary he was reading.

'You've been gone a long time,' Paul said.

'Yeah. I, uh....needed to think.'

'I was worried you wouldn't come back.'

'I almost didn't,' Brandon said. 'You're still reading?' he asked, nodding to the diary.

'Actually, I just started. I started to read the Mall entry and decided to wait till we talked. I can read as we go if we think it's necessary or beneficial. But I think we should talk first.'

Brandon nodded, surprised, and he didn't understand why his Dad had waited. He was somehow relieved that he hadn't read the whole thing.

'Brandon, there's something wrong,' Paul said.

'Yeah, Dad, there is.'


'I think I need help,' Brandon said.

'For what? What's wrong?' his Dad asked with a worried look.

Brandon couldn't answer at first.

'What's up? Are you in some kind of trouble? You know you can talk to me about anything, Son.'

'Yes, sir, I am, sort two ways.'

'What? What's happened?'

Brandon heard the deep concern in the man's voice and he hated himself for having to tell him.

'I haven't been arrested or anything. It's nothing like that.'

'Then what?'

'I...I think I might be a sex addict.' It wasn't what he intended to say but it was what came out. He couldn't even remember what he wanted to say.

Paul laughed softly. 'All eighteen-year-olds are sex addicts,' he said. 'And forty-year-olds wish they were.'

It was Brandon's turn to laugh. 'You don't have any problem with that,' he scoffed.

'That's a pretty unusual concern for a boy your age. What makes you think that?'

'Well, you know I'm sexually active.'

'I assumed so. I was going to talk to you about that.'

'You were?'

'Yes, just to be sure you're taking care of yourself.'

'I am. But it's beyond that. I'm super active. I can't get enough. I think about it all the time.'

'That's not so unusual either. If it's thinking about sex every six or eight seconds, that's perfectly normal for your age. And that won't change much. Hell, I still think about it every twelve seconds,' Paul said, laughing.

'Don't try to shit me, Dad, you do more than think about it,' Brandon said. 'No, it's not that I think about it so often, which I do...I act on it.'

'Not every six or eight seconds,' Paul said.

'No, but every chance I get. It's a constant for me. Every waking moment is how and when and where it's going to happen next.'

'And the who?' Paul asked.

'The who is....well, it just seems to all come together, the how, who, when and were. I don't really go looking for it, it comes looking for me, and it's everywhere, but I go to where it can find me. Dad, I've lost count. I'm just eighteen years old and I've lost count of all the times I've had sex.'

'Well, that's sort of understandable, isn't it? I mean, look at you. You are a bit of a stud. I can see how you would have girls, even women, come on to you.'

'But I should be able to say no, and walk away, at least sometimes.'

'Is there a reason why you feel you should? Some need for self control? Listen, you don't have anyone pregnant, do you?'

'No, sir, you can be certain of that,' Brandon said, looking down, away from his Dad's penetrating eyes.

'Well, I'm glad you're protecting yourself.'

'It's not just that. And it's not what you would think or expect of me. You haven't read the mall entry, have you?'


'Well, I' sex partners aren't...all girls or women.' That brought a different expression to his Dad's face, one of concern and worry.

'Oh? boys?'

'Yes. I've had sex with guys, too,' he said.

'Why don't you sit down, Son,' Paul said, moving over on the bed.

Brandon sat on the edge of the bed, shoving the diary out of the way.

'How much sex with guys? How often?' Paul asked, as if suddenly realizing the possible seriousness of the situation.

'Lately, more often than with girls,' he replied.

'And how often, in general?'

'Four, five times a week, sometimes more.'

'Well, I doubt that's so unusual for a guy your age, except if most of the time it's with other guys. Where do you meet up with these guys? And are they other boys your age, or older men?'

Brandon nodded to the diary. 'That'll probably answer most of your questions. All ages. The first time at the mall was an older. We went out to my truck. I was so blown away by that first time, then after the second time, or the third, I started keeping the diary.'

'You know, a diary is probably not a good idea, if you're writing down details,' Paul said.

'Maybe not, but it'll help you see how far I've sunk.'

'Don't put it that way, Brandon. Son, it's easy to imagine guys of that persuasion coming on to you. As long as you don't......'

Brandon held up his hand, looking down. 'Don't say it, Dad. Just read the diary. Then we need to decide if I need help.' He picked up the diary and handed it to his Dad.

Paul took the diary, opened it and started reading.

'It's not a lot of detail, just the highlights,' Brandon said.

Paul began reading. He didn't say anything or look up for a very long time. 'My God, Son,' he said quietly at one point, still without looking up.

'I'll be right back,' Brandon said, and left the bedroom. He went out to his truck got the video from behind the seat. That had to come out too. He went back upstairs and laid the sack with the video on the floor beside the bed.

'Do you think you're gay, Son?' Paul asked when Brandon returned to his bedroom.

'I know I'm not the totally straight, normal son you thought you had.'

'Son, I never set any parameters for your sexuality. That's not my job. Or yours, for that matter. You are who you are. I love you no matter what.'

'Hold that thought, till you know the full what.' He said as sat on the edge of the bed.

His Dad continued reading. Brandon sat and watched his expressions. At one point, many pages into it, he paused and looked up.

'There's a lot to read.'

'But you get the idea,' Brandon said.

Paul nodded.

'There's more, I'm afraid.'

'Another diary?' Paul asked.

'No. Worse. I wasn't going to bring this up, didn't think I would have the courage, but I have to. Tell me, have you ever had a blowjob, Dad?'

'Yes,' he replied hesitantly with a curious frown.

'Have you ever gotten a blowjob at the video store outside of town?'

'Yes, I have on occasion.'

'Yes, I know you have. I just gave you one a few hours ago.'

There was silence so deafening that it reverberated against the walls.

'' His voice was suddenly weak, as if he couldn't find the air to speak.

Brandon went on to explain how he knew it was him. It was sad the way his Dad just stared down at the diary. 'That's how far I've come,' he finished. 'Well, not really,' he added quickly.

'What do you mean?'

He reached down and got the video and handed it his dad. The man's face was pale and blank.

'You're...doing porn?'

'Not intentionally. I went to this guy's motel room and he had cameras set up. I got caught up in it and told him he could turn them on. He told me I could have all the copies, and I took them, from all three cameras. He obviously had sophisticated equipment that made duplicate copies simultaneously, because this one is a compilation of all three.'

'Where did you get this one?'

'At the video story. I put it on my charge card, so I would have to tell you eventually.'

''s on the market, then.'

'Yes, I'm scared to death somebody who knows me is going to see it. I think the man at the video store recognized me. He looked at me funny as he was putting it in the bag. I bought this one to get it off the shelves, but he said he would have to order another one. It's only a matter of time before it shows up in the video booths in back. I don't know what to do, Dad. I think I need to leave. Move away. Or maybe join the Marines.'

'I don't know about the Marines, Son, if this video ever surfaces......'

'The worst they could do is kick me out. Regardless, I thought I might move away, to California. I don't know if I'm gay or not, but that stuff's pretty common out there.'

'It doesn't matter if you're gay, Brandon. You follow your own feelings.'

'I could establish a new residence out there. That way they couldn't connect me with you back here at home.'

'You don't have to be protect me, Son.'

'Yeah, I do. I owe you at least that. I'm so ashamed, Dad. I'm so sorry I've hurt you and disappointed you.'

'Have I said you've hurt me or disappointed me?'

'No, sir, but.....'

'That's up to me, not you. Right now we're talking about you. That's my biggest concern, my only concern. I think you've got the right idea, about moving somewhere else. I can take some time off and we can go out to California together, find you a place and get you settled in, if you're sure that's where you want to go. Then you can decide if you want to join the Marines. But if I were you, I would go talk to a recruiter and lay it all on the line about the video. Get his advice.'

'Dad, I can't tell you how relieved I am over how you're taking this and handling it.'

'I'm your Dad. That's my job.'

'No, you didn't sign on for this. Fuck, I'm so happy I could cry. Oh....sorry.''

Paul laughed. 'You don't need to apologize, I know all the words, and considering......' He held up the video, smiling. 'When was the last time you had a good cry?'

'I don't even remember,' Brandon said. 'I don't even know if I remember how to cry.'

'Well, you don't have to cry. You could just crawl in here with me, like you used to, and we could talk.'

'Could I? I mean, you wouldn't think I'm being a big baby?'

'Brandon, you're my Son. And you're going to be my son - my boy - no matter how old you are. Besides, you give pretty damned good blowjobs.'

' want me to give you another blowjob?'

'Naw, I was just kidding, trying to make light of it. I would never ask you to do that,' he scoffed.

'But...somehow, I don't think you wouldn't mind if I did.'

'Well, I...I guess...I don't know, maybe I wouldn't try to stop you.'

Brandon crawled onto the bed, lying a safe distance from his Dad.

'You didn't write about the last part,' Paul said quietly.

'I couldn't. I couldn't bear for you to read it.'

'But you told me.'

'I had to. It all had to come out.'

'You must feel so much better, getting it off your chest,' Paul said.

'No, I feel like total shit, for causing you such embarrassment and disappointment.'

'Don't, Son. We all make mistakes. You've made some pretty big ones, but we all get past our mistakes.'

'How am I going to get past these whoppers?'

'You can start by moving over here where I can hold you and maybe that will help convince you that you're not the huge disappointment you think you are.'

Brandon moved over closer to his Dad. Paul put his arm out and pulled him even closer, so their bodies were touching.

'I haven't done this since I was a little boy.'

They lay quietly for a long time.

'It was neat, Dad, the way you tried to make light of it. And funny, in a way.'

'Neat and funny, but also true,' Paul said.

'Listen, Dad, if...if you're really not disappointed in said you wouldn't try to stop me......'

'I will stop you if it's a form of penance,' Paul said. 'Because you don't owe me anything, Brandon, except your love. And I know I've got that.'

'What if I say I want to. Because I love you.'

'You're a big boy, able to think for yourself. I wouldn't try to stop you. And I would never rebuff you.'

Brandon rose up from his Dad's arm, twisted around on the bed and hovered over his middle. He looked up at the man as he took his cock in his hand. It was pulsating, on its way to hard.

'This is pretty awesome, you know,' Brandon said, holding his Dad's cock up. 'This is what created me.' He was warmed by his Dad's lopsided smile. 'This isn't going to be another blowjob. I love you, Dad, so much that right now it hurts. I wanta show you....'








Marine Recruiter

Brandon slouched in the chair across from the recruiter's desk and casually drew one hand up his thigh and across his crotch. 'There's just one drawback,' he said.

'What is it? Something I haven't covered? Or if it's something I have, we can talk about it.'

'What if I told you I think I'm gay?'

'Well, I never asked you, and you never told me,' the recruiter said.

'That's it? It doesn't matter that I told you?'

'Not until you've signed on the dotted line. When you sign, you will be stating that I never asked you about your sexual preference and that you never told me.'

'But how will I handle that? I mean, being around other guys in such close quarters?'

'You were a jock. How did you handle it in the locker room and the showers at school?'

'It never surfaced, really, till the latter part of my senior year, and after I was out of school.'

'But you just never surfaced, or manifested itself,' the recruiter said. Then he asked, 'What'd you mean when you said you think you re gay? Are you still interested in girls? I mean, have you had sex with a girl?'

'Sure, lots of times.'

'Lots of girls? Or lots of times with the same girl? And what's lots of times?'

'I don't know...maybe six or eight girls...probably twenty times or more, total.'

'That's a pretty good straight tally for a guy your age. When was the last time?'

'The night of graduation.' He didn't know why he felt the need to protect his manhood. 'Time before that was last summer. I fucked this college babe while her boyfriend watched, then I fucked him while he fucked her, so I guess that doesn't exactly count as a straight tally.'

'I'm no sex psychologist, but it sounds like you're more Bi than gay.'

'And how's that going to help me in the Marines?'

'Look, I'm going to level with you. I've signed up lots of gay guys. Guys who were totally gay. In fact, a couple of them came right out and told me that was the reason they wanted to join the Marines, so they could be around other guys. How they deal with it is their own business. I just warn them to keep it under wraps till they know the guy well enough to trust him. I also know a lot of straight Marines who are more than willing and eager to let another guy swing on his dick, or who will plug another guy's ass. It's just how you handle yourself. You have to decide for yourself but I can't see you having a problem. You don't give off a clue; you look and act straight as hell. Just don't let your guard down till you're sure you're in a mutual situation. There's really not much gay-bashing that goes on anymore. The gay guy is booted out. The straight gay-basher is prosecuted.'

'Well, that's all good to know. Let me think about this for a couple of days.'

'Listen, there's a party tonight. You're invited. It might help you decide. I think at the very least, you'd get your eyes opened.'


'It's what you might call a mixer. There's a mix of guys...some Marines, and some guys like yourself who think they might want to be Marines but who haven't signed on the dotted line. And some guys who have signed and are just waiting to go.'


'It's out in the country, on the back side of this guy's farm.'

'The back side? Does he know you're using his farm for parties?'

'Oh, yeah. He's a retired Marine himself. He understands the code. I'll give you directions. They start breaking out the beer about eight.'

Brandon arrived at the farm after eight thirty. He didn't want to be one of the first ones there. He found the gate and turned off the gravel road into a lane that led through a woods. It was another mile before he emerged into a field. There were cars and pickup trucks parked everywhere. He pulled in beside a big Ford 2500. Several guys were sitting and standing around a bonfire, others were milling around drinking beer and talking. He was surprised to see a few of them stark naked. Others were in various states of undress. Very few were fully clothed.

As he walked toward the bonfire Sgt. Willis came to meet him and handed him a beer.

'I see you started without me,' Brandon joked.

'Oh, it hasn't really started yet. This is just the gathering process. Guys are starting to get acquainted. Come on, I'll introduce you around to a few guys, then you're on your own.'

No one was in full uniform but there was Marine attire everywhere. Willis was dressed in fatigues and combat boots, no shirt. Several guys were in Marine boxers and boots, some wore T-shirts as well. Willis led him to the bonfire and began introducing him. The guys took over and introduced themselves. Even back from the fire, Brandon could almost feel the body heat from the sexy, muscular men and boys. Yeah, some of them were boys; one, he found out, was only sixteen. He had been invited because he wanted to join when he turned seventeen. Brandon shook hands all around but didn't try to remember names, except two; Scott Taylor and Kayne Bradshaw. They were easy to remember.

Scott sauntered up and reached for Brandon's beer. 'You doing okay, dude?' he asked, holding the bottle up.

'Yeah, I just got here.'

'Yeah, I saw you drive up,' Scott said with a smile. 'Scott Taylor.' He put out his hand.

'Brandon Hall.'

'Are you a Marine, a wannabe, or just thinking about it?'

'Thinking about it,' Brandon said. ' I talked to Sgt. Willis.'

'He doesn't high pressure you,' Scott said.

'No, he didn't. He was easy to talk to, answered my questions and addressed some issues I had.'

'You've got issues?' Scott said, laughing.

'You could say that.'

'Nothing that would keep you out I hope.'

'It's more something that could get me kicked out,' said Brandon.

'Oh, really. That serious.'

'Yeah, I sort of got myself mixed up in some porn.'

'Hell, I don't know any guy who hasn't gotten into porn,' Scott said.

'Not into it. In it,' Brandon said. 'I accidentally got myself in a porn video.'

Scott burst out laughing. 'How the hell do you accidentally get yourself in a porn video? Didn't you know you were being videoed?'

'Yeah, there were three cameras.'

'Man, if you're having sex when you know there are three cameras zoomed in on you, that's not accidental.'

'No, but they said I could keep the tapes. I took the tapes with me. Then I found a compiled, edited video on the shelf at a sex shop. Had me on the box.'

'No shit! You got hooked into porn and didn't even know it. Was it straight or gay porn?'

'It was me and another guy. If it ever surfaces, I would be dead meat as far as the Marines go,' Brandon said.

'Well, somebody would have to explain why they're watching gay porn,' Scott pointed out.

'That didn't matter a whole lot with those Marines they busted out in California.'

'You told Sgt. Willis this?'


'What'd he say?'

'He told me the risk I would be taking. Said I would have to decide for myself.'

'What do you think you'll do? I mean, you're here, so you're still thinking about it.'

'If it's going to follow me, it'll follow me wherever I go, in the Marines or not,' Brandon said.

'Man, I would love to see the video,' Scott said.

'I bought the one I found, just to get it off the shelves. But it'll probably pop up somewhere else.'

'You said it was you and another guy. How'd that go down? I mean, are you gay?'

'Actually, that's sort of up in the air,' Brandon said, laughing, with a sheepish look. 'I was definitely straight all the way. Then I got my first blowjob from a guy at the mall and things snowballed from there. Got out of hand, actually.'

'What do you mean? And now did it go down with you and the guy in the video? I mean, were you top or bottom?'

Brandon sighed, shaking his head. 'He topped me.'

'No fuckin' shit!' Scott looked Brandon up and down. 'That surprises the hell out of me. Nobody could top you unless you let him.'

'I let him,' Brandon admitted.

'Fuck, man, I'd like to have some of that,' Scott said, still eyeing him openly.

'Well, it's not exactly off limits, but the night is young.'

'You're holding out for something better, is that it?' Scott asked.

'Absolutely not. As far as I've seen, you rank high in the top ten of anybody here.'

'Then why wait?' Scott said.

'Why the rush?' Brandon countered.

'You're playing hard to get,' Scott said, smiling. 'I don' t have to beg for sex,' he declared.

'Neither do I. No, I just like to let the anticipation build up,' Brandon said. 'Can I ask you, are you straight?'

'I was the last time I checked,' he joked.

'I was at that point in my life too. When was the last time you checked?' Brandon asked with a chuckle.

'Listen, I might hook up with somebody else,' Scott said, ignoring his question. 'If I do, that don't mean I don't want a piece of you.'

'I might do the same. So let's agree that we don't leave here without hooking up together, okay?' Brandon said.


'Meanwhile, why don't we both do everybody a big favor and get rid of some of these clothes.'

'Why just some of them, do you suffer from modesty syndrome?' Scott asked.

'Hey, I'm naked if you are, I got nothing to hide,' Scott said.

'I'm going to put my clothes in my truck,' said Brandon. Scott followed him when he started to walk away. They walked together across the field to Brandon's truck. As they approached, he took off his shirt. Scott walked over to the big Ford.

'That's your truck?'

'Yeah. Just got it with my enlistment bonus,' Scott said.

'I was admiring it when I pulled in.'

Scott walked around and unlocked his truck.

Brandon could see that he was stripping off his clothes, rather hurriedly, he thought. 'It's better we're back here out of sight of that sixteen year old,' he was saying.

'Yeah, I don't know what he's even doing here,' Brandon said.

'One of the guys is going to take him home after he has a beer or two, before things start getting rough,' Scott said.

In a couple of minutes Scott came back around, wearing only his boots. Brandon was had put his boots back on too, and was down to his shorts. Scott leaned back against the bed of his truck and watched Brandon peel his shorts down and toss them in the truck.

'Whew!' Scott whistled softly.

Brandon turned around.

'You asked me if I'm straight. I am. But for, I think I could be bent.' He looked down at Brandon's manhood. 'Damn, that's a pretty incredible looking cock, too.'

'Now you've got me confused,' Brandon said. 'You said for that you could be bent, but I don't know if you're talking about my ass or my cock.'

'Fuck, I don't know either, now,' Scott said, laughing. Then he reached out, rather cautiously and took hold of Brandon's cock. 'Man, that is a handful,' he said as he pulled on it.

'It's gonna outgrow your hand if you keep doing that,' Brandon said.

There was a long silence as Brandon leaned back against his struck, feet set apart and they both watched Scott's hand pulling on his cock.

'Listen...... ' He looked up at Brandon, then looked all around. 'I don't do this, but....I'll, uh....go down on you, if you'll go down on me.'


Scott took in a deep breath as he slowly went down on his haunches. 'Fuck, this is a cock and a half,' he murmured as he drew it to his face and licked the head rather gingerly.

Brandon wanted to tell him it wouldn't bite, but he would let him move at his own pace. He watched him play with it, causing it to grow in his fist, and study it from all angles. Then he rose up. 'I don't think I can do it,' he said, and he let go of it.

Brandon smiled. 'Want me to show you how?'

'Yeah, hell yeah, but I don't know if I can do it back.'

'You don't have to,' Brandon said.

'Do you wanta fuck me?'

'Fuck, yeah! Man, you've got an awesome ass.'

'What if I said you have to go down on me first? Just to try it,' Brandon said.

'I don't know.....' He hesitated. 'Okay, yeah...I'll go down on you. Not saying I'll suck you, but I'll go down on you.'

Brandon put his hand on Scott's shoulder. He went slowly to his haunches, his big hands around Brandon's thighs. When he was face to face with his cock, he just looked at it. After a moment Brandon hunkered forward to brush the head across Scott's mouth. Finally, Scott let his lips go slack, but still waited for Brandon to push his cock through. When he had his mouthful, he began sucking.

He was good. Even eager, for a first timer. So good that Brandon wondered if it was his first time. But he did it a lot longer than Brandon expected he would. Finally he stood up. 'Does that count enough for fuck?' he asked.

'You earned your fuck in the first couple of minutes,' Brandon said. He opened his truck door and turned around. He reached behind the seat for the large tube of lube. He handed it back to Scott and bent over the truck seat, his feet set wide apart and his ass stuck back in offering.

A moment later Scott handed the tube back, then he felt the Marine's cock pressing against his hole.

'I'm not a virgin,' Brandon said. He wanted it hard and rough from this guy.

He got it. He got it so hard that the truck shook, and they weren't even in it. Brandon bit down on the seat to stifle his screams. Scott was good and he was rough and hard, but he didn't last as long as Brandon wanted. He shot off a big load, though. When he pulled out, cum ran down Brandon's thighs.

'Thanks, dude. You've really got an awesome ass.'

'Don't thank me. You're a good fucker,' Brandon said.

Brandon was still boned up. He didn't mind that the excellent fucking he got from Scott didn't get him off. His cock remained fluffed out and rubbery as they walked back from their trucks.

'Sorry I left you hanging,' Scott said.

'No you're not. You could've given me some head to finish me off,' Brandon said, laughing. 'Hey, just kidding. It's okay. I don't have to get off. Saving it for later, for some other lucky guy who will appreciate it.'

'It wasn't so bad, going down on you, I gotta admit.'

'Maybe you'll come around and some other lucky guy will get the benefit from it,' Brandon said.

Things had heated up back around the bonfire. There were two young guys on their knees sucking two muscular studs. Another guy was stretched out in the grass a few yards from the fire and two boys were working on him. It was all out sex.

Brandon saw two younger looking guys standing in the shadows over by a clump of small trees and shrubs. They were talking, and every once in awhile, glancing back at the bonfire. A guy came up to him and took hold of his cock, another came up behind him and began feeling his butt.

'Guys, could I have a rain check?' he said in a nice tone.

'Don't say that unless you mean it,' one said. 'I don't want to have the anticipation build up then have you not deliver on a promise.'

'I'm not putting you off,' Brandon said. 'You guys show that kind of interest, I'm interested too. But a little later.'

'You're going to be up for grabs by everybody here,' the other one said.

'There's plenty to go around. I'll be sure and save some for you,' Brandon said. He walked toward the clump of trees, into the dark and away from the light and warmth of the fire. The two boys saw him coming and stepped back from each other.

'Hey guys,' he said. He guessed they were in the 'thinking about joining' category, like himself. They looked like high schoolers, although well built ones. Jocks, he thought. He felt older, even though they were probably close to the same age.

'Hey,' they said in unison. Their stance was not an unwelcoming one, but they appeared nervous.

'It's a bit chilly this far away from the fire,' Brandon said.

'I guess we didn't notice,' the dark haired one said. He was also the most muscular. He was built like a wrestler.

'My name's Brandon,' he said, putting his hand out.

'Dakota. This is Geoffrey.'

'Are you guys waiting to go, or just thinking about joining?' Brandon asked.

'It's up in the air,' Dakota said. 'We're not signed up yet.'

Brandon noticed that Geoffrey wasn't saying anything, and he got the feeling that he might have interrupted something.

'Sorry, guys, I didn't mean to barge in,' he said, and was about to turn and go.

'No, it's all right. We were...just talking,' Dakota said.

'No, you were talking. Geoffrey, here, hasn't said anything except hey.'

'I'm sorry,' Geoffrey said. 'We were just into something.....'

'Like I said, I'm sorry I barged in,' Brandon cut in.

'No, wait. It really is okay. Don't go,' Geoffrey said, taking hold of Brandon's arm. His grip lingered for a few seconds, like he was feeling his muscle. 'Are you a Marine? Maybe you could tell us something about what it's like. I mean, I know it's not like this, what with their stupid don't-ask-don't-tell policy.'

'I'm afraid I can't tell you much. I'm not a Marine. Yet.'

'Oh. You look like a Marine.'

Brandon laughed. 'We're all a bunch of naked guys. We look like a bunch of naked guys.'

'I mean you're built like one, and you have that military bearing.'

'Whatever you see, it's not Marine,' Brandon said.

'We were just talking about it...going in...whether we want to or not,' Dakota said.

'Whether I want to. He is going in,' Geoffrey said.

'You, uh...don't sound too pleased about that,' Brandon said.

'He's not,' Dakota said. 'He's not sure he wants to. He's not sure he can handle it.'

Brandon looked Geoffrey up and down, looked Dakota over, then looked back at Geoffrey. 'Looks to me like you've already got one up on the physical training. Both of you.'

'That's....not it,' Dakota said hesitantly. He glanced at Geoffrey.

'I'm gay,' Geoffrey said. 'He's straight, so he would have no problem being around so many hunky men. I, on the other hand, would probably be constantly boned up.'

Brandon looked down at his manhood. 'You're not boned up now, and look at what all these hunky men are doing.'

'I guess the conversation was too serious,' he said. He looked away, with a look of pained frustration, and he looked like he was about to choke up.

'Jeff, it's okay,' Dakota said in a quiet tone.

He was about to choke up. He kept his composure. 'The real problem is, if I go in and Jeff doesn't, he's afraid he'll lose me.'

'Lose you?' He looked at Geoffrey. 'Lose him?'

'We're more than just friends and teammates. We're lovers,' Geoffrey said. 'I'm afraid to go in but Godd, I can't stand the thought of being away from him.'

'And the conversation was about......???' Brandon asked.

'It was about everything, and nothing,' Geoffrey said. 'He is going in. I don't think I am. So it was about nothing. It's all been decided.'

'Well, I'm not in a position to offer advice, but I've got some if you want it,' Brandon said.

'I don't want to leave him either. Any advice is welcome,' Dakota said.

'You're young and single,' Brandon said to Geoffrey. 'If you don't have stakes put down here, you can go wherever the Marines sends Dakota. You could get a job and be close to him, have a place for him to come when he's off duty.'

'What about Iraq? And Afghanistan?'

'Not everybody gets sent to Iraq or Afghanistan,' Brandon said.

'He won't get sent, he'll volunteer to go,' Geoffrey said.

Dakota dropped his head.

'See, he doesn't deny it. He will probably sign up to go.'

'I have to do what I have to do, Jeff.'

'I get the feeling that you guys really care about each other,' Brandon said. He was surprised that it was Dakota who spoke first.

He let out a sigh. 'I'm in love with the guy. Have been since eighth grade.'

That made Geoffrey choke up and he turned and walked away.

'See what we're up against?' Dakota said, sounding like he was choking up too. 'It's not just all about sex, either. I can forego the sex as long as I can be with him. Well, within reason,' he added, laughing. 'But I have to do this. I mean, guys go in all the time and leave their girlfriends, even their wives and kids.'

'Yes, but you're not the one being left behind,' Brandon said.

'If he would just come in with me.'

'If he's not built that way, he's not built that way,' Brandon said.

'I haven't told him, but I'm this close to changing my mind.' He held up his two fingers very close together.

'No, don't do that,' Brandon said. 'You wouldn't be happy and you would never forgive yourself, and he would never forgive himself.'

'He's got this notion that he's inferior because he's gay.'


'Yeah, it's like I'm the stud and he's the pussy, taking care of my needs.'

Brandon smiled. 'I bet you're taking care of his needs, too.'

'You know what I mean. He's the bottom, I'm the top. It's always been that way. I'm also this close.....' He held up two fingers again. ' letting him fuck me, and that way level the playing field. We've even talked about it but he says he won't do it.'

'Damn, why not? Every guy here would give his left nut to penetrate that awesome butt of yours.'

Dakota laughed. 'You noticed my ass too, huh? Everybody notices my ass.'

'And well they should,' Brandon said.

'He says I would be doing it just to prove something; to bring myself down to his level of gayness.'

'I don't understand why he's so down on himself. On the surface he's got everything going for him.'

'He does. It's me. I don't know why he feels that way. Close as we are, I can't get through to him and break through that shell and find out why he thinks that way.'

Then Brandon got a shock.

'Would you fuck me?' the boy asked.

Brandon blinked and even reared back. 'Oh, Shit! What a tempting offer. But it should be him the first time.'

'He won't do it. Maybe if he sees me brought down to his level, that might change his thinking. Don't worry, I'm clean. I took care of that, thinking it might happen with Jeff tonight.'

'Dakota....Man, it could blow the lid off of everything.'

'I think the lid's about to blow anyway.'

'I could go try to talk to him, but I don't know what I'd say,' Brandon said.

'It's all been talked out,' Dakota said. 'I don't want you to make love to me. No kissing or foreplay or anything like that. Just fuck me so he knows I can be fucked, so he knows I'm not all that much different, or superior, to him.'

'Are you sure you want to take the chance?'

'I'm not sure about anything. But it's better than doing nothing, isn't it?'

'Maybe you should talk to him some more.'

'No, the time for talk if over. It's got us right where we're at. No place. He knows I have to do this, and it's killing me that it's hurting him. Why can't he understand that I'm hurting too.'

'Have you told him that?' Brandon asked.

'I don't know if I have in those words. Look, Brandon, if you don't wanta fuck me, like you said anybody here would be willing to do it.'

'You're not trying to hurt Geoffrey, are you? Subconsciously, I mean,' Brandon asked.

'I told you, I don't know anything anymore.' With that he moved into the cover of the trees and bushes and got down on his hands and knees, his awesome butt facing toward Brandon.

'Oh, Geezusss!' Brandon breathed.

'If you walk away, you know there'll be a half dozen guys over here in about a minute flat,' Dakota said.

Brandon wasn't walking away. He couldn't. It was like his cock had glued is feet to the ground and he stood there gazing down at the round, taut mounds of the boy's ass in the soft moonlight. He didn't intend to fuck him, but he wasn't walking away. He moved up behind him and got down on his knees. He didn't even glance in Geoffrey's direction. He thrilled to the touch of the firm muscles as he pulled them apart, completely exposing the boy's asshole. He could see a light flurry of hair guarding it. He wet his finger and rubbed it over the hole, felt it clinch and loosen. Then he leaned down and clamped his mouth over it.

'OHHhhhhh!' Dakota gasped.

Brandon licked

'If this is to make me jealous, it's working.'

Both Brandon and Dakota looked up to see Geoffrey standing there.

'I'm not trying to make you jealous, Jeff, I'm trying to make you understand.'

'I'm not sure anymore what I'm supposed to understand.'

'That I'm the same as you. You're gay, I'm straight, but we're the same under the skin. I'm no better than you, you're not inferior to me or anybody else.'

'And this is going to prove that?'

'It brought you back over here,' Dakota said. 'I want it to be you, Jeff. HE wants it to be you.'

'You're straight, why should it be anyone?'

'Because, Goddammit, I love you, Jeff, and I'm willing to do anything to prove it.'

'Letting somebody else fuck you isn't going to prove that.'

Brandon stood up and took Geoffrey by the arm. 'Then you do it. He wants you to take his cherry. That's about the most sacred thing a straight guy can give up to someone, and he wants it to be you.'

'It won't change anything. I can fuck him, he can fuck me, you can fuck both of us, and in the end he's going away and I'm going to be left behind.'

Brandon swore with exasperation. 'Man, I have never come up against anything like this in my life.' He knelt down and began kissing Dakota's butt, licking the crack of his ass. After a moment he began using his finger, causing the boy to moan. He looked up at Geoffrey.

'Get down here,' he said.

Surprised, Geoffrey slowly went to his knees.

'Beside your friend, on your hands and knees.'

'W-what're you going to do?'

'I'm going to fuck both of you. That'll make you even.'

'No, he will still be straight, I will still be gay. He's letting you do this only to try to prove......'

'To prove that he loves you,' Brandon cut in. 'Personally, I don't know why he bothers. Hell, I can see he's crazy about you, I don't know how you can be so blind to it. I just don't think you love him enough to let him go.'

Suddenly he could almost feel the tension surrounding them. He had struck a nerve. Just as suddenly he changed his mind about fucking either of them. He continued rubbing both their butts as he stood up. Then he smacked Geoffrey's butt.

'Get over and fuck your buddy. Make it work.' With that, he walked away. He glanced back once to see them both still on their hands and knees. He looked back again to see Geoffrey positioning himself behind Dakota. He smiled.

He went back to the bonfire. A Marine came up to him and handed him another beer. 'I was watching you. Why'd you walk away from those two hotties?'

'They've got issued they have to work through.'

'Oh. Drama.'

'One is going into the Marines, they don't want to be separated.'

'Way to cure that is they both go in,' the Marine said.

'The one is gay, doesn't think he can handle it.'

The Marine laughed. 'Geezuss, is he blind? Look what's going on all around him. Guy deal with it.'

Brandon was watching four guys off toward the fence.

'Looks like those two are handing it just fine,' he remarked.

The Marine looked around. 'That's Browning and Acton. Buddies of mine. If there's teenage ass around, they're gonna plug it. They'll have those two virgins signed up before they go home.'

'Ex-virgins,' Brandon said, laughing. 'Looks like they're pounding their virginity so deep it won't ever resurface.'

Just then Geoffrey and Dakota came up to the bonfire. Brandon looked at them with a scowl.

'What happened?'

'We changed our mind. This just isn't the time or the place,' Geoffrey said.

'Truth is, he wants to fuck a Marine, and I'm not a Marine yet,' said Dakota.

'We can probably fix that,' Brandon said. He went in search of Sgt. Willis. He found him in a tight embrace, kissing a younger boy passionately. He stopped short, not wanting to interrupt them, but Willis saw him, and broke away from the boy.

'Don't let me interrupt.'

'That's okay, this hot little fucker needs to cool down,' Willis said. The boy smiled.

'Somebody said you've got everybody's papers with you in case they want to sign,' Brandon said.

'I'm always prepared.'

'I've got one who wants to sign up now.'

'Now. Like right now, this minute?'

'He and his buddy want to fuck, it'll be the first time his buddy fucks him, and he wants to fuck a Marine, but he's not a Marine yet.'

'Signing up wouldn't make him a Marine. He has to be sworn in.'

'Swear him in, then. Don't matter if it's official. These guys are hot to fuck.'

Sgt. Willis seemed reluctant to leave the teenager he'd been kissing.

'Don't worry, I'll fill in for you till you get back,' Brandon said, putting his hand on the boy's hip

He was still reluctant. 'Just don't ruin him for me,' he said, and walked toward the vehicles.

Brandon slipped his arm around the boy and pulled him in tight. 'Is it okay if I stand in for Sgt. Willis while he takes care of some business?'

'Oh, Godd, Yes!'

Brandon took up where Sgt. Willis left off. The boy was hot, and hot to trot. As they were kissing, he brought one leg up and wrapped it around Brandon's hip and wriggled his butt against his standing cock. Just then another guy came up behind him. He was big, with a hairy chest and a stubble of beard.

'Fuck, I thought you were off limits to everybody but Sgt. Willis,' he said as he pressed his body against the boy. He turned the boy's head away from Brandon to kiss him, then he kissed Brandon as he was fingering the boy's ass.

'Ohhh....Ohhhh, is this what the Marines is really like?' the boy asked.

'I can show you what the Marines is really like. You ever been double fucked?' the Marine asked.

'I've only been fucked once in my life, I don't think I could take two cocks at the same time.'

'One thing you have to learn. A Marine never says he can't do something.'

Sgt. Willis came on the scene.

'I leave for five minutes and you gang up on my boy,' he complained.

Brandon stepped away from the boy but the Marine kept his arms around him, and kept humping against his butt.

'Did you get him signed up?'

'Signed up, and sworn in, for their purposes.'

'Thanks. He's all yours. Or maybe not,' he added, nodding to the Marine. He went to find the two boys. They were standing off by the rail fence in a tight embrace. Dakota had Geoffrey backed up against the rail fence, making out. Brandon walked up to them and reached down inside his boot for his truck keys. He handed them to Dakota.

'What's this?'

'The black Dodge Ram,' Brandon said, pointing to his truck. 'You guys go fuck.'

They were taken aback but quickly recovered, with smiles. He smiled as they walked away.

Brandon looked around. It was like a starving man at a smorgasbord. Sgt. Willis came up to him.

'Where's your boy?' Brandon asked.

'He's recovering over there in the grass,' Willis said, laughing.

'What'd you do to him?'

'We double fucked him, standing up. Thought he was going to pass out.'

'He probably did. That was only his second time being fucked,' Brandon said.

'No shit! I didn't know that. He sure took us like a trooper.'

'Are all of your recruiting parties like this?' Brandon asked.

'Not this wild.'

Four guys came rushing up and grabbed Sgt. Willis.

'Hey, Hey, what do you guys think you're doing?'

'We're gonna gang-fuck you.'

'The hell you are,' he said. He struggled, perhaps half heartedly, as they dragged him off into the shadows.

Brandon almost went with them, but he noticed a boy sitting alone over by the clump of trees, with his knees cocked up, his arms across his knees. He was just watching everyone. Brandon went around the bonfire, got two beers out of the cooler, and went over to him.

'Want company?' he asked, handing him one of the beers.

'I guess so.'

Brandon sat down beside him. The boy opened the beer and took a long drink.


'Why so glum? There's a party going on,' Brandon said.

'I'm scared.'

'Of what?'

'Of going in the Marines. Of what's going to happen.'

'Have you signed up?'


'Then what's to be scared of? Nobody is going to force you to sign.'

'They don't have to. I know I have to do it.'


'I just have to, that's all. I have to make something of myself.'

'The Marines isn't for everyone. You can find another niche in life.'

'No. There's not another niche in life for me. It has to be the Marines. My Dad was a Marine. My grandfather was a Marine. My brother is a Marine. My uncle is a Marine.'

'That's them. This is you.'

'Why're you trying to talk me out of it?'

'I'm not. I'm just saying you don't have to join.'

'Well, I do. And I'm scared of what's going to happen tonight.'

Brandon looked all around at the moonlight orgy going on around them. 'So far I haven't met anybody that you need to be scared of,' he said.

'I've never had sex with a guy. I never wanted to. I'm straight. I've never had sex, period, except for my hand. And I know that's going to change. I know I'm going to get fucked. Probably gang raped. I know it's a price I have to pay, but I'm scared.'

'Hey,' Brandon said, putting his arm around the boy's shoulders. 'Nothing has to change. It's not a price you have to pay. And nobody's going to gang rape you. Nobody's going to do anything to you unless you want them to. Sgt. Willis wouldn't allow it to happen.'

'Oh, yeah?' I saw him and another huge Marine fuck another kid in the ass, both of them at the same time.'

'He wanted it. You've got nothing to worry about.'

'Oh? Who's going to stop it?'

'I'll stop it,' Brandon said.

'You're my keeper now?'

'Do you need a keeper?' Brandon asked. 'This has been going on for quite awhile now, you're sitting over here by yourself, if anybody was going to try anything, they would've done it by now. Besides, you look like you could take care of yourself in a scuffle.'

'One or two, maybe.'

'You've really never had sex before?' Brandon asked. He decided to change the subject away from the boy's fears.

'Well, let's just say my palm isn't a virgin, hasn't been for a long time.' He looked at Brandon. 'You must have a lot of sex.'

'My share, I suppose.'

'With that body and your looks, and that cock, you must have girls all over you. Probably guys, too. Have you had sex with guys before tonight? Have you had sex with anyone here tonight?'

'Yes, and yes.'

'That really surprises me.'

'Why? You don't think guys would find me attractive?'

'Oh, yeah. But you're so macho and studly. I would've figured you for straight.'

'I haven't labeled myself anything,' Brandon said. 'Listen, would you like to have sex with a guy?'

'I don't know. I admit, I'm curious.'

Brandon downed his beer then took the boys beer and tilted it to his lips and made him finish it. 'What's your name?'


'That's a neat name. I'm Brandon.'

'Glad to meet you, Brandon,' he said as they shook hands. 'You know, you look younger up close. It's your body that makes you look older from a distance.'

'I'm eighteen.'

'Really. I'm eighteen.'

'Then we've got something in common,' Brandon said.

'No, I'm a scared eighteen. I don't think you'd be scared of anything.'

'And a virgin eighteen,' Brandon said, laughing. 'I'd like to do something about that if you'll let me.'

'I guess if it's going to happen, I would rather it be you.'

'I said if you'll let me. Nothing's going to happen unless you want it to happen. So if I do anything you don't like, stop me. I want you to trust me.'

'All right. I trust you.'

Brandon pulled Kayne tighter to him and leaned in to brush his mouth over his.

'Are we going to do it here?' Kayne asked.

'My pickup is in use,' Brandon said as he laid them back in the grass. 'You said you didn't think I would be afraid of anything. You wanta know something?' he said as he kissed and nuzzled Kayne's neck. 'I haven't signed up either, cause I was scared too, but for different reasons than you.'

'What were you scared of?'

'I've had a lot of sex with other guys, and I discovered I like it. And you know how the military feels about guys have sex with other guys.'

'Yeah, like they're not doing it all over the world,' Kayne scoffed.

'Just like what's going on here,' Brandon said. All the while they were talking, they were brushing kisses, and Brandon was feeling Kayne's tight body. Kayne was feeling Brandon's muscles too. Brandon had his hand between his legs, squeezing his butt, with his finger wedged between his buns.

'Are you going to fuck me?' Kayne asked.

'I want to, if you'll let me,' Brandon said.

'Not much I could do about it if you decide to do it. I wouldn't have a chance against all those muscles.'

'Huh-uh, it's not going to work like that,' Brandon said.

'I don't know if I could take you. I don't see how anybody could take you.'

'I promise, you can. But first, I wanta show you something else.' He moved down and took Kayne's cock in his mouth.

'AAAwwwhhh!' the boy cried out. 'Ohhh...Ohhh, Geezuss!...Ohh, Man, that feels so good!'

'Getting fucked can feel even better,' Brandon murmured around the cock.

'Oh! Sorry, you're busy.'

Brandon looked up at the sound of the voice. It was Dakota and Geoffrey. 'You guys again?' he said jokingly. 'Yeah, I'm busy. What'd you want?'

'We were wondering if...well, we were pretty heavily into it but then we decided, no we were wondering if you would join us,' Geoffrey said.

'What do you mean, you were heavily into it? How far did you get?'

'Actually, we got all the way into it. Jeff fucked me. I liked it. But now we want...Jeff to fuck him when he fucks me again.'

Brandon looked at Kayne.

'I see you're in demand. Go ahead,' Kayne said.

'Do you wanta come along?' Brandon asked him.

He shrugged.

'Is it okay if Kayne comes along?' Brandon asked the other two boys.

'Hell, yeah.'

The four of them walked back to Brandon's truck. He put the tailgate down and told them to all bend over it.

'No, he.....' Dakota nodded to Jeff. 'He wants you to fuck him, while he fucks me. Kayne can fuck you, maybe. Or I can fuck Kayne.'

'Bend over,' Brandon said again. 'I'm hungry.'

Bewildered, but smiling, the three teenagers bent over the tailgate. Brandon moved down the line, pushing their feet wider apart, and feeling their butts. Dakota's asshole was slick and loose. Brandon shoved his fingers inside him.

'Feels like I'm gonna get dessert here,' he said.

Before he left the Marine orgy, Brandon was one of several who signed on the dotted line. He told his Dad the next day.

'Sgt. Willis said I'll be sent to Camp Pendleton, so I'll still be in California where you can come visit me. There was a whole bunch of us who signed up at the party last night.'

'How was the party?'

'You wouldn't believe it. I'm not as worried as I was about being who I am. There are a LOT more just like me.'

'When will you leave?'

'Sgt. Willis is going to call me.'

'Then we don't know how much time we have to say our goodbyes,' Paul said.

Brandon smiled. 'Maybe we oughta get started.'

Paul drove his son to the bus station.

'Before I forget it, what about the diary?' he asked.

'Burn it for me,' Brandon said. 'I don't need it to remind me. Have you read all of it yet?'


'You can read it first.'

'What about the videos? I would like to keep them if you don't mind.'

Brandon laughed. 'You get off on seeing me in porn?'

'I have, as a matter of fact.'

'It's okay to keep them. Just keep them in a safe place.'

There was a short silence.

'Listen, Brandon. I want you to know, you haven't caused me any embarrassment, and you haven't brought me any shame.'

'You haven't had anybody come up to you and say, 'Hey, I saw your son in a gay fuck video' yet.''

I'll tell them I own the video.'

The End



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